Thursday, November 2, 2017

Yuukyuu no Tierblade Fragments of Memory - Review

悠久のティアブレイド Fragments of Memory
Game: [Tierblade FD]
Genre: Otome Game Visual Novel.
Developer/Publisher: Otomate.
Platform: PS Vita.
Release date: 2017-10-05

Another fandisk? what about new games- all in due time!
I am actually really excited about this one in particular, I know the original
had its fair sets of issues but I really enjoyed it nonetheless.
There's not a whole lot to write about without going full spoilers though...
I don't want to overhype this series, it has flaws but I do believe
it should have a shot at getting localized, it certainly has appeal even if its an otome.

- Plenty of random fanservice.
-  Expands upon the world of tierblade, telling what couldn't be told before.
- Art/BGM.

- A little on the short side... but still satisfying for what you do get so this con is none-existant.
- Wish it was easier to keep track of what fragments unlocked especially if multiple at once.

This fandisc is divided into three sections:
 - Eclipse - A new story set after the true end of the original game.
 - Fragment - Some of these tie into Eclipse, its stuff that couldn't be told before.
 - Future - After stories set after the happiest ends.

It is recommended to start with Eclipse, then do the fragments till you unlock more.
Eclipse 2 >  Future(After stories) > Eclipse 2 / the rest.
 It doesn't matter when you view the bonus future fragments it could be last or before last fragment.
Order doesn't matter much but if you value the story the above may be right.
Some could say to start with after stories(end with Roh) and then do eclipse for max story enjoyment.

So in short:
Well after the last two fandisks I sat through I thought this was a whole lot better?
The only downside... its short most scenes are to the point but there are parts they could've
expanded upon but imo they already did a great job with what they did focus on.
This FD further expands the story and covers the past... in a way that keeps it interesting
while still giving fanservice scenarios in between, some are nice.
The future aka the after stories which are self-contained, to focus on each character
the shortest would be Cradle and whichever version of him you do last will be even shorter.
You guessed it... they still copy paste for him because why not both?
For fragments its nice how we get to see scenes from the past... which gives side characters the
time of day much like ken ga kimi momoyo tsuzuri I very much appreciate this even if not all
is as interesting but uhm that is to be expected some fragment here did feel random.
I can safely say this is a good FD, definitely one of the better ones this year for sure
like I have a few problems with it here and there but most of the content was worth it.
A shame its so short, had I focused on it more it would've flown by me but in all honesty
 its better if a story knows where to end than unneededly drag itself out.
System wise... easy peasy, just go through everything and no choices so what to complain about?
I can honestly recommend this FD to a fan of tierblade, the content as a whole
 is more than worth the price, what more do you want really? So go for it if you haven't
preordered it, but if you are really worried about price/value then I suggest to wait for a sale
because there really isn't that much content hench why I cannot give it a ten of ten.
Yeah maybe I sound a bit like a tierblade fanbo-girl, but for a mecha/scifi otome
I still think its pretty great? and I really hope this series get localized.

I do not recommend reading any of the spoiler babbles about the scenarios below, I feel
Tierblade is best experienced without knowing anything. 

There's probably spoiler babbles 
somewhere below here
so I suggest you do not scroll down here.

Eclipse- 1
These aren't full summaries, just an excuse to make comments on them. 
 Set after the true end and the story will go beyond the moon, introduces
two new characters named Elysion and Dezoid.
So one day Aina points out something fishy SOS coming from the moon
and so our gang sets out to find out what that signal is.
There they find some ruins and a tearblade... its piloted by Dezoid and he's not very friendly.
An epic fight ensues, this Dezoid is not to be underestimated, I loved how they showed how they
aren't going to win so easily, eventually Dezoid sends them crashing down into the ruins below.
 Whether they want to or not Dezoid takes Eve to Elysion an AI of the moon who watches
over the ruins on the moon much like Cradle, Elysion says he'll let her see Roh again in her dreams.
He puts her to sleep and let's her see fragments of the past... he mumbles something
meanwhile I have no clue wtf he is talking about at this point.

