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Ozmafia review

Game: [Ozmafia]
Genre: Otome Visual Novel.
Developer/Publisher: Poni-pachet.
Platform: PC, PS Vita.
Official Site:
Release date: 
2013-06-28 (JP PC version)
 2015-02-26 (JP PS Vita version)
2016-04-29 (English PC version)

Ozmafia is finally out in english thanks to manga-gamer, you can buy it on their site or on steam.
Also for the love of god don't pirate this game, the developers(poni-pachet) even asked you not to do
so in plain english and well if you did pirate it then that's on you but don't blame
companies for not localizing more otome games then.

The OP is seriously about Kyrie, isn't it?

- Interesting setting and overall plot.
- Likeable characters.
- Art.
- Charming music.
- Unique seiyuu cast.

 - Can be confusing to see which route you're currently on.
- Most routes don't get anywhere plot wise.
- Pacing.
- NTR.

If you have any triggers for rape you might want to skip the brothel route, its
 self contained and it only shows how disgusting Dorian Gray.

I really like this otomege but it has some issues that I just have to point out!
For one at times scenes abruptly end and there is a sudden time skip...
A prime example is a scene where Axel got hurt and Fuka runs off to Robin hood, however
the scene just ends there abruptly and you basically have to imagine its gonna be ok. Another
instance was when Axel and Fuka have to visit Ande's home but we never get to see them there
because the game just skips ahead to sunday were you can spend time with someone of your choice.
See what I am getting at here?
but as turns out you get bits of information about it in different routes, though I wish they would
 just not half ass it because it still feels like I am missing something I guess its incentive
to go and play other routes but at the same time those parts are from of the common route...
 So yeah this otomege's pacing is way off at times but overall its still good.
Still  I can certainly see that at times there are holes and inconsistency in the story at times

Also our dear heroine Fuka has amnesia, too bad that in most of the routes
she never figures anything out about it. Anyway considering the real plot of this game
 its okay if Fuka never regains her memories as she can still be happy with someone else
for better or for worse, oh well  sadly most of the routes are not very memoral to me as some feel
unfinished and random like Scarlet or in Soh's case get a crappy ending which left me very unsatisfied.
Fuka as a heroine though, she's an airhead who leaps ahead without thinking, she's weak
but she's not exactly strong either, while she's cute I can't say I liked her that much.

I only have one other thing I can complain about and that is the screen with a jingle
when you get to the next chapter, its okay at first but starts to get really annoying especially
once you get to the character route and the chapter/scenes get shorter, I wish we could turn it off.

The triangle route thing may be off putting but this can easily be fixed by using a guide and
staying with your preferred guy, I gotta be honest but I am not a fan of NTR.
Sadly there is no escape from NTR, you'd still need to do it to get some CG's in OZ's routes, if you
did their two regular endings so you'll just have to deal with it if it, I don't like it either but it can't be helped.

 Like the whole NTR shit starts because Fuka's relationship with one of the Oz guys she is originally
going for faces some issues, so then one of the other two Oz guys sees their chance and confesses
that they've been in love with Fuka this whole time and well you know what makes it worse?
If Fuka accepts and gets Ntr'd away from her original choice she also casually
spreads her legs and spends the night with him... I am just like WTF?!
 After two NTR paths I honestly had enough of that shit and started skipping them because its just so
unfair, Fuka why? you've been spending so much time with guy A and just cuz your relationship is
facing some issues you decide to screw guy B just because he also had feelings for you!
Mein gott... WHY?!
/End rant.

The seiyuu cast is amazing, its not the popular bunch so if you're sick of
hearing the same old guys don't worry because Ozmafia gives you a unique voice cast!
I really appreciate it when developers use lesser known seiyuu's every once in a while, I really do.
Sadly the PC version is only partially voiced, the PS Vita version is fully voiced with
some added scenarios(IIRC after stories) but sadly this version is only in japanese as of now.
I also think there are too many routes so no wonder that atleast three routes
get the short end of the stick, welp i'm sorry if I made this version of the game look bad.

 Honestly all the characters are likeable in some way! For first impressions:
Caramia is just so kind, Kyrie is a troll, Scarlet, Axel and Soh are really cute!
Caesar's really mysterious, Robin and Pashet seem nice...
This game is very focused on the romance and its characters, the plot is still there but sadly
 there are routes like for example's Soh's that don't get anywhere except give you a hint or two but
in the end it didn't explain anything, so whether you do his route first or last shouldn't matter.
Basically the grand finale contains the real plot of this game which is either good or bad.

