Thursday, November 29, 2018

Wand of Fortune R2 FD ~Kimi ni sasageru Epilogue~ - Review

PSP box art because I like it more.
Genre: Otome Visual Novel. 
Developer/publisher: Otomate.
Platform: PSP, PSV.
Release date: 2018-10-04

The much needed FD for Wand of Fortune 2  ~Jikuu ni Shizumu Mokushiroku~
This is where I say its better late than never, since I did like the cast enough
to return otome hogwartz one more time for the much need epilogue to WoF2
because let's be real, WoF2 had so much character development that by the time
you got to the post credit scene and you'd see your handsome man all grown up
you'd either be like aww its over OR wtf?! growth spurt much? (looking at you Est)
to the point you don't even really recognize and want more time.

 - Plenty of content and fanservice.
- No more gameplay.
 - BGM is a relic of the past...but has charms, OP theme's a good jam.

-Short, only reason I took so long is because I paced it out due to otome game drought.

So in the prologue of this FD; in some dream-like space she meets a fairy named Bell
and now Lulu has the power to visit the past or the future... 
because Lulu has had so many possibilities Bell's gonna help her out!
At first of me thinks this little scenario takes place after the true end of WoF2
but since she let chances slip she had regrets this is where Bell comes in
and she gets to spend lovey dovey time with her harem.
So many things! so little time!
There's the after stories to WoF2.
A scenario of a ball at mils clair where thanks to Bell. Lulu can go out with everyone
and finally there's loli-Lulu's big adventure... but that was so random I didn't write much of it.
 Ball scenario can get repettitive and the writing for each guy keeps it a bit more fresh
but its not long, an hour or so maybe less, still fun just gets redundant.
That ball takes place somewhere right after WoF1/mirai no prologue but before WoF2
but Lulu was so busy studying she completely forgot, idk its sort of weird trying to place this
anywhere and maybe its better to just believe Lulu forgot about it all together back then
which will actually all make sense once you do Solo's scenario, what a special boi.
There's a score card system where you can check what you have completed
but imo since its sorta obvious in the stories which element belongs to who but still nice
that you can check if you really completed a route (after/ball/great adventure) with that character.
There's also this mils claire DX thing which is basically interviews with the characters
and bonus voices which was the only awful thing to complete since it requires
playing with bell and feading her stuff loli-Lulu finds in her big adventure
but its not too bad and can be done in no time so its not that annoying.

If you finished WoFr2 completely and still like the series I see no reason as to why one
should not get this. It has plenty of content and an extended epilogue to WoF2 is what
we all wanted the most and the rest is enjoyable, the overall content makes it worth the price
even if its still short, just because one after got me in a bad mood didn't ruin the whole game.

My play order:
Ball: Lagi > Bilal > Est > Julius > Noel > Alvaro > Ami/Elbert > Solo.
After: Bilal > Lagi > Est > Noel > Julius > Alvaro > Solo.

