Saturday, February 27, 2016

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria the Crown - Ex story/After stories - Review

So if anyone wanted to know what the sequel content was like well here you go!
This post is for the extra content in the PS Vita version, I didn't
feel like including them in the main post and I am glad I did cuz it would ruin some of it, lol.
Besides I don't want to make my posts too long anymore.
I used the same play order as the main game.
Akechi > Watson > Holmes > Jack > Lupin > Grand After.

The most noticeable change is the art for CG's, they used the Oyayubi hime artist
instead of the original artist who worked on the PSP game, then there's Watson's new sprite
maybe the old file went corrupt so the current artist had to redraw it but now it looks ... different.
They also changed a few voice actors but I can't hear the difference that much
so they did try to sound like the originals.
 Can't say I'm happy with that, but it cannot be helped.

My summary is pretty shit as always but either way enjoy the memes.
 Spoilers after da jump.



Akechi after story.
Akechi, Kobayashi and Emily arrive in the eastern country known as glorious nippon(Japan).
However its not as glorious after all, sigh if only the rest of the route was as good as the beginning.
Oh well this is off to a great start, rofl.
Well Akechi and Kobayashi give her a grand tour, explain some of the countries history...
Well not much else going on in the beginning.
We have a shipper on the deck, too bad Akechi lashes out at him for it... hidoi yo!
Oh boy, some female friend of Akechi and Kobayashi doesn't like Emily
is hanging around them at first,  but once Emily introduces herself she's all like
 what a beautiful proper lady, goes on about how she would make a purrfect bride.
Cue shenanigans.
When they arrive at their destination  suddenly there's some work
 for Akechi and Kobayashi's help with a case, Emily has to stay behind for
even tho Akechi told em she's also his assistant, but they're like lol nope she's staying here.
Ah and so it begins, here I thought there would be no more cockblocking.
While Akechi and Kobayashi are gone Emily gets send to a room in mansion and even attends a party...
Days pass without Emily seeing Akechi, le deep sigh.
Emily can't bear the loneliness and says she's gonna go out and go to them, there you go gurl!
Ofcourse they cockblock her at first but Emily waits for her chance but just as
Emily is about to make a run for the exit this guy appears to cockblock her.
Out of the way mr cockblock.
He calls her a Gaijin and tells her he won't let her go outside becuz she is NOT japanese.
 Emily protests but she's just talking to a cockblock wall who only tells her to go back to her room.
 Meanwhile Akechi is trying to see her but he is also getting cockblocked from seeing Emily.
Akechi has had enough makes an angry face and keeps trying but the guard is like lol nope GTFO.
Mr cockblock comes outside and tells the guard to behave cuz he was out of line.
Oh so mr cockblock can be nice afterall?
Sigh... Kobayashi also shows up after a heartbroken Akechi walks away into the distance. 
Kobayashi and Akechi come up with a brilliant plan to get into tonights party....
But Kobayashi has to crossdress as a girl, the girl from earlier on even helps them out, wow.
This is the best thing so far, rofl.
 So the plan is in motion, sigh Akechi has to go to these lengths just for some raburabu time.
Emily is still in never gonna give up mode, the guard says that she might be able to see him
at tonights party.
 Emily gets all excited, so she goes and dress up into a pretty kimono/yukata.
Then she sees Akechi and a girl but she doesn't recognize that the girl is Kobayashi so
 Emily starts to angst that the girl is his girlfriend, lmao WTF.
Suddenly Akechi calls out to her but some guard tells Emily its time to leave, she begs the guard
 to wait just a little longer but he drags her off meanwhile Akechi tries just as hard just to get to her.
 Sigh... this is just sad.
 So here we are out in the cold and Akechi couldn't get some time alone with Emily.
They come up with a last resort...  and so Akechi is at her window Lupin-style.
I seriously have had it with this route, they should just runaway get on a boat and go back to england.
But no its not time for that yet.
You got nothing to apologize for Akechi.
Their reunion didn't last long cuz some guard notices and blows his cockblock wistle.
Akechi tells her he will surely come back but Emily is like NO I AM COMING WITH YOU NOW.
So they run away together having the entire police force on their asses cuz Emily is a Gaijin
and no they aren't allowed to run around glorious nippon freely, roflmao.
They run into a still crossdressed Kobayashi and Emily is like nice to meet you!
Emily is like EEEEEEEEEEEEH?! Kobayashi why are you dressed as a girl, lol.
And so their little escape continues... having to sneak around cuz the police is everywhere.
Luckily not everyone in glorious nippon is an ass, so when they pass a store, Emily
is like oh the food looks delicious and the owner gives them some rice balls.
So they later sit down under the starry sky and eat them, Emily says that so far it all that has happened feels like a dream, Akechi reassures her and tells her he'll love her more than anyting in the world.
They make out under the starry sky and just then the police arrives, Emily tries to explain
and clear Akechi's name but they be rude and try to take Emily back to that stuffy mansion.
Just then mr cockblock appears and tries to explain that what they do is for the good of nippon.
He then continues to lecture Akechi to not be a fool, etc whatever they seperate once more.
So later Emily goes back ON A SHIP to england, Pendleton asks her how her trip was, Emily
replies that it was wonderful.(I'm like please how was that wonderful?) Pendleton sees right through though.
He askes her why she is on the ship thats going back to england, emily tells him that its because 
she believes in Akechi and that its the right thing to do.(you bet it is.)
Emily starts crying, because he isn't coming to see her take off.
Then suddenly Akechi pops up and tells her to dry those tears cuz he's right there
and that he's coming back with her to england! oh and Kobayashi is coming too.
There was a flashback with Akechi talking to his master... blah blah blah 
he can't teach him anything anymore, Akechi being thankful and thats why he was almost too late.
D'awww its the perfect ending to a shitty after story.
Man... I don't know anymore but was it crap, realistic crap because of dat racism glad they
took that nice boat back to england in the end, I know that Akechi said in the main game
 that going to japan wouldn't be all sunshine and rainbows... but still I didn't
think it would be this bad, the whole racism cockblocking thing went too far in my opnion.
The cute scenes didn't live up to the crap Emily and Akechi had to suffer through.
Oh well, whatever I didn't expect more cockblocking but I got it anyway.
Still I think this after story was actually slightly better than the next disaster...
Le deep sigh...

