Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Suuran Digit Review

Game: [Suran Digit].
Genre: Otome game Visual Novel.
Developer/Publisher: Otomate
Platform: PS Vita.
Release date: 2016-10-20

Suuran digit, its basically a modern wafuu(old japanese style) otome game.
School settings usually put me off but this seemed interesting enough to give it a shot.
Sadly I think not many are interested in it or better put they were but Collar x Malice
and Yuukyuu no Tierblade took all the hype so this otomege went under the rader
well its sorta good it did because it wasn't that amazing or anything
it could've been much better, sure heroine can fight but she's lazy as f**k
and she only really puts effort into it like twice or so.

As much as I love the OP for some reason the full version isn't as good to me, this
is totally normal that the full ver doesn't live up to the TV/Game version.

 For play order I recommend startng with Takagi, this is due to his pacifistic deadpan personality
which can make for a boring route because of his I won't fight or protect you for that matter, lol.
Also for the love of Kuro do Yuuhi's route last since his route has the most spoilers of all
so basically you'll end up with this going from least to most spoilers.
For Meguru its really best to do him ASAP to save what likeability is left in him... 
Takagi > Meguru > Keitarou > Mitsu > Ousuke > Yuuhi.

Most if not all charcters was likeable.
- Diverse seiyuu cast(A few popular but not the usual bunch)
- Art and BGM.

- Short and not enough choices, tbh it feels like mobile game at times.
- Meguru, you are either gonna love or hate him...
- At first it doesn't feel like an otome game.
- copypasta

The prologue, chapter one and two is just the introduction.
Too bad there isn't a lot of choices... and not much happens in the prologue + chapter 1/2
to the point its a long prologue and you'll skip over it everytime since nothing new.
In chapter 3 you get to choose between the rich kids aka the student council
or the poor kids(lol not really) which are part of a club called Suuken.
The common route isn't that long and the routes aren't either, in the first few hours
suran digit doesn't feel like an otome game which is fine the only character that
actively pursues Hiroka is Ousuke but Hiroka will have none of his advances in other routes.
Other than that the system is nothing to write home about, standard VN stuff.

Each route takes about 5 hours to clear(give or take)
If you're fluent japanese and a fast reader maybe even shorter.

Sadly there is copy pasta, some general scenes during the route are almost identical to others
and in some parts exactly the same but the game classify it as new so haha no read skipping.
The best example is the sports festival but good thing is depending who you go for some things
are different like who's side you're on but still it can get annoying some share the same event.

I liked the heroine's personality in general and her lazing around. lol
Also she isn't afraid of picking fights with people! Too bad they made her so unstable
now we have a both cool and lazy heroine at the same time!
But... when I really think about it this is good because no one is perfect and one
who is confident/courageous should be allowed to be overwhelmed and show weakness
but yeah what is consistency! surely there was another way...

The CG scenes are pretty short, they're like how to put it? Fleeting moments.
This is fine with me but a little more dialogue would've been better.
The general scenes are also quick to the point, there isn't any TL;DR but its wasteful.

Overall I wouldn't say its a bad, sure you'll skip like 1/2 hours of common stuff
on 2nd+ play but thats bound to happen, some of the routes are less exciting than others
and speaking of romance in some routes there is not enough of it, the sweet scenes
are too short for me to appreciate them and the ending esp Takagi's makes me wish for more
and I am glad the short stories delivered for once but other than that meh, just the beginning.
As much as I like a diverse cast of characters and their interactions in the case of Suuran Digit its
really a curse rather than a blessing because the first half of the route is a drag in most route
 except all of the routes in the student council arc(Ousuke,Keitarou and Yuuhi)

Is my final verdict, its not outright terrible but it leaves much to be desired.
My personal experience made it a lot better than it may seem but its not that good.
The original score was higher but before the end of the year I decided to look over
 what I played and reduced it by two points because it really wasn't all that great
nor did it leave a memorable impression on me, imho you're better of spending
 your money on Collar x Malice or Yuukyuu no Tierblade if you haven't already
that's not to say Suuran is that bad but... yeah its just doesn't stand out much.

