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Ken ga Kimi Momoyo Tsuzuri - Review

Game: [Ken ga Kimi Momoyo Tsuzuri]
Genre: Otome game Visual Novel.
Developer/Publisher: Rejet.
Platform: PS Vita.
Release date: 2016-12-22

Sometimes a FD you didn't ask for is better than no FD at all.
Yes that's how I original felt when Ken ga Kimi Momoyo Tsuzuri was announced.
 KgK may not have needed a FD per se, the vita port additions were perfect but I guess
 that port sold well enough for rejet to give this game as a thank you for supporting. :)
I can say this game was worth my money thats for sure, Rejet mostly used
their budget correctly and otomate could learn a thing or two from this!

  That aside I loved the original, the vita port of KgK may not have been the best
but its definitely the definite version because of added scenes with cg's
and after stories not in the original PC version, however I can't really recommend KgK
to anyone but people with a decent grasp of the language because there is a lot of kanji
If you just started learning you aren't gonna be able to understand it much.
So I can only recommend if you have a high lvl understanding of japanese
and like old timey wafuu settings plus do not mind a slow and long visual novel.
I guess fans of hakuouki or similair otomege could enjoy Ken ga Kimi as well, because samurai boys.

- Fills in some gaps in story the original game couldn't explain.
- Art/music.
- Seiyuu did an amazing job.
 - Lengthy compared to the average FD, it will last a while.

- Not every side story was as interesting as another was.
- Long winded.
 -  101 CG's yet no actual Kiss CG's. (눈_눈)

Like the original, Rejet still has this little fortune thing when you boot up the game and you can also
get side characters this time which sadly makes it even harder to see the character you like the most.
*Whale sound*
In short KgK Momoyo Tsuzuri is basically a collection of side stories, book 1 takes place right after
the common route when the boys have parted with Kayo and are on their way back to edo from Sunpu.
Book 2 and 3 both takes place some time before the gozenjiai(sword competition).
Those two are basically AU's side stories and doesn't really fit into the canon that well.
The individual scenario books for each character are great, some even go further
into certain matters of the original like for example Kei's and Enishi's first chapter.
Each chapter takes roughly one hour to complete give or take depening on your own reading speed.

You also collect bills during the first three books by viewing scenes
from the guys POV they unlock omakes which are really cute.

There is no recommended order for the FD but I feel like its best to start with Book 1 then 2 and
finally 3 since even if AU, its a common story and it just makes more sense this way.
After that feel free to jump into the individual books and from personal experience
its best to do Enishi's book before Saneaki's and Suzukake's before Tsuzuramaru.

Honestly I can't really recommend this FD if you don't want to go deeper into the world of KgK
or didn't like every character since it will take up a lot of time to read everything.
If you do want that then by all means please do because it is worth the investment
but still I have to say the sheer content of this FD is really overwhelming.

Personally Kgk momoyo Tsuzuri gets an 8.5/10 from me, its a great FD but part of me
feels like some of it wasn't really necessary and there are a few forgettable side stories.
Taking in the annoyance of not being able to access the menu where you select the books
you want to read from the main menu is also reflected in the score there's a quick workaround though.
Not everything stood out to me but honestly over half of it did, after playing this
I really understand every character that much better so yes it was a worthwhile investment.

There's more thought at the bottom of the post but in short i'm mostly positive and I recommend
this FD to any Ken ga Kimi fan who doesn't mind investing time into every character's story.

Plot  ★★★☆☆3.5 (Writing of some side stories varies some are better than others)
Overall enjoyment ★★★★★ (TL;DR a FD with content that is more than I ever ask for)

I didn't write a review of Ken ga Kimi for V back then but like
my Code Realize FD post let me make a quick write up of the characters and game instead.
Tbh the only bad part about KgK for V was that the read skip mode(skip text you've read before)
would just stop working completely after a few route and said skip was pretty slow for such a long game. -_-
They patched it but I played before said patch arrived, oh the suffering.
KgK is by no means a perfect otomege/VN in general but compared to others
it has a very rich setting and a cast of likeable characters with lots of awesome.
One who over analyzes it will surely realize its not a perfect work.
If you absolutely love wafuu(japanese style), samurai and fantasy stuff
you probably don't wanna miss out on this game.
Its very long as well, it'll take a while to complete thats for sure and  I rather have an otome game
 that I spend a while on than finish one in a few days + getting sad when I do because its short.
Each guy has four endings, two ken and two kimi ends.
Ken route is more serious and sees the guys motivation through to the end even if it means death.
  Kimi route is more romantic, the guys gives up on the way of the sword for Kayo.

- The setting and world in general is rich.
- Interesting story.
- Everyone main guy was likeable in some way.
- Vita port has after stories for each of four of the endings.
- Common route and individual route are decent in length.
- Each route is unique as its character focused but there is an overarching plot

- Not recommended to those just starting to learn japanese.
- Not a short game, plus it gets pretty long winded at times.
- Read skip is slow.
- Deus ex machina.

I do not really have a favorite character since everyone was great in their own way. 😄

