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Geten no Hana with Yume Akari Aizouban review (1)

 Game: [Geten no Hana with Yume Akari Aizouban].
Genre: Otome game Visual Novel.
Developer/Publisher: Ruby Party / Koei Tecmo
Platform: PS Vita.
Release date: 2016-09-08

Note that this review is for the original game, since both are included in this port.
I will  have to make a separate post for the sequel when I get to it one day as I am not
going to play both games right after the other since its unlikely i'm going to appreciate it
and I do not wish to make the same mistake as with Juuza engi 1+2 in which most of
the first games route/endings were better than its sequel to me.

 So this is the third Koei otome game I played, this one is set during the classic sengoku period.
Our heroine Hotaru is a ninja who is sent to infiltrate Nobunaga's castle, due to circumstance ends up
working for Mitsuhide and under his orders Hotaru disguises herself as Kikyou his sister.
 Will Hotaru's heart sway for one of the seven handsome samurai's including Nobunaga himself?
Only time will tell...
 As for play order I had no idea who to go for first so I ended up going for the one guy
 who interested me the most first, since I figured I may as well enjoy myself the first time.
 Mitsuhide > Momoji > Nobuyuki > Hashiba > Ranmaru > Ieyashu > Nobunaga > grand finale.
There is no recommended order, just that Momoji and Nobuyuki unlock 2nd+ play.
 As for recommending you an order, I think you should be fine with doing whatever
 Feel free to forge your own playorder based on this information below though!
Mitsuhide's route was nicely balanced and I think its best to do him first because
all of the routes I did afterwards with the exception of Momoji ended up being more enjoyable.
Doing Momoji second is actually a good thing since not only you learn more
about Hotaru and his past, plus his route is sorta a drag compared to the rest.
Also good for farming flowers due to all the training you have to do...
Nobuyuki had the more ''serious'' route which helps to understand him more
which might be good for midway through. Hashiba's route was just fun all around!
Ran's high in moe content, Ieyashu  was really sweet with some light drama.
Nobunaga was also more serious and perfect for  last because of the way it was concluded
which was even better than grandfinale.

- Story.
- Heroine; princess by day, shinobi by night.
- Strong cast of characters.
- Choice of seiyuu.
- Art, very unique style.
- BGM, OK fits the mood some of the ED theme songs are A++.

- Short.
 - Random choices to raise doubt/affection.
- Skip a thon, 2nd+ play.
- Every chara's tsumi endings are copy pasta, just with a different flavor of sprinkled cheese on top.

Geten no Hana is different from most Koei's games while its obv not a straight-forward 
visual novel it has no real annoying gameplay mechanics compared to other koei games
which could bother you from enjoying a good read.
If that's what's stopping you from getting into this please set your prejudice aside.

 Here's what the actual gameplay entails:
-  Interact with the guy on a daily basis to get affection for his next event, while
 also trying to achieve the mission Mitsuhide gives you, the game is short
so there's limited time but just enough to do one characters events.
- Fight, select the right buttons within the time limit, you gain flowers 
while training which increases affection when given to the guy.
- Its easy to play without a guide however some choices could prevent you from getting the guys next
flag event or lead to an abrupt game over, I still recommend a guide for a comfortable playthrough.

Seriously the above is not as annoying as it may sound so please do give it a shot.
There's even a demo available for the first game on JP PSN so if you still have doubts go try it.
Geten no Hana is not a straigh-forward visual novel, if endless screens of text 
test your patience koei's otomege are perfect for you.
 TL;DR end.
From the start the guys are all very likeable and they fit into their historical selfs well but still
its an otome game so some adjustments have to be made mmmkay? The story
 was surprisingly well written and easy to follow despite being old timey
also there's furigana so its easy to understand kanji for important terms.

I must say I like the heroine Hotaru a lot, she is combat capable but is a bit dense 
regarding romance but it all makes sense considering her upbringing.
Hotaru is awesome but has her moments of doubt and being insecure because
she's still a girl after all but I wish she had more courage in certain route/ending.
I rather have a proactive heroine like Hotaru who kicks ass than a meek heroine
where the guys are literally all over her like in most otome.
Its sad that badass otome game heroines come in extremely small shipments.
Unfortunately the romance in some routes was more obvious than others, hmm how to put it?
This game wants you to pay attention to the characters words and actions more than anything.
If its not obvious that doesn't mean its not there at all, the route that was the hardest
to grasp any sort of romance for me was Momoji's all the others were easy to understand.
  System wise its pretty much like Harukanaru 6 just without rpg aspect.
 You have the guys side events and/or romantic moments during the main story and the
 character story is at the end which slightly change the events and ending of the game.
Everything else is mostly the same every play just the outcomes are different
due to whom you for which keeps things fresh even if the general story is the same. 
You got missions which usually include having to shapeshift into a maid, bird, samurai or a frog.
 I really liked the scenes you could get if you turn into a frog only for Ieyashu to notice it
and take it back to the pond, it was word the failed attempt for the reaction alone, lol.
 In between your missions you can visit the guys and talk with them, the conversation topic
are random some may raise or lower affection, you don't want the latter since
you need affection to trigger event flags and you need all of a character event flags
to get their best endings, if you want their normal end simply abort by chapter 3/4.
 Talk topics include their past, favorite food... and other things plenty of interesting facts to learn.
This is much better than Angelique Retour were the topics were kept even simplier.

