Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hana Oboro ~Sengoku Den Ranki~ - Review

花朧 ~戦国伝乱奇~ Game: [Hana Oboro ~Sengoku Denranki~]
Genre: Otome Game Visual Novel.
Developer/Publisher: Otomate.
genre: Historic Fantasy.
Platform: PS Vita.
Release date: 2017-1-19

Otomate first otome game released in 2017, I ended up buying it
 because it has a rich cast of characters and the story intrigued me. 
Sorta expected stuff like boring war scenes also fighting + onii-sama huehuehue which is
all well and good, I love history but i'm not a religious nerd so I do not mind a bit of fantasy
 in these type of games and as expected I wasn't disappointed in that, some parts were
fateful yes but there's a lot of originality which is I guess what most people complained about.
You may even think why pick this up? well... I was interested in it and that's usually enough.

The common route in hana oboro is maybe about 4~5 hours, I did not keep track
and with the character route you may end up at 8-10  hours at most including all ends and stuff.
I do not recommend doing routes in one sitting though, its not that long 
 but it all depends how motivated you are and some draggy scenes with war may even demotivate you.

The system is the same standard VN stuff except that it has a sort of bumrush timed flag system
in which you have to press L or R when it blinks, the blinking part is actual the hint so you can
pretty much do this without a guide, it needs to be in the right order or else you will go for a bad end.
You also get the choice to skip this minigame but what is the point if you need
to do all of them in a single run to get the bonus cg's, otomate y u do this..

Opening song is by ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D which is awesome I can not skip it not once, also
one of the members(U) voices one of the sub characters, Sanada Masayuki and for what its worth
he does a ok job but you can tell the guy is no seiyuu and otomate should have hired someone else.
Good thing is outside of say Shingen's route he barely get any lines...!

- Interesting story.
- Likeable cast of characters.
- Art, its beautiful also everyone had the same amount of CG's.
- Every route is unique/character focused.
- Decent in length.

- Inconsistent Heroine.
- Story feels unfinished, hint at a bigger picture.
- 長い and at times a drag, sometimes it felt like its been ages since the last choice.
-  There was maybe one music track that  iffed me also some SFX really eh... esp doki sound.
- No lip sync/moving mouths.

For play order, I started with Nagamasa-sama since it was recommended on the official blog
and let's just say it feels like most natural choice but honestly it was most boring.
Nagamasa > Shingen > Hanbei > Nobunaga > Katsuie.
Note,Nobunaga route won't unlock till after Hanbei whom is locked till 2nd+ play
Just use the same playorder I used... and you'll be fine if not I recommend Shingen for whenever
you want to relax and Katsuie for last...  because his route is overall balanced and dat twist!
which was a fun way to end the game even tho its very self-contained.
また 少し 強く なれる。。。
If I had to sum up how the routes were without spoilers it'd be like this:
Nagamasa - as dry as a desert but he can be surprisingly sweet.
Shingen - a refreshing oasis resort that heals your soul.
Hanbei - a cold summer breeze in a surprisingly あつい summer which turned into a typhoon.
Nobunaga - Spoils you in the beginning, still have to sit through a dry lecture
but  hey atleast you're rewarded with something cute in the end.
Katsuie - The rollercoaster ride you never knew you wanted but got anyway.

In short, a lot of time and money was put in to this game, even side characters got their own CG's
and everyone had an even amount of CG's too, some parts may leave a lot to be desired, sadly
to me the two poster boys routes (Nagamasa and Nobunaga) were the least satisfying of all.
I thought the heroine was alright she's no doormat and will stand up and fight
 against her brother but she does have her own personal insecurities considering
the time period some things may be laughable but whatever its fantasy, its not a kusoge.
Even if this game started out ok it was quite long compared to recent otomege I played, the text
is never ending and I feel spoiled by Koei's otomege in which scenes are short and to the point
but its not that long really, the length is about average.
 I say I prefer longer games but this really stretches itself and Nagamasa route was especially
difficult, as expected it wasn't all rainbows and sunshine which considering
the genre is good but could you make it a tad shorter? or more fluff kthnx.
Add fuel to the fire that Nagamasa and Nobunaga suffer from the just when it got good it already the end.
At times it was hard to see where the plot was going in the first few hours since it was so peaceful.
I'm all for a well thought out plot but at times I was just sitting there ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) ok get on with it
like yeah thanks for going into hideyoshi and nene's love life which got nothing to do with plot. >_>

Sadly some parts feel unfinished to me... also what was the point of introducing that shota Hon
in Yukimura's ato gatari? did I miss something, now I am curious and after thinking about other things. I thought this is only the first part in a greater story also the ending of Alan's ato gatari...
Sigh... its just total sequel bait its not even funny! if there will actually be a sequel who knows
they may have as well have been baiting us, or give us some sort of confirmation he's OK.
However they did an excellent job in creating a unique otomege based on the sengoku period.
 I recommend it to those who like the genre of old timey fantasy games and do not mind
fantasy elements intruding the historical part however if you prefer shorter games
and dislike historic fantasy this may not be for you, its not that long though.
TBH I like it more than Juuzaengi because certain characters cannot be saved
but if you liked Juuza I think you'd still enjoy this since both aren't serious historic adaptations.
Also if you thought Onii-sama would be a crazy yandere I am sorry to disappoint because he was relatively tame.
Again I recommend it if you have the patience for ye olde style games...
Loses points for dull poster boy routes, but the other 3 were enjoyable. 
Okay usual spoilers after the jump, this game was long and for some routes such as Nagamasa
 I couldn't be bothered to write much... so thats more of a general opinion.
Just so you know Hanbei and Katsuie's part had the most spoilers I try to summarize but
the game is much more detailed so it'll look like crap cuz I still left a shit ton out.

 Anyway I'll tell you if you know the original history, forget it... because some stuff doesn't add up.
The heroine Ichi has some mysterious power and has two furries at her side, Kuro and Gyoku.
This all due to the fact she's an oda whom have had supernatural powers passed down to them
also because of their eye+hair color most people are afraid of he oda family.
 There is some stuff about is it right as a human or obor BS, cue inner turmoil about being human or not.
 Plot doesn't really get good till Ichi ~awakens~ to her power of avoiding a set fate.
Basically Ichi has three abilities, so let's go over them.
  •  Precognition/dreams.
  •  Ability to alter a set fate through Godai Gaeshi, Kuro and Gyoku help out with this but demand compensation the most obvious one being her own memories. (sorry if I spelled godai gaeshi wrong)
  • Magical purple flames to protect/purify whatever, basically makes Ichi badass.

