Thursday, June 13, 2019

Variable Barricade - Review

 Genre: Otome Visual Novel. 
Developer/publisher: Otomate
Platform: PSV.
Official Site:
Release date: 2019-04-04

Oh baby... the wait is over, or maybe they announced this game way too early.
Pretty art, an interesting set up but will that hold up? only one way to find out!
Its from the creator of Wand of Fortune and Reine des fleurs... both are titles
that are known to make the player suffer. Sigh~ but VariBarri wasn't that bad
didn't enjoy the overall game / cast as much as WoF though.
The protagonist here however is fully voiced! a big plus as it breathes so much more life
into them but I suppose even unvoiced have perks.


Okay, what is this about?

Hibari our heroine is pretty much a perfect ojou-sama and then one day is forced
to pick a candidate for marriage from four potential suitors who literally throw themselves
at her for that reason. Needless to say our heroine says no but hahaha... this is all a plot
by a her old man and even if Hibari says I can find me a man on my own he's like lol.
This is so dumb I CAN BARELY HOLD MYSELF but atleast Hibari's great
and it turns out she's going to have to pick one or she'll just have to marry someone he chooses.
Now she has to live in an an apartment along with these guys... they all want Hibari so much
it like she's living the otome gamer life! but... then Hibari has a nightmare they're just
after the money of her family etc and it sorta gets a little dark from my point of view.
Either way Hibari wants none of this... but still has to roll with it.
If I had to be very honest the most annoying one out of the four would be Ichiya...
I mean what kind of normal person would believe such over the top lovey dovey behavior
of someone whom you don't even know personally? I know I know there are people
out there that come on strong but this is a little much, and personally those who
come on strong early on are to be wary of so Ichiya has way too many cringe moments
not that the others are completely green either. >_> the only sane one is Hibari
and tbh who wouldn't want her she's literally perfect but even so she still has some issues.
Tsugumi was a great BFF to Hibari I could appreciate her love for romance but it got a little meta
with the whole its almost like an otome game! thing can't tell if good or bad...

- Light-hearted and funny.
- Art
- Charming music.
- Voiced heroine/protag

- Drama; some route drag on cuz of it.
- System is simple but presented in an awful way.

System... its pretty simple there's common route / flowchart and its easily
seen when one has finished a chapter, much oversight and no annoying
minigame to be seen, if you get far enough you can enter the personal stories/routes
but the seem split into parts like Ichiya 1, Taiga 1 etc you're forced to do everyones
part 1, as its part of the common route this is to help decide your fiance.
There is some sort of minigame but its hard to explain and tbh doesn't fit in well
depending on choices the guys weapon becomes stronger to break the barricade to the heroine
and other choice strengthens the heroines barricade...  watching the sequence in question
is kinda funny but doesn't make sense as when he succeeds Hibari is suddenly
 able to give Ichiya a peck on the cheek, seems to be more a battle of wills.
I think the barricade battle thing doesn't make sense visually it literally looks
like the guy is destroying boundaries in the form of a fence with a sword which gets
stronger or remains weak dependant on your choice, I didn't find this funny
and honestly it could be done without, though I admit the art did look cute.
They could have just kept it simple with choices but alas... they wanted something extra.
Then there's RABI which you have to set to different location to unlock extra event
that are in no way important to the plot, still don't know if you had to view them or not
and you can view them later from the gallery can suggest to just focus on the main story first
then again reading them later might be bad so might be better to read it as it appears.
There's also WHIS the APP the characters message each other with only a few have a choice
and the rest is just banter after an event. All this is awful to explain, its actually quite straight
forward. Since this from the team behind wand of fortune and reine des fleurs so one shouldn't be
surprised at how the game flows atleast this time there's no RNG like in WoF so consider
yourself blessed. The flowchart is simple and easy to see what is going on but uh
once again the general flow is to straight-forward to have this laid out for you?
sometimes the way you unlock stuff is still a straight vn something tells me they had
something else in mind but due to change of seiyuus they had to change things.
Well enough about sytem because it is quite simple some of the mini event you unlock
from RABI are funny some others weren't worth it.
Now for a good thing, you don't need a guide if you want the love ending for that guy
just let him destroy the barricade, for the other simple don't make him too strong
but if you do that to early into route its a premature bad end so you gotta balance.

