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Crimson Empire -New Edition- Review

Game: 新装版クリムゾン・エンパイア
 [Shinsouban Crimson Empire]
Genre: Otome Visual Novel.
Developer: Quinrose.
Platform: PS Vita.
(Old version: PC,PS2, PSP)

I am probably not even worthy of writing a little about this epic otome game
 but I doubt anyone really cares, anyway here's my impression/reviewof the game.

- Heroine is cute and strong.
- This game is actually pretty dark but is still fun.
- Interesting setting and overall story.
- Most of the guys are likeable.
- Maids!
- Meissen.

-  Most of the best endings like for example Michael's aren't that satisfying.
- Some of the guys are assholes, sigh nobility.
 - PS Vita version might be hard to get by now since Quinrose went out of business.

TL;DR I give this otome game a 9/10
This is an amazing Otomege with a decent story, interesting and  fun cast of characters.
Oh and before I forget it has a strong heroine which is a nice change~~.
However please be warned some bits of the story may be extremely off putting and you gotta
give it to Sheila for being able to put up with it, its a fact she had no easy childhood.
That's not the only thing and you may be better off avoiding Justin's less happier ends...
if you want the plat that much force skip, its better off not knowing what he may be capable of.

More ramblings and potential spoilers after the jump.

My first quinrose game...and its suprisingly good! maybe its due to the kickass heroine
which their games are known for, they're no goody two shoes that for sure.
I have always been interesting in Crimson empire ever since I read the manga
which is licensed by seven seas, its only 3 volumes go support it if you can.
I took note of the PSP/PC versions but after some research on it I decided to pass on it.
 I don't mind gameplay in Otomege but the gameplay part didn't sound very fun
the gameplay is very restrictive, one mistake could force you into bad ends etc.
Anyway Quinrose decided to remake the game for PS Vita and remove the gameplay
and turned it into a straight forward VN with new art, I finally got a reason to get this.

Honestly I think some things about this Otomege are pretty messed up.
When Sheila was little she was a slave and later on being made into an assassin
by none other than Curtis Nile. Sheila also had the luck of meeting a demon named Michael.
they make a contract so that when Sheila dies Michael will have her soul.
So no matter who you end up with Michael wins in the end...
but atleast you can have a happy life with someone you love? ^-^;

I went with the order of: Justin > Marshall > Edvard > Michael > Bryon > Rambures.
Also you apparently cannot do Michael first, you have to do both Edvard and/or Justin?
before you can unlock Michael's route and its best not to do him last since
his route despite being amusing the ends are less than happy.
Also I love the sub characters! especially Meissen and Ronalus whom really
should have their own route.
Ronalus and Hauranne(I dub him Orange-sama because of his color scheme) are also charming.
Curtis though.. Ishida Akira did a wonderful job voicing hm
but he sounds like an ass all the time so im just... to the point I hate him(well deserved) -_-;
Curtis I Love/Hate you so much XD
Lily and Varchia are great too I like it when otomege
have important female characters in it that aren't bullies or just being there.
Álso IMO Sheila is a really strong and awesome heroine ^_^
Honestly Sheila is the darkest heroine I have seen yet.
This is refreshing because most otomege heroine aren't so strong willed
 there are exceptions to that though but quinrose heroine are usually like this.

Lol... the censoring profanity during this part in marshall's route.
It happen in other routes as well..
 Oh well its amusing but I start laughing for no reason >.>
 Too much information Hauranne-sama... please stop.


The tsunderella, he's a prince and Edvards older half brother
but because of his mothers lower status he has no access to the throne.
Also he hates edvard... he even sends assassins at him but Sheila stops them.
He's so cute when he's angry!  but I'm not really used to Hirakawa Daisuke's deep voice.
Tsuntsun aside he's pretty nice when you get further into his route.
Just like a plan

He's not really my type, I prefer his Best ending. 
Its not that I don't like tsundere or anything! 
That one ending sorta ruined him for me... partially Sheila's fault too.

♥ Marshall ♥
I liked Marshall alot! 
He's mr: serious business and seems pretty boring but he turns out to be alright
IDK what to say about his route other than it has a lot of dramatique and smooching.
Anyway I really really liked his route, I have no real complaints.
I don't hear Narita Ken often enough but he really 
 should do more roles like Marshall's!

Marshall's a cutie pie~~ ♥

The perfect prince who isn't really all that perfect.
He's super cute but also pretty twisted and I understand why Justin hates him 200%.
Edvard actually cares alot about his brother,  its complicated so I won't go into it.
Sheila's devotion to him is amazing... she would never betray him no matter what.
 What am I going to do with you?
Overall I liked his route but  I feel like its best to do Edvards route first
Thanks for the reminder Michael.

His good ending gets more points from me
because I have a thing for megane~~
I like Edvard.. but I regret I didn't do his route first, feels like I would have enjoyed it more if I did.