Watson's after story.
After the cockblock disaster that was Akechi's after I went into this not knowing what to expect.
So one day at night Emily is walking through a graveyard...
Well now this starts out nice, I mean what?
Emily gets attacked by something and Watson comes to the rescue... turns out everyone else is there too.
Hahaha...Kobayashi please this isn't funny.
Watson be like, don't scare mai waifu!
 Turns out this is all sensei's fault since he said there was something eerie at the graveyard at night.
So now we have an episode of Emily chasing after some ghost story.
Pendleton says Watson has become like a dog and refers to him as wan-chan.
Lmao... seriously what the fuck?
Emily is in full denial and says he's not a fricking dog but her lover and gets embarassed.
 Emily reads the paper and sees something of interest, she goes to out to some place
 Moran used to be at, some old lady in the alley offers her a flower for cheap.
Watson steps in and the lady finds out Emily is his girlfriend and still offers the flower, lol.
Watson got no choice but to accept it, le sigh.
Watson also gets mad at Emily for pursuing Moran related things he's
angsting about how Emily got hurt in the main game and that scar oh well.
Emily and Watson go look together for clues, Kobayashi has to help Holmes, cuz, Wan-chan is with Emily, lol.
They end up finding some secret hideout, Watson says to stay close as they go in...

They over hear some shady shit and Emily freaks out,.
Suddenly the hooded guys disappear magically on themselves, lol.
Watson notes that they should report this magical disappearance to Holmes...
Emily finds some crystal nearby which she picks up and suddenly Emily flips out
 as she starts to remember some gross shit and faints.
She also starts recalling events & hearing weird shit like chosen one wtf bbq idk what is this crap.. 
Watson is overjoyed when she comes back to reality and the police have also arrived, lol.
Emily and Watson go to the park AT NIGHT and it gets awkward.
Both of them are apologizing and yeah... watson blames himself for what just happened and
Emily brushes it off and Watson be like gurl don't joke with me and gets super sweet.
 Emily says she's gonna cry, he says Emily is cute even if she cries.
Emily be like Watson don't look at me right now, he finally can't bear to see her like that anymore
so he kisses her and they fall down.
Watson tells her he's gonna grow stronger for her. 
Yeah thanks you said that in the main game as well and look what happened, lol.
 They make out all night till the sun comes up and Watson be like Pendleton must be mad.
Watson also finally gives those flowers to Emily he got way back, lmao.
I'm like bro how big are your pockets?!
 They want to stay like that forever but they gotta go back, Holmes be like 
wtf are you doing at this hour watson? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Holmes uses his great deduction and Watson freaks out, lol.
Cue shenanigans
 Watson eventually shows his sketch of the hooded magicians
and Holmes be like wtf bbq OH! ... well you're as bad at art as always.
At Emily's side, Pendleton be like gurl you're finally home where were you?!
So he scolds her and well Emily also got a cold from making out in the park all night.
So Watson comes over since he's worried about her cold and brought her more flowers.
Pendleton compliments him on the flowers, better than those other flowers.
Emily tells Pendleton to gtfo of the room, he naturally does so but he doesn't like it, lol.

