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Scared Rider Xechs Rev - Review

Game: [Scared Rider Xechs]
Genre: Otome Visual Novel.
Developer/Publisher: Rejet and Red entertainment
Platform: PS2, PSP, PS Vita.
Official Site:
Release date: 2015-11-19

Since Scared Rider Xech's is getting an anime soon I decided now is a good time to read the game!
I bought the digital version cuz I don't want to wait and besides missed the tokuton's already.
The vita port does not contain the FD, I heard that the fandisc for his game was kind of bad anyway. 
I wasn't sure what to expect when I started but I heard SRX was still fun despite its issues.
So hear goes nothing!
This is a six year old game by now and if you still haven't played it you may want to get to it.
Either way you ever wanted an otome game about a bunch of Rockstar Kamen Riders?
Well you got it! as usual rejet and red entertainment deliver us this crazy tale that is scared rider xechs!

First CG in the game, just who is our heroine Akira?
Interesting setting & overall story.
- Characters.
 Art, Pako's art is suberb.
 Music, great usually music in otomege its forgettable but SRX? nope it is awesome.

  - Plot holes and many unanswered questions.
- Long common route not much of an individual route + repetitive shit makes this game not all that appealing.
 - First time through this game is long but on repeat playthrough its quite short.
 - The guys don't say the default heroine's name, always dem Kimi's, Anata's and Omae's
They're good kids.
Overall I found the setting interesting, the robot and character designs are pretty cool.
Basically these kids are part of an organization named LAG together they form the unit IS.
 Akira the heroine is a genius and their commander which is quite uncommon in otomege's.
They fight aliens but since they don't attack often they get hella bored cuz nothing happens.
So they decided to form a rockband, Soichirou don't like that but what can he do, lol.
Since this was originally a PS2 game the CG is still 4:3 but it still looks really crisp on my vita screen.
The CG's look alright ugly borders aside, as long as its updated slightly
I can forgive them, there is also some animation at times but its honestly nothing to brag about.

Ready to rock?!
This game has a repetitive plot of fighting the aliens and while they are not doing that
they chill or practice for the band, due to this the game also has a long common route
so sadly it'll become a huge skip fest later, but eh I don't mind as long as its fun the first time.
What gives? with this sort of plot its bound to happen, the chapters aren't that long though.
Besides they did switch things up in the later chapters of the common route.
Chapters are divided into two parts A and B, A being slice of life-ish aka just chilling.
B being them kicking ass and fighting aliens and the aftermath of the chapter.
 I thought the pacing was alright, gives you time to get to know the characters.
The heroine was okay, she's been stuck in some loop and be suffering thanks to LAG and shit
but here come the current members of IS to break her out of said loop.
Yeah and that is keeping it fairly spoiler free.

Awww yeah Kamen riders.
The problem with this game is its 85% common and and 15% unique route
it has copy pasta problems because the general plot stays the same.
In each route I atleast learned new things about the characters from the new scenes in every chapter
so it wasn't all that bad unlike a certain other game which really rushed things.
I guess you could say this is a straight-forward VN for the most part and honestly
this game did a pretty good job at that even though most of it is the same.

The replay value is decent I guess, it not bad to go through the game again, believe it or not
you are not going to find out everything by just playing this game once, each character
has unique scenes each chapter which explains more about them and aren't that short.
though some characters get a few scenes together like Takt and Kazuki, Hiro and Yuuji.
Honestly after I did both Yousuke and Takt I didn't feel the need to pursue Hiro, Yuuji or Kazuki
but I did them anyway for better or for worse I saved Hijiri for last since I liked him more.
Some of the kiss CG are good and others are just eh... like I want to see the back of a head. >_>

The system is average for an otome game, nothing special, red choices are logical
but leads to the death end, blue choices lead to the love end which is much better
I used choro's guide but I recommend you use maistar's guide(I dislike the layout of that site though)
I used Choro's guide but a lot of the bonus events did not unlock since they need you to pick a
specific character in the battle parts of the game so I had to go through this game 6 more times.
A lot of bonus story events did not unlock during the first play of each route
so you're gonna have to use Maistar if you don't know how to get them since she/he lists
 in which route they pop, bad thing is you have to replay said route again >_> 
Dunno if track works but I doubt it.

Timed choices...
Choose the order of riders.
The substance partners~~ every main guy has one to gattai with.
Yousuke x Fernandes, Takuto x Lesdaul, Hiro x Duesenberg.
Yuuji x Deviser, Kazuki x Rickenbacker and Hijiri x Epiphone.
I love their designs, they so funky.