Battles include having to select the right buttons in time, its nothing too difficult
but it is easy to mess up sometimes since you are on the clock(there's a timer).
There are a lot of bad ends like for failing a mission, though only a few are recorded
in the scene recollection, IIRC max doubt? and failing plot battles isn't recorded.

For guides momokan,otome-girly and Halfadder are good but they all are for the PSP version
so they lack the info on how to get the newly added sinful flower endings made for this port.
That is why I highly recommended you Syrup26's guide as its perfect.
Choro has done gods work by putting up a glossary check list, with these two you are all set!
I really do not recommended playing this without a guide due to shear amount of bad ends
from certain choices in scenes, basically aborts the whole cutscene, granted a quick save will help
but sooner or later it would drive me crazy not knowing which leads to an abrupt bad end. (눈_눈)
 I recommend only getting the guys events which ever one you go for that round
and don't see anyone else because you don't even have time for it, also quick saves! use them!
Seriously though due to most of the game being the same every play its better to save the unique
character events for every play you do since it just becomes more worthwhile.
There are some secret events which pairs up characters and give you a close up CG
and you'll most likely get them when going for grand finale, honestly
if it weren't for a guide I would have probably never got them since it requires
you to view various event flags of both characters during chapter 1/2.
You don't even have that much time so even getting it really puts your managment skills to the test.

 Some choices when visiting the guy are random but don't worry they're not infinitely random
so just quick save before a choice if you're unsure if its gonna lower affection or raise doubt.
 The scenes aren't long either only a few of them are so if you have short attention span
 don't worry this game like most of Koei's game is perfect for you.
Sadly this also means the game is a pain in the ass to platinum, because
this game does not give you all keywords like they're candy.
Following Syrups guide will get you everything except that, missing glossary entries?
Use Choro's masterlist to see which you missed it some of Hashiba's talks may need high affection.
Getting all cg's and scenes is easy peasy, selecting all choice in the daily conversation is not
because they're random and some only give you the keyword at high/low affection.
Okay on to another topic...
The guys do not show much interests/harass Kikyou which is good! no need for queen bee syndrome.
Okay... Hashiba does shower her with affection from the get go but there has to be one of those...
Also you'll never see Ranmaru's cute side outside of his own route, Momoji may be charming
  outside of his own route but you'll find out more about him and Hotaru's past in his route than anywhere else in his own route though he was sort of grumpy to me.
 Point is you won't find out anything about other characters in someone elses personal route
as they're very character focused on themselves as is and to be honest, this is a good thing.
Honestly while it may look the guys routes are like side events along the main road it really
isn't all that different from the average otome game because some things just won't change.
Overall Koei sure knows how to work their magic, thats for sure.
They know how to make the characters and scenes so dreamy...!
The characters also manage to fit into their historical counterparts especially Nobunaga
though for some adjustments had to made so its not completely accurate
but not like it needs to be and this game did a damn good job at trying to stay true.
No character felt like they had a route for the sake of having one and thats good!
2nd+ play like most of koei's games doesn't have the same feel but most routes still manage
and bring something new to the table as they're very character focused.
Everyone is likeable in some way and there are no yandere if you were wondering, also not
everyone get a kiss cg which is common for Koei's games to only get  or two most of the time. 
Even if there is no CG for it they do kiss, there is just no pretty picture for it...
It is sad that the characters don't get any kiss CG in their best ends. T_T
Ranmaru's tsumi end doesn't count because its not exactly something I want to remember...
Speaking of the new Tsumi no Hana endings are essentially more bad ends for some added despair
and imo they are totally unnecessary its more like a what if Hotaru betrayed Mitsuhide and everyone.
The story for it was pretty crap because the same reason is copy pasted into everyone's tsumi end.
If you already played the both psp games and think about getting this port for it and other content
I suggest to not unless you're a real fan of this series and absolutely want to support it. :)
Also me thinks the normal end and pair CG's are a ripoff... since its mostly
just their standing picture and for the pair ups its just a close up, lol.
While there isn't a canon guy there is bias present in Nobunaga's route, because
not only does none of that happen in anyone elses route it was made as clear as day he was
Hotaru's first love! I am just glad they don't shove this down your throat too much in other route
not even the grand finale, this is all good because the player is supposed to choose who they like.
Other than that Geten no Hana is a great otome game and really I recommend it!
Though I think I wrote down/repeat a bit too much...
The usual spoilers be they major or minor awaits after the jump, you've been warned.
Anyway i'm sure you've realized you can read the full summary and character background in detail at
koei wiki so I won't bother to be detailed with plot i'll only mention my fav events and drop out the rest.

