Thursday, December 19, 2019

end of 2019

Didn't really play that many otome games this year, which was probably a good thing.
Variable barricade was alright... but Kenka bancho otome 2? oof the sequel we didn't need but got anyway.
Had plans to read shinigami to shojo and Gunka wo Haita Neko but decided to take a break instead
and wait for 2020. Aksys picked up some otome too like Piofiore and looks like Collar x Malice
will come to switch along with the FD which is nice. Piofiore might not be for everyone tho.

I plan to pick up Harukanaru toki no naka de 7 when it was first revealed the quality
of the art was a bit flat maybe Mizuno is just overworked or something.
 You can see more of that art linked below... some look fine but a bit??? 
 Thankfully the ingame sprites and CG don't look like that at all.
Basically me in 2019.
Harutoki 7 shows promise, looks like they're going back to a setting like 3,4 or 5.
I liked 6 a lot but its sequel was very... meh and just made a mess of things
3 might be my favorite, still got to finish 1 but the novelty isn't there because
I watched the anime so most of the surprises I already know and it already had a simple plot.
 Ack maybe I should just do it for Yasuaki. >_<

 I also got my eyes on Olympia Soiree as well, the art is very pretty I hope the story hold up to that...
knowing otomate there's a chance it won't but I like how they have slowed down with games lately.
Probably because of the move to the switch eh we'll see, best not going to expect too much.

In other news...
 Takuyo has risen from the dead and is making himehibi 3 and Koi no Hana Saku Hyakkaen for the switch!
Didn't expect that at all... after Sweet clown they've mostly been porting their old games to the vita.
I might end up giving Koisaku a shot, I am in the mood for something light-hearted
though I hope it isn't that dramatic, knowing Takuyo they hardly false advertise their games.
Getsuei no kusari seemed grim and we got grim, Himehibi was light-hearted/comedy so we got just that.

2020 looks promising i'll just not play as many as before which is better for my wallet too haha.
Same goes for RPG's too i'll just pick up what interest me the most, I played a bit
of FE3H as well never played FE before but its nice.
I'll just go at my own pace from here on out, only picking up the games that seem like a good time
to me which with otomate is already hard cuz they always try to slip in some crazy trope
and that could ruin the whole game and/or give bad aftertaste.
 CoughVariable Barricade's last routeCough
Jokes aside atleast Variable barricade made it funny.

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