Yousuke and Fernandes gattai into a kamen rider, everyone has a variation of this animation rofl.
Smexy man meat, dem nipples. 10/10

My Playorder:
Yousuke > Takuto > Hiro > Yuuji > Kazuki >  Hijiri .

CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa.
He's serious and is all tsk tsk TSK... mendokusai, but i'll help you anyway, tsk.
He's also pretty moe at times... 
He likes to cook which is awesome, also the typical hero and gives frienship speeches, etc.
Yousuke is the first person Akira meets, he seems rude but turns out alright so I did his route first.
Honestly the constant tsking was annoying especially early on, cuz it makes him look rude
when he's not like that at all, Yousuke's a chill dude who cares alot about everyone
even if he doesn't show it, he's easy to like once you know this and he's really cute.
There was not much of a route due to how the story was told it was more like they had chapters
on the side along the real plot of the game but I managed to enjoy this anyway the ending was decent.
Yousuke is pretty much a hotblooded shounen protagonist but a cute one at that.
  Some sudden plot twist at one point took me by suprise and was a bit sad but I have nothing else
to mention other than that his love ending was good, the death/bad ending was awful though.
 Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

CV: Miyano Mamoru.
 The leader of IS, serious, arrogant and is a perfectionist with a huge ego.
He gets flustered easily and is quite the pervert in one particular scene, lmao.
Despite Takt's personality he is actually really cute.
He's also has some rivalry with Yousuke, they frequently get into arguments.
 Takt does comes off as an ass more than Yousuke does but again for some reason
but once you get to know both of these guys they turn out to be okay also...
If looks could kill...
Takt didn't like Akira at first but that changed quickly as soon as he sees what a badass
and reliable commander she is,  he swears to protect her and everyone else.
I planned to save this guy for later but after what happen during the main story I just had to do him next.
  Due to how the story is told this route flew by though the guy's respective scenes each chapter
are still worth it, sure you skip-a-thon, Akira and the guy in this case Takt slowly fall for each other
but due to the skipping it does still feel rather rushed, but eh whatever.
Turns out he loved Akira all this time he just couldn't express it in like every route, then
plot happened and things took a turn for the worst... without spoiling I have to say that I really like Takt.
Honestly he kind of feels like he's the main guy or maybe that's just me being biased.
 His love ending was great but it was also suffering... especially near the end.
Why do mamo's characters make me suffer? this is the second time it happened. :(
His death end/bad end was meh, substances take over during these ends and well
Takt turned into a sadistic yandere who wants Akira to love him forever or else... jikes.
Takt is a great guy I love him to bits, with Takt's route I was satisfied with this game
but there is still more route to do!
Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

CV: Shimono Hiro.
 Hiro's the cute kid and he keeps to himself, he's a brat and honestly I never was that interested in him
 before I did his route. Sure he's cute but for a kid he sure has attitude, dem youngsters so feisty.
Turns out the reason Hiro got mad in chapter 3 was cuz in his eyes Akira is butting into
his circle of friends, IS, so he acts selfish and decides to run from his responsibilities as a rider.
He sees everyone in the group as family and well he saw Akira as someone who tried to destroy that. 
Since this is Hiro's path Akira goes to get him herself and tells him to stop acting like a selfish lil brat, lol.
 Hiro finally starts to accept Akira as part of his family so all's well that ends well.
 Anyway after this Hiro has basically fallen for Akira and starts to like her more and more.
He was a brat at first but he grew up and he really is the cutest member of IS.
Guess what? in the end Hiro is a hero worthy of taking Akira's heart.
The best end was great and as always its satisfying but it gets kind of predictable at this point.
His death end was stupid, responsibilities what are they?
 Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

CV: Kondou Takashi.
 The nice guy, he's the type to make sure the rest of the kids in the group don't kill each other.
He's 21 and the oldest guy in the group so yeah he has to act his age or atleast has to try.
Fact: he can't fish for shit he needs help to fish up some seaweed or trash, Rofl.