Akechi Mitsuhide, age 30.
CV: Nojima Kenji.
 The mysterious one, gotta say I was charmed by Akechi from the very first scene him!
So it was only natural I did his route first and it didn't disappoint me at all.
 I also liked how his sprite would occasionally show him playing with his hair, another charm point!
He usually wants to shut the heroine up but Hotaru will have none of it, leading to hilarious scenes.
I loved the scene where Akechi fed Hotaru the Manju's, context what is it?
Akechi's smile in the CG variation was precious, all the more so when its a person who doesn't smile often!
 And when Kikyou(Hotaru) ends up pissing off some guards they try'd to pour water over her
but not to worry nii-sama mitsuhide arrived just in time to be the victim instead.
Well he got mad... cuz who dared to pour water over his precious sister? lol. 

Ah... why are the scenes so perfect in this game? it all falls so well into place.
Mitsuhide's route was sorta a master and servant relationship, Mitsuhide sure can come off as bossy
and even an asshole at times but I guess this and his good points makes him all the more charming?
The ending was good, no kiss cg for him but they did kiss it was just not shown on a prety picture
which is fine by me the scenes managed to make me seeing them kissing anyway!
While I liked this route, it just didn't hold up to the rest... which makes me glad I did him first.
Pls punish me because i'm going to be chasing after everyone next!
Every character also has this sinful flower ending which was added in the vita port.
You get it when you have 4 or more doubt for the guy of your choice.
Some old fart shinobi literallly comes crawling from under a rock and isn't mentioned
outside of this what if scenario, he brings Hotaru back to Iga or so it seems, pretty
sure he used some sort of jutsu which in one of the other tsumi ends was confirmed.
Hotaru gets a new objective to set some phoenix statue on fire...
Mitsuhide catches her in the act and imprisons her cuz she betrayed him, he lets her out
when she swears her loyalty to him this includes letting him do whatever he wants.
Kikyou is back and the maids pity the poor princess who doesn't quite appear to be the same
she enters mitsuhide's room, what mission should I give you next? he says. hmm... ಠ_ಠ
I swear nothing happened but I get the feeling the rest is up to our imagination.
 Overall Mitsuhide's sinful flower end sorta left a bad taste in my mouth.  >_>;
It sure brought up the bad side of his character and I sure wish Hotaru
had the courage to go slap him instead of being all はい, ありがとう ございます.
Honestly speaking that's not a good idea though since she got a second chance
here and if you have to act like a submissive bitch to stay alive then might as well.
In my opinion his best or even his normal end is much better, I am sure people
 are into this absolute servitude stuff but not me.
  ~Overall rating of the route~
 Plot ★★★☆☆
Romance ★★★★☆
Overall enjoyment ★★★☆☆
 Momoji Naoimitsu, age 33.
 CV:  Hiyama Nobuyuki.
 Hotaru's master/tutor, quite the ossan and he has orders from a certain someone to kill Nobunaga.
 I did his route next because I figured it might be a pain to do it later and I was right.
He doesn't have much of a route, its best to do him and Nobuyuki together so
make sure to create a timely save halfway, it saves a lot of heartache.
This is like a hidden route, Momoji doesn't have a affection page so its impossible
to see (atleast without a guide) how much doubt or event flags you currently have.
 Momoji's appearance isn't untill end of chapter 1 and his events do not fully start till chapter 3.
 He also doesn't have any fun character talk sections like the other guys...>_>
Basically train hard by cutting flowers at certain times of day and you'll find him watching...
You even get a trophy for training 30 times in a route, which Momoji's route is perfect for.
Hotaru will get nostalgic about the past and she spots him and another shinobi afterwards.
Its not before long that they actually meet in person once again but eh...  they end up fighting
he's mostly testing her skills and if you love the student x teacher thing you may like this route.
 Sadly this route was nothing more than drama of their past, Hotaru is insecure about the mission
she got from Mitsuhide(like in almost every route), her old teacher who works for the enemy sees it
and tries to help her in his own way but they don't see eye to eye and he's her enemy too... etc.
While it was interesting at some parts I didn't like this route all that much since their relationship
was mostly told in flashbacks and I just couldn't give a damn, Hotaru was just chasing after
the shadow of her teacher and friend who unfortunately isn't on her side because circumstances.
My problem mostly is I can't decide whether he's a father figure/teacher or a lover to Hotaru.
Let alone see the romantic hints... okay I get that Hotaru wanted to go back to the good times but
during the route I barely felt anything for the dude cuz he's all like muh mission.
 I'm sure people may have loved this route but not me sadly.
Due to how the route was I cannot see Momoji as anything but a father figure/teacher
 watching over Hotaru, the best ending sure was romantic in a way but it all felt so sudden. :/
If there was a route that was rushed in this game it surely was this one.
Still atleast his ending was good, Hotaru was like no u iz mine, I won't let you escape. 
It was funny and I wish the route had more scenes like that instead of Momoji being all dense and
going on about muh mission, muh friend Nobuyuki and I don't want to see Hotaru being so insecure...
All in all it was a snooze fest and Momoji was more charming outside of his route than in his own. 
The sinful flower end is more or less the same as before just parts are different depending on the
character, some shinobi brings her back to Iga, she gets new orders and she sets the statue on fire
 as ordered but still gets captured and beaten(NICE), Momoji rescue's Hotaru and they escape.
She recovers and he'll protect her from now on... and thats the gist of it.
Well to me it was better than Mitsuhide's sin ending, but whatever it didn't change my overall feelings for the guy. ( ´_ゝ`)