Anyway if you love otome games go support by buying this game! its not that bad
but not that great either, might as well support it so we can possible get games or others.

Recommended play order:
I recommend to start with Caramia, also do Brothel as soon as possible, I can't guarantee you'll like it.
Hamelin's route spoils some things about Robin and after you do Robin you might be
more interested in Hamelin so that is why I recommend the following  play order:
Caramia > Scarlet > Brothel > Robin > Hamelin > Pashet > Axel > Kyrie > Caesar > Soh > Grand Finale.

More ramblings and screencaps after the jump.

There are some spoilers and CG's(one from each route) beyond this point so thread carefully~!
The screenshots below aren't spoiling much in terms of plot, just amusing moments which are
mostly are from the common route so it shouldn't be too bad but after that I will be writing up my
thoughts about the routes so if you want zero spoilers please go play the game.

I swear Kyrie will be the death of me...

Death by Kyrie.
Oh you're such a troll.
Axel is so moe...
Pashet has a point, gosh I love her already.
Pffft, I wouldn't mind to see some delicious naked man meat.
Tsk tsk, Scarlet.
Soh giving everyone cute nicknames~~
Uh.. thats good to know Alfani? for what age was this game again?
There are alot of routes and there is no real recommended play order but honestly its best to start with
Caramia which I didn't do and in the end I can say that most of the routes were worth my time.
Just some of the endings are kind of eh and I wasn't particulary fond of the brothel route/end.

My playorder was:
 Soh > Caramia > Brothel > Robin > Hamelin > Scarlet > Pashet > Axel > Kyrie > Caesar.


 I did him first and I really liked his route, I even got on to his route + best end without using a guide.
He's sets up a cafe at the town square on weekends, he loves preparing food for people.
Soh is so kind and cute there is almost nothing bad about him he's just so adorable, likeable but
here is the bad part the plot of his route was rather weak and both endings aren't satisfying, at
this point I am like what the hell? you have such a likeable character
but you can't even bother to give him a decent happy ending?
It was a mistake to do him first... but then again it may have been a good thing?
Sigh you sit through all that and it just ends in such a unsatisfying way, blergh.
Anyway Soh is more like Fuka's guardian angel, so I can't say it was that bad just really sad.
It could have been handled better but it wasn't, his route was really confusing, I kind of
get it after I did the other routes and the grand finale kind of ruined Soh for me, sigh.
People who finished this game grand finale and all will know but welp, he's a yandere
with a few screws loose but looking back on his route at first he doesn't seem like one at all!
He's overly nice in his route but how naive I was thinking that he wasn't hiding something.
Well as long as he never abuses the heroine or locks her up in a cage, I think I can handle him.
Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★☆☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

 So after the disasters that are Soh endings I moved on to Caramia, the head of the Oz famiglia.
Like I said before he's a nice guy and such a sweetheart, sigh I totally recommend his route to be
done first, even if other character seem just as nice like for example Soh just go for Caramia instead.
The romance itself felt a lot more natural but the confession was very sudden and the
so called NTR wasn't even so bad because  it can be easily avoided and with timely made saves.
So if you want you could still try to see what its like, I find it really disrespectful though.
Caramia's best ending was great, Ceasar has the worst timing but after Soh's ending
this is a lot better, it was much happier and more rewarding than Soh's route ever was.
However if you don't stick to Caramia in his route and decide to NTR him and stick with Kyrie.
Kyrie actually decides to work more which made him seem so out of it, but it was actually rather
sweet so I can't say I didn't like it even tho its weird dropping Caramia just like that, can't
say I like the thought about that when they basically just had a misunderstanding. >_>
You can also NTR Caramia via Axel, the plot will be a bit different but they'll
still have a misunderstanding, Axel saying he love Fuka all this time, cue sexy times.
Yadayada, I rushed through this after I did Axel's route and  because I don't like NTR.

