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Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu -Setsugetsuka Koi Emaki - Review

 This post contains slight spoilers.

Game: 忍び、恋うつつ ― 雪月花恋絵巻 ― 通常版
 (Shinobi, Koi Utsutsu -Setsugetsuka Koi Emaki)
Developer: Otomate.
Platform: PSP, PS Vita.
PSV has new routes and harem ending.
Genre: Otome Game, Visual Novel.
Official Site:
Release date: 25-06-2015.

 I enjoyed Ninkoi but when I think about it some more
in terms of story I honestly think it wasn't anything special.
Well I didn't really play this for the plot... I doubt anyone will really but atleast it was FUN.
Of course there is a story but this is still an extremly cute and mostly light-hearted otome game.
Strong points are probably all the sweet talking and stellar cast of seiyuus...
and the colorful cast of characters, it might be great to be cheered up if you're feeling down.

- The heroine, Kaede is cute.
- Light-hearted story.
- There will be atleast one guy you'll like.
- Seiyuu cast, Art and music was charming/fitting.

 - Story is a bit on the weak side and can get predictable when going for other routes.
- Can get very redundant to do all characters due to scenario cut and paste.

TL;DR 8/10
It was really enjoyable but its still a little rough around the edges.
No matter how I look back on it, I feel this game is aimed at younger girls... who want
attention and be whispered sweet nothings in their ears(bonus point if it your fav seiyuu).The only reason for such a high score is because it was really fun and I just had a good time
 in general which in my opinion makes up for whatever bad points it had.
When I think about it the only thing I liked was the shenanigans and romance with plot last
atleast the characters are decently written so that's a plus.
If I had to be really harsh... only the original game was worth it, the additional story arc
in this port just adds even more guys to the point there are just too many.😓
One last thing for the vita port additional stuff  art looks off... like is it really the same artist?
I really thought everything in the original game looked better... compared to the new stuff.

If you want a ninja otome game with a story which takes itself seriously
its better to avoid this game unless you're not that old and want a lot of silly stuff
and absolutely love ninja stuff in general.
So basically its like this:
Want a old timey otome game with shinobi's and a good plot?
Geten no Hana and Hyakka Hyakuryou are recommended.
If you just want something fun and light-hearted I recommend this game instead.
There's nothing more to be said really but more ramblings after the jump.

 Kirigakure kuroudo the perfect prince, his name is such a mouthful
I just decided to dub him Kirikuro and I doubt anyone minds.

Anyway I liked going through most of the character routes except maybe Daisuke
while he's a sweetheart and his story was good I do not think he's my type, sorry ;_;.
I think I may have enjoyed Kirikuro, Yuri and Garaiya the most though.
There is no common route, as you select your ninja partner very early in the story
right after the prologue! so we have their undivided attention for the most part atleast!
everything was mostly self-contained to character stuff but certain stuff never changed.
I wouldn't be surprised if they could give this a mobile port down the line...
This game shines for having colorful cast ofcharacters you'll most likely laugh your butt off
when they try to sweet talk u under the jutsu or the opposite  make you facepalm
and roll your eyes like wtf is this shit?
The guys are all nice no real bad apples except maybe sensei since most of the time
I really can't stand teacher routes sadly every guy has a trope they're mold into.
For the first story arc aka PSP game don't expect much of the story really don't.
In the second story arc that came with the vita port with new boys they attempted to expand
the world while adding MORE characters so now with the vita ports 2nd story arc
we have 10 guys now,  I still think it failed like they tried to make it darker. >_>
Looking at you HANZO but I think Ninkoi is better off at being a silly moege/charage tbh...

  There's a forced playorder so for the original story you have to do Sasuke, Kirigakure, Yuri, Daisuke, Garaiya before you can do Sanada and for the second story Hidetora, Ukita, Tadehito before Hanzo.
 The order in which you do the ones available for both stories does not matter... 
if you want Sanada or Hanzo that badly you'd have to work for them.

 Sasuke the fiery tsundere baka

Also the routes in this game are very short, I finished my first play in a single day T_T
Still I feel empty after I finish a route... dunno if that good or bad but don't get me wrong
 I love this otomege as its fun to try a route... but all good things must come to an end.
Because It was so much fun and enjoyable I can't help but want more, ah greed.
The new harem ends was okay, its a nice addition.
Normal harem end was just silly... the other normal endings for each guy are terrible in this
 and not worth reading at all, worst part is you need for trophy, atleast there is skip
but it really adds nothing at all, its a waste of time. 
 Too bad that in the harem ending they made it seem like a certain character
already won Kaede's heart...I mean what's the fucking point of a harem end if it like that, Ugh!

 Yuri is lusting for Kaede behind his steamy glasses but he doesn't want to admit it.