Also because of all the training I amassed a ton of flowers to carry over to the next round play
and apparently once you get enough you will always carry over x amount of flowers no matter how
many more playthroughs you do, so I guess its another good thing I did this route second!
 ~Overall rating of the route~
 Plot ★★☆☆☆
Romance ★☆☆☆☆
Overall enjoyment ★★☆☆☆
Oda Nobuyuki, age 23.
CV: Okamoto Hiroshi.
 Oda Nobunaga's brother, overall he's really nice and friendly but has quite a few things to hide.
 I did his route after Momoji's because I already saw some events when doing his
so I figured I'd better do it now than force myself to see his pitiful self in every route. >_>;
Honestly after Mitsuhide's route I really wanted to know what was his side of the story...
I couldn't hold out any longer so I decide to do him as soon as I could. 
 This guy holds a huge grudge towards Nobunaga... over something that happened in the past.
If you know your history you could get the hint...
Sadly his route ended up being shorter than others because I did some of his early events along with Momoji's.
All that aside overall I came to like Nobuyuki quite a bit and he had great chemistry with Hotaru!
 Nobuyuki ends up finding out that Kikyou is actually Mitsuhide's shinobi through a scene
with Nobuyuki and Mitsuhide which gave his behavior towards Hotaru somewhat of a 180!
Don't worry it actually was a nice development since we got to see a side of Nobuyuki
that is not just the overly kind little brother of Nobunaga and we finally got to hear his side of the story.
He doesn't trust anyone but his shinobi and Momoji, Kikyou(Hotaru) was lucky
 to see a side of weakness to him in the beginning, usually only Momoji does.
Of course it doesn't justify his actions in like every route in this game but eh
 the poor boy can't help himself and don't you want to help him with find happiness for once?
Momoji was also more likeable than in his own route and that made me a bit sad.
I may have done this route way too soon but honestly I doubt it would have mattered that much.
Its going to be suffering to see him the rest of the game but I am glad he found happiness. ಥ_ಥ
 Also Hotaru was so great in this route compared to the others and well she had to be
because Nobuyuki is a very... very stubborn guy I sure wanted to slap him atleast once, lol.
I rather have an imperfect guy than a guy who can do no wrong or is so ideal.
So I hope you can understand why I like Nobuyuki a lot. 
 Anyway Nobuyuki had a very well rounded route, interms of romance and story.
I loved every minute of it and the ending as a whole was satisfying.
Also I've never heard of his seiyuu before but he's A++ and his ED song is on of my faves.
His sinful flower end was sort of bad, like Mitsuhide's route Nobuyuki stops Hotaru
 from carrying out her new objective and its revealed here that shinobi just put some sort of jutsu
on her that made Hotaru believe she got new orders or whatever, anyway
 Hotaru ends up swearing her loyalty to Nobuyuki since she can't go back the scene
ended rather abruptly before it got anywhere lewd, pretty sure they did the deed
but since this is a koei game we will never see it because of their ''policy''.
''Fade to black''
 ~Overall rating of the route~
 Plot ★★★☆☆
Romance ★★★☆☆
Overall enjoyment ★★★★☆
Hashiba Hideyoshi, age 22.
CV: Morikubo Showtaro.
 The happy go lucky womanizer, he acts like an idiot but actually is quite sharp.
Its also quite easy to raise his affection anyway through a chain of events Hashiba ends up
 finding out Hotaru's identity quite early but doesn't tell anyone of this encounter since he's a good kid.
 Hashiba is very kind and supportive towards to heroine! he also has a cute otouto Ishida
who often lectures his big brother for not getting shit done while hitting on the ladies, lmao.
This route was really enjoyable to me and perhaps the most otome route thus far...
Overall it was more romantic I really didn't want the scenes with him to end but they did. ;_;
 Hashiba s also the only guy were I got max affection for, which isn't even necessary.
Partially thanks to all those flowers from the carry over bonus,
At first I thought, nah this guy isn't my type but as the route went on I really started to like him!
Same thing happened in Harukanaru6 with Tora which was another hidden gem...
 Koei did it once again and completely managed to blow my expectations away.
 Its good to have a relaxing route every once in a while esp after the last few routes
and was also very light on drama, there was some but compared to the others its like a safe spot.
There is no reason to not like Hashiba, he may not look it but he's very understanding of the situation.
 The ending? it was perfect I couldn't  have asked for something more...
His ED song was amazing as expected of Morikubo Showtaro!
In Hashiba's sinful flower ending, Hotaru successfully sets the bird statue ablaze.
Hashiba catches her before she is able to run away but Hashiba himself gets injured.
Hotaru gets locked up, gets branded as a traitor by her former master Mitsuhide for the sin she just commited.
Later some soldier at the request of Hashiba takes her to his residence, Ishida gets mad at
Hotaru for showing up and well its revealed Hashiba lost his sight in incident from before.
Hashiba wants her to become his shinobi, to see when he cannot... ಥ_ಥ
Omg omg omg NO! this tsumi ending is nothing compared to the others but I guess
atleast one of them had to go like this, Hotaru has sinned and caused someone dear
 to suffer and lose his sight in the process and now has to live by his side to see what he cannot
Hotaru's punishment is having to live with what she did it everyday. T~T
All hope isn't lost at the end some of his sight returned but it'll probably never be the same.
Hotaru still has nightmares of the day she commited her sin, Hashiba wakes her up with a timely
sneeze and tells her he pitties how she ends up and hopes one day she won't be afraid.
Man how bad can these sinful flower ends get? well the next one was ever worse.
  ~Overall rating of the route~
 Plot ★★★★☆
Romance ★★★★☆
Overall enjoyment ★★★★☆
Mori Ranmaru, age 18.
CV: Shimazaki Nobunaga.
CG was original from Hashiba's route, Ranmaru looks like what am I even doing here? lol.
 The serious and stoic one, he's cute in his own way. So when he saw Kikyou and Nobunaga