Stop reading hear if you do not want any spoilers, I still avoid mentioning the big topics
and you now my digest are shit and full of my own thoughts sometimes.
 Digest of prologue/chapter 1 (not detailed).
 Prologue, the heroine Hiroka stands up for Yuuhi who is being bullied by Tomoe
and awakens to her power, she's number zero which shouldn't exist anymore.
Tomoe finds this interesting and now that she is one of them she is given a sword.
 Tomoe challenges her, the heroine runs away at first but Tomoe reassures she won't die.
Mitsu jumps in since its not fair to challenge a girl who barely knows about things around here, lol.
In Chapter 1 Mitsu takes the time to explain everything to our heroine and she gets
introduced to everyone yeah zzzz not worth mentioning.
Chapter two wasn't particularly worth mentioning other than Hiroka having a Kendo match with
a certain person who turns out to be Ousuke, I guess this is where he took an interest in her.
After all that and more Hiroka is forced to join either the student council or suuken.

Rokuhirata Takagi
CV: Okitsu Kazuyuki.
 Number 6 he's part of Suuken, Takagi is a pacifist also shy and doesn't speak when not necessary.
His lines are mostly one liners or .... and always speaks with a soft tone. <3
Despite that he's actually quite caring when need be.
I was actually interested in this guy from the beginning... and was disappointed.
Anyway there's actually a good reason of why he doesn't want to fight.
Takagi dropped a hint early one which let our heroine to assume various things of why he said that
which was pretty hilarious, anyway the reason why he looks so depressed/sad all the time
is because he killed a dear friend way back when so he swore never to fight again.
Takagi also saves our heroine when she was being harassed by Ousuke's fangirl mob
who obviously got the wrong idea about their relationship. >_>
I wish Hiroka had more courage there and I do not know why she didn't show em who is boss...
I suppose its to potray that sometimes you need help... and Hiroka got it.
One day Tomoe challenges Takagi, he refuses to fight as per usual
so Hiroka stands up for him since Tomoe is being pushy and she fights him instead.
This time she doesn't try to run away and defeats Tomoe.
Later at night on the school grounds Takagi prepares some dango for Hiroka as a thank you
which was super sweet of him, I d'awwed at that part.
So far I have taken a liking to Takagi, he's such a sweet and gentle person.
The sports festival was interesting to see and they all had a group picknick during lunch time.
Some day later they also had a contest, Yuuhi chickened out(lol) and sadly Ousuke beat Hiroka.
In the end Takagi decides to protect the person important to him, which is none other than Hiroka
and goes to give Meguru the ass kicking he deserves, lol.
In the tragic end, the shrine is ablaze and they both burn to death which was sorta sad...
 but didn't really move me.
 Overall I really liked Takagi as a character, I could relate to him a bit but not entirely.
Dunno but his route still felt lacking to me, it makes sense to recommend to do it first
because it was very much about Takagi and his issues of why he's so quiet etc.
I liked how he slowly opened up to Hiroka, it showed their bond was growing but that's it.
The scenes with him were on the short side, anyway if you love the quiet types you'll definitely like Takagi.
Too bad the ending only felt more like a beginning for Hiroka and Takagi's relationship...
 not and ending like it should be which only makes me want more, still glad the Short Story exists
which atleast gave us a little something of an conclusion but still not much.
I still think Takagi had a decent route, because I really liked the development
even if his motivation were a bit cringe-worthy in the end.
Sadly I agree that he didn't leave much of an impression on me despite that, as time went on I start to
forget, I even voted for him on the poll but alas this guy is dead last even the heroine outshines him.😓
Romance ★★☆☆☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆
Kurori Meguru
CV: Morita Masakazu.
Number 9, part of the student council, he's cruel and kisses up to Ousuke's lovely ass.
Ousuke's is the only one who can put him in his place lol.
Yep you guessed it Meguru is a shit lord who likes to look down on people.
To get on his route you must choose to go with Suuken and defy his order to come to the council.
Awww yeah! let's defy Meguru! too bad this pisses him off and makes Hirako apologize by hurting her.
So if you're a doM Meguru should be your jam...  meanwhile for me this guy
really manages to piss me off especially after the shit he caused last route.
*Wait was that really his work? it makes sense for him to cause shit tho...*
Meguru sets the stage in which Hiroka has to fight Mei and if Hiroka loses
she has to leave Suuken and join the student council. >_>
Hiroka still manages to win but Mei says that the next time she'll win.
Nothing important happens untill Mei faces off with Keitarou and when she almost loses
Ann jumps in to fight in her stead, while this was awesome and all the twins still lose.
I liked the little focus on them but it only makes me wish they had an actual route!
Anyway sport festival happens and well this happens in every route
depending on who you go for there are some changes but overall its the same scenario.
Meguru notes that Hiroka must be quite the doM... which only made me wanna punch him.
At lunch Meguru's maid and butlers show up to give his meals to him.... Yep Meguru's a spoiled brat!
Some days later Hirako spots a sleeping Meguru in the council room...
and this is where she fell for him since he looks so innocent when he's asleep, lol.
Later Hiroka and Meguru have another fight and well Hiroka loses...
so she's gonna practice fighting with ousuke at the kendo dojo. >_>
Ousuke notes that Meguru is not necessarily a bad person but doesn't know what goes on in his head.
Later Meguru asks Hiroka to follow him and attacks her with a pocket knife in the infirmary
because if she won't fight he may as well kill her right there luckily number seven, Keitarou
comes in to stop him and Ousuke follows him. <_<
When they asks wy he did that its cuz Hiroka's a dangerous existance...
 Ousuke asks Meguru why he doesn't trust in him and drags him off.
Sometime later Hiroka spots Meguru and his dad and sees him apologize to him.
He got his entire well being all thanks to Ousuke and to Meguru Ousuke means everything to him
but now he's gone and ruined it so for a change of pace she tells him to come to suuken
 since he's not alone because Hiroka cares about him.
 Shenanigans ensues and as initiation rite they go on a ghost hunt which was quite hilarious.
They end up spending way more time together but not before long cuz
some thugs attack members of Suuken and then Meguru shows up to teach em a lesson
and ask who put them up to it which was none other than the council.
 In the end he fights Ousuke to settle things for good since he's strayed from his path.
The battle already started and Hirako and the other suuken members make their way
to that shrine and everyone fights each other, since Hirako is the last one left
she fights Ousuke in Meguru's place since he couldn't beat Ousuke.
Hirako gets 1 shotted by Ousuke since she's so slow andwell Meguru makes a run for Ousuke
and gets a critical hit in the process but is taken care of.
In his tragic end, Hiroka sacrifices herself and leaves Meguru all alone, making him very sad.
So yeah overall this route was terrible to me? Meguru is an asshole for over half of the route
and by the time  he stops acting like that its almost too little too late for me to care
not to mention in others route he is back to being an ass hat. -__-
 I know that he's not a bad person but I felt that they forced the romance after that one event.
I couldn't feel the romantic development at all and they went for
 the oh the feels in the end when he only just changed for the better.
I mean he's an asshole in everyones route even his own, he becomes nice in the end
of his own route but that's no excuse for his overall actions nor is his past, so imo one should do
 this route ASAP  to save whatever likeability is left in him, you know shit's bad when
you didn't even understand why Hiroka really fell for him.😞
Granted the ending in general made me go like Meguru pls don't ever do that again so I guess
 it wasn't that bad? Oh well... whatever I'm sure there are people who like him more just not me.
 I feel like you're gonna love or hate this guy which is totally fine.
 Congrats Meguru... you're apparently very loved in japan since he's no,1 in the chara poll
the illustration even shows he's like WTF man?! why me? and I am like same.
Romance ★☆☆☆☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆

Shichihara Keitarou
CV: Maeno Tomoaki.
Number 7, part of the student council, he's friendly and kind to everyone.
After what happened last route, I have to do him next even tho I think
his kindness is creepy as in i'm worried how he'll turn out but part of it feels genuine.
He also has a younger brother and a sister who he cares for a lot.
Honestly not much happens early on his route and like in every route the sports festival happens.
The lunch CG scene was the same as Takagi's route, Keitarou makes all em girls jelly when
he grabs onto Hiroka during the second half of the festival, lmao.
So yeah one day some girl gets attacked by someone and Keitarou, Mitsu and Hiroka
try to find the culprit so now the whole route turns into a who done it sort of thing, lol.
The culprit gets compared to Jack the ripper and keeps on making more victims...
That doesn't mean they can't relax and eat icecream because
sometimes you need to take your mind of it!
Hirako gets scared but Keitarou tells her to stay calm and reassures her that they'll catch him.
But as it turns out the culprit is none other than Keitarou himself, Hirako freaks out at this and
he tells her its all just a game to him a fun past time and that it can't be helped he wants to hurt people.
They end up fighting, Hirako beats Keitarou and he notes how great it feels to be punished. (oh joy)
Because of his luck everything was handed to him and he was glad she found out though.
Keitarou did it all cuz he's bored AF cuz of his super good luck and wanted some ~excitement~.
MOREOVER WHY IS IT ALWAYS THE NICE GUYS?! Why can't I relax for a moment?!
Tbh he's not a bad guy he's just really creepy and well I still like him for some reason
even after knowing he was the culprit all along, which I somehow expected cuz who else?
But ofcourse humans don't change that easily, Keitarou is still twisted and so he fights
 the heroine again and well... Hirako somehow wins in a dangerous situation.
Time passes and soon the competition ends, Hirako talks to Ousuke's father and some of the truth
(not even all of it) is a bit hard to take in so she visits Keitarou who sees she's tired
and let's her sleep in his bed when she wakes up he hears what she has to say.
After that Keitarou expresses his feelings for her, he wants to make
Hiroka happy and also wants her to only look at him...
He even tells her they should elope and escape this shitty competition cuz fuck fate or whatever.
 After some talk with others the competition comes to a quiet close and
Hirako transfers out and well they end up living together.
There was more to it but I don't want this to become an essay...
Oh and in his tragic end, Keitarou disappears for Hirako's sake...
 this is like the opposite of Meguru's tragic end, don't remember anything else. 
What can I say but that this route in general was okay?
the conclusion to the competition wasn't the best but who am I to complain
I've been longing for a well balanced route and I got it so screw the rest.
Sure Keitarou was pretty twisted but the heroine really saved it for me.
Also finally there is an ending in the game that felt satisfying even if it didn't roll up everything.
While I really like Keitarou some bits irked me about him... which gradually lowered my enjoyment.
Keitarou is a nice guy that hides his twisted personaity from everyone... because
everything always goes his way due to good luck but imo he isn't that bad.
 Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★★☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