Garaiya is the resident chuunibyou
Garaiya: Kaede, Say Aaaaah~~
Daisuke the womanizer, he's is so adorable in this scene though~~
Its funny he's not the type you'd expect him to be and he's not one of those either he's a real sweet heart till the end.

 You can't escape him, you have to sit through his shit at the end of every route and
at the end of the 3rd route I was all like oh my god shut up already, go away. (ಠ益ಠ) 
Like pls go we're going to kick your ass anyway so shut up and move it! 
Yeah Takaie is the final boss or so to speak... spoilers? whoops.
 I still ended up liking every character and they all got their issues, so this is kinda useless. 
Garaiya > KiriKuro > Ukita >Yuri > Hanzo > Sasuke Daisuke / Sanada > Tadehito > Hidetora.
My favs being Garaiya and Kirikuro! Yuri is special... (´・ω・`)
At the other side but not sure why but I sort of liked Ukita and Hanzo
the latter's done some hard living atleast his happy end was good but...
some parts just felt off to me as for Ukita could've been better lol.
Some spoilers incoming...
Sanada's & Hanzou's route answer some unanswered questions you might have had
and them being locked routes make it worth doing them... I like the bad end
in Hanzo's route but at the same time I don't because he killed off a certain character
tbh its way too dark for this type of game, nice that they tried but it just feels wrong.
Its good to see them do something different but this was too much. T_T
Well let's just say they tried with his story... but come on this was supposed to be
a cute and fluffy otome game I didn't expect a respectable character to go and get killed.
I am not spoiling the details but man... it being a new story does make it seem like
otomate is trying a little too hard to make more out of this.
The other thing in Hanzo's route was terrible, like why did they give Sanada an ending
 in Hanzo's route? did they feel bad because of the bad end?
The terrible thing about Sanada ending in Hanzo route is, it was almost identical to the one
from the original game... it wasn't necessary at all because well it all comes down to this:
Sanada sensei is the OTP we get it, but no need to force his ass on us Otomate
since its a choose your own hot ninja man and make him fall for you type of game
ok maybe not exactly like that but you get the point do you?
This is also why I liked Hanzo's bad ending for better or for worse.
To have such a dark ending in a cute and fluffy game is still really weird and in my opnion
it doesn't quite fit but atleast they tried to suprise us so points for effort.
Anyway I don't know how to say it but this and I Doll U are the last moe otomege this year.
Don't get me wrong I enjoyed ninkoi, and I fully expected this to be
funny yet stupid at the same time which is exactly what it turned into.
Compared to possession magenta, ninkoi was heaven, still too many obvious tropes.😅
Ninkoi is neither good or bad, while some story aspect was interesting it got old very fast
in the long run and the routes being short doesn't help with this at all.
I didn't really play this for the story but its decent at best if one says Ninkoi has no plot
then i'd be like play again please it sure has one even if this is character focused.
Still Meromero shenanigans causes some good old facepalm moments. lol
I had a great time with this otomege, still I can't help but want more and more
since it was so short, the characters are well written but the actual story was meh.
If it had a minigame... something like I Doll U's kiss minigame it would probably be better
even if said minigame is sorta stupid to begin with, lol.
Instead its just a plain vita port with an additional scenario w/ even more guys
 I mean its on PS Vita... all the features it can give these games!
 Now the only extra thing I had to do was complete SYSTEM VOICE for a trophy
by pressing options at the main menu(Newgame,scenario, load, options and extra)
Which was really boring... I doubt you could hear all of the lines as you play normally
unless you have little time and it takes you months to full comp.
A fandisc w/ minigames or funny scenarios would be nice but not necessary
I think sometimes a short light hearted and fun otome game like this is good on its own.
 I'm sure otomate can think of something and give use more, but I don't need shenanigans
though it would be nice to spend more time with these dorks.
 Well I can recommend this otome game, its cute, fun and you'll most likely will have a good time
but don't expect too much of a story, while its there really don't expect too much
if you're gonna play this do it for the characters.
 If there's one thing I have to add DO NOT FEEL OBLIGATED TO DO ALL ROUTES
unless you really like the teacher trope, skip the chara's you think you don't like unless
you want to give the character a chance. That's all I have to say even I sorta skimmed through
some routes especially Tadehito and Hidetora because there's just too many and I didn't really care.

Characters ★★★★☆ (Everyone is likeable in some way.)
Art  ★★★★☆
Scenario/plot. ★★★☆☆(Sillyness aside, you'll have a good time.)
Music★★★☆☆ (Fitting...)
System  ★★★★☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆(A fun otomege.)
Is it just me or the art looks different in the vita port? yes yes it did... ah otomate at it again.
Also Kaede did nothing wrong nothing~~

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