For play order of Ken ga Kimi for V I recommend:
Kei > Enishi > Saneaki > Sakyou > Suzukake > Tsuzuramaru.
You can play most route in any order but please do Tsuzuramaru last because his route
has the most story spoilers and Enishi/Saneaki will hint things about each other.
I also recommend to always to the Ken route+ends before the Kimi roue+ends because
 the most happy end is in the Kimi route this especially holds true to Tsuzuramaru's route.
Regarding my thoughts my mind is a blur regarding most stuff by now but I do remember some of it.
 All routes are original and follow the characters own problems, some elements won't be seen
in any other routes which is fine because else there would be no point to doing all routes.
 Kei's mr serious business and sorta an ass at first, but yeah dat tsun... no way I can say no to that! 
Sadly during the common route he's an policeman walking on hot coals trying to end everyone's fun.
AKA just being one edge in general and no fun allowed.
What I liked from his route, the scene at the hiddden spring when Saneaki came waltzing through
and Kei all being like wtf are you doing here man. 😂😂😂
Secondly the revelation that Kei's an oni and his past and thirdly the bickering the two of them 
would have over the way of the sword, like huh what the hell do you know bout that?!
Though I didn't like the way they had him quit the sword festival though... surely there could've been another way.
Don't really got much to say about him but that his route was enjoyable to me in general.
Those who want moe won't be disappointed, since Kei's pretty adorable
also Kei's route is pretty self-contained so its best to do him early.
The happy end at Kimi route was so sweet when Kei tried to convince Kayo's dad by collecting 
a hundred rare flowers to see if Kei is serious about Kayo,  I liked it a lot and it made up for
 that one heart wrenching wild end at the ken route also that let's elope (peace) end wasn't bad either.
 Dunno about the strange ending but it was so weird I couldn't take it seriously at all
I don't even remember much of it I guess his happy end just stood out to me that much more.
Also when I look back Kei was one of the reason I started liking KENN and after that 
I sorta fell down the rabbit hole and now he's in my top 5 list. 😅
 Plot ★★★☆☆
Romance ★★★★☆ (dat tsun and dat bickering)
Overall enjoyment ★★★★☆
   CV: Okiayu Ryotaro.
Enishi, I didn't like him that much at first because he's a playboy and drinks too much sake
all while runnng from his issues, after his whole route I just pity him a lot 
and want him to be happy because after all that this man deserves it.
Overall Enishi's route was dramatic but not in a bad way, one of his ken ends
the wild one was super sad and he went out like a real badass, Enishi y u do this?
The strange end wasn't all that great though... it felt too convenient to me.
Enishi also hides his true self from Kayo and the others for obvious story reasons
and one of his ken endings(IIRC it was wild) had the most character development
yet in most of the others that development is just not there.
Sadly for some reason the kimi ends weren't all that great to me for that reason
except the peace one where he crashes at Kei's place permanently, lmao.
At the other I was left wondering if this is really the best for him?
 idk Enishi's whole route in general was difficult for me because too much suffering and drama.
  Plot ★★☆☆☆ (Ken route is better, Kimi route was questionable)
Romance ★★★☆☆ (So-so...)
Overall enjoyment ★★★☆☆
Sagihara Sakyou.
CV: Hoshi Souichirou.
 Saikyou's route left the biggest impression on me, it was just that crazy and the most rejet route
in the whole game but still relatively tame compared to their other stuff
and like Kei's, Sakyou's route is also pretty self contained.
The parts where Kayo hid Sakyou under that futon from her dad was funny and the part
where Sakyou kindly reminded that he infact is a man was great too.
Despite some stuff bothering me I think overall he had a really good route, I mean revenge stuff isn't
easy to deal with and I think they handled it pretty well and also the crime and punishment bit
in the ken ends... oh my god, Kayo would even go down to hell with him. 😱
His ken route was downright sad...though the Kimi route made up for everything and a happy
 Sakyou is just a blessing and the ultimate reward after all the shit in the ken endings and thus I
do not have a preference for the kimi ends the happy and peace are great in their own way.
I also understand why he's so popular to the point his merch is always sold out, lol.
Even I just want him to be happy and technically Sakyou
did nothing wrong in the ken route its all the fault of that cursed sword.
Plot ★★★★☆
Romance ★★★★☆
Overall enjoyment ★★★★☆
Kuroba Saneaki.
CV: Meano Tomoaki.
  Saneaki is the typical white haired kuudere boy suffering and wanting to atone for his sins...
he's also a hidden christian which is forbidden in this time period of japan, its punishable by death.
I didn't exactly like some of the plot in the route because him wanting to die and a certain girl
could give him that who was clouded by revenge of one of Saneaki's ''sins''
but Kayo ended up saving that part of the story for me.
 The Ken route wasn't bad either, the strange end where he sacrificed himself to stop the ritual was
pretty sad, the wild end was unbearable on the other hand cuz he went back to the bakufu.
 The peace end was weird but satisfying? he ends up working at Kayo and her Father's restaurant.
Her father pretty much retires at that point lmao...
The kimi routes happy end with the wedding at the hidden christian church was bittersweet.
I don't really like death seekers but Saneaki was okay? what more important is
he managed to live on and find someone important to him, that person being Kayo.
 Plot ★★★☆☆
Romance ★★★★☆
Overall enjoyment ★★★☆☆
CV: Ohsaka Ryota.
 Suzukake is a cinnamon roll too good and too pure for this world, I like him a lot the route
 had a lot of cute moments but Kamui pissed me off and was a jealous brat in general.
Suzukake also has one hell of a pipe dream, he wants humans and youkai to get along
but you know that won't be easy let alone a realistic thing for it to actually happen.
Anyway I liked all of his endings except the strange ending at the ken route
because why would you harm my precious angel? the wild end was okay
it showed that he had matured a bit and that he wants to become stronger to
help youkai no matter what even if it means agreeing to Iemitsu's proposal.
I liked how he came to see Kayo every night it was sorta romantic.
Despite some inconsistencies Suzukake had a good kimi route but I feel indifferent about the peace end though.
Plot ★★★☆☆
Romance ★★★☆☆
Overall enjoyment ★★★☆☆
Tsuzuramaru (Tsuzu)
CV: Ono Yuuki.
 Tsuzuramaru, is a wandering samurai who looks like a corpse and is always hungry.
His past was pretty sad though and overall I guess this was the main route of the game?
Sadly his Ken route and ends weren't good at all cuz nothing was truly resolved and only one
 of the kimi ends aka the true ending mattered since the other is just a premature bad end.
Sadly there was some deus ex machina in his most happy end but eh it couldn't be helped...
Other than that its really obvious Tsuzu is the canon guy? which is why its best to do him last.
I mean this poor boy what will become of him in all the other routes? I can't bear to think about it.
Plot ★★★★☆
Romance ★★★★☆
Overall enjoyment ★★★★☆

Okay let's get on with the FD part, its not really worth writing home about but
I'll try and cover some of them but its not detailed and some parts will be cut
 aka as a very barebones digest of wtf was happening.
Feel free to stop reading here and skip to the bottom of the post.