Anyway Yuuji is like a big bro to Hiro and Kazuki since the three know each other for a long time.
So in chapter 4 on da beech he tells Akira to wear a swimsuit as well since it'll look good on her and
once he sees Akira in her bikini on the beach he's all over that... like hmm come closer girl. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
He doesn't accept Hijiri just waltzing in in chapter 5 cuz he doesn't trust him so he gets
violent with him, yeah thats nice so much for being an adult huh?! geez.
I know Hijiri might have pissed him off but still good grief even Takt handled it better than Yuuji.
Yuuji even gets a bit pissed at Akira cuz she tells him to behave and treat Hijiri with some respect
yet Yuuji goes on to ask her this: Hijiri or Me which side are you on?
Since this is Yuuji's route I have choice but to go along with his shit. >_>
Just because Hijiri isn't part of his circle of friends doesn't give him the right to treat him like shit.
Can you see why I don't like him? especially since he's an adult and adults shouldn't behave like that. Sigh way to go Yuuji!
 <_< In chapter 6 Yuuji casually asks Akira for a kiss like wow dude slow down. >_>
Yuuji is 21 and Akira is 17, you see what I am getting at? well I have liked guys with
a bigger age gap hurr durr Murasame from Harutoki6 but Yuuji needs learn pacing is important
hmm I guess Yuuji got ahead of himself there, I don't see it any other way.

Honestly I found Yuuji to be the most boring character, he's a nice guy with a big heart but eh
due to things happening in the route I couldn't like him at all he doesn't have any quirks
like the other characters so he just doesn't stand out to me sorry but he's just that boring in my eyes.
I usually like older guys but sadly not Yuuji... he had potential but nope.
Yuuji just doesn't interest me all that much because yeah his friends and family is important to him
and he wants to protect it, well thanks but everyone in this game seem to have that motivation.
Love end: Yuuji wants Akira to marry him and become part of his family
and make lots of babies yeah ok thats nice I guess.
His death end was stupid and makes me want to set Yuuji on fire, its ridiculous.
 Yuuji is one boring ass character and I just couldn't feel anything for this guy except me
being annoyed at him for what happened earlier, yeah sure the romance is there but eh it was already
too little too late and the amount of fucks I could possible give for Yuuji are zero at this point.
I am making the exact same gesture trying to find more good things about Yuuji but I just can't find anything.
Yeah I guess I'd be lying if I say he doesn't have any good points but I just don't care anymore
there are better guys in this game and for me Yuuji is just not one of them. 
Romance ★☆☆☆☆
Plot ★☆☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★☆☆☆☆
( ´_ゝ`)
 Kazuki save me please...

CV: Takahashi Hiroki.
 The resident weirdo, uses random engrish in his sentences for kicks cuz he things its cool, lmao.
 I can't take him serious he's messed up, Kazuki also has the best poses in this game.
His route was a pain because everytime he says something in engrish is written as katakana
and its just gets annoying having to read it like that all the time along with the usual stuff.
Turns out despite being a weirdo he actually seems to be a decent and thoughtful guy
but then again he's still just a weirdo, thats one thing that doesn't change.
By now I am well aware of the ~template~ of this game and after the foul mood I got
 from Yuuji's route, Kazuki turned out to be just what I needed to recover.
Kazuki is just so hilarious even tho I can't take him seriously it just makes everything better.
 He doesn't make much sense and well he's crazy, his love ending was alright but some part was
confusing and it was a tad different from the other love ends, but I guess the power of music
 saved the day and Tact as well I think this was the happiest possible outcome
even if things don't make any sense and as for his Death/bad end well...
 It was strange and sad, possibly the saddest ending in the whole game. T_T
The contrast between the two endings is real... did they do it on purpose? I don't know.
 Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★☆☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆
And we are finally down to the last route in the game.

 He's a carefree guy and the last member of IS.
Hijiri is chill, loves to sing and he hits on the heroine asking her out right after he meets her, rofl.
There is a reason for this but I won't go into it.
Too bad the heroine will have none of that and brushes off his advances.
Because Hijiri is so free he manages to piss people off so easily -cue Yuuji- and well no one trusts
really Hijiri and Tact even thinks he's a spy or sth and then there is Epiphone, he loves Hijiri's voice
so much but shit happens, they gattai and thats how they became partners.
Long story short Hijiri is awesome, he's da white knight oh and dat KENN.
After Takt I thought that I couldn't get biased about another character in this game...
Guess what? Hijiri's story is just kind of sad you know? No I am not gonna spoil the details.
Hijiri's route is best done last no doubt about it many details get revealed here that otherwise get ignored.
Hijiri's love end was a great way to end this game his death/bad end was rather sad though.
Too bad both of Hijiri's kiss CG's have bad angles while everyone else has atleast one good one
though one of Hijiri's was a bit better but only a bit. :P
 Takt main guy? maybe but Hijiri...? oh boy he's special and imho he has great chemistry
with Akira to boot, I wouldn't mind if they are both since I can't choose between them anyway.
Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

A little info about Scared Rider Xech's Stardust Lovers.
Uh so this is the fandisc and it NOT included in the PS Vita port and takes place
between chapter 4 & 8. Sochirou gets a short route but it doesn't get anywhere
and some other guys and Grunbach. Other than that its a waste of time
and probably the shittiest fandisc i've ever read about in other review.
 The FD does not fix any of the plot holes, so its a waste of time unless you just wanna
spend more time with everyone and do not mind them screwing around.
You can absolutely ignore this fandisk and miss absolutely nothing!
Its just more extra scenes with every guy... dunno if that good or bad
since its not even after the respective love or even death ends, sigh.

