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Soukai Buccaneers! - Review

Game: 爽海バッカニアーズ! (Soukai Buccaneers!)
Developer: Petit Reve.
Platform: PS Vita.
Genre: Otome Game, Visual Novel.
Official Site:
Release date: 17-7-2014.

 A simple impression/my thoughts on this Otomege.
Now you want to know if there are spoilers, YES this post contains spoilers
Don't expect full route summaries... or me dropping alot the plot here.

- The setting! for an otome game a pirate setting isn't done often.
- Most of the guys are likeable.
- Art, especially the background art is amazing.
- System was interesting.

- Predictable and weak story, didn't feel like it was entirely worth my time.
- Heroine is voiced via DLC.

TL;DR I give this otome game a 6/10
Its a nice take on the pirate/navy setting but its not a must play.
Best to get it for cheap if you do want to try it out.

So after the disappointed that was Possession Magenta I found myself
at play-asia looking at this game and saw it was only 20$... the Japanese impressions
didn't seem to be that good but its an otomege with a pirate setting, which isn't used that much
(or hasn't been used before at all?) anyway I ended up buying this game
 because its pretty unique and I liked the cast and seiyuu.. so I was like why not?

Anyway my impressions are positive, sadly the overall plot is kind of average and
there are alot of predictable situations. >_>;
The heroine's name(Rian) can't be changed but I don't mind this, there is a 600 yen DLC
voice pack available for her, which is nice but should have been in the game from the start.
 I ended up liking the heroine over the course of the game but still she's a baka.
The art and CG's are beautiful, even the background art and I have no problems with the BGM.
The system? Chart system is pretty great if you make a wrong choice you can simple use this
 and redo the scene but it also makes quick save/load useless.
Character talk is nice during first play but becomes rather pointless on other route.
Its still good for getting to know personal character stuff like height/birthday/family...
but other than that its a disappointing system not used to its full potential.
Imo they handled the pirate theme pretty well, atleast they tried!

I ran into a bug/game crash during the stalk the bishie part of
the common route when going for Crave and I had patch the game too, le deep sigh...
 So I had to start over from scratch, other than that I had no other issues.
Yes I kind of felt I was a stalker fishing for information during that part of the game... lol

My play order was Crave > Jake > Dean > Leonard > Emirio > Frederick.

I ended up liking him alot and he's voiced by KENN(he has such a sexy voice)
Crave's route was like a dream but then its over... and you wake up.  which makes me sad...
Yes I have a thing for guys with Megane. 
Anyway heres the highlight of the route.
Shit happens Crave ends up overboard but our heroine jumps in to save him..
They end up on an island god knows where... bonding happens, they manage to get back to town.
Later even more shit happens and they separate, Crave gets arrested... -_-;
Rian and the remaining Red hawk's save him AGAIN from the death penalty.
Oh boy isn't he a damsel in distress?

I'm sure its going to be one hell of a kiss.
I absolutely loved Crave's route, I Crave for even more!
Well I don't think this game was that bad after one route but still...
Its kind of sad how they never realized Rian was a girl they thought she was a guy
the whole time, ugh what a bunch of baka's, sigh.

Honestly his route didn't stand out, still it was a fun ride and he's voiced by Sugitan.
I don't much to say about this route nor did I pay muc attention, have some CG's instead.
Yarr Yarr one more pls~~
 Look at all these shiny things!
A pirate till the end!
His ending wasn't that bad, plenty of adventures await!

Sometimes I just can't help falling for guys like Dean.
He's cool and handsome and seems mature but he's haunted by stuff that happened in the past.
He ends up going emo at one point but eh.. that was to be expected.
I feel like I have already said enough saying more would be posting major plot points.
Dean is a badass...
That scene was so fairy tale like...
Oh well I guess anyone will find themselves rock bottom...
I have found my one and only husbando in this game not that there was much competition.