I won't bore you with common route sheit cuz let me be honest nothing happened except
introduction shenanigans it was very peaceful, oh and totally not Hanbei arriving in Owari
while being all huehuehue with Ichi who was ditched by Katsuie b4 Kuro and Gyoku tell him
 to F off which leads him to formally introduce himself to nobunaga formally to become a strategist
yeah that's all you really needed to know, the reasons for him coming to Owari are revealed in his own route.

Azai Nagamasa.
CV: Asanuma Shintarou.
 Nagamasa and Ichi the heroine have known each other since a fateful meeting in their childhood...
I admit he was a cute and a bit of a tsun back then, in short they are truly fated to be together one day.
Too bad he never knew who that girl was till later which let to an awkward route...
and because of it being so lackluster I couldn't find motivation to write much about it.
Nobunaga just wants Ichi to be a good girl since he'll take care of everything and tells her
not to think about stuff too much so later when she has some time alone with Shingen
he asked if there is anyone she's interested in and they get on the topic of the little boy
she met in the past, its someone Ichi can't forget so best boy Shingen tells her this.
  Ichi decides to spend more time with Nagamasa and helps him out with cooking untill she
eventually cuts her finger making him overprotective and starts nibbling on her finger and wants to
take care of it immediatle cuz oh noes if it left a scar, btw he tells her to give up on cooking www.
Same. (too bad this wasn't even his route yet)
Eventually they become engaged, no they're not officially hitched yet. Ichi goes with him to his
country and they meet Yoshikage and Nagamasa's sick mom but other than that Nobunaga sends
Katsuie and Morimasa to check up on her because he can't bear to be apart from his lovely imouto.
The whole engagement did feel forced and so did the interaction...
I had the same look on my face at the disappointed that was this route.
There were some shenanigans with Yoshikage and Katsuie, also its not that
I do not want to bother writing more detailed its just that there was not much that stood out!
Really though Nagamasa's straight-forward shounen personality didn't help with it.
The romantic scenes were nice but very fleeting... Nagamasa is very simple and thats why
some people may find him boring compared to other characters in this game.
As a kid his tsun had potential but we got a straight-faced samurai with a lackluster scenario instead.
Nagamasa is quite likeable but the route and his character in general was dull and not enjoyable to
me, even if his route ships them it just didn't do it any justice also the fact Yoshikage was a more fun
character even tho at times he's an asshole... just when he was about to turn around le deep sigh.
If Nagamasa was supposed to be the main guy they did a terrible job at making him feel special
in fact he just seems like the most natural choice out of all just like actual history.
Whatever romantic scene we got just felt average... due to his personality, there was too much
melodrama about war, marriage and later Nagamasa thinking she'd be happier with her onii-sama
than with him and he just wants to protect her, he realizes later what it is he wants.
Nagamasa is this sweet, gentle and caring guy just... I could never get interested.
Its sad they never had a good talk with each other till near the end of the route...
because like I mentioned  before Naganasa never realize Ichi was that girl
he met in the past untill later and thus everything felt so awkward.
 Ichi was a damnsel in distress and Nagamasa her hero, Ichi did manage to be badass in helping him
Nagamasa would be a great shounen protagonist but... the only good thing was
 he isn't freaked out about Ichi's powers and treats her as normal.
Nagamasa can be such a sweet and loving but I just couldn't enjoy it.
All this is perhaps the reason why he's recommended first and I agree...
 Ichi still wants to fight and goes all out but Nagamasa stops her again, because
she shouldn't have to do this to use her powers like that, I admit it was very sweet of him.
 The bad ending was pretty bad I suppose but it didn't surprise me it other than it was
the cruelest nii-sama ever did  and he's relatively tame everywhere else.
Nagamasa is a brave guy, Ichi is too and she was willing to die to save the one she loves
or throw away her memories, I liked how the heroine took action on her own though!
Like I said before Nagamasa is a great guy but this route lacked in
 a lot of ways just when it got good it was already the end... also he's a momcon. 😂
It would work better if he was the protagonist but... yeah they should've put more effort in it.
 I could stomach the fantasy aspect or the heroine but I wish the route was more well rounded, the
story was interesting tho but eh... everything felt so mediocre and dry I couldn't get into it at all.
Nagamasa was an honest boy which didn't help... he's sweet and I want to like him more but I can't.
I wasn't even surprised the ending was disappointing to me cuz what was I expecting anyway?
but I loved how Ichi stood up against her brother! too bad Nagamasa can't help himself...
since the shounen runs too deep into his veins, l m a o.
The two get through it together thanks to a black fox... who that was is explained elsewhere.
 I can't be bothered to go into detail I think Shingen died trying to help out... but my memory is foggy.
Its kind of sad to say I liked absolutely nothing except some moments here and there. :( :( :( 
Atleast this route did a good job of explaining most stuff while sacrificing everything else, its ok
though I was never particularly interested in Nagamasa but atleast I know I am not the only one 
that thought his route was lacking imo the only good thing was that Ichi took action 
against her bro instead of doing nothing but not much stood out to me. 
Otomate ya need to work on ya poster boys... you can't call this good.
 Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆

Takeda Shingen.
CV: Shimono Hiro.
 Shingen a cute but he speaks very slowly... which prolly contributes to why this game is 70 hours.😂
 Honestly though I think there characters that do it even slower...
I don't mind it since I love soft speaking Shimono chara's, this route more or less heals your soul!
Shingen is gentle and kind but you really don't want to get on his bad side.
Ichi gets engaged to Shingen and goes with him to the country of kai, much like to kitaomi in
Nagamasa's route however unlike Nagamasa's dense personality, Shingen actually notices
 she is uneasy and sets her heart at ease and in turn making me feel better too.
The people of Kai fear Ichi for her hair and eye color making her feel isolated...
but our sweet heart Shingen goes out of his way to look for her and that same night protects Ichi
 from assailants, as you guessed Shingen is the one to make sure you are alright and feel ''safe''.
Shingen even lets her join the battle against Kenshin but only if she won'y go off on her own.
There was a part were Ichi was like oh noes I must be a burdon to the people of Kai due to her nature
and lets herself be locked up, Shingen apologizes and tells her such a place is no fun and does not fit
her. Shingen reassures her she is not alone even if she is appart from himself, Nagamasa or her bro.
Even Yukimura visits Ichi to brighten up her day since Shingen is trying hard to make em realze this
is unnecessary and listens to all her worries while patting her and telling her its gonna be daijoubu.
Later Shingen ends up telling Ichi about the circumstances in which his brother died.
Shingen used to be a genki boy before his bro died, it had such an impact
 it traumatized him and became somewhat withdrawn after that he hates the oboro because of it.
Oh well after seeing him so depressed she tries to cook with one of the maids.. and it turned out ok!
Sometime later Alan busts in like a knight in shining armor to take back Ichi, presumably
 under Nobunaga's orders... Ichi is like, i'm not going back and that's final.
Shingen jumps infront of her like a shield and refused to hand her over so Alan starts throwing
kunai's all over the place ruining the fine interior so the two run while avoiding getting hit.
After they get away he formally proposes to Ichi, Shingen is overjoyed at her response
but her comes Alan because he's persistant as hell, Ichi uses her power but loses the memory
of when Shingen told her if there was someone she was interested in at the common route.
In the end it was all for naugth Alan takes Ichi... presumably cuz she didn't want anyone to
get hurt, Alan looked sorta sad though realizing it was wrong.
As expected Onii-sama was worried... Ichi apologizes but he won't let her go back. :(
Ichi spends her days at Owari and has dreams of Shingen struggling... and decides to take action.
Alan helps Ichi go back to Shingen, which was pretty sweet of him, he likes nobunaga
and Ichi a lot but it pains him to see her unhappy so he helps her out like a true wing man.
Sadly Shingen ends up meeting Ichi at a bad time when her power was unstable...
Ichi is the very thing Shingen hates and tells her not to get close right now.
Meanwhile Yukimura thinks her furry ears and tail are cool. 😅
Shingen needs some time to hinself so he avoids her, Ichi talks with Kenshin about it
so she tells her if Shingen is running away Ichi should chase after him even more and well...
an already tired Shingen gives in and this was the result, huehue.
Shingen ends up apologizing from before... and well they get along again.
Shingen wants to care for people again but his sins trouble him...
Ichi just wants to be like a normal human being...
Why are these two so perfect for each other?! assdgfrtruyyuhfgxvcvxz.
Shingen ends up telling about his past in more detail, his brother was possessed by an Oboro
they can't be separated anymore... and his brother was too weak to resist.
The oboro started killing everyone around him and Shingen was the one who killed him.
You know the rest, Shingen closed himself off... some time passes and another battle approaches
Masayuki urges Ichi to ''save'' Shingen... because he can't fght well due to his illness
and on the normal end path she uses her powers, the price? tears.
Okay when she doesn't use her powers Masayuki solo yolo's but Ichi still gets injured, when Shingen
comes too he stands up and protects Ichi like a tank while smashing his war fan around.
Shingen a badass.
Shingen's so glad that she's alright when she recovered... and they promise
to be together 5ever afterwards, Shingen can hardly control himself though. 😂
In the end Shingen and Kenshin face off against one another... it was sad to see Kenshin go but it fits
with the theme of the game, certain peoples fates are set  no matter how good or evil they are.
Shingen's confession was really sweet... the variation in the cg's... just perfect.
They live happily ever after in the land of kai... Ichi becomes their guardian deity or whatever
Nobunaga is nowhere to be seen he presumably gave up or was convinced by Alan? 😕
Oh well I won't complain, the epilogue cg was super cute though.

Shingen made me feel so happy, he's so gentle, sweet, understanding and adult like...💕 
This route was very interesting and easy to follow and it made up how dry Nagamasa's route was.
Even Shingen's campaigns were enjoyable... his past was tragic though.
The reveal of Ichi's identity was handled well, even if they had a falling out 
it was interesting to see Shingen deal with it and Ichi got help from unexpecting corners!
Overall the route was great and because I enjoyed myself I was able to write more about it
but the game itself was much longer and detailed than what I wrote down...
I really enjoyed the route but I think the story here was pretty self-contained, the early parts 
were perhaps the best it made me feel relaxed and stuff it definitely had that healing effect. 
Story wise though... it was rather weak but not bad, it just scores lower because less impact.
 Romance ★★★★★
Plot ★★★☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

