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Jyuzaengi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~ 1+2 - Review

Game: [Juuza engi ~Engetsu Sangokuden~ 1+2 ]
Genre: Otome Visual Novel.
Developer/Publisher: Otomate and Red entertainment.
Platform: PSP, PS Vita.
Official Site:
Release date: 2015-08-27

Basically its Dynasty warriors with an otome spin to it, haha...
I can't say my original expectations were particularly high but I was pleasantly surprised
 it turned out to be mostly decent! (the first game atleast can't say the same about the second).
Thankfully the system wasn't annoying... it was decent, I liked the journey system.
RoTK with furries(not fullblown but you get the idea)... TBH out of all of them
Ryuubi is the cutest, what is bias?
Not much plot spoilers for the first game atleast just quick thoughts and tbh
you can read else where... I ended up writing more about part 2 because it was a step down
and I love complaining when I don't like things, it good to have opinion though.

This is by no means a loyal otome adaptation of ROTK and if you expect one you will be sorely
disappointed, I actually prefer Sangoku rensenki over this but that might be just me liking its tropes.
The writing is decent but it has issues at times, especially the 2nd game anf I do not mind if
its not historically accurate but they make so many changes to turn it into an otome game this is one
of those you want everyone to be happy type of games... and thats what you get esp in the sequel.
This game isn't that bad but if you hate the I want everyone to be happy
and considering the setting expect something more serious give it a pass.

Jyuza engi 1, 8/10
I thought this was pretty solid, story is pretty good and great setup even tho they take too many liberties. The war scenes in this game are boring and drag the game on longer than it should
which makes me sleepy, cuz 70% of the time its just boring ossans talking about war tactics
but everything else was A++ and playing Jyuuza2 right after this was a bad idea and I regret
doing so since I loved every route and the continuety of the ends is not there except 1.
Jyuuzaengi 2, 5/10
Story is so-so but once again they take many liberties to change it into an otome game, I didn't
like Chounn & Chouryuu's route this time, plot there was pretty bad, compared to the other route.
 I only really ended up liking 3/4 routes out of 8 at the sequel so I am really disappointed.
The major problem with Jyuza2 is that they want you to forget all of the endings in
th first game cuz it continues from Ryuubi's route, yeah thats right and fine.
Ryuubi's route was still decent and finishes up the overall story nicely in my opinion.
But most of the other routes like Chounn, Chouryuum Sousou and Kakouton were a drag
since it was a pain seeing Kanu fall in love again, still Chouhi's route was a huge improvement
over what he had in the first game though and Kakouton wasn't that bad either.
Shokatsuryou ended up being my favorite in the sequel and Shuyu was eh.
S-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y don't play these two games back to back, its my one and only mistake.
Though if I had to give it a rating overall it gets a 6.5/10 rating from me
which is a seven at best which is not bad at all.

- Overall it has an interesting story and setting.
- Kanu was a pretty awesome heroine.
- Most if not all the guys are likeable (depend on taste tho).
Art and Bgm.
- Seiyuu's A++.
- Kakouton was moe the best boy, even in the sequel which I disliked in general.
- Shokatsuryou.
- Chouhi redeemed himself in the sequel, he was such a cutie pie there.
(I'm just glad it did one thing right at this point.)

- Ossans talking about boring war tactics, this is just sleep inducing I can handle stuff like
dynasty warriors and history do interests me but in a visual novel esp otome its just a big no.
(atleast the sequel had less ossans).
- Enshou and Guo Jia are T R A S H.
- Bacho should have had more presence.
- In the 2nd game Kanu was annoying and became too much of a damnsel in some of the routes.
(Huehue CHOUNN, she was still cool but she just wasn't as awesome as before...)
- In the 2nd game some of the routes, no the whole sequel had a weaker plot in general.
(In the case of Chouryuu, I was like I didn't ask for this did I? and for Chounn I was like wtf is this shit, lol.)
- Sonken and the new guys should have had a route of his own instead of the old one.
(I was okay with Ryuubi's route since he was the OTP but the rest of returning cast are back 
to square one, why not turn them into sub chara and give Sonken and others a chance?).

 So basically TL;DR the sequel was poor in general with the exception of Shokatsuryou, Shuyu and
Ryuubi's route. I didn't even like Shuyu but his route was OK compared to others.
Tbh I don't hate Jyuza Engi 2, I just feel that some routes like Chounn,Chouryuu,Sousou
aren't worth my time after playing the first game, ESPECIALLY RIGHT AFTER PART ONE
but don't worry I still like this series its great and the protag kicked ass where she could.
Overall I am biased for Ryuubi, Kakouton and Shokatsuryou, I liked Chouryuu route more in the 1st game though in p.2 they turned the fantasy elements up 9000% and I regret doing him last in the sequel. Playorder... for the first it doesn't matter except Ryuubi should be done either first
or last cuz continuity why first? he doesn't have much romance and the thing he has could be jarring.
For part 2 some routes unlock on 2nd play so may as well do Shokatsuryou first, the rest
don't matter much and if you want to end the sequel in a good yet bittersweet way
 I recommend doing Sousou last, definitely not Chouryuu. -_-
Sure it was sweet but... it left a bitter taste in my mouth considering some stuff, seriously
i'd rather have Sousou to end the game with than... whatever the fuck even was Chouryuu's best end.

Q: Is the PS Vita port worth it? if I played the PSP versions?
A: Do you like replaying or should I say rereading VN in better resolution? and do you like trophies?
Q: I only played the first game years ago, should I buy this port?
A: Do you remember liking it? by all means go for it if you want the complete experience.
Q: Are there any new additions to the PS Vita version?
A:There are new additions, there is a new epilogue for every character in the first game but
its really short, its hard to say if a 5-10 Minute scene with a CG is worth your time
it may be good for die-hard jyuuza fans but if not... its a pass?
I don't think it is worth it especially if said epilogues are retconned om the sequel.
If you agree like/agree with those answers then I say yes go for it.
(I can by no means guarantee you'll like this as a whole, maybe you will, maybe you won't...)

Characters ★★★★☆
Art  ★★★★☆(Great.)
Scenario/plot. ★★★★☆(First game 4 star... 3 star for sequel.)
Music★★★☆☆ (Average but no complaints.)
System  ★★★★☆ (Comfy...)
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆(Good but do not think too hard about it.)

 More ramblings after the jump.

Our heroine is Kan'u/Guan yu and I have to say she was pretty cool over the course of the first game!
Probably one of otomate's best heroines... in terms of being able to hold her ground and stuff.
The first game centers around the battle of Guandu and the second game on the battle of redcliff...
Its not entirely accurate ofcourse but it still does a nice little spin on the ROTK tale.
Well since this is Sangoku you can expect some boring war stuff and the romance was a bit
of a slowburn in certain routes if I may say so but its still pretty good anyway moving on...
Ryuubi/Liu Bei... was a cute and omg Ishida Akira...deserves a pat on the back
 for this role, its probably his cutest role yet! even if its partly annoying in terms of tone of voice.
Ryuubi made it worth sitting through all that boring war stuff, and sadly at the beginning
most of the other cast didn't interest me at all, with the exception of Sousou/Cao Cao
because who wouldn't want to go after his heart? and Chouryou/Zang Liao his seiyuu(Yusa Kouji)
helped with this because his voice was really soothing and he's rather mysterious. <3
The others guys(Chouun/Zhao Yun & Kakouton/Xiahou Dun) didn't really stand out
with the exception of Chouhi/Zhang Fei who despite being a bit annoying ended up
 being a really great guy, In the end  I'm still glad I did their routes and not give up halfway.
Do I recommend this game? yes, the original atleast. I'm not so fond of its sequel.
The art was great and BGM well it didn't stand out that much but it was okay I guess?

For the first game the play order I went with was:
Ryuubi > Chouhi > Bacho > Chounn > Ensho > Sousou > Chouryuu > Kakouton > Kakouen.
Since I wasn't particularly interested in anyone I did the main guy aka Ryuubi first.
I did this to keep some of the route that interest me spread out and to motivate me
 to do the ones I was less interested in and the last route ended up being a gem.
Though I recommend doing Ryuubi last esp if you are going to play the sequel.

The reason I even posted the new epilogue CG's exclusive to the vita port
is to show that the art is different, I mean the original came out in 2012
Did they use a different artist or something? there is more lightning
and Kanu's face looks very moe blobish in Kakouton and Chouhi new CG.
Its also entirely possible Teita refined the style... but otomate is not new to tracer business.

I also laugh at how they bothered to give new after stories with CG for the first game
in the vita port but also make pretend they never happened in the sequel due to continuity.
Its even worse if you (like me) actually liked some route in the first game.
So if the 2nd game's routes aren't up to your taste one can only pretend they never happened.

Ryuubi's route

His route was decent and he's so adorable~, and its probably for the best to do him first
cuz there's not much romance.
I dunno but I guess it also helps with the overall story? all of the routes are self contained tho.
overall it was really interesting and I have zero complaints about his route, he wasn't really my type
but for me he's more of the type of character I want to protect instead of be romantic with. ♥
Adult Ryuubi is pretty sexy though... but that change could be jarring I guess.
Though it all makes sense as to why the ending felt open
because this is where Jyuza Engi 2 kicks in since Ryuubi's story is not over yet.
It should be obvious that Ryuubi is the canon guy, whether you like it or not, the story of Jyuza Engi
is mostly about this cute little kitty cat I don't have any complaints about that
except that the switch between child/adult is really jarring and that there's not much romance
and very story heavy there' not much to write about going like this tbh.
Ishida Akira did a good job at trying to do the shota voice but never again... please.

Chouhi's route
Lmao... same.
I had some problems with this route and to be very blunt, 80% of this route was boring
and it doesn't help I found him rather childish and annoying untill near the end of his route
where the romance finally started to get good and then it only gets better! I mean Chouhi likes Kanu from the start Ahahaha childhood friend syndrome and Chouhi has a weird way of showing it...
Kanu doesn't realize this and ofcourse she doesn't remembers their little childhood promise?
but later in the route things happen and Chouhi gets serious!(´・ω・`)
TL;DR Chouhi route doesn't get good till later and he's such a sweetheart ♥
but him being so annoying overall that even other characters tell him to stfu nearly kills it.
His route in the sequel was much better, TL;DR he's just so mature compared to here...

Chounn's route

Honestly it was decent, so not much to add or complain ♥
and despite Ensho being absolutely despicable in this route I really liked it.
It also gave me some motivation to do Cao Cao's route next.. ! www
Suzumura Kenichi's voice acting for Chounn is great, he's not my fav seiyuu though.
I like Chounn more in this game than in the sequel, he felt more sincere and his flirting or
the general story wasn't annoying he's more like a knight in shining armor so it is kinda sad
how Chounn ended up to be in the sequel its like they bastardized him.
Compared to the others I find Chounn isn't THAT special but he's not unlikeable here
his ending and epilogue was bittersweet but at the end of the day
he's not even close to being my fav character.

Sou Sou's route

I had some troubles taking his route seriously at points
but as it went on I began to understand how and like it or not Cao Cao is a yandere...
I don't usually like this type of chara but for some reason I kind of do (lol pity points?)
buuut he becomes very creepy and possessive near the end of his route...worst part.
Honestly I don't like yanderes especially if they act extremely possessive and well look below
for a fine example of why I don't like these controlling types, atleast not like
this but Kanu was cool so its forgiven because she was like if you don't let go
then i'll just cut my hair and make you!

 Anyway I put up with it because Cao Cao isn't that bad compared to that sicko Ensho. ( ಠ益ಠ)
Cao Cao is actually very likeable if you are willing to forgive... ♥
sigh maybe I just feel sorry for this guy after all, because the later parts of this route
when he is so obsessive which is just so bad when I really think about it, lmao.
Kanu being a strong heroine and me having some pity points left over for Cao Cao
after the whole yandere thing saved the route for me...and his bad end
well lets not even mention that, shall we?
Oh and before I forget Sousou like got the most CG's out of everyone in this game...
its like Otomate is biased, well I don't judge not everyone got same taste.

Epilogue cg, is it just me or does Sousou look bored? lol
Chouryuu's route

I had originally planned to do this guy last but I did him before Kakuton because reasons!
Erm... let's just say there is something off about this guy, he's so kind, considerate and
literally showers Kanu with love and affection but doesn't seem to understand human value.
He kills his allies along with his enemies and has almost or no self preservation
all while following Ryofu's/Lubu's orders to the letter.
Well that does seem off indeed, honestly seems like he's the perfect little soldier or something.
Having to put up with our resident lesbian Ryofu/Lubu and the bratty Chousen/Diaochan during
this route didn't make it much better but Chouryuu pulled me through! ♥
While there was some BS fantasy stuff in terms of story it was still a pretty good route in the end and
if I have to be really honest its actually on of my fav route, I really ended up liking Chouryuu
and he manage to actually grew on me hahaha.
If only his route in the sequel lived up to this... T_T

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
Kakouton's route

He's super tsundere and this guy seems to hate Kanu and furries...
I had the feeling this route would be dumb but not necessarily in a bad way! so I saved him for last.
Kakouton is just so adorable when he's angry! IDK why I like these tsun types...
maybe its because deep down they don't even mean it.
For over half of his route he seems to be angry at everything except Sousou & Kakouen
for almost no good reason and when you do find out...
you're like ahaha thats rather cute, this route was really fun for the most part and
its a good way to end this game, atleast for me since I enjoyed this route, I regret nothing.
So even tho I had no interest in doing this guys route, it ended up being my fav next to Chouryuu's
This is why you should always give every route a go.. you never know if you might get a gem or not.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Bacho/Machao, Kakouen/Xiahou Yuan and Ensho/Yuan Shao have a special mini route
viewable via peace garden, its not much but a nice addition, atleast have a CG.
Ma Chao mini route, He's a very likeable guy... too bad these mini routes
are so short for me to fully appreciate them!
To be honest I feel like Bachou is wasted potential, I mean he's barely in any of the routes
yet there is so much potential for him, he like could have had a route on his own but
I don't think the writers realized the potential of the great Bachou....
Bachou... the guys barely around yet so likeable here and he gets written out of the series so easily
because he doesn't play a big enough part.
You can really see that they had no idea what to do with this character.
I don't know but if you play the sequel you'd know of Guo Jia,Jia Xu and Sun quan right?
Now those are characters used right... and it makes me really sad how Bachou got treated.
This doesn't do the guy justice at all... its more like guilt trippin.

Yuan Shao/Enshou mini route, wtf?! that was the most despicable and disgusting thing
in the whole game! as you can see I don't like Ensho at all, I know his route is supposed to be
an epilogue to Zhao Yun/Chounn's bad end... but well how about no?
I absolutely despise Ensho because of what happened in Chounn's route.
Ensho's motivations for everything are just absolutely disgusting...
Like he's just blackmailing Kanu into having sexy time with him whenever he wants
and if she doesn't he'll like make sure to hunt down and kill the kitty cats. ( ಠ益ಠ)
I am actually glad that they wrote him out of the sequel so easily... unlike Bachou.

Kakouen... I'm not sure what the point of this one was but its good so good it hurts. T_T
This is exactly the reason why he needed a route of his own, besides he's actually pretty adorable.
but I don't really get the ending of this... I mean they made it seem like the whole thing
with Kakouen was a dream and then you wake up in front of a grave and then we suddenly
get a scene with this cg without much explanation... perhaps it was a tease for the sequel?
Anyway it really sucks that Kakouen's mini route is the only one with such a tease
especially after playing the sequel I really see the whole point of this mini route.

My overall enjoyment of the routes in the first game:
Kakouton > Chouryuu > Ryuubi & Chounn (tie) > SouSou & Chouhi (tie) >Mini routes:
 Kakouen >Bacho > Ensho.

Fav character definitely Kakouton... the rest just followed.

Good: Kakouton, Chouryou.
So-so: Ryuubi,Chounn, Kakouen.
Mediocre: Sousou, Chouhi, Bachou.
Bad: Ensho.