Okay first things first, it was okay cuz they made our really good
 but that magician shit was stupid, like...
 Okay I am not sure if I should be happy or sad, I mean the humor was there at times
but that one thing just WHAT WAS THE POINT?!
The only good thing was that they make out real good and some of the humor, rofl.
Karin I am sure you could've delivered in some other way, this just didn't do it.
 Besides Watson's ending in the main game was perfect, why just why had you go and ruin it?
 Karin thanks for creating s nice plot and for not explain said plot properly, I'm sure I did pay
attention but all Holmes did was laugh it off so whatever.
Unless they get into that in the inevitable sequel, but I doubt that..
Anyway I am done, next.
(Sh)Erlock Holmes's after story.
After the last two after stories, I didn't expect anything good anymore....
Okay so well this starts out rather lewd...they're basically about to do the thing, rofl.
Holmes: Emily I won't let you go now..!
 Emily is nervous because Watson could come in any minute... but
Holmes is like who cares let's just do it now, lmao.
Suddenly Hudson knocks on the door but Holmes doesn't give a single fuck and
tells her to write a note and come back tomorrow, lol.
They make out really good, hurr durr cue, couch creaking.
Fun times be over quickly though cuz Watson is coming, Holmes quickly goes to meet him
 before he can even set a foot inside the room, rofl.
Watson teases him cause his lewd censor is tingling, Holmes denies everything though.
Watson takes Emily home, because its late he asks if the mouse incident just now was real,
Emily be like yes uh ofcourse, lol Holmes should work on his lies.
When they arrive Watson notes that Emily looks happy making her even more flustered.
When Watson gets back, they get a case about a bomb threat that will take place
 during a stage about Tsubaki-hime, oh boy another one of those.
So the next morning they get on it ASAP, cuz this is obviously bad news.
The next day at school Emily notices that Holmes got something on his mind but he
tells her that its HIS PROBLEM and she shouldn't be worried about it.
 When Emily gets home Pendleton notices she isn't her usual self so he asks if anything
happened but Emily brushes it off cuz its not important.
Pendleton manages to cheer her up though and makes some tea, after he returns with the tea
he askes her about holmes, cuz he thinks something is up.
She lies that nothing is up and Pendleton seems pleased with the answer but
still suspects that something is up and Emily keeps denying, lol.
 Pendleton tells Emily that Holmes is probably busy with a case, she asks where how he knows
and shows her the newspaper, she notes that she recognizes that play.
So apparently the next day Emily catched a cold, so she can't come to school.
After school Sara confronts Holmes cuz she knows whats up.
Akechi and Kobayashi vist Emily but Pendleton won't allow them to see her, they
give him the notes from today's class and leave, Kobayashi wonders if something is up with
 with Emily and Homes, he even says he will go after her but pendleton scares him off.
Akechi notes that Kobayashi dug his own grave when he asked for his help, anyway they leave lol.
Meanwhile Emily goes to the play to find some clues to help Holmes aka she was not sick.
To know ones suprise she meets Holmes at the location and says Emily is a fool for acting on her own.
Watson tells em to stop bickering cuz time is ticking, he fills in the both of them
and as turns out turns out Moriarty is behind the bomb threat.
Ah Holmes's deduction is perfect, how does he do that?
They hurry to the place of where the bomb is supposed to be...
ticktockticktockticktock, the bomb is tied to a mouse... yeah what?!
 This is animal abuse, even if its a rat lmao.
Well there is always...
We just need to catch it first.
Have no fear Watson is here, he's the perfect man for the job atleast according to holmes.
Anyway watson manages to paralyze the rat with some gun or whatever.
Well all is well that ends well because Watson and Holmes are the best team.
Watson teases Holmes that he's moe but Holmes immediately tells him to shut up, lol.
Anyway Watson leaves to leave the two of them alone, creating an awkward situation.
Just as Emily says she'll leave Holmes goes in for the kill... saying he wants her to stay a bit longer.
They make out, he tells Emily not to cry and make out some more.
They both confess their feelings once again and Holmes tells her he won't let her go this time.
They make out real good once more, cue creaking bed.
 They totally do it this time.
After a long night, morning comes and well... just a little longer he says wwww.
They need to get up and about soon but ofcourse cuz they were busy all nigh
t Holmes is tired as hell and falls asleep again, lol.
 Watson comes in and yells waking up poor Holmes, Emily comes in saying from now on she will
help them out from now on. Holmes is shocked and blurts out that she was in bed wth him www.
Holmes says stuff like does Pendleton know about this? Emily says who the
fuck is Pendleton? I can decide for myself what I want to do!
Yare yare...
Thanks Karin, thank you this is called an after story with a decent icha icha and PLOT.
Clap clap.
This was what Holmes needed, like seriously, Holmes is just a lewd beast.
I got nothing to add cuz it was actually decent this time, lol.
Holmes is just suffering from SEXUAL FRUSTRATION because Pendleton is not 
letting Holmes and Emily be together more often cuz of what happen in the actual route.

