Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Moshi, Kono Sekai ni Kami-sama ga Iru to suru Naraba - Review

Game: [Moshi, Kono Sekai ni Kami-sama ga Iru to suru Naraba.]
Genre: Otome game Visual Novel.
Developer/Publisher: Rejet.
Platform: PS Vita.
Release date: 2016-02-25

Oh boy I don't know what I should've expected or signed up for because this otomege
 sure was something else with all the shit that happened in the common route I almost wanted
to drop it cuz I had enough, but I'm glad I didn't cuz it was actually pretty decent in the end
that is if you do not mind the horrifying twist in Neji's route among other things.
Hey atleast you can skip through all the shit that happens in the common route later, lol.
Anyway please do not play this game if you think this is a fluffy highschool
otome game with fantasy themes because it is not, all that and the light novel-ish title
are false advertisements, Moshikami has a lot of stuff most people do not want in their otomege's.

My play order was Ace > Normal end > Shuri > Kyo > Neji > Masato.
 This was kind of a bad order and not ideal so...
 I did Ace aka the poster boy's route first I don't know if that was a good idea though
but after I did everyone's route, in my opinion its better to do the normal ending first
followed by Ace and then Shuri both are likeable plus Ace's perfect after normal end
then do Kyo and finally Neji since his route has the most horrifying twist related to Masato
whom's route is locked til last, well if you like twisted onii-chans you may like him
but boy Masata really sets the bar since not many come close to that level of kimoi.

I recommend this play order:
Normal ending  > Ace > Kyo > Shuri > Neji > Masato.
Not much different from mine but whatever do Neji before Masato because PLOT, seriously
You could probably switch the first three routes a bit around, depending on your taste.

 For the order of endings I recommend:
Do 帰還エンド first, followed by  混沌エンド then  滅亡エンド and finally 真相エンド.
Also most of the endings aren't that happy, most of them are heartbreaking.

Anyway let's get the pro's and con's out of the way!
- Interesting setting and sad story.
- Fantasy elements.
- Heroine was interesting and likeable but she might be hard to understand at times.
- Characters, the four main guys are all likeable.
- Seiyuu, despite the popular bunch they did an amazing job.
-Art, while some sprite may look derp(looking at you Kyo), its still pretty.
- BGM is fantastic, I also love the different vocal ED themes.
- Routes do not overlap.

- Dummy head mics are gonna be the end of me... (wait why is this a con?)
 - Skip is so slow, Jump isn't reliable cuz it jumps right passed unread text, oh and also lag.
- Long common route.
 - Longwinded, ermahgerd I get it m8... TL;DR.
 - Bullying, drugging, kidnapping and attempted rape.
-Blood/gore/horror elements.

I can say for the most part that I didn't like this game that much because it had so many things
that freaked me out so I cannot recommend this to you if you have
 triggers for bullying, drugging, kidnapping or attempted rape or any other form of rape.
I am not even kidding, but who actually would believe me? welp can't say I didn't warn you.

Also for some reason the timed choices never showed up till after I got the first ending with Ace.
This is probably intented and before I forget the BGM is like Getsuei no Kusari in which if you hear
 a track once you can know if something good or bad is gonna happen when it plays again.
There's quite a few tracks who creep me out...
One slight complaint of mine is that, the voice audio is too low at times, yes I did maxed it out
in the settings but even with headphones I have trouble hearing it at times.

