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Yuukyuu no Tierblade -Lost Chronicle- - Review

 悠久のティアブレイド -Lost Chronicle-
 Game: [Yuukyuu no Tierblade].
Genre: Otome game Visual Novel.
Developer/Publisher: Otomate
Platform: PS Vita.
Release date: 2016-09-08 

Yuukyuu no Tierblade -Lost Chronicle- is a sci-fi otome game from yours truly, otomate.
 Did I have doubts about this otomege? sure for one its premise is similair to Code:Realize.
Okay its not entirely similair but you get the comparison right?
A heroine named ''Eve'' lives alone for 3000 years in a secluded space and her world 
slowly starts to move again when one day she meets Shudo, Atalva and later on Yajur and Lowe.
Luckily for Eve they're all handsome guys! even if Eve herself may not be quite human.
(Oh come on that much is obvious okay?)
I like how otomate's trying to explore into mecha territory because you sure don't see that often
 but to be fair one can make an otomege with any theme, sometimes it just doesn't work out.
 Shudo > Atharva > Yajur > Roh/Lowe > Cradle > True.
No choice but to do Yajur and Lowe later because their route unlock
 after you've done Shudo or Atalva and this really makes sense in terms of story.
Anyway do the order of Shudo/Altava in whichever boy you favor but honestly its not going to matter much. 
I recommend doing Shudo's route first then Atharva > Yajur and finally Lowe.
Lowe's route contains major spoilers and would only ruin the overall enjoyment if done too soon.
Dunno about Cradle but just do him before the true end I guess or before Lowe's.

- Interesting story and characters.
- Pretty Art.
- Relaxing BGM.
- Common and Individual route while shared is nicely balanced.

- Junk system, while nice for collection purpose seems pointless storywise.
- Not many choices, less than 10 per route.
- Repeat content (mech battles can get draggy on 2nd+ play).

Overall this otomege is a romantic sci-fi adventure with as seen above well executed action scenes
I wasn't bored of them which is good!
A lot of the typical otome scenes are really relaxing and the BGM sure help a lot with this.
The story develops well, even if its ''peaceful'' at times its usually not for long and the game makes
this very clear by swifting the POV for a short scene with the ''villains''.

If you were worried that Yuukyuu no Tearblade was going to have an annoying system
like Wand of Fortune 2 you can rest assured. because its nothing more than a simple
select the area, find junk and move on, there is no RNG involved or anything.

After the last otomege I played(which was Oumagatoki), Yuukyuu no Tierrblade was pleasant.
As its quick to the point, good story, easy to like characters and a likeable heroine.
I expected tierblade to be the typical short&sweet with a fluff of tragic otomate game
and I wasn't disappointed on that note because this otomege sure was interesting.
There were lots of twists and turns along the way and the action scenes were cool
and to get the whole story you have to do every route, sadly after
only one playthrough it was pain stackingly obvious who the OTP was but that
 has never stopped me from finding my own biases a long the way.
I get why people could say the some battles are boring, especially repeat stuff
and honestly I only liked  sitting through the first battles with Sud,Atharva... Yajur just
happened too late and it was literally the same as if it were say Sud except now its Yajur.
I felt the Moujuutsukai team worked on it and I was right on that... no way could I not
recognize how the repeat content played out but atleast story wise it was surprisingly well written.
Forgot to mention this and you may have guessed it but the heroine
can be compared to Code:Realize's Cardia aka clueless at first but gets a grip
on the situation quickly and becomes badass esp in the true end.
  The only bad part may be the copypasta/repeat content, it was much
like Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama but imo was less annoying maybe by the time I got to Yajur
so I can't complain except the part about Cradle's route but they were probably
were like y not both and just went with it, I don't even mind the whole all-saving
nanomachine-son trope, it works miracles yes but I don't think it was annoying.

Okay you know the drill by now, more ramblings and spoilers after the jump.
Just skip to the end of the post to avoid and see my fav route/chara with minimum spoils
because this game is best experienced without knowing what is going to happen.

The game starts from Cradle's perspective searching for Eve who took a dip in the lake nearby
after that the POV switches to Shudo who is living in the slums, trying to get by anyway he can.
 So one day Atharva was searching for someone he catches Shudo in the act, things escalate
and they're on the run when all hope is lost they ended up in a place called Neosphere and met Eve.
However their pursuers haven't given up...
Shudo protects Eve from an attack and is gravely injured, Eve is shocked and suddenly
Tearblade awakens and the two are warped inside it ?!
Shudo's wounds are healed and tries to operate the mech, cradle tries to explain
but it seems Shudo doesn't need any help and defeats the enemy mech with style.
However if you were to pick Atharva, well let just say Atharva is a newbie at piloting a mech ^^;.
Atharva literally shouts at his mech till he moves, but sooner or later he gets the hang of things
it makes it obv he's quite like a spoiled... it'll make sense later.
Yep that is a real quick and dirty TL;DR summary of the prologue

Hope you'll enjoy the rest of my crap o digest a fair warning though it sucks, lots
 of info skipped because LOL time skips and sarcasm is included.