Sousou isn't that bad without the yandere thing but that did lower my enjoyment a bit, he's actually
a great guy, and i'm happy that in his ending and epilogue he never showed his crazy side. ♥
Bacho & Kakouen well it was a nice mini route but again too short for me to fully appreciate it.
Ensho is as bad as it gets I don't even understand why this sicko even had a mini route. ( ಠ益ಠ)
I give JuuzaEngi 1 an 8/10, I had some trouble with one of the routes hurrdurr Sousou
but overall its a really long and good game!
A collection of screenshots from various routes in the first game below
 before moving on to the sequel there's an obvious spoiler in there as well
if you're familiar with dynasty warriors it should be no surprise.

Ryuubi/Lui Bei is just...

he's so freaking cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute~~


Chouhi/Zhang Fei SHUT the *** UP.

And really...

He wouldn't be Chounn/Zhao Yun if he didn't use his catchprase.
(If you ever play Shin sangoku musou/Dynasty warriors you'll get it)

It's okay Cao Cao... I'll stay with you just don't be so possessive, kay?

This pretty much sums up Zhang Liao/Chouryuu route...


Oh and before I forget he wouldn't be Kakouton/Xiahou dun
if he didn't take an arrow like a man, like in the actual ROTK story, so yes
this game is true to its source material even if they take oh so many liberties.

I don't know why but...

I enjoyed Kakouton's route way too much...
I find these type of character cute, they are angry all the time for no good reason
and then they slowly lose their tsun and become super dere as the route goes on. XD

Juuza engi 2

After finishing the first game this sequel feels unnecessary from its synopsis.
So my first thought was: Are they just milking Juuzaengi for the fact that its sangoku era. ಠ_ಠ
Doesn't help the sequel continues from Ryuubi's route cuz continuity and
I really liked the endings from the first game so playing this back to back was a mistake!
They kind of want you to forget about that but I didn't want to do that which
 was mistake and I wasn't very excited to do routes that are not new like Zhuge
Liang/Shokatsuryou(yay Sakupyon) or Zhou Yu/Shuyu.
In the end they're just finishing Ryuubi's story, the other guys are there for the hell of it.

This game centers on the battle of red cliff and they've added a few more character
 like Jia Xu,Guo Jia, Liu Qi and Sun Quan etc etc...
They make them interesting and likeable but sadly they don't give them real routes
so we got mini routes for Kakouen(again),Jia Xu, Sun Quan(bless) and Guo Jia instead! ( ಠ益ಠ)
I really ended up liking Jia Xu(despite being a dipshit) and Sun Quan btw...
Oh and I don't like how they made Kanu more feminine and damsel-ish in some of the routes.
 I mean she was so badass in the first game and I thought she was fine as is...
but otomate apparently felt the need to make her dumber and more girly at times. -_-
Ryuubi, Chouryuu and Chounn's route being the biggest offenders.
Its like they couldn't decide to make Kanu the badass general or the typical otomate heroine
and this really pissed me off in chounn route because if you played Jyuza1 you know she's hella badass. Also the common chapter and some of routes feel shorter, but that may have been just me.

Oh well my playorder for the sequel was:
Shokatsuryou > Shuyu > Chounn > Chouhi > Ryuubi > Kakouton > Sousou > Chouryuu.
The only routes you can choose from on your first play are Ryuubi,Sousou, Shokatsuryou or Shuyu.
Chouhi,Chounn,Kakouton and Chouryuu are locked till 2nd+ play for some strange reason.
Sadly after I did Sousou I thought I was done and had completely forgotten about Chouryuu
welp and ended up regretting everything because Sousou's end was more enjoyable
so if you're actuallu reading this just do Sousou last or something.

The peach garden system makes a return, but you no longer select these side events during the
main story like in the first game... they still take place during the story though.
If you see a butterfly in the lower right then it means you've unlock a side event.
So you can either choose to view it now or wait till later.
Which makes me wonder whats the point of this... I mean just let them play during the story?
 I ended up watching all of Sho's side events after I finished his route so it was a little awkward.
 Only the last two are worth it if you wait...

Incase you do not care about my shitty summaries here are my spoiler free final thoughts.
Overall Jyuza Engi 2 is a disappointment, I ended up liking a few route but you know this game
is a sequel to Ryuubi's route in the first game, I also am so sad that they should've given
Jia Xu, Sun Quan and Guo Jia proper routes, I mean we got nice endings with everyone
in the first game why reset that and make use win their hearts again?
I don't want to forget the memories I had with them in the first game for an alternative take, so why
not give the new guys routes instead? I guess they thought it would be better to milk this series.
Seems pointless, honestly I think the sequel has too many route already and the overall plot
 wasn't very exciting, so it wouldn't have mattered if they added more I would still be bitter about it.
I only really liked Shokatsu,Chouhi,Ryuubi and Kakouton's route in this game but the rest
was lacking... tbh some of them felt like a repeat of the first game hurrdurr Sousou.
Overall the sequel was a mediocre experience because I played it right after the original
I couldn't enjoy it for what it was maybe if I had waited I would've been more grateful.
Look I don't get why we have to sit through Sousou's past again, otomate please I already
know this because I played the first game! its like they made it possible
 to read Jyuza engi 2 without reading the original first.. so yeah there's some repeat.
As for routes with a decent plot, its most definitely Ryuubi, Sousou,Shokatsuryo & Shuyu.
Chounn, Chouryuu, Kakouton and Chouhi felt like side routes to me.
Yeah the other routes except Kakouton(to some extent) was pure filler.
Sousou being a general repeat of what happened in the first game, just with a different setup, etc.
Story wise only Shokatsu,Shuyu or Ryuubi's route mattered, Shuyu's route was a total mess of contradiction. I only really enjoyed Shokatsuryou, Chouhi and Kakouton's route which is sad.
It would've been a lot better if they gave Sun Quan, Jia Xu, Kakouen and Guo Jia
full routes instead of the old boys but they just be giving them mini routes!
Chounn,Chouryuu and to some extend Sousou didn't need another route, I enjoyed
Kakouton since it actually gave his brother a happy end unlike the prequel, Chouhi's route
was also good since he's much more mature instead of annoying
like he was in the prequel see? thats how its done meanwhile Chounn's route was boring
even though it ended realisticly the journey to it was a drag and Chouryuu? Why oh why? I shaked
my head throughout the route and when it was done I said: I didn't ask for this did I?
This is such a damn shame really, oh well I'll just pretend some of the route in the sequel
don't exist other than Ryuubi,Shokatsuryou,Chouhi and Kakouton.
I guess that what happen when you are stuck in sangoku otome land for almost a month lmao.


Here's my quick and dirty summary of Jyuza engi 2, plenty of sarcasm included!
If you don't feel like reading the crappy summaries just skip to the end of each route
for my final thoughts on it.

Well like it or not this game continues from Ryuubi's route in the first game, I
can't even give you any reason it should have been anyone else because it wouldn't make sense.
They've been living peacefully for a while but their village gets burned down again, Ryuubi
loses it because their peaceful days have ended and ends up killing Chouseihei when
 he tries to stop him, ofcourse Ryuubi regains his senses after this. >_>
They end up fleeing and get help from Ryuuhou,Ryuuki and meet up with the famous Shokatsuryo.
 Oh ignorant Shokatsuryo.
This is your one and only choice for a husbando. :P
(He's my no,1 choice atleast with Kakouton as 2nd.)
This really kimoi guy hits on Kanu, he later it turns out to be Shuyu who's also a kitty cat.
 >Are those ears the real thing?
ofcourse they are you... you kimoi dumbass. ( ಠ益ಠ)
They fight Sousou's army because he wants his kitty cats back and he's not pleased with them leaving, Ryuubi is feeling utterly useless during the battle so he turns into his adult form
after seeing everyone suffer around him.
(You will only see this CG when going for Ryuubi during the common route.
Using the skip directly to Ryuubi route feature won't get you this CG in the gallery.)
They push back Sousou's army for now and the kitty cats decided they want a country
of their own! so to hell with living under someones protections!
In certain routes like Chounn, Chouhi or Kakouton, Ryuubi never transforms into his adult form.
(Maybe he did but he reverted back but I'm too lazy to check, I skip
common routes with copy pasta writing when I can.)
Shokatsuryou route
I hope you like my shitty summary and yes its possible to do him first infact
he is probably one of the better choices to do first IMHO.

He's kind of an ass at first but can get likable, super smart oh and Sakupyon.
Sousou is on the move, Kaku/Jia Xu is in charge of the attack so they start to flee
but some kids get left behind... and there is a fire in the castle town.
I loved this scene early in his route where Kanu rescued the little girls from the fire! so badass!!
Shokatsu didn't like it when she went in but she somehow earned his respect for it...
When Kanu comes back with the kids they get on the ship and flee.
On the ship Shuyu properly introduces himself everyone is suprised he's also a Maozoku...
He then tells them that he is the only surviving member of his clan, among other things.
Shuyu also bluntly says that he wants Kanu... Chouhi is like wtf are you trying to pull man.
Ryuubi is like do you want to marry? there are so many other catgirls...
But Shuyu wants Kanu.. because it was love at first sight, and he's interested in her.
Shokatsu tells him to cut the crap because they've arrived. I won't be bothering to summarize everything, the early parts of his route was pretty boring and better in person than write it out.

Shokatsu manages to sneak Kanu into a meeting with Shuyu and Sun Quan, because
(lol) no kitties allowed? nah just to properly introduce her without letting the
people and the army know their is a Juuza among them, Sun Quan even wants Kanu to be his waifu
why? because she is special and pretty? but Shuyu changes the subject quickly (lol)

I hate this guy already... not good for first impression.
Somehow Kanu thinks marrying Sun Quan is actually a good idea because it will help the alliance...
Shokatsu doesn't agree and makes her change that line of thought quickly, god bless Shokatsu.
We get the classic 100,000 arrows story, #know your history this game is based on redcliff after all.
Shokatsu tells Kanu that he might suddenly collapse on the battlefield due to his condition and possible slow things down, Kanu is like why? He tells her not to worry about it.
and asks her to stay at his side if possible. (´・ω・`)

After all that hard work to get those arrows, he passes out and has a dream he always has.
When he wakes up he tells Kanu that when he was little he was saved by a kitty cat...
after he lost his family and friends to war Sho feels guilty he's the only one who survived etc etc..
So this is why he feels indebted to help the Maozoku.
Sho has some bad news...but Sho reassures everyone that it'll work out and they finalize their plans.
The kitties and Kanu launch an attack on Sousou's army and kick Kakouton's ass in the process.
Sousou's forces seem to notice that Shokatsu is the key person behind the recent attacks etc.
The kitties realize they can't beat Sousou as is... they come up with new plans but sho says it
won't work because the wind doesn't blow in their favor or sth.
That night Sho has a talk with Shuyu and later a heart to heart with Kanu.

Later some soldiers from Sousou and Chouryuu barge into his tent... they threaten Shokatsu
tell him he has to make the kitties dance right into Sousou's hand.
After this he tells Kanu that something has come up and he will definitely save everyone
among other things and asks Kanu if she will trust him no matter what happens.
The next day Sho proposes a new plan to the kitties, that night Shuyu tells the kitties that
Shokatsu he has betrayed them... Sho stays suprisingly calm, Shuyu gets mad and beats him up.
Shuyu tells everyone to butt out, and that sho has commited the sin of betrayel...
Ryuubisays Sho hasn't really betrayed them yet but Shuyu beats him up some more etc etc...
He asks Kanu to visit him because they are locked him up for now and then he asks her
one more time if she still trusts him, and ofcourse she does.
(This is via choice and not trusting him leads to his bad end)
Suddenly the guards get knocked out by none other than Chouryuu he tells him they found him
out and Chouryuu says its his responsibility to come for him and takes Sho and Kanu to Sousou.
before they leave he tells Kanu one more time that it'll be alright.
Later when Sousou puts their plan into motion which has changed a bit due to Shokatsu's info
Sousou gets cocky because he thinks everything will go according to plan.
Kanu gets a bit impatient when she can sees her fellow kitties in the distance but
Sho tells her to stay calm,shut up and listen and b-e-l-i-e-v-e in him till the time is right.
When Ryuubi and Chounn come near, the plan to set Sousou's entire fleet on fire commences
and Sho tells Kanu he has been lying to Sousou all this time.
The kitties and Shuyu fight Sousou's army and they have the upper hand!
Sousou isn't very happy about this and asks Kakouton to find Sho and wants his head. lol
Sho apologizes to Kanu but theres no time to talk because Kakouton's here and he's pissed!
Shokatsu taunts him which aggravated him even more, and then Kakouen arrives on the scene.
Sho tells Kanu to run for it but Kanu is like nope I won't leave you here, sho gets mad when she
doesn't listen to him and then Kanu challenges both Kakouton and Kakouen by herself!
Kakouton and Kakouen are like bitch pls, come at us!
Sho tells Kanu he won't let her fight by herself and so he will fight with her
and so they manage teach these two hotheads a lesson they won't forget and
have them run back straight for their master with their tail between their legs.

Kakouen: No... it can't be...

Shokatsu's condition seem to be worsening and collapses... luckily Chouhi and Chounn arrive
just in time to take them both back, Sho has that dream again but wakes up to notice that
Kanu has been by his side the whole time Sho is glad, that he didn't lose anyone important
and he's glad he was able to see Kanu again he asks if he can hold her hand a bit longer and
Kanu tells him its alright, he tells her that he isn't himself...(that he's more honest now) they kiss.
Thats the gist of it.

Time passes, they've managed to make a land for the Maozoku, the kitty cats.
Sho's tying up some loose ends and tells Shuyu the girl is his with a smirk on his face... lol
Shuyu is silent for a bit but has no real objections but sees he's serious.
Sho thanks Shuyu because they couldn't have done it without them, Sho mumbles but
says he's leaving soon and shuyu wishes him all the best, he then visits some relatives
and tells him that he has someone who he wants to live with... and that he's happy.
When Sho returns they talk for a bit, tease each other etc...
Kanu suddenly kisses Sho and says that not everything in life will go according to plan XD
He tells her to shutup and tells him to do as he says don't let go of me when i say don't let go
and to stay with me forever and tells her to only look at him, he's pretty bossy but he means well.

The end.
Bad end,  Because Kanu doesn't trust Shokatsu, she decides to act on her own and
tries to kill Sousou but dies trying, leaving Shokatsu all alone.
Peach garden side events and Epilogue CG
He can't be voiced by sakupyon if he isn't willing to protect you.


Sho: ''Do you reall really really really really trust me, Kanu? even if the odds are against me?''
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Well that was Shokatsu's route, its been a while since I did a digest/summary like this
Its not like I was ever going do a complete translation, ain't got no time for that
and there are probably some mistakes like always.
 I do not regret doing Shokatsu first, this route was awesome, I liked it alot.
Sho might be an ass and bossy, but I still like him so much, the seiyuu bias doesn't help either.
Anyway judging from this route its an okay sequel... if only I could say this everytime.
 Sakupyon voice was lovely, been awhile since I play an otome with him as a main chara.
The last one was Ninkoi I think... oh well?
Anyway Shokatsuryou ended up being one of my favorite route/chara in this game, I
really like him, I hope Kakouton won't be jelly, lol.
Too bad the next route wasn't as fun as this one...
Shuyu's route
Well this guy is obviously not my type, since he's a kimoi manwhore and I'm not even
5 minutes into his route and Kanu slaps him because he literaly came on to her out of nowhere. XD
Sigh they  have a little chat but he start being all touchy again so Kanu hits him again and runs off
later meet again in the forest at night later and Sun Quan appears to be with him but they
still haven't properly introduce themselves... which he won't do till they flee witht the others.
Sousou is himself is coming this time they and the people get scared there is a fire in the castle
so Kanu feels heroic and goes to saves the two kids who got left behind again, dejavu much?
not really since its a bit different this time, when Kanu arrives at the place where the kids are
she sees Sousou... and apparently Shuyu is also here, he grabs her and tells her not to do anything reckless, she slaps him but Sousou notices them...(Facepalm) Shuyu tries to be cool & fights Sousou
while Kanu goes to save the kids from the fire oh look we back on track again.
Shuyu, Sun Quan and Sousou show up where Ryuubi and the others are while Kanu and the kids
still haven't returned the mommy gets restless but suddenly Kanu arrives, Sousou's army
starts attacking but Sousou stops them and gets all yandere for Kanu. -_-
They get on the ship and flee, Kaku/Jia Xu is salty they got away and
doesn't understand why Sousou is laughing like a maniac.
On the ship, Shuyu finally introduces himself everyone is suprised he's a Maozoku
Shuyu bluntly says that he wants Kanu...etc etc this scene was exactly the same as in Sho's route.
Shokatsu tells them all they'll be arriving soon and they should stop bickering.
After the same boring scenes as in Sho's route...