Nitou Mitsu
CV: Nishiyama Koutarou.
Number 2 and Founder of Suuken.
Mitsu wants to be number one and has a strong rivalry towards Ousuke.
Oh and he will get jelly if you choose the student council over suuken... -_-
Mitsu is a good kid, when Hiroka went to the student council like Meguru ordered her to
Meguru was about to hit her but Mitsu showed up and told him he shouldn't hit a lady.
Oh and Mitsu really sees himself as a knight in shining armor and stuff...
Please don't bully him for this...
 Coincidently they end up doing some play where all the girls are princess and the guys princes.
Mitsu and Hiroka end up falling asleep when working on costumes and wake up when its night.
Too bad we never see the actual play?
Some time later after the sports event, Mitsu takes Hiroka to a secret spot that turns out to be his
brothers grave which has something to do with the hate Rihoko has for men.
 Later we hear the real story from Rihoko on how she was betrayed by Mitsu's brother.
Hiroka helps Mitsu with getting to understand Rihoko and his brother's last wish.
Truth is, Rihoko had a crush on him and they where so in love but she isn't
supposed to love someone and she grew to hate men and thats the gist of it.
 Rihako and Keitarou face off but Keitarou ends the battle prematurely leading
to Rihoko facing off agains Hirako later and realizing her true feelings for Koji
as Hiroka manages to beat Rihoko.
Mitsu shows Rihoko to his secret place and explains how he wanted
 to tell her how much his brother loved her and stuff.
BTW I liked the focus on Rihoko... its better than giving side characters no development at all.
Afterwards Mitsu thanks Hiroka for helping him let his brother reach Rihoko at last.
Later Tomoe harasses Hiroka and forces her to come out of her cozy room.
 He wanted to know about Rihoko and gets all cute while doing so and they go to the infirmary.
So now he tells her of how he had to hide on the roof when Rihoko was there and he used
this girly voice to fool her and Rihoko told her story to him... he even saw her cry.
So when he finishes talking the heroine has the nerve to mention the girly voice part
and makes fun of Tomoe, of course he is angered by it and well Mitsu comes in
and sees them together and things they're dating like in one of those shoujo mangas, lmao.
Later they're all gonna launch fireworks and then An comes up with the rumor of
Tomoe and Hirako dating and Mitsu comes in to deny it and he lights a sparkle with Hirako.
 Too bad An goes and ruin a perfectly romantic scene and does something
dangerous with the fireworks and Mitsu chases him like a madman lmao.
Later Tomoe drags Hirako out of  a conversation with Meguru like a good boy
and they'll  talk over lunch. (which route am I on?)
He asks if she can help him get through to Rihoko and Hirako suddenly asks if
he loves Rihoko and he goes all tsun but says he likes her smiling face...
Oh boy he loves her afterall!
 Hiroka gives him advice on how to approach Rihoko the first time its a nice approach but it fails...
 The second he tries to give her cookies... but it fails.
So for the 3rd time Hirako tries to get Takagi to help... but a rumor spreading like wildfire, lmao.
Mitsu hears the rumor that Hiroka and Tomoe may be dating and well Hiroka has to explain
the situation to Mitsu and well he decides to help even tho its a pain in the butt.
Then suddenly Mitsu goes MIA for a bit and Hirako tries to find out why.
And it seems that Muraki has been hiding the real truth from Hirako all along.
Major spoilers aside, Mitsu realizes he doesn't want to fight for himself anymore
and vows to fight for Hiroka's sake and wants to protect her.
Hiroka ends up telling the truth to Ousuke and gives her the benefit of doubt but 
that cunt Meguru wants to shut her up since he thinks she's lying.
Naturally Mitsu comes to her rescue once again and kicks Meguru's ass
and after that its Ousuke's turn to receive a whooping, Ousuke confronts his dad
and well all is well that ends well btw the love end was super cute but in
the tragic end Mitsu loses... and he tells Hiroka to leave the whole mess to him
and decides that he's above the law and murders the leader of the Ichizono family 
all so Hiroka can be happy... man oh man did that leave a bad taste in my mouth!
Lmao surprise yandere bad end... yeah maybe he was one all along but it just didn't show much.
Either way....
 The whole deal with Rihoko and Tomoe wasn't touched up untill their short story but yes
he confesses his feelings to her and they do end up together(sorta) which made me really happy.
-For some reason I got the feeling this route was longer... maybe it was the content?
The first half was all light and stuff but then the spoilers hit like a truck...
Overall I really liked it though but I can't really see Mitsu and Hirako romantically...
Mitsu is precious but due to how the route played out I can't see him as anyone but a dear friend.
Also Godai toMOE was committing illegal acts of cute which at first made me wish he had a route
but seriously though Tomoe and Rihoko belong together... end of discussion.
All because Rihoko did let Tomoe see her heart even if he was pretending to be a girl.
This route was beyond great it cracked me up so much it easily is the most fun route thus far.
 Romance ★★☆☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