CV: Ishikawa Kaito.
 The good kid, trying to make what most out of living in the slums etc.
Shudo wanted Eve to help the people on the surface and what not.
Compared to the previous otomege I read with an Ishikai character, Shudo was actually likeable!
Look Shudo doesn't need a TL;DR explanation from Cradle on how to operate a Mech
like before Cradle could even try Shudo be like no need and goes out and kicks ass, lmao.
Ah yes peaceful times, some junk collecting and at night they ended up like this...
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Of course Lowe shows up in his mech and since this is Shudo's route he and Eve fight him
Lowe can literally smells Eve inside the tearblade and desperately wants his waifu back.
 Eve is like who are you again? oh well epic mech fight ensues and more trouble brews.
They beat Lowe but he enters last resort mode and when Eve goes outside, Lowe realizes
Eve is not quite the same Eve he wants and starts choking her. >_>
Not to worry though, our friendly neighbourhood amnesiac corpse Yajur comes along to save the day.
Later all of them including the heroine have a bath together.
 Yes you read that right... this is like the first time I've seen something like this happen.
Man if Lowe saw this we wouldn't hear the end of it, because mai waifu Eve. lmao. 
After some hilarious sheit Eve goes out and collects more junk untill she eventually runs into Shudo.
The next day all of them go out and explore even deeper into the ruins... 
They arrive at a graveyard and in the center of the ruins some machine runs amok.
Cradle goes offline and well the thing tries to drill through Eve but is like nope no can do
 and proceeds to try to drill  through Shudo! Eve be like やめろ やめてくれ!!
The two manage to run away untill they trigger its defense mechanism, yep 
you guessed it! its Tearblade time baby and they fight a giant queen slime, anyway
let me just say the slime wasn't an easy opponent, lol.
Anyway they go out on a picknick at a peculier spot also who knew Atharva is afraid of heights?! lol.
Afterwards its back to more junk collecting untill Eve eventually runs into Sudo 
or whichever guy who's route your on... Shudo declares his feelings for Eve, she returns 
his feelings and he swears to protect her and stay by her side.
Lowe shows up to try to get his waifu back yet again but things don't go so well this time.
They manage to run away but Lowe finds them, Lowe tries to get the truth out of Cradle as to what
happened to Eve all these 3000 years sadly Cradle eventually fries itself since he can't answer due to some promise.
Yajur shows up holding a damn gun and tells the lot not to move, his men capture Eve and the others.
Yes that's right mr:corpse the amnesiac playboy was a traitor all along.
Some dipshit called Arkadia appears before Eve and tells her his intention 
of why he needs Lowe and herself.
Anyway its clear the guy is bad news, Lowe tells Eve to touch the other Eve
because after this she will understand everything oh how and why, flashback time.
 Eve does as she is told, we get to see what happened 3000 years ago.
We see a young Lowe with black hair and also a man named Gill who acts like a brother to Eve
but is infact not related by blood or anything, Eve and Lowe once lived in the neosphere kingdom
which was highly advanced they obvously created the tearblade etc, Yajur is also from this time.
Anyway a long scene introduced everyone in the union of the ancients
3000 year old-Eve gets her daily lectures by Aina and she ends up meeting Yajur.
Ah yes such peaceful times are they not?
Is it just me or does Lowe look like Atharva? its not far from the truth.
 One night Lowe and Eve meet up because Lowe is afraid of what's going to happen  which
is obviously not good, the gist is Lowe was fated live a long time and this made him scared.
Its was pretty obvious that Eve and Lowe have feelings for each other, their chemistry was great too.
In truth the two are engaged to each other which makes sense!
 of course the peaceful times don't last because apparently some army attacked, more on that later.
Behind it all turned out to be none other than Arkadia himself...
This all caused them ancients to go poof resulting in the empty neosphere 3000 years later
because of some poison attack/war stuff you get it right?
Eve find herself all alone and meets Cradle they end up making graves for everyone
  who died because no matter what they deserve to be remembered.
What's happening to Eve is literally dayum nanomachines son!
The years slowly pass which is painful and lonely and Eve needs to stay put.
Sadly sooner or later Eve loses her mind and goes apeshit Cradle controls the tearblade
 and puts a stop to a rampaging and mutated Eve. 3000 year old Eve is put into stasis and over
 the years this resulted in the current Eve having no memories or not accessible, because
 she's not human but just a replacement a backup for the real Eve.
Back to the present Lowe comments how they've succeeded most of their plan and
 compliments the current Eve for protecting 3000 year old Eve's existence but
its time for her to go because she has fulfilled her purpose luckily Shudo and Atharva 
won't let it happen so the here comes our protag Shudo in a old-type mech to save the day.
However Yajur's timely cockblocking knows no bounds and so Lowe gets to beat up Shudo.
Eve can't take it anymore and they get a quick moment together she apologizes to Shudo and goes along with whatever else Lowe and co now that she had fulfilled most of her purpose
because she realizes there's nothing she can do about it, don't really liked how she acted but ok.
Shudo ends up back in the slums outside of Neosphere... he laments that it all seemed like a dream
but realizes thats wrong and takes immediate action to return to Eve's side.
Which involves remembering his past self, way back then Shudo and Gill
 had a friendly sparring match and Shudo managed to win! this is how
 he became a knight number 12! and also when he first met Eve.
 Some enemies attack and well we see the other side of why the ancients perished.
Yes there was a war, Shudo ends up operating the the tearblade instead of Gill.
Shudo goes solo yolo and flies into space and defeats the evil death star. (sarcasm)
Sadly Shudo died? in the progress, he thinks his efforts were in vain but Ray tells him otherwise.
okay this is were things get complicated, simply put Shudo gets reincarnated/also had a backup.
Eve's existance is about to disappear because she lets them use her for the sake of the other Eve
ofcourse Shudo will have none of that and interrupts them with style.
Shudo apologizes for coming back and has his final showdown with Lowe.
 Here it is double-confirmed the ancient knights like Fou became weapons for Tearblade to use.
Ofcourse Shudo wins and gets the girl but after Lowe sees them lovey dovey he flips and the dark
gundam awakens its true powers, Arkadia takes over yadayada after some epic mech action
Cradle ends up sacrifices himself cuz of the virus and takes care of everything. T_T
In the best end Eve ends up living with Shudo in the slums, the ending was super cute.
The tragic end? it lives up to its name thats for sure, poor Eve.
I have to say that I really liked this route even if most of it was a common route dumpster
which makes me fear for Atharva's route because i'm sure it'll have some copy pasta?
As for Shudo himself he wasn't so bad infact he's super likeable and real a cutie-pie.
Shudo is just impossible to dislike, he's cool, level-headed and knows what he wants
the only bad part is that Eve was sorta a damnsel in distress waiting for her
hotblooded shounen protagonist to rescue her from the bad guys.
Anyway its only been one route but I have to say that I really enjoyed Tierblade!
even if some parts are a bit too convenient but this doesn't ruin anything.
Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