They meet up and Shuyu asks Kanu whats up: Why won't you come closer?
are you nervous? Don't you want me? and ends up glomping her.
He tells her that what he said earlier the ship wasn't a joke and that he really wants Kanu.
Kanu gets super embarrased by all this and pushes him away...
He tells her he's glad they met back then(in the common route) and that he absolutely wants her.
Kanu runs away again leaving our Shuyu disappointed and all alone.
They plan their next move etc etc etc...
On their way traveling in the middle of nowhere to their next destination...


Well said Kanu, and so she slapped him hard once more and runs off! :D

Sho sees a poor man cringing in pain and can't help but be sarcastic or whatever.

Shuyu gets to be Kimoi once again on the boat, lol CG variation...
Its a long trip... and somehow some of Shuyu's fangirls show up and Kanu leaves
but they get together again a bit later, hmm jealous Kanu? lol
She ends up punching him again while Sun Quan is watching who also
ends up punching him. :D Sun Quan tells him to stop being a playboy.

Why does Sun Quan not have a route... ;_; 

They meet up with some of Go/Wu's officials like in Shokatsu's route but its different this time.
No need to sneak Kanu in to the meeting to set up the alliance etc...
but the official's are being stubborn this time so Shokatsu provides a different plan once
Sun Quan arrives, its quite a devious plan in this route.
Later at night Kanu over hears a conversation Sun Quan and Shuyu are having...
Sun Quan says that he needs Shuyu at his side and says its hard to live up
to the expectations of his family or whatever, they talk about the past and how things are now.
Shuyu jokes that he should hurry up and find a wife but Sun quan says he isn't interested lol.
(What a liar Sun Quan is I know he also has his eyes on Kanu...)
They talk a bit more but Shuyu starts coughing... so they head back inside.
Shuyu comes to Kanu's room later, Shuyu says that they should sleep together tonight.
Kanu doesn't want this ofcourse but Shuyu made up his mind and says he won't let Kanu
escape tonight, Kanu leaves and asks for Shokatsu's help but he refuses, more shenanigans
in the end Shuyu decides to crash at Sho's... Sho isn't pleased with this at all.

Bunch of idiots... why is this happening?! 
Next day Shuyu lectures some pantsy soldiers after this
Shuyu and Kanu get together in town after but some fangirls interrupt them, they get antsy.
FFS Shuyu you freaking manwhore... ( ಠ益ಠ)
He manages to get them to leave somehow.... sigh now some soldiers notice that they
are both Jyuza, and stir up some trouble and ruin the moment but they leave.
Anyway Shuyu asks Kanu if he can hug/pet her, Kanu for once says its fine.. if
its right here on the street in public, Shuyu is like why here? shenangans happen, lol
and he opens up to her about what happened earlier and how he came to work for Sun Quan.
Anyway after some more sob story, the plan is being put into motion.
Shokatsu, lectures Kanu about the importance of the mission and not to let any detail slip etc.
Everyone wishes Kanu good luck but Chounn starts hitting on Kanu out of nowhere.
Shuyu jumps between them but I was still left very confused.
Later that night Shuyu visits her in her room again, he jokes around but he wanted
to see her face one last time, they talk for a bit and asks if he can stay and sleep with her.
He says that he wants to see all sorts of emotions from Kanu and
that he wants to be by her side forever, get married have tons of kitties and
just have the happiest time of their lives, Kanu is a bit puzzled by the have kids part, lol.
But Shuyu says that having them isn't a bad idea...
He says that he only wants her... because she is special to him among alot of other sweet talk.
Good night.

And the next day Sousou's massive fleet appears... this seems familiar right?
Kanu wants to confront Sousou but everyone says its too dangerous and
even Shuyu says he has a bad feeling.
Sousou takes the bait when Kanu comes to him all by herself well almost by herself since some
Wu soldiers accompanied her, he's still suprised to see her?
However. I'm not pleased to see you...

Sicko... don't take it purrsonally tho.

Suddenly Shuyu shows up, because he's worried that he was after Kanu all along...
Sousou tells him that Kanu is the same as he is, a halfbreed, Shuyu doesn't believe it.
Sousou says he will kick his ass if Shuyu doesn't back of, and Shuyu is like: hey thats my line.
Wow such rivalry... Shuyu yells if you are a Maozoku where are your ears!
Sousou says he cut them off, wow that must have hurt... lol we already knew this from the first game.
Shuyu says that Sousou isn't right in the head and asks what he wants to do with Kanu.
Sousou says it should be obvious, Marry her and make kitties, Shuyu doesn't like this at all,
he tells Kanu to run for it, but she won't and says she'll fight and defeat Sousou.
Shuyu gets hurt and coughs up some blood, Sousou sees the chance to finish him but
Kanu distracts him, Sousou says she should shutup and watch as he kills him.
An old friend of Shuyu's shows up, which makes Sousou retreat all of a sudden.
Shuyu runs off and the old man wonders what's the meaning of all this.
Kanu runs after him, but he tells her not to come near him and leave him alone.
Kanu doesn't want to and he tells her again to shut up and leave him.
He tells her not to touch him like he has some sort of sickness...
He pleads her to leave him... like he has aids or something but she doesn't, Chouhi
comes along and is all happy she's fine and so Shuyu takes this chance to lock himself up lmao.
That night Kanu tries to see Shuyu again and little old Shuyu wonders why she's so worried.
He asks if he can snuggle up to her but then Shuyu suddenly becomes all rapey...

and then he says this... which makes me roll my eyes like never before.

He apologizes and asks her to get out.
Short scene with Sousou and now he is motivated like never before to obtain Kanu.
Shuyu is acting a bit distant now after what happened earlier, they go over their battle plan.
Shenanigans happen and then Kantei falls into the water and...

Chounn: are you alright? here grab onto my sword! Kantei thanks... > OH NO I CUT MYSELF

The baka is you Chounn, what the hell are you thinking.


After the shenanigans Shuyu gets some pep talk from Shokatsu, and regains some of his spirit.
Kanu remembers some of Sousou's words and goes to confront Sousou again all by herself.
She almost gets captured and when Shuyu hears she is near Sousou he doesn't like this and
yells he'll surely come for her, Kanu tries to break free and when she has the chance she
jumps off the ship, she reunites with the others Shuyu gets mad and later Shokatsu
asks why Kanu would even go out all alone, she says Sousou is actually only after her..
Shuyu tells Kanu that they will protect her at all costs from that mad man.
In a scene at Sousou side, Sousou asks Chouryuu to investigate this Shuyu person for him.
Chouhi, Kantei and Chousosou notice Kanu seems depressed and isn't eating properly.
They come up with a plan to burn down Sousou's fleet using the power of the wind
They have to buy time since the wind isn't blowing in their favor yet.
So they have Kanu get captured captured by Sousou... so he lets his guard down for awhile.
Shuyu doesn't like this plan at all but Sho tells him its the only way to beat Sousou.
Shuyu still doesn't like it and promises they will come for her when the time comes...
They have a heart to heart the night before she turns herself in.
He tells her he feels inferior because of his past and wants Kanu...
even more than Sousou and that he can't hold it back now.
He says he won't let her go now and that he wants her and will make her his.
Lips hair.. ears and fingers basically her whole body he literally wants everything.
He wants to make sure he is the first to touch her in all the naughty places before Sousou does.
(Maybe i'm just perverted but me thinks they did the deed)

Sexy time's over and they go ahead with the plan and Kanu let's herself be captured.
Now that Sousou is distracted by his favorite kitty cat, the others get the time they need.
He's still suprised she even let herself let captured willingly....
Sousou even makes her kiss him by force later and shows his lovely yandere side.(Ugh why)
Sousou even asks Kanu to marry him... but Kanu is like lol nope, she has to keep up with
Sousou for a few days after before Shuyu and the others finish the preperations and then
one night Shuyu and the others strike and set Sousou's fleet on fire.
Sousou grabs Kanu and tries to flee but sousou finds out Kanu has been lying to him.
He's mad so mad he could kill her but Shuyu shows up to save her.
Shuyu gives Sousou a self rich righteous speech...  makes Sousou even angrier
and tells him he will most definitely defeat him.
Sousou realizes something and tells Kanu that Shuyu is a filthy Jyuza different from
her or the other kitties, that he is infected with aids-like disease and thats is also
what killed the other members of his clan and that he himself doesn't have long, Shuyu starts coughing... Sousou strikes him because he's wide open.
Shuyu tells Sousou that it doesn't matter, Sousou's reinforcements arrive and realizing they
couldn't win they run away and Shuyu tells Kanu, Sousou was telling the truth and that he indeed
doesn't have long to live and that he really wanted to live a normal life but he couldn't....
Sousou catches up says wherever they run he will most definitely find them, Kanu almost takes
Sousou's offer to return to his side but Shuyu stops her, Kanu tries to touch his blood but Shuyu
says don't do that because it might infect her, she says that it doesn't matter what kind
of shitty blood he has he goes on and on and tells her not to but Kanu kisses him.
(Since Kanu and Shuyu already had Sexy time does that mean that he infected Kanu?
 idk... this whole thing makes my head hurt)
They get all lovey dovey and Sousou can't bear to see it anymore and tells his men to aim 
for the guy and kill him,Shuyu tells him they will run to a place where he can't ever find him.
Shuyu tells Kanu to take his hand Sousou is puzzled, Shuyu taunts him.
Sousou tells him to stop and don't take Kanu, Shuyu tells Kanu he loves her forever,
wherever whenever and never ending. Sousou's archers are ready but he begs
them to stop because they might hit the girl, Shuyu and Kanu don't hesitate for a second
and they both end up jumping into the water and escape.

Everyone thinks they died during the battle... Sun Quan has to lead the country without Shuyu.
Sun Quan tells everyone Kanu and Shuyu are heroes and to remember their names.
Sousou is pretty salty they haven't found any trace of them...
Wow... Shuyu wasn't kidding when he said he'd go somewhere they'd never be found.
They live in a shack in a dense forest on some mountain now and Shokatsu frequently visits them.
 Sho is the only one who knows about this... he didn't even tell Ryuubi.
 Shuyu tells Kanu he has always cursed himself because of his blood, and that
he's really glad he met Kanu but doesn't now hownlong he has to live it could be months or years.
But no matter how long he has left, the present is what matters the most to him
 because Kanu is there for him.
The end.
Bad end, Sousou stabs him, he grabs Kanu says he loves her and they kiss
among the fiery flames, Sousou gets mad and shuyu grabs onto him and
they fall both into the water I presume they drown, leaving Kanu all alone.
Final peach garden events and epilogue.
One rainy day.... hum our two love birds are doing just fine.
In the epilogue they seem to have plans to make kitties...
Shuyu's dream is to have a family he's grateful to Kanu for being here with him
 after all that has happened and they live happily ever after for whatever time he has left.

Well thats it, for the most part I say his route was decent but I didn't like it that much.
 The best scene in the whole route was the bit with Kantei... LOL
or should I say that one was the most funniest? IDK... I didn't like Shuyu at the start
 but he did grew on me but then the thing happened and I shook my head.
The ending wasn't really a happy one either, only Shokatsuryou knows that they're alive. :(
TBH this route is suffering from contradiction or just bad writing in general, this can
be easily seen through Shuyu's actions anyway i'm done talking about it
because it makes my head hurt just thinking back on this route.
Chounn's route
Well since he was crying desperately for my attention in the previous route I did him next.
I have to mention that Chounn flirts with Kanu, in the bad way just as annoying as Shuyu.
Though I thought he was much more tolerable in the previous game.
In fact this game almost make me hate him... Otomate what have you done?
The lack of  CG's also doesn't help during the early parts of the route there are
times when I was like you know a CG would be nice here but nope... enjoy the Wall O text.
Sho has a plan to lure in Sousou's army... maybe I shouldn't have skip common route.
They end up fighting Kakouton,Kakouen and Chouryuu.. Chounn tells Kanu to look after ryuubi 
and they flee later at the camp Chounn hits on Kanu some more.
Sousou isn't pleased when he hears his kitties got away... 
They end up traveling by boat and when they arrive at their destination, Shuyu is there and
 introduces himself, Shokatsu plans the next move of what they should do next... 
(why is this route so boring so far?)
Chounn volunteers to scout ahead and Kanu goes with him they see Sousou's forces 
in the distanceand they return to their base of operations the people get restless...
A quick scene with Sousou who is wants his kitties back now more than ever. 
ugh this storyline is getting so repetitive despite being slightly different everytime, lol.
One day their camp gets attacked by Jia Xu and Chouryuu, Kanu wants tries to fight off the soldiers but Chouryuu stops her and they burn down the camp killing the innocents people who are
 in the tents, Chouhi and Chounn notice the camp got attacked  so they hurry back.
She hears the people cry out, but is unable to save them because Jia Xu and Chouryuu
are a bunch of ass holes and they end up putting them out of their misery, Kanu gets 
traumatized by all this and loses conciousness, Chouryuu asks if she's alright lolololol
Why even ask if she is alright, when she clearly isn't you dipshit. ( ಠ益ಠ)
They almost take her with them but our knight in shining armor Chounn has arrived. 
Chounn manages to get them to leave, the fighting continues... Sun Quan is also there watching.
Kantei and co make a fun of Shuyu, he's like be grateful I even helped you guys.
Kanu wakes up, Chounn is with her...she's still traumatized, Chounn tells her she did enough 
and that she should take it easy and that he will definitely take the trauma away.
Later... when they get back.
Kanu has a nightmare, chouryuu is there and holds her while people get killed...
Ryuubi is there by her side, and calms her down again, Kanu closes her eyes and sees people get killed again... goddamn it Chouryuu and Jia Xu really went too far.
Kanu suddenly runs off... Ryuubi tells her its alright once more.
Ryuubi asks Sho whats wrong with Kanu, he tells him Kanu has a scar, not physically
but mentally and it will take time to heal... they explain it in a way Ryuubi can understand.
Chounn takes her to a outside thinking its good for her... suddenly some people arrive
and start saying Kanu is the one who killed those people which only makes Kanu feel worse.
Can you see why I think this route is terrible so far? >_>
Chounn tries to calm them down but they are so butt hurt about it, its not helping.
He takes her back inside... because she lost conciousness again, he stays with her.
When she wakes up, Kanu seems to have lost her voice...Chounn tells everyone about this
and asks if he can take her somewhere where she can recover from all that happened.
Chounn and Kanu leave... everyone hopes this will help Kanu in some way.
Sousou is salty they failed to obtain his favorite kitty cat, and sends them out once more.

 While traveling, Chounn is being kind and considerate to Kanu, at night
she has a nightmare again, and Chounn tells her to keep it together. 
The next day Chounn covers Kanu's ears because they are visiting a village.
Some bandits attack and Chounn feels heroic and kicks ass and saves the victims.
The next day Kanu gets seperated from Chounn while some bandits attack again.
Chounn hurries to her side because he's worried, the bandits harass Kanu but
 Chounn our knight in shining armor saves her and kicks ass.... ugh.
Suddenly Kanu slowly regains her voice.