One of the first available books is the one what all the guys are doing after they split up
 on the way back from Sunpu to Edo aka end of the common route at the original game.
Tsuzu ends up telling all of this to Kayo when he visits her restaurant in this story.
In the first chapter Tsuzu, Saneaki and Enishi up reuniting and at this point
 the Fandisk start to feel like a story not yet told....
Sadly Saneaki ends up drinking too much late at night and Tsuzu+Enishi
start to annoy himso much that they ignite a fire under Saneaki's ass. 😂😂😂
Good thing we get to experience the scene from all three POV's... too bad the end result is the same.
Hahaha no wonder this FD is 70 hours.
I cannot complain though the scene was genuinely funny and I sure giggled if even a little.
 At chapter 2 Suzukake gets haggled by some oba-san, Sakyou sees the poor gullible kid
being made a fool of and just can't leave him be and decides to chase the old woman away.
Sakyou drops him at some inn and skedaddles off into the dark forest.
Suzukake even notes how he wanted to take a bath with him and goes and takes one by himself.
He doesn't sense any presence but is surprised to find Kei right there! lmao the bromance is saved!
 Kei being totally straight tells Suzu to GTFO and well the excited squirrel eventually does.
 Sakyou also returned from his stroll too and they end up traveling together for a bit.
In the next chapter they end u saving some old man from a youkai but he and his wife
end up tricking them and they put some paralyze/sleeping drug in their food.
Suzukake was the only one who noticed something was off about the food too and when
 he goes to get a new kimono cuz he spilled tea on his he finds a stack of bloody ones
but the man finds him and he still gets knocked out like the others by some sweet smell.
Saneaki, Enishi and Tsuzu come after their sorry asses eventually when they follow a lead
and they almost fall for the same trap too when they find some lone man in the mountains at night
 but Enishi is as sharp as ever and notices how they aren't drinking the tea while they
 offer them food and shit for free, also because of Tsuzu's situation he can't be drugged lmao.
The kind people who give weary traveling samurai's free food and lodging turn out to be youkai...
They fight but  the youkai use Kei and the others to them, they been brainwashed with a spell that
shows them a dream, Tsuzuramaru's the only one unaffected and solo yolo's the youkai wile
dispelling it on everyone, when the youkai's dun goofed everyone returns to their senses, the
 building collapses and its already dawn... the youkai won't cause trouble for people ever again.
After this they all part ways and head to Edo, each of them following
their own paths untill Kayo meets them again in their own routes.
If I may say so this was a good side story, there was much more to it but if I wrote down
literally everything I won't have room for some of the other side stories.
I sorta feel this episode should have been in the original but then it would be even longer...
Anyway this was a nice episode to get back into the Ken ga Kimi world, I have no complaints.
The second book takes place Edo sometime just before the sword competition..
Its not really worth writing home about but I'll do it anyway.
 She bumps into Enishi's brother, she even brings him something as an apology before he goes his own way.
Kayo still works at her fathers restaurant and peaceful times continue but more
and more customers come after hearing how delicious the food is here, Kayo and her father
 can almost not take care of them all, so now the customers get cranky when having to wait.
Sakyou shows up just in time before things escalate and tells cranky man to behave
 like a refined gentleman such as himself and resolves it without violence.
Later Kayo tries to find out about how to solve the restaurants image and runs into Tsuzu with her best friend.
 At night Kayo runs into Enishi and he gives her some pep talk because she doesn't want to be selfish
Enishi tells her to leave it to him and then Tsuzu comes running back and tells Kayo
he will help out at their restaurant, Enishi and Sakyou also pitch in.
Next chapter Saneaki and Kei also appear and end up helping out, later Kayo
 tries to sell their food at a festival but its not going so Enishi and Tsuzu come up
 with a brilliant plan to rely on Sakyou's feminine features. 😂😂😂
Later on they help stop some troublemakers at the festival and cause quite the scene!
 Kayo's father thanks them for all they've done with a meal and well Kei's protective of his share.
Afterwards they all go view the cherry blossoms at night.
 One day Kayo's father gets injured but its no big deal, Suzukake treated him.
Apparently some friends of those guys who caused a ruckus decided to come back, luckily Saneaki
and the others were close by too, since Kayo may be targeted as well she has to stay with the boys.
Enishi doesn't go back on his words and has every one help out at the restaurant which is a mess
Enishi? oh well its not like he's doing nothing its just that no one will know what it is he's doing, lol.
Kayo really needed the help, she can't take care of the special guest as is though.
 Some vassal of Iemitsu will come to the restaurant soon everyone supports Kayo
 to prepare but she still has to do some work herself.
In the end all's well that ends well though, as expected she runs into Enishi's bro
at the festival and congratulates her for passing the test before returning home.
There's mulitple POV's where Kayo spends with Kei, Enishi or Saneaki but
I personaly think Kayo's own POV is the true one and thats why I only wrote down hers.
Other than that I liked Kei's POV there because dat tsun and dat KENN...
 but its sad to see them at the stage of a little more than friends and Kei didn't really know how to
make it an enjoyable date which let to a hilarious misunderstanding and a beet red Kayo as well. 😂😂😂
It was still enjoyable but I started skipping some of the other POV mainly
because this scenario got old and I know the gist of it.
Overall this side story was fine but it wasn't that interesting to me in general and
in the end it pretty focused on the bond between father and daughter.
At the third book which is really long, its set before the gozenjiai but its more like an AU
because no matter how I look at it this doesn't fit into the canon at all.
 Kei and his pals discus a spooky rumor at Kayo's restaurant.
 Kei expresses his worry and tells Kayo to becareful in his tsun way.
Kayo and Suzukake end up investigating the youkai at night because Suzukake is a good kid
and was woried about it and tries it to move away from the town.
Madara and Hachimoku claim responsibility for this youkai and everything appears to be settled.
Sadly on the way home Kayo gets lost in the fog and sees a person in the fog that
looks like Saneaki telling people to leave their sword behind...
When Kayo calls out his name he runs away, Kayo ends up telling this to Kei
while Enishi is being lazy in the background but once he hears the deal he knows what up.
Anyway Kei ends up helping Kayo catch the Saneaki look a like but he's dodging every attempt, lol.
Kei gets all fired up and realizing its definitely not Saneaki so he goes all out.
 When they got the Saneaki look a like cornered Enishi shows up with the real Saneaki...
The look a like turns out to be some nekomata woman taking his form because it grew attached
to him when Saneaki saved it in one of his travels or whatever, the reason for asking for swords
is so it can protect its children.. who are being held captive by bandits and force
the nekomata to help them, she also said finds Saneaki to be very beautiful
which was yet another reason for her to take his form.
She is not wrong, Saneaki is a very beautiful man indeed.
 As for the people harassing the kitties, those are apparently part of some bandits
who are gathering them perhaps in the hope those legendary ones are among them?
All of them go after them to stop them for the sake of the kitties but sadly
they all get away the first time they attempt to capture them, lol.
Much later Saneaki follows the bandits to their hide out all by himself when they
 tried to stir up trouble in town but before we know it Suzukake and the others shows up
 to support him cuz they can't have Saneaki steal the show.
In the end they manage to retrieve the kittens, the CG is so beautiful I cannot......
 The case of the katana thieves hasn't ended here, since this side story is over 10 chapters long.
Some stuff happens and the guys stick around Kayo since she may be targeted , Sakyou also
runs into Shiguragi but he gets away... when he reunites with everyone
they all try follow a lead and investigate the thieves hideout in the mountains.
Kei and Saneaki end up getting seperated in a hilarious way by triggering a trap.
Before long Sakyou and Suzukake follow and even Enishi, Tsuzu and Kayo end up falling through the floor. 😅
 Everyone gets captured except Enishi who ended up at a different location and
after he climbed back up the culprit demands cooperation of the samurais.
To keep things interesting he has Enishi play some game and he has to pick ropes
and if Enishi chooses the wrong rope they others will all die.
He ends up cutting them all and Hanzo shows up just in time.
The situation was tense but I laughed at how they solved it so easily... anyway they go kick ass.
 The boss knows everything that happened thus far and to Sakyou's disappointment Shiguragi is
nowhere to be seen but just as the boss is about to spill the beans he gets knived by Shiguragi.
Sakyou gets enraged since Shiguragi is one of the oni that attacked his village... but
of course Shiguragi finds a way to escape since he cannot die here.
Enishi reports all of it to Iemitsu and  everything is peaceful for a while.
Kayo worries about Sakyou and tells her not to involve in his fight.
So now Sakyou goes his way and works his way into some circle in search for oni's...
The others try and help him behind the scenes, minna arigatou. T~T
By some luck Shiguragi appears to be there as well, Sakyou's in a pinch and can't do much.
Iemitsu in disguise was also among them intends to fight the band of oni's with Sakyou.
Just as Shiguragi appears to try and escape everyone shows up and well Enishi recognizes a certain someone.
When Sakyou sees an opening, he beautifully strikes Shiguragi, he gets injured but still gets away.
When everything appears to be settled at their side, Kayo who is back home is in danger...
Zantetsu has appeared and he may be going to be using her as a hostage?
My thoughts were correct when her father frantically approaches the boys for help.
Like I expected Zantetsu's clan was behind the katana thievery and are up
to no good re:humans in general and this time its the oni who do the taking.
They're also planning to take Iemitsu's life...
Tsuzuramaru was able to find Kayo thanks to his pal Hayato, a bird he keeps.
I wish this CG also included Zantetsu, it would have been more awesome.
 Zantetsu is really strong and Tsuzu cannot handle him by himself but yeah
you guessed it the other boys arrive just in time to help him. (How convenient...)
Sadly Zantetsu orders Shiguragi to use Kayo as a shield... (Lame...) however  Suzukake
won't have anything of it and literally steals the show giving the others a huge advantage.
 Sakyou formally initiates Zantetsu to a duel for all the shit he did to his family and at this point
Zantetsu is like ok fine i'll be your opponent, when Zan's about to be sliced in half
Shiguragi manages to jump between the two and tells Zantetsu to run away for the sake of their clan's ideals.
The others try to stop Zantetsu from fleeing but Shiguragi is putting up quite a fight...
Sakyou manages to cut Shiguragi down eventually but Zantetsu still got away.
Suzukake takes care of Sakyou's injuries, even tho Sakyou's more than willing
 to chase Zantetsu down in his current state but doctors orders say otherwise! lol.
More importantly Kayo is safe and sound,  which brings her father to the point of tears.