CV: Takahashi Hiroki.
 Since Bilal's route in WoF2 was both awful and mostly boring as sin...
not to worry as always Bilal's many problems are still ever present in his after.😅
OK I appreciated all the international intrigue over ancestral sins, family and magic
but like the way they went about it was sinfully boring and made Bilal look like a selfish prick
while in actuality he was doing it all for her sake. Well even if Bilal was still a gaijin in Lagi's
ball scenario I was pleasantly surprised to hear his more normal voice in his own so while
I was blegh at the thought- this changed quickly lmao and it was somewhat more enjoyable
which might confirm this whole ball scenario is after the routes in the original game/fd?
Either way, Lulu has some internal struggle about Bilal being a real prince and all...
ends up burning Alvaro when he teases her of becoming her partner if she had no one.
During the practice I fangirled so much, Bilal is a sexy beast and the difference in his tone
of voice really matters and makes him bearable or maybe i'm just being seduced NOTLIKETHIS
as he continues to try and steal Lulu's lips during practice. At this point I realized I really like the old
Bilal from WoF1 more than WoF2 and am so glad this scenario existed because he pretty much
turned took a turn for the worst at WoF2 but let's face it, character development
is sometimes needed and i'd rather have an imperfect prince than a perfect one.
Oh and there was some lowkey Ami and Edgar shipping during the ball too.😅
They dance, watch the fireworks and Bilal confesses his undying love many times... the end.
 Moving on to his after story, we get a lengthy recap in his POV which was very much needed after
so long, that aside its been 3 years since the time traveling misadventure, Lulu graduated
and is moving in with this gaijin prince. We got some steamy fanservice right of the bat
ye they already be in bed together huehuehue Ami and Lulu spend some time together
back in latinum and at this point we realize he still keeps secrets from us. Basically Bilal's still
a bit of a dick  and hasn't entirely let go of his I will take care of this curse by myself shit.
So like his bro want Lulu to become a teacher at a magic school in Faranbald
and the whole reason for it is basically for the country's future, its a bit scary for Lulu
and is free to decline then there's the problem of Lulu and Bilal's unborn kids to have that curse.
They meet up with Zeus in the present and after all these years he finally lost that stick in his butt
so after seeing the current situation he decides to cut Bilal, Lulu and their unborn children some slack
and blesses their future of them and the country which solves like almost all the problems lol.
Bilal listens to Lulu's insecurities and reassures her, he's so happy and has the one he loves at his side.
Lulu will do her best too even if a whole new country/having kids is scary but they got
each others backs no more keeping secrets to protect her, they marry and screw afterwards, the end.
I'm pretty conflicted about Bilal in general but this wasn't a bad after story
it wrapped up the issue from WoF2 and dealt with lingering insecurities Lulu might have
all his CG's were gorgeous too, i'm not the biggest Bilal fan but this was pretty good!
Bilal was great in WoF1 end and here but I think its great he has all that depth to him in Wof2
and is not just a lewd beast all the time, He's just a bit overprotective not to burden Lulu but
 as of this epilogue they're willing to talk&listen to each others and make it work.
I think that's a beautiful example as to how healthy relationships should go.


CV: Irino Miyu.
Well this was a downer...
 Our little kuudere and prince of darkness, unfortanetely he's no longer smoll
and has had quite a growth spurt when he met up with Lulu after graduation.
Not only has Est grown, he also has matured quite a bit and is no longer that angsty kid.
The ball scenario he is more or less still like his WoF1 self with a stick up his butt
Lulu looks around for Est but he is purposely playing hard to get she even gets bullied
by Alvaro along the way which knowing him is no surprise😂, at the end of the day
Est can't bear to see an exhausted Lulu and basically gives up after Lulu trying to convince him
and finally hr ends up being her partner for the ball but I dunno compared to Lagi/Bilal
Est's ball scenario was pretty weak, him being rude in the beginning didn't help
of course he dere's up and loses that cold and serious attitude after Lulu gets through to him
and she gets to confess after the ball but then Lulu got too excited and childish in the end
and then I suddenly understood why Est is the way he is once again. Probably the worst ball scenario
but its not like Lulu was out of character she was just being her typical genki but childish self
while Est being all crude, atleast we know he means well. Moving on to the after story
in which I still had a hard time of believing who this tall and handsome boi is.😅
We know that he like Lulu had no element and that he was taken by some cult who experimented
on him and that why he's so cold and distant with a stick up his butt most of the time
but then he found Lulu and finally saw a future with her in it.
Now Est's all grown up and acts like it... or atleast he tries too hard most of it
felt like Lulu was thinking she's not good enough... and like Bilal, Est has
not been telling her everything like visiting his parents and the cult
who still have some hold over him and he ends up seeing Ivan sensei about it.
The two end up talking about it but idk this whole after felt kinda boring to me?
despite it trying to resolve any remaining issues. Est's an angel and did nothing wrong but like...
I just get so sad during this after story for no reason, imagine your BF putting up with shit
keeping secrets and leaving you out while putting up the dependable BF act.
Atleast Lulu finally caught him in the act in the bath tub huehue but good grief was this painful
to sit through only for him to tell her please wait for me a bit longer my beloved and gives her
an engagement ring.  All so Est gets things related to his body sorted out off screen
with Solo, making this effectively worse than Bilal which I didn't think
was possible, I appreciate them doing something original but to like just slap a
wedding scene to it during the credits after a bittersweet goodbye scene was the last straw.
Look I like Est but would it kill them to not use angst as a plot device with him?
I'm sorry to me this was just no good, the way they handled it with Bilal was better
but here they just had to waste so much time that the only memorable scenes
are the opening and the bath scene. Thanks but no thanks! this makes me realize
I liked Est much more as a non-romantic love interest because as soon as it comes to it
the problems and angst never seemed to end, its good that by the end of the credit
they get married like Est promised and their future looks good but the angst nearly killed it.
This gave me so much stress and anxiety and just couldn't enjoy it at all...
TL;DR I liked Est... or more like adored him when he was smol but romantically he's 
just not for me, I think at time of WoF2 ED I might've been ok with it but this made it worse.