Jack Millers after story.
Well it starts with a dream in which Emily continues to work on helping making
east end a better place with Jack and Pendleton at her side.
Jack is still as moe as ever.
However she is in fact sleeping in class, oh the embarrassment, lol.
Watson and Holmes can't wake her up so they call in Jack and she wakes up immediately.
After school Emily has some delicious tea and treats at home.
Pendleton, doesn't approve of Jack yet lol.
They go over their plans to build a school in the east end, which isn't going to be easy.
Pendleton brings up marriage but Emily got no idea about that yet but he wants
her to think about it anyway, sigh Pendleton bullies Jack saying he trusts him to protect her.
Jack get flustered, says he has other things to do and leaves, lol.
Emily gets in a bad mood, cuz Jack refused just now...
The next day the topic of marriage comes up and her friends, they're suprised and
Lupin says that she'll surely find someone soon.
Jack is pissed for some reason when Watson asks if he's OK with it.
Jack replies he doesn't care(ofcourse he does).
Watson tells him he'll regret saying that for sure, but Jack just looks the other way and says nothing.
On their way home when they're alone Jack approaches Emily, saying he forgot something.
Emily says she'll go back with him but Jack tells her to wait right here.
When he gets back they immediately go home and Emily and Jack have an awkward conversation.
Jack tells her he just wants Emily to be happy, Emily makes a scary face and tells Jack he loves him.
Jack continues to be like I'm just your slave, my opinion doesn't matter, Emily slaps for that.
Emily gets mad and says to stop that attitude of his, he just casually replies have you cooled down?
Emily looks down and says she doesn't know.
Alicia one of the maids ask if Emily got into a fight with jack, Emily denies and
says Alicia she looks great today, she also asks if Alicia has a boyfriend or someone she likes.
Alicia replies she doesn't and lives for this household, Emily tells her she shouldn't
give up and that Alicia is pretty so she will surely find someone one day.
Alicia tells Emily to keep a secret, that she once liked a boy named Wallace in JR high.
Just looking at him made her happy, Emily tells her she should definitely go for it.
Alicia asks her once more to keep it a secret and Emily replies that her lips are sealed.
 The next day, they go visit a rich noblewoman and Emily and his named ハ ーウツ ド
(lol, how to romanize they say it like Haute or whatever) or whatever spend some time together.
He hopes to be of help to Emily in some way as he says its admirable what she's trying to do.
Emily thinks he's a good person but for some reason she has a bad feeling.
He says he'll await her favorable reply on the subject of marriage.
Emily is like, Uh... but he tells her not to rush it and Emily thanks him before leaving.
 Not much progress with Jack when she comes home untill he comes to her room.
Emily askes him if he's mad, Jack asks how its going and Emily replies
that she might be going to marry him, Jack askes if she is really going to reply and
Emily replies that she won't, which make Jack happy so happy he hugs her really tight.
 Jack's been holding back his feelings all this time but he just can't anymore...
he apologizes to Emily for saying stuff like I want you to be happy don't worry about me.
Emily gets mad for Jack holding back his feels and tells him to be more honest FFS, cuz
it been hard on her too, so he finally says that he loves her too and doesn't want to be just a servant.
Jack was afraid that he would hurt Emily if he didn't hold back cuz he's a servant now.
Emily apologizes as well, for slapping him and being inconsiderate and that she forgives him.
 Jack tells her to stop crying and when Emily says why aren't you crying he says it almost happened
when he heard she might get married, Emily tells him once more that she won't marry anyone
and that she'll take care of the household by herself, Jack says that he will also try his best.
Suddenly Jack gives Emily a ring and proposes to her.
Emily wonders if this was the thing Jack forget at school but Jack brushes it off.
Jack asks on which finger the ring is supposed to go, Emily helps him out, wwww.
She asks if it looks good and he replies that it doesn't look half bad but
that it might be on the wrong finger, Emily says it won't matter though.
 Suddenly Emily notices something is missing in her room and asks
if someone was in here but Jack doesn't know so she asks Alicia but she doesn't know either.
Suddenly Jack tells Alicia to take care of Emily because he has to go since he senses something wrong.
Turns out its someone who looks like an older Wallace, Alicia's friend from Jr high...
 he's trying to sell it off the buyer says it isn't worth anything and sends him off but
Wallace is begging him to buy it.Jack arrives and tells Wallace to give it back to him now while putting a knife to his throat.
Jack cuts him and returns to Emily who still searches for it, who was worried about Jack s
ince he left all of a sudden, he asks if she found it already but Emily
couldn't find it, so he says to look into the closet and she does which is where it was.
 She wonders why it was there though since its not the usual spot.
Emily realizes Jack was the one who put it there and thanks him.
She doesn't know he hurt Wallace in the process though.
Jack tells her to be careful next time.
 Suddenly Pendleton comes in and that he awaits her reply on whom she will marry.
Emily hesitates but says she has no intention of continueing that debate.
Pendleton be like why?!  ハ ーウツ ド is a wonderful man why waste this chance?
Emily agrees that he's wonderful but says why won't you marry then?
Pendleton says its not like that, Emily says that the man is not a bad person and
that she has no intention of marrying him so she asks him to call of the arrangement.
Pendleton be like is this really okay? and Emily replies that she doesn't care what happens.
Pendleton says its not a good decision, but that it can't be helped.
Jack asks if Emily is fine with it now that she won't marry anyone and that their relationship is not an easy one.
Emily says its all good because she got this beautiful ring from Jack.
Jack says that woman can sure be strong willed... and that he's glad.
The next day Jack wakes up sleeping beauty who has trouble waking up again.
Emily wonders when exactly she fell asleep but...
Anyway he tells her to get up cuz they will be late for school otherwise.
Jack mentions the case of Wallace to Alicia, he talked with Emily about it too and that
he handed Wallace over to the yard for his acts of thievery.
At school Emily's friends mention that noblewomans son and that somethings up.
Emily will try and find out but Jack's against it cuz he doesn't want him in the 
same room as Emily, Sara points out that Jack's just jealous, lol.
Jack denies it ofcourse saying that he's just worried.
They also ask about Emily's marriage but she just says it ain't happening besides its too early.
 Sara askes about that ring on her finger, Emily says its a secret and none of her business
 which makes jack blush as bright as a tomato just then class is about to start.
When Emily gets back home the rich noble woman is there and tells her she will
support her cause and fund the school project, Emily asks why but she says its fine.
This was all thanks to Pendleton but he won't tell Emily since she's too young but will when she's older, lol.
Holmes and Watson come to get Jack and Emily will patiently wait till he's back.