Ichizono Ousuke.
CV: Kouji Yusa.
Number 1, He's the student council president, a rich kid and good at everything which
makes him extremely prideful and obnoxious.
If you were join Suuken, Ousuke says he really want Hiroka to join the council
 instead and even stalks her which was really annoying and in other route
 he even orders Meguru to get Hiroka to get her to come to the council need be.
Not the mention he also has an annoying fanclub of girls who all want him. >_>
The rumors about Ousuke and Hirako start pretty quickly ofcourse the fangirls and Meguru don't like this.
Anyway Ousuke is always wanting to spend time with Hirako and actively pursues her around the
school whenever he can and Hirako's friend mentions that it must be love really early in the route.
 Mitsu and Ousuke fight but of course our megane won't lose so easily, one day Hiroka's friend
encourages her to go along with Ousuke when he asked her to eat lunch with him
since he's not a bad person or anything and Hiroka should give Ousuke a chance.
Anyway after the sport festival Ousuke expresses his feelings to Hiroka because
 he likes her a lot and the way this route plays out its obvious he's the canon boy.
 Sadly Ousuke's feelings is kind of one sided right now...
He even gets the wrong idea when he sees Meguru and Hiroka together and
even tho Meguru denies being interested in her Ousuke wants to fight him.
Since he's numbah one he obviously won, later he wants to see Hiroka after she got
injured in a kendo match and even goes to the girl's dorm which only
 makes the fangirls scream their heart out but he tries again later at night.
Later Hiroka tries the opposite by going to his room and well Keitarou notices
but not to worry he's on her side... meanwhile Mitsu can't believe it.
Well they go out for a late night stroll and well they are now officially actually dating
The news spreads like wildfire and well Meguru is pissed since
he obviously wants Ousuke for himself, ahahaha. 
Of course it doesn't go smoothly since they had a small hiccup or better put missunderstanding
Murasaki sees her all depressed and ends up telling her the truth.
 She ends up telling Ousuke, now that she learned the truth and understands how much he's been suffering.
When Ousuke's calmed down he tells her that he knew the truth all along for a while.
And how Ousuke has to protect the family lineage just because of what his father says.
So Hiroka decides to fight Ousuke to settle things, Ousuke agrees since
he wants to atone for his families sin and because loves her.
After Hiroka beats Ousuke his dad shows up cuz he can't let his son stain the record
and is out to kill Hiroka because spoilers, Ousuke won't have any of it and fights his father.
He defeats him and tells the truth about the whole contest was a coverup.
Anyway all is well that ends well, Ousuke takes responsibility for everything.
In the tragic end, as Ousuke's father tries to kill Hiroka Ousuke jumps in between
to take the hit instead making his father regret his actions. :(
You know what? I am not even mad this game is biased towards Ousuke.
 However I am sad that most of the other routes get the short end of the stick.
Seriously Ousuke's route + Keitarou's had it all... but I got the feeling Ousuke was basically
forcing his love on Hirako at first while she wasn't ready nor knew all that much about him
and the fact he's a bit too ideal? don't get me wrong I still like him but that bothers me.
Also I am sorry for not mentioning the big spoilers, I feel like i've written enough.
Oh well Ousuke's route was well rounded, I guess it shouldn't disappoint.
 Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★★☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆
Shikata Yuuhi.
CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa.
Number 4, he's a coward, pessimist cuz of bad luck and often gets bullied by Tomoe.
 Yuuhi is really cute though! his lack of courage is part of his charm.
To get on his route you need to join the student council, so one day
Hiroka notices some scarring on Yuuhi and she figures he's still getting bullied
so she goes around asking who dun it, Tomoe and Meguru apparently have an alibi.
Even asking random students she finds out nothing so she follows him
and sees him taking care of a black cat and those scarring on his body are from the cat.
  So we watch Yuuhi being a clutz at taking care of cats... this route is really cute so far.
Untill Meguru notes that Hirako has been skipping out on student council work...
Later Meguru finds out about the black cat and tries to put all the blame on Hiroka. >_>
They have to get rid of it now since cats are not allowed on campus.
