Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Possession Magenta - Review

Game: Possession Magenta.
Developer/publisher: Hunex/Comfort.
System: PS Vita.
Genre: Otome game, mystery.
Release date May 28, 2015.

- Interesting plot mostly because of the mystery.
- Characters are all likeable.
- Music is really catchy.
- Art, Sarachi Yomi did an amazing job.
- System was pretty neat, its easy to use.

- While the plot was interesting at first, at the end of the game there was too much copy pasta
and no good individual end/route, if you're satisfied seeing the heroine end up with SOMEONE
anyone despite that yeah it good, personally no it just ain't worth it, too shallow.
- Copypasta.

Possession Magenta has alot of pro's which make it seem like its worth a shot and its true that it can
be fun but yeah if you expect a good mystery otomege look elsewhere and avoid this kusoge.
I am sure there are better otomege out there worth your time and money, this one is just not worth it
if you want it that much just wait for a sale I cannot recommend it full price.

The following image sums up this game perfectly, Copy pasta gone wrong.

The rest of the post contains some spoilers and a few CG, just so you know.

I originally got this game because the cast and mystery part of the game interested me and
also the seiyuu cast... but it turned out to be a huge disappointment.
The first 7 chapters were great no problems there and when I finished the final chapter with
Yuichiro for the first time I thought it was okay... but then I went on to Miniye's route and
was utterly disappointed how there was barely any change in the scenario for the final chapter.
There is a little change because of the character but its just so minor even the plot stays the same...
so I went on to get Kanade Souta, Kosuke, Taiga endings and finally true ending 
in the span of an entire weekend... which is unacceptable in my opinion since
the only real difference is the guy you end up with, lmao.

There is no real individual route for the guys, most of their events are in the chapter they get
possessed in, the mystery ended up being something not so very interesting the last boss even goes
hurrdurr I don't remember how I got those powers in all of the individual routes, he gets
 arrested or dies in a good end but the mystery does not get resolved in those 6 routes.
For the true end well let's just say Otonari Kanada deserves a damn medal. lmao
The ending path I enjoyed the most? Yuichiro, Souta and Miniye's but I stopped caring
for the most part since its just rushed and a giant copy pasta mess, lmao. 

 Kanade is the OTP in this game... which makes me sad since all the others got such a shitty ending
yet he gets the whole true ending baggage
I like Kanade as much as the other characters but I can't pick a favorite at all for this game
 and that doesn't really happen that much maybe its since outside of the chapter that focus
on them they never really shined and thats really sad, the seiyuu did a wonderful job
and the art was great but everything else just... i'm sorry it fell apart.

Poor Souta is forever stuck as villager A in this kusoge.
 Miniye: who do I pay to make me the OTP in this game?

Man... I..  I am so disappointed! the art, cast and overall plot was perfect for the first
seven chapters and I even like most of the bad ends but then everything turned into a 
 copy pasta scenario for every guy, can I have something more unique for every guy pls? -_-
In the end they just get together and thats it, there was no individual sub plot
and outside of being the center of attention in the chapter they appear in
they just fall into the background as the story goes on and well then its already chapter 8
and trust me no matter who you pick its almost always identical to the previous.
Disappointment level MAX... 
 I noticed most people disliked Ayame but I didn't really mind her, if she wasn't there
the guys would be all over the heroine for sure and Ayame's interactions with Kosuke was amusing.
 I don't dislike games with long common route as I have been enjoying Harukanaru toki no naka de 6 
atleast the ending events are actually different there, hell Darius and Arima's path 
are pretty different but sadly even in Harutoki6 there is some things that never changes.
I do not recommend POSSESSION MAGENTA atleast not full price, get it on a sale or something.
Still this game makes me want more because the characters deserve it but the plot doesn't allow it.
Nice you end up with the character of your choice but yeah... the individual endings feel really rushed and empty/meaningless.
This does not happen alot cuz most of the time I am content with just one game.
Possession Magenta FD when? I sure want one but I doubt it sold well enough for it to happen.
Farewell, I most certainly won't look at this game again atleast not for a while.

Characters ★★★★☆
Art  ★★★★☆(Good.)
Scenario/plot. ★★☆☆☆(Interesting but...)
Music★★★☆☆ (OK...)
System  ★★★★☆ (Interesting and comfy.)
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

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