Yeah... it was.
I don't know why but for some reason Jack's part is longer... lol.
I didn't even go into it that detailed, why.
Okay I gotta be honest, I expected something like this but I didn't expect it to be so dramatic.
Well I can't say I liked it but it wasn't bad, so yeah their life goes on and its a complicated one.
My one problem with this route is that its hard to see the future Jack and Emily have, which
is important, his proposal to Emily ws bittersweet and I liked it but certain aspects of this 
after story make it hard for me to actually like it, which is sad because I love Jack.
This and Akechi's route are the only ones that lacked some good raburabu moments... which is kinda sad. 
Oh well, next up is Lupin.
Lupin's after story.
Lupin delivers as always and this once again is one of the most otome stories.
Mein gott....
It starts out with Emily hearing of some item that's on some auction which
is important to the whitely family, at school she is still wondering about it
and then megane!lupin comes in being as clumsy as ever.
Emily goes on about some reports and Emily agrees to help him, so
when they're finally alone, Emily say why did you lie?
Lupin: How did you know I was lying? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Turns out Lupin just wanted to be alone with the one he loves. ♥
 Lupin, apologizes and switches to phantom thief mode.
Forgive me pls....
He offers her some beautiful roses as a present yet she refuses so
he mentions that auction Emily was eyeing, Emily goes like huh you knew?
 Emily is like what are you planning? Lupin then waves around some keys to the auction place.
Emily makes a serious face and you're up to no good right? what if they notice its missing?
Lupin you're a bad boy return it nao!
Lupin be like, Hmm? why I am just going to return it to its rightful owner, which is you Emily.
Emily doesn't like it so she tries to reason with Lupin, Lupin saying that he's
 a phantom thief after all and it it would be a waste if he couldn't be of use to her.
Emily still wants to get it through legal ways, but Lupin is the people who buy those things
are die hard collectors and will pay any price, refuse and who knows in which hands it'll fall.
Besides Emily is like when the time comes she'll think of something and Emily doesn't want Lupin to get caught.
 So Lupin says if thats her wish then he won't do anything so he'll put up with it for now.
But Lupin has one request for Emily, that he wants to kiss those precious lips of hers.
Emily be like no not here you baka! but he can't resist so he kisses her anyways, lol.
やめる... エロ眼鏡
Just then the bell rings, sometime later Emily goes visit the man who holds the auction, ALONE.
Not even Pendleton came with her... the fuck is this? 
She looks around till she find the silverware, Emily recognizes it almost immediately.
But he's asking an insane price for it, blegh and it was going so well.
Suddenly Hakushaku-san has to leave and Emily gets knocked out...
Pendleton and Alicia worry about her since they haven't heard anything in a while.
Pendleton notes the lord who held the auction was actually rather suspicious but he suddenly kills the thought, hmm I wonder why? Meanwhile Emily gets tied up she wants answers but the man refuses to give any and tells her to shut up, she doesn't so he hits her.
Hakushaku-san comes in with a smirk on his face, they make her suffer some more ie hit her.
He says that he will get those keys back, oh boy Lupin what have you done...
Emily remembers Lupin's words and maybe she should've taken his offer back then.
She mutters to herself that she wants to see him...
Meanwhile Lupin is well aware of the situations and breaks the promise he made with her earlier
and he's coming to get Emily and her valued item back.
  Pendleton also shows up and stops Lupin before he can do anything, they
both realize their objective is the same and team up for the night.
Pendleton creates a ruckus so Lupin can get Emily, Hakushaku-san gets itchy when
one of his underlings report the situation to him but it turns out, Lupin was cosplaying as that underling.
 Hakushaku-san pulls his gun and Lupin gets his cards because its time to D-D-Duel!
 Lupin calls the man a fool, he threatens him cuz it would be troublesome if the yard would
come pay Hakushaku-san a visit and when they do Hakushaku's little scam is coming to light.
He begs Lupin to stop, Lupin gives him a few choices they aren't nice though cuz Lupin is
pissed because hakushaku-san got Emily and tried to trick her.
Lupin knocks Hakushaku-san out and asks how long Pendleton was standing there.
Pendleton's been there for awhile and leaves it up to Lupin to save Emily.
Pendleton also notes that our dear Hakushaku Brice was involved with spellbound.
Emily wakes up and Lupin arrives to save her.
He asks her again if there is anything he can do and its actually obvious what she wants.
They get out Lupin is really glad Emily is alright and kisses her not once but twice.
He tells her he doesn't want her to leave his side right now and asks her to close her yes again.
Which she does, when they arrived she is allowed to open them and they're in
the most luxurius hotel suite, lol maybe I shouldn't ask but 何これ?
Emily doesn't believe him and thinks its some trick or something, lol.
Lupin be like okay lets just lie down over there, because he sees she's tired.
Lupin asks her if she's eat some of the food, because why not? 
she wonders if Lupin going to eat some as well... but he says its fun to watch her instead.
After dinner Emily asks who the people in one of the painting are, he replies that its his mom
and that some of the paintings are of his home country france, also that his mom's 
home was burned down and no matter how hard he searches he can almost find no trace of her.
Her mother was also beautiful, and well if you know what happen in the main game you know what happen but Lupin admits its just an old tale, her mother isn't coming back.
He's a phantom thief and all but even he can get scared sometimes.
Emily can't take it anymore so she embraces him, she thanks him for coming for her back then.
She apologizes for putting him through that, Lupin tells her its alright he's willing to fulfill any of her wishes.
Well Lupin goes in for the kill and pushes her down on the bed, lol.
He notices that she had a few bruises on her and wants to see them.
Emily be like you wut mate, eeeeeh? and tells her she's fine but Lupin
tells her he will take any pain she has away, he apologizes but he just wants to check b4 its too late.
She lets him see her bruises she got from hakushaku brice-san when she was locked up.
Emily be like I am not embarrassed or anything since he like already saw me naked once, lol.
Lupin gives her a towel/blanket, cuz he knows she's embarrassed, mein gott he's so sweet.
He figures Hakushaku Brice was behind the abuse, also he's being so gentle considerate.
It stings when he's disinfecting the wounds so he tells her to stop acting like a cat 
and gently touches her lips with his hand, and kisses her back.
She calls out his name and he feels relieved and wonders why...
Suddenly he ends going into lewd mode and wants to hear it more, so he pushes her down
and asks if she'll love him forever and ever.
Emily replies that she does, that he's really kind but that at times he's a liar but
he found her and that she's really come to love Lupin, so she says with all her heart
that she loves Lupin forever and only him, no one else.