Akira why you no have a route? T_T
I really pity Haruka as she's really stupid and takes forever to take action... oh well.
 Anyway one thing other thing I really liked about the heroine is that she is androgynous, not
 many otomege do that so well done rejet, they guys don't even care about that though
 they'll still love her for who she is, it was well done imho. :)
As for the main characters I mostly liked everyone, they're all so nice... perhaps too nice?
Oh well that's what makes me like them also it doesn't bother me that much.
 I only had a bone to pick with Masato, because by the time I did Ace's true end Masato really
grossed me out and I didn't even want to do his route, the other routes didn't help with this....
Other than that I didn't like Shizuka either he's also so gross and constantly forces himself on Haruka
which made me go like ugh please go away but atleast his brother Hikaru who's voiced by Koji Yusa
 out of all seiyuu was more tolerable and likeable than Shizuka, lol.
As for Akira... omg why doesn't he have a route? he might be strange and have ulterior motives
but I like him the most out of the three brothers, rejet?! why you do this?
Awww yeah Hikaru has had enough of your shit Shizuka.
Also that bitch who is Haruka's so called friend would always do something shitty
at the beginning of every route, except at Kyo and Neji's routes I especially disliked her little charade
 in Shuri's route... what a fine way to incite jealousy by messing with Neji by (lol) cosplaying as
Haruka and going around town ***king every guy. AKA things Haruka would never do.
Oh well in one of Shuri's ends the bitch redeems herself, but I will never actually like her.
On that note I really liked the normal good ending, anyway I liked how every route was unique
but there are some things that will never change, like Masato being creepy among other things
the guy will always face off with Masato in the truth end, wow such copypasta, much originality.
Onii-chan trying to ruin Haruka's love life and wants here for himself in every truth route.
Okay it wasn't that bad but you get my point do you? atleast the plot was different
but Masato just has to come in and try to ruin things. 
Okay not really but you get it that every truth end, ends in similair manner.

Thoughts on routes:

Ace, CV Toriumi Kousuke.
 The poster boy in my opinion he has a well-rounded route and is a likeable guy, I barely got
any compaints other than that imho Ace's route was kind of bland compared to the others.
 I'll just leave it at that, since it wasn't that bad, I don't really like him but he's
one of those guys I can't help but like in the end, he's kinda cute too...but I don't got much to say
Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

Shuri, CV Kaji Yuki.
 He's a cutiepie, his route was like Ace but in my opinion it was much better, aka it wasn't bland.
I really liked Shuri and the route in general, but I kept hearing Kakeru from Norn9 instead
because of his seiyuu, also his screaming was wonderful, so far it was the best route in the game lol.
Maybe I am biased but imho he had the best route, or maybe I just enjoyed it the most? 
Pssst... Shuri best boy!
Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

Kyo, CV Suwabe Junichi.
  Despite my whining his Kyo's Return/Ruin was rather tame compared to the Chaos/Truth path though.
Oh boy, I like Kyo as a character but his route had many things I didn't like some things plotwise in
his return/chaos routes, like I understand its all about family but the parts when his sister came back
only to go away again and also the part when he reverted to his 12 year old self was kind of stupid.
because of all that route itself took forever and I wanted it to be over but
 it just kept dragging on and on which made me go ugh.
 His past was terrible like almost every character in this game.
Oh well for the most I can say I liked the Chaos/Truth path but I was just eh... most of the time.
Also what was up with the art in his CG's? his is the only one with so much inconsistency.
Romance ★★☆☆☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆
( ´_ゝ`)
Neji, CV Namikawa Daisuki.
I really liked this guy alot and he was one of the only few guys who
 made me really go dokidoki in this game,which is a good thing I guess? dat namidai rofl.
No i'm not biased... yet.
But then came his route which just made me smh... so much but eh the plot in this route
 is just such a hot mess its not even funny, I like Neji but don't like his route that much, infact
it actually made me dislike Neji a little... because Neji had so much potential but
in my opinion they pulled it off the wrong way, despite Neji being so open and cool
 he's actually a big softie, its just handled badly but its not that bad, his route reveals a major plot
thread which is going to make or break this game for you, sigh I wish some of it didn't happen.
Neji's ruin ending is just... rejet why?!
Well its ruined as onii-sama grabs Haruka just as she and Neji swim home..
Later Onii-sama locks up Haruka in some shack, Neji is never heard from again.
Yeah how about no...
Neji's chaos/truth path was a bit better as the return/ruin path I like it but yeah I feel that Neji's route
as a whole is different than the others in terms of pacing and PLOT as they're pretty straight-forward
in others also Masato doesn't have much presence in all the other routes, yet in Neji's route
he makes his appearance quite early as opposed to only really showing up in the truth ends
this is all for obvious story reasons but yeah due to the twists of the beach incident Neji was ruined.
Masato had more involvement in Neji's route than the other three guys for better or for worse, lol.
Anyway despite Neji's route having its ups and downs I can still say I liked it
despite it mostly being ruined by u know what.
Sigh why does my favorite character have the worst route this time? Neji is an angel... why?
I am sure it was because of Masato that I didn't like Neji's route that much...
Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆

Masato, CV Midorikawa Hikaru.
He's pretty much the OTP of this game... atleast I believe he is.
 Oh boy the onii-sama of Moshikami, I didn't look forward to his route cuz he grossed
me out in like every truth ending in the game, especially Neji's ruin end rofl.
Masato is also the type of onii-sama I dislike... I mean I can stand most of them
but once they start creeping me out like in this game, I'm just like ugh yuck, pls no stahp.
Just saying, Meissen from Quinrose's continent series is best onii-sama.
I know that Masato cares alot about Haruka but he just shows it the wrong way, lmao.
Rejet I don´t want to see a brother jack off to his sister, yeah sth like that happened.
His route didn't help me like him more in fact it only made me dislike him even more, the
only good thing about it imho is that you get the truth of why he's like that.
He has this really sweet side but also can be so creepy... I am just like no thanks.
Without going all out on spoilers, he's likeable but he has bipolar personalities
and sadly the creepy one is being shown too much it also supresses the good Masato
most of the time, oh well... I wish I could like him more though but by the time
I learned the truth it was too little too late and I was already bitter about poor Masato.
In the end he's alright but yeah you have to put up with some shit first.
 His truth ending was bittersweet but eh, at that point I felt nothing anymore.
Romance ★☆☆☆☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆

So my final verdict is...
I do like this otomege and for the most part it was interesting, I'll give you that much but
at the same time I also dislike it because it has so many things that just ruin it for me
since it has things I do not want in an otome game, I was fooled by the outline of this game
and I think I wasn't the only one on that note but whatever the story is still good I guess.
 Honestly I can recommend this otemege if you like sad and painful stories and don't
mind all the freaky stuff I pointed out earlier so yeah this game can be good.
The story itself was pretty decent, all the japanese mythology references, etc.
Too bad the characters in this game are ignorant to japanese history but
come on be honest not everyone these days knows everything about their countries
 history maybe a little but I sure do not care about every single detail about my country
so give the writers a break and just let it slide not every kid is interested about creation myths.
I don't like school settings that much but moshikami falls under the category of school settings
that I like, mostly because of the fantasy setting. I do think that normal school setting
where nothing out of the ordinary happens are boring though.
Its not okay to use all the terrible things that can happen to a child for characters past like neglect, rape or sexual abuse or other similair things this game uses it all for the main guys and thats sad.
So if you had something shitty happen tou you as a kid stay away from this game
because its full of triggers and it might make things worse.
The game also loves to put important details into letters which are info dumps
yeah thanks but I wasn't interested in any more pain so I skipped.
The secret scenario was pretty funny, if only we could have more of that in the game...
Oh well maybe there will be a FD for that one day, I sure wouldn't mind it
but I think my moshikami adventures end here, I sure want to forget those horrid details.

Route ranking:(overall plot & enjoyability)
Shuri > Ace > Neji > Kyo > Masato.

But if I had to rank the characters it would be like this.

Character ranking:
Shuri >  Akira > Neji >  Ace > Kyo > Hikaru >  Shizuka > Masato.
Thats right if I had to choose between Onii-sama or Shizuka.. I'd choose Shizuka for sure, lol.
Hikaru & Shizuka used to be last on the list but eh, I don't have any fond memories of Masato
at all so I had just to edit it that part of the post just to show my honest opinion.
Oh boy Shuri best boy...  out of all of the guys he's my favorite.
Akira and Neji come close but man... I love Shuri so much... XD

Characters ★★★★☆
Art  ★★★★☆(Its good but inconsistent.)
Scenario/plot. ★★★☆☆(OK but it might need acquired taste.)
Music★★★★☆ (Some beautiful yet creepy tracks to fit the mood.)
System  ★★★☆☆ (Comfy but readskip is too slow for such a lengthy game... )
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆(Not for everyone.)


  1. Well this game certainly seems interesting but after reading another more detailed review with spoilers its
    a definite pass for me, because it is just too dark and I draw a line if fiction contains
    any form of sexual child abuse.
    Rejet did go all out with this one and it certainly tops Diabolik lovers, I wish they'd make more
    otome games like Dot Kareshi, Beyond the Future(collab), Scared rider xechs(collab) or Ken ga Kimi.

  2. Oh gawd i was really eyeing shuri and akira xD i think we have the same tastes in boys lolol still i think i will like this i've survived diabolik lovers and i liked it this will be good for me <3