CV: Terashima Takuma.
 A guy so beautiful he could be seen as a woman and for some reason he seems to know Eve
and has been searching for her for along time.
He's snob with a fear of heigths and a tsun moe cupcake.
No no you can't hide it from me Atharva! ahaha I knew I'd like him.
He acts like a spoiled brat... at times but its because upbringing and spoilers.

Some common stuff remained the same like for example Shudo taking a hit for Eve.
The guy who's route your on  will obviously control the tearblade, Atharva's getting the spotlight now!
Unlike Shudo who had no trouble handling the tearblade, Atharva is a complete newbie
 at piloting a mecha and will yell at it for not moving the way he wants, lmao.
This actually made it worth sitting through it again because the difference was hilarious.
Atleast the first time, Atharva is like a spoiled prince...
 After the usual junk collecting there was a scene with were Eve managed to get a music box
to work and the moment it started playing Atharva grabbed Eve and went into defensive mode.
I'm like Atharva please! FFS its just a music box! Eve ended up slapping him for it, lol.
 There was a change of dialogue in the scene were the three of them slept together and other 
common scenes like the bath, this is nice because I've seen too many games
 were common events just stay the same no matter what so it was still fun.
In another scene with acting like the tsundere he is, it was cute, www.
This game doesn't shy away from romance and well executed battle scenes
but the latter may depend on person, I didn't find most battles boring.
 I knew i already said this butgosh, Atharva is just so adorable! I really like him.
Anyway you know what's next! its tearblade time!
 I gotta say that I liked the first encounter with Lowe more in this route than Shudo's though.
Afterwards there was a new scene were Yajur, woke up the boys at night just to ask
whether they found Eve cute and if they were interested in her, lmao.
This woke up Eve so she went to look for junk at night untill she ran into Atharva
and well she suddenly gets nostalgic and starts crying but Atharva comforts her. :(
They go explore the ruins, it was slightly different in some areas but in they still fight the slime, etc.
After all that the usual junk collection adventures ensues untill Eve runs into Atharva.
The scene was so sweet, Atharva shows he really cares for Eve no matter what may happen.
 Afterwards Lowe returns and this time he knows just how to push Atharva's buttons
by hinting at the past all this makes a let his guard down, here it is revealed
Atharva is a clone of the original Lowe 3000 years ago, no wonder they looked similair!
Atharva is angry and confused, Lowe unleashes the power of darkness...
Eve teleports outside and drags Atharva with her and try to escape but like the
previous route Yajur betrays them and Eve is taken away, Atharva regains his memory
and so he finally realizes what Lowe said back then was really true.
''Atharva's nothing but a spare.''
Anyway we have reached the point were Eve finds out the truth through flashback
which was exactly the same as in Shudo's route so let's not go into that again mmkay?
After she learns the truth Shudo comes in his old-type mech
 to try and steal the spotlight but this time he doesn't fail miserable in doing so, lol.
Shudo this isn't even your route but your efforts are appreciated.
 During the fighting Eve gets stuck under some rubble and when Atharva saves her
he notices how she can stand up so easily, Eve wonders if he has realized
she's not human but Athatva doesn't mind either way.
Anyway they managed to escape for now and try to think of what to do about next.
That night Atharva has a little break down because all of it is just too much for him
and comes down with a fever so they hurry and try to find some meds for Atharva.
 However Lowe and Arkadia's henchmen are still after them and then suddenly
Atharva comes up dispatches them and tells Eve and Cradle to follow him, when they
reach a safe spot he tells them his name is Rigu, Atharva's brother who for some reason
looks exactly like Atharva, though there is actually a good reason for this.
They start to realize he can't be real so Rigu explains that he's a copy and that is why
he looks the same but sadly he doesn't have long to live himself.
Atharva and his bro's are just carbon copies of Lowe they have his memories as backup and all too
when they're no longer needed they have some selfdestruct mechanism and that what happening to
Atharva now, Atharva is a backup for Lowe much like Eve is of the past Eve, confusing right?
trust me the game is better at explaining it so I won't bother.
It doesn't take long before Carmine finds them so Shudo acts like a decoy so
 Eve and Rigu can return to Atharva's side and start the treatment to somehow fix this dork.
Eve's going to use her powers and manipulate Atalva's memories with the power of nanomachines because if we don't he will die because he isn't needed anymore.T_T
Sadly the way Eve has to fix his memories is never really explained, just nanomachines son.
 So Rigu can go in Atharva's ''dream'' and tell him stop being such an emo, lmao.
Shudo manages to hold off Carmine and Yajur, Atalva wakes up just in time for some
good old mech action, however after all that Atharva is lost, confused and needs some time alone
however Eve tries to cheer him up to the best of her abilities, sigh. T_T
Atharva believed his memories and his feelings for Eve were real but after hearing
that he is a copy of Lowe and so those feels aren't his own, he still has doubts.
Atharva is lost and confused and still wants to be alone, but Eve will have none of that so
she hugs him and tells him it doesn't matter if he's a copy and that its not bad that his feelings
aren't originally his own so he finally realizes that it shouldn't matter he's a copy Atharva returns Eve's feelings~.
Both Atharva and Eve are backups of their originals... yet they found something
in each other which is so sweet, I really like this.
 Honestly this scene was hard to digest... but you get the picture.
Oh well time for the final showdown with Lowe and Arkadia, Arkadia is sort of AI who can
manipulate people so they send Shudo away before he can confuse him but thisis on purpose.
Cradle hacks his way into his system to stop him, it almost didn't work but he uses
 a backdoor and drop a virus inside his system.
Meanwhile Atharva fights of Lowe one last time to prove he isn't just a tool.