-Fragments: Before the union downfall-
Please note I did most as they unlocked, they're not long its like a sub story also
someone else can make a detailed timeline explaining everything cuz I ain't doing it
i'm only sumarizing a little because that's all I can be bothered with.
1017: This is in the past before the war and has us see how Eve and Roh met.
1015: Even further back shows how Gill even though he's young brought Eve to union
 after an attack and her parents are no more, Gill blames himself for the incident
also we already know they not blood related.
It can't be helped Eve's allowed to be taken in with Beria, under a few conditions of course
 and swears like true knight to do anything to grow stronger and not let her be alone.
 986: Well if I thought they couldn't go further back here they go and show how some dude gets
brutally killed in the middle of the night while another mumbles a load of crap.
1023/1016:Not much except some more relaxed time with union knights background info on
Eruze/Garugado on how Eruze got where she is now etc.
1024: Roh wants Fou to teach him how to use the sword so they spar together...
Fou can read his reasons for doing this and lights a spark they collided very violently.
 1022: Focuses more on Fou, nice if you like him but it shows more how much of a brat he was
and at the end of the day he got what was coming to him, oh lord have mercy!
  1025: Roh breaks the truth about some legend of the past being real, stuff about Ophelia
and Roderick who survived an ancient battle or whatever ages ago also dayum nanomachines son.
I didn't even bother paying attention to that because it doesn't
seem important other than uhm descendants.
 After this everything goes to shit... like we already knew from the original game the attack etc
but more is explained from other perspective etc. After that -Eclipse 2- unlocks.
Random bonus CG you get for progressing, Carmine... Dezoid what even also R.I.P Fou onions are killer.
Starts with the character giving their version of the events in the previous game which honestly
was nice to have a quick way of knowing what happened again from the guys POV.

CV: Ishikawa Kaito.
 Well they both left neosphere and they live in the slums of a human settlement...
Sud's life truly changed thanks to Eve, after all that's happened he's very happy now.
Sud's truly a good kid...with a heart of gold and I can never hate him(who would?)
The only sad part about Sud's ending in the original was what happened to Cradle...
I already said this a year ago but Sud would be the perfect shounen protagonist if this was a mecha...
However Sud isn't perfect he has his fears of losing those whom he cares about which was the focus.
 Sud's been doing his best but he's a bit dense at times but he tries to think about what Eve wants too.
My favorite scene was when they were about to get all mushy but lol... his bro intruded &cockblock. xD
Honestly Sud was adorable most of the time... and everything that happened never dragged on
aka the pacing was good, even if some problem was typical it was a decent after story.
Either way I'd like to say Sud's problems aren't as big as the next guy... like here
Sud had to get his priorities straight they had a fight with each other but Eve got through
and in the end they had to flee the slums, in the end they'll surely find a new place to live.
This is fine but not the type of an after story i'd want... i'm all for being open ended
but there's a part that gave me a bad after taste that I can't quite describe then again maybe it was
a way to show that Sud despite his shounen protag traits he is no hero and that he definitely
doesn't need to save everyone, like I said Sud is a super likeable character but he's not perfect.
There's no reason for me to write much really, I promise its better to read for yourself. ^^~
Other than that I am glad to hear Ishikawa Kaito in a more genuinely nice guy voice
than that of an angry dog barking *coughChikacough*.
 Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