Meanwhile Guo jia is bored as fuck, because nothing happens and he's stuck doing
nothing but boring things like giving orders or whatever.
Kakouen, is salty and says he should do his job better and says it sucks he's stuck here with him.
Guo jia jokes around but Kakouen is serious AF and wants to do something NOW.

Chounn is glad he could come back to this village and that Kanu has regained her voice.
He asks if its alright if they go to another village and Kanu is fine with it.
He tells her he wants to get to know Kanu even better and tells her he loves her. (´・ω・`)
Suddenly they smell something burning and Chounn wonders who could have done it
and lo and behold none other than Sousou's army is behind it, Kanu has a flashback again... 
Kanu runs off and desperately tries to save some people while struggeling with her trauma and
 so she regains some of her badassness, she surely needed back she also regains her spirit.
Some soldier reports back to Guo Jia and Kakouen about what happened but they don't
know Kanu and Chounn are the one who wrecked shit.
 Oh look...
We finally get a CG... and a lovely moment with Chounn.
He says he liked seeing her sleep... among other sweet talk, lol.
Some important guy show up who doesn't event have a sprite, brags a bit and grabs Kanu.
He threatens them and takes them to their village, he explains the situation and
they don't seem to be that bad and they ask them to help fight off Sousou's  army.
Chounn tells them that he will take care of it, he teaches the villages to fight.
Scene with Guo Jia etc, he is up to no good again... oh ho oh ho.
  Sousou's army comes to the village and they are suprised its deserted and they get ambushed.
Guo Jia smells something is up and a soldier is reporting the bad news to him.
They fight off Sousou's army... Guo Jia has an idea and they burn down the village.
Kanu feels heroic and goes to save people but runs into Kakouen, he's pissed wonders why
she is here of all places, she fights him off, Chounn joins her and Kakouen flees.
 Even tho their village is in ruins, they fought off Sousou they are grateful to Chounn and Kanu.
They are going to keep push Sousou's forces back, Chounn doesn't like this but Kanu insists.
Guo Jia is pissed... and rants to his subordinate, Kakouen delivering the news
that Chounn and Kanu are there which gives him an idea.
 Chouhi is sad and thinks Kanu won't ever come back to them and thinks she has eloped with Chounn.
They get a letter from them, and which explains Kanu is fine and they fought Sousou etc.
After saving more people they get together and Chounn asks her if she remembers
what he told her back then at the village, while pinning her down. >_>
He says selfishly that he wants an answer now.
He apologizes for being so selfish, Kanu says she feels the same way about Chounn and
that she loves him, Chounn is glad... he then apologizes again for being a selfish human being.
(I lost count at how many times Chounn apologized during this whole scene lmao.)
He says that they shouldn't sleep together tonight after all because he might lose control.
Sousou finds out about Chounn and Kanu, and that they are helping the people in Yushu...
 Meanwhile Kakouen is getting impatient because Guo Jia takes forever to
come up with a good plan. lol
 They fight off more of Sousou's army for the people of Yushu
 Chounn realizes that he's been fighting his old friends that are being made to work for Sousou.
He hesitates... and they flee, Chounn gets all emo and blames himself that he didn't see it sooner.
Some guy hurries to them to tell them battle is not over yet, they have to fight still.
Kanu leaves and approaches a sousou soldier....
This same soldier he realizes she is the Jyuza woman he's supposed to capture.
Guo Jia finally rand Kakouen have the time of their lives, ohohoho.
Kanu surrenders and lets herself be captured by the soldier, because a Sousou general
 threatened their families if they don't capture Kanu they get killed, she gets knocke out.
Chounn is worried because Kanu didn't come back when she went off on her own
and chases after her, meanwhile Shuyu,Sun Quan and Sousou have a little chit chat,
Kanu wakes up and to none other that Guo Jia and says this is the first time he's seen a Jyuza.
He says she has a pretty face, and that she reminds me of his sister, he suddenly
stabs Kanu just to see what the color of her blood looks like, what a sicko. ( ಠ益ಠ)
Guo Jia says his plan was a success, because Chounn let his guard down...
when he found out all of his friends are now working for Sousou.
He slaps her around because he can and is just being terrible etc... god this guy is ***ed up.
 Chounn wants to save Kanu, he says he will come for her.
He uses Kanu as a lab rat... etc etc etc.
The castle where Kanu is being held is in flames, Chounn is also here.
Guo Jia shows up and taunts Chounn, he tells her Kanu is here and what he put her through
Chounn gets mad, Guo Jia is being an ass some... (heh this is so predictable...)
Chouhi and the other kitty cats show up just in time, Guo Jia let's Kanu go this time.
Chounn is mad when he sees what Guo Jia did to Kanu... all the bruises he hopes they heal soon.
Later Choun and Kanu meet up Guo Jia,wait why is he even alive? Sousou should have
executed him for what he did to his precious kitty cat. lmao.
Guo Jia gives us his sob story about his past... he draws his blade because he wants Kanu dead
but Chounn stabs him before he can do anything.
Guo Jia says Kanu is too kind for her own good, and dies.
Ryuubi, is happy Kanu is back and the soldiers who were threatened by Sousou are free now, etc.
Chounn and Kanu have sexy time...
He says he won't let her go... and that he loves her no matter what happens, forever.
He says he wants to make every inch of her body his... among other r18 things
He thanks her for understanding him in the end.
The end.
Bad end, Chounn dies at the hands of his former friend who is now a soldier who serves Sousou.
Peach garden and Epilogue
Event no,5 Chounn proposes to her.
And in the epilogue they live happily ever after.
Uh so that was ''new'' Chounn's route? I did not like it at all, his route in the first game was better.
Kanu losing her voice and traumatized early on the route by Chouryu and Jia Xu ruined alot
of things for me, it made her so useless... then she suddenly regains her will power by seeing
her knight in shining armor Chounn kick ass left and right... -_-
There was one thing I liked and that was how Guo Jia got killed off, for what he did to Kanu and all.
It was probably one of the only or few realistic thing happening in this game.
My fears came true in the end, that a route from a character from the prequel would not live up
 to the one they had in the first game, in the case of Chounn he's a bad apple at Jyuza engi 2.
I am really sad that the story in his route turned out to be crap...
Even Shuyu's route was better than this imho, even tho I didn't like his route that much either.
Hurr durr contradictions...  To be honest, I like to pretend Chounn's route in this game doesn't exist
in this and just go straight to the epilogue and act like its an extension to the ending in first game.
Oh well to each there own I guess, i'm sure that there are people that liked it even if I don't
to me it was pretty boring I get heroine can be ''weak'' but that's just forcing everything
as an excuse to get him to be a knight in shining armor again, well yeah he cares
he's sweet and you already know Chounn was never really my fave as a character
he's just there another possible romantic interest...

Guo Jia Mini route.
It happens when he would do all those terrible things to her for fun
during Chounn's route, why am I having flashbacks of Ensho? ( ಠ益ಠ)
   This is more like a what if, Guo Jia decided NOT to be terrible to Kanu.
He isn't doing anything bad, in fact he's rather nice because he now thinks of Kanu as his sister
and Kanu goes along with his fantasy and grants his selfish little wish
when he asks her to be with him forever.
Well unlike Ensho's mini route in the first game, I can accept this one more because unlike Enshou Guo Jia is actually cute and likeable and isn't blackmailing her into having sexy time with him.
Then again giving Guo Jia a sad backstory(or any character) is no excuse for him to be an asshole.
I think the things he did to Kanu are just terrible and otomate tried to set it right by giving us this...
But alas, Guo Jia may be cute but its no excuse for his actions towards Kanu earlier on.
Chouhi's route
I really like how he's more mature in this route, because honestly I found him
 rather childish and annoying in the first game so this was nice.
TBH this route is miles better than Chounn already even if its flawed at the end.
This route starts out like Chounn's but different still, Ryuubi is still in his child form
and they lure in Sousou's army, Ryuubi shows up suddenly and says he's been waiting.
(Waiting for what? for me to do your route? sorry that was a joke.)
Ryuubi didn't want to just sit and wait there so he came anyway, they fight sousou's army
 Ryuubi can't bear to see them fight and almost loses it but Chouhi  tells him to not lose to
the curse and hits him pretty hard, and he snaps out of it.
Sousou gets salty Kakouton and Kakouen came back empty handed once more.
They set up camp again and Sho carefully thinks of what they should do next.
Ryuubi-kun you are too soft, and oh so naive.
Chounn asks Chouhi to protect Kanu for him in the coming battle, chouhi gets all excited. :D
Later that day Kanu and Chouhi have a mature little chat. 
 They travel by boat again, to their next destination.
 Once they arrive and see that Sousou is already at the castle they rush in and
try to save Ryuuhyou while kicking ass and they find Ryuuhyou but he runs.
They follow him but run into Chouryuu and Jia Xu are also there, which is quite troublesome.
We find out from Jia Xu that Ryuuhyou was behind the attack on the kitties in the prologue
knowing they'd seek him out for help and that he would take them in only to use the kitties
 in battle because of their prowess, Ryouhyou admits everything, and says he couldn't help it.
Kanu and Chouhi are pretty shocked by this, Chouhi's mad he tried to trick them and
Kanu ican't believe it either and gets pissed, Chouhi calms her down though.
Jia Xu orders his men to kill Ryuuhyou and he dies while begging for his life.
Jia Xu tells them that their goal was to kill him all along, Chouhi and Kanu don't like it
and say he didn't need to die... Jia Xu orders his men to capture the two.
but they manage to run away... before such thing happens.
They report back to Shokatsu and well they decide to they have to seek help elsewhere.
Shokatsu recommends a guy named Kouryou but then Shuyu introduces himself...
They be suprised like always that he's also a kitty.
Sho sends, Chouhi, Kanu to Yian lang, at night they make camp and
our two love birds have another talk again about things ♥

 Sousou's army is already coming closer and Kakouen and Kakouton are on their tails.
Chouhi holds them off and even pushes some soldiers into the river. XD
Chouhi destroys the bridge and they all hurry to Yian Lang.
Oh also Kakouton and Kakouen return to Jia Xu with their tail between their legs...
He sends out more soldiers and they get lectured by him, lol.
They arrive at the castle, they rest for the day and
that night Kanu couldn't sleep so she goes out into the gardens and she meets Chouhi
there and they have a talk, he notices she's freezing so....
 They go to a nearby village the next day
To everyone's suprise they welcome the kitties with open arms, reason why is it has
something to do with Ryuubi's ancestor or whatever so they've always been fond of kitties.
They warn the villagers because Sousou's army is coming and they manage
to bring most of them to safety in the castle.

Sousou's army has come so well they begin to make preparations.
 They fight off Sousou's army, at the end of the day they kick Kakouton's ass and Sousou's
forces back off for now they celebrate but Jia Xu has other plans he captures some villagers
and threatens on of them because he's a dipshit and sends him as a spy to the castle as a refugee.
and Kanu let's him in because she's stupid, you can guess what happens next huh? I sure did.
It didn't take long but...
 The spy causes a fire in the castle, and their food reserve is reduced to ash, they
find the guy and Chouhi asks him to tell the truth, he really was a villager but Jia Xu threatened
him they forgive him, then Jia Xu tells them to surrender because he knew his plan worked.
However they won't give up easily... they refuse, Jia Xu then orders Kakouton to launch another
raid and because he is still pissed of what happened earlier he also tells his men to use fire arrows.
 This lasts the whole night and at daybreak they end up retreating, everyone is all hungry and exhausted and since they got no more food, Jia Xu casually asks them to surrender again, they
got no choice now and since he also  has some hostages from the village
and so they end up surrendering for real later because it really is the best choice currently.
So they go meet Jia Xu to officially announce their surrender, Ryuubi and Chososou stay behind.
Whatever... Jia Xu uses them as slaves and they have to work on the ships.
Some soldiers decide to bully Chouhi... Chouhi refuses to do whatever they want him to
they get mad and use him as a punching bag for a while. >_>;
Kanu gets mad at this, tries to make them stop and all aggro is on Kanu so Chouhi gets angry
when they tried to hurt her, Chounn and Kantei got suspicious so they came and take a look...
Ryuubi and Chososou, convince the remaining villagers to prepare a ship for them so
they can meet up with Shokatsu and Sun Quan, to save Kanu later.
 Kanu and the others still have to work on a ship, even tho the other soldiers trolled Chouhi...
and its actually hard work so Chouhi kisses Kanu's hands.
Kanu goes to meet Jia Xu in the hopes he lets the others go... Jia xu says she's naive.
Chouhi notices she's missing and rushes to his side... since he won't even make the working
conditions easier they decide to rebel and feed Sousou's soldiers uncooked food
(which still tastes delicious)in the hopes they get sick, lol and some of them do get sick.
Kanu and Chouhi keep trying to talk to Jia Xu... but its not helping much.
Jia Xu ends up burning everyone alive who got sick  because he thinks they carry some
 infectious disease or something, what a paranoid dipshit.
 Chouhi doesn't like this at all... he starts to hate the guy even more.
Meanwhile Ryuubi and Chosohou meet up with Shokatsu, and they get Shuyu and
Sun Quans help and come up with a plan to rescue the others.
Sousou gets impatient, because Jia Xu is taking forever but Kakouton reports in and
tells him everything he knows, Sousou gets salty and says they will regret surrendering.
Chouhi, the rest and some soldiers, want a full rebellion because they all hate this dip shit
slave driver... and are getting impatient but Kanu decides its better to wait for reinforcements.
Some soldiers get careless when they talk of their rebellion again later and welp...
Jia Xu hears of their plans of rebellion and decides to execute them later because he's a dipshit.
The others hear that Jia Xiu plans to execute some people tomorrow, they go out but Jia Xu
like the dip shit he is tells them this:
Yabai indeed, he's going to roast you and eat you. :D
Enough talk about dramatic executions
 Chouhi blames himself and says he got careless...
Kanu & Chouhi have a heart to heart later and Kanu tells Chouhi he loves him, and
 Chouhi is suprised because he doesn't know if its brotherly love or you know love~~ XD
but Kanu wears the pants this time and tells him she loves him not as a brother but as a man.
He still can't believe it...
Anyway the next day just as those soldiers are about to be executed  by that dipshit, Chouhi
confronts Jia Xu he rallies the Kouryou soldiers then Shokatsu and the reinforcements arrive.
The timing is almost unreal... they retake the castle and reunite with Ryuubi and Chousosou.
 For some reason, the dipshit Jia Xu gets off so easily... like they just let him join
him even tho he burned all those people and was planning to execute those soldiers.
Baka's all of them! they are so soft, I do like this dipshit but this made me roll my eyes so bad...
  **Jia Xu has joined the party**
Haha... my ass you dipshit.