in such a ''position'' in the prologue he immediately called him out for being no good, lol.
This guy... he's serious about his job and has a surprisingly cute/moe side to him.
 He's surprisingly straight-forward in his actions but doesn't know how to handle em girls!
So Hashiba had to give him a hint or two on how to enjoy himself and the girl on a date lmao.
His favorite spot is the river side but hen he ends up taking Kikyou(Hotaru) there one day
a beast ends up ruining the date so Ranmaru ends up carrying Kikyou while escaping it.
 Ranmaru starts to realize he may have feelings for Kikyou but kills the thought for now
and is quite absent minded in meetings with Nobunaga, lol.
In another date of theres some lady on the market fuzzes about how this hair ornament that
would've look so great on princess Kikyou but Ranmaru stops her and says she looks fine as is.
I d'awwwed at this scene so much... it was so sweet.
Like Hashiba's the romance was also pretty obvious in this route the interactions were cute too!
Sadly Ranmaru is also the type to quickly get the wrong idea when he sees Kikyou and Hashiba
together one day but this is actually good since their bond will only grow from such misunderstandings.
 Anyway she ends up giving him a hair ornament she bought the other day to repay him a while back.
Sigh this route was so good and had so many great moments, too many to count so lets not.
Ranmaru is such a sweetheart and it really shows!
This one scene were they sat down by the river was so romantic and the CG simply made it perfect.
 Also the way Hotaru's identity was revealed this route was nice because the feels. T~T
Overall this route was really enjoyable and to my own surprise I ended up liking Ranmaru a whole lot
and I had no expectations for this route so maybe this helped... but he's so adorable!
 I was seriously touched by his devotion after the reveal, as the way he stood up for her
was so touching! it made my heart move... and that is a thing that doesn't happen often. T~T
This route like all the ones before it had no kiss cg and you know what? I DONT EVEN CARE.
The route was already perfect, sure a kiss cg would've been icing on the cake but at this point it
wouldn't have mattered to me cuz sometimes the most simplest thing as holding hands
can be so much joy. (´・ω・`)
Ranmaru's sinful flower end wasn't as happy... maybe in some twisted way it was.
As per usual Hotaru got fake orders from that old fart shinobi...
Ranmaru captures her after she set the statue on fire and well Nobunaga gets attacked all while
Ranmaru was busy toppling Hotaru, Mitsuhide stops Ranmaru from going to Nobunaga's side.
Ranmaru gets mad at the shinobi standing before him(He doesn't know who she is here).
Welp Hotaru gets thrown in jail and lectured by Mitsuhide like in every sinful flower ending.
Hotaru has a nightmare that she's still the false princess Kikyou in which Ranmaru passes the news
Nobunaga has passed away and ends up raging at her, if only you weren't there...
Speaking of the devil an enraged Ranmaru comes to look down on her because he now knows
the truth that Hotaru is Kikyou and forces her to transform into her just to confirm it all. >_>
Ranmaru starts crying but walks away, later he wishes it was all a bad dream.
Hotaru despaires only to find Ranmaru waiting for her the next day, they manage to get even
despite all that happened and they kiss still... Ranmaru stabs her in the chest for her sin
because he cannot let her live for taking away his master and his dream.
''Farewell false princess, I may not have known your name but I loved your words.''
Good god, the amount of pure despair and here I thought Hashiba's Tsumi end was bad...
Oh well I still like Ranmaru a whole lot and this ending if anything is so like him since he's the type
 to not let people get away with what they did and the kiss shows how much he loved 
Kikyou the false princess, in this end he never knew her real name since she never told him.
~Overall rating of the route~
 Plot ★★★★☆
Romance ★★★★★
Overall enjoyment ★★★★★
Tokugawa Ieyashu, age 19.
CV: Ono Kensho.
 That one guy... Kikyou's appearance was too much for him he needed a moment
because he's not good with woman in general cuz of something that happened in the past, lol.
Ieyashu's quite the shy one, such a cutie-pie! be still my beating heart~.
 I'm actually glad I saved his route till after Ranmaru... Ieyashu please
heal the scar Ran's tsumi end left on my kokoro, onegaishimasu. T~T
In case you haven't noticed Ieyashu is only truly at easy around animals, he even
gives a bird who incidentally is Hotaru in disguise some food and talks to it!
And before I forget! while he may not look it, Ieyashu is also quite skilled with the sword.
 Ieyashu super sensitive especially around women this all makes him really cute though!
Anyway Nobunaga has enough of his shyness around women and tells Ieyeshu to be a man instead of
constantly apologizing over nothing and that interacting with Kikyou is a good thing for him.
Ieyashu and Kikyou go on a little date to the woods to pick up herbs to make medicine.
Kikyou gets injured(just a small scar) but Ieyashu immediately wants to treat it which was really sweet of him.
Anyway he also apologizes a whole lot, since he probably thinks he's being a burden and
this makes me really sad and actually makes me want to tell him its okay. T~T
Moushiwake arimasen is essentially Ieyashu's trademark line.
As for the reason he's so sensitive around women, its because back when he was a kid
a girl was interested in him and even proposed to him but Ieyashu wasn't interested
and ended up pushing her away quite literally this all ended up traumatizing the poor boy.
After Kikyou hears all of it she ends up giving Ieyashu a few words of encouragement.
Later there was a little scene where Hotaru disguised as a buddha statue got wet from a sudden
shower of rain and Ieyashu going out of his way to shelter it like the angel he is.
Near the end of the route I sorta felt bad for having to lie to Ieyashu though
because this poor angel doesn't deserve such treatment especially after what he went through.
The scene were Hotaru revealed her identity to him was pretty heartbreaking and
it was painful seeing them part, cuz there was no need for Hotaru to act as Kikyou anymore.