CV: Tetsuya Kakihara.
 Lagi is such a tsundere cutie pie~ the ball scenario was nice cept for Alvaro being a troll
and interrupting their dance practice😂 oh who am I kidding that did make me laugh as Lagi
got too close and transformed into a dragon again and wanting to roast Alvaro more than ever
the rest was so sweet to give me cavities but that good I guess~.
On to the after Lagi been training his D powers in the mountains so he can become stronger
and control himself so he won't hurt Lulu wow i'm surprised I remembered that...
Hnnng grown up Lagi is so hot... i'm sorry Bilal/Est but you guys got nothing on him!
when he got back to latinum he and Lulu talked so much they fell asleep on each other. xD
They go around otome-hogwartz and even the teachers or the guys won't let it slide
he's been away for three years so he has to apologies to Ivan/Vania and get's yelled at by Noel
whom tried to lecture him but Lagi decides its better for the two of them to run now
then the run into Est... Lagi cannot help but notice how much he has grown
which triggers Est about how Lagi's such a damn free-loader going as he pleases.
When they think they're safe our beloved nerd julius shows up who's overly excited as usual...
he'd love to examine Lagi in detail but Lagi's like see ya later baaaaaaaii.
Later Noel and Julius show up again and want Lagi to make Lulu happy and he will
they'll get married in his homeland and that ends otome-hogwartz reunion as they travel there.
 We get to see his hometown and family! they still gotta work out some problems but it was
mostly light stuff this time related to his mom Tia it didn't drag the whole after down.
Lagi really wants to see her but can't, Lulu helps out and uses her all element powers
to make it happen! Tia has been watching over him all this time struggle with his powers
and just wanted to know if Lagi resented her in any way for being the way he is but if
its anyone it was his dad even then he doesn't really resent anyone in fact he's super happy now.
This after story had a great start and good middle, the change of scenery is nice too
like I actually wanted to see his homeland it was also never boring which was my
problem with Est... no unnecessary moping around this time.
 Probably the best after story so far don't know if the others can top it but as someone
who likes Lagi I am beyond satisfied! the CG's were all beautiful too.
This was such a heartwarming epilogue, couldn't wish for a better conclusion. 😭😭😭

CV: Takahiro Sakurai.
Lulu's more important to him than any magic~
Ah Julius! he's such a cute nerd with ambitions but aside that he's not very interesting
but I like him anyway and his route in WoF2 was mostly fun, war problems aside
it gave him more deptheven though it made it less fun but that fine.
Ball: Julius asks Lulu to meet him for lunch at the usual place, he heard from Matthew
that Lulu was looking for him but he overslept, lol. Can you guess where this is going?
Too bad Julius nerds out about magic again, Julius i'm happy for you but like
would it kill you to read the mood or ask why she wanted to meet before nerdgasming?!
Its ok they make up later because we all love Julius for who he is.
Julius looked so princely in his ball outfit (imo more than others) buut he thinks Lulu
looked far more like a princess they are the perfect couple.
They go outside to view the fireworks and at the end Julius barely can contain himself to kiss her.😂
 After: 3 years later he's even more handsome... so Julius wants them to get married
but get way too excited over it lol but Lulu reminds him its not time yet
so they get on the topic of meeting his family. Well when Lulu and Julius
are out, this women who looks like a relative bumps into Julius.
Her name is Elise, she came to visit her brother since he didn't respond to their letters
JULIUS PLEASE... he forgot all about important family matters!
Lulu also has a talk with Cynthia who has grown up quite a bit as well
and literally looks like a female version of Noel whom encourages Lulu.😅
Elise.. on the other hand is basically the noisy and clingy sister and ruins
what could have been a cute moment. I can understand the frustration people
get from Elise and for me it wasn't her behavior, but voice which annoyed the hell out of me
she sounds like this prim and proper haughty good girl. While Elise is in latinum
Lulu and Julius try to get her interested in magic but she is scared and misses the old Julius
she just doesn't get the current Julius, Julius ends up telling her to stop this bitchfest
and apologize to Lulu which makes things worse and made Elise cry. Lulu goes and talk to Elise
because Julius is a big idiot to sort things out, a whole load of drama *SIGH*
oh well they still plan to get married and Lulu befriended his sister their future looks bright.
IDK this after story felt longer than it was maybe its because I didn't enjoy half of it.
While its nice they go into Julius's family I felt they could do it differently? unfortunately
it is what it is and helps Julius be more responsible cuz let's face it he's no good sometimes.
I enjoyed this more than Est but its not better than Lagi or maybe i'm just biased for him now
but as much as a sweetheart Julius is there's just something... that was lacking here
maybe it was his clingy sister that ruined it after all but all's well that ends well.