CV: Terashima Takuma.
 So we all know Atharva has 9000 problems related to him being a substitute/clone
of Roh in the past and if his feelings are his own and not just what he was created with.
 Of course Eve means a whole lot to Atharva but his basically went down hill
from the point where he found out the truth because his brain will fry itself if he's not needed.
I honestly find Atharva's character the most interesting but I agree that his route was shafted
the most back in the original because it just doesn't feel complete even if Eve saved him there's a
sense of fake happiness at the end TL;DR Atharva's route was complicated  but he deserves all the
love and affection even if his feelings are borrowed and Eve has to pretend.
They've been living together and its been peaceful but there problems are far from over
the worst part is that it continues from the god damn bad end and not the happiest one WTF!
Compared to Sud it was a little more serious overall as in Atharva regains his self, Carmine
helps him out to get Eve back to reality cuz of some virus, she's been stuck in a false reality/dream.
OH MY GOD FUCK THIS SHIT, just when I thought it couldn't get more complicated
anyway not going to bother full summarizing but i'll try to write some stuff so it makes sense.
In all honesty I was confused as to what was real at times... maybe this was a way
for Atharva to regain his self because we all know that ending was too good to be true.
It all started when they left neosphere at the end of the original game...
they traveled, in some town they met a girl all by herself who was ill.
Eve wanted to save her... like bring her back to neosphere but it was too late, she was really
heart broken by the little girls death, for some reason in weakened state Eve got infected
 by shit Arkadia left behind and here we are with Atharva trying to reach Eve who's stuck
 in dream land neosphere where Atharva = Roh and Cradle is well... Arkadia himself.
In case you didn't get it, Eve got tricked and took an offer for granted said offer being
able to live happily ever after with Roh(Atharva) IDK how I can simplify this?
Basically Eve saved Atharva back then but now its Atharva's time...!
Atharva get's some help from Roh who tell him to man up and protect his girl already.
He also let's him use the tierblade there and Roh has the last laugh with Arkadia.
 Eve admitted it was her fault for giving up in a moment of weakness, everythings all good now
which for being the protagonist was nice to see because not every day
we get to see them admit their faults/mistakes.
I am mostly satisfied with what I got here... but in the beginning
I had trouble to figure out what the hell was going on also perhaps this was the only
future episode that got me even remotely emotional because of Atharva's struggles.
Overall I'd say both Sud and Atharva's future episode aren't much better than the other
but I suppose its still good depending on how you look at it.
All that aside part of me still thinks Atharva got screwed over... once again this isn't the type of content I'd like for a FD but atleast it wrapped some stuff up nicely so I can't complain that much
and in terms of ending its not that much better than Sud either, still better than in the first game.
I love this CG... he looks so happy! that's all I need.
  Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★★☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

CV: Kondou Takashi.
Yajur be like what did I get myself into?!
 I never really liked him that much but I looked forward to seeing his POV of the events
in tierblade as if maybe to understand him more, which did help.
Well disliking him would start with the betrayal and then him being a total ass for a bit.
They expect you to pity him because of his past and forgive his actions, sometimes this works I guess
it all depends on the character/situation, I just wish there was more time in the end and now
I finallygot it. If anything Yajur is an interesting character but I still think he ain't for me.
 Well they're together now but Yajur is like why this? in the first event... xD
 Yajur called her out for a brat for having to carry her on his back when she's usually
genki and running about, Eve just said i'm not cuz I am 3000 years old...😂
The two may fight a little but they're on good terms, I liked the atmosphere here.
If anything Eve's happy so I should too, even if Yajur's literally the ''worst boy'' of this game.
They're traveling together but Eve bumps into some dude because she wasn't
looking infront of her they mad but Yajur's there to tell em to get lost (politely lol).
They stop by Sud's home and well Eve is causing all sorts of trouble for Yajur. xD
Unlike last after story which was a bit of a mess this is more in line of what I expect of a FD
but well those men from before realized this brat is actually rather dangerous so they'd have to
eventually deal with them again, those folks used some brainwashing device which is similair
to what people used in the past, Yajur and Eve deal with them since it can't be left as is so they
set out to teach them a lesson once and for all to not to mess with them, after the credits
Yajur decides to finish the job behind Eve's back because he's that kind of guy. 😉
Overall it was good in terms of writing and fanservice even if I am still ''eh'' about Yajur in general.
Yajur's badass, done some hard living but don't you think he deserves some sort of happiness? I do.
Also Yajur has so many great CG's to describe the various happy, sad and serious moments... 
and the scene where he let Eve wash his hair, p r i c e l e s s.
Get you a man who can do both...
Romance ★★★★★
Plot ★★★★★
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆


CV: Tetsuya Kakihara.
Tbh this is how I really feel about all this...
 Two for the price of one, his after stories are split in adult/shota
and if I had to be really honest I don't really care about him romantically, the route in
the original was a side dish at best and the copy pasta of why not both sure didn't help.
To me shota!Cradle feels like a cute little brother and adult!Cradle is like a father figure to me
the latter makes the most sense I guess because he was always their for Eve, protecting her and all
but of course they both fell in love with her during the events in their route so it can't be helped.
I started with adult!cradle and finished with shota!cradle... since their route in the original
was identical I wasn't really interested in their POV of it and it is identical for both.
As expected it was also shorter like it was maybe a little over an hour long.
Adult!cradle and Eve live together and take care of kids, also yes he's very much like a dad.
 So one day adult!cradle catches a cold much like Eve at his ending in the original...
even Sud and Atharva are like my dude Eve just had one now its YOU?! bad timing man.
The two end up talking a bit about the past, Cradle is grateful for the work queen did
because the bodies they have now wouldn't be possible without queens help.
So... adult!cradle wants to make robot kiddies with Eve and they live happily ever after
because Cradle will make sure no one will harm her or the people of the town they live in.
As for shota!cradle well they live together, Eve takes care Cradle whom tries really hard
despite his size but he's a bit of a brat here though. However much like the original there is some
overlap between the adult/shota so whichever you do last will be even shorter
yes even shota!cradle wants to make robot babies, atleast the epilogue was different. UwU
Cradle asking about a human body...  him getting sick them talking of the past and the general
 flow of things, was the same regardless of whom you pick so there's less to write about.
It all depends on if you like Cradle or not... to say its was worth it so think carefully
which version you like the most because I think it matters but other than that I felt Cradle
had the weakest after story in terms of overall writing but its okay he's a special case I guess.
Romantically I guess adult!cradle wins it for me but honestly it doesn't matter much to me
I like shota!cradle more because he's adorable I guess I cannot chose between them afterall
but there's a lot of questions of how why what I had with adult!cradle version.
 Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★☆☆☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆

CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka.
 Ah Roh... aka the one who started out like he was this crazy yandere but
actually turned out to be misguided and a real sweet heart, he's pretty much
the canon guy like one must be really blind to not see that. xD
 Hearing the events of the previous game from Roh's POV makes me realize once
again he did nothing wrong and was just another victim in Arkadia's plans.
They live together now and Roh works hard, he still has some regrets but Eve tells
him otherwise... d'aww these cuties! Carmine and Roh have a sparring match but there
are people not exactly happy with the current situation and Roh gets injured but Eve's
nanomachines aren't helping, so they'll have to tend to his wounds the old fashioned way.
Cradle explains that it may be because their feelings aren't in line with each other...
he suspects they had a fight but its just Roh having doubts and Eve did nothing wrong.
It was basically triggered because Roh saw a fragment of Eve's past in his dreams and Roh's
reason for fretting over it was pretty cute to be honest, when Carmine overheard the truth
 he couldn't contain himself and i'm like tbh same.😂
 Well it gave us another look of how Gill became Eve's not blood related brother and since
we've already seen his fragment of how he brought her with him to neosphere this is nice.
TBH Gill is best onii-sama, he'll do anything to ensure Eve's happiness. 😭😭😭
Apparently to prevent more memory overflow thingy they will forget stuff of the past...
I don't really feel like detailing a whole lot but Eve and Atharva end up helping Roh out
but they overworked and Roh was the only one who slept for once. xD
Roh ends up proposing on the day he finds out its Eve's birthday, he almost forgot
but it was so amusing because of Eve's reaction, Roh freaked out over nothing again, lol.
 Roh also told her about what promise Gill made to him now that he remembered
 its something we already know and that is Eve's happiness in life, Roh knows what Eve meant
to Gill but now that he's gone Roh will make sure of it that Gill's wish will come true.
Cradle and Carmine succeed in making a human body and the two Eve finally get
a chance to talk face to face, after that Cradle prepares the wedding only for this
 Elysion fucker to appear out of nowhere one night, he doesn't mean ill he only gives
Eve a book, calls Arkadia by the name Eden and says he should be satisfied and calls Eve
his beloved last creator but disappears before Eve can ask anything, leaving more
questions than answers but I figure this is all explained further in eclipse. 😓
Well to make the bias that much worse some time later they get married for real...
They're happy together till the end like Gill would've wanted.
PSssst Roh's bonus CG is him butt naked in the shower... like they teased us so much
during the after story I was like OMG are you for real? thanks! when I saw it. xD
Overall I enjoyed it, I didn't mention a lot but there are plenty of great moments and it wrapped
things up nicely if I may say so and well having just one marriage after is good
enough for me since I am honestly burned out on those after the last two FD's.
Grats on the engagement!
  Romance ★★★★★
Plot ★★★☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