I swear this game is cero-c just because of this route but it might as well have been cero-d.
 After what happened in Caramia's route I wanted to do Robin next, I also came close
 to picking Caesar but ended up picking the Brothel route because I wanted to get it out of the way.
Ah the brothel route, its basically Alfani, Manboy, Dorian gray taking turns on our lovely heroine.
Well can you see why I am not enjoying this? 
 Fuka totally dropped her brain on the way to what turned out to be this route, lmao.
 Honestly I found the whole idea terrible and as turns out it the experience itself
was indeed quite revolting, this route only teaches you one thing: girls, don't go to brothel's or
 similair placess! they're bad news, in my opinion two of the guys are okay but the other? smh.
I guess Alfani is kinda cute, Manboy? I could only pity him, honestly I wouldn't
have minded if it was just Manboy or Alfani but nope they have to go down that path...
Oh and Dorian? he's a priest and a motherf*cking pedophile, like what's his age again?
Dorian drugged Fuka and raped her so many times she broke, the best ending here was the one
where Manboy gets Fuka to punish Dorian, the renaming part was no doubt the best thing but
at the other ending that doesn't happen and Fuka pretty much becomes Dorian's blow up doll.
Kyrie you could have saved her when you saw her like that? why didn't you do anything?!
Robin's route only added fuel to the fire making me want to burn Dorian and throw him off a cliff.
Mein gott... am I glad I got this out of the way... out of all otome games i've played so far I think
 the brothel route is the most disgusting thing I have ever had to sit through.
I also felt it didn't contribute to anything other than showing how disgusting Dorian Gray is.
Romance ☆☆☆☆☆
Plot ★☆☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ☆☆☆☆☆
( ´_ゝ`)

Anyway moving on...

~Robin Hood~
 He doesn't quite live up to his name, he doesn't steal from the rich and gives to the poor.
Robin is the towns doctor, who wears a pitch black robe and a crow-like mask with troubled past.
Turns out he is quite the ikeman~~.
His route was enjoyable, the plot was okay, you know I can't help but care about
guys who have a similair situation like Robin's, they need a lot of support to get over it.
This route made me hate Dorian even more, the guys a priest, who runs a brothel and is also a pedo.
Sigh, I feel really sorry for Robin and his ''past' with that nun, cuz I know Dorian is no angel.
All in all it was a good route, the overall story was great and I really ended up liking Robin.
I have something for older guys, I wasn't bothered by the fact that he was once married, even
his wife wanted him to get over it and move on. Honestly its okay for a guy to remarry
and still find happiness after something like what happen to Robin happens, I
don't want guys to sit in a dark well for the rest of their lives so yes I am
satisfied with the ending he got, cheer up Robin! you deserve more.
Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

 After Caramia and Robin's route Hamelin interested me more and more, I mean
he must have his reasons for being the way he is so I did his route next.
You can get on Hamelin's route if you reject Caramia,Kyrie or Axel's confession, it
also touches upon some other interesting details before you actually meet Hamelin.
His actual route was short yet sweet, the ending sucked though sigh...
 Poor Hamelin I doubt anyone will understand the reasons behind everything.
Hamelin gets screwed over more than Scarlet, he's a good guy but because of some voice in his head
he goes psycho and did alot of horrible things, no wonder Robin hates him so much
and sadly Robin has every right to hate Hamelin, sigh. T_T
Romance ★★☆☆☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆

 He's a cute shota and part of the famiglia grim and Fuka thinks he's a girl at first, lol.
Too bad that his route really is a huge friendzone, the review I read years ago definitely wasn't
lying about this, it actually turned out to be worse than I thought it would be.
Other than that Scarlet is really sweet and deserves much better than this, anyway his route was okay.
Sadly the plot wasn't interesting and the romance was lacking, which should be obvious
because the whole route didn't go further than just being friends and when the confession
did happen the other didn't get to reply properly which made me go why...?!
It ended very openly, ofcourse they'd end up together someday...
sadly the reader can only guess at that point. le sigh.
You know its bad when I can use a single screenshot to summarize a route.

Meh... Scarlet really got the short end of the stick but for what it worth I enjoyed it.
Romance ★★☆☆☆
Plot ★☆☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

