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Code:Realize Shirogane no Kiseki - Review

Genre: Otome Visual Novel. 
Developer/publisher: Otomate.
Platform: PS Vita.
Release date: 2017-12-21

The 2nd code realize fd... well we know the first (shukufuku no mirai) had more plot than fanservice
and that they sort of falsely advertised it so when this was announced I was like wow really?
surely they couldn't have put it as one game in the first place? but I guess
this is also to have yet another game to sell right after the anime finished airing. $$$hing
Oh well happy 2018 can't say I fully appreciated this FD but...
 atleast it gave content most fans wanted to begin with albeit a bit late.

- Certain characters will finally get the epilogues they deserve.
- Triangle date, fanservicey but fun mini episodes.
- Art, Miko gets better and better!

- Christmas stories should've been shorter (looking at you Van).
- Was there really a need to split the FD?

This FD is christmas/holiday themed so I suggest you play it around that time of the year
it didn't arrive till the 28 for me but since I am not really that invested in the holidays 
I was just like i'll play it now before moving on to anything else like I do think
code:realize is a wonderful series but... I hope they won't milk this series too much so as much
as the idea of seasonal fandisk is nice I also dislike, I hope otomate doesn't get any more ideas.
Atleast the artist is still the same but I really hope this doesn't become the next hakuouki.

So what content is in this FD?
After stories for Finis and Sholmes because they needed it especially the latter.
A scenario titled Cantarella this is pretty much like the mafia one last time but better.
Christmas stories for the original characters set after Finis's after story.
An epilogue for the 5 original guys set after the after stories in shukufuku no mirai
to finish what the last FD started because apparently it couldn't be told back then. >_>

System? typical stuff, you select the story you want to read
there's no real need for a guide except for dictionary but since its so short
its easy to go back and select another choice so there's no fear.

To keep it short...
First off I don't want to sound ungrateful its just... starting to seem like code:rea is being milked.
Its short but the entertainment was there and the value was good... more so than tierbladeFD
speaking of volume it might be just right, I thought some of the christmas stories was too long for
their own good(especially Van) or maybe that's just me... I liked Impey's and Fran's a lot though.
Finis and Sholmes after stories... the latter bored me for some reason but still give good conclusion.
I think it would be better received if you actually like code:realize a whole lot, already said this at the
start of the post but it cannot be coincidence this came out right after the anime finished airing.
Cardia is a great heroine AND she kicked ass, got her happy future...  but there's not much else
that needs to be told is there? the more otome I play the more I realize that open ended
endings are perhaps the better kind like make your own fantasies instead of being spoonfed them
of course some could benefit from a little teensy bit more but I feel otomate is going overboard here.
I'm sure we could get a FD for everything that is new to Cardia but I hope that won't be necessary
the score is more than fair, I actually get tired of having to come back FD after FD, once is enough.
''Its a nice addition with plenty of enjoyable fanservice but there's not much else to it.''
So do I recommend this FD? only if you are a fan and absolutely need more code:rea in your life.

 Well after the last FD's new scenario was a bit of a snoozefest
I decided to start with Cantarella and work my way to better things.

 How to summarize this? hmm it felt like this was about a girl who is sort of like Cardia(She was).
Cardia decided to help this Cantarella person who was definitely troubled
our lovely heroine definitely kicked ass when she noticed how Canta-chan was being treated.
This is basically Canta's story more or less, she's a songstress/opera singer but there's more to it.
At the very least it is much better than the mafia one like Cardia  can relate to Cantarella
and it uhm felt connected in more ways than one to the core story?
Basically Canterella is Cardia's sister, Canta-chan was one of the failures since she didn't look like
Isaac's daugther at all, somehow she survived and after a point she became an opera singer.
 The medicine she drinks is zicterium and she's taken care of by Miles then there's this Aiguille guy
who is some fanboy who wants to kidnap Canta-chan to sing her song in his castle. I suppose
best way to put it that this was interesting and a bit cute... but while there is some romance
with Canta-chan and Aiguile it never got anywhere which is why I am still disappointed
also Cardia never really finds out who Cantarella is which to me is a big miss
yeah well maybe they went with the deep down she knows but still a bit more effort
to not make this yet another random side story would be appreciated a lot.
Overall it didn't try too hard like the mafia one so it was enjoyable, didn't find reason to facepalm
and somehow it all fit into the actual story really well and not like a common route chapter.
 It was a nice story about family that can still be enjoyed regardless of season so despite
some complaints its not bad at all I just wish they actually wrote it so Cardia knew?
   Romance ★☆☆☆☆ (there's a bit but they never do anything with it.)
Plot ★★★★☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆ (Could be better)