This route like others before it had many great scenes and I could go into all of
them and gush about it but it would only become an unneeded mush of text.
Later there was another scene I loved, when Hotaru came to his aide at Honnoji, not only
 was Ieyashu freaking awesome here he finally realized his feelings for Hotaru
and carried Hotaru while fighting off the enemies around him like a real man.
Overall he had a good route and it also showed how much Ieyashu had matured after all that
happened which honestly was really great to see! he used to be this meek boy who could faint
at the sight of a women and would apologize over everything he may think he did wrong...
after all that Ieyashu ended up being a man who could protect his girl from harm.
Anyway when Hotaru is about to leave Azuchi, Ieyashu stops her and embraces her
since she's dear to him and that he wants to know more about the real Hotaru, not Kikyou.
In the post credit scene Hotaru ends up cutting his hair and Ieyashu tells her how cool she things she is.
Making me go like, dude please if anyone is cool its you Ieyashu. XD 
Also it sure helped my heart heal a bit after that tsumi end last route.
Anyway in the tsumi ending, Hotaru sets the statue on fire as per usual and
Ieyashu catches her in the act and takes her to Nobunaga to face her sin she just comitted.
Mitsuhide lectures Hotaru who's been imprisoned like in every tsumi ending ever.
Ieyashu comes to visit the troubled Kunochi who obvious regrets her decision
he tells her he knows she was Kikyou and wants her to lell her side of the story.
Of course Hotaru must be punished and if its gotta be anyone Ieyashu wants to do it
 but he's hesitating cuz he obviously has feelings for her... but still does the deed.
Hotaru loses her memories after whatever 'medicine' Ieyashu gave to her, basically
Ieyashu just pretend to kill her and gave Hotaru some sort of medicine
that gave her amnesia and just live somewhere quietly, omg lol.
''Kikyou'' apparently only just recovered and Ieyashu took her for a walk in the forest, Hotaru already
starts to remember(NICE) but Ieyashu tells her its better she does not after the sin she commited.
Ieyashu says he did it so that day back then does not repeat and so she and him can be happy.
 Well I guess his tsumi end was surprisingly light compared Hashiba or Ranmaru's?
I am actually sort of glad though but I do find Ieyashu's actions creepy even if his intend is pure.
So I suppose this is yet another one of those were it brings about the bad side of his character
but it also shows you just how much he cared, to the point its scary.
   ~Overall rating of the route~
 Plot ★★★★☆
Romance ★★★★☆
Overall enjoyment ★★★★★
Oda Nobunaga, age 25.
CV:Matsukaze Masaya.
 The charismatic ruler one who seeks pleasure, you seriously don't want to get on his bad side.
Also best boy for last? hmm maybe but let us first see how his route turns out mmkay?
There was a scene early on were Nobunaga showed Kikyou a world globe
 and it was really interesting to see Nobunaga's view on the world etc.
 Also when Nobunaga took Kikyou out into town it quickly escalated in what his idea of fun is, lol.
 All I can say about that Nobunaga is an interesting guy that's for sure.
Nobunaga quickly became interested in Kikyou, the romance was kind of obvious
but at first some of it was hidden through wordplay.
 I absolutely loved how Nobunaga protected Kikyou when some shinobi tried to attack
he was pretty cool in my eyes in that scene trying to protect Kikyou from a bunch of shinobi.
The plot also took an interesting turn and this is the only route were Mitsuhide was the only one to
notice Kikyou(Hotaru) had fallen for someone who is obviously none other than Nobunaga himself! 
Ahaha what is this bias?!
But Mitsuhide's orders are final and to a shinobi an order is literally everything to them.
 Kikyou(Hotaro) is going to have to kill Nobunaga or atleast attempt to.
 Which created some doubt in Hotaru's little heart since she has fallen for him!
 Nobunaga even suspects her at one point creating quite the scene!
 Hotaru still ends up stabbing him at the firefly viewing though she did hesitate
Nobunaga was like come at me and well after she did the deed Nobunaga tells her to run away
before Ranmaru sees her which would be a very bad thing.
When she reunites with Mitsuhide, Nobuyuki shows up all relieved but then
Nobunaga rises from the ashes quite literally like all routes before this one because
it all went according to Mitsuhide's grand Keikaku.
Later that night Mitsuhide tells her to go visit Nobunaga since he realizes that she loves him
and well turns out Ranmaru is super worried about Nobunaga after that little stunt earlier
that he silently watches Hotaru and Nobunaga after hearing the whole truth but b4
 they get all loveydovey, Nobunaga's had enough of his staring and he's ordered to leave, lol.
Oh well Nobunaga formerly tells everyone that he wll take Kikyou as his wife
and out of all of them Ranmaru is the most shocked about it and I was like