Oh well... we get our happy ending, Jia Xu promises to work hard
for the Maozoku kingdom and Chouhi promises to make Kanu happy. 
The end.
Bad end, Chouhi and Kanu decide to act way before the reinforcements arrive
and save the soldiers but Jia Xu still gives the order and the soldiers still die.
Chouhi tells Kanu not to look at the dead soldiers, Kantei thinks their reinforcements
have arrived but they haven't and gets stabbed by Guo Jia, Sousou's reinforcements for Jia Xu.
Chouhi apologizes to Kanu... Guo Jia stabs Chouhi and dies, only Kanu survives but for how long?
Peach garden and Epilogue.
And they live happily ever after.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Well honestly I really enjoyed Chouhi's route, it was much better than
his route in the first game! this'll be the only route I think that was better that one from the prequel.
Like I said before he wasn't annoying at all this time, he's much more mature.
  Unlike Chounn's route which was a disaster plotwise, Chouhi's route was actually well written
but not necessarily perfect, as there are some things I can nitpick on.
I felt the romance was actually developing naturally between them
but I never understood why Jia Xu joined them so easily, they are too soft...
Honestly it was very unrealistic of them to let him just join like that, Jia Xu even said that he
might backstab them, yet Chouhi is all like we'll see what happen when it come to that. -_-
Whatever this was a good route IMO, I got almost no complaints at all... peace out!
Jia Xu's Mini route, honestly this little dipshit deserved a full route this is wasted potential.
Its probably a what if he takes an interest in Kanu at the end of Chouhi's route.
I'm not sure why I even like him.
 I'm not sure why otomate didn't give him a full route.
I'm not sure why I am even writing this.
We have this guy, wondering about alot of things and not being sure about alot of things, and 
well Chousosou and Kantei decide to butt in because they had enough of his antics.
But they end up leaving quickly... because shenanigans.
Kanu ends up being embarrased and runs away.. I would do the same and he ends up laughing
saying its not all that bad, well I do find this bad because i'm a confused little kitty cat.
I'm convinced this guy is just a huge troll... partly felt like wasted potential again.
 ♥ ♥ ♥

Ryuubi's route
 I decided to do him next so I can move on to Sousou's side with no regrets...
Kanu is kind of immature in this route, making me roll my eyes like never before.
Ryuubi ends up tranforming into his adult form, like in Sho and Shu's routes.
But he's still the little Ryuubi we all know and love.
Sousou is still after them like always....  this is getting old is it?
They to follow Shokatsu's advice and the people get restless when they here Sousou is coming
and they try to take all the towns people with them, the people are a bit skeptical when Ryuubi
tells them this and don't want to come since they don't trust no jyuza, but Sho convinces them.
They are on the move again because they can no longer waste anytime because Jia Xu has come and travel with all those people(Hahaha) to the ship but some kids get left behind again in the castle.
(Wow I am having a Dejavu)
Jia Xu arrived in the castle and sets the place on fire because he's a dipshit.
Kanu feels heroic and goes to save the kids like always Ryuubi doesn't like this, Sousou's forces
arrive at the place the others are waiting but they wait till Kanu come back and she does.
Things get hectic but they get all those people on the ship thanks to a mystery man...
They get on the ship and flee, and the mystery man introduces himself as Shuyu like always.
They arrive at their destination, they send out Chounn to get reinforcments for the upcoming battle.
Sousou gets all excited when he hears about Kanu...when his generals report back to him.
Later at night, Ryuubi is thankful to Kanu for always being there and says she is reliable and kind.
(Would've been the perfect place for a CG...)
Sousou's suprised the the Jyuza got help from an unexpected corner.
While traveling, Ryuubi suggest to Shokatsu they get the help of one known as Ryuuki.
( who is Ryouhyou's son)
Shokatsu agrees with the suggestion because they have a good student/teacher relationship.
he tells them he can make it in time if he leaves now.
Later and night Ryuubi and Kanu have another talk and that Ryuubi wan't to be stronger
and protect everyone but because of the curse he's afraid... Kanu reassures him.
The next day they fight Sousou's army... and Ryuubi almost loses control
of himself when he sees the dead bodies and all the blood...
Sousou comes for Kanu and he grabs her and tells her she will come with him now.
Ryuubi can't bear to see Sousou act like that when he sees him be so possesive of Kanu...
and so Ryuubi loses total control of himself and says he feels good, stronger than ever and that Sousou is toast, when some soldier tries to come to help Sousou, Ryuubi just kills him.
Shokatsu returns but he wasn't able to get reinforcements from Ryuuki, Sho is
actually suprised at Ryuubi's form, the people traveling with them call him a monster.
Ryuubi's kills some more people around him and when he tries to kill Sousou
Kanu jumps between them and stops Ryuubi which makes Sousou leave but
before that he tells him that he will come back for Kanu.
Ryuubi sweet talks Kanu after Sousou leaves... but Kanu slaps him.
The people that traveled with them are still a bit scared of Ryuubi after what happened...
Sho suggest they travel to the land of Wu/Go to make an Alliance, Shuyu and Sun Quan
go ehehehe at this idea, and they part ways. (Hmm I wonder why?
(They don't know that Sun Quan is the hooded guy and that Shuyu works for him)
At night Ryuubi and Kanu have another talk... he goes on about how he wants
to protect and wants everyone to be happy and most importantly make sure Kanu is happy.
He tells her that he wants to marry her one day... he tells that he has always watched her.
Ryuubi is being a bit negative and says Kanu will never returns his feelings... but still
tells her his feelings will never change and he wants to see Kanu be happy no matter what.
Well whatever this scene was tiring... and Kanu was being so dense. Z_Z
They finally arrive in the country of Wu/Go... they end up bumping into a girl who later turns
out to be none other than Sun shangxiang, Sun Quan's sister, whom I will refer to as Lady sun.
 Ryuubi makes sure she's alright and not hurt... her attentand notices that they are Jyuza
but lady sun, tells them he shouldn't use such an ugly slang and scolds him.
Ryuubi and the rest leave and Lady sun is like Ryuubi is so pretty ah I think i'm in love and
she hopes they will meet again, (and they will).
Ryuubi,Sho and Kanu meet up with Go/Wu officials to make an alliance now...
Shokatsu isn't even suprised Shuyu is there, Kanu be like you knew?! Sho be like ofcourse.
Sho tries to explain that its in Go's best interest to form an alliance with them
and beat Sousou, Lady sun joins the meeting and says she agrees because they
don't know when Sousou will come after their country and says that it really is
the best choice for them to form an alliance the officials are like how do you know we
can trust this Ryuubi person? Lady Sun reassures them that he is a good person and
tells them he helped her earlier when they met on the streets.
The officials still don't trust Ryuubi... so she says she's even willing to marry Ryuubi.
At first they can't believe she would even say that.. the meeting is over for today.
Sun Quan confronts his sister and asks if she's really okay with marrying Ryuubi, Lady sun says she is not a child anymore, Sun Quan is okay with it as long as she's happy he won't stop her.
On the other side...
Kanu can't believe Ryuubi is might be getting married, hum... is she jealous?
Ryuubi visits Kanu later and wants a hug... because he misses it.
Ryuubi walks out of Kanu's room and runs into Sho he tells him there might
not be any other way to get them to form an alliance with them, Ryuubi is nervous.
The meeting resumes the next day and the officials are manage to finally agree with Lady sun's
proposal and they form an alliance, on the condition that hey get married.
Sousou is salty the Jyuza have gone and probably formed an alliance with Go
what I mean by probably is he doesn't know all the details, he sends out Chouryuu
to Go to destroy their little alliance, because he really wants Kanu.
Kanu still can't believe Ryuubi is getting married for real and acts a bit distance now.
Lady sun interrupts them , Ryuubi asks Lady Sun if she has any second thoughts,
and replies that she's actually quite fond of him...
It hurts Kanu to see them like this so she just walks off.
 Shuyu even asks Shokatsu if this is really the right thing and says its obvious
Kanu likes Ryuubi, Sho says its troublesome to get the officials to agree on something else.
They go over some details... well whatever.
On the ship Ryuubi says he is scared, and says he wishes he was more confident and that
Kanu is always there for him... and he's afraid things are going to change.
Kanu says she's worried about him but Ryuubi tells him not to worry.
Sho and Lady sun interrupt them and Lady sun goes to help Ryuubi with some things.
Shokatsu tells Kanu she should be more confident because its her duty to
watch out for him and protect him, oh well some people arrive later and they
are the same people that where scared of him when they saw him during that battle
but now they say they trust him, and that they where wrong to judge him back then.
 Ryuubi thanks all of them... Kantei,Chososou,Chouhi and the others all finally find out Ryuubi
is marrying Lady sun and are suprised, Sho explains it was the only way to form an alliance.
Chouhi is mad but Ryuubi says its already been decided.
Kanu can't bear to see Ryuubi get married and walks off again, Shuyu hits on her. >_>
Our knight in shining armor Chounn tells Shuyu to stop being a flirt. <_<
Shuyu tells him she is just lonely... which makes Chounn worried and says he will
comfort her and make her feel better, sigh now Chounn also hits on her. <_>
But Shuyu says that he will take care of Kanu... Chounn's like what...?!
Ryuubi comes out to see what the ruckus is about and Shuyu tells him to butt out
and go be lovey dovey with Lady sun, Ryuubi says he wants to talk to Kanu and they walk off.
 Ryuubi finally sees that Kanu is suffering because of the marriage... and that
he doesn't even want to marry Lady Sun, but he doesn't have a choice, he grabs
Kanu and says he won't let her go and that he might even kill Shuyu and Chounn
for hitting on Kanu like that, he says that was a joke and he'll forgive them, lol.
 He then asks Kanu if she's sad that he is getting married to Lady Sun...
Kanu makes a sad face and then Ryuubi apologizes for being a creep. lol
He says that the only person he really loves and cares for is Kanu, and that 
some stupid ass marriage won't change that and that they are going to kick Sousou's ass.
Kanu finally feels a bit better... and tells Ryuubi her true feelings she held in all this time.
 Lady sun over hears the entire conversation, they talk later that night and asks if she can hold his 
hand, later after he leaves she starts to realize she can never win Ryuubi's heart, then 
Chouryuu comes out of nowhere ninja style and he obviously over heard everything just now, lol.
He lies to her about his identity and says he got lost, and tells her he will help her solve her problem.
Her problem being Kanu, and that she wants to take the place Kanu has in Ryuubi's heart.
She also says she is jealous about that and starts crying. >_>
Well Lady sun ends up collapsing, and  Chouryuu leaves... the others find Lady sun and
when she wakes up the next day the others are worried but she starts acting weird.
Chouryuu reports back to Sousou, or whatever.
Ryuubi is having a nightmare of when Chouseihei told him not to give in to the curse...
Ryuubi says its not easy, and that he can't do it and ends up killing people he then wakes up.
The time has finally come now to fight Sousou, Lady sun still acts really weird like
she's possessed or something and starts being really mean to Kanu and
tells Kanu and that she doesn't understand a thing and that she should drop dead... >_>
The only person she is still nice to is Ryuubi but tbh she is kind of an ass to him as well.
Sun Quan comes around and asks her if this is really what she wanted, he tells her
its been bothering him that she's been pushing herself for the sake of the alliance
 and thinks she is not happy and he really wants her to be happy.
Lady Sun starts says she has to hurry and do something, leaving everyone puzzled.
Ryuubi has another talk with Kanu later and says he feels so insecure about
the curse and his power, etc and that Kanu is the most important thing in the world to him.
Lady Sun comes in and is shocked to see the two together, Kanu leaves the two alone.
Ryuubi is having regrets about the marriage, Lady Sun tells him its alright and she says
she is his one and only ally, that she is his special one, she leaves and says he's her brother.
I really think Lady Sun is possessed now or something. >_>
That night they learn Lady Sun has gone to meet Sousou on her own, via a letter.
Everyone is confused but they hurry to try and stop her.
Ryuubi finds Kanu at night and they have another chat, but Shuyu and Sun Quan
find them, Ryuubi they talk andSun Quan shows the letter to Ryuubi, and they all go to
the place indicated in the letter and wait for Sousou to show up.
Sun Quan doesn't understand what her sister is trying to do...
Meanwhile She is with Sousou and tells him somethings about what she is trying to do.
When Kakouton sees Ryuubi and Kanu with Sun Quan, she laughs and tries to
grab Sousou's sword when he's not looking, he sees this as an attack but thats not
what she was after, anyway she grabs his hand and cuts herself with Sousou's sword
 he tells her to let go but she doesn't, because she is masochist.
She tells them she did it all for her country and her brother? she dies and falls into the water.
This sounds confusing doesn't it?
 Sun Quan watches her die, screams and gets angry.
Ryuubi has another nightmare, Everyone is shocked about what happen to Lady Sun.
 Shokatsu goes outside to think and when Kanu comes after him he asks her
 if she thinks there is something weird going on, then Ryuubi comes in and
asks Sho to step away from Kanu and if he doesn't he might kill him.
He won't though since that'll make Kanu sad, Sho asks him about Ryuubi's curse
and that it might have something to do with Lady sun's death.
Well whatever, Sho calls it a night and leaves, Ryuubi and Kanu still talk more...
Kanu says she hates how Ryuubi is acting right now and Ryuubi doesn't understand
because he thinks he is still the same ryuubi he always is... oh well they have a heart to heart.
 They go over their plans for the upcoming battle with Sousou
and Later Ryuubi sees Kanu looking up at the moon.
He tells her the truth about happened when they were kids, that he is the one who
killed everyones parents back then, (Chososou,Kantei,Chouhi... etc)
It was the first time the curse of Kin me, his ancestor awakened... the adults
tried to stop Ryuubi but died in the progress, Chouseihei was the only one who knew
and he kept it a secret from the others in order to protect him.
They quarrel for a bit, and Ryuubi finally realizes.
The next day they finally fight Sousou's forces.
Kanu fights Sousou, he gets hungry for her... >_>
While they fight Kanu is about to lose, someone manages get back onboard of Sousou's ship
That someone is no other than Lady sun, who is supposed to be dead.
Sousou gets knocked out, Kakouton finds him and drags him off.
Lady Sun, bitches and rages at Kanu for being between her and her brother, she isn't talking
about Sun Quan, it should be obvious by now she is talking about Ryuubi's ancestor Kin me.
Shokatsu gets informed that there is a monster that looks like of Lady sun...
Everyone is confused so they hurry to where it is, while Chlouhi, Kantei and Chososou
are fighting they also hear about this monster and get worried...
Everyone is confused as hell but Lady Sun enlightens them.
Turns out this evil being called Hakudou possessed her some time ago who
uses her as his vessel, she/he/it has an undying love for Kin me, Ryuubi's ancestor.
Hakudou calles out Kin me from within Ryuubi, he tries to resist, Hakudou
goes crazy it leaves Lady sun's body and regains his original form, Ryuubi tells
Sun Quan and the others to run for it because he might kill everyone around him.
Chouhi,Kantei and Chososou arrive and Ryuubi tells them that he is the one
who killed their parents... he apologizes but Hakudou gets impatient
because Kin me isn't coming out and takes Kanu hostage...
Kanu tries to fight Hakudou off, Kanu tells Ryuubi it'll be fine and then Kin me comes out.
Hakudou is overjoyed by this, but Ryuubi is still in control and he tells Kanu
 she and the others should run away now and let Ryuubi finish off Hakudou.
 Kanu decides not to run away...
Hakudou gets impatient again... and tells the two lovebirds to shutup.
Chouhi,Kantei and Chososou manage to forgive Ryuubi for what he did, because
it wasn't Ryuubi's fault at all and Ryuubi asks Kanu if she will fight Hakudou together with him.
Together they manage to defeat Hakudou.
Sousou's forces retreat, Lady sun is back to normal and all is well.
Later, Shuyu,Chounn and Chouhi all hit on Kanu and bicker with each other... 
but comes in and Ryuubi kisses Kanu infront of everyone and says he loves her.
Ryuubi asks her if she won't betray him and  Kanu tells him she isn't interested 
in any of the other guys and that she only looks at Ryuubi.
Ryuubi tells the boys to stop bothering Kanu and they leave.
They move back to Xin ye, at night Ryuubi and Kanu look at the moon and talk about 
everything that happened, and that he finally was able to become whole instead of being incomplete like a half moon, and that if Kanu isn't there with him it'll be no good.
The end.
Bad end:
 Ryuubi loses to the curse and lets Kin me come out, Hakudou ends up killing everyone else.
 Ryuubi is only able to protect Kanu... T_T
Peach garden and Epilogue
Well those are some cute side events...
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
 While I liked this route, Kanu was kind of annoying at times, the story was decent
yet confusing at times, regarding Lady sun she isn't that bad at all, she's only a bitch
 because she got possessed by the Hakudou, oh well whatever, hope people will understand.
It was nowhere near my favorite route but I understand the story a lot better now it makes
 Ryuubi's route in the first game look unfinished, its kinda obvious he is the canon guy?
Its obvious that the story centered around Ryuubi and that in both game his was the main route.
Overall it was just okay as in it finishes up some matters nicely even tho elsewhere they're ignored.
I felt like in some the writing was kind of forcing itself to get Kanu and the guy together
 but I am glad that in Ryuubi's route this wasn't the case. 
Sun Quan Mini route.
Takes place during Ryuubi's route as a what if'; Kanu got married to Sun Quan
for the sake of the alliance, She ends up staying in Go/Wu while the others fight Sousou.
Sun Quan was really cute and Lady sun was nice to Kanu, her new sister. ^_^;
Over time Sun Quan starts to warm up to her... and later
when the battle against Sousou isn't going so well so the officials want to give 
Kanu to Sousou because she's a Jyuza, but since Sun Quan has become quite fond of her...
He says they should cut the crap and says that Kanu is his wife now and that 
he will never give her to Sousou, the officials don't like that but Sun Quan
says that he's fighting for the Maozoku against Sousou and that if they give her up
it will be a betrayel to Ryuubi and the others and there would be no point in the marriage.
He tells them Shuyu and Shokatsu will come up with a concrete plan to defeat 
Sousou and that he believes in them, the official back down...
They manage to defeat Sousou in the end, Sun Quan says he will let her go back 
to Ryuubi and the others if she wants but he also says he wants her to stay. 
Thinking that she is sure to choose to go back to her clan...
 He tells her he became interested in her way back when he was with Shuyu and
they were all fleeing from Sousou's army and saw her save those kids.
He says he's glad he was able to meet her again when they came to them for the alliance.
and after the marriage he started to develop feelings for her because she is so kind.
He says this confession is embarrassing but he wants an answer if she is gonna stay or not.
He doesn't want to push her or anything... but he wants to hear her answer one day.
 He also says that Kanu has a special place in his heart and
that he will wait for her untill she is ready to become his real wife.
Wow this Mini route was longer than I thought, I really liked it though...
I wish they just gave him a real route, not do this and actually make me want more.
 ♥ ♥ ♥
I had a hard time deciding which route to do next so... (it should've beem Chouryuu)
I regret everything... I should've saved this treasure.