CV: Kaji Yuki.
 Starts out with his POV of the events that passed and him going ''Who are you?'' ... ''Who am I''.
As you know, Finis route in the previous FD was an alternative version of Lupin
and in the end Cardia chooses her otouto and now lives with him in wales.
They be livin the life and Finis tsun knows no bounds, one day San and Hansel come visit. xD
So they plan to go to london but Hansel is like no we won't let you etc...
basically idea is throwing another hissy fit and that all you need to know.
I thought Finis after story was ok, amusing and serious part unfortunately
some fighting broke out in london and they just had to insert the gordon family. >_>
They all went to stop one of isaac's machinations, Finis really wanted to end it all with his own hand.
Everything ends well of course, all the christmas after stories take place after this
since Cardia hasn't ended up with anyone and her relationship with Finis is platonic at best
the epilogue was Lupin and the gang having a party/feast at their place, how nice.
I suppose it was of decent length like there was a general ''plot'' its not bad
but yeah like FD no,1 it wasn't all fluff if anything it was in begin and end with plot inbetween.
I saw little point to this after story, after FD1 I already was happy enough with the end they got
there was very little that could wow me at this point and didn't exactly want more.
I guess the end was cute but so was the ending from shukufuku... sigh.

Romance ☆☆☆☆☆ (Familial love...)
Plot ★★★☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

CV:Murakami Kazuya.

As usual it starts with a quick recap which I welcomed with open arms
since some parts from the previous fd got vague and this was nice to refresh the memory.
I like Sholmes but I do agree that his chemistry with Cardia isn't the best...
but that doesn't mean its not there its just a little far fetched compared to others.
In prev FD Sholmes route left to be desired like there was too much (potential) BL with Aleister
but there was still moment that made my heart melt so it all good. I am still very glad his route in
general was a thing though.  Sooo he poison problem was not yet solved and last we know
they were on a train going god knows where. Lupin and Impey be going about their business
and Sholmes be doing the same... that is stopping a phantom thief and his side kick.(lol)
It was quite interesting that the rival thing is still present. Sholmes was quite the gentleman
so this after story delivered more so than Finis since that was more family like.
TL;DR to sum things up the truth lies within your heart(horologium), still I found
most of this to be boring, it beat around the bush instead of being to the point
that aside its still the conclusion it needed sadly I could already tell from the beginning
what was up so half of this just went on longer than it should be/filler-ish etc.
Thanks for the conclusion I guess...but Sholmes was a huge ass.
Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

-Christmas stories-
This was basically a mirror image of me sitting through these stories...
 A mini route with each guy that takes place after Finis route and after storyin which they
get the chance to confess and/or date(EXCEPT VAN). wow that is absolutely fantastic?!
Like Impey and Fran got cutesy stuff, Lupin and San's was enjoyable too but then 
there is VAN who sticks out like a sore thumb... that not to say nothing good happened 
he just deserved more, sigh as usual someone got screwed over big time. -_-
 Depending on when you play this FD this might be hilariously out of season
Its not like they're not fun, they're a good part of the game...
Van: OH BOY... Van got the short end of the stick this time, remember how Saint-G
had a bit too much angst last time? well the writer still had some left and this time it all went to Van.
He and Dora-chan are on good terms and visit the mansion for good old sake
but eh it gets awkward between them well that aside yhey go visit wales and they eventually
had a good time with Cardia but eh too much angst ruining the mood
it somehow ends with them both confessing their feels and him giving her a present
but meanwhile here I am poor Finis, it was more or less Van figuring out his feels.
I didn't pay much attention... pretty sure I blanked out and awoke right at the end. -_-
Here comes Van with the angst... his after story in FD1 was pretty boring already... this wasn't much better.
  Since Van was such a trainwreck I went to Impey: It was much better, maybe
its because its Impey... well like in each of these stories they parted ways since
Cardia lives with Finis in wales now and Impey promise they'll meet again one day.
Impey is just fangirling over his angel Cardia and Saint-G realizing Impey has feelings for her
which was more amusing than Van and his angst, in fact it cute how Impey came to get her and Finis
the end was cute too and very Impey-like its just that we all sorta knew by now.
Compared to Van... Impey's christmas story was actually cute.
Knowing that Saint-G was an angst trainwreck last time I did him next.
 They all have a big party at Saint-G's place... including Idea ofcourse San's still haunted
by some stuff but overall the feeling was nice, also san could finally laugh for once its not an angsty
mess as his after story in FD1 but compared to others it could be better maybe I am just picky.
 As for Fran, he been doing his thing and he exchange letters, eventually he gets the chance
to date Cardia NO HE WANTS TO so damn MUCH but doesn't want Finis to know
much like Impey it was very cute in like everything? Fran eventually confess and introduce
 her to his parents I don't know about you but I thought this was one of the better stories.
 I did Lupin last... he's up to his usual antics as phantom thief and who better to try
to stop him but leonhard? dunno I don't like Lupin that much since hes too ideal.
Anyhow he's actually pretty heartbroken she is not around and live with Finis
so he tries to get her to come around for christmas with a letter, the attempts were pretty cute
and they eventually spend a good time together.