 After all the tense stuff the next chapter wis where this side story branches
 into three different what if... kind of thing and no it doesn't involve romance.
Kayo goes with Suzukake, Saneaki and Tsuzu into the mountains
to get some some stuff that Kayo's father wants.
Suzukake's still a cinnamon roll too pure and too good for this world.
Everythings peaceful till some Tokugawa samurai dude comes up asking what the hell
they're doing here and tells them to GTFO of the mountain since Zantetsu may be hiding here.
Meawhile Zantetsu hides in that one cave where the ressurection ritual takes place
and tells the old hag to get out if she wants to live, the old hag reveals this place
is used to summon a marebito and that a sacrifice is necessary, the hag also has
the legendary sword Juzumaru with her and after hearing all that Zantetsu gets greedy
 because if he could take advantage of it all and get revenge on the bakufu.
He tells the hag to hand over the sword but she won't hand it to someone unworthy.
Zantetsu takes it by force and the gate to Tokoyo opens and much to the hag's surprise
youkai come out of it instead of the Marebito she so anticipated and ends up attacked by them
she mumbles that the sword Juzumaru didn't accept Zantetsu as its rightful owner.
The mountain is enveloped in a fog and before they decide to leave
Suzukake realizes he forgot one thing and goes of on his own.
Suzukake now is not the time..!
He quickly realizes he won't be able the find anything(facepalm)
his kodama friends tell him to run because of what happened nearby at the cave
and that one to be feared will soon arrive so everyone is running away.
Tsuzu escords Kayo home and Saneaki's sword is glowing which makes Habakitsuki suffer.
The next chapter is at the same time as the previous however things take a different turn!
Kayo runs into Kei, Sakyou and surprise surprise Enishi.
He starts hitting on Kayo and suggest to go eat somewhere but Sakyou
is uneasy seeing the two alone and Kei agrees so they come with them. 😂😂😂
 Enishi takes it too far and orders some food Kei doesn't like and
let's just say He'll hear from Kei later on.
At the end of the day Kamuro comes running saying that he found ''it''.
He found the location Zantetsu's been hiding at.
This all now turns into a what if Zantetsu found that cursed sword instead of Sakyou.
We all know how god awful this thing is from Sakyou's route as it controls the wielder.
 Zantetsu is brainwashed into killing humans and the poor samurai who just found him await a sad end.
As you guessed Zantetsu goes complete loco and goes on killing people in edo cuz it feels good.
At Enishi POV he ends up running into Zantetsu at night in the woods...
Enishi just can't catch a break can he?
Kei ends up finding a surviving samurai who ends up telling him about an oni... and Sakyou
 ends up at that one cave were the cursed sword was only to get the feeling Kayo's in danger.
The next chapter... takes place after Zantetsu took the Juzumaru into his hands.
 Kayo trains hard at the dojo with Omatsu but youkai suddenly start appearing in edo.
Kayo hurries to her father's restaurant and barely makes it, there are already youkai inside.
Kayo puts on a brave front but Tsuzuramaru appears just in time.
To much relief her father is in the back of the restaurant hiding in a corner.
They all decide to get out of the restaurant but as they're running through the fog
Kayo's father loses his strength... and pleads them to leave him behind.
Tsuzuramaru tries to fight the youkai off but gets gravely hurt and collapses
he has a dream and at tokoyo a certain someone offers him strength
he takes it because he can't bear the thought of Kayo getting killed.
He strikes down youkai after youkai... but he isn't himself so Kayo tries calling out to him
he eventually regains himself, sadly my words won't do this whole scene justice.
 Iemitsu is seen at the scene of the crime aka the ritual cave and the gateway to Tokoyo closes
as Iemitsu loses strength, it seems he is the one who truly saved the day???
Tsuzuramaru thanks Kayo for calling him back to reality and the credits roll.
During the credits Tsuzuramaru speaks and says something along the lines of:
''I want to become a strong samurai but I may have to take a difficult path so please guide me!
surely someday this sword will protect you once its strong enough, so untill then...''
I'm sorry if my translation is balls, there's more than one way to translate
and the words during the credits caught me by surprise too.
Afterwards Tsuzu wonders why the youkai ran amock across Edo but in the end no one truly knew.
The gozenjiai will be commencing soon but Tsuzu promises to grow stronger to protect Kayo.
My terrible memory aside this was like a call back to his wild end in the original...
because I swear I've seen part of it somewhere before. -_- 
The next chapter continues from when Zantetsu found the cursed sword and goes loco in Edo.
A bloodthirsty Zantetsu shows up near Kayo's place, Kei says he'll deal with it and tells Kayo to run away.
Zantetsu ends up cutting Kei's bandana and Kayo who still watches on sees that Kei is an oni.
Kei's having a hard time but thanks to Kayo finds the resolve to push through.
After all's over Kei asks Kayo if she's not afraid of him because he's an oni
but to Kayo Kei is Kei, being an Oni is no difference.
In the credits Kei says that thanks to Kayo he has more confidence that someday oni and humans may get along.
After the credits Kei's training hard for the upcoming gozenjiai and Kayo visits him
Kei wonders if its strange that he wants to regain oni status through winning the competition
but Kayo doesn't think so, (thank god) but yeah she found him out and he's surprisingly chill about it.
Thye'll see each other more from now on... now that they've become closer.
Sadly I think  Kei's a bit OOC here... and you know its bad when I say that since I barely do.
I prefer the way it was handled at the original this just feels like a rushed alternative
 just to have some sort of ending with him in book 3, the CG was great though. 
Also for some reason I had a major dejavu when Kei was fighting Zantetsu and he cut the headband...
 In the next chapter Kayo and Tsuzu are on the foggy mountain after Zantetsu obtained Juzumaru.
The two they get separated when some youkai attacks them and Saneaki saves Kayo
 who was alone and exhausted from running from the youkai chasing her.
The two manage to escape the foggy mountain and retreat to Saneaki's home nearby.
 While resting, he explains about his sword whatever etc.
He wants Kayo to stay behind while he goes to the town to prevent the youkai from reaching it.
Saneaki orders Habakitsuki to stay behind  and protect Kayo in case something happens, 
Habakitsuki naturally protests but it is in vain. Saneaki goes out and into the bushes, Tsuzu 
be surprised where he came from but he marches on to stop the youkai from reaching the city.
Meanwhile Habakitsuki desperately cries out to Kayo who can't see her
but suddenly starts to see  and hear her little by little.
Habakitsuki believes Saneaki is going to atone for his sins and die to protect everyone
so she begs Kayo to go to his side and stop him so they go after him.
Saneaki fights youkai after youkai and his sword keeps reacting towards something..
Kayo finally catches up to Saneaki who is surprised tells habakitsuki and Kayo
how its better if he were to die here because of the guilt of his sins.
Kayo tells him to stop this self destructive behavior because of his guilt, that its okay for him to live.
Youkai still appear and Saneaki promises not to go all out, he asks Kayo to trust him,
Habakitsuki goes back inside his sword Magoroku Kanemoto
Suddenly the fog and the youkai disappear meaning the gate to tokoyo has been sealed by Iemitsu.
Saneaki falls to his knees since he uses up a lot of strength  to fight all those youkai's but has no intention of dying yet.
In the credits he says he'll keep praying for forgiveness...
 sorry I didn't fully pay attention to his full line this time.