They decide to wait and the next day its gone anyway...
 Meguru is the one who did it and Hiroka can't stand the cunt anymore and starts a fight with him.
When Yuuhi gets back with Kuro he notes how pathetic he is
and that he should've been the one to kick Meguru's ass.
 Hiroka manages to pull some strings to make them keep the cat though.
However now Hiroka is swamped with work and one day Yuuhi ends up
helping her till in the evening and tells her how interested he is in ghost and stuff, lol.
Later Yuuhi gets pulled into some mess Tomoe causes and they both have to join Rihoko's team
at the sport festival.
He's not good at sports but if he can reach the goal first for Hiroka's sake he will train hard.
 In the end he doesn't win but they all appreciate his effort.
One day Yuuhi tells Hiroka how much he appreciates all that she done and sometime later the got
ghostbusting together, Yuuhi is super amazed by the stuff but Hiroka trips and well...
he ends up carrying Hiroka back to her room like a true gentleman.
 Okay not much happening other than Tomoe challenging Yuuhi and him losing...
 Yuuhi wants to be stronger and be more manly mostly for Hiroka's sake.
The two of them go into the events of what happened in the past, related to Hiroka's parents
they meet Kuro and Murasaki in the lobby, he says he found the cat and took it with him.
Some incident seem to have happened... the council wonders who it may be.
When Yuuhi and Hiroka are walking down the stairs some dude bumps into them
and Hiroka thumbles down... thankfully Ousuke catches her and the tho dudes apologize.
Yuuhi does as well since he was too slow to grab her hand...
The culprit still hasn't been caught but Meguru mentions he may be among the council members.
So they all decide to keep watch on each other and Yuuhi points out it may just be
all of those who are competing in the competition.
When they're alone Yuuhi  asks who would win Suuken or the council, obviously it'd be
 the council and Yuuhi says he'll grow even stronger then and also confesses his feelings to Hirako.
Later Hirako has a friendly sparring match with Ousuke and he wonders if she thinks the culprit was
him then suddenly Meguru comes in dragging in Yuuhi who was watching them, Ousuke s
ays he'll neither run nor hide if Hirako or anyone else for that matter came after him.
Hirako has to fight Ousuke but just as they're about to Meguru is called away.
When Ousuke is about to win, Yuuhi comes out of nowhere and stabs him from behind.
Ousuke ko's and Yuuhi won't listen to anyone but himself and is now on a revenge quest against Ichizono family.
 Yuuhi becomes the next student council president now and there is actually a good reason for Yuuhi's
behavior now since he is possessed by the his anchestor who 300 years ago
 had everything stolen away from him by Ichizono.
Hirako goes into  the shrine and hears the truth from the ancestor who was
the previous owner of reisaki's sword and promises to set things right for Yuuhi's sake since
 they don't want their descendant to be hateful of what happened in the past or whatever.
They end up fighting since she can't get through to him, Yuuhi is about to win
but Mitsu and Mei come in to help Hiroka, Yuuhi turns back to normal when Hiroka
tells him its not needed to do all that and stuff, all's well that ends well.
In the tragic end, she doesn't do anything to stop Yuuhi and goes along with him
and he tells her the truth of what happened to her parents and puts her on the path of revenge.
While I really really like Yuuhi, since he's so cute and his feelings for Hirako are genuine
but he partly does feel like a lil bro to me you just wanna protect, not a romantic interest.
I feel sorry for the kid, he doesn't wanna be bullied... and his desire to be stronger
is probably something anyone who was bullied can relate to.
I don't agree with his means and I can't go into it without spoiling the big details but
 people like Yuuhi are super fragile and that might have something to do with it I guess
when almost the same shit as in the past was about to happen, he just wanted to protect her.
Still I am pretty conflicted about Yuuhi, as much as I liked him the end of the route
(tragic end included)scared me more than Keitarou's route ever did. >_>
Still it wasn't totally Yuuhi's fault though... its stupid curse atleast thats what I'd like to think. T_T
 Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★★☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆
Other Characters *they do not have routes*
Godai Tomoe
CV Takahashi Naozumi.
Number 5, he's a tough guy and often bullies the weak.
I suppose many people wish this guy had a route but there is a good reason he doesn't have one.