After finishing all routes I have to say... boy is this a hit or miss!
Either way without spoilers its an alright otome, in fact its funny like legit I cannot count
the amount of times I laughed out loud/snorted at the dialogue... sadly most of this
was in the common route, the latter half of the routes was mostly filled with drama
only a few route was balanced enough for me to enjoy it. >_>
Too bad the barricade breaking was in bad taste for me... the whole game is kinda like
trying to love someone just to proof yourself to your old man who most of the time
just laughs it off when the drama is over like what the hell is he thinking?
which unfortunately is all explained in the true route and it not like that at al.
Hibari was so great at speaking her mind and being assertive, she really is a Queen
buuut she still is a girl and not perfect nor her suitors. That aside I had a good time
which is more important than plot which is very straight-forward and focus on character
but definitely seems to be more to it all which kept me hooked
to get to the true end which gave us things we didn't really want but got anyway.

The story is there but don't come here for a well thought out plot cuz it ain't that and the
drama was nothing too heavy. If I had any complaints its more the flowchart
not making sense with its arrows making it seem like you don't need some events but
have to view them anyway to proceed considering the team behind this I AM NOT SURPRISED.
Game still balances the common/individual part very well but all the short
chapters made me quick to drop it for the day when it really isn't that long at all.
Overall its not short nor too long, it has some value.
This is more or less a VN about the protagonist/heroine and guy realizing what he/she wants
the most through the interaction whether or not a route was for you will depend...
I found Ichiya to be very typical and the drama was probably right out of a shojo manga.
Shion... was akin to a soap opera, Taiga was more like a love comedy(my favorite)
and Nayuta was just painful it hurrrts, didn't help Shion/Nayuta it just dragged itself on
or maybe I just didn't like the characters at all, atleast Nayuta I could like by the end of it.
Variable Barricade is fun but nothing much else, light-hearted drama but not too dark
the bad ends were surprisingly disappointing just like the guys themselves lmao.
TL;DR you have to show you're a woman who can make choices for herself
or else get stuck with some guy your old man marries you to for business. >_>
Yeah that is literally the whole point of this marriage thing... play order is not necessary
I can recommend the following though~ you can switch Nayuta and Taiga
if you want spice after Shion but its not going to matter, even better don't listen to me
and pick whoever you are interested in the first time, though gotta say Taiga was really good imo.
Shion > Nayuta > Taiga > Ichiya > True.
Okay spoiler free rambles are over it was pretty good and while the guys may not
look it most of them do become likable over the course of the route, unlike
a certain otome game that makes you dislike them in other route (lol).