 Eclipse 2
 Okay now that we got the good stuff out of the way its time to continue
with this since Elysion's appearance in Roh's after story got me curious!
Since I knew this FD is short I waited a couple of days since I didn't want to finish it yet
but you know all good things must come to an end which includes this game.
So what's happening in eclipse part 2?
(After progressing you also get more bonus fragments and another (short) future episode...
and when you think about it the subtitle fragments of memory makes more and more sense.)
So one day the other Eve wakes up and has good old times with the gang.
Atharva is bitching @ Sud... over uhm necessities, eventually Eve realizes that this is wrong
and she starts to hear voices, telling her to save someone spooky huh.
Well Eve wakes up from what she thought was a dream and  goes outside to get
 some fresh air and then before you knowit some thing came crashing down from the skies!
Its the tierblade, all beat up that is, they wonder if Roh's inside but alas then she starts
to get some flashbacks and they all decide to go to the moon
to find out and save the princess aka the other Eve.
They all cram aboard the tierblade and head into space to the moon! Cradle jokes to eject folks
into space if they don't give Eve some space or did I read that wrong? either way I can see him say it.
They explore the ruins but get attacked by nanomachines and Eve gets seperated from everyone.
From here you get to choose your favorite guy to help her, the others are different but
it all depends on whom you like the most I guess.
I ended up choosing Atharva as Eve's knight in shining armor.
They find some pad which shows a holograph of ships leaving the planet... 3000 years ago.
Well uhm Atharva got to the point of his diary which he got from Rigu and
Eve ends up trying to draw in it to make him remember something.
 Then Elysion shows up complaining how noisy it is and picks Eve up like she is some sample
and he can use nanomachines, he is the AI of the moon, after done explaining he let's them get away.
There's some shit about Arcadia who apparantly existed long ago as Eden and used to Elysion's pal.
As Eve and the others reunite and get in the tierblade, Elysion thanks Dezoid for buying time
for it is now time to go even deeper into the past, BTW I skimmed through
Shudo and Yajur's scenarios with Eve cuz ain't nobody got time for that and the former
gets be the typical shounen protag while having a showdown with Dezoid.
Yajur wasn't much different really honestly I though Atharva's part felt more canon
just because of the direct encounter with Elysion but honestly they all could've been.
Once upon a time Arcadia used to be a good AI and good pals with Elysion.(sarcasm)
then right before the lost chronicle era it turns into Utawarerumono and we in some research facilty
in space and researcher dude named Belia and they experimented with nanomachines
They've just finished creating this prototype AI called Cradle-1... some internal struggle happens
so a researcher begs Cradle-1 to make people calm down and sends the nanomachines
 into space which actually made stuff worse. So now that the precious nanomachines are gone
a researcher completely loses it, Cradle-1 gets ordered to literally vacuum the place, but of course
he can't do that cuz there's  still people in the station but this crazy researcher still orders
him to comply to kill everyone not in a stasis pod, so he does it and thats the end of that for now.
Oh and around this point I unlocked a random fragments one of them was a random scene 
with Ray drenched in sweat while Sud questioned himself being knighted by Eve.
 The other was a sleepy head Gill and Eve having breakfast. Hnnnng
I don't remember but I thought I Eve was noticing he was hiding something from her.
Either way thanks for spreading out some fanservice content through the story stuff.
Thank you for giving me quality time with my favorite onii-sama.
 Well years later that facility crashed on the moon, Cradle-1 explored the place and runs into Elysion
whom explains about the nanomachines running amok on the moons surface.
This is troublesome, also Dezoid's apparently a test subject who was asleep in the facility
he's got all the memories from the time in union and its been a thousand years, so uhm
Dezoid gets to use a tierblade but the nanomachines end up overwhelming it
thus changing its shape to that of an ugly tin-can.
Dezoid and the epic battle against the darkness on the moon! coming to theaters near you soon.
 I kid... but honestly its the best way to summarize it without context really it ends
with Dezoid and Elysion coming towards a mutual agreement and looking at the earth.