After the credits Kayo visits Saneaki at his home, he's thankful she saved him
and he ask Kayo if she has time later to hear more about him and stuff.
The next chapter focuses on Enishi, after he was attacked by a crazed Zantetsu.
Enishi was gravely injured and Kayo finds him in the town... so she brings him to her home.
Enishi explains it all to Kayo how Zatetsu is completely gone out of control and wants to kill the humans.
Enishi tells Kayo how he must stop him and how he's not just a ronin and that he works for the bakufu etc.
Enishi tells Kayo and her dad to get out of town and so they do... while Enishi 
protects Iemitsu from Zantetsu, because he just knows he's after him
 Enishi has a duel with Zantetsu because somehow he's still sane enough to listen to the person he
hates the most that being Iemitsu anyway since Enishi is still injured he doesn't stand a chance.
Iemitsu stops Zantetsu from killing Enishi though because lol.
 Enishi lies there... seeing Zantetsu about to kill Iemitsu, he realizes how much Iemitsu, Kayo
and edo mean to him and that he's gonna protect this country like he wants to deep down.
Enishi gets up and fights Zantetsu one last time with everything he got.
During the credits he says he's thankful Kayo still believes in the sham of samurai that is him.
After the credits Enishi formally apologizes for deceiving Kayo all this time
Enishi also gives her a hairpin which she will treasure and they'll see each other more often now.
Why... why you do this... why does Enishi have the saddest and most pitiful version ;_;
 Here we go another round of rumors about a blood thirsty murder, yep
this chapter is Sakyou's ending to the cursed sword scenario.
Unlike the others I was actually interested in this one because
of Sakyou's route in the original of course.
 Sakyou obviously is going to look into the situation because it might be Zantetsu.
Before we know it the bloodthirsty man makes an appearance and Sakyou tells Kayo to run
but as per usual she won't.   It was definitely interesting to see the roles reversed, before we know it
Iemitsu shows up and tells Sakyou to take Kayo and run while he takes care of Zantetsu.
Iemitsu reunites with Sakyou once he has shaken Zantetsu off and well Sakyou swears on his name
that he'll strike Zantetsu down after having a long talk with Iemitsu and Kayo.
While Sakyou is fighting Zantetsu, Iemitsu sees Kayo's worried face and tells her to believe in Sakyou.
After Sakyou strikes Zantetsu, the sword falls to the ground and Zantetsu regains his senses
and can't believe what he did Sakyou loses his strength.
Zantetsu slowly takes a few steps back and disappears into the night.
After awhile Kayo wants to go to Sakyou and well after Iemitsu sees her determined look
 the  two of them go to him and take an exhausted Sakyou to Suzukake's place and she holds his hand.
In the credits Sakyou says something along the lines of My journey has not yet ended
and some day i'll settle everything, please believe in me and wait till I come back.
Post credits, its summer by now and the two take a walk together before Sakyou leaves.
The end left a bitter yet sweet aftertaste in my mouth... Sakyou y you do this?
I liked it, Sakyou was able to let Zantetsu go even if it means he'll still goes after him
 after he recovered.. its not perfect but this worked out really well for his character.
The next chapter is when the gate of tokoyo opened and Suzukake worries about the kodama's
 in the mountains and hears about the demons headed to edo from a youkai.
Suzukake worries about Kayo so he rushes towards edo... and reunites with her just in time.
Suzukake tries to talk to the youkai and we learn that they are to avenge the oni's
because Zantetsu opened up the gate and Zan's strong feelings of hate controls them.
It attacks Suzukake but Iemitsu shows up and tells em to run, Iemitsu catches up later.
 Iemitsu tells Suzukake is the best person to go and stop Zantetsu who has become an orochi.
Suzukake being a good boy tries to resolve it without violence... but realizing it won't work
he finally picks up his sword to stop Zantetsu but while fighting his body starts to weaken.
which means Iemitsu has finally closed the gate at the ritual site and Suzukake ends Zantetsu's suffering.
At the credits Suzukake says something along the lines of wanting everyone to get along and realizes
it may difficult but to prevent anyone from being sad he will push forward so Kayo won't you come with me?
 In the credits Suzukake doesn't hold it against Zantetsu and doesn't hate him or anything
the two go for a walk, hand in hand.
I enjoyed most of book 3 it had many memorable moments but as a whole? hmm...
Book 1 and 3 together felt more like they were trying to create some sort of extended AU common route.
The last 6 chapters of book 3 were literally endings to the common scenario as it has Kajo find out
about their secrets/dreams, a conclusion to the scenario and entering a state of a little more than friends.
Personally only a few were actually good like Sakyou's, Suzukake and Tsuzuramaru's 
I couldn't bring myself to care about the other -endings- sorry.
Seriously though it felt these stories in this book are unused ideas or scrapped ones, some of it
while nice just seems out of place in general, the way Kayo learned that Kei was an oni
was much better in the original than in momoyo tsuzuri, I hope you get what I mean with this.
One other good thing was how it showed Iemitsu in a new light, that he really cares about Edo.
Enishi's book.
The chapters take place after an ending from the original game the first one is after the strange end.
So one day he ends up telling Kayo a story about that day when he went to investigate
the hana-machi since some money that's been leaking out, I barely remember his
route at the original but remember he went there and Kayo got mad or sth.
I suppose this is back then but he can actually tell Kayo what he was up to?
Enishi uses a disguise the next time he comes there because he can't have people recognize him.
When Enishi puts his mind to it he naturally gets the job done and lets just say
you really don't want to get on his bad side.
Just when everything appears to have been settled some youkai shows up...
Enishi just can't catch a break can he huh?
The 2nd chapter is just Hattori Hanzo getting nostalgic, she's the female ninja
who works for Iemitsu and protected Kayo when she had to serve as a double
for the princess bridal procession to Sunpu reminiscences about a certain day
where she set up Enishi to spend time with Kayo because it will do him good.
Anyway in short Kayo and Enishi ends up walking around town and visit a kimono shop
but as they go out some thief ruins the mood and Enishi is forced to stop him.
Later when they are about to part some kid falls into the river and Enishi goes to save him.
Ah... Enishi is such a good guy, even if he may seem like such a slacker and moodmaker at times.
The 3rd chapter takes place after his happy end and while they work at the farm the two of them
end up looking back at a day when Kayo's father came to visit them at their new home...
Believe it or not Kayo's father drags em back to edo to help him with his restaurant.
Kayo's father is infact going to teach Enishi how to make Soba...
Enishi being the clutz he is messes up too but the effort was appreciated. 😂😂😂
In the end he promises he will definetely make Kayo happy! before switching back to the present.
The fourth chapter is a continuation of  the peace end
yes they're actually put out of order on purpose for whatever reason.
Enishi finds himself at the kimono shop again looking for one that looks great on Kayo.
A bit later he musters up all his courage and proposes to Kayo but
he didn't get the reaction he expected and wonder if his feelings reached her.
He asks Kei for his opinion later but he's like why me?!
Enishi ends up saying there can't be a better guy than himself and Kei just gets sarcastic.
In the end everything works out and the Kimono looks great on Kayo.
I'm sorry if I made it shorter than it seems, there really wasn't that much to it.

