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Collar x Malice Unlimited - Review

 Genre: Otome Visual Novel.
Developer/publisher: Otomate.
Platform: PSV.
Release date: 2018-07-26

Fandisc to Collar x Malice! and I dare say it deserved one
since the original was more focused on plot than romance(not to say there wasn't)
they did still balance it out quite nicely though! it did deserve a better look into the future 
especially for characters such as Shiraishi because we all know he deserved it the most.
Content wise its just the usual after stories and something dedicated to Adonis.
Pretty sure they followed up on that one bad end as well but I did not
get my hopes up for anything good to happen out of that.

- After stories of decent length, varied endings for everyone.
- Art, hanamura just gets better and better!
- It's got the volume, more than tierblade(unfortunately so).

- ED theme be nice but its not in sync with credits and just cuts off/repeats, sloppeh.

Interlude: this further details events about X day; where some dude named
Chisato Tachibana brings up some suspicious facts to Ichika and the others.
After story: continues on from interlud; the after story of the two.
Adonis: Basically another side of the story.
Side story/what if's: self explanatory.

First of all it is nice they go out of their way to give us another look to the whole
X day thing as a refresher especially after two years and have a nice movie
such as the story thus far at the start of everyones after.
Honestly I feel a lil conflicted about this FD most of this comes from interlude
it felt pretty low effort at trying to start something. -_-
The interlude part aside everything else is 👌 still the same guys we all know and love, no OOC.
The interlude was interesting as there are different paths to take, I went to unlock all
afters before actually doing them since it would only be a hassle to go back and forth.
Unfortunately nothing was truly interesting... it did expand on certain things
but the only good thing about this FD is the fanservice after story.
The after stories are of decent length, there's not much plot to it but the scenario
was interesting nonetheless it focused more on their relationship though.
TL;DR its recommended if you liked CxM and want to see more to the relationships.
 If worried about quality/value of the fandisk, imo its more worth it than Tierblade's FD
which only convoluted the plot revelation after revelation but CxM manages to actually clear it up.

I am not in the mood to detail much anymore so i'll just stick to character babbles and stuff.

Kei Okazaki.
CV: Kaji Yuuki.
Accurate representation of how I feel about Kei...
 Urgh possible the one I disliked the most due to his mr nice guy attitude
but eh to be honest I did like how he expressed himself through cute kaomoji.
With this in mind I have decided to start with him...
Starts of with them ichaicha'ing after a long work day cuz he can't contain himself~.
Everything else is a look into their lives including work, nothing amazing but entertaining nonetheless.
My fav bits was the scene where he chased some thief at a shopping district and when
they watched a movie. There were some references to other otome games too so that was neat.
The rest didn't really amaze me... except some parts of his past which leads me to think
Kei is basically a death chaser... maybe that is why I cannot like him that much?
Either way they had a bit of a falling out and them reciprocating their feelings for each other
which was like almost the whole route lmao but Kei promised to treat her better
and be the one to protect her come what may, Kei's also pretty insecure about his future
since he tends to act in the moment and not think things through; see what I mean by death chaser?
Yoshinari was a true bro and did what Ichika could not when he saw something was up
which lead to a tense scene that ended up being hilarious.
In short its just Kei trying to make Ichika the happiest but not sure how to do that which lead
to a bit of drama. I can say Kei is a gentle soul who'll probably shatter if he has no one
but with Ichika everything will be alright (hopefully).
Atleast all of his CG's were gorgeous... but uh Kei as a character makes my skin crawl.

Mineo Enemoto.
CV: Saitou Souma.
 Mineo! such a cute hetare dork he was, in the original his route didn't tie into the overall plot
that well but it was still entertaining nonetheless. So uh... life goes on for them on the force
Mineo's dream of being fed a bento finally came true. Then they are out on the job
and Mineo saves some chick, she seems like a victim but there's more to that.
Mineo even has a good talk with Kazuki~ as they prepare food for Ichika.
We see a more gentle and mature side to him, the good old Mineo is still there, plenty
of fun moments and yea he still gets embarrassed easily haha.
Either way Mineo takes the case very serious, perhaps too much? even Takeru showed concern.
Despite being a dork that some times has his head in the gutter Mineo is someone
who is more maturer and down to earth than he looks! He can be relied on...
I can see a future for Ichika with him~.

Shiraishi Kageyuki.
CV: Kimura Ryouhei.
 Poor Shiraishi... I still remember his end and well he pretty much got the
short end of the stick compared to some of the others but eh it ended on a good note! (somewhat)
If you liked Shiraishi's original route but expect him to get the same level of fanservice
as the others you can forget it this isn't going to happen. Its grim as hell but still manages
to deliver like the others, I feel one has to be a bit mature to accept this sort of scenario.
It starts with Mochida giving Ichika some peptalk and the rest or most of this after's
all about the flashbacks because basically Shiraishi is imprisoned, Ichika & co and can only
communicate to them through letters which leads to all the damn flashbacks.
I know he had a tough past and going to try and understand it is fine like we actually 
get to understand him a little better but still most of it was very grim and not fun.
All things considered it fits the theme of his character and its realistic but it was
pretty painful of them both looking at the past cuz right now they can't be together.
THE ONLY THING that made half the scenario bearable was it following up
on some stuff from the interlude. Low on fanservice but good story
but tbh I think the interlude was only used as a set up specifically for this after story
so Shiraishi can be seen in a new light and set free.
Whatever floats yer boat but honestly? atleast whatever fanservice we did get was super sweet
and I can see a future where they are both happy it just took longer than some of the others.
I was about to rate this lower as the others but nah... imo Shiraishi is actually pretty good.

