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Angelique Retour - Review

アンジェーリーク ルトゥール
Game: [Angelique Retour]
Genre: Otome game Visual Novel.
Developer/Publisher: Koei tecmo, Neo romance, Ruby party.
Platform: PSP, PS Vita.
Release date: 2015-12-17

Here we go another koei game its a remake of one of the very first otome games!
Or more like Angelique helped to develop the genre a lot.
I find this game to be enjoyable, despite some of the RNG... I guess it keeps things interesting?
Too bad I have no motivation to do more than one route...atleast at the time of finishing this post.
Because the system is just that boring and annoying to me not to mention there's no real conflict 'cept
the guys internal struggle thus nothing really happens outside of you competing to be the queen...
more on that soon.

I gotta be honest though, while I was sitting through the first few hour I thought that
Reine des Fleurs took alot of things from this game but not everything and they make it french. (lol)
I'm not bothered by it because things like this happen all the time in japan and even in the west, all those similair light novel or anime and even game? Yep it happens all-the-time, but enough about RDF being similair to Angelique cuz I don't give a single fuck, i'm just pointing it out and thats that.

Also for some reason I find that Koei's titles are less popular than otomate in the west?
Maybe its because they have zero presence in the west unlike otomate outside
of the old harukanaru tv anime and manga who ironically are now long out of print.
Koei should really step up their game now, the market is there and Aksys has shown that!
I do not care if Koei otome titles will be steam only because sadly the vita is a lost cause in the west.

''A plain-ish girl named Angelique which we'll shorten to Ange is a chosen
candidate alongside Rosalia to become the queen of the cosmos.
The two girls compete for this role and the guys support them in their journey.''

UNFORTUNATELY that is all there is to it except love there is no real outside source to oppose them
which is actually really disappointing it doesn't help that while the guys are appealing
they aren't really interesting untill you get into their events and get to know them a bit more.
Other than that not even Rosalia was a nuisance, I expected bitchy rivalry behavior
but there was none of that (lol) which honestly made for a pretty boring game.
Why would you even want to become the queen of the cosmos anyway?
Ange isn't even capable of questioning this except when deciding to go with a guy or not...
IMO the plot of Koisuru tenshi angelique was more interesting because atleast
the protag had some history and the guys are all sad and emo over Ange becoming the queen
and the bias for Zephel their made me get this game and to be honest it wasn't worth it
except for him finally finding happiness with his first crush.

- No Date, No Life.
- All of the guys are sweethearts.
- The system is easy to understand.
- Interesting setting and worldview but...
- Art and BGM.
- Heroine was cute buut very basic.
- The heroine's rival Rosalia was likeable and not bitchy.
- Zephel was moe, best boy. (bias)

- The story is non-existant.
- Characters have cardboard personality outside of their events which takes too long to reach.
- Events and individual ending are on the short side.
(^This could be great if your attention span is short^)
- Its hard not to reach the goal of the story.
- Not a straight-forward visual novel.
- RNG.

Like i've said this otomege's overall plot is simple, do as your supposed to as the candidate and chill with guys from time to time and  win their hearts in the process, there is no pressure
though it might be great to get ahead of Rosalia.
It doesn't even matter if you shoot down any guy who requests to hang out with the heroine
they'd be disappoint and will probably cry in a corner for the rest of the ingame day. :D
I still think its too easy to reach the main objective though, most of the time Rosalia isn't even
 trying I mean at one point there was a 1000 point gap, I'm like bitch pls.
Anyway it is ok if you don't have any expectations and are new to it, don't let the RNG bit
get to you it can still be lots of fun (I think).

So like...

If done right you can get a guys confession end at day 63 and the rest of the cg's by day 70+.
Angelique will give up on being the queen of the cosmos and they have a happy end with the guy?
Or she let's Rosalia win or whatever become her support, I didn't pay that much attention sorry.
You'll probably get these chara endings sooner or later imho its better than the normal end.
cuz you basically NTR the guys you're going for and any who watched both seasons of the
Koisuru Tenshi Angelique tv-anime will know this, and knowing this myself it kind of
 makes me not want to continue after getting both of Zephel ends and all his CG images.
But I'll do it anyway even tho it will kind of make the guy sad deep down...  I do find continuing
the main objective quite an endurance test, the game gets quite boring without any conflict if you
are already done with character you were going for, don't know if it possible to switch
but that would be nice, I mean you can date other chara just fine from my experience.
They don't get jealous or anything hahaha... /sweats.