~Pashet ~
 After Scarlet's route I figured I might as well do Pashet next before moving on.
She's a cat and Fuka's knight in shining armor, literally.
During her route Pashet, looks out for Fuka making sure the Oz's aren't
doing anything against her will and she also seems to keep Fuka out of dangers.
Like when Fuka asked Pashet about the mansion at Wilde street since Kyrie asks Fuka
to with him on walks every now and then, Pashet tells her to never ever go there!
Pashet even tells Dorian to GTFO, rofl.
 You go Pashet! protecting Fuka for her own good~~.
This reminds me a bit of Sarah from Eikoku Tantei Mysteria, too bad her route was way too short.
This route was strangely enjoyable, its okay if girl route in otome game is not romantic!
Why can't girls just be good friends?! 
Anyway I don't like it when they're too them boring though it has to be interesting or fun for me.
Pashet's route was very entertaining, it was nice to see her try and keep Fuka out of trouble.
Too bad it seemed that Pashet had an interest in Axel for a little while...
but of course we know that nothing will come of that, it just added a flavor of drama to the route.
I wish more girl routes in otome games are like Pashet's, overall the route was enjoyable.
Both of Pashet's endings were good though one of them seems to hint at more...
TL;DR Pashet is awesome and I could totally ship her with Axel.
Romance ★★☆☆☆
Plot ★☆☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

 Ah yes the resident sadistic troll, he's charming but he seems to know more about alot of things.
Kyrie is so trashy but for some reason he's still quite likeable, WHY?! lol.
What was the last time I liked a trashy guy... hmmm Louis from Reine des Fleurs?
Kyrie likes playing around with Fuka and he bullies her cuz he thinks she's cute and he
also enjoys seeing her suffer as a result because he's sadist.
What a dipshit
 Honestly I liked seeing him mess around with her and Fuka does not notice this.
Kyrie also has a habit of making everyone else do all the work for him, reason? he doesn't
want to get his hands dirty because he's such a frail princess. rofl
Overall I really enjoyed Kyrie's route for better or for worse, I liked seeing him mess with Fuka
 and seeing Kyrie slowly develop some feelings for her was nice and the overall plot was okay.
Kyrie has a rather enjoyable route, how did this happen? 
He's such a troll half of the time why... I don't understand why I even like him, lol.
So if you NTR Kyrie you get together with Caramia, he was really sweet but eh...
I honestly feel like I am betraying Kyrie so I couldn't enjoy it at all even if Caramia actually
 loved Fuka all this time, sorry but I like Kyrie for what its worth and I feel bad doing a switcharoo.
Sorry but I skipped NTR'ing Kyrie through Axel, because I am tired of it and I already
finished Axel's route at that point so, yeah hasta la vista baby.
Anyway despite enjoying his route I don't know how I feel about him in general, he's
such an asshole, also what is consistency? in his route he tells Fuka that if she ever was forced
into to the brothel he would kill whoever was responsible... yet in the brothel route
Kyrie did nothing for Fuka, in one of the brothel endings she is too broken to even respond
properly when Kyrie asked Dorian if she came there of her own volition, I mean come on, Kyrie
you're smarter than that you should've read the cue right there yet nothing happened.
In the end he's one of my fav characters... even if he's such an asshole anyway
after the grand finale I just can't help I actually care about him alot more.
Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

 The serious and quiet glasses guy who loves sweets, he can be so moe it hurts.
 I don't think words can express how cute he is....
At first Axel is a frozen cupcake, cold and distant but you know how they go. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Of course he naturally warms up to fuka and becomes super moe in the process.
Also so far Axel is the only one who tried to help get Fuka's memories back
even tho in the end it wasn't that helpful, Axel is so sweet his route is enjoyable even more
 than Kyrie's, sigh I think I may be biased towards Axel but the overall plot was kind of eh I guess.
Soh was suspicious, he even forced her to go with him, Axel still came after them to save Fuka.  >_>
I skipped through his NTR ends cuz I just can't betray Axel like that.
Great guy, okay-ish route, there's not much to talk about.
Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

Wew, Finally arrived at the last character route in this game.

 Caesar, aka the guy who's after Fuka and calls her his prey.
His route is best done when you've done everyone else saving Soh for last because PLOT.
Caesar's like Axel, as he acts cold towards Fuka,in the beginning everytime
she tries to visit him on sundays but one of the first things he says is leave, wow rude.
Well it would be obvious that Caesar gradually warms up to her 
and he can be quite cute but not as cute Axel, hehehe.
The route itself was actually good story-wise and IMHO he had the best ending.
Sadly his route was rather short but atleast it was rewarding unlike certain other routes.
Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