 Well other than that there's more fragments of during the time-frame of the first game some are
hilarious like Shudo being inconsiderate and not realizing Eve's feelings as a girl but if I had to
 be honest, most mini events are really just untold fragments also this may be bias but
the only one I liked was Atharva being a scaredy cat and them cuddling up together. =w=
Roh's fragment as well because the latter felt like it had more of a point
like Roh looks back on how a lot of things wouldn't be possible thanks to peoples actions.
Now for the other ones i'd say are worth it to mention, Roh having to get some green fingers
and Yajur getting sort of edgy at one point... idk other than that it wasn't that memorable?
One for Carmine where the two Eve's prepared a feast for him but he was pretty much like
wtf I do to deserve this? it also got a little depressing at one point but whatever. lol.
Carmine be like: The fuck I do to deserve this again?!
 Then there was one more with Atharva and Sud getting at each other... at this point idek anymore
but apparently Sud took his food without asking, lmao wtf is this sheit.
Things escalated thanks to Yajur, the two hot heads broke something and Eve got mad the end.😂
In another almost everyone got drunk and Yajur telling his embarrassing tales of adultery...
now this one in particular was amazing, Atharva too pure! also protect Eve from them please.
I guess most of that content was good stand alone but fun little episode.

-Eclipse 3-
 Well the time of reckoning has come, and our sleeping beauty Eve and Roh
finally awakens from her slumber, Elysion says they should be able to piece stuff together.
Basically Elysion needs Eve and Roh's help to destroy the core on the moon look I don't
even need to be detailed do you get now why this new story is called eclipse? The other Eve
 and the others are fighting off Dezoid, Sud is making Atharva sick due to his piloting skills
while they try to figure out wtf is up with those nanomachines so they consult Aina
and they meet Cradle-1 who apparently still works after so long, lol.
They have to destroy the core which is also the base of Elysions AI, he wonders
why they're so sad since he's just a program so he forces his own hand since there's no time.
Not even Aina can help them... despite Eve and Roh wanting to then suddenly
Roh remembers how he was once saved and tries to do the same thing for Elysion.
All Roh had to do was order him, he says to buy more time for the others to fight it off.
Meanwhile Sud and the others fight Dezoid, Eve has a eureka moment and realizes
how to make a contract with the creators and turn this battle around which in Cradle's words
makes the tierblade's powers go well over 9000, Sud only had to focus and ended the battle with
the nanomachines in an instant, Elysion didn't have to disappear thanks to Roh's quick thinking.
Elysion ditches them for his gay boyfriend Dezoid... whom we both never hear or see from again...
well okay they caused half of this scenario and they wrote them out so easily, lol.
Their nanomachines may have been for this moment... what's another thousand years anyway?
However what is beyond that...?
Meanwhile on earth the other Eve has a harem end... eh to each their own huh. If you want my
opinion on the last fragment it has to be, well thats nice but I would've been okay with the ending
of eclipse itself unless you really wanted to see tierblade boy again, uh well you know who I mean!
Okaaaay its been an eternity since the events of eclipse, someone god knows who is being
chased by men with guns also evil nanomachines, she has little to go on
 and is looking for the tierblade which she finds it, there's a boy inside whom either looks like
a cross between Eve and Roh like their child(Tierblade-san?) I guess there is a sense
 of fantasy about this, after the girl takes his hand... we never know what happens next
but all will be fine no doubt, truly the tierblade of -eternity- hahaha what's in a name?
On a side note there was an audio fragment of Gill... where he tells us how immensily grateful 
he is for all that Aina has done because he wouldn't be where he was without her.
If things were different I would've shipped them but alas...
Lol I am so sorry I can't be bothered to be detailed someone else can do it.

There's probably spoiler babbles 
somewhere above here
so I suggest you do not scroll up here.

Yajur > Roh > Atharva > Sud > Cradle.
I think Yajur was the most well rounded? and Roh was okay... Atharva? it depends on taste.
 Nothing against Cradle but he always seemed like a bonus to me and I'd rather
see him as a father figure than romantic interest besides the copy paste
ruined a lot of things, why not both? how about why not stop?

Fave character(s):
Gill > Atharva > Roh > Sud > Yajur > Cradle > Carmine > Elysion > Dezoid.
I never felt much for Dezoid... maybe if you're into rough guys not necessarily bad
but whom are on the opposite side of things but imho he's not meant to be seen as a
character of interest, same for Elysion whom I like a little more.... these two are BFF's though.
I still like Gill the most... he's an unsung hero and possible my favorite older brother type
like I wish I had a brother like him... also maybe its because he's unattainable? who knows.
Atharva is still my best boy next to Roh but everyone else follows after that.