At the next chapter  Enishi comes to Kayo's the restaurant
and reminiscene about a certain day during the winter.
 Kayo and Enishi get comfy when her father leaves for a bit but then he comes back and oh... what if he saw?!
The two go out for some shopping and act like a proper couple untill some people notice atleast. 😅
 When the wind turns up Kayo almost slips Enishi catched her.. he grabs an umbrella afterwards.
 Back in the present, Enishi wants to walk with Kayo using the same umbrella so he leaves it
at Kayo's place to be used by them whenever it rains or something, lmao.
There wasn't much else to it tbh... but it was cute to watch.
Next chapter Enishi has a fever and Kayo stays by his side, he remembers his past in a dream
and wants to talk about it with Kayo even though it may not be a fun one.
 Its about when he was younger and how he had to train really hard for swordmanship
and his master was harsh to him too, contantly hitting him but he's trying his best and does everything
 to live up to expectations iemitsu-sama and his brother who has always been weak.
Enishi grows up always trying to do his best so he can one day take win the gozenjiai
as the ichibangatan for his brother and Iemitsu sake whom means a lot to Enishi.
When he's a bit older and finally able to join he sees Saneaki at the Gozenjiai
who at that time still working for the bakufu and wants to become strong like him.
He compliments him later and this is where he uses Enishi as a name instead of Nobuhara.
 Enishi tries his best at the gozenjiai and ends up winning his first match in a way that wasn't
exactly as planned and now he's the ichibangatana and all the responsibilities that come with it.
Apparently when his brother tells he knew... Enishi relationship with him sorta breaks.
Iemitsu hands him the heavenly sword Mikazuchi Munechika now that he's the ichibangatana...
  Enishi is filled with doubts since all of it seemed to go according to plan
but the sword still accepts him as his rightful owner.
The next chapter, has some youkai running amock, Yagyuu and Hanzo try to fight it
and they say they can handle but are getting wrecked and Enishi still doesn't know how
to use mikazuchi munechika well but he has to act else the country will be in danger.
The sword doesn't answer most likely because Enishi's mind is all over the place...
Iemitsu shows up just in time, he calmly relies on the power of his heavenly sword
and Iemitsu defeats the youkai without a moments hesitation.
Enishi doesn't feel worthy of the katana he got and honestly says this to Iemitsu right now.
He tells him the win at the gozenjiai wasn't fair it was all set up by his father and brother.
Iemitsu says that Mikazuchi Munechika already accepted Enishi as his rightful owner
Enishi despairs how he isn't worthy and runs off... and he runs into some people
who see his injuries from the recent battle and this is where he starts to change his behavior.
Iemitsu ends up telling Enishi the truth about the role if ichibangatana to protect hinemoto
from the demons of Tokoyo and anyone trying to disturb the balance.
Enishi slowly accepts it and continues being a wreck in the process. T~T
So one day his bro tells him he has a mission from Iemitsu for him and thats to go to Sunpu
and Enishi spots Saneaki there,  when Enishi gets to Takanaga-sama Enishi gets
triggered at something he says that he's not the right owner of munechika and that there is no
meaning in him having it, Yagyuu tells Takanaga to shut it but Enishi's like its K.
 Enishi does as he's told and defeats the youkai, Yagyuu tells him he's done for the night
Enishi can still go on and tells him to leave if he wants but Yagyuu tells him to chill.
Before we know it we have come to the point where the bridal procession for Hisa hime is being
planned which is a secretly a way for them to transport heavenly sword Juzumaru from Edo to Sunpu
and Enishi is selected as one of the body guards obviously because he's the ichiban gatana.
Kayo was selected to be the double for the princess and well thats when Enishi first met her.
The look at Enishi's past was great, if you didn't understand him before you sure will after this.
The final chapter takes place after Enishi's happy end, they  look back to when Hanzo visits them
informing them that Iemitsu collapsed but when they get back we hear fromYagyuu
he will make a fine recovery and that there was another reason they want Enishi
or should I say Nobuhara to become Iemitsu's proxy, Enishi is like what I am not fitted for such
 a position, Tatsukage is a better choice but sadly he's always been weak and can't handle pressure.
Enishi talks it over with Kayo and he comes to the conclusion he doesn't have much of a choice
and goes and do the thing even if its mendokusai, he does an excellent job and when
he returns home he says that he can probably do anything as long as Kayo is there for him.
Enishi notes that Iemitsu isn't the type of guy to die so easily and well thats that.
In the present Hanzo comes again and this time its Tatsukage his brother... and it ends there.
At this point he's probably just fine and I am like JFC let Enishi live in peace.
 Enishiiiiiii has done some hard living indeed, he deserves all the love he can get.
All of his books were enjoyable and like I said before I understand him a lot more now.
Suzukake's book.
Suzukake's up next and his first chapter takes place after his wild end
it goes further into what kind of stuff he has to do now that he works for iemitsu...
He now holds the juzumaru and works for Iemitsu and wants to help the youkai no matter what it takes.
Suzukake is often is being send on missions to stop the tokoyo youkai from running amock
 and seal the gate.
Even when he sealed the gate the youkai still appear and Suzukake is puzzled by it.
When he returns Iemitsu compliments him and says he should rest...
Suzu is worried and actually really wants to see Kayo right now and then she suddenly
 shows up at his place because she wondered if he was doing alright.
 Suzukake really isn't doing so well, he agonizes over that he's killed more youkai than that
he has helped them now that he's the ichibangatana and wonders how the hell he ended up here.
Suzukake knows from Karula that it must have been fate and  that the reason
he now wields juzumaru is to protect everyone and Kayo also thinks so.
Suzukake gets his mojo back after the pep talk and that he'll try his best even more than before.
He's going back to the mountains to see if Karula knows anything more about the situation
and he wants Kayo to come with him too but Tengu boy only reconfirms things.
Next chapter takes place after his strange end(Why this?)
 Madara visiting Kayo's place because it has da best dango's which brings us to the past
one day after over hearing some rumors Kayo comes home late from training and Madara and Hachimoku