Lowe tries to get through to Arkadia but it isn't working because his broadband's physical link is down, kek.
Lowe goes all out, unleashing all of the dark tearblade's power, no worries though since
Shudo gives them a bit of support to take it down once and for all and let me say it wasn't an easy feat.
Sadly the way some of the ending of the route played out, at first it was impossible to tell whether
we were heading to a good end or a tragic end but still they made a happy end for themselves.
Well Atharva protects Eve, they  continues to live in neosphere with Atharva and well Shudo, Carmine and Cradle are there as well. I'm especially happy about the latter
after what happened in Shudo's route. When Eve is about to go see Atharva, Cradle
sends her off with a smile like he's approving as a father.
Atharva wants to go on a journey to see the world with her to see many more things.
The ending was so sweet, I wish them the best of luck they both deserve it
but in all honesty isn't this a bit too good to be true?
Wow, I had never expected this kind of twist about him, as the route went on
I managed to care even more about him than I did at the start!
For one this route sure was heavier and more emotional than Shudo's route ever was
and Eve was awesome but it was really complicated! Emotions how do they work?!
I mean the poor guy! he's not just a simple clone and his feelings aren't just a carbon copy of Lowe's
with  its sole person to store his memories or w.hatever.
If anything this Atharva deserves all the love he can get because its just too sad. T~T
I mean how would you react if you found out? I'd sure like need a moment and a lot of support
and well I loved how Eve was like you're mine bitch, i'm not letting you suffer you are who you are!
Eve is such a great heroine in this route! damnit gurl... you've out done yourself!
Compared to last route were she was a damnsel in distress waiting for Shudo to save her... >_>
Also even though I've never really liked Terashima Takuma, his tsundere characters sure are A++. 
I get the feeling people may dislike Atharva for obvious reasons but not me cuz I love this dork
and he deserves all the love he can get because I do not think the story in the end did it justice.
Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆
CV: Kondou Takashi.
 Some guy who got revived from a corpse that Eve and the others discovered (lol wut?)
You can rest assured though, you aren't in for necrophillia.
Yajur is like this super suspicious dude who manages to get with the gang cuz he's a dork
and Eve was like why not? well gurl you're in for something here.
He's quite the annoying playboy cue shenanigans but by now all know this is all an act, sigh.
Okay we know that in the past he was a knight serving the union and that he knows Eve.
Fastforward to the part Lowe shows up, untill then Atharva and Sud control the tearblade
and to be honest this mad me sad because no way in hell would I want to make Atharva sad.
When Eve is getting strangled by Lowe, she tries to resist and even slaps him so he let's go.
Lowe get's shot by Yajur and sweeps the princess off her feat, ah how romantic is it not?
 Meanwhile Lowe gets reinforcements to rescue his sorry ass.
The usual junk collecting business and a late night talk with Cradle and Yajur.
Fast-foward to the part where the fight the queen slime, Atharva's controlling the tearblade
but since this is Yajur's route and Atharva's sucks so much Yajur takes over, however
the tearblade rejects him at first since Yajur isn't the one chosen to protect Eve.
 Of course not even the tearblade can reject Yajur's natural charm😉
so when he asked nicely he's able to pilot it anyway, lmao what? whatever they defeat it.
Anyway they have a much needed heart to heart later and Yajur decides
he's going to be her night and that he'll protect Eve like the princess she is.
Sadly Yajur regains his memory, Arkadia calls him and he gives Yajur his orders.
Arkadia probably messed with Yajur too considering thats what he does best.
Lowe appears and Atharva tries to summon the tearblade, but of course it won't work since
it currently has a contract with Yajur who summons it instantly when he arrives.
They almost beat him but eheh last resort mode and they teleport out to runaway.
Altava and Shudo make their timely entrance and they hide in one of the ruins but it isn't long
 before Lowe finds them and well Yajur betrays them, like in every route in this game.
 However this time, Arkadia shows up and brags about the truth of things, Yajur isn't feeling well.
3000 years ago Yajur was put under mind control and that his current body is at his limit.
He couldn't stand betraying everyone so he asks arkadia to do it again
but he cannot and he has to put up with it, Eve and the others are taken away.
Eve wakes up and Yajur tells her to stay but, Eve tries to get through to him
but Yajur gets violent and tells her even though she's lost her memories and body
she's still an annoying wench as she was in the past.
 Yajur does remember the promise they made a while back and it makes him laugh, he tells her
that  theYajur she knew is dead then Lowe comes in gets mad seeing Yajur hurt his waifu
and tells Yajur to let go of Eve right this instant, Lowe comforts her and its flashback time.
There it is revealed Yajur the knight betrayed them in the past as well and ends up fighting Aina.
Aina kicks his ass and a wounded Gill manages to strike when he's off guard, they over power him
and Aina and Gill put him into coldsleep instead of killing the bastard.
However Aina is seriously injured and dies in the proces, R.I.P.
After past-Eve hears the truth, she tries to go out at night and fights a soldier all by herself!
She didn't beat him but he fell off some cliff... cuz he was scared off her
and Eve is kinda shocked what just happened but thinks its a reward.
Anyway Eve in the dark tearblade ends up fighting Yajur in an oldtype... Eve wins lol.(YAY)
There is a choice here were you can kill Yajur and I honestly like it too bad its a bad end. 
 Yajur always hated Eve, a deep grudge that lasted 3000 years...
Man who'd thought the loyal knight hated the princess with all his being.
Yajur has done some hard-livin, he used to be a plain soldier fighting for as long as he can
remember and had a strong will to come back alive because of his hatred so he became a spy
for Arkadia and entered the union and cuz of his skillz was made a knight.
Anyway Yajur wants Eve to kill him cuz his body is in a pitiful state...
Okay gotta admit I didn't even pay much attention here so sorry if I got it wrong, lmao.