Takeru Sasazuka.
CV: Namikawa Daisuke.
 After Shiraishi, Takeru's after feels like a reward...!
Mostly everyone loves our tsundere donuts lover! I too had a soft spot for him.
Can't help but like guys that need a little bit to warm up to you instead of showering you
with positive attention (from the get go) that you probably don't think you deserve. >_>;
 Either way let's just say Takeru's after was the most enjoyable by far, he too
had a little drama going on and they like others went into his past but it was mostly fun!
There was also this dumb scene near the end of some english guy bothering Ichika
going all like you are cute! who're you waiting for? a brother? sister? ...replying with brother
led to him saying we got some good shit that's totally legal.
Takeru comes back and he snapped at the guy which was totally deserved. 😂
But yeah most of the after was super sweet, not as serious as what came before.
After all was over I felt the same as with Mineo, Ichika has a future here with Takeru.

Aiji Yanagi.
CV: Morita Masakazu.

 Now I did not particularly like Aiji as much as some of the others BUT he is a sweetheart.
More like the type of guy you can be safe with no matter what and wouldn't force it.
Overall it was really sweet, poster boy did not disappoint... plot wise they brought in
this Yuuji person aka his brother which lit some sparks in Aiji buuut it was only to test him.
 Honestly it was a lame way to create tension... to get Aiji to take responsibility
with his future wife that aside; the rest was alright and their future is bright. (oh hey that rhymes)

  Uh well SPOILERS? this follows up on that one bad end in Aiji's route...
people died except Ichika which just left such a bad taste in my mouth.
  Ichika has been brainwashed and now works with Adonis....
Never been a fan of Zero, he was cute but then plot happened! I like ''bad boys''
and i've had fantasies about other villains from other games but they usually died quickly
and with Zero i'm like no thanks my dude now if only there were choices but uh justice must be
served and its nice to see Ichika regains what she stands for because over time she gets her shit
together and let me kill your hopes with some sweet despair, this scenario wasn't exactly
romance focused even though they tried but then the grim reality sets in which unfortunately is
even grimmer than Shiraishi's whole route was.
 So uh Ichika is tasked with finding a traitor so she goes to check out each Adonis member
which may or may not lead to amusing scenes? oh well Souda was...  like who can not forget
our mobage loving gacha addict?! or Ichiko making sure Akito is eating alright.
There's one event of Ichika reminding Shin and Suzune of their mother. ;_; 
You have 30 days to talk to every member which lead to events such as the above and
so there's a bit of replay value to learn little facts about them but each and everyone is just
they coulda been decent human beings but were set astray by something shitty in their lives
then Zero picks them up and they worship and kill in the name of Adonis.
If only but unfortuntely justice had to be served.
It was sorta interesting to see Ichika bond with them but hey atleast you don't need to see the
individual episodes more than once every time you start Adonis from scratch so that is good!
It was a great way to see other sides of the members of adonis, like they have their reasons for why
they do it then you get to zero and things get grim, there is no happy outcome but zero was
happy it was Ichika that was the one who killed him then Ichika offed herself afterwards.
From what I gathered at this point the relationship with Zero was already broken beyond repair
and then he went and brainwashed Ichika which didn't work and presumable only make it worse.
He killed her co-workers/friends (Aiji & co), Ichika's sense of justice is too strong to let that slide
she could never be happy with him anymore no matter how hard he tried.
Truly collar x malice -unlimited-


Side Story
This follows three what if scenarios of romancing Seiji and Yoshinari-kun.
There's also one centered on Kazuki but its not romance focused.

After Story enjoyment:
Takeru > Mineo > Aiji > Shiraishi > Kei.

Fav char:
Takeru/Mineo > Shiraishi > Aiji > Kei > Zero.
Got to see more of Shiraishi and Mineo but I think Takeru is still my fav
and Aiji > Kei any day any time, I've already said it before but something
about Kei doesn't feel right to me and with Aiji there's just this sense of safety.

Final Thoughts.
Not sure what else I could've asked for but they delivered. 👌👌👌
 This was a decent FD it was great to go back to the world of CxM but I think it almost
came too late and the after's could've been a tad shorter but its nice we could finally
see the two's future while they still do their job even if it wasn't all relaxed.
CxM's approach is pretty realistic it won't have a happily married ever after end for everyone
and TBH  I am actually sick of those especially in FD. (ya can thank beast and princess for that.)
 If worried about volume and quality of the content, its imo better than tierblade.
The only complaints I have is that you have to patch the game to fix the Adonis portion
and the ED music not being in sync with the movie brings the score down.
That aside I ain't got much to say so i can wrap up here! I can whole heartedly recommend
this FD to CxM fans, unfortunately I cannot tell if it will have an ENG release at all
with the vita being at the end of the rope and all.
Hopefully they'll port the original&fd to steam/PS4/switch...

Characters ★★★★★ (Fleshes out the main cast including the villains)
Art  ★★★★★ (Hanamura just gets better and better!)
Scenario/plot. ★★★★★
Music★★★★★ (Catchy stuff)
System  ★★★☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆ (4.5)

What is next? Ashen Hawk and Piofiore no Banshou!
Still uncertain about Variable barricade but i'll probably get it..
same for Shiro to Kuro FD might as well see what they'll cook up next I guess.

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  1. Takeru's my favorite character too! Somehow, most tsunderes are my favorites lololol