Kakouton's route
 Sigh... I can't believe how boring this route was in the beginning, he still
hates her guts but slowly starts falling for her version 2.
But you know what? despite it being boring it got better later maybe its because I actually like him!
I didn't even pay attention half of the time early on because I was bored and just
press auto play and browse web while looking at the screen every now and then.

The route is like Chouhi's/Chounn's, when they lure in Sousou's army and then...
Kanu  tells Chounn she is going to chase after the two; Kakouton and Kakouen.
Chounn says its too dangerous, goes anyway and fights the two.
Kakouton is angry... like always and says he'll kill her.
Kanu is about to lose and tries to run, the bro's chases after her.
When the two see Ryuubi... they say they'll kill Ryuubi, Kanu hears and gets angry.
The others end up fleeing because the plan has failed, Kakouton sends his bro after them
while Kakouton fights Kanu, Kanu tries to stop Kakouen but she has her hands full with Kakouton.
She can hear Ryuubi cry out and Kanu severly injures Kakouton eye.
Somehow the plan goes through, at the camp Kanu feels bad for injuring Kakouton...
The others somehow understand how she feels, Kakouen returns with his bro to Sousou
he isn't pleased but asks if Kakouton is alright, Sousou is about send out his army again
but Kakouton comes in and says he'll fight as well, but Sousou tells him to stay behind.
Kakouton and his bro manage convince Sousou and Kakouton is allowed to come..... >_>
 Kakouton is pissed so pissed he wants revenge on Kanu for what she did to his eye.
(I'm sorry but I find the plot in this route extremely stupid so far)
Shokatsu plans their next move..
That night... Kakouton and Kanu meet in a forest.
He asks what the hell she's doing here... and says she should draw his weapon so he can kill her.
They fight... Kanu runs and Kakouton says he will definitely get his revenge.
Kakouton tells Sousou he's no good for the battle, Souou tells him to shut up and stay with his bro.
Shokatsu says they should flee via ship and get the help of Kouryou.
Kanu remembers Kakouton's words that he will definitely find her wherever she runs...
Sousou isn't pleased that they've run off again, oh well whatever, Ryuubi is being super moe.
Kanu and co arrive at their destination and wait for Sho and the others to arrive.
Sousou gives new orders and Kakouton tells his bro he has doubts, Kakouen tells him to man up.
Thy end up moving again and Sousou catches up with them, Kanu goes to them on her own.
She ends us fighting Kakouton and Kakouen again... Kakouton show's his rage.
Suddenly ome archers end up firing for backup, this makes Kakouton angry
 and yells they shouldn't have butted in and they apologize,  lmao.
Kanu attacks Kakouton when he isn't paying attention, Kakouton is impressed
he retaliates and ends the duel, Kanu ends up being captured once again.
When Kakouton and his bro end up visiting our damsel in distress at the camp they cut the ropes
she was tied up with but have no plan to release her, some bandits attack Kanu
asks if she can help, but Kakouton tells her to shut up but let's her help anyway since Kakouen
is busy killing the other bandits, Kakouton tells her if she tries anything stupid he'll kill her.
They succesfully fight off the bandits, Kakouen returns and they suspect they weren't
ordinary bandits because they seemed so organized...
Jia Xu seems to see some usefulness in Kanu so they keep her alive because they don't
want to piss of Sousou-sama Kakouen gets pissed at the idea and has enough
and says they should just kill her, Kakouton tells him to stop being an asshole.
Meanwhile the Kitty cats get some help from Ryuuki and they learn Kanu is missing.
Ryuubi asks if they are going to try to get her back but Sho says no... pissing Chouhi off.
Sho let's Chouhi and Chounn go off to try and find Kanu and bring her back, Ryuuki asks
if he can join them, Sho says it can't be helped and let's him go also.
Believe it or not Kakouton has started to slowly fall for Kanu and asks if she is willing to fight
with them, she ends up saying that she will Kakouen doesn't like this ofcourse
 and tells her if she runs he'll kill her. lol
They end up going to Kouryou village but notice its deserted, Kakouton notices
Kanu is itching to get away, she says she isn't but he doesn't trust her.
Suddenly Kakouen screams and interrupts our two lovebirds, Kanu
has the chance to run away but for some reason she doesn't. turns out Kakouen
got attacked by bandits and Kakouton gets knocked out as well.
Kanu over hears the bandits and gets captured as well, lmao.
Turns out the bandits are pissed everyone and everything they be tired of war shit or something.
they tell them that Kakouen won't make it due to his injury he got back when he got captured.
Kakouton gets pissesd off, Kanu asks if she is allowed to treat Kakouen's wounds.
They'll allow it but if she tries anything stupid... oh well.
The bandits also keep the villagers locked up, and they are quite confused.
Kakouton doesn't like this situation one bit, and wonders why Kanu goes so far to save his bro.
Kanu's reasons are quite naive....
Meanwhile Chouhi and Chounn are unable to find Kanu, they suspect she must surely be
with Sousou by now, suddenly a soldier comes crawling from the bushes, spills the beans
 about the bandits and dies before he can say more.
Kakouen managed to recover a bit but he's still weak, Kanu goes out to get some water.
(lol she's allowed to go alone?)
Kakouton has a talk with the villagers and finds out that the villagers only help them
because of Kanu and that they think fondly of the Maozoku because of what happen years ago.
He doesn't believe them at first... They continue to treat Kakouen's wounds. Z.Z
He then looks at Kanu like this and says absolutely nothing at all... while
listening to our naive little Kanu, he then comments about her ears and Kanu hits him.
Ohohohohohoho... he starts to lose his tsun.
Jia Xu finds out Kakouton and Kakouen got captured and sends reinforcements.
The bandits want Kanu to come to them for a second, Kakouton says he won't let her go
Kanu tells him it'll be fine and she can take care of herself.
Some soldiers tell her if she's really a Maozoku and ask where Ryuubi is...
they tell them they are working for Ryouhou but since he died ,they are salty.
They tell her she is free to go but she says she's with sousou now, she returns to Kakouton.
He asks what they were talking about but Kakouen wakes up...
He's angry that she's with his bro, Kakouton says she is the one who nursed him.
Kakouen gets violent because he's a brocon, Kakouton tells him to calm down but
Kakouen collapses again, later Kakouton says her face looks weird or sth they quarrel and...
  Kanu ends up laughing... he doesn't like it and he becomes super dere.
Chouhi and Chounn still can't find Kanu... the bandits appear and are glad they found Ryuuki
they tell them a maozoku girl is with them, Chouhi and Chounn rejoice.
Meanwhile Sousou orders Chouryuu and Guo jia to pursue the jyuza, Ryuubi etc etc.
Kakouton finally realizes that looking at Kanu's face makes his heart melt, unlike before...
(hurrrdurrr I wonder why?)
Kanu is being made to fight for the bandits...
The bandits get itchy and,Kakouton tells em to let the villagers go cuz they are helpless.
He rallies the villagers and tells them not to listen to this soldier/bandit.
and that they should stop putting up with the bandits shit and tells them Sousou will
definitely save this village, they say sousou is scary and if it'll be alright...
The soldier/bandit says that Sousou are worse than they are and that he won't save em.
Kakouton still gets some support from the older villagers and gets balsy and
threats the soldier so he ends up runnin, Kakouton goes outside to help Kanu
 and tells the villagers to stay with his bro.
Kakouton ends up saving Kanu who was in a bit of trouble and he kicks ass.
Kakouton shows that he's still best boy.
The villagers thank them for finally saving them from those bandits/soldiers.
Anyway they leave the village together, while traveling he tells her that he will get stronger
so they can have a rematch later, they decide to set up camp in some forest...
Kakouen awakens and tells him everything that happened while he was out, Kakouen notices
 Kanu is there, Kakouton tells him to calm down and says she is the one who nursed him again.
Kakouen gets mad, he doesn't understant why she saved him and says she is
trying to destroy the bond he has with his bro.(Kakouen's brocon is stronk)
Kakouton tells him to stop getting the wrong idea, Kanu runs off
because Kakouen is being a big meanie and Kakouton chases after her. lol
He notices Kanu is crying... so he comforts her.
They go back to where Kakouen is, he still rants and goes on and on but
Kakouton tells him to let it go and stop multiple times and tells him that if Kakouen died back then
he wouldn't ever forgive himself because he couldn't protect him back then and asks if Kakouen
if blames himself for what happened to his eye because he couldn't prevent it either.
Kakouen opens his mouth and tries to say something but Kakouton says no one was at fault
so stop blaming yourself Kakouen, and says that the woman that saved him was Kanu
and no matter how much he blames her for the fact that she took away his brothers left eye
it won't change the fact that she saved him and that its time to forgive... Kakouton
leaves the two alone, Kakouen ends up crying but Kanu shows him her kindness.
Woman... I might not like you, but damn you're hand... I don't hate it.
(Man... this scene killed me.)
The  they hide from some soldiers who are with Ryuuki and trying to get Koryou back.
Kakouton ends up saying Kanu should go back to the other kitties now, not for her sake
 but for him and tells Kanu that she shouldn't forget they share a deep bond, that they're connected.
Sousou's soldiers come and say that they've been searching for them.
Ryuuki makes the prepations for the battle to take Kouryou back, Kakouton and Kakouen
return to the castle where Jia Xu is, before the bro's can report what happen at the village
the soldier reports in that Ryuuki is coming to take Kouryou back.
Kakouton says he will march out to assist since things are looking kind of bad.
Jia Xu asks why and he says its because the Maozoku will be there.
Jia Xu is like Mao-wut you mean the Jyuza right... I don't know what happen in that village
 but I don't got any problems with Kakouton joining the troops.
Kanu reunites with Ryuuki, he tells her they've been searching for her everywhere 
but she's stupid and decides to stay behind and wait for Kakouton.
Meanwhile Chouhi and Chounn are still trying to find Kanu lol.
Kakouton finds Kanu in the forest, because she is stupid and didn't stay with Ryuuki.
He gets mad at Kanu for acting like an idiot, they can't stop the fighting so
Kanu being naive suggests something stupid and Kakouton gets mad at her again.
 The battle starts, Chounn and Chouhi meet up with Ryuuki.
Kakouton returns to stop Guo Jia and Chouryuu's from fighting Ryuuki but Guo Jia is like
 what is wrong with you? Kakouton gives a speech about how he found the right path...
Guo Jia says he'd have to fight him to make him stop, meanwhile Kanu returns to Ryuuki
and the others are overjoyed to see her after all this time, she tells them everything and 
the others stop Ryuuki from going to war, because there is no point in fighting.
Some soldier reports to Guo jia that Jia Xu ordered them to retreat, because they are outnumbered.
Guo Jia is impatient and tries to spice things up by having his archers provide entertainment.
Kakouen arrives and stops him from doing anything stupid.
 Meanwhile Ryuuki, doesn't accept Kanu stopping his war plans because he worked
so hard to finally be able to protect the people who need it, Kanu tries to explain but
Ryuuki draws his blade and tries to kill her but Kakouton shows up and demands his surrender.
 Ryuuki refuses but Kakouton explains what happened back in the village, Kanu
says Kakouton is speaking the truth and Ryuuki backs down, Guo Jia shows up
because he got impatient again and tries to kill Ryuuki, but Kanu and the others stops him
even Kakouton helps out and manages to earn some points from the others. 
They've prevented an unnecesary war, and they get together.
Kakouton scolds Kanu for being so rash, and asks if she's alright cuz he's worried she got hurt.
He's glad he met her because she managed to change his opinion 
and that of his bro of how they think of the Maozuki, he tells her that he loves her.
He asks her to stay with him so she can find out even more thinks about him and so
he can protect her forever, he won't let anyone ever hurt her againand they kiss.
(I have an image in my head where all the others are watching them with teary eyes)
Ah well they return to the castle with everyone and Ryuubi says he's hungry. :D
Chouhi jokingly says he's hungry as well... Kakouton is mad and gives Ryuubi a manju anyway.
Chouhi says its not fair he's not getting any, Kakouton asks himself why he's handing out food.
More shenanigans happen oh Chouryuu and Kakouen are there as well.
Kakouen gets mad the kitties are causing trouble for his bro, chouhi tells him to shutup.
Oh he and Kakouen get along so well~~.
Kakouton had enough and tells em all they are annoying, he leaves because its too crowded.
Sousou is happy he got his kitties back, Kakouen and Kanu are having a friendly sparring match.
Kakouton comes in and wants in on the fun, Kakouen leaves the two alone.♥
The end.
Bad end: 
Jia Xu finds Kanu because she's stupid and so does Guo Jia who asks if he can have her.
Jia Xu is a troll so he is like yeah fine and leaves, Guo jia draws his weapon and stabs her.
Kakouton finds her dead body later, he's disapointed in her and cries out in despair.
~Peach garden and epilogue.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Well well well... despite this route being a bit boring in the beginning it turned out 
to be pretty decent in the end, I still think it wasn't as good as his route in the first game.
 I am satisfied by his route in this game even though it wasn't perfect mostly cuz Kakouen.
Kakouen was kind of a bitch at times especially during the early parts of the route but still
 the situation with Kakouen is handled better in Jyuza engi 2, sigh now I feel torn...
Anyway Kakouton is still my favorite guy, I am really glad this game didn't change that
he's so classy in everything to his personality it just turns out to be amusing.
Kakouen Mini route.
Happens during Kakouton's route as a what if he actually started liking Kanu.
They have a sparring match, and well... <3
They both fall asleep after their heart to heart, Kakouen wakes up before Kanu
and steals a kiss, because he can't resist the adorable kitty in front of him.
Kanu wakes up and he gets embarrased, lol.
Well that was adorable, was better than in the first game, which left me confused
there's not much else to write because its just a what if scene.
 ♥ ♥ ♥