Takenaka Hanbei.
CV: Namikawa Daisuke. <--- 😂😂😂
 Hanbei just up and appears before Nobunaga one day wanting to serve, Nobunaga doesn't trust him
and well he was prolly right not to since Hanbei does have an ulterior motive.
He's a bit of a Kuudere and got called out by Nagamasa for being such a tsuntsun. 😂😂😂
One night he doesn't like her approach... but apologizes when he pushed her away.
 Ichi realizes something is up with him and faints, other than that Hanbei is one of those
characters who know more than they let on...
In this route she never gets hitched to anyone and stays in Owari since she's interested in dat kuudere boi.
 Well the cold and distant side of Hanbei makes him that much cuter I guess,  Ichi
wonders if he's eating so she goes out of her way to give him onigiri, www.
At first it wasn't that interesting... Alan caused some trouble for Kicho who was about to fry his ass
till he came begging Ichi for help, Ichi thought it was a bright idea to involve Hanbei, lol.
Guess what they couldn't even find Hanbei and those two just give up...
Ichi knew his hiding spot in the forest though but didn't tell them anyway Ichi
keeps pestering Hanbei making sure he's eating enough, since she's so persistant
Hanbei just goes out of his way to bore her with battle tactics. ಠ_ಠ
He notes how useless it was.... since its not interesting at all. (I agree)
Hanbei eventually reveals he can see oboro's and stuff... it ok if she doesn't believe him
and the two have grown considerably closer.
 Well Ichi supports him in the battle but Kuro wonders why she's so interested in him...
Sometime later Katsuie drags Hanbei off by force... to one of his parties
 thinking it would be good for him  which was quite hilarious and Hanbei was pissed.
Ehehehe, you're coming with me whether you like it or not!
Hanbei won't drink even when the lady offers some... uh service which made him lash out
and make Katsuie give him the oh please enjoy yourself FFS face.
The woman won't leave him alone so Ichi who followed storms in and saves the poor boy. 😂😂😂
After some talk the two end up climbing into a tree, Ichi comments the scenery is so nice.
Ichi almost lost her balance but Hanbei grabbed her tightly leading to doki's.
The overall scene was so nice though...
Two people sitting on a tree branch... k i s s i n g.
Nobunaga almost doesn't want to let Ichi join the battle (for Hanbei's sake) but somehow
 is like uh whatever just don't get in the way mmmkay? see this is bad but ok.
I wish Kuro and Gyoku would stop calling Hanbei a kuso-gakki though... the poor boy did nothing wrong.
That aside a busty fox lady congratulates Ichi in keeping Hanbei alive thus far, turns out
this fox lady has been punishing poor Hanbei and well Ichi confronts her saying she will save him.
The compensation? the memory of when he came after her disguised... when he first came to owari.
Later Hanbei ~finally~ gets drunk at one of Katsuie's parties and Ichi drags him back to his room.
He thinks he's a cat, so he should behave more like one talk about being a bad drunk, lol
Hanbei fell asleep and had a nightmare... Ichi just comforted him I d'awwwed at that part
he starts kissing her too, since he can't hold back anymore... the next day Ichi sort of avoids him lol.
Alan sort of expresses his feelings in this route saying he's even willing to fight Nobunaga. (lol)
He says he isn't messing around and all that... he wants to marry her, when Hanbei comes in
he refuses to leave and acts like a child again, I am just like don't you tease us like that. T~T
Later Hanbei is seen talking to a mysterious person who sounds like a deeper Alan. (don't do this)
Alan tells her of his past and helps her figure out her own feelings and he won't lose, lol.
We learn that Hanbei's tactics was never taken seriously due to being a kid...
 but his father supported him saying there will be another day.
Sometime later when he finds Ichi in the forest they get attacked by some soldiers
Ichi gets hurt while he tried to protect her and he almost goes mad, Hashiba had to slap him. :(
Hanbei is tired of not being able to protect people close to him because of the past.
Okay after somewhile Hanbei is starting to show grave signs of illness, the fox lady appears again
in a dream who enjoys his suffering and said take a good look, the one you love so much belongs to us.
Later he starts showing signs of being possessed by sth called tamamo kitsune...! (玉藻狐)
It starts saying that if they hadn't met some onmyouji they would have completed their mission sooner.
Ichi tries to reach out and it seems to be working... she remembers that the fox lady said
 that Ichi could use her power to help Hanbei but decides to delay doing so.
Meanwhile Hanbei  starts to plead Ichi to kill him... its his only wish.
In an instant the blade slips passed his neck and Ichi pours out her feelings of affection.
Only for that fox to regain control for a moment...
Meanwhile Ichi has enough of this shit and decides to unleash her power full force to banish her and it worked.
Hanbei regains conciousness and still goes on about wanting her to kill him...
Ichi says she can't do that because she loves him. 😭😭😭
Hanbei tells her to close her eyes and kisses her and tells her he doesn't hate her.
Hanbei explains it all happened a year ago in Mino, everything was peaceful till that day when he
chased after his father when he heard from Akechi some rumors of him going after some oboro
so he followed leading to a disastrous result of his father dying infront of him.
Hanbei has been possessed by it ever since... and is the one who killed his father. 😭
He has blamed himself for it ever since... Tamamo Kitsune is the one who sended him to Owari
meanwhile Hanbei has been trying to find a way to stop it... even if it means dying
but he fell in love with Ichi and now we get this mess of a situation.
Hanbei apologizes for approaching her under that disguise in the beginning...
however she cannot remember due to the compensation from using her powers.
After that Hanbei ends up explaining more about the Oboro and how a man from owari who lusted
for power, he fought only for himself but a kuro kitsune who was tasked with watching over felt bad
for him  they didn't have much time together and they went on a journey the black fox
shut herself in a shrine in the mountains and after a 1000 years... decided its futile to believe
 when he suddenly comes back from their love the oda family was born...
and thus why they have those powers, there was more but I have to keep it short.
Since it was getting late the two made love all night...  I mean got some rest.
BTW Tamamo Kitsune hasn't given up...  and is ready for round two and Hanbei
gets send out on a campaign by Nobunaga then Alan shows up and guess what?
Tamamo Kitsune possessed him! its planning to make Hanbei suffer by killing Ichi. 😫🙏🙏🙏
 When Ichi realizes what's up she fries Alan with her black flames, Hanbei notes he has to kill him
because Tamamo revealed Alan belonged to her anyway as in he's part of his existance and she
just took him back whether Alan likes it or not. Ichi decides not to rely on Kuro to Gyoku's
power an keeps calling out to Alan so Tamamo toys with her... so Hanbei tries his hardest to fight.
They beat her with Kuro and Gyoku's help... Alan couldn't be saved
since his existance was absorbed  but he left a Kunai behind.😢
Like I am really happy for Ichi and Hanbei but hear I am and feeling sad...
 I do not think the conclusion of the route was handled well, it felt open but sorta happy?
Atleast it was better than the normal one...
The normal end however the price for using the power was too great
Ichi lost the memories of a loved one, Hanbei just reintroduces himself with a broken smile...
Worst part is Tamamo will come back in one year with a vengeance...
Despite their relationship resetting Hanbei vows to grow stronger, he mentions wanting
to eat those terrible onigiri she always used to make... btw i'm sorry for the pun.
ゼロからはじめる わるくわない。。。?