 Eve hugs Yajur who's emoing and gives him some pep talk.
Later the both of them end up fighting the mutated past-Eve you know the thing locked away.
They go seek help from the union knights whom's spirits have been weaponfied...
so they can actually use the tearblade to fight the mutated Eve and well they're victorious.
Eve and Yajur end up disappearing for a while the others worry and what not but they're not gone.
 Oh well all is well that ends well I suppose, I honestly don't have much to say about it all.
There were two bad ends in this route, three if you count the usual tragic end.
Not sure what to say about this route or his character in general.
You know guys like Yajur are hard to understand, when Yajur says stuff like
 the Yajur you knew is dead and hurts Eve cuz her past self pissed him off but you know
 Eve still fell for him way back then and pursues him even if he hates her since you know
 it'll work out eventually because its an otome game after all, lol.
I sorta liked the heroine in this route since she was cool which pretty much saved the whole route for me.
This route felt shorter than the others to me and I'm kinda glad for this...its nice one can go
after a guy who betrays you but here I am giving zero fucks because I couldn't like him all that much.
 I know Yajur's past was sad and thats why I think people are going to like him
but when I look back and compare to the others he's last on the list for me, sorry.
To be honest I wasn't even paying that much attention... and imho I doubt 
I missed much of the overall story if I had decided to skip this route.
 I wouldn't say Yajur is completely unlikeable... it all depends what you want in a man I guess.
Romance ★★☆☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆
CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu.
  Crazy yandere turd, who needs urgent psychiatric help, kek.
 I gotta admit at first I was turned off by this guy... but he can be quite caring towards Eve
he's basically the victim of everything... but now he'll find his happiness.
 Lowe comes to get his waifu, he wants answers from Cradle of why Eve has forgotten
and why she looks like she does now but he can't answer cuz of the promise and fries itself.
Shudo,Atharva and Yajur fight Lowe off but ofcourse Yajur betrays them and shoots Shudo. (Noooo...) 
Eve gets captured, she tries to escape with Atharva's help and Lowe*puppy eyes* begs her not to runaway.
When Lowe gets a hold of her she bites him in his finger but Lowe just carefully holds her I was like d'aww.
 Its flashback time again, this time we learn that Eve and Lowe are childhood friends
and were to be engaged but you know war stuff.
Atharva and Cradle try and come up with another plan but are ofcourse interrupted by Yajur.
 There also was a TL;DR scene with Eruze from her point of view.
Anyway Eve spends most of her time locked up, she found some junk then Carmine comes in
to play with her but not to worry his intentions are pure since he's working with Atalva, they escape.
Not to worry Lowe finds them, this is getting old, why does this route spend so much time
on running from Lowe? this is like watching cat and mouse, Lowe being the cat of course.
Which route am I on? Lowe's or Atharva?! make up your mind! okay they did.
Lowe gets into his mech and vows to get Eve back even if he has to kill them all to do just that.
Not to worry, Shudo comes in with the tearblade to save the day yeah he apparently
he recovered and managed to make a contract with it for the sake of Eve.
 Not to worry, when Lowe gets out to chase after Eve and tries to choke her again
because he can't stand her looking and talking similair to the original Eve
because he realized she's not the real one.
 Not to worry, some magical shit happens to counter Lowe's ''anger''.
Lowe just wants to stick with the original Eve via Arkadia's little server and they need this Eve too.
Carmine, tells him the truth and Atharva realizes some of the truth but this time he keeps his cool.
They all come to the conclusion this server isn't all sunshine and rainbows and in short
Arkadia has been lying to Lowe and has been using him, when Lowe hears it all he flips,-
hyperventilates and unleashes the power of darkness, Arkadia snaps his finger and gets
 into the dark tearblade whom's power level is now well over 9000!
Shudo still fights him off but he's too strong so Eve decides to unleash her full powers
by overflowing the power of the nanomachines and in the process regains her true form!
At first the others protest but they promise to save her if things go wrong.
Eve manages to save Lowe and while Arkadia is in awe, Eve wastes no time and kicks his ass lol.
All is well that ends well no? since Arkadia been defeated and Lowe's been saved...
Lowe gets depressed after all that he's done and how he was the one who was saved
instead of him saving Eve, well look at that not every heroine needs saving!
Atharva gives Lowe his sword and Atharva is surprisingly calm this route unlike his own.
The tierblade gets summoned and Lowe thanks Eve and becomes her knight forever and ever
and tops it off with a kiss, this whole scene was so sweet I am at a loss for better words.
 However Arkadia hasn't been fully defeated and is about to come back for round 2.
Lowe and Carmine have dinner with everyone else and Carmine gets all teary eyed at how
delicious the food is and how's he's been missing out and Shudo and Atharva fighting over Omurice.
Shudo ends up ticking Lowe off... the two had a sort of friendly disagreement.
Ah good times...
Carmine and others end up leaving and well shortly after that Eve's condition worsens.
To make matters worse Arkadia shows up in his dark tearblade -overdrive edition-. >_>;
Lowe admits he's thankful that Arkadia saved him back then but thats it
and summons the tearblade to settle things with him once and for all.
 Lowe gets support from all the union knights and is able to use their weapons in battle
but this doesn't mean its going to be an easy battle.
Cradle, Carmine and the others get stopped by the traitor Yajur, Shudo helps Carmine to defeat him
Shudo even tries to get through to Yajur but its not working so they have to kick his ass anyway, lmao.
 Thinks aren't looking good on Lowe's side because Arkadia still managed to get an advantage...
 Cradle loses contact and Shudo defeats Yajur who ends up kicking the bucket in the process.
Lowe tells Eve not to give up and gives it his all to defeat Arkadia, after some epic mech action!