Mitsumori Ichiya.
CV: Toriumi Kousuke.
Aka the guy who uses every text book player advances to try and hook a girl...
 Would probably look like the perfect lover but uh he has a history with women lol.
TBH early on the way he is so lovey dovey towards on Hibari makes me wanna vomit because
he doesn't even really know her so I completely understand her no thank you behavior
and Hibari can see through his text book advances... which makes Ichiya actually look kinda cute
but uh not exactly ready to talk big about a life long love like that. sigh~ Thanks to a friend
Hibari is aware of his past also I actually hate guys like him that play girls like this its all
too good to be true half the time Ichiya's a huge turn off for me, it remind me of something. >_>
Basically Ichiya was great at getting on my nerves (and Hibari's) basically he is the perfect waifu
but goes overboard when preparing food for his lover  its always so luxurious
even Hibari's like something normals good! If someone was being extra with me everyday
like that I'd want normal food too. >_> Don't get me started how he made curry to fit a lady!
uh just curry like everyone else has would be fine... but he still listens to Hibari's input
and is very sweet in general, so sweet it gives me cavities.
The moment Hibari lashed out and telling him to use his brain more was my absolute favorite.
The scenes with Kaz in the beginning were actually more casual and romantic than any with Ichiya.
Eventually you have to choose your fiance but Hibari is just so not into any of this
and Ichiya is a big headache or should I be honest and say Ichiya is just cringe
but for some reason once they start to get on one line and talk to each other
the romance actually got really good? atleast I think it was till Hibari turned into a drama queen.
My favorite scene in the route... the drama that followed was hilarious.
but Ichiya's reaction to Hibari getting mad was a bit... much? such a crybaby?
he literally shut himself up in his room to hide, ok that cute but... he's 26.😂
Lol's aside it is likable that he actually cries instead of being a man and tough it out.
Basically Hibari called him a first kiss thief and slapped him
and to him making her so upset hurt him so much. awww~
This route ain't all tears btw, Kaz that random guy Hibari been talking with
comes in to ruin the fun times, he is Ichiya's twin and since Ichiya's so irresponsible
and hiding things he plans to fix things out of concern and marry Hibari instead
of his twin brother but depending on Hibari's barricade level
things might change from that point. Hmm... I thought it was going a little too easy
but man I didn't see this coming... it was a good twist.
The cringey playboy can't possible be so soft and sensitive.
 buuut Kazu while an ass and can see Ichiya has his reasons for behaving the way he does so...
yea all that cringe early on? aye... Ichiya finally thought he was an adult but he doesn't
have his shit together at all it was awful to see, laugh about the early cringe hours all you want...
its not funny and this is coming from someone who somehow warmed up to Ichiya  but maybe
thats me trying to be understanding. Sigh, after 'the incident'... something doesn't sit well with
trying to date someone like that then Kaz trying to NTR Hibari doesn't make it any better.
The drama compared to other route was okay I suppose. Only dislike was Hibari
over-reacting on being kissed... I actually liked how smooth Ichiya was in the moment
but then it just went to one thing and the other.
Its good we got to know Ichiya more to the point I actually saw him for who he is
AKA not just a cringey smooth talking player but someone who has a reason for his behavior.
Being able to understand the guy and the heroine... I think this was solid no matter the problems
I had getting into it, Ichiya had a solid route and isn't as shallow as he seemed.
I have to admit that during the early stuff I didn't even mind if  Kaz was the real catch
funny how things change... because Kaz was pretty much a ????head and the whole thing
felt like it dragged on too long, like how much does Ichiya have to proof himself?!
and Hbari have to go through what do I really like about Ichiya? sigh.
IDK... but this whole route felt like a classic shoujo manga drama
but then I really think about it and isn't Hibari's dad basically pulling the
my daughter you have poor taste just let me find you a husband and
did this whole shit of trying the then pick one yourself to show that fact to her.
BIG YIKES this is awful and pretty much make me like Ichiya and Hibari for being stronger
than Hibari's old man not willing to let his daughter choose for himself W.T.F
and regarding the ending... a bit naive buuuut considering wtf the two are going through
let them save each other, realistically Ichiya should find a therapist.
Epilogue was cute though... love the banter after all that drama.
The another end was basically Hibari ending up marrying Kaz but because of Ichiya's little
fit at the end and not wanting to live Hibari let's him stay at her side like a 3p of sorts.
The bad end where Kaz just forces Hibari's hand in marriage like a business deal...
which suddenly makes the another end look happyand the other early bad end is
her dad forcing her to marry someone she never met.
Another end was still meh to me because I saw it coming, I prefer the love end.
Whether I like it or not this route was well rounded, was here for a love story and I got it!
I want these to the be happy...
 Romance  ★★★★☆
Plot  ★★★☆☆
Overall  ★★★☆☆