I don't know but he sorta grew on me? which considering he's a kuudere his behavior at first is normal.
( Or is he a tsundere? IDEK pretty sure someone being cold and distant at first is the definition of Kuudere )
Story wise the first half so peaceful... even the battle back then felt lackluster to me 
but it picked up later and Hanbei's a cute so it was all good.
Most of the route flew by... but it was enjoyable and the plot? out of all perhaps the most engaging?
I swear it was playing with my feelings...!!! but the conclusion to it all was not good imo.
Overall I say its better than Nagamasa's route but its slightly better than Shingen's
That aside I think Hanbei got the best kiss cg's though...sadly I think Alan was the victim of being
conveniently written out of the picture so easily... his short story explains it in more detail but still -_-
Yeah ok you can't save everyone but it felt so convenient it also doesn't make sense how the story in
this route feels the most developed and how Nobunaga unlocks from it whom's own route wasn't much better.
 Romance ★★★★★
Plot ★★★★☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆ (Alan...)
Oda Nobunaga.
CV: Taniyama Kishou.
Being Nobunaga and all that jazz, he's quite likeable despite being the staple onii-chan?
They're not blood related so that sure helped in my case, sadly at times he's as merciless as can be.
At times Nobunaga wants Ichi to stay in her room, Ichi is like lol nope though.
Nobunaga doesn't like her being away from him since her place is with him...
He's not as obnoxious as other onii-chans, Nagamasa's route was the worst it could get.
Also hello Taniyama Kishou I haven't heard you since Ikki or Rambures but I missed you.
Nobunaga decided long ago he had to protect his little sister... which was super sweet and makes
sense how overprotective he is in not wanting her to interact with anyone and stay cooped up in her room.
The only time Nii-sama was terrible was in Nagamasa's route, especially the bad end there...
in any other route he was surprisingly tame and while Nobunaga most definitely is a yandere
he's still really tame compared to most, it is the more bearable type aka the type I can stand.
Too bad his route had like 75% war related shit which I won't cover
Nobunaga is being busy in general but there were some nice moments in between w
here they took a walk alongside the river and he got nostalgic of the past.
Another time Ichi gets harrassed by some bandits and tells the kid with her to run...
Then Onii-sama comes walking in with a serious look in his eyes telling them to let go of his sister.
When they do not do as he says he starts killing them one by one because
one does not simply lay a hand on his sister let alone have evil intent.
Sadly when Ichi and her attendant visit the town she gets mobbed by a bunch of
angry villagers blaming her for the deaths of their loved ones.
It was her brothers work but since she's related she gets the blame too.
Ichi tries to talk to Nobunaga about it but can't bear to show her face...
My angel Alan tries to cheer her up the best way he can before she blacks out and has a dream
in which Nagamasa and Nobunaga have a showdown, well Ichi wakes up in the middle of the night
and hears screams, apparently some Oboro and Onii-sama was fighting it after all that Kuro and
 Gyoku explain Ichi and her bro's powers and i'm sure you know by now.
Nobunaga is all very serious in wanting to conquer and the whole wanting ''power''
More power means everything to him... anyone who gets in the way be it men, women, children,-
elderly or oboro's it won't matter he'll just cut them down.
Seems similair to that dude in the past... huh?
 BTW that screaming? it was actually Nobunaga having trouble containing his inner furry.
oh well they make a promise that she'll help him, Kicho gets butt mad at Nobunaga though.
Ichi helps out during the battles, my angel Alan brightens up Ichi's days by
 training with Kunai's or playing games with her.
And one day... Ichi goes to see Nobunaga who's in the middle of a war zone. 😂😂😂
Nobunaga is so horrible he played a trick on poor mr no fun allowed Sassa-san.
Oh please did you look at the state in which you're in?
Ichi has to use her flames on the battlefield, Nagamasa tried to NTR her away from Nobunaga
but then Nobunaga himself shows up and is like huehuehue, Nagamasa continues
his idealistic speeches of how Ichi and people are not his tool and tries to run away with Ichi
she is like lol nope and jumps right into Nobunaga's arms because
Ichi follows Nobunaga and Nagamasa into the flames and gets injured... by Nagamasa
who was only trying to help so now he goes into angst mode while the rest of his unit proclaims
victory, Nobunaga carries Ichi back home while Ichi has another dream...
Also I'm crying because Nobunaga stayed with her the entire time.
Sadly Ichi is being kept in the dark about war stuff now and not even  my angel Alan is allowed
to speak to her about it so she just goes out on her own cuz she's a bad girl... she manages
to stop him but eh his conquest continues, Ichi still puts her nose in his business trying to help.
Alot of mumbo jumbo aside I liked how kicho helped Ichi set her feelings for Nobunaga straight.
Alan keeps giving Ichi status updates about the cruelty of her bro and by now
you should know Nobu's a furry too.
The overall romance was okay though... but like too much talk about war
 and they did not get much time together, before you know its already the end.
Akechi rebelled after finding out Nobunaga is an oboro after hearing his reasons
 I felt bad man... but he's going after the wrong person! and Kicho paid the price for it.
 Atleast the ending was cute, the end result was after much hassle that Nobunaga is saved but the route itself
 was a drag and has the same problem Nagamasa does, just when it gets good it already the end
and said ending left a lot of issues open which in turn leaves a bad after taste.
Honestly compared to other onii-sama's... surprise surprise I can say I liked Nobunaga.
Its kind of sad how in Shingen or even Hanbei's route Nobunaga just falls back into the distance
as opposed to Nagamasa's route but its also good they try and come up with a unique plot everytime.
Even tho half the route was pretty boring cuz war talk but my angel Alan brightened up the dark mood.
I don't even understand why this route was locked since Hanbei's had more spoilers overall...
Basically I was going ALAN ALAN ALAN ALAN many times during this route, he was such an angel
and kept me awake through most of the dull stuff, i'm sorry Nobunaga you are the sweetest brother
whom cares abouts his sister a whole lot but I didn't enjoy your route that much. :(
Sadly me embracing Alan as a 大天使 may have something to do with it especially after last route
I just wish Nobunaga's route was more well rounded it honestly didn't need half of the war stuff I left out
because they could have done it differently but chose not to, atleast the end result was good. 
Also why was this route locked? Hanbei's route had arguably more spoilers...
but I guess there was a need to know certain facts so it may make sense afterall.
 Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆
Shibata Katsuie.
CV: Sakurai Takahiro.
Ichi be like there's SOMETHING about this guy but I can't figure out what it is.
 Katsuie is a punk and a rebel in the way he speaks and act... always the pissy attitude www.
So yeah not the typical Sakupyon™ character... so it was a fresh experience for me
and even tho Katsuie isn't my type the seiyuu choice made me appreciate it more.
A review recommended me to save Katsuie for last because apparently it was more enjoyable so I did.
The route started with Katsuie complaining Ichi chased after him and then Alan bumping
in saying not to bully her, which leads Katsuie he's the one being picked on, loooooool. 
Katsuie ends up going hey look isn't that Nobunaga over there and gullible little Alan believed it
now that the annoyance left he Kabedon'd Ichi but Alan is back before you know it
and gives Katsuie a taste of his own medicine. 😂😂😂
 Katsuie has known Ichi for a long time he even used to play with her.
 Oh well Katsuie is partly still butt hurt over what happened with Nobuyuki or so he appears to be?
If you don't know what i'm talking about that ok go read up on history wait no don't
 its not gonna help much in Katsuie's case trust me.
 Okay Katsuie apparently looks out for a bunch of kids too... and apparently he wants his own castle!
I mean who doesn't want their own castle?
 Later Katsuie just puts the moves on Ichi infront of Nobunaga... and he's like ''...'' for a while
till he tells him to cut it out and proceeds to throw Katsuie on the ground as punishment lmao.
Katsuie should be glad it wasn't capital punishment... 
After seeing a disturbing vision of the town getting attacked by bandits
Ichi hurries to Katsuie and brings him back but they've already started.
 Despite Katsuie tellling her to stay put Ichi just has to try and save that child and acts on impulse.
 Ichi won't listen to Katsuie and heads for the child and gets surrounded by bandits
 ready to tap dat booty but don't worry Katsuie and Morimasa arrive just in time.
 Later when all is over Katsuie notices she's hurt and takes care of it but some bandits show up
and Katsuie goes oryaaaaa along the way back to the castle so he can take better care of it
he tells her to shut up and put up with it since it stings.
Anyway since Ichi was so gloomy Katsuie decides to play tag with Ichi and when
Morimasa, Hashiba and... Sassa(just this once) came looking for him they join up too.
Yappari, Ichi looks best with a smile on her face.
Too bad Nobunaga and the others come to gather them all up, he doesn't dissaprove of it
but its time for a meeting so they have to go so when Nagamasa asks her to stand up while holding
out his hand, meanwhile Katsuie is staring daggers at him for being touchy touchy with Ichi.
Nobunaga decides its a good decision to marry her off to Nagamasa. 😞
 Katsuie sees her off and they promise with a pinky swear that if she gets sad she'll come back.
Jerk with a heart of gold.
Good thing this route brought us more Yoshikage, he wants to contest his beauty with Ichi. 😂
 Nagamasa comes in cuz he wants to talk with his wife but Yoshikage tells him to GTFO
Nagamasa won't have any of it and tests Yoshikage's patience by getting closer to him every step...
Sadly Yoshikage has to excuse himself... and  his contest with Ichi. :( :( :(
 Ichi starts having precognitions again... so she wants to go outside of the castle against
Kuro and Gyoku's warning to help Katsuie and Morimasa in the end she waits till the campaign.
 Its not Katsuie who is about to die but Nagamasa... since she doesn't want that she uses the power.
The compensation was terrible a scar that won't disappear... anyway Katsuie much to his own
 surprise finds her during the night wondering what the hell she's doing here
but he stays with her while trying to find Morimasa... Ichi ends up following a soldier who will take
her to Nobunaga but ends up kidnapped cuz the soldier is a traitor. Katsuie rushes to Ichi after he hears this.
 Ichi awakens to the power of the oboro within her and unleashes flames.
Katsuie tells her to calm the hell down and that he'll never forget how selfless she is
in going along with marriage and all that for the sake of owari + not to push herself.
Nagamasa was worried and she doesn't need to continue to force herself to be a tool  for a marriage
between two people from different provinces and let's her go back to owari after a little while longer.
Anyway drama aside, Ichi follows Katsuie one night and bumps into a dude with bad fashion sense.
Katsuie brushes the encounter off as a bad dream.. what's he hiding man? but ichi's not dumb
she pries and Katsuie mutters how persistant she is, oh well he takes her to mino.
Katsuie is 😙 tsun about the past and still won't tell her as turns out Ichi was a burden on him in the
past like literally that one annoying kid that would do strange things like search for a hair ornament
 in the river aka just being mendokusai, he helps her out while being tsun about it lol.
Back to the present he stops her from losing her balance and gets all mushy.
Sometime after Nobunaga rewards Katsuie and well he finally gets his own castle! lol..
Ichi says she'll miss him and he asks if she'll want to come with him so he trolls her.
Also that dude with a terrible taste of fashion? he's Katsuie's brother Katsumata
Anyway Katsuie tells her not to be alone with him and gets mushy again because he's just a servant
and she's just a princess but can't see her as a kid anymore since she's a woman now and well... 
if her bro found out about this *gulp* meanwhile i'm like what rating is this not that i'm complaining but lol.
Sadly Katsuie notices the scar... that due to compensation will never disappear
so he kisses it and says she should treasure herself more, d'awww.
Also if it wasn't obv enough Katsuie def wants more of Ichi and confesses that.
Btw Ichi's pretty stacked...
Later before a campaign Katsuie gets into  a disagreement with Hashiba, Ichi follows him
but he wants to be alone so when he thinks she doesn't realize he just makes it clear but Ichi stays