 They end up defeating Arkadia for good through the powers of the union knights and Gill her brother.
All's well that ends well, neosphere completely shuts down and the other Eve can finally rest.
Much like other endings they end up leaving Neosphere and just when they pass through the slums
some bandits in a golem attacks and Eve ends up saving a little girl on her own!
Lowe arrives just in time to beat up the bandits with the tearblade, the villagers thank them for it.
 The world has recovered quite a bit, the surrounding area of neosphere is no longer a wasteland.
They promise each other to become as happy as possible no matter what the future brings.
 Man... even though I didn't like Lowe at first my feelings did change for him over
the course of his route unlike Yajur's whom at the end of his own route I still sort of disliked. >_>
Despite Lowe being a crazy at first he's really likeable because its not his fault he's just being used
anyone living longer than normal, losing everyone you cared for would become a little crazy.
Lowe did nothing wrong, he's just been lied to all this time by Arkadia, I guess you could
say the same for Yajur but idk I can almost not begin to care about him no matter how I look at it.
Lowe had such a good and epic route with a proper conclusion it was even better than Atharva's.
Its obvious Lowe is the OTP, even though I prefer Atharva because he got screwed over
in more ways than one and sort of deserves more.
Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★★☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

 Thought we were done? no there is still more.

CV: Tetsuya Kakihara.
 Ah yes, the overprotective AI has a route after all.
Common route wise it follow's Shudo as he's the one who control the tearblade
while triggering all of Cradle's flags and some of Atharva & Shudo's.
This is more like like a side route than anything else, its for people that like Cradle.
Lowe comes to get his waifu and Shudo gets ready to fight him off but  Eve is spacing out and not
getting into the tearblade and before we know it Lowe is right infront of them, he wants answers once again.
Cradle fries itself again because Cradle has some sort of pact to not speak of the past to anyone
so the others fight off Lowe, Yajur betrays them and shoots Shudo again.
Flashback time once more... and well after that Shudo comes to the rescue in an oldtype golem.
Atharva be surprised that he's still alive but this is Shudo he wouldn't die so easily
anyway they escape much like in Atharva's route but of course Yajur has to stop them.
They get help from the queen an AI that went berserk earlier in the common route.
Eve reunites with a half-fried Cradle who's speech pattern is still fucked up from earlier.
Eve pities he precious half broken AI who's always been there for her... so she hugs him.
 Eve is going to try her hardest to fix him with the help of Queen, a robot everything is going well
till suddenly Yajur comes in and shoots the queen! yay more reason to hate the bastard.
 Cradle was fixed up a little and thanks Eve and proceeds to beat up a nearby machine
so Yajur gets caught in the explosion...
Of course Yajur isn't defeated so easily but not worries a mystery person & a shota appear to save Eve.
  Turns out cradle was merely a vessel for them and the little one
 proceeds to kick Yajur's ass and they split up and escape into the forest.
Little Cradle stay behind to fight off Yajur cuz you choose the older looking Cradle by choice.
Anyway  Eve suddenly starts bawling and hugs Cradle for making her worry but he mentions
its impossible for an AI to break promises and go dying for no good reason.
A bit later Cradle ends up confessing his feelings to Eve that he has loved her all this time.
 Meanwhile Arkadia further manipulates Lowe into following his sick plans and
Cradle and Eve are attacked by a Golem so Cradle summons the tearblade without issues
since he has done so in the past many many years ago and it isn't before long
that Arkadia shows up trying to ruin things cuz thats what he's good at.
 Awww yeah epic mech battle time, Cradle makes it clear he won't lose
 and uses his hacking powers and the union knights to try and defeat Arkadia.