Mayuzumi Shion.
CV: Nojima Kenji.
He's not as perfect as he looks, so FORGIVE him for being flawed.
A gentle, elegant guy but there is this certain creepiness I cannot shake off
but even so he isn't that bad just very immaturewhich is funny because in everyone elses
route he is really mature but once on his own shitbricks.
and tbh I wasn't wrong he raised some red flags through his events.
So uh Shion just want to be loved. apparantly he'd go pretty far to keep it. A guy that has
a high tolerance toward his girl but the cold stare to those not... and would only allow
his lover to touch him? huh... okay?! Hibari thinks he has some sort of allergy
to animal but it isn't so... he just doesn't like them.
That aside Shion likes to have plants in glass object, trying to create a little world
but when I think about it I get so many warning signs. Hibari had to drag him into a neko cafe
to get over his feel of being touched and he hated having all the damn cats all over him.
Hibari... messes around with him for a bit untill he ask for forgiveness for being a dick earlier, lol.
Once on his route we find out about a model by name of amethyst, quite legendary
and Hibari literally won't shut up about this angel, Shion points out she's in love
with the other him and then she's like eeeeeh? oh well I forgive her this once for not noticing.
AT FIRST i'd say it was quite sweet BUT I quickly got a yikes that's gonna be a no from me bruh
like Hibari starts letting Shion give her therapy sessions, she appears super comfortable and
almost like she's high from his attention, when Hibari regains some sense Shion starts to cheat
on her with another client (or so it apears) and gives Hibari less time, in reality
he was working on a commercial in which he still looks for his true love.
I don't even want to go into Shion problems because its themes disgusts me....
Hibari eventually apologizes for lashing out for saying he's not fit to be a man of her family line
and now convinced to do his best to become a man fit for her so wait for me okay?
IDK why but this CG creeps me the hell out.
 OOF, otomate wtf are you doing here? this... geezus wtf was this route?!
this felt like a god damn soap opera and Shion oh boy Shion... he seems so mature
but is in fact the opposite! he shouldn't have to change to fit her image.
Hibari told him this and yet... oh boy i'm worried of Hibari had she not snap out of her daze.
 Of course there will be a kiss scene from one of his new works... so now Hibari
has to get her shit together about how she truly feels about him. I knew something was off
by how oddly smooth it went and how relaxing it was in the beginning but boi
was I right that Shion is in fact the most dangerous of all four also talk about
ruining a character once you get to their route, absolutely a classic and I didn't even go into
his bitchfest that much cuz i'm the one bitching 😂 tbh I should've done it first.
the epilogue was dumb, sure Hibari can handle his shit but its like a mom dealing with a child.
Shion was jealous Hibari is fiddling and talking to people on her phone and want all of her
attention on him, she's like but it involve you too so jealousy times over let's talk about that date.
>See what I mean? a lot of people wouldn't bother marrying such a man or worse
put him over everything else in their lives... i'm glad Hibari can handle his shit
 but to be honest? meh I'd have packed my bags and ran for the hill ages ago.
I don't like how Hibari's under pressure to choose any of these guys either...
oh well whatever so far all of the guys have been emotionally immature
and not ready for a relationship let alone m a r r i a g e.
i'd rather see Hibari end up with Ichiya than this guy.
I don't even want to go into his backstory cuz its awful and/or triggering.
At another end Hibari is unable to finish her line or love confession
to Shion but it is also too open ended so I am still just like... no thanks.
Bad end was just Hibari getting cold feet and letting her old man choose someone
sigh even for otomate this is rather tame.. but lmao same, Shion creeped me out big time
and the route was just no good, romance wise yeah he can seem sweet
but uh I preferred Ichiya overall and that is gonna say something because the plot
relied on misunderstanding/communication issues and honestly that isn't my cup of tea.
I also don't like possessive/clingey guys, a little is fine and can even be endearing
but again I think it all was so wasteful? I couldn't even follow the route that well
half of it was ugh this model is so amazing to uguu comfort time to miscommunication hell.
If this route was supposed to be mature it sure failed me and don't get me going about his dislikes for cats.
Shion looks so uguu sad in the love end cg when Hibari doesn't focus on him
but like dude grow up a girlfriend or boyfriend for that matter shouldn't have
to focus on their significant other 24/7, if they do its time to have a chat.
Suppose there was comedy to this but at this point I was so done.
Hibari is me @ this route.
 Romance  ★☆☆☆☆
Plot  ★☆☆☆☆
Overall  ★☆☆☆☆