But let's be honest sometimes I do find the RNG annoying like if a guy comes to you for a date
 its rather nice when you aren't the one asking them but they do it at the worst time when
I don't even want to go on a date...  like when I asked the same chara yesterday
but they refused or some guy asks when I am totally not going for them...
I am like why now? but I guess thats RNG for you lol.
Advice is at the end of every day, if something doesn't go the way you want so you can
 reload it till it does! its also a good idea to try and get a huge advantage over Rosalia
at the beginning so there's more time for other things later.
Tbh... if you have to save scum all the time it is no good either but that's how this game works
it all rng based so at some point you might have to.

This is the first otome game in a while I didn't use a guide for, not like a guide is gonna help
much other than knowing what every guys favorite item is since the choice are randomized
 but still common and there wasn't even a guide for zephel when I start this game, hahaha.
Oh well this game is quite simple honestly, the overall plot might not be mind blowing, since you
have a goal of world building and so does Rosalia your rival luckily she isn't that bitchy
or anything which is nice, too many otome game do it wrong anyway.
There is not much dramatique cept the guys personal struggle but even then its mild...
Angelique has some strange dreams at times which I presume
is a premonition of some sorts or just well a dream... some of them were funny.
Well as long as you save often and make lots of quicksave you will be just fine without a guide.
Just saying but the every day conversation with the guys are monotonous and boring honestly.

Oh and yeah this can happen... oh well reloading works, yay for RNG.
BTW Rosalia are you even trying?
 While Olivie is watching...

Went for Zephel on my first play, honestly it doesn't matter but since the game is a giant
common route for fulfilling the goal to become the next queen so you might as well
go for someone of interest right? Like I said before you can get a happy end long before
you complete the main objective which made me kind of sad...
There isn't even any individual route, the guys events will just happen on the side. 
  You can choose to take a guy with Ange on sundays when you visit the continent and the second time they go with Ange you get a CG event, other than Zephel, I also got one Julius and Oscar's there on first play.
 Zephel: B-baka its not like I want to dance with you or anything!
 Julius: I don't mind because where else is safer.
 Oscar: I'm sharpening my knife, Kupo.
(They don't actually said this...)
Zephel is rather cold to Angelique at first but warms up to her quite nicely (´・ω・`)
He's the rebel type and early on has the typical everything is mendokusai attitude
He's a classic Tsun/Coodere I think its the former though...
Zephel hasn't accepted that he's one of the guardians yet and dislikes Ange at first but you know how they go!
As for dating, they will refuse a lot at first but as long as you saved before staring the next day
you can retry untill they accept, prolly has something to do with whatever
you selected at the beginning such as your birthday etc and general cooperation
which gets higher the more you rely on them tl;dr they trust you more.
The choice during dates are random and the wrong ones will ruin the mood and end it early but its really not that hard as long as you save before a date so you can try again.
Atleast he's honest...
There will be a ball every 20 days and you can get a cg + lots of affection with your fav guy here.
 Aside from Zephel, over the course of the game I danced with Randy and Olivie as well
the guys don't mind not even if you've actually gotten into someones events.
Everyone is just that nice... there's no drama at all.
If you choose the right answers and do not ruin the mood you get an extra scene at the end
and well in the case of Zephel was really dere hahaha.
Just save before it and trial and error if you don't know what to say I guess.
Oh... hush.
Zephel is a cool guy... 