strong and tells him to stop barking and do something for once, this all makes him realize he was wrong, lol.
He promises to protect Ichi like the true sakupyon character he is, Ichi tells him she loves him a lot
and so Katsuie promises never to leave her side and just as the mood gets gud Morimasa cockblocks.
Morimasa notices their faces are red so Katsuie tells him its his imagination, lol.
After a campaign in which Ichi fought bravely at Katsuie's side to the point he finds it cool
they hear Nobunaga is in trouble at Honnoji and well Akechi with the help of Katsumata betray them.
When Ichi goes to meet them we find out that wait for it... Katsumata is the real Katsuie.
He starts saying he is the one was always at Nobuyuki's side and the one
who used to play with Ichi when she was little. (Meanwhile I am like WHAT?!)
Katsumata goes on about how she's being fooled and the worst part is he seems to be speaking truth.
One night the one we know as Katsuie attacked the real Katsuie whom knocks him out
steals his sword and skedaddles off.
To think the perpetrator stayed at Nobunaga's side all this time... Ichi rushes back
and asks Katsuie if he's really Katsuie... whom acts shocked but reconfirms its the truth
and that Katsuie is in infact Ishikawa Goemon, Morimasa can't handle the truth that well and draws
his sword because he always believed in him, Ichi sees him kill Katsuie in a precognition
so she uses her powers to alter it and tries to stop Morimasa who can't understand
Ichi tells him that even if its not Katsuie she still fell in love with him and doesn't want him to die.
BTW the compensation? Ichi's voice... a high price but atleast Katsuie errr Goemon is alive.
Later Alan comes to pass the news Nobunaga has passed away they both get sad
since they wanted to see the unified land under his reign and regret not being there for him.
Alan starts giving this speech how he wants Katsuie to be there for Ichi before he leaves
to god knows where, Hashiba is now the big boss? or whatever.
Ok its revealed that Katsuie(Goemon) also tried to steal from Akechi but he was so fiery he gave up
on that and stabs the real Katsuie who followed him and in turn giving him that scar, he also
probably stripped him of his other belongings and takes his place and that how he got to where he is.
How he managed to convince them is beyond me but eh people change riiiiiiiight?
Katsuie tries to be like you shouldn't involve yourself with me... but Ichi be like bitch pls you're mine.
Katsuie starts to realize that her pinky finger won't move... her missing voice... those flames...
''Ichi are you hiding something from me?''
Ichi reveals to him that she is a fox oboro and everything she did... for him via writing.(I mean how else? sign language?)
Katsuie is pissed that she did all that and calls out those foxes Kuro and Gyoku, he's being an
ungrateful brat and tells her never to use that shitty power again in the coming battle.
They all set out to save Morimasa and well my angel Alan believes in the princess
and in turn believes in Katsuie, well Morimasa and Katsuie make up in the end.
Katsumata shows up coming to pick Ichi up whether she likes it or not.
He wants to settle things with Goemon for stealing everything from him.
During the battle Ichi wants to use the hax power but remembers Katsuie's words and doesn't.
Ichi's voice comes back a little... (how tho?) Katsuie's relieved at the possibility.
Ichi takes a blow meant for Katsuie whom is like you promised and just as Katsumata
is about to finish Katsuie off Morimasa shows up whom tells him despite all the lies
Katsuie(Goemon) is still the one who teached him the way of the sword and you know he's friend.
I like how in this CG he has his eye patch but his sprite was without it.
 Ichi has enough of this shit uses her protection flames and apologizes to Katsumata while telling him
to stop this yeah she got her voice back now, he's like shut up but eventually drops his sword
tells everyone to run the burning castle and leave him behind, after they get out they split up.
Morimasa promises to meet up with Katsuie(Goemon) after she leaves Ichi and Goemon
watch the burning castle and the two leave together to visit his ba-chan who is more
than delighted to see this trash come home after all these years but what's important is
that Ichi is Goemon's most important treasure in life sadly he can no longer see Kuro or Gyoku
I believe its because of this she was able to get her voice back.
After this point he finally drops the name Katsuie and is known by his real name...
Katsuie's route was pretty great and lol worthy? dat plot though IT WAS SO ORIGINAL! 
in a good way I mean, originality can go both ways but when it sort of has you unsure 
what's to happen its good. He's the typical rough dude who is actually a big softie! 
(and a lewd beast), he's pretty trashy though. I think pretty trashy is an understatement  he's the lowest of the low...a total shitlord but the way it was written makes me think i could've
 fallen for someone like that. The route was engaging enough to not make my eyes 
glaze over, I actually liked the  plot here of having to marry someone you do not want to 
and the promise they made was sweet. We also saw a side of Nagamasa that made me like him
a little more but not your route. Sadly story wise there was not much but then this twist 
came out of nowhere that made me feel genuinely betrayed... but still Katsuie grew on me 
and I like him enough to forgive, good job otomate this is how it should be.
Ok it didn't come out of nowhere they did hint that something was off e.g: his
 robin hood personality and other stuff but it was too vague to me. 
( Katsuie's route had the most original twist in the whole game... -_-;  )
 Also what is it with Sakupyon voicing such great characters recently? Astram, Mahoutsukai the doM
ferret and now Katsuie... the performance he does these days makes me proud to be a fan www.
Katsuie is a character type he doesn't voice often so it was a real treat.
I guess if you're not a fan and you do not like this type you may dislike him... for what he did
but still try and give him the benefit of doubt please, despite being utter trash he's somehow likeable.
I'm sorry it must be my bias for Sakupyon that makes me like this...
but I still think Katsuie's great, I can't complain at all even if he is t r a s h. 
Is this where I say that the worst boi is best boy...? XD
 Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★★★ (😂😂😂)
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆
~Sub character~
 They do not have a route and I am glad for that, quality of quantity please
because some of them really are nothing more than sub chara's except Alan maybe.
💕😇Takigawa Alan😇💕
CV: Tetsuya Kakihara
Alan is this one overly clingey bishounen shinobi who obviously likes Ichi...
 but she never takes it seriously. 😭😭😭
While at times he's マジ うるさい and childish, Alan cares for her a lot and supports her.
 Kakki did a good job at making him sound annoying... dunno if that good or bad though. 😂
Out of all sub characters Alan is probably the only one I want mini route with
especially after Shingen's route, Alan is such a good boy. 🙏🙏🙏
At Hanbei route, he sincerly confesses his feelings and also ends up telling of his past
how he used to live alone and was picked on and was called an oni by the people.
He never blamed them and was very lonely but Nobunaga saved him when he was scared and alone
so he vowed to serve him and become a great shinobi.
This is so sad... Alan deserves so much more,  I know there is a plot reason but
In his side story it is revealed that when Tamamo Kitsune was being sealed by an onmyouji
vowed to have revenge and from part of her existance Alan was born and while he tried
 to run away from her she still uses him as a vessel since he was merely a fragment and Tamamo
Kitsune is taking it back, basically its to show this boy struggled in Hanbei's route
trying to resist her... but wasn't strong enough. 😭😭😭
In the end the black fox says he will definitely save him and then the OP plays
as if to incite back then he was saved or that there will be a sequel. 😕
Hanbei's route aside... he truly loves her AND WANTED TO MARRY HER
sadly due to plot Alan never got his way, there was a super cute scene with him
but it won't satiate my thirst, I firmly believe Alan was supposed to be the 6th romanceable
character but they couldn't tell his story properly or whateverso we got this instead.
Lmao have I ever cared so much for a SUB CHARACTER?! I think this is a first...
Be jelly Hanbei.
Hashiba Hideyoshi, Sakuma Morimasa and Sassa Narimasa.
CV: Umehara Youichiro, Yamashita Daiki, Toriumi Kousuke.
 Bunch of people serving Nobunaga, Hashiba is the funny one and has the usual
lover's spat with his wife Nene and Sassa is the typical no fun allowed... Sakuma? who dat boi.
Other than that they do not really stand out compared to the main boys...
Instead of Hanbei's route unlocking an side story for Alan it unlocked one for... Hashiba.
Its set after they leave on their journey of life back in Owari and Hashiba's resolution
he has a duel with Ieyashu, idk I skimmed through it since I was eh about it.
In Morimasa's side story takes place after he parted with Katsuie and he runs into a girl
in the forest and since he's being chased he can't leave her behind.
The men catch up but Morimasa assures them the girl is innocent so they let her go...
Meanwhile Morimasa is taken to Hashiba... who gives him the death penalty only
for him to go back on his word the same night to ask to become his supporter truth is Hashiba doesn't
want to kill him since he's young but Morimasa is determined to only serve alongside Katsuie.
The next day the little girl comes in to rescue him because he saved him and she doesn't want to be alone.
Morimasa decides to go along because of his promise to meet up with Ichi and Katsuie.
Hashiba... smiles from a distance and let's him go sadly we never find out the little girls name.
In case you are wondering, no Sassa mr serious business doesn't have a side story.
Akechi Mitsuhide.
CV: Suwabe Junichi.
 The resident Kitsuneme... he's on Nobunaga's side so you won't see him much.
 He is a nice character but then in Nobunaga's route he found out his secret... and had to rebel.
 Akechi actually tried to protect Ichi from the oboro before them... Akechi wasn't
involved romantically with Ichi or anything but they did talk often and I could tell he cared.
 Akechi's personal reasons of hating oboro's are sort of the same as Shingen
because he lost everything because of them, he wants to stop that from happening again.
 Kicho tells him to stop though... and that Nobunaga isn't Tamamo Kitsune yeah that's right
Akechi is going after the wrong person! even after hearing it, the flame in his heart won't go out.
Kicho jumps infront of Nobunaga as Akechi made his move and hit her...
As Kicho lays in Akechi's arms they exchange words of affection for each other.
Akechi goes full on emo afterwards but survives... and regrets everything.
At the short story while walking thru forest at night he reminiscences of the good old days
which he really treasures and wouldn't mind dying so he can join Kicho. 😢
Meanwhile I am like you dip shit, live on for her sake and accept your sins.😠
 It's sad when characters end up like Akechi I want to save them so much...
I dunno but I am weak, I know that he prolly won't love anyone else but this shit deserves to be happy.
Asakura Yoshikage.
CV:Nojima Hirofumi.
Get out.
Yoshikage makes his first appearance in Nagamasa's route...
He is one who thinks highly of himself and sees himself as the prettiest woman there ever was(lol wut).
Yoshikage is a cocky dude who shrieks like a girl when his life is in the slightest danger
he dislikes Ichi's at first cuz she pretty, the only good thing is that he brought some amusement
to Nagamasa's lackluster route he only became nice in the end and by then it was too late for him.
Even if he was an ass at times I want to say I LOVE YOU YOSHIKAGE
you are not a terrible guy and deserve so much more! he had a side story
but it was literally his last moments from his POV... which made me sad. 😭😭😭
That feel when I probably care more for Yoshikage than Nagamasa...
  Sanada Yukimura.
CV: Murase Ayumu.
A shota brat... running from his responsibilities, Ichi spends a little time with him
 in the beginning before bumping into best boy Shingen.
His short story had him train hard to fulfill a promise with Shingen of wanting to go stronger and
had a duel with some random kid with an eyepatch called Hon whom he met in the forest.
 If this was supposed to tie into a possible sequel then welp nice but other than
that I didn't care and sped through the short story, not sure where this fits in. 😴
Ueshigi Kenshin.
CV: Outsu Airi.
 You know they either turn historical figures into bishounen or... Bishoujo's.
 As I expected she makes her first appearance in Shingens route, she's a true warrior lady
Kenshin is surprisingly friendly, even tho she was like damn Shingen boy, ya hitched already?
She did call Shingen an old fart for using washi when speaking.  😂😂😂
Kenshin & Shingen have the typical rivalry between them, think sengoku basara but not that crazy.
Kenshin was a badass and she was really supportive towards Ichi... can't say I liked how Kenshin ended up.😭😭😭