CV:Suzuki Chihiro.
 Gullible little Noel, while his emoing in WoF 2 almost ruined all that I liked
I can say he also needed it since we atleast got to see his heart instead of his dorky side.
Ball scenario was cute, Noel seemed rather nervous at first so he told her to come
to the lakeside the next day later only to show up with roses as if he was proposing.
Aaaaah~ my heart unfortunately he's not asking her out but asking to be her partner for the ball.
Mood ruined... sasuga Noel or maybe it was just Lulu since he tried so hard and then
Noel had to try even harder to the point it was embarrassing wew that was both funny and dumb.
Lulu goes on a diet since she thinks she's not good enough but after the ball Noel
gets her to eat some delicious cake since that was his fault and after the fireworks he asks her
to dance with him. Well atleast that was better than Est's!
After: Been three years since Lulu helped him through his emo phase in the past
and will continue to follow his dreams with Lulu at his side.
Noel has changed for the better but somethings like his impulsive mad scientist side
won't change... haha. His Poupee still shows up at random, Lulu's lonely
at the thought of being seperated for a while, so we know how Noel was supportive in
Julius's after so Julius is quite the big bro here and their rivalry has mostly disappeared.
This after also has Noel's family butting in Noel even freaks out as they talked to Lulu
and hilarity ensues as Lulu tries to get to know his brother and his father whom
developed a sudden interest in mils clair, they dont mean ill but just worried
for his future since Noel is known to be a big gullible idiot.😅
While Julius had drama for the sake of introducing family, Noel's more of a comedy
which is more in line with whom we all know and love.
They give him a key to a greenhouse and he ends up proposing to Lulu
while he puts on a little magic show making the flowers bloom, of course Lulu accepts
and they kiss while Noel tries to get more sappy lines out.
Noel's not prince perfect but I like him for who he is and his likability didn't change
so overall I thought it was ok! a little better than Julius but nothing wow'd me
still I'd wish Julius had a more comedic encounter with his family
because Noel's really saved the whole after story for me.