 well okay ran, if you love Nobunaga that much I can share him with you. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Anyway when Nobunaga and Hotaru are alone he once more tells that あなた が 欲しい(I want you)
 Ofcourse Hotaru is all like no no I can't... I'm a shinobi but Nobunaga tells her to give him a break
and that he still wants to walk the path of life together with her and that he'll wait for her till she's ready.
Hotaru ends up returning to Iga for now... and Nobuyuki has escaped like he does in every route.
So here comes the whole Honnoji scenario once again, Nobuyuki's shinobi set the place on fire
Hotaru hurries to Nobunaga's side on Mitsuhide's orders and well when she's there
The jerk Nobunaga has the nerve to order Ranmaru and Hotaru to get out of Honnoji right now.
Ranmaru does as ordered but Hotaru won't have any of it and chases Nobunaga through the flames.
She uses her special ability last trump card which was actually quite dangerous to do and transforms
into a phoenix of sorts and soars the sky like a flower and gets Nobunaga to safety.
Now Nobunaga can settle things with Nobuyuki who's filled with rage as per usual
but who can stop Nobunaga at this point? Nobuyuki is defeated and all is well.
Anyway the two get hitched like Nobunaga planned to a while back and they live happily ever after.
Tsumi end...  by now I am really tired of this scenario and ya all know the ropes!
Hotaro ends up betraying Nobunaga and tries sets the stupid bird statue on fire just like
that old fart naruto wants her but too bad since just like Mitsuhide's tsumi end
Nobunaga stops her before she can do anything.  (눈_눈)
Nobunaga even kindle asks her to turn back but Hotaru is so stubborn she won't
so they drag her into jail and Ranmaru slaps her like the bitch she is.(excuse my sarcasm)
Mitsuhide how she's done goofed big time, Nobunago visits our poor shinobi one day cuz he felt like
seeing her and after he has had enough of her whining about her duty/orders whatever he tells her to
stand up and get out of there of her and if she still wants to kill him she can come at him anytime and
well she does end u up assaulting Nobunaga in his room and they go at it rather hard. 
 (No not that way! I swear... -_-)
Too bad like Mitsuhide it ended rather abruptly... but I think he killed her. :(
 Well IDEK about this tsumi end, it was sorta good and twisted in a way but was it necessary? no.
Why you say? cuz why even introduce new plotlines and don't finish them properly?
Had they not add these endings in the port I would have been a lot happier and yes
I am still freaked out about Ranmaru's but his along with Hashiba's and Ieyashu were honestly
 the best and more thought out because atleast it gave us some form of an ending
but most of the others some of them ended so openly... (lol) like Momoji.
Also for some reason the felt the need to play an insert song in his tsumi end... more bias? idk.
Overall Nobunaga's route was as good as all the others and was more serious
like Nobuyuki's and it didn't have the lightheartedness of the previous two routes
 but honestly that doesn't matter because Nobunaga is charming in his own way.
 Also what is up with the bias recently for characters voiced by Matsukaze Masaya?
Granted Geten's Nobunaga wasn't as biased as Eikoku's Lupan but still...
I guess I am fated to love them either way, because Nobunaga had a damn good route and likeable characteristics.
Gotta be honest compared to other characters I do like Nobunaga less...
Anyway thought I mention it. I first realized this at Eikoku Tantei Mysteria the Crown with Lupan
 but hot damn Masaya Matsukaze has such a sexy voice... most of the time just listening
to Nobunaga talk normally is just eargasm, yes his voice is that amazing.
On another note Masaya also voiced Todo Takatora at Sengoku musou
which is yet another character by the same seiyuu which I liked...
Such an amazing seiyuu too bad you don't hear him that often. :(
   ~Overall rating of the route~
 Plot ★★★★☆
Romance ★★★★☆
Overall enjoyment ★★★★★
Nice CG but I expected more... not just a bunch the usual standing picture grouped together. -_-
  Oh and after you do all the endings, you can access the grand finale via any of the normal endings.
Hotaru formerly becomes a shinobi serving Nobunaga and literally becomes known as
Azuchi's shield since she defends it from any enemy that may come after Nobunaga.
Gotta say that compared to the ending of nobunaga's route it was less epic
but what's important is Hotaru doesnn an amazing job and he survives. :)
Hotaru also doesn't end up with anyone so all the boys are swarm around her for a little
like it should be for a harem/true ending and it leads into yumeakari... so it makes sense.
Apparently for yumeakari its another case of; we want you to forget the endings in the original game
because we start from a specific point etc... yeah this is fine just give me a few months ok?
   ~Overall rating of this ending~
 Romance ☆☆☆☆☆
 Plot ★★★☆☆
Overall enjoyment ★★★☆☆