 to call out to her so the three end up going into the mountains at night to investigate and some cranky youkai shows up.
Kayo can't get through to it so Hachimoku tells him the woman was worried about him.
This youkai knows about how Suzukake protected one of his kind...
 In the end he takes the medicine(Suzukake's) and is convinced to go to Karula's mountain
to rest so he won't inconvenience humans here.
 Karula himself shows up at Kayo's place when she gets back because he wants to talk
but before we know it Madara and Hachimoku show up saying the humans have gone into the mountain....
When they arrive Kayo tries to stop the humans from agrivating the youkai and is reminded
of that day when Suzukake tried to protect that one youkai which costed him his life.
Its not exactly working and Kayo is about to do the same thing Suzukake did
 while remembering his words that he wants there to be happy, then a sudden wind blows.
Karula appears and reveals his true form that of a tengu before the humans, he's going
to take the youkai in and tells the humans never to pull this again.
In the present Madara wonders if Suzukake's dream has come true if only a little.
I felt really sad after this... almost wanted to curl up and cry.
The next chapter takes place after his happy end the two remiscence about a certain day.
Suzukake helpa out a patient who tells him he should take more time together with his wife.
So the next day the two go around Edo since he wants to know more about the town.
SThey talk about money and other stuff but then some guy
almost starts hitting on Kayo so he tells her to stay by his side.
Anyway they go eat some dango and visit a festival aka just have a good time.
At night Kayo trips and Suzukake carries her back to their home
Kayo wonders if she was too heave but to him she's quite light.
The next chapter takes place after the peace end they live together with the youkai.
Choushichirou sees that Kayo is pretty much isolated  so he speaks with
Suzukake, Hachimoku and Madara about it and following the shota's advice Suzukake sort of
gets the wrong idea and tries to make Kayo go doki by blowing into the nape of her neck. 😱
More over why is Choushichirou giving Suzukake relationship advice?!
Well turns out he's acting out stuff from one of Karula's books...
It seems Karula likes the sappy stuff, lmao.
Next chapter takes place after the happy end and they reminesce abut a day during winter.
They just have fun in the snow and at night they get cozy, it was
 really cute but not much was worth mentioning, sorry.
Next chapter goes into his past, Suzukake goes to the restaurant late at night just before it closes
and he starts to talk about his past of how Karula found an abandoned young boy in the mountains.
Karula hides the boy from the other youkai at first, because they do not know how to react
but the youkai's smell is stronk they can smell the young one, Karula just tells him otherwise, lol.
Karula starts to believe the boy is destined for great things, he leaves him at a cave and one day
Suzukake adorably ends up going outside on his own and runs into Hachimoku who is all confused
and unable to handle the energetic kid, Madara comes along soon enough and is just as surprised
and she tells him not to touch him and the two go away. T~T
Karula finds out soon enough and well he finally explains that he's basically raising him
and tells him this boya will one day save hinomoto they others can't believe it too...
Some of the youkai are total jerks to Suzukake, later when they're alone
Karula gives in and teaches Suzukake how to make medicine.
Once they're done he ends up giving it to Hachimoku and so he slowly accepts him as does .Madara.
Karula tells him to go back inside the shrine and so he does but like before he goes out on his own.
Suzukake can't find anyone,  he starts to hear the voices of the Kodama's and has a dream...
When he comes to he's savely back with Karula and the others, Karula explains
to Madara and Hachimoku that when he found him he knew the boy shared a link to the marebito
so he took him in because it would be for the best and asks the two to watch over Suzukake as well.
In the next chapter, Suzukake talks about how he teached him combat
and about the power of the kami oroshi aka the link to the marebito.
So one day some samurai from mutsu no kuni travels through the mountains
Suzukake would love to go and talk to him but he knows he'd better not.
The samurai is in search for a tengu demanding an audience and the two have a friendly sparring match
When they're done Suzukake comments how cool it was and well
Karula let's the two have at it since it would be good exercise.
Suzukake loses, since the man is years ahead of him and he also has a son...
Yeah you guessed it correctly if his origins weren't hints enough this samurai is indeed Tsuzuramaru's father Hatsuma.
Suzukake continues to train hard under Karula's supervision...
Anyway one day another human appears but he's not as friendly, Suzukake follows him
and the man attacks a youkai he's been chasing, Karula appears and asks an explanation.
The human is scared and flees, Karula says to take the youkai back and take care of its injuries.
This is where Suzukake learns that not all humans are nice towards youkai.
He continues training hard with Karula and when he's older Suzukake finally able to sucessfully
dodge Karula's attacks which is when he will finally let him leave the mountain.
He'll go to Edo and meet many people including a certain girl...
The last after story is set after the happy end, they reminisce about a certain day...
Karula notices that the Juzumaru has been acting up, incase you do not remember
Suzukake ended up giving it to Karula for save keeping.
 Suzukake continues to treat patients as one of the towns doctors when one day
he feels like something is calling out to him when Youkai suddenly start attacking.
He tries to speak to him but the youkai do not listen.
Karula appears and explains that Tokoyo is related to this, Kamui and Yagyuu
also arrive who are surprised but Suzukake tells em Karula is a friend.
Iemitsu also appears and well its time for Karula to return Juzumaru to Suzukake
and he will have to seal the gate to Tokoyo, Suzukake is a bit uncertain about it though.
He feels something will change if he takes it into his hands, he's really come to love Edo
but he also doesn't want to lose it, Kayo tells him to do what is right.
Suzukake takes the sword and everyone will protect Edo while he goes off to seal the gate
together with Iemitsu who watches his back while Suzu does what he must.
Suzukake succeeds his mission and in the present a youkai requests comes to him for help.
Suzukake's book was good, the 2nd chapter was heartwrenching though
the fourth chapter was a slight disappointment though but was still fun.
Compared to the others his past was pretty tame, I wonder who his parents are?
but in the end somethings we are better off not knowing.
Saneaki's book.