Final thoughts
Hmmm... while I think it was a great FD, by the end I don't feel particularly
warm or cold about it... but I won't deny that its a decent conclusion to the series.
It was actually quite short overall but still interesting while still giving fanservice
and expanding upon stuff and its characters while not unnecessarily dragging it on.
I can say this is the type of FD I wanted, I felt most of the content given to me was worth it
and the scenes not being dreadfully long helped a lot, I like scenes having proper pacing that
know when to end and not make you doze off because it takes forever to get anywhere
so in my opinion it did stuff right. I think what it did wrong was the execution of eclipse
the story was not told consistently I realized this by eclipse part 2 because I lost track of
which fragments unlocked when and which actually proceeded its story and so
I was stuck for a while viewing side scenarios that didn't fit in well. >_>
The fragments scenes aren't bad... a lot actually expand upon the past while other give fanservice.
Also the final scene in the game I viewed was all the way back at the beginning
(about Arkadia)  so I really wished they made it easier to keep track of the fragments
that unlocked at times cuz I forgot that one and honestly I really didn't care about more
TL;DR about the past but thanks for expanding upon that and more I guess.
If there's any problem with this series in general its ''miracles'' and ''nanomachines son''
but honestly that would be all also come on its sci-fi? not everything needs explanations
but it would be nice if they did tell us a little more about certain matters, but they just
do it the wrong way hench why I was just so whatever when writing about eclipse
 the way they ended eclipse was just right even if they sort of  ''they did it again''.
From the overall writing to the characters and the beautiful art... I can't complain that much
but all I know is that tierblade is no masterpiece, it has its flaws it is no perfect work
also most of the after stories had a very ''eh'' story to end especially Atharva😢.
Speaking of art I loved the special bonus CG's you get for progressing the FD...
as you can see one below they don't got much of a story to it just a fanservice bonus
probably one of the better things in this game along with the extra after story fragments.
Atharva and Gill nii-sama *_*
It was a decent FD to me, especially if I like characters a little more I previously couldn't
stand such as Yajur just because they gave his version of the events and more time with him.
 I do not think I was ever disappointed and if they release an artbook of the FD i'd definitelt buy it.
It was fun learning more about the world(the past) but as of now this is the end, there's
 no reason for more that's for sure but did this FD get me very emotional? not really its
the opposite, I was happy and content with what I got.
Despite being short it still took me almost two weeks, yep I took my time and waited on purpose
before continueing with Eclipse 2 but was still done with the content in two days.😅
Let's say you'd rush... hmmm well it'll just fly by...
 Ofcourse otomate could make a sequel to this but in all honesty もう、いいよ.
Oh and the limited edition booklet is a gem, from gallery to the comics at the end
it really shows the team behind tierblade put a lot of care and effort into it all.
I may be too much of a tierblade fangirl but if you didn't like the original that much you'd probably
won't find much to enjoy here and can't say the content overall was worth the price maybe that's why
I felt so lukewarm about it when I finished, I looked back aaaaaaaaaand some of the after stories weren't satisfying at all i'm mostly looking at you ATHARVA yup can't mention it enough. >_>
This is why tierblade or this fd will never get a perfect score from me
but its all what you want really I think there are plenty of enjoyable scenes
though I admit the overall story is not worth to write home about and better in person.

Characters ★★★★★
Art  ★★★★★
Scenario/plot. ★★★☆☆ (Its okay... but really though. )
System  ★★★★☆ (Its comfy and the design is nice..)
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆ (There's more than what I asked for...)

What's next? well I honestly can't give a definite answer I got Himehibi or Bad Apple Wars
so those could be next but I could also finish backburner game.
I think i'll do the latter...

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  1. Wow my waifu Eve is just so beautiful in her knight uniform along with her husbando Row. Seriously this game is so great! fuck Akys for haven't translate it yet, nope they rather want to stick to Hakuoshit. They have so much great otome title who deserve to be translated and they pick the worst of them, that unfair.

    Did the after story are in the booklet or in the game ?