But its not working as planned, Arkadia is twice as annoying as in most routes. >_>
After a lot of yada yada muda muda Cradle unleashes his full power and destroys him completely.
All's well that ends well, Atharva and Shudo are fine too, though they were a bit surprised at the truth behind Cradle.
If you chose the shota, Atharva will comment how he's cuter and pet him, lol.
Much like the ending of Lowe's route they shut down Neosphere completely and they all go back to the surface.
The other Cradle you didn't choose will sleep and watch over neosphere to make sure
 no one takes advantage of the technology junk that lies around.
Anyway... some time later.
Cradle is fretting over Eve's health and think she won't make it but the doctor says its just a cold, lol.
In shota cradle ending, some kids mess with him and he wants to grow up.
Oh well they live happily ever after... whichever Cradle you choose.
  Ah yes, who would've thought the robot might actually be a bishonen and not one but two!
While I liked this route and Cradle as a character I felt some things just happened too fast?
Cradle's self sacrifice > appearance of true self > split up > escape > confession... > finale.
In my opinion this route in comparison to others is pretty disappointing and its just for fanservice
he didn't even get a proper kiss cg, though I suppose shota Cradle makes up for it.
There is not much of a difference whichever Cradle you choose their positions are just reversed.
Adult or shota Cradle will fight of Yajur and Eve will escape with shota/adult Cradle
but the scenario in general is the same, the only major difference was the ending.
Geez thanks for the copy pasta, I get they went for why not both but yeah...
if I had to be honest I think I can only see Cradle as a father figure. 
This route felt shorter and more rushed than all the others, dunno but my feelings are mixed.
Romance ★★☆☆☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆

 There also was a true ending you can do after doing all the routes which was a nice way to end the game.
Basically when Eve collected all the junk during the common route, she has a euphoria moment.
So after the flashback, Shudo comes to the rescue in the tearblade instead of the regular oldtype.
If you hadn't realized by now Shudo is pretty much is the typical shounen protag...
Shudo tells Lowe the truth about who he is aka the 12th knight, the server and that
 Arkadia's been lying and well Lowe flips again.
The original Eve gets to speaks to him and manages to some what calm him down but not before
Arkadia can fully take over control of the other (dark) tearblade. >_>
Shudo and Eve defeat Arkadia but he has a backup... which complicates things.
They reunite with Atharva and the two cradles... in their humanoid form.
Aina's consiousness or memories also resides within Cradle's old form in order to watch over
Eve via the AI. original!Eve resides the original Eve or whatever because nanomachines/memories.
Otomate oh pls my head hurts! okay screw writing everything up someone else can fill in the blanks.
The two tearblades fly into space were Arkadia's death star server is which Shudo
tried to destroy in the past and guess what Arkadia is waiting for them here.
Carmine,Atharva have a showdown with Yajur down belown below and Atharva
will take him back alive else Eve will be sad 5ever.
Lowe and Shudo have an epic mech battle with Arcadia and Eve manages to deal the final blow.
 Arkadia doesn't understand but says ''he'll be back'' one day some time in the future, oh FFS.
Its also revealed that Gill's soul, resided within the tearblade for the sake of protecting Eve.
Which is all thanks to Aina.
They leave the ruined tearblade behind in space and return to earth, everyone is there.
Neosphere shut down, its the perfect ending... with Gill watching over them all forever.
Thank you for everything brother... you are the best brother one could wish for. T_T
Gill route where?! I want to save him somehow...
For what little romance there was the bias definitely sided with Lowe. 
I guess one could say it only works untill true end... but I still look forward to a FD.
 Romance ★★☆☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