CV: Suzumura Kenichi.
Alvaro you douche... Lulu pls what do you even see in him.
 Ugh Alvaro... i'm not too fond of him but he's an interesting character
you can probably tell by now he's up to no good.
Ball: He loves Lulu but the way he said it doesn't sound convincing to me...
and this is Alvaro we are talking about also god Suzuken sure did an amazing job.
Alvaro just continues to tease Lulu... since she's a bag of potato chips to him.
Lulu is like please don't bully me and he be like i'm not but Lulu still likes him so its whatever
 lol and finally decides to be  her partner for the ball. I'm sorry I fail to see why people like such a person?!
It might be cute and its just playful teasing but I guess sometimes we can't help
loving someone who is bad to you. Oh well they go outside Alvaro gives her some spicy shit
just to get a reaction out of her which apparently was a punishment for something before
but eh they both love each other so much and at the dance Lulu ends up stepping on his foot.😂
Alvaro is so overjoyed because now she has to kiss him but Lulu is like screw this.
A conversation with Lagi went into it what was so great about Alvaro...
and well not much at all according to him! well I agree Alvaro is just a douchebag.
After: In the previous game, Alvaro was already planning his dramatic exit in the past while
lovebombing the shit out of Lulu. which didn't work Lulu had enough of his games
and owned the shit out of him and made him actually fall for her.
Julius gave Lulu a present which is a lie detector of sorts which means
no more lies and considering how much Alvaro lied this was absolutely necessary.
Well Everything seemed a little too good to be true in the beginning here
and considering this is Alvaro I was probably right to be uneasy.
I knew shit was up the moment he was hungry for his favorite comfort food
which had an awfully long name I can't even remember. Lulu was like uhm but
she sorta went along with it. Later Alvaro is so busy with odd jobs and just leaves her all alone.
Basically he's still his usual self and does what he wants! even if he assures its no big deal...
the shithead tells her to put up with it too and leaves again, poor Lulu.
Edgar and Adele end up visiting and interviewing Lulu...because of her all-element prowess
she's quite popular, Alvaro tells her to be more careful now the douche even threatens her
but he means well and they end up cuddling later, lmao.
Basically Alvaro and how I feel about him, I want to see what's so good but I can barely do so.
 Lulu ends up getting kidnapped along with Edgar and Adele by some group named Bersues
so Alvaro has to go and save her but little does he know Lulu was half way out
of there and ready to jump in his arms when he did come.
Vania tells Alvaro that Lulu is not a child anymore and can take care of herself so he's
a bit overprotective of her, the concern is sweet but Lulu has shown to stand on her own two feet
yet here Alvaro is belittling just that. Add fuel to the fire of Alvaro going about his own 
in the beginning yet he wants Lulu to not be who she is? aka a trustful person...
We know he means well but holy shit! they talk about it more and deal with the situation
Alvaro still has an tatoo on his back from his time at the orphanage so he will never escape them
but it has lost power yet he still keeps it as a reminder but he's free now
and his feelings for Lulu are sincere and true no matter what a troll he is.
The way he was like let's get married was so... so Alvaro.
Excuse my language but fucking hell... he always pulls something when you think he won't
even then Lulu owned him once more so its all good, stay who you are
its nice to know that she's the only one who can truly handle him.
Well as much as a douche Alvaro is, at this point you either like him or you don't!
plotwise this after wasn't bad and I think what people like about Alvaro's route(s)
is that it deviates from the typical otome stuff and as much as I dislike Alvaro at times
his character is not uninteresting he's quite the opposite, I could always keep my attention to it
but either way Alvaro is still a mistake! as is Bilal. (Hahaha... ok maybe not anymore)
This wasn't bad, more interesting than Julius or Est though and in Alvaro's defense
despite him being a douche atleast the problems are mostly solved on screen.
What I don't like is his way of getting back at Lulu and her going with all the punches
sometimes it can work but its only a matter of time before someone goes too far
and in reality this usually won't end well unless they truly love each other like here.
Either way accept that this is fiction and it suddenly gets a lot better because
i've seen worse characters who are absolutely terrible but pity me pls?
even then whatever float's yer boat and imo this boat wasn't so bad at all.
Alvaro is such a dip shit that if you pick the wrong choices he gets a slightly
different ending even and well why am I not surprised! oh well let's just stick with happiest
cuz he just ditches her in the another end. Sigh why are you so problematic Alvaro?!


CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke.
 Solo! the one who made WoF2 worth it more than ever, he's a cute cinnamon roll
who has lived so long he sorta gave up but then he met Lulu in the past and that changed.
Ball was weird since this is like during WoF1/Mirai no prologue and he technically
shouldn't be there but then again time travel nonsense and it was revealed he did live
all that time to meet her in the here and now. It makes my head hurt trying to make sense
 of knowing him before WoF2 happened, even Solo realizes its too soon but is like whatever!
you can call me Sora for now and decides to spend time with Lulu for the ball
if she really can't find someone else that is if she so wishes and that's a promise made then.
Like in every ball route except her own Ami hooks up with Edgar and even Cynthia has a partner!
which followed up on her little side story back in WoF1, nice to see them happy.
and she's basically together with Matthew now. Partnerless Lulu goes to meet Sora and he
really is happy to be with this beautiful lady today. Ugh this was so cute i'm getting cavities!
Solo lived all this time, trying his best for Lulu's sake to meet her again but its too soon
and with a spell he puts her to sleep and makes her forget this night ever happened. 😭😭😭
Solo leaves a sleeping Lulu in the care of Ivan and Vania and has a talk with Morgana.
I liked Solo's ball he's sweet but also cruel yet made the right decision  this wasn't supposed
to happen but it did and took responsibility,they both have to wait a little bit longer!
After: 350 years later, Solo can finally be with the one who made him try to live again
the opening scene was cute, he didn't want her to leave the bed on a day off. 😂
Solo basically wants to spend all day with Lulu which means coming along to mils claire.
Its more or less about what they both want now that they're together and the future...
eventually he proposes to get married,Solo is so happy at the thought of having children with Lulu
it ends up being a twin, opposite types one is genki and the other is sick-ish.
There wasn't much to this after story but an enjoyable ''epilogue'' to his route in WoF2 nonetheless
since I do not think they could have done it differently,Solo still best boy of WoF2, Lagi's a close second!