Sanga Rihoko.
CV: Yukino Satsuki.
 Number 3, which is associated with love but she's also a misandrist.
She's a love lady though! even though she hates men she supports the heroine when she needs it.

Hachizawa An and Mei
CV:  Amasaki Kouhei (An), Uchiyama Yumi (Mei).
Number 8, they're twins and An always slacks off and makes his sister Mei do the work
they only have a little short side story its not worth it to go into really
IIRC for Mei(right) she likes shoujo manga and that she'd like to be a little closer as friends.
For Ann it felt like he was messing around and I was like come back in a few years. >_>

  Route ranking.
Yuuhi & Ousuke > Keitarou > Mitsu >Takagi > Meguru.
The route I least liked was obviously Meguru IDEK why she fell for this asshole.
Takagi was a precious cinnamon roll who did nothing wrong and I liked the way he slowly opened up
but other than that it nothing particularly stood out. :(
 Keitarou as twisted as he is has a balanced route and his happy end was satisfying.
Mitsu's route was really fun and he even had a super cute ending
but I still can't really see Mitsu and Hiroka romantically.
Ousuke had a more romance oriented route and also the truth
was covered in detail unlike only part of it like in Mitsu's route so yes I liked it.
 Sadly even if Yuuhi took a turn for the worst at the end of his route I still enjoyed it somewhat.