Favourite route:
Lowe > Atharva > Shudo > Yajur > Cradle
Least favourite route is Yajur cuz I can't be bothered to give a damn after all the shit he does.
Cradle was fine and all but the copy pasta/split up was so unnecessary so its last. -_-
Though I have to admit shota cradle was cute! but why not both?
Lowe obviously had the best route followed by Atharva and Shudo.

Favourite character:
Gill > Atharva > Lowe > Cradle > Shudo > Yajur. 
Gill by far because he just wants to make his sister happy no matter what.
Atharva is my bias though, I love him, Lowe comes close but Atharva.... sigh he deserves the love.
I liked Cradle because of his protectiveness and father-like figure, Shudo is fine~
real talk I find myself unable to dislike or find bad parts about Shudo, he's such a good boy.
Yajur? pls go back into your stasis pod... -_-
 Okay that was rude... Yajur is not THAT bad but still I like him the least.

Final Thoughts 
 I didn't have any particular expectations beside Eve reminding me a bit of Cardia
mostly due to living alone and learning more via Shudo&co but was it a good otomege? hell yes.
However its far from perfect, some parts will get predictable also all solving nano-machines son!
Probably the reason why I could enjoy it was, I do not watch a whole lot of mecha but
some references just stood out to me like sore thumbs but despite that it was good.
This game is actually quite short but since I took a beak after Ahtarva's route it ended up 
taking much longer than it should have and since its a short game that is a good thing!
 The story while not perfect was still pretty good, every route brought something new to the table
and the heroine? while she may appear helpless she is anything but that, she's a brave one and 
let me tell you she knows what it is she wants! the only route were she was timid was Shudo's.
Scenes are executed well, never a dull moment and most of the fights were good
I guess the one near the end of the common route got on my nerves.
I believe the games scenario execution is similair to that of Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama
aka Beastmaster and Prince but honestly this time I think its a lot better?
The romance and character development didn't let me down either and the length of the
average route was just right as well, it didn't feel like it was rushing itself at all nor dragging on.
Honestly while I am not that much of a mecha fan I have seen a variety of such anime
and I like how otomate handled this otomege, they knew what they were doing thats for sure.
I wouldn't mind to return to the world of Tierblade with a FD, most if not all
 of the characters were memorable to me in some way and thats a good thing
I may not have liked Yajur that much but I think with more time in a FD I could like him.
Sadly I think the True end wrapped things up just nicely so I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't happen
but then again otomate loves to support there more successful titles...
You know a game is good when one can keep the final thoughts section short even if it leaves 
some parts to be desired, then again otomate has a track record for all-solving miracles.

 You know I think 2016 has been a pretty good year for otomate I know that
I haven't played every single one of their otomege they've released this year but I've been
 mostly satisfied with the ones I did play, though Period Cube & Moujuutachi left a lot to be desired.
This is probably my favorite new otome game I have read this year and I've read a lot 
so thats gotta say something! Collar x Malice came close but Tierblade is just icing on the cake.
  This otomege is definitely on my list of all time favorites even if its far from perfect.

Characters ★★★★☆
Art  ★★★★★(Just beautiful.)
Scenario/plot. ★★★★☆
Music★★★★☆ (Its OK... beautiful OP and ED themes)
System  ★★★★☆ (Simple... but comfy.)
Enjoyment overall ★★★★★


  1. Hi! Thanks for the review! it is surprising that this game turns out to be good and get so much good review since I missed it for being wary of the systems and this wasn't annouced in otomate party 2016 back then so I dismissed it so quickly. By you mean the repeat content was the intro of the story? I was thought this had common route like code realize did and branches depend on which guy we pick to most of the time.

    1. Repeat content is more or less stuff that always happens regardless of route
      like the flashback which is a really long scene and some other parts(common route) were more or less the same, at the time of cradle's route the main villain got old as well.

  2. Glad to read your review! I was really worried about the systems as well, but it didn't seem bad at all in the end XD
    This is my favorite otome of the year so far, but it kinda drived me crazy how they shoved in your face who the OTP was and the unskippable flashback scene @.@ Row's route was my favorite ;u;-b