Great Ball: Ami, Elbert, Ivan and Vania.
Ami / Elbert disappeared from the radar in WoF2 but its okay Elbert fans can rejoice!
not sure about Ami tho...either way there's not much here its a nice extra
to their routes from WoF1 and mirai no prologue.
Ami: I'd had hoped they'd follow up on the Ami/Edgar shipping during the other ball routes
but alas who says my partner needed to be male?! that's right time to gay it up
even if the subtext doesn't go that far! IDK this flew by to me, Lulu convinces Ami
to stop being so shy and go to the ball, they get to watch the fireworks
and at Lulu suggesting they'd dance Ami be like... is this a joke?! >///>
you should choose another friend but Lulu just grabs her hand and they go dance.
Awkwardness disappears, they have fun... and that's that.
I like Ami, throughout the series she's been such a great friend to Lulu
and its nice that in WoF1 her route gave her a little more depth
but really don't read too much into it unless both girls actually say they're
into each other, subtext or good chemistry can make it look more than it actually is.
It depends on the way you look at it... there is a possibility but im not as young anymore
like the original content doesn't go further than friends? then to me they're just friends
sometimes my mind plays tricks on me and what if's but not as much anymore.
One again! if you want an otome game with an actual yuri route go play oyayubi hime.
Elbert fans rejoice!
 Elbert: Ivan and Vania give Lulu the OK to screw ball-less sensei during the ball who is all like
why me? what are you saying?! Elbert gets embarrassed and come up with excuses.
Lulu explains she has to dance with someone she really likes aka Elbert in this case.
Ball-less sensei acts all cute and wants some time... well we all know ball-less sensei
can be cool when push comes to shove but this was all on Lulu playing with her teachers
heart strings and eventually Elbert gives in when Lulu gets all sad. (hmm)
They end up helping some kid find their parents, watch the fireworks- go for a walk
Lulu ends up confessing to Elbert and he finally admits how his heart flutters around her.
They kiss under the light of the moon~ and finally dance when they get back.
IDK... Elbert's great as a support but i'm not really into teachers but I have liked some!
this is nice as a follow up to his original route in WoF1 still I sorta forgot about him
after all this time which made this wasteful like I said he can be cool but
I can't really see what Lulu sees in him, still nice to see her go after someone
and tbh Lulu was really selfish here and I think that was the theme for Elbert; selfish romance.
Ivan and Vania: Branches from Solo's ball route and has her miss most of Solo's events
but ends up running into Noel's poupée who is silently watching Cynthia and Matthew
being all lovey dovey.😅 Lulu has no partner this time and ends up with her teachers
the night of the ball, who work a little magic show but it fails and their appearances
are reversed like Ivan turns into a handsome man and Vania in a bratty loli.😂
The two argue and blame each other, wow such chemistry just get a room you two!
They were just trying to make this day a little more special and there's no need to worry
they will revert to their original appearances, Lulu thanks them for what they do
but she isn't allowed to talk about this little incident which is only natural.

Loli Lulu's big adventure!
 Ami wakes up one day and finds a monster in Lulu's bed... which is of course Lulu but a toddler.
Elbert explains this is probably some accident with magic or whatever but can't find
anythng else wrong with her as she is as genki as ever.
And so a bored Loli Lulu goes around mils claire... even if Ami tells her to not go outside.
Its a fun little side scenario, the only bad part is certain aspects are random
so collecting all cg's might become a problem. Ah here we go wand of misfortune!
this guide I used has you go to locations when no one is there and you get items...
well atleast you can use back log to change which character appears so it wasn't too bad.
Doesn't matter if you do it first or last as its self contained story during WoF1
I admit some of the character events were funny like Noel's and even Est managed to redeem
himself here but maybe that's cuz this is WoF1 so even though RNG I had a good time too bad
it was also extremely short and can be done within an hour if you know what you are doing.
Either way the general story ends with loli-Lulu getting tired and Ami finds her
we never really know why or how it happened but anythings possible in the world of WoF. 
And then there was also content such as this...
you get random scenes with characters if you feed Bell the fairy the stuff
loli-Lulu finds in her great adventure, all was well and good untill I got to Alvaro's.