Sigh his route was a disappointment, thankfully it was rather short atleast to me.
 Stahp... pls >_>;
Stop... this one looks terrible.
 Okay this one actually looks good? but please make it stop...
In short: A manwhore, most of the time he's cosplaying and has fangirls squealing over him.
Turns out it was for a play? erm yeah oh he's also a wannabe pirate.
Anyway shit happens and well... he tricks Rian and gives her up to the bad guys. >_>
but he has a change of heart and ends up saving her from them just in time, yeah nice.
Bless henry and also Rian for slapping him silly.
 I kinda wish Jake won and kicked Leonard's ass in the process because he's such an ass.
Ah... well he's a noble, he got the money for this.
Sadly I do not like Leonard at all! he finally became bearable for me near the end of his route.
but thats thanks to Henry, ugh he's such a terrible person! and the heroine was pretty stupid too.
Imho he has the worst route in the whole game, it was a mess www.

After the mess that was Leonardo-sama's route, Emirio healed my wounded heart.
 He's cute but a very naughty boy...
  His family issues come up after a letter comes in from his brother...
He doesn't care, Rian tells him he should care and also confesses her feelings for him.
 Shit happens and Emirio goes off on his own, Rian & co end up saving Emirio oh and angst.
Its going to be alright...
Oh my gawd...  I cannot handle this!
Emirio's route was great just what I needed after Leonard, I have no real complaints about it.

 Fred-kun is a cutie-pie but he can be a bit of a brat at times, still he's a fun character.
Saving him for last was a good idea! he's voiced by Tetsuya Kakihara.
Some times I wish Kakki would voice more characters like Frederick...
I see the cuteness is in the family.
 Oh my gawd...
While out at sea, a storm hits and Fred-kun goes overboard with our heroine, dejavu much?
and they both end up on an island god knows where. >_>;
After bonding on the island for a day or so Dean comes to rescue them.
and before they leave Fred-kun kisses Rian...

No... not in front of Dean please!

D'aww... bless these precious little angels!
Oh and a wild Leonard graces us with his presence twice!
First after a lovely date with fred-kun at the church... thanks for ruining Rian's day btw.
And the second time Rian is alone in town while fred-kun is locked up, he manages to trick Rian again and gives her right up to the bad guys once again.
Sigh... now fred-kun has to get out and save our heroine yep... thank you Leonard!
such a great guy he is! thank you for this wonderful situation! >_>;
Ofcourse Fred-kun gets out of the situation he is in thanks to a close friend.
 Anyway Jake finds out what Leonard did and roughed him up real good!
Bless you Jake!
Stuff happen, they reunite and kick ass when they get back to the ship they get together!
The two kiss but everyone sees them, they cheer them on at the end. XD
Nice boots, such a bratty navy boy lol
Aww and its over...I really liked Frederick's route except for the part with Leonard
and leonard was also kind of annoying at the ending, I mean pls go you traitor.
In the end...
 I liked everyone except Leonard.
 Crave, Dean and Frederick being my favorites.
At first Leonard was the I dislike this guy but he's not that bad but after Frederick's route..
I absolutely cannot stand him anymore, I mean he's a terrible guy no matter how I look at him.

Seiyuu appreciation corner
I absolutely Crave KENN's voice & then there is pirate Jake Sugitan,Kakki as the bratty navy boy Frederick... Okiayu ryotaro did a good job with Dean, Emirio's seiyuu Matsuoka
took me a while to get used to, the rest of  the cast was ok.
~ 6/10~
 This game while mediocre was much better than Possession Magenta and I enjoyed it a lot more
even if its not all that atleast Soukai buccaneers had actual routes and not characters
becoming irrelevant after their respective chapter only for them to get a cut and paste ending.
Imho this game was a decent for what its worth. I regret nothing for the price I got it for.
If you end up wanting to get this don't put your expectations too high and you'll be fine
but there's probably better otome games out there than this one in particular.
If possible its pobably for the best to get it cheap! honestly I find that you can better
enjoy these type of games if one knows its really not all that much.
Can't wait to see more of Petit Reve's work, Goes! and SA7 certainly do look interesting.
Their first work was far from perfect but thats okay, Still let's see how Goes! does first.
I am willing to take some chances with new devs which is why even tried out Rear Pheles.

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