♥♥ Michael ♥♥
I enjoyed most of his route, Michael was really cute but he acted like a child
most of the time, so I couldn't really take him seriously.
 Lots of Meissen ♥ and Hauranne-sama in his route as well.
I totally ship Michael x Meissen, I mean even the game does? so why not?
He really likes Meissen alot. lol
 Yeah his route is full of this... its amusing to say the least www.

What a troublesome demon he is...
I prefer his good ending and bad ending.
His best ending... well it might be better in the long run, his bad end wasn't so bad
but still its sad, because so much regret it hurts so much its good. T_T

Michael had a really fun and entertaining route, it was over
before I realized it... :(

Meissen you so asked for it now say ah~~ 

Suprise attack on Meissen
This one was also the last CG I needed for trophy lol.
I missed this CG on my original run of this route but you have to go through routes
multiple times for 100% event completion anyway.
There are alot of side events not related to the main route of a character
so it can be a little overwhelming

 Does it look like im enjoying this?
Well I am glad Bryon didn't turn out the way I thought it would.
Anyway you shouldn't judge this guy based on his appearance.
Despite his looks he is actually really sweet and caring.
He is also pretty popular... 
 Also Liley isn't amused by her brothers shenanigans..
 Yuri flag ON~~ if only for a little while.

And then there is this guy...

I just love this CG image personally...
Sheila looks so evil here.. I love it.

Also Quinrose about this CG...
Nice stock image I guess?
Thankfully I did not find it in the gallery Bryon/other when I stopped playing
so thats a huge relieve...
All hope was not lost in terms of quality CG.
Sheila is not amused.

Ah... its the infamous CG that every route has..
Bryon looks great in his casual outfit. 

Here I thought Marshall was lewd with all da smooching...
 but man Bryon is taking it another level.
Turns out he was just drunk lol.

 Rambures made an appearance in this route.. btw long time no see.

Anyway his route turned out okay, he says he loves Sheila
like a million times, but Sheila being rather tsundere about it. >_>;

Bryon's good ending path is hilarious... or at least some of its new scenes are.
More alchemy-like shenanigans, cute guys doing cute things ^-^;
No new CG though... but thats alright this ending is great already.
Once these boys get the cauldron boilin theres no stopping them!

  I don't regret saving his route for last it was amazing I have no complaints.
 Rambures might be weird but IMHO he's the best guy next to Edvard, Marshall and everyone else.
This guy is very interesting, condsidering he got his
status from saving the king from an assassin.
He keeps to himself most of the time making medicine,poison or other strange things.
But oh my god the stench that comes from his room while he's making it.
Everyone tries to avoid him because of that...
He's a huge burden to everyone because of the stench 
he makes while doing his thing(even air Air freshener didn't help lmao).
 Liley can't bear it anymore and other Aristocrats dislike him for how he got his status.
He's on good terms and friends with Bryon though.
His route was very enjoyable, I am glad I saved Rambures for last.

Oh Justin... you look so lonely.
So creepy... *Shivers*

Lewd... sucking the poison from the wound
I really liked Rambures alot he's my favorite.
Marshall, Michael and Edvard come close, sadly I didn't really like
 Justin and Bryon that much but they are still okay guys!
Anyway this was an amazing Otomege with a decent story with interesting characters I loved it.
I regret nothing~~ well worth the money.

Husbando ranking:
Rambures > Marshall > Edvard > Michael > Justin > Bryon.
Sadly because in the end I liked everyone this is kind of useless, in my opinion
there wasn't a single bad apple in this game, nuh uh.
I really enjoyed every route and liked every guy in this otomege.

What's next?
Curtis: Buy Arabians Lost Engagement on Desert & Wizard and the Master.
You know you want too! for my sake and Meissen's.
Me: Maybe if they remake arabian lost or discount the digital download on JP PSN
(6000 yen so not worth it) and yes I will get W&M new edition. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Curtis: Fair enough, my game is kind of outdated anyway.
Me: Gameplay wise? yes. Art wise? no, the older versions of  Wizard & Master and Crimson Empire
are more outdated in both gameplay and art personally I don't mind but im sure others do.
Curtiss: Thanks for the compliment! yes I look very good in Ariabian lost!
Me: Sigh...
Curtis: Did you say something?
Me: Apparently Crimson Royale is coming to PS Vita
Curtis: WHAT?! they are porting a fandisc instead of remaking my game?! 
Me: I couldn't believe it at first either...
Curtis: <@#&^%$#!!!
Me: You done cursing yet? because I have bad news.
Curtis: Now what?
Me: Quinrose has gone bankrupt.
Curtis:  Oh good grief.
Me: IKR...  such a shame really.
Curtis: Do you still love me?
Me: Ofcourse...  I hate you so much I love you.
Curtis: Good to know. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    I've been loving quinrose games for thei badass heroine and stupidly kinky yet cute conv between those charas haha xD
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