Grand finale.
 Bell reveals its true identity a bird of wishes which was also a fragment of Lulu herself
hench why fairy bell looks like Lulu, it gave her the chance showing her the possibilities
in life and lead her to the right path(s) and hearing how content Lulu is no matter what
we get a continuation of the true end of WoF2 where they all meet up after some time.
 By now I too like everyone in WoF, even if some not romantically (like Est)
so I do think this is a proper way to close the series, even if it wastes Solo's character
since what will he live for now? yet this is also a future where Lulu is the happiest along with
everyone else while not ending up with anyone but then you think of Solo... who basically
lived his life for nothing only doing his best all those years to meet Lulu again and i'm sorry
but i'd much rather prefer Solo's end over this harem end where everyone
sort of wants a piece of Lulu but ain't getting it because Lulu loves everyone.
I think the only grand ending I liked was WoF 1's, oh well it was nice to be
with everyone one more time so i'm not going to be too bitter since this 
sort of scene should've been at the end of WoF2's grand end to begin with
but then they couldn't make this FD... well played otomate.

Great ball enjoyment:
Solo > Lagi > Julius > Noel > Alvaro > Elbert > Ami / Ivan and Vania > Est.

After story enjoyment:
Lagi > Solo > Bilal / Alvaro > Noel > Julius > Est.
Unfortunately I couldn't enjoy Est at all... the writing was awful
using angst and solving important matters off-screen. *SIGH*
 With Julius i'm like its fine, can't all be fun and games but could be handled better.
Bilal redeemed himself which I didn't think was possible! Lagi's after was
the perfect conclusion to his story next with Bilal and Alvaro a close second.
Its Lagi and Solo for me though... but I do like everyone in some way
its just that grown up Est is gonna be a no from me.

Final Thoughts
Me and how I feel about Bell after filling out the remaining milse clair DX entries.
 This took longer than needed but with the current otome game drought gives me more time
with the shorter ones and believe me had I tried I could finish this within a week.
Well this FD was definitely necessary to end the saga, it pretty much wraps up the two's story
without stretching it or leave stuff open and in case of Bilal it was perfect btw I don't
even like him that much, length wise the afters are just right between 2-3 hours
the only after I have a bone to pick with is Est's though.
Next to collar x malice unlimited I think this might be the best FD this year or maybe
in general since I don't think anything can top this or ken ga kimi momoyo tsuzuri.
The after stories in this FD were a hit or miss though, like I loved Lagi's, Solo and Bilal's.
Noel was good, Julius was okay but imo Est's was garbage and he had potential too...
and Alvaro? well he was more of the same always up to no good.
The rest of the content was a nice addition too, no characters get annoyingly out of character
and can actually say I like everyone in some way. My only problem with this series
is the gameplay in WoF1/2, which just makes it hard to recommend despite
the writing/story and character development in 2 making it worth the suffering.
Lulu is a great protag I like her the most when she's her genki self
but uh she can also be quite childish, she has a bright personality
but imo its sad to see her depressed like during WoF2.
IDK what it is with FD's like it just depends on what they're trying to do
I appreciated WoF's FD to the original game even though its also unnecesary
if it just retcons those routes there in WoF2 and start a fresh relationship wise buuut
for the characters in general that was a good thing don't you want them to grow?
I am so glad otomate ported this FD before it was really too late.
Like at the point Ninkoi got a FD-err sequel I already accepted the original
as a one-off game so I couldn't enjoy many of the chara/plot developments
anymore but enough about that this is about WoF after all.

I like Wand of Fortune, decent story lovable characters and most importantly
it knows how to give it a proper conclusion or atleast tries at that.
I know there are apparently drama cd's that continue these epilogues
but i'm sort of done with it now, I love how the characters
grow up so this series truly gives you a wholesome experience
that is if you can get past the gameplay in the main games.
I might not have enjoyed some of the afters fully but even then it was not THAT bad..
but maybe with Est I am just bitter at them not letting go of angst for once. :eyeroll:
 A++ FD definitely recommended to complete the story of WoF2 and despite the suffering
in the main games I can look back on this series on a good note.

Characters ★★★★★
Art  ★★★★★
Scenario/plot. ★★★★☆
System  ★★★☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★★★

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