Thursday, April 16, 2015

Shining Resonance DLC Batch 13,14 and 15

Here we go with another DLC batch for Shining Resonance.
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 I forgot to post about batch 13 and 14..
Batch 13 also contained recolor swimsuits but like I said
 I think only Marion 2nd school swimsuit is worth it.
Other than that they released free Idol costume figures and more useless
sigils that let you fight shadow versions of party members.
(Sigils aren't free btw)
Batch 14 really has nothing note worthy... other than
a grimoire update to increase monster lvl cap to 190 for free.
Agnum and Lesty free idol costume figures... and more useless shadow sigils.

Batch 15

Most importantly it contains a free story event which is nice.
I don't know what to say about those recolor swimsuits.. it seems even cheaper than
the ones from batch 13.

Oh well nothing else was note worthy... Excela and Jenius free idol costume figures yay?

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