Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Favorite Otome Game Openings

Okay I decided to do one of these, they are not in a particular order but these are my favorites.
Its more of the type I can't skip because A, the song is good  and B, the visual flow goes nicely with the song.
Though just saying do not judge a visual novel as a whole by its opening cinematic...
 There are some which I liked such as Clock Zero or Norn9 but they just don't give me
 that feeling... so I did not include them most of them are recent games, its a pain to find
good quality of older otomege sometimes especially ps2/psp ones.
Yuukyuu no Tierblade Lost Chronicle.
Should be obvious why this is included... simply beautiful.

Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama.
Again another that should explain itself...

Wand of Fortune R.
This is such a warm opening...so fluffy and cute.

  Ken ga Kimi.
 I think the vita port OP is good too but something just feels more right about the original.

Meiji Tokyo Renka.
Personally I prefer this version of the OP but the others aren't so bad either
 its even included in the movie section for the vita port.

Kenka Bancho Otome.
I mean come on doesn't this get you pumped? 😁

 Period cube.
 I may not have liked this game that much but I never skipped the OP, the full ver is pretty good too.

 Collar x Malice.
Should speak for itself... 

Suuran Digit.
I never skipped the OP for this either, I liked the flow of it all.
Gotta admit I prefer the OP version of the song... the full version just isn't the same.

Hana Oboro ~Sengoku Den Ranki~,
Need I say more? really I can't bring myself to skip it once.

Geten no Hana.
This one is a bit weird but I like it... the song is the same for both games.

 Oumagatoki Kakuriyo no Enishi.
The game may have been a snoozefest with only two worthwhile routes but I could never bring myself to skip the OP... maybe its the magic of hosoyan.

Eikoku Tantei Mysteria the Crown.
 I'm a bit indifferent about it but I don't remember skipping it a lot maybe once or twice.

I do not like the game that much but it has an excellent OP.

Uh the game may not have been what I'd like it to be but I never skipped the OP even once if anything it kept me sane but the whole vibe is misleading considering what goes on in it.

Sangoku Rensenki.
After the last trainwreck I had to give you something immensely cute to balance it out.

Not the biggest MAO fan but its not bad or anything.

 Senjou no Waltz.
I almost forgot but I love Akino+bless4 the OP was pretty good but the actual game not so much,
and I have to add it even if I do not like the game that much it was worth it for Tifalet atleast...
or so I like to believe.

 Scared Rider Xechs rev.
Its a good OP, even if SRX as an otome leaves much to be desired.

Black Wolves Saga.
The moment I saw  this in the game I was like wow I couldn't even pull my eyes from the screen.

Getsuei no Kusari Sakuran Paranoia.
This is one of those odd OP's that grows on you while you play the game.
I remember being meh the first time but after going deeper into it I just... welp.


Mahoutsukai to Goshujin-sama.
I liked the OP sadly this was my second and last Quinrose game before they went bankrupt.
These OP's tend to be long so... well it makes sense why they only play once
I liked the overall feel of it though and barely skippd it.
Beyond the Future.
Dat KENN, I'm sorry but the next two are going to be a blast from the past.

Kami Naru Kimi to.
Didn't play this but the OP is so good pretty much makes it clear its a tear jerker.

Desert Kingdom.
I like it but ur probably better off looking at the OP on the official site.

As for the last, I am an immense Akiko Shikata fan and well while I have not yet played
Haitaka no Psychelica or Kokuchou for that matter I just had to include both Kokuchou is not by her btw... just Haitaka the former is just really something else.




  1. haha I guess we have different opinion for amnesia OP one. I love the PSP ver because both lyrics and music get more feels compared with PSvita one. But I do agree with tierblade, hana oboro, suran digit and code realize one.

    also too bad I actually kinda like reine des fleurs op but it not made to your fav so i guess it's fine ppl have different tastes :'d

    also just wondering if you play hana oboro or not? since the review seems vague what the game itself looks good or not. (some said it's only good if you like sengoku era or smthg)

    1. RDF OP is okay, it just didn't make it into my favs
      maybe cuz the game system stressed me out.
      Hana oboro is okay so far, if you can stand otomege with war stuff like Juuza engi I recommend...