Fav route:
Katsuie > Shingen / Hanbei > Nobunaga > Nagamasa.
I'm still sad about Nagamasa... everyone had a more well rounded route than him
even Nobunaga whom's actually wasn't much better but atleast it ended really cute.
Isn't it sad how the poster boys have the least enjoyable route this time?
Katsuie had the best twist hands down...  don't what me but other than that he's still 👌.
Also Alan route where? the ato gatari won't satiate my thirst.

Fav character:
Shingen > Alan > Katsuie > Hanbei  > Nobunaga > Yoshikage > Nagamasa > Kenshin > Akechi  .
 Shingen is the sweet, gentle and understanding adult with some issues, Hanbei is the troubled
cold and distant boy who knows more than he let's on but is surprisingly sweet in the end.
Alan is childish but such a sweet and understanding person, i'm salty he doesn't have a route.
Nobunaga is your overprotective brother who will do anything to keep you safe
but eh his route was 65% war stuff, I lost count how many times my eyes glazed over.
Nagamasa? a straight-faced boy who can be surprisingly sweet... but he just doesn't
get the chance to show his true self often enough which let to an awkward route.
Katsuie is utter trash but somehow his route made him likeable... IDEK don't judge me.
Some side character do not make it to the ranking, basically means they are lower than Akechi.😓