Lupin thanks her, he once again says he loves her and more than anyone else and
that his heart belongs to Emily now, he kisses her.
When she wakes up she's back in her own bed at home and she finds one of Lupin's cards nearby.
Meanwhile Papa Lupin is suprised, that his son has found his one true love and complaines that it
wasn't as hot as what Papa Lupin had with his mom.
Lupin comments that he doesn't want to hear that and that he shouldn't complain lmao.
Papa Lupin be saying he will take Emily to france, Lupin is like HELL NO and don't say her name
 you're being hella gross besides she's mine, Papa Lupin is detecting jealousy and
Lupin is like oh for fucks sake, get out.
Meanwhile Emily is a confused little kitty as she doesn't know how she got back, lol.
She even thinks it might be a dream... Pendleton comes in and tells her not to worry about anything.
Pendleton notices the card and quickly prepares to throw it away, lol.
Emily is like no stop, its mine! Pendleton be like is it that precious to you? and gives it back.
He tells Emily to rest for school, speaking of school Lupin sended her a case and 
in it is a rose,a card and the precious memorial, card expresses his feelings to Emily.
I mean the bias for Lupin was already bad enough in the first game, but now?
 ITS EVEN WORSE, okay it may seem like I don't like it but
I really do like Lupin, Karin's bias aside I really do, its just SO UNFAIR that THE
 I'm sorry but I just had to get that off my chest
Well this route was the best, it tops Holmes because he's just a lewd dog compared to Lupin, imho.
Okay maybe that is wrong... anyway the bias is real, Lupin really is the OTP its
hard not to think so while he has the best route and after story.
Comparing Lupin after story to Watson or Akechi's and I'm like STOP... you can't
because thats like comparing a cake to a pile of poop.
I honestly still dislike how Lupin's and Holmes after stories are the only good ones the 
plot and romance was just SO GOOD in both... I'm literally in tears.
Time to dry those tears because its time for the finale.
Grand After.
This is the continuation of the truth route.
So it starts with Emily and friends attending a party held by the queen.
Emily is kind of out of it but then Edward Moriarty waltz in like a boss and
grabs Emily's hand for a dance in front of Emily's man harem, lmao.
Yoooooooooosh, I didn't expect this but I got something I secretly wanted.
He's acts like a troll, but then Mycroft comes in and tells him to back the fuck off, lol.
He's as uptight as ever scolds her for hanging out with holmes or whatever but
Emily is like what the hell do you know, you weren't around.
Mycroft asks her what she is doing here and forces the answer out of her.
Just then Emily wakes up...
Emily recalls the events from the truth route, she's like Professor Moriarty is the worst
and apparently she got sick one time and wasn't able to go to school like always, she feels useless.
Sensei is tired of kids getting the common cold, so he gives everyone some herb tea.
Watson notices Emily is out today as well, Holmes scold's him for worrying about her
when he should be focusing on his studies, Watson counters that holmes has been dry recently
due to lack of vitamin Emily but Holmes tells Watson to shut the fuck up, lmao.
Kobayashi, also mentions he's worried and apparently Jack and Lupin are out as well.
Class ends, Holmes storms off Kobayashi asks if Watson will come see Emily but
Watson can't cuz he has to go on gay adventures with Holmes.
Akechi walks off as well acting as if he's not interested and Kobayashi follows, lol.
Holmes and Watson are working as hard as ever investigating spellbound once more
Hudson comes in with to supply em with tea, even asks about Emily but Holmes remains silent
on that, one so Watson has to say she's still out cold just after Hudson leaves someone knocks on the door.
The scene then switches to Akechi and Kobayashi who are also hard at work
Honestly not much is happening right now.
They all end up gathering that night to visit Emily, cue Pendleton to cockblock them.
Holmes has had enough cuz of his lack of vitamin Emily and he wants to see her now.
In fact someone is targeting Emily, Emily is stuck in her room and she can smell the smoke, she
 gets scared cuz it just like what happen in the past, she blacks out and has a flashback of the past.
In it her parents get killed and the house burns Pendleton also vows to protect her as he escapes with her.
Back to reality, Emily's house is on fire, she doesn't want to die but blacks out again and
when she wakes up she is surounded by everyone, Emily thanks Holmes in person cuz it all thanks to him.
So now the question is where will Emily go now that her house is gone?
Emily thanks everyone again for being there the next day Mycroft finally makes his appearance.
He offers him a job but Holmes refuses, cuz he has no interest in leaving england.
Holmes leaves cuz he doesn't want to look at Mycroft any longer than needed.
Mycroft says Holmes is a fool, for not taking him serious.
Meanwhile Jack is locked up and getting whipped?! KARIN WHY?!
Apparently he's being held by spellbound... but he stays strong because of Emily.
Scene switches to Lupin, he was in all sorts of places but he's glad he's back in london and gets nostalgic.
Edward Moriarty sneaks up on Lupin while doing the moonwalk and raises his fingah saying not so fast boy.
Lupin be like who the hell are you, but Edward replies that he should already know that.
Edward trolls him some more but says he isn't his enemy so Lupin should chill.
Lupin points out that he can very well decide on his own who is his friend or enemy.
Lupin refuses his offers and walks off into the sunset.
So Pendleton is taking a shower starts to thinks about everything that just happened.
He wants Emily to be happy and that he wants her to decide for herself but...
That it might lead to more despair, Pendleton wouldn't mind dying if it can help in anyway.
He wonders why he is filled with such uncertaincy.
Meanwhile Emily is doing fine she has tea time and sweets with hudson, everyone else
except lupin and jack.
Holmes notes that to have everyone here must mean that she has something important to say.
Emily says that she will drop out of harlington, that its too dangerous to live a normal life.
Due to what recently happened and about how she hasn't been able to do much after all this time.
Kobayashi asks what she is going to do next, Emily plans to go away with Pendleton.
Watson also comments that he wants to be stronger and that school here isn't doing it for him.
Holmes tells her he might leave as well, sth about fighting spellbound mycroft also mentioned
and as Holmes is right now he can never stand a chance, so he also has to go out to learn more.
Kobayashi be like wtf you guys are you going to war? Akechi is like please
they just want to go out and learn what can't be learned in england just like
how Akechi and Kobayashi came to england for and that they can't lose now.
Hudson is getting sad since everyone is going to leave soon...
Emily promises that they all will come back one day that they're going to
obtain more knowledge elsewhere because at this point they can't match up to spellbound.
This encourages Hudson to become a proper lady(in many ways) herself, lol.
They all make a promise that in two years they'll reunite again.
So they all end up splitting up and better themselves so they can stand up to spellbound.
 Emily says that she won't forget the precious memories she has gained and
 the precious bonds with everyone she has made so far.