Fav Character.
Takagi > Yuuhi / Keitarou > Ousuke > Mitsu > Mei > Rihoko & Tomoe  > An > Meguru.

 Final Thoughts
  I don't know but I really really liked most parts of this game and it did some things
you usually do not see in an otome game, yes I am pointing at Rihoko and Tomoe.
But it is of course not perfect and I think my review in general is too lenient
because when I look back it was hella average.
The otome game is very short the scenario is a little shallow and it has
some nice ideas/world view and all that jazz but doesn't use them to its full potential
atleast the character interactions are fun but that can't save the whole thing.
I thought the heroine would be more badass and we'd have awesome fights but it didn't happen much.
The route are ok, some nice moments but it doesn't have much weight some are more
boring than others, not much memorable and it ends when stuff gets good romance wise.
Also if you do not follow a specific play order you could spoil the entire game for yourself
since there are no locked routes, I highly recommend to use the same play order I used because
every route has spoilers in some form, they're mostly character spoilers however some route
such as Mitsu,Ousuke and Yuuhi is better saved for later because of some actual story spoilers.
I have some problems with the way the game is presented but its not bad, one point being that
there's barely any choices in the common route that make you interact with the guys
not to mention the copy pasta of general scenes thankfully there's not a whole lot of those.
A lot of routes just feel weird once you get to Ousuke since the interaction between him and the heroine just feels natural but a bit forced? since they sorta make it obvious he's the main route of the game.
Plus the early hours in most route except Ousuke and Keitarou do not feel like an otome game at all.
Though I like that they actually had girls around and they weren't annoying except for some spriteless fangirls.
The seiyuu all did an amazing job though, except for whoever voiced those fangirls
because whenever they screamed they made my ears hurt!
The first half of the character route for most guys is slow before it picks up and
the scenario in general esp early on was hard to follow untill you atleast finish one route...
There is a considerable amount of time that passes which is all well and good
but there is no calender which only makes things confusing, sigh...otomate y u do this?!
I liked most of the characters(including side) so that a good point
they're are all likeable in some way and I liked whatever interaction they had.
The only real problem is the heroine, one moment she's cool and full of confidence
and in another she tries to run away from a fight she's in and a snorlax in general.
I get that it could be overwhelming but what is consistency?
The route in general is too short and for some guys it ends with the is that it feeling?
 Or better put their relationship is only beginning...Yes I am looking at you Meguru and Takagi.
Thankfully everyone has an after story/short story which was really necessary
so now even if it doesn't gets a follow up I wouldn't be sad since mai husbando did get his kiss cg.
Then again I don't need one since this game was badly presented, more fluff would be nice
but honestly otomate should work on Variable Barricade instead of FD's for mediocre works.
It felt like half of the scenario/plot related to the tournament was wasted...
they didn't really think it through like was it really gonna matter who won?! I think not.

Characters ★★★★☆
Art  ★★★★★(No complaints.)
Scenario/plot. ★★☆☆☆(Not that bad I guess... but half of it is wasted.)
Music★★★☆☆ (Nothing special, OP is good... short version atleast.)
System  ★★★★☆ (Comfy...)
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆  
Do I recommend this game? a little but its not a must buy since its pretty forgettable.
Do you like modern style wafuu/japanese style otome games in general and do not mind
it being not that great, just a short otome game with your fav seiyuu's and pretty art?
Then by all means go for it! some of those tragic ends sure are sad but some good ends left much to be desired...
Its also good if you are in the mood for a short game in general but I do not recommend this full price.

Also trust me there are better otomege out there than this...
I don't want to be that person so feel free to decide for yourself
if you see it on a sale then by all means go for it.

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  1. I'll probably will never play this game but its nice to see respectable
    female sidee characters in otome games.