Final thoughts
Who is really the main character???
 Other than Nagamasa's awkward route I think it was okay... its lengthier than recent games but
my eyes can't help but glaze over at all the war stuff that only drag some route on and on
despite it not being that long at all, I guess it all depends on content.
Also despite it being semi-long I managed to finish it within a week yay free time
but if one doesn't have that its going to take longer that's for certain.
Recent KOEI games did spoil me but I still loved how this game brings us the POV
 of other characters, its nice but all in all no masterpiece.
It was nice to spend a little longer with everyone, not sure what was the point in going into Hashiba
and Nene's love life or misadventures with yukimura in the common route but whatever some of it was amusing.
Overall they did a good job at crafting their own fantasy take on this specific period, I do like
 the way it turned out even if it started out slowly, it was still nice to see it build up but sadly
 I struggled getting through Nagamasa and Nobunaga's routes the character isn't bad
its just that didn't I enjoy most of it, if you ask me Shingen, Hanbei and Katsuie had the more
well rounded routes you can obv tell this is by multiple writers because
whoever was in charge of those three knew what they were doing? no offense though.
Canon route? honestly its Hanbei and it makes no sense for Nobunaga to unlock from him at all.
Also some characters such as Akechi get fucked over by Tamamo Kitsune yet only Hanbei's route
deals with it which makes me wonder how its going to end up in other route
since its never touched up upon oh poor Hanbei! his wish... he just die in the background...?
Also some side characters can not be saved even if they grew on you... this is good considering the setting.
The variety of CG's was great too, esp in the common route not to mention the art was beautiful
even side characters got their own CG's... it seems they sure had budget that's for sure.
The bumrush flag system was stupid it only makes me realize how much I'd want
an action game instead and well I think that could work out but I doubt it'll ever happen.

The heroine Ichi was a bit of a tomboy in the past but starts to change, she's still
not the typical princess who isn't afraid to set foot on a battlefield nor watch
 people die, e.g Nobuyuki when she put her nose where it didn't belong
she was a little scared but she's pretty strong for putting up with stuff.
I like how she actually decided to take action on her own at times...
even if some parts about her are inconsistent but overall I think she is okay and that she has balls.
Ichi can be annoying and she was in the beginning of Hanbei's route but perhaps it was necessary
since how else was she gonna get closer to this cold and distant boy? :)
I mean she's no doormat she would be willing to go against onii-sama  and I am willing to
let it slide they let her on the battlefield so easily though, I mean look at sengoku musou
it has Oichi or lady Hayakawa fighting hordes of enemies its not unnatural in fiction.
Well yeah if you expected a real historical otome without fantasy you should skedaddle
the hints are all over too not sure why so many jp reviews dislike the fantasy aspect.
A lot of time was put into this game and I don't think it was half bad except ALAN ROUTE WHERE?!
The compensation for that power was nice atleast I think it was realistic... the compensations
at Katsuie's route were the worst but considering the character in general it makes sense.
Too many times they shove OP powers on a heroine without it having negative effects
maybe that is why I can stomach the fantasy aspect of it... but it seems many do not agree.
Atleast I'm glad I am able to care for that one side character that deserves more hueAlanhue.

Anyway I went into this game not expecting much out of everything and well it worked out?
I recommend Hana Oboro to those who like historic fantasy and a semi-active heroine, despite some
problems its a well rounded game but keep in mind this is not an easy game language wise.
Okay well whatever I think I've said enough, I partly think there will be a sequel in the future
because at certain parts it does hint at more to come, I mean come one who is that shota Hon?
This is no Kusoge its surprisingly well rounded but its not without flaws.
Like said above less points for unengaging posterboy routes but sadly I do not feel anything
special about anyone except Shingen, Katsuie, Hanbei and I just wanted a route for my angel Alan.

Characters ★★★★☆ (Haha... bonus points for Shingen, Alan and Katsuie.)
Art  ★★★★★ (Same person who did lovers collection, man they got so good after all this time)
Scenario/plot ★★★☆☆ (Is this really the full story? also inconsistency.)
Music★★★☆☆ (Average...)
System  ★★★☆☆ (so-so.)
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

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  1. Its not uncommon for poster boys to have underwhelming routes...
    but it is disappointing about Alan, i guess one can hope for that sequel
    still good to hear its apparently a decent game albeit no masterpiece.