Isurugu Taiga.
CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko.
 Handsome punk with gambling problems... idk why he's even a candidate tbh
but I guess he has some qualities that make me like him and isn't insufferable in expressing
his ways like Ichiya, Taiga apparently would just be happy with the bare minimum
and not expect anything from him which is actually quite normal behavior
but uh with his past I have doubts! definitely don't want to be with a guy who'd
throw away money like that and he seemed to just laugh it off when confronted... SIGH~
Taiga's into some perverted stuff also and when Hibari sees it she's like THE WORST
and slaps him, the other guys agree but I like this because atleast he has interests besides
the whole marriage thing and I actually like his easy going personality and likes to tease.
This is so much more diverse than mr perfect but uh that fake suicide scene sure left
a bad taste in my mouth, yea it was Hibari overthinking ah well whatever lol.
EIther way I loved the scene where Taiga thought Kasuga liked classical music
but infact his taste prefers deathmetal this one made me chuckle and the other one
where Taiga cooked something for once like Ichiya couldn't believe it was even edible or that it
was delicious. lol there's nothing positive to marrying himand yet I find myself
wanting to pursue this insincere punk, ayyy lmao.
Compared to the last two routes, Taiga was actually fun again, even Hibari's old man
find him interesting choice and I liked the way their relationship blossomed
I'm probably going to be really biased but... whatever Taiga is actually really cute and spicey.
Though I suppose this brought some problems with it... some might not sit well with
but they dealt with a scene in quite a comedic way making Taiga look like a dumbass.
It make me remind a scene in Sakyou route from Ken ga Kimi! like Taiga is still a man
and Hibari should know this, NOTHING HAPPENED AND HE APOLOGIZED.
 The romance felt good to me, unlike last route and even better than Ichiya...
Compared to the drama in the previous route Taiga be like hold my beer!
and it was absolutely hilarious how the topic at one point became Hibari's boob size.
Dumb drama and apologies ensue, they go on dates and Taiga let's her come along to an orphanage
where he lived/cares for, the sister gave him an engraved cross for his 10th birthday and theres some
old cougar trying to get some benefit from the potential marriage between Taiga and Hibari.
Taiga's bitchfest is him getting scared of the whole engagement and acting distant
poor Hibari thinks it was her fault that she isn't good enough or said something wrong.
 Hibari ends up panicking and stop him when he went out... and admits how much she needs him
and how grateful she is to him for enlarging her world, in the end Hibari literally
has to tell him to get his shit together, stop fooling around and get serious with her.
They start bickering and I am just like just get married and fuck already lmao...
overall very cute, best route in the game overall it hard to put out any dislikes
the drama wasn't even nearly as bad as any of the others, the love end epilogue was hilarious btw
but story wise it couldn've been better, still miles better than *eye roll* Shion.
Another end was Hibari challenging Taiga to get his shit together... he even disappears
for a bit but both Kasuga and Hibari agree its for the best before he eventually returned
and wants her to cancel her plans the next time she's off and oh god he was so hot in trying
to persuay her, wtf this is just as good no better as the love end? Excuse me but it finally
felt like a proper otome game again not that it wasn't already.
The bad ending was I suppose a break up like no other... felt more like a give up ending.
Either way you know sometimes I just want cheesy romance! the drama wasn't insufferable
and it didn't feel like it dragged on, just perfect.
  Romance  ★★★★★
Plot  ★★☆☆☆
Overall  ★★★★★