CV: Koji Yusa.
Yuuji: You seriously don't have ANY presence do you? what are you a ninja?
Poor Soichirou, screwed over till the end, his little route wasn't even worth mentioning
other than this since it doesn't get anywhere, yep he'll always support the heroine no matter what
 sigh what a disappointment, couldn't they have tried just a little harder.

This is more like a bad ending...
  Well if it isn't michael jackson /joking.
Oh well the heroine has the chance to be taken away by grunbach there is nothing else to it.
She's stuck in the red world now with Grunbach there's not much else to it other than that.
The End.

Favourite character:
- Takt / Hijiri > Hiro > Yousuke > Kazuki > Soichirou > a long bridge > Yuuji -
Takt, Hijiri and Hiro are my favourites thank you very much, its also pretty obvious
that Takt, Yousuke and Hijiri are the main guys Kazuki,Hiro and Yuuji are the background noise
compared to them, well I guess its because of the main plot, I can't see them as important
as Takt, yousuke and Hijiri are, I mean Kazuki, Hiro and Yuuji are important members
but the plot treats them as side characters and I kind of feel the same way.
I also think there are too many characters and at the fourth route/path I was like mmkay
this gets too predictable and the guy is the only saving grace.

 Final thoughts
I thought it was enjoyable for what its worth and Scared Rider Xechs is in no way a bad otome game
 even if the otome aspect is sort of lacking in general, atleast some of the themes are unique.
Stardust lovers may have added some things but it doesn't ruin SRX in any way.
Rejet, please make more games like SRX, Ken ga Kimi or Beyond the Future.
 You can do it! a good game doesn't need to be dark and edgy like Moshikami or Dialovers.

Scared Rider Xechs is probably the coolest otome game I played yet.
This game is not without its flaws, repettive story due to fighting, copy pasta and plot holes...
 SRX suffers from it but let me say it once more SRX is in no way a bad otome game, I had
a good time with it even though this game was straight forward and there wasn't much of a route.
I guess it all depends on how you take in certain things the first time you play it.
 My biggest complaint is that we never find out the truth about Akira and other stuff
they could expand on a lot of things but then again some things are better off left alone. >_>
All in all I liked this otome game, it could have been better but it isn't and there probably isn't
going to be another otome that is going to be as awesome with the themes SRX uses.
I can't really recommend this game but if you have nothing else to do
SRX might be a great way to spend the time just keep in mind its not gonna be perfect.

Characters ★★★★☆ (Likeable, I have a bone to pick with Yuuji though.)
Art  ★★★★☆(Good.)
Scenario/plot. ★★★☆☆(Otome aspect needs more thought.)
Music★★★☆☆ (OK...)
System  ★★☆☆☆ (Meh, a drag on 2nd+ play... )
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆
Am I lenient? maybe, but this game just had so much things I liked about it, I can't help 
but give it a higher score, sigh this game has many good and bad things.
If I had to be harse then I'd rate it 6/10 which is fine going by VNDB standards. 
Its far from perfect but for what its worth it was really enjoyable
and thats one thing that matters the most, screw the messy plot it was still great. 
I can't wait for the anime and I hope its decent at best and not a complete trainwreck
and sadly it was but it was nice to see it animated anyway!


  1. Thanks for the review, this game does indeed look cool, rockbands and Kamen riders, this otome game is
    definitely on of a kind but its sad that the whole game is basically a one way track
    with minor stops for character events.
    Can't wait for the anime either, such a shame you didn't like Yuuji he seems like one of
    the more normal guys in this game another reviewer didn't like him and Hiro either, though
    I can see why Hiro is more likeable.

    1. Thanks for the reply, yeah SRX is an alright game but yeah its basically a one way track and if
      I had to be really honest it didn't feel much like an otome game, as for Yuuji he's okay
      but I cannot stand him for some reason.
      SRX is one of a kind and I doubt there will ever be something quite like it, I like it for that its
      unique and for what its worth my experience with it was a fun one.