Sousou's route
adult!Ryuubi tells Kanu to get some rest early, but instead of doing that
 she goes out to get some fresh air and thinks about Sousou.
Meanwhile Sousou wants his kitties back and sends out his troops but this time he comes along.
Shokatsu tells us his plans and they travel to Xin ye, later at night Kanu walks off because
she can't stop thinking about Sousou and walks right into his camp.... LMAO
Sousou: You thought you could come here unnoticed? Chouryuu noticed so I came.
 Mein Gott this is so stupid, I cannot....
He tells her he desires the Jyuza and Kanu herself and he will follow them everywhere.
Kanu runs off, Sousou says he will surely get his hands on her sooner of later.
At the castle, the people get itchy, Ryuubi tells the people of Xin Ye that Sousou
is coming and tells them to run away by ship with them, Sousou has arrived at the castle town
he notices no one is there because they are all at the castle preparing to flee.
Some kitties get left behind at the castle so Kanu goes to rescue them.
Sousou goes off on his own and he and Kanu end up meeting in the castle like in Shuyu route.
Sousou asks her where the other Jyuza are, but Kanu won't tell him, so he 
tells her he will take her with him instead, Shuyu shows up and saves her, wow dejavu.
Sousou tells him to get his dirty little hands off of his kitty cat, Kanu runs off to save the kids.
The others wait till the last minute at the ship for Kanu to come back... 
Sun Quan shows up, interrupting Shuyu's fight and the two ran off, Sousou follows them.
Kanu returns to the others, Sousou over hears that Kanu is a halfbreed, the soldiers start firing
 arrows at them but Sousou gets mad and tells em to stop, Kanu and the others get on the ship
 and flee, Sousou starts laughing and Jia Xu is confused as hell.
Shuyu properly introduces himself on the ship... like always >_>
Shokatsu sends off Kanu to get reinforcements ALONE this time.
Dundundun... Kanu runs into Sousou there, tells her once again how much he
desires her because she's a halfbreed, and no matter where she runs he will find her. 
Kanu runs away, the others find out Sousou is at the place Kanu was sent
and hurry there as well, Kanu runs into Chounn when heading back.
Sousou attacks the Jyuza because he is determined to get Kanu now more than ever.
He tells his army that they must not harm her.
They fight, the Jyuza are obviously outnumbered and try to flee.
Sousou gets mad at Kakouen for fighting Kanu too fiercely, Sousou grabs Kanu and says:
I told you so, you won't be able to run from me. Kanu gets knocked out and captured.
When she regains conciousness, Sousou tells her this, which made me laugh.
Sousou is Kanu's true companion, Ryuubi and co are the false companions.
Sousou gets rather possessive and creepy when she doesn't understand what he just said.
Sousou tells Kanu will live for Sousou's sake from now on and that he will protect her...
He tells the others that Kanu will serve under him from now on and that she will be his wife.
Kanu is suprised at the latterand tells some soldier to take Kanu to her room.
Sousou visits her later at night, while being the oh so creepy yandere we all know and love.
He tells that if she betrays him or tries to run away he'll kill her and that 
she should just keep quiet and do as he says like a good girl and leaves. >_>;
Kanu tries to sneak away but Chouryuu finds her, the next day Sousou comes to her
room again and well he's just being so possessive of her and tells Kanu about his past
 and that his mother was a Jyuza his father kocked her up and Sousou was born.
He had a tough childhood, he cut off his kitty ears(ouch) because he hates his father.
Kakouton and Kakouen come back and are shocked that Sousou plans to make Kanu his wife. 
Later Sousou summons Kanu to his room for a half-moon viewing tea party.
He tells her that they are both like the halfmoon, and that they are destined to be together.
Sousou gets creepy and  tells Kanu she can't do anything about it...
Kanu comments how Sousou is actually just like his father pissing him off greatly, he 
tells her he will definitely make Kanu his wife and lets her go back to her room for now.
Kakouton notices how Sousou has changed because of Kanu.. he tells his bro and he agrees.
Kakouen, barges into Kanu's room and asks her what she has done...
Kanu is confused because she hasn't done anything bad at all, lol.
Kakouen gets violent because he can't get a concrete answer out of her, he
doesn't believe her and says he'll just knock her out for now because he's had enough.
When Sousou hears, she has collapsed he gets worried, and goes to his side.
They can't figure out the cause, because lol it was Kakouen who made her faint.
Kanu wakes up and freaks out, chouryuu tells her to calm down.
Later at night Sousou comes to see her and Kanu attacks him and tries to choke him.
Sousou isn't pleased with this, but lets her off for now.
Chouryuu visits her the next night, he tells her to behave and leaves.
The next day Kanu gets married to Sousou, Kanu doesn't say a word during the whole 
marriage procedure and does as she is told, pleasing Sousou in everyway.
That night Kanu wants to talk to Sousou so the maid takes her to him.
 Sousou starts being a creep... and kisses her by force sigh.
 Kanu attempts to kill Sousou again because she had enough but it fails.
 Kanu tells Sousou that what he's doing Kanu now is what his father did to his mother.
Sousou tries to convince her that he isn't being like his father and he'll treasures her.
 Kanu poisons herself with a Higanbana, Sousou asks his men to get an antidote to him NOW.
Kanu manages to recover thanks to the antidote and Sousou is pretty shocked that she tried 
to kill herself to get away from him, he gets angry and finally realizes Kanu was right...
that Sousou is being exactly like his father, he leaves and says Kanu can do whatever.
.Meanwhile Shokatsu and the kitties come to Ryuuki for help, they hear about Kanu.
Sho is going to Go with Shuyu to get help, Sho also tells the kitties that Shuyu is from Go.
Kanu notices Sousou is avoiding her, she goes to Kakouton to ask where he is, he tells
her its none of her business but she is stubborn so Kakouton challenges her.
Jia Xu stops them... and gives Kakouton a mission and sends Kanu away.
Kanu ends up sparring with some soldiers...
Later that night some soldiers tell Kanu to come with them, Sousou notices the ruckus.
Hears Kanu is missing, the soldiers keep her in a shack first but when they try 
to move out Sousou has already found them and kills the soldiers.
Sousou is glad that Kanu wasn't hurt... because he was really worried.
some soldier is still alive and Sousou almost kills him, but Jia Xu and Kakouton
tell him to keep him alive to find the other traitors.
Another soldier says its all Kanu's fault and tries to attack her but Sousou takes the hit for her.
Pissing Kakouton off greatly who kills him and asks if Sousou is alright.
They tend to his wounds at the castle but first they coerce the captured soldier into telling 
who the hell was behind this little coup, he says they are out for revenge for Ryouhou.
 Sousou visits Kanu later because he wants to talk.
He says its his fault of what happened today and that he failed to protect her and never
 wants anything like this to happen again so he asks her if she is willing to sleep in his room
 with him from now on, so he can be at ease knowing she is right ther with him.
She asks if he doesn't try to do anything she doesn't want for now Sousou leaves.
The next night Kanu ends up sleeping at Sousou's place, she's nervous
but Sousou reassures her he won't lay a finger on her once more.
Sousou still has some work to do so, its kind of hard for her to get rest, Kanu
notices he's pushing himself and forces him to rest, he ends up talking about stuff
and how he was all alone till he found out Kanu was the same as him, he thought
that she'd understand him and that she'd love him back easily.
Meanwhile Ryuuki gets worried about Shokatsu because its been so long since he left
Chouhi regrets not going with them, Ryuubi reassures him that they're just fine.
Sousou tells Kanu more about the country he has build so far and he also asks
Kanu if she has given up on killing him because he sees she's different now, Kanu
has been given many chances but hasn't acted on them.
Sousou ends up being creepy for a bit... and says he will conquer the rest of the lands
because that is his mission, Kanu tells him that's not right and ends up pissing him off.
He rants that he will conquer everything but then Kanu grabs him because she
noticed he ended up going yandere again... sigh.
Next day Sousou just goes through with his war plans, Kanu wanders around
and bumps into Jia Xu, saying the war has been tough, Kanu tags along 
and goes to talk to Sousou and Jia Xu makes a smooth exit. 
They eat some sweets together, meanwhile Chouryuu and Kakouen complete their mission.
Next day, Sousou and Kanu end up having a friendly sparring match... they rest afterwards
and Kanu ends up falling asleep, Sousou steals a kiss(wow Kakakouen route dejavu).
Sousou asks if Kanu has forgiven him yet for being a possessive freak, ofcourse she has by now.
They go back to the castle afterwards, meanwhile Shuyu and Sho have finished their
work in Go for the alliance(took them long enough, ahahah) .
Sousou and Kanu have another tender moment that night... he ends up going crazy
but Kanu manages to make him snap out of it, oh the power of love is strong here.
oh well Kanu is in the garden one night and then Sousou sneaks up on her, she tells him she heard a bird chirp he tells her to come inside because its cold but Kanu wants to look at the stars
and so our two lovebirds end up bonding beneath the starry sky.
 Sho and Shuyu return to the other kitties who are glad they're finally back.
Sho tells them they have to hurry because they don't have time to waste.
(lol, cuz they wasted enough already)
Sousou and Kanu are still loveydovey husbando and waifu... *chirp* *chirp*
Some soldier reports the news that the kitties and Go have formed an alliance, he's not pleased
but finds this new development interesting and gets all creepy once more, lol.
 Kanu tells Sousou they shouldn't have to fight, but he tells her to shut up, Kanu
tries to convince Sousou once more... he tells her she can stop him if she wants and
lets her go back to her kitties, lol meanwhile Kakouen and Chouryuu meet up with Sousou.
Kakouton and Kakouen gets Seasick.... they ask if Sousou is sick as well
but he's just fine and so is Chouryuu, lol both sides prepare for war.
The ship Kakouen and Kakouton is on is about to sink so they jump overboard meaning
Shuyu's plan worked, lol Kanu finally arrives and the kitties are overjoyed with her return.
Sho comes up with a new plan and they launch a suprise attack.... but Kakouen notices.
Sousou finds out Kakouen noticed so he goes to him before Kakouen does something stupid.
 Kanu shoots a fure arrow and sets it on fire, Sousou isn't pleased so well they fight, the
kitties obvious have the upper hand now, Kanu fights Sousou, he realizes he's lost
 and tells Kanu to keep on living and flees the allied forces can't find Sousou at all but
they keep searching, Kanu goes on alone, Chounn finds Sousou first, Chouryuu
stays behind to fight him, Sousou runs, this time Chouhi show up and Kakouen stays behind.
Some soldiers block their path and Kakouton tells him to run, Kanu shows up
and helps Kakouton beat the soldiers, who aren't with the alliance.
Kakouton tells Kanu to go to Sousou as he fights them... Kanu meets up withSousou
and saves him from the soldiers that pursued him but Kanu gets hurt in the process
 meanwhile Chouryuu and Chounn realize they are evenly matched and team up
they go to Chouhi and Kakouen and in turn save Kakouton who was in bit of a pinch.
Kanu and Sousou run off to some cave, Sousou apologizes and realizes he was wrong
all along, Kanu forgives him and they kiss, Sousou says he loves her this time for real
and not because he wants her cuz she's just a halfbreed like him.
Kanu wants to go back to the others but Sousou tells her not to but she leaves anyway.
The others search for Sousou and find him, he rushes off to find Kanu.
Some time passes and Sousou finally finds her in some village that is in the middle of some fesival.
He tells her he came for her, he asks if she's not hurt or anything, he really wants
 to be with her forever and says he loves her once more.
The end.
Bad end: They manage to pull off the fire attack, Sousou flees, she's the first
 to find them in this ending and returns to his side... for better or for worse.
Peach garden and Epilogue.
More Raburabu moments, Sousou wouldn't mind to have kitties in the epilogue.
Kanu isn't quite ready for that yet tho so they just have sexy time.
  ♥ ♥ ♥
 Well that was Sousou's route, I didn't really like it and just wanted it to be over
because it was just a repeat of the first game but still a bit better in my opinion.
(No wife beating like hair pulling, yay.) 
The plot in this route was so bad its good especially in the end where Chounn and Chouryuu just
decide to team up, etc. I ended up laughing at every little amusing thing, dat sarcasm.
Kakouen was once again such an asshole, he can't handle it when a women comes between
himself, Sousou or his bro Kakouto, sigh I like Kakouen but can he be less of an ass please?
I never did like Sousou because he's an obsessive yandere for over half of the route and
suddenly he realizes the power of love, that he really loves Kanu and that he was a jerk.
I gotta say that I did like the conclusion as it was bittersweet~~.
Anyway I found the route as a whole to be pretty meh...

Wait why don't I have the platinum trophy yet? I did every route in this game?!
Uh... oh... yeah thats right FML there is still Chouryuu's route.