Enjoyment rank of the after stories:
Lupin and Holmes > Jack > Akechi >Watson.
I won't rank Grand After since I don't like the cliffhanger, so I'm going to ignore it for now.
Clearly, Watson is the worst, in a way Akechi was okay but at the same time it wasn't. 
 Holmes and Lupin are the best and Jack's well... I am neutral about it really.
Like okay well that's they end of the adventures of Emily in london for now.
I don't know what Karin is planning to do with Eikoku Tantei Mysteria but this was
 such a poor cliffhanger to a true end, no cliffhangers in general are bad.
All they did was create even more questions than answers, lol.
Honestly I don't like this, look what they did to Jack?! also they introduced this
Mycroft and we got more trolling from Edward Moriarty but...
Eikoku Tantei mysteria was a fun, I really liked the main game, the blatant bias for Lupin
in both his route and after story is actually annoying but well I can't help it but still like him.
Can't say its one of the best otomege ever since only Lupin's route was the most otome, lol.
This otomege is still great but yeah like I mentioned this new cliffhanger is bad...
I could rage on about it forever but I will just say one thing, I want to know what happens next!
I think the overall scenario is poor in general, its really unfinished when I think about it...
well Karin I give you one chance and hope you won't screw up the sequel and end the saga properly.
I don't know if my JP is shit or sth cuz I get the feeling some things are not explained well.
Oh well I can't recommend this port if you already played the PSP version
because imo the main game had the best ending, sometimes there are just things better left alone.
Maybe if you absolutely love mysteria and you are content with 2+ hour after stories which will only unlock after clearing the characters respective route then yeah go for it, lol.
 After stories are nice but do you really want more cockblocking with Akechi? or more fuckery with Watson?
You know what... the after stories were fine but... I feel that for some of them don't mean much.

