Monday, February 16, 2015

Shining Resonance DLC is very expensive

So lets talk a bit more about the dlc and their prices.
more on that after the jump...

You might have noticed that the post game is pretty bland
outside of 6 or was it 7? lvl 100 bosses
(which aren't that hard except maybe shadow knight)
other than getting other character ending there isn't much to do except 
maybe few more trophy for plat.

So if you want the real content prepare about 100$.

Anyway let's start with the free stuff! :P
3 seasonal events for free and fully voiced!
Grimoire updates are all free.
Agnum,Marion,Lesty and Jenius get their Idol costumes for free..
Rinna's one came with famitsu originally but now it comes with her after story DLC.
(Yuma,Sonia,Kirika are preorder bonus and Excela's came with the OST)
Costume figures also exist they are free and most of them came out before 
the costume themself did as a preview of sorts.

And now onwards to the paid stuff:

Maid costumes 300 yen per character and there are five so thats about: 1500yen.
Kirika, Sonia's Rinna and Marion after story events are also 1000 yen each so...
4000 beeping yen
 (They were 600 yen when they came out... which I luckily got back then.
But still if you haven't got them yet.. R.I.P your wallet cuz they costs 1000 now.)

Moving on to the character DLC, Jenius and Excela are 1000 yen each
so together thats 2000 yen.
and finally there is the beach DLC pack for 3000 yen and School DLC pack for 2000 yen.
I recommend those two packs over buying them separately.
 It contains 5 swimsuits/school costume and two story events.

and for a total count of how much money you need to get it all...

 13500 yen roughly about 135$

There is also sigil,item,skill personality and tuning dlc.
Sigil and Item DLC only work on JP account because its a service type of DLC.
 anyway I won't count any of that since its mostly useless DLC.

And the DLC isn't done coming out yet, there are still school costumes
 a grimoire update and  story events  6 more batches of DLC coming soon.
I will edit this whole post based on major future DLC content.

so in the end ALL the DLC so far costs more than the game... GG Sega.

*I know 10500 yen is not exactly 105$/euro its probably a bit less or more
due to exchange rate etc... and I dont feel like counting up the exact amount *

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