Yagami Nayuta.
CV: Shimono Hiro.
Cute but strong boi who wants you to rely on him.
 Seems like a cinnamon roll with puppy dog behaviors... like a perfect pet.
I personally wasn't into the whole step on me thing... I can laugh about it but it not my kink lol.
 IDK Nayuta seems like the odd ball out of them but rather childish
with the tought talk and definitely not ready for marriage in anyway.
While I find Nayuta adorable and some of the behavior/interaction hilarious
I personally don't really find his masochism appealing in any way but its nice to see
someone give it his all even if the approach seems wrong which in my case is just so.
I have to admit... Nayuta probably looks the most handsome out of all and
if his devotion is true it might be worth keeping him. <3
Nayuta is very energetic and doesn't know his own strength, his dad pays
the group a visit was worried Nayuta was causing trouble but why oh why would he?
So after Nayuta ends up protecting Hibari from a thug he pretty much becomes her bodyguard
and he takes it very serious... nothing like the Nayuta we all are used to by now.
Shion asks her the question who do you like more? genki boi or the cool looking guardian?
sigh... this is coming from Shion but he has a point, nvm that he had a similar problem going on...
like the fact Hibari being smitten for his model persona. SIGH.
Nayuta is well a very good boy... he gives his all without asking anything back
truly he lived to serve and actually manages to hurt Hibari's feelings
right after he passed the test, somehow I doubt Nayuta realized what this was all about.😂
To be honest, I found the latter half to be kinda dumb, it had some adorable moments
but it all kinda just felt meh to me, Nayuta's this energetic do-M cinnamon roll and also
a serious bodyguard who also has his own insecurities to figure out.
As we can see there's this gap moe thing going on and am content with why not both
so it kinda felt the route dragged on for too long and there were not many good moment with the
two... they got a few but the best stuff was when it was about to wrap up. It was a pain to watch
the couple both figure out how they felt and what had to be done, things weren't even working
in their favor for being such a light-hearted game the drama sure felt heavy here.
Everything could have been resolved earlier but it refused and dragged on and on.........
There wasn't much problem but after Hibari finally started getting into the idea of Nayuta
as her fiance but was disappointed he wasn't here to be a groom to be.
Nayuta's dad was an ass too no wonder his son is the way he is... but tbh
he shouldn't have had to suffer so much to try and figure out his feelings.
The whole route is just sigh... a disappointment, they had so much potential fun to be had
but they wasted it all on PAIN, Taiga's route was fun but this was
well a step above Shion still which is as low as routes in this damn game get.
SIGH they'd make a cute couple, Nayuta's handsome but its so disappointing and drawn out
I felt the urge to force skip. -_-  the gap-moe was great but there was none of it
till the end because of dramatique, felt more like a story of Nayuta realizing duty/love, the romance
is there but once again very painful to have to put faith and believe that he proves himself
at a party infront of Hibari's father right before she's taken by someone else.
THAT ASIDE Nayuta was very likable but the writing was a total let down for me. I like originality
to the story and I got it... but I pretty much was as disappointed as Hibari when I heard
Nayuta wasn't here for the marriage thing..... then it fell into a loop of drama for the sake of it
and I just shook my head, atleast it was cute to watch him realize wtf he want
and that he will be their to protect, love her... in the end he just asks her to believe in him
to save her from her engagement since he is a total idiot and so not husband material, the scene
in question was just painful to watch just like the route overall atleast it made the love ending
better which was amusing but not very convincing, epilogue was funny
but why couldn't we have that stuff in the route too? I mean Taiga shined far more
instead we got an awkward mess sigh. Another end was too sad but not going into that...
bad end she is forced to forget Nayuta after the incident as he has no place at her side
nor does she have to cover his weaknesses ah just peachy, sigh I don't like this route it all fun
and games till someone get hurt! I suppose that's the only thing that came to mind after the fact.
What I disliked the most is the father just laughing it off in the end... felt like a total waste of time.
...they save the good stuff for the epilogue.
  Romance  ★★☆☆☆
Plot  ★☆☆☆☆
Overall  ★★☆☆☆