Anyway I am out for now till the sequel comes out, ciao.
Which did not... well Karin-ent thank you very much for making me excited after your new
 true end after story that teases a non-existent probably to be a sequel, what a disappointment.


  1. Karin really going in the lets all split up for two years, so we can gain more knowledge to take down spellbound since we are no good as is?
    Also loved the fact the heroine admitted how useless she is, lol.
    Still excited for the sequel though even tho there was no need for one, I wonder if they'll still be biased for Lupin, lol.

    1. I was quite satisfied with the original truth ending even though it has some loose ends which they get on in the grand after but that's more like a teaser for what is to come.
      I got my fair share of issues with Eikoku, first off is the blatant bias for Lupin which makes him the most otome and best route in the whole game, atleast they tried with Holmes after story but the rest of the guys get the short end of the stick, lol. This game is called Eikoku Tantei MYSTERIA, Karin really tried but the mystery part of the game can be quite disappointing, as in most routes the truth Emily is pursuing flies out of the fucking window in favor of an ending with the guy. Like okay we got some of that who done it stuff common route but in the end some cases are nothing more than filler, oh and Emily got her truth, its just that Prof.Moriarty got away, I guess when I look back some of the routes were interesting and all but yeah dat bias for Lupin.
      Guess we will just need to wait and see... >_>

    2. You have a few good points, well I have no interests in buying this port as of now, I'm just gonna wait till the sequel comes out, stole your teaser btw and uploaded it on yt.

    3. Well thanks for your comments, how long will it stay up though? wwww
      never bothered uploading it to yt myself just directly to blogger.