Route ranking:
Nobunaga & Nobuyuki > Ieyashu / Ranmaru / Hashiba > Mitsuhide > Momoji.
Mitsuhide's route wasn't bad per se, its just that I enjoyed the other routes after that much more.

Tsumi no Hana ending ranking in terms of despair:
Ranmaru > Hashiba > Nobunaga > Mitsuhide & Nobuyuki > Momoji > Ieyashu.

Fav character:
  Ieyashu > Nobuyuki > Ranmaru > Nobunaga > Hashiba > Mitsuhide > Momoji.
Every character is likeable in some way, there is almost no point to this one.
Mitsuhide well... if I have to be honest he's difficult to like due to his bossy nature but somehow
I still managed to like him but I gotta say compared to some of the others I don't like him that much
and some of Mitsuhide's actions could even be seen as sexual harassment. >_>
Honestly Momoji just happens to be last on my list cuz firstly, his route was a snooze fest
and secondly he was way more likeable in other routes(like Nobuyuki) than his own. -_-
Nobuyuki... this poor boy is suffering in a typhoon and I am so glad the heroine managed to save him!
In terms of story Nobuyuki may have had the best route, not sure if biased though. #shot.
Hashiba... hmm in my opinion he's one of those guys you just cannot dislike and he made me laugh so much! but other than that IDK...
Ranmaru is such a moe cupcake, I love him he's so precious~
Ran had one of the most enjoyable route and best end plus the most despairing tsumi end
but it was still good because it fits his character.
Ieyashu is probably my favorite, Ran came close but Ieyashu is just a
precious cinnamon roll too good and too pure for this world who did nothing wrong.
To me Nobunaga as a character, ranks below Ranmaru but I still like him a whole lot
and like Nobuyuki, Nobunaga had the best route in the whole game.
 However THERE is A BIT of ROMANTIC BIAS towards Nobunaga though... >_>

Final Thoughts
This otomege was really good, a well crafted story with amazing characters.
I wouldn't say its the best ever, since no otomege is perfect but there is no way it was a bad one.
Even though there is not much of a route like typical otome games, every guy
had their own story for you to find out also I don't think there was a canon choice either
other than the bias towards Nobunaga in his own route but good thing is
it doesn't force the bias down your throat elsewhere . >_>
For those who wanted a serious ninja themed otomege wouldn't be disappointed with Geten no Hana.
As much as I liked the fluffy and sweet Shinobi, koi Utsutsu! Geten no Hana is on a whole other level.
All the characters were likeable in some way there were no bad apples though
in some routes like Ranmaru and Nobunaga the romance was more obvious than others.
Typical KOEI magic at work!
 For most of the routes I had no expectations but they were all enjoyable to me with the exeption
 of Momoji but I guess it can't be helped, he was more charming in every route but his own.
Sadly my only gripe is that the tsumi end plot is utterly stupid and after 6 of them
I got sick of the same excuse for betraying Mitsuhide and everyone at Azuchi. (눈_눈)
Yes most of the new ''bad ends'' were god awful so I prefer to treat them as a what if
and pretend to that they never happen cuz they couldn't even explain properly some how and why. 
Also the repeat content in the main story was fine, because the character events/route made up for it
and like I said before its really not all that different from what repeats in the average otome game.
That aside Geten no Hana is still a great otomege with an amazing heroine
and I recommend it with every fiber of my being don't miss out on it, because
 it has everything an otome game should have and with the vita port coming
with the sequel its essentially two games for the price of one.
Characters ★★★★★
Art  ★★★★☆(Different style but not bad.)
Scenario/plot. ★★★★☆
Music★★★☆☆ (Fit the mood...)
System  ★★★★☆ (Nothing difficult...)
Enjoyment overall ★★★★★

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    now i have to go replay the damn game to know the bad ends
    btw my fav chara is
    Ieyasu > Nobuyuki > Mitsuhide > Ranmaru > Hashiba > Nobunaga > Momoji for the first game
    I haven't finish the 2nd game (dumped it halfway since last year) but Nobuyuki > Mitsuhide > Hanbe > Kanbe > Ieyasu
    I havent tried everyone else