Such tsun. but that wall will start to melt and he's pretty much like sweet cream in the end! lol.
Uh yeah whatever you know how Tsundere's go maybe that was exaggeration.
 Each guy got two endings, they are both are happy ones at Zephel's 2nd end he propose to Ange.
There really wasn't that much of a plot other than his own character development and them
falling for Ange because she's a cute but honestly Ange herself was pretty generic.
Also is becoming the queen of the cosmos really the best outcome? no it isn't its just a goal.
My adorable cinnamon roll is just as cute as I expected.
In one of the ends  Zephel proposes and she gives up to become the queen, they live happily ever
after and well thats that. For the case of Zephel I could really see the romantic buildup
don't know how it is for the others but I assume its the same, I do find the scenes
to be on the short side but since this isn't really a straigth-visual novel its okay I guess.
 I pretty much prefer this ending over Zephel's other one, I mean, look isn't this the perfect happy end?
Though as much as I liked Zephel his voice felt kinda off to me? felt like his seiyuu
was trying really hard... I mean I get that these guys are all ossan now and probably 
do not voice act as much anymore but came back for the remake for the hell of it but I DO appreciate
the effort his seiyuu put into it, I doubt he voice acts a lot these days.
Do I recommend Angelique Retour? I do, if you don't mind the simulation genre
that this otomege falls under because this is one of those games that can last a while
but all you need is motivation to push yourself through the easy & boring system
but IMO I'd sooner recommend Wand of Fortune over this since this hasn't aged well at all.
dunno how the original was but just looking at old screenshots and such it seemed to have
a lot of charm! like the sprites looked cute, it also seemed more difficult
maybe it was great back in the day when there was nothing else but I think
even the original Harukanaru did better at making an somewhat interesting plot and
have a cast that develops with it i'm sorry if it seems like im shitting all over ange retour
but its better to be critical than make it seem better than it is.
Really though while the plot was kind of just there the good thing is all of the guys
are quite likeable no creepy stereotypes or anything, most of the seiyuu are all ossans except a few.
I find it a miracle most of the original seiyuu were able to return and they aren't
 really popular except maybe Koyasu  so its nice to hear different voices
instead of the same old Torikou, Ishidai, Sakupyon... etc etc.
But the thing is this game might get old fast on subsequent plays, and the normal end where
you succeed the main objective isn't that great really, You could get Gerald or Silvain ending here
if you meet the condition of course but the rest of the guys accept that Ange is the queen now
 and will do everything to support Angelique there's no real drive to go through it again
except the characters since there is no conflict which I can't say that enough!
If you prefer an otomege to have both character driven and some sort of conflict i'd sooner recommend KOEI's other otome games such as the Harukanaru series(3 & 6) or Geten no Hana.

On another topic since I just have to mention it atleast once since it bother me:
Ya know how I hate when otome game or VN get labeled as dating game? when they're not?
Code:realize is a good example, cuz that game has more story going on than actually dating. lol
But Angelique retour? this I classify as a dating game because 80% of the time that is exactly
what you're doing, well it doesn't really matter I did enjoy this game somewhat despite RNG.

Whether or not you would buy this game in the end thats up to you, I don't think it will
get an western release since Koei kind of shot down Ciel nosurge and its offline version
down numerous times, don't know if they will license it out to say aksys but they're otomates slave.
Koei are the types to only localize Koei and Gusts actual games instead of VN's maybe in
the future when there is a stronger market but I hope they'll pick something more interesting.
Whatever happens it would be nice if it did come over... but there are like 5 KOEI games
i'd want to see in english instead and really I don't think Angelique retour is worth much
as its really just a reskin and lost a bit of the charm it had ages ago.

Characters ★★★☆☆ (Have personality of a cardboard outside of their events)
Art  ★★★★★ (Great, perhaps the best thing...)
Scenario/plot. ★☆☆☆☆(Its just there... if you value story you won't find much here)
Music★★★☆☆ (OK...)
System  ★☆☆☆☆ (A pain... can't even bother to do it twice.)
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆


  1. This game sounds great and while the plot might not be mindblowing the romance looks decent.
    Zephel seems really cute! but the RNG might be a huge turn off for people... :(
    Have you done any other routes by now? this doesn't seem like the type of otomege one would want to furukonpu all at once before moving on.

    I also agree on the fact that dating sim isa very bad western representation of a visual novel, I mean certain VN might be great but there are alot of VN that focus on story and dating isn't the main objective.

    1. Thanks for your reply, no I haven't done anymore routes in this game yet, currently going through
      Getsuei no Kusari and Sangoku Rensenki FD before Mysteria arrives.

      Yeah this game is really fun, I wish it would come over but it looks like Tecmo Koei EU won't bring over VN's only games.

  2. Awesome. Is this not available in English? I should really study Japanese but I do not know what level I need before I can read and understand VNs. Any advice? :)

  3. Hello, I have a question. Do you know how to make angelique is the one who confess her feeling instead of the character confess to her? Thank You