True end
 If you wondered were the actual common route plot threads went well to here!
I thought this would be a route for the butler Kasuga but as turn out
he is behind everything and thought it would be good for Hibari lol.
This time Hibari choose no one then comes the problem of her dad forcing
someones ass on Hibari still... who is pissed after hearing it all.
She runs into Taiga and we learn he's actually a spy Hibari didn't take this info well lol...
and considering how his route was so nice and went better than others OOF.
Then we learn that in Hibari perspective her old man has always been this grumpy old man
which hasn't been the case and actually tried to help her when she withdrew in the past.
Suddenly her old man's no demon anymore, Hibari want to check in with Kasuga
and guess who show up now, Taiga also is like hmmm oh yea so that's him.
Later Taiga kidnaps Hibari infront of Kasuga to a meeting with her old man
and he actually apologized, we hear her actual parents are alive and she has a brother
named Subame, unfortunately Hibari forgot it all. At this point it got pretty obvious
Tsubame is in fact Kasuga, he took it upon himself to show his little sister everything.
After some accident and their parent move to england leaving Hibari behind, she forgot
everything and the truths were twisted. Tsubame later come back from england to protect
his little sister in his own twisted way. At that point Tsubame's presence didn't fit
anymore and he became Kasuga just to help Hibari's old man while still protecting her.
So the whole loveless marriage was all because her onii-chan doesn't want his little
sister to love someone else, sasuga we got another creepy onii-chan.
Hibari tells Kasuga about it and well he tells its all a lie, yea why not?
because gaslighting is totally okay! its all so he can give Hibari a good husband
when Kasuga tries to get Hibari to believe his shit show the guys show up
and thank god they did, Hibari's old man wasn't even a bad person it was her brother
who try to get his way manipulating everything because he loves his sister a bit too much.
There's also Kaz who is is they guy Hibari will marry if she doesn't choose anyone
but this time he cooperates with Hibari and the guys to give Kasuga some of his own medicine.
Nayuta becomes her bodyguard now, but that doesn't stop Kasuga trying to kidnap her
to england..... everyone else tries to stop him ala true end fashion.
Its also revealed was the accident was Hibari getting injured after trying her best
to catch up to Tsubame onii-chan. Anyway Hibari talks some sense into Kasuga
because he's here only brother, he apologizes and tries to make others see why he does things.
Ugh isn't it obvious?! my little sister can't be this cute and deserves the absolute best
sp Hibari calls him out for being a siscon and we get a sibling fight lmao.
They all enjoy the christmas party and everything is back to normal, the drama
wasn't as insufferable as two of the other route and actually to the point here.
See? they can do it right if they want to! tbh I felt they just tried to stretch it in some route.
Ichiya,Shion and even Nayuta and Taiga present them as possible fiances, Kasuga allows it
but only if they can prove themselves to him and he won't give up his little sister.
In the post credit scenes, Hibari has tea time with her girlfriends and some
alone time with her dear brother, its great to see them on good terms though!
Basically we are back to square one lol... this game really doesn't take itself serious...
Hibari does tell her brother that she really loves him but I find it hard to decide
if this is familial love or romantic love, it was pretty open ended. :bigthink:
Overall true route was good, though this sort of plot leave a bad taste in my mouth
and Kasuga/Tsubame? big yikes though I admire his will to protect his sister but there's
a thing about going too far, like he only think about what is good for his sister atleast most
of the happy endings in the routes felt like Hibari got a future of her own
choosing,  that doesn't make Kasuga's actions in the game any more acceptable
which they aren't but sometimes you must learn to forgive but I am still
gonna #blameKasuga for causing all the issues. >_>
Even after all that she still likes her bro.......... uwub.