 I pity this guy, he's as strange as he was in the first game... and honestly
his route was much better in the first game than it is here.
Follows Chounn/Kakouton's path in the beginning for a little bit.
 Kakouen fight Kanu... Chouryuu stops him and asks her to listen to what he has to say.
Chouryuu: Kanu, I want you to be my master.
you wot m8?
Kanu doesn't believe him, so he drops his weapon. LOL
Kakouen gets pissed about all this... and tries to kill Kanu.Chouryuu stops him of fucking course... and so Kanu brings him back to the kitty cats.
They all be like eeeeeeeeeeeeeh... but okay we let you in. -_-
Oh well they go over their plans and suddenly Kanu collapses...
Chouryuu like the gentleman he is carries her to her room.
Oh well they go outside at night and the hooded guy Shuyu asks what the hell's going on.
Shuyu has something important to discuss so they go to the others, shuyu introduces himself.
Chouryuu  points out that if he's the only maozoku who's that person with him?
Sun Quan introduces himself, no one can believe that the leader of Go is among them, lol.
They travel to Ryouhou's place to get his help.
Fucking Shuyu wants Kanu to be his waifu, Chouryuu be like okay as long as i'm
allowed to stay with Kanu... confusing the hell out of Shuyu and the others.
Chouryuu asks if he has said something wrong... and Kanu runs off. >_>
Kanu starts to have strange dreams... huh wait this sounds familiar?
They arrive, Ryouhou's is scared of sousou's forces but Sho tells him its too early to give up.
Ryuubi starts acting a bit strange, but the kitties manage to make him snap out of it.
Ryuuki arrives the next day and Ryuubi gets weird again and says he'll kill all of sousou's forces.
Kanu collapses again and has another strange dream.
When she comes around, Chouryuu says it might be related to her heart so he goes to take a look.
My ears....
Chouhi gets pissed cuz Chouryuu is touching Kanu's breast and even
 Chounn wants a minute with him alone, sigh.
 Chouryuu be like what? why you mad? I did nothing wrong? and so the two drag him off, lol.
More shenanigans till Shokatsu tells em to cut the crap and that night the fight Sousou's forces.
During the battle Kanu collapses again... so they hurry back. >_>
Chouryuu gets jealous when he sees Kanu with Chounn who's alone with her right now.
It makes his heart hurt and he doesn't understand why.
Chouryuu asks if Kanu is alright, he asks if he can stay and watch over her, he doesn't
like it that Chounn is also there but he can't find the words to tell him.
The next day Kanu wakes up they'll glad she's okay but are worried sick. >_>
Chounn leaves, Chouryuu stays and says he's just fine he need no sleep yet.
Chouhi barges in telling Sousou is coming and that they're in a pince.
Kanu says she'll fight but Chouhi objects, Chouryuu stays with her but Kanu orders him to go.
While the others fight, Ryuubi goes to Kanu and gets real creepy but when he realizes
Kanu isn't feeling well he gets up and leaves so she can get more rest.
Later things take a turn for the worse and Kanu gets up and causes a rampage on the battlefield
like she's possessed or something... the others hurry to where Kanu is to try and stop her.
They take her back and Chouryuu stays with her all night long, the next day
Kanu finds out from Chouryuu it was her that caused the rampage, killing all those in her way.
The others get pissed at this(at the way Chouryuu told her) and Kanu can't believe it either.
but they reassure her they won't hold a grudge or anything, Chouryuu says he'll stay with her
but tells him the GTFO, and so he leaves as well, lol.
 The others lecture Chouryuu that sometimes the truth is bad and a lie is necessary.
Chouryuu doesn't really understand this but Chounn manages to explain it to him.
At night Kanu goes out and sees Chouryuu outside of her room and they get along again.
Sousou comments that Kanu rampaging was like as if she was Ryofu/Lu Bu.
Chouryuu tells Kanu that he will always be by her side, do anything for her sake, etc.
The next day Kanu leaves a letter for the others, saying she is going away with Chouryuu.
They are ofcourse shocked that the two of them have eloped.
How troublesome this is indeed.Raburabu moment aside Kanu falls asleep, Chouryuu
 notices her mumble somethingsand realizes that this is not like Kanu at all, anyway
 the next day they move to Joshu and when the people see Kanu they are overjoyed
because the maozoku are the ones that protect this place in the first game.
Some Sousou soldierstry and capture Kanu but Chouryuu tries to stops them, they
get antsy and Kanu kills the soldiers because they tried to hurt Chouryuu, Kanu runs off
and kills more soldiers Chouryuu follows her and stops her.
He ends up killing the remaining soldiers in the castle... because Kanu already killed the rest.
Chouryuu tells Kanu he will kill so she doesn't have to do it, they rest and later.
Chouryuu lies and says that Kanu has been sleeping all this time when she wakes up
hiding the fact she ended up killing all those soldiers...
Sousou hears the news that his army has been annihilated at Joshu and isn't pleased.
Guo Jia gets new orders from Sousou... well he's being a dipshit as well.
Kanu asks Chouryuu about his family, he tells her he doesn't have any...
(like in his route in the first game), he tells her to rest.
Meanwhile Chouhi and co go to that one village that knows of Kin me... to find more about it.
While Kanu is asleep, the presence comes out again turns out Kanu is possessed by a youkai
anyway Chouryuu says he will stop it even if it means he'll disappear, oh and meanwhile
 Guo Jia arrives at Joshu and  he complains about the stench of dead bodies, lol
Kanu and Chouryuu are doing just fine, oh and the latter is still confused and lays down.
Why is it that when a character says they are just fine when it obvious they aren't?
Chouryu is finally honest with Kanu and says that he wanted to be the one
 to save her back then instead of Chounn and how his heart still hurts but he doesn't know why.
Well later after they get some rest that presence comes out of Kanu again and says that they
 remind him of Chousen and Ryofu like lovers, Chouryuu doesn't quite understand.
It tells him that she loves/likes him... Chouryuu can't believe it.
Later... Chouryuu just can't resist anymore after thinking about it and
 tells Kanu he loves her and asks her to love him in return.
He leaves in ninja style after he sees that her face is all red, leaving Kanu alone lost and confused.
 Meanwhile Guo Jia investigates the castle at Joshu... but he didn't find anything interesting lol.
Kanu goes out of her room and runs into him... ofcourse Guo Jia acts all friendly and nice...
He manages to catch her off guard and poisons her with his ring.
Guo Jia plans to do all sorts of nasty to Kanu... like in Chounn's route.
and ofcourse Chouryuu finds out too late, le sigh.
Kanu has another dream... At first the presence says it has no name and rants about Ryofu.
Then it suddenly says its name is Kanu and says it'll take over completely soon.
It tells Kanu that Chouryuu is a clay doll that Ryofu made, thanks for the old info btw.
The next day Guo Jia goes on and on about how this poison is S-U-T-E-K-I as the
person affected is paralyzed and cant feel or do anything while he is being ultra cruel.
Meanwhile Chouryuu follows some of Guo Jia's soldiers... as he tries to save her somehow.
Sexy soldier C has some important info for Guo Jia so they both leave giving Chouryuu the
chance he needs to save his darling Kanu but of-fucking-course Guo Jia comes back just as they 
try to leave, Guo Jia  is suprised to see him here as remembers Chouryuu because he used to work for Sousou and he's all friendly and then stabs him with a poisoned blade while his guard is down.
To Guo Jia's suprise Chouryuu isn't collapsing from the poison because hurrdurr he isn't human.
Chouryuu points his weapon at Guo Jia, he gets scared and calls the guards...
Chouryuu then grabs Kanu while knocking out soldiers left and right and they run.
Chouhi and co return to Ryuubi and we get some shenanigans... lol.
That night under the starry sky our two love birds finally realize they love each other.
We learn from the presence that it used to live within Ryofu its connected to 
the whole mirror thing in the first game... meh. Oh well Guo Jia sents Sexy soldier C
 to Kakouton to inform him that Kanu and Chouryuu are on the run.
The presence threats Kanu again into giving up her body because soon Chouryuu will disappear...
They continue traveling untill they eventually run into some sousou soldiers
Chouryuu kills them but they got reinforcements so they run but Kakouton stops them.
The presence takes over Kanu and kills everyone around her but Chouryuu knocks her out.
The presence kindly reminds Kanu that he will soon disappear once more...
Knowing this Kanu tells Chouryuu about this and how she will give up her body
if it means Chouryuu won't disappear, Chouryuu doesn't like this.
Kanu kisses him saying its going to be just fine and gives up her body anyway.
Possesed Kanu burns down a village having Chouryuu put up with it... 
Sousou finds out and he goes to Ryuubi because he has had enough of Kanu's rampage.
So they come up with a plan to stop Possessed Kanu and her protector Chouryuu.
Kanu regains control one night and Chouryuu is so glad... so glad she's back.
They go back to the other kitty cats... Ryuubi gets creepy he wants to be king and Kanu the queen.
Kantei tells him that she is not Kanu at all, Kanu attacks him but Chouryuu protects him.
They move to Xin ye... at night Chouryuu's is in pain but the real Kanu comforts him.
Ryuubi gets suspicious of them and says he won't tolerate any other man to be with Kanu.
If it happens again he'll kill Chouryuu.
Sometime later... Ryuubi and Chouryuu both have a talk about how they both desire Kanu.
Chouryuu gives something to Ryuubi for later.
The next day Chouryuu tries to get Kanu to wake up... but the presence punches him.
Ryuubi finally realizes this Kanu is not his Kanu so he poisons her using Guo Jia's ring.
Later at night real!Kanu and Chouryuu get together on the ship for a bit.
They travel to some faraway forest to get the evil presence out of Kanu but the poison wears off 
too early so things get hectic and Kanu gets tentacled by this magical ancient tree
 because its the only way to get the presence out of her, lol.
Chouryuu tells Kanu he will wait & stay by her side till she wakes up no matter how long it takes.
He visits sleeping beauty every single day and tells her about the birds, the bees and whatever.
Anyway she suddenly starts to wake up... after god knows how many years.
 /╲/\╭( ͡°͡° ͜ʖ ͡°͡°)╮/\╱\
~The end~

Last Peach garden event and Epilogue
 Kanu gets reborn as a human named Rinne, one day she runs into this hooded young man who is
obviously Chouryuu, he gets rather nostalgic, Rinne's friends tell her to hurry up before she leaves
 he tells Rinne he wants to talk with her another time, Rinne starts to remember about her past.
 Chouryuu is overjoyed she came to see him once more and embraces her.
The two live happily ever after, Ryuubi? Sousou? who that?! well let's forget about them.
 Fantasy aspect up 9000%, I didn't ask for any of it TBH...
Bad end:
Kanu gets tentacled by the magical tree and sleeps, some bandits show up who herd some rumors
about this tree and the demon, but not on Chouryuu's watch and he fights them... the tree moves.
Chouryuu notices and the soldiers shoot Chouryuu in the back and he dies. :(
Kanu gets reborn as Rinne, she remembers Chouryuu's words that he'd wait for her but he isn't here.
Rinne lives on but something is missing, which is Chouryuu.
 OTOMATE WHY?! I didn't ask for that plot nor the ending doing Chouryuu route last
was my greatest mistake... fantasy themes x9000
Well if I had to be honest I liked it more than Chounn's all together.
I really didn't like the overall plot in this route... I like Chouryuu and I know
that Chouryuu was a man that had many masters but in the beginning the way he just
switched sides to Kanu was just weird abrupt and nonsensical.
Chouryuu's route in the first game like Chounn was much better, okay let's recap
we had Chouryuu joining up with Kanu and everyone was mostly okay with that, Kanu
 getting possessed and going on rampages, Chouryuu cares for her and they elope.
The others try and find a way to get Kanu back to normal even Sousou helps them.
In the end the only way is for Kanu to get that demon out of her is to tentacled by some magical tree and get reincarnated as a human but that takes time... alot of time passes and everyone else
most likely died of old ages but Chouryuu is just fine since he's not human and thats just sad.
Look even if there's bittersweetness I don't remember asking for any of that otomate/red!
I don't mind a reincarnation plot but I do when the overall writing is crap and feels out of place
even for Chouryuu it just.. made me crawl back to his other ending, yeah well
at the end of the day it was probably the only way to get that demon out of Kanu.
Well its nice that every route in this sequel was still original in some way even if in my opinion
on over half of them is negative, its such a shame I expected this route to be better since I like
Chouryuu I know his has always relied on fantasy elements but this was too much, lol.

Route I enjoyed the most: (& means tie)
Shokatsuryou> Chouhi&Ryuubi > Kakouton> Sousou > Shuyu>Chouryuu>Chounn.
Mini route: Sun Quan > Kakouen > Jia Xu > Guo Jia.

Shokatsuryou and Kakouton are my best boy's in this game the rest just follows.

Good: Shokatsuryou, Chouhi, Sun Quan.
So-so: Ryuubi, Kakouton, Kakouen.
Mediocre: Sousou, Shuyu, Jia Xu, Guo Jia.
Bad: Chounn, Chouryou.

It was a mistake to play both games to back, I expected the same quality but
was let down in over half of the routes.  I guess this is what you get for rushing to get it done.
Yeah well thiss series has a story but the second game was downright comical at parts
and well it wasn't that bad I cannot appreciate any routes in the 2nd game
 that is not Shokatsuryo, Ryuubi, Chouhi or Kakouton.
Maybe otomate listened to some of the fans complaints on the first game that Kanu was
 not girly enough, now look at what happen when you make Kanu more girly and useless... haha.
 Kanu was really annoyingly stupid in most routes, in some she regained her badassness
from the first game, idk wtf otomate was thinking when the made this sequel...
Meh atleast Shokatsuryou, Kakouton and Chouhi's routes were decent the latter being a huge
improvement so its not like they screwed up everything(well almost...).
You know at the end of the day I think me not liking all of the route in this game is because
I really liked the ending in the prequel and this game seems to retcon those endings I liked. :(
Atleast the routes in both game are all pretty original and don't overlap but still somethings never change...!
Either way part two gave me much stress, I couldn't stomach Chounn's new route at all
especially early on and while Sousou had a bitter sweet end it felt like a rehash.
Chouryuu route well you know... it was the ending I never asked for but got anyway!
*a little spoilers included from this part*
First and foremost I don't HATE this series/sequel but its just I don't like how they make so
many changes to the sangoku theme to turn it into an otome game, the end of Chouhi route
is something I will ALWAYS nitpick at look at how they let Jia Xu into their forces so easily? -_-
Yeah yeah its an otome I am supposed to forgive and forget and squee over bishies...
no I am not? I just wish they took it more seriously for the sake of the setting and they didn't.
At Chounn route Kanu is traumatized by seeing people being killed infront of her by not being able
to do a thing cuz Chouryuu and Jia Xu are in the way... she loses her voice and has nightmares
 This makes Kanu so useless & later she suddenly regains her will when she see Chounn be a badass.
Ryuubi's route was nicely balanced though but still has so many annoyances from Kanu's side
from time to time, the plot was still decent despite Shoko obviously dying but still can come back.
The Shoko thing made me scratch my head really hard... because its unrealistic lol.
By the way I don't hate Shoko because she had her reason so there's THAT.
Well atleast Guo Jia dying at Chounn route was probably one of the most realistic thing
 in the whole game along with Ryuuhyou dying at Chouhi route, I mean its sangoku
I don't expect them to sugar coat death, I think the first game handled it better.
 They just sugar coat alot of thing in this game which make me roll my eyes so much...!
I mean come on Kanu is a war general not a frail little girl who needs protection? 
*No more spoiler from here on*

This may be one of those I want everyone to be happy but don't give it sangoku/war themes then!
On that note only Chounn's route in the 2nd game was realistic but sadly I didn't like the writing in the first half.

 You know I still think otome game and sequel don't work out most of the time, a fandisc
with more raburabu, development and gag scenes is fine if its succesful but this is a full on sequel for only one route in the prequel which is Ryuubi, if only Sun Quan and other new comers
got a full route instead of old chara, but no they had to milk the old ones like I would've
been OK if we got to romance Kakouen instead of Kakouton even if I like the latter more
like it would've been new I do not need a rehash to know why I love guy X again .
A lot of routes with old chara just felt like new version...everything else is watered down.
Honestly I don't even know if there is any that do it right, and don't ruin the original game.
They retcon the endings in the first game like they tried to do here but it didn't work for me
because I couldn't forget the happy ends Kanu made for herself...

Well I am glad I can honestly give my opinion on the sequel game, its much better to see varied
opinion on things instead of me being like ZOMG I did enjoyed 3/4 route in a sequel its AMAZING
despite not liking the rest of it, oh well its not like anyone cares. I do like this series
and its characters but in no way is it a perfect work especially not Jyuza Engi 2.
You get it Jyuuzaengi is fine in what it tries but honestly? a want to save everyone
which actually happens AND give it heavy war themes? otomate you so funny, not.
TBH even though with me shitting over it I still think it was SOMEWHAT enjoyable.
On the other hand the omakes are hilarious, sadly there is no Furukonpu CG for the sequel...
I like this series as a whole but I will always dislike some things at the sequel but not everything.
So should this get localized? I don't know, I would love to play it in english again one day
but there are so many otome games out there that also deserve to be localized instead.
Also just thinking of english version of the chinese names... no thanks, leave this game in japan.
Anyway here have a Jyuza engi 1 furukonpu CG...since the sequel doesn't have one for some reason.

(; ´_ゝ`)
TL;DR I wish I never played part two right after part one and if there's
a sequel to another work bundled with the first... well I learned my lesson.


  1. Well from your review Jyuza engi 2 doesn't sound very good. :(
    I've read two others for the sequel, one was fairly positive and the other was negative... While the first game was overall very well received, this makes me wonder what went wrong?
    I can totally understand why you like Chouhi more in the sequel though! Shokatsuryou route sounded very decent and I also have to agree that Kakouen's situation was handled better and I to like Kakouton alot.
    As for Sousou his route does feel like a repeat of what happened in the first game albeit different
    and I can see why that is a huge turn off, as for Chounn I can see why people might like it but then again I can't.
    As for Chouryuu his route felt decent but the whole reincarnation thing to purify the youkai was kind of UGH... like you said it was probably the only way but because a thousand years might've passed what about Ryuubi and the others? and SHuyu well I can see why you don't like him and label his action as contradictory, his ending wasn't a happy one really, well maybe in Kanu and Shuyu's eyes, lol.
    Ryuubi was probably the main canon route of this game next to Sho and Shu the rest felt like filler.
    On Kanu's personality... I can see why people are annoyed at her now that otomate made her a bit more feminine, because apparently people didn't like her that much in the prequel... heh what is preference?
    I also prefer the Kanu from the first game because come on she was just that badass.

    Also thank you for posting the Mini routes! alot of reviewers forgot about that, I can totally see why you like Sun Quan the most, if only he got a full route or perhaps a more decent ending.

    1. Thanks for your comment.
      I still like the jyuza engi series as a whole and I'm glad that I could atleast like 4 routes at Jyuza engi 2, even tho the rest was very meh-ish to me.
      I'm happy the sequel didn't make me hate the original characters because that would just be awful.
      Atleast the second game had less old timers hog the screen, the boring war talk is still there ofcourse but it was less noticeable here? its also so obvious Ryuubi is the main guy, even tho I
      like Ryuubi I prefer Shokatsuryou and Kakouton more, but I am really so done with Jyuza engi now. :P

  2. Thank you,sousou route same as the manga one.