~Grand Finale~
Well its time to finish this and it seems that Fuka is voiced during this.
I don't want to spoil you all the details and I can't say I liked it.
Basically all the plot of this game is dumped here...
Sorry but I need to vent a bit Let me start with saying that it was a trainwreck, yes indeed it was.
I am not okay with this like can you not; take away the characters I like? especially Caesar. T_T
Well atleast Caesar had a really enjoyable route and ending so I guess its okay but honestly after 
all this Kyrie or Caesar's individual best ending might as well be the canon one for all I care, lmao.
Soh, why? was I naive? Soh... is actually pretty messed up, sigh.
I swear this whole game is a trainwreck that is still able to go on but only in circles.
Damn it Kyrie, seriously get out because he knew ''certain things'' all along, he just wasn't certain of it.
Sigh Kyrie also was the only one who still knew who Fuka was when everyone else came back.
Its like he's suffering from something like a groundhog day, poor Kyrie.
Despite all that Kyrie is my favorite character in this game, sorry the bias is real.
Well in the end Fuka came back but yeah... anyway I wasn't really satisfied with the grand finale
because some things make no sense and well it ended on a rather weird note not explaining everything.
 Like what happened to Hamelin? and did Caesar really disappear for good?
and did Robin's wife also come back? Also who is the wizard of oz? In the end all this is
making me want the buy the PSvita port because it does come with after stories and one
 for the grand finale + moar CG's which I hope solves some of these hanging plot threads I mentioned.
I learned all that just from looking at the Ozmafia Vivace's trophy list.
 Romance ☆☆☆☆☆
Plot ★★★★☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆

Hasta la vista baby I am outta here.


Final thoughts

Overall plot of route and enjoyment.
Ceasar > Robin > Axel / Kyrie> Caramia > Pashet > Hamelin > Scarlet & Soh > Brothel.

Ending ranking(not counting NTR ends).
Caesar > Caramia > Robin > Kyrie > Axel >Pashet > Hamelin > Scarlet > Soh > Brothel.
I liked most best ends with Caesar having the best and Pashet being okay cuz she's awesome.
But looking at this ranking again it all started going down hill with Hamelin.
None of the endings afterwards are not even remotely satisfying to me.

Fav character in order of who I like the most.

Most of the routes are enjoyable and since this game is so focused on its characters
I can let the weak plot slide, also as much as I liked Soh at first he's just too nice
for his own good, something is definitely up with him, but I'll let you figure that out for yourself.
Since this is a spoiler-free zone.
Honestly there are way too many romanceable characters and not all routes are worth it.

My play order turned out to be okay in the end but its best to save Caesar and Soh for last
so the plot makes more sense, the NTR was weird but interesting, I used a guide for the Oz guys so
I wouldn't suddenly derail into a switcharoo mess and honestly that helped alot for the overall enjoyment.
I am just glad the rest of the routes didn't suffer from that sort of stuff. >_>

This game was quite long, don't know if I am a slow reader but definitely around 50+ hours.
It also has alot of inconsistency and plot holes, I heard the Vita port fixes some of that
and gives everyone after stories and also give Andersen,Heidi, Hansel and Gretel routes.
Sigh this game is so unfinished its not even funny... honestly I am really tempted
 to get the vita port but then again I didn't like this game that much.
So if I do get the port one day, I will definitely review its new contents in a seperate post.

Was this game bad? no but it wasn't exactly good either so a 6.5/10 seems fair enough.

The quality of the translation is top-notch as well, I thought that the italian touch like
ojou-sama becoming signorina was nice! though at the same time I can see it be a bit off-putting.
Honestly I barely noticed any typos but they were there and comparing it
 to norn9 var commons, ozmafia is so much better and easier to read for me
since I am not in constant auto correct mode.

So if you love otome games go pick up Ozmafia on steam when you have the funds, it might 
not be perfect but its definitely worth a buy to support the genre and if it does well 
maybe manga-gamer will license more otome games!
 (I am hoping they pick up Taishou x Alice in the future.)


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  2. The brothel route just blew the f'cking sense out of me. Why'd they even add that? Your description of the brothel route mortifies and scares me. I wanted to play the game after I'm done with my yoshiwara harem, but from what went all down in that route just turns me off! :( I agree that it should be cero-d, as in D for disgusting. Thank you for the review, btw! Also, kudos for finally getting out of that route!

  3. I'd recommend this order for anyone new to playing the game:

    Caramia > [Brothel > Robin Hood > Hamelin] > [Pashet > Scarlet > Kyrie > Axel] > [Caesar > Soh > Grand Finale]

    Pashet, Scarlet, Kyrie and Axel's routes can be switched up; just do not change the overall order.

  4. The game is basically unfinished then... Agh... I want a PS Vita now...