Route enjoyment:
Taiga > Ichiya > TRUE > Nayuta > Shion.
TBH for me its basically Taiga > Ichiya > everyone else.

Final thoughts
 Well after I do all routes I am still conflicted about it overall, the concept, common route
and first half of personal routes are really fun but for some the latter half was why this?!
Its a light-hearted otome but some of the drama is just sigh but I guess it is what it is.
I am biased but the only route I felt fitting was Taiga or Ichiya the rest i'm like whatever
that was a nice distraction and I really am glad there's only four routes.
Also while I enjoyed the true route I fail to see why they had to drag some of the routes on
the hints we got were too little and they kept delay the truth. A certain character
isn't even relevant and treated as sub chara which is kinda sad how they also just
try to make us laugh off all the serious stuff, I know it a comedic game
but then don't make it too dramatic just to extent the route! Taiga and Ichiya it was ok
then it just go downhill with Shion/Nayuta.
Hibari is a great heroine but I feel bad for her being forced to pick a fiance and if she don't
its oh well I will pick one for you anyway! or being kept in the dark by her family.
Most of the guys are a bunch of man-children trying to be adults especially Ichiya lmao
but they can grow on you so it not a bad thing I think.
Art and BGM are both stellar and the scenario is decent but... after reading somewhere
they apparently had to rewrite routes last minute due to seiyuu change suddenly
all my complaints are valid, some routes the effort is there while others fall completely flat
or are just downright disappointing like no matter how sweet Nayuta's got in the end it was overall
just a big disappointment. I don't have a problem with his character they just made it a hot mess.
IDK if it was me but both  Shion and Nayuta were for me the worst routes
in the game, it made it felt like they lost what made it fun in the first place.
Taiga was spicey i'm surprised I liked this character, last time I liked a punk was hana oboro haha.
At least the poster boy of the game Ichiya wasn't a disappointment so theres that! /clap otomate
finally done it again boys! Its okay though you can't like every route and I got that message
very clearly. I'd still say its an alright otome game most of the routes only go deeper
to that characters issues and how Hibari deal with it all the themes related to the characters
come together in the true end, its an alright otome but... could be executed better.

I can recommend this otome game whether or not you like the guys will be up to you
but if manipulation and forced marriage trope ain't your thing I suggest to pass
and that is all there is to wrap up my thoughts for this game, its was good but not that great!
drama in some routes dragged on for far too long while sacrificing everything else
but at least I can say I enjoyed this more than Reine des Fleurs so that's good its sad
I have to constantly remind myself that its the type of game to not think too hard and I guess
its okay to make a big deal out of things and be assertive, the heroine was good at that.
I do want a FD to have more fluff and laughs like the first half of the game... 😂

Characters ★★★☆☆ (Hit or miss)
Art  ★★★★★
Scenario/plot. ★★★☆☆ (2,5)
System  ★★★☆☆ (flowchart/board looks complicate than it is)
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

My otome mood is hanging in there but most otome games just don't do it for me anymore
and I get nostalgic and biased about what I did like... and want more like it but there isn't.
Iffy or aksys also seem to have given up bring title over for now... I hope they localize
some of the switch ports like clock zero or piofiore. Speaking of switch there's
enough incentive to get one now, I want the piofiore port and its FD but that is all
the rest are all non-otome, bara gakuen doesn't interest me and only way
for me to get cendrillion is when it gets an english release speaking of
I'd love if Variable Barricade comes over but that is probably not happening
if it not a steam or switch port.
That's that, I might try panic palette or shinigami to shoujo, Matatabi also ported
its latest game to vita but idk about it.

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