Triangle Date
 Well here you can pair up uhm... say Lupin and Van with Cardia for a fun scenario
there's many variation with different character abut I won't really bother to mention more
as this is really something that's best experienced on your own my ramblings will just ruin it.
Its sort of like KgK's FD that would just have a random book/chapter not canonically fit in mainstory.
Like you get situations of Cardia sharing an umbrella with Lupin and Van or Fran asking
who she likes more him or Lupin... (I'm like can you not?) or Impey and Lupin taking Cardia
back to the mansion in wales, they like ended up cleaning up the place for her... because
its important to her. So you can probably guess these stories are a nice mini adventure
IDK but the funniest was Impey x Saint-G for me, it was sweet but I laughed so hard
at the end when the guards and Leonhard showed up you don't even know.
I felt the secret dates were a bit extra though...

After seeing all the christmas stories you unlock special after...
Impey is far from perfect...but still somehow I have grown to like him.
We finally get the much needed wedding epilogues for Van, Fran and Saint-G  of course
Lupin and Impey also get an additional story but honestly they're not the main treat here.
Finis? Sholmes? oh boi you outta luck! no extra stories for them gotta be content with what they got
in their after stories which wasn't much better than what most got in shukufuku no mirai.
 Van and Fran's wedding ends... better late than never I guess.
Saint-G's much needed wedding end... sigh I am happy yet sad at the same time...

Favorite character as of this FD: Impey > Saint-G > Sholmes > Fran > Van > Finis / Lupin.
Do keep in mind I do not dislike anyone this is more like preference if anything.

Final Thoughts
 Personally I think the enjoyment I got out of this second FD was 50/50
the content is just overall good stuff that is for certain.
I still think Code:Rea's world is crafted pretty well for intergrating historical with
steampunk fantasy setting its not the best but its not bad in any way.
Cantarella itself is an excellent story addition but also makes me sad because
an important detail was purposely ommited but then again maybe it was just too obvious?
Atleast this FD had plenty of enjoyable content, I just wish the christmas stories were shorter.
Triangle dates was fun but it depended on who the pair up was, I really didn't care much
for the christmas stuff since this game arrived on the 28th it was little too late for me
btw everyones except Van's turned out to be good. (Fran and Impey might've been the best...)
Why couldn't they just put the special afters in shukufuku no mirai to begin with like that
would've made FD1 that more relevant with the whole marriage theme but I guess
they had to give reason for people to buy FD2. This FD also got me to think which character 
I really liked the most... back with the original game I pretty much thought fondly of everyone not
being able to truly choose a favorite. From appearance and first impression it would be Van whom's
route was unique but ok then doing Saint-G and I pretty much fell for him by the end. 
Fran's a sweetheart from begin to end and well Lupin might be too ideal but he's not a bad at all. 
Then I get to Impey, he might be a bit annoying at times and his routewas the least relevant
but his character made it for me he's such an incredible sweet guy trying to make his
dearest happy even if he himself  is less than perfect. By FD no,2 I realized how much
 I liked him and enjoy his presence. I also really liked Sholmes as a character but...
by now I realized how odd of a choice he is for Cardia and I ain't got a problem with Finis
whom's route was platonic but am happy for him nonetheless.

So in the end this better be the last game because I am 80% certain I will pass on more, as of now
with this FD whatever story there is to tell here has been told and I do not need more
fanservice because by now after thinking a lot(see above) I have found my favorite already.
I do not think I got much more to say, if you absolutely love code:realize go for it
but if you personally say i've seen enough then you should probably pass on it.  
We do not know if this'll be localized but if it is it'll probably be released around christmas as well
I mean this is one of those VN that is hard to advertise in other season so its just a matter of when.

Characters ★★★★★ Same old guys...
Art  ★★★★★ Miko's art gets better and better.
Scenario/plot. ★★★☆☆
Music ★★★★☆ Same old tunes... not bad though.
System  ★★★★★ No problems.
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

So what is next? probably chouchou jiken... I want something new and am not
in the mood for yet another FD so taiali heads and tails will need to wait.

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