Saneaki's first chapter has him come home covered in blood... it takes place after his wild end.
He now does everything like killing youkai and other dirty stuff for ''her''  sake.
One night Enishi comes to him and requests his aid to kill someone named Tachibana. (oh god why?)
When he's about to do the job he realizes what he's about to do and this is just like before
but it has already begun Saneaki and Enishi kill of all of the bodyguards and Tachibana himself .
When its over Enishi of relfects on what they've done... for the sake of the bakufu
and they end up reminisce about that day the gozenjiai took place and the reality of the situation.
They reminisce a little about way back when they meet each other on the job....
Afterwards Saneaki is going to see Kayo because all he does is for her.
In the present Saneaki is still suffering greatly because of all the killing be it youkai or humans.
Next chapter takes place after his strange ed, Saneaki has passed on
Kayo still frequently visits his old home in the mountains where Nanae and Tsuzumi now live.
She reminisce about him, uring the bridal procession, sometime after that
they end up talking about Kayo's mother and other things when she visits Saneaki.
He growssome flowers for Kayo as well and ends up giving them to her.
 All this only makes me miss him which I guess that was the point?
Gross sobbing...
The next chapter is set after the happy end end has
Saneaki talk about something he can't take his mind of.
One day they end up taking in a man named Yasuke who was found unconcious nearby
It ends up going into some stuff related to Saneaki's father who was hispanic
and he wants to know more about it so they end up asking Habakitsuki
who gets a little angry for being neglected but she did know him sinc he was
 the previous owner of the sword Magoroku Kanemoto and he was quite the flirt.
Next chapter takes place during the peace end, this dude comes running into the restaurant
Saneaki's sorta knows whats up and retreats back into the kitchen and they treat him like any other guest for now.
The man is being chased and when he hears his pursuers he is about to take his leave
prefferably through the back exit but Saneaki says he'll deal with them(peacefully).
 The guest is an important guest to iemitsu and eventually leaves, that night
Yagyuu comes in and is pleased the person was unharmed, the next day the guy
comes back to express his thanks but those thugs follow him there and cause a ruckus.
Saneaki has enough of their sheit and triggers a fight but even without his sword
he still has an advantage untill one of them pulled their katana, Kayo tells em to stop but this only
agrivates them and well now Saneaki is really mad and shows no more mercy for trying to hurt his waifu.
(He only knocks them around a bit, enough for them to realize man this is no ordinairy guy)
Don't mess with mai waifu or it will cost your laifu.
The next chapter is set during winter its set after the peace end again and of a day Kayo got sick.
It ends up snowing overnight when Kayo had a fever but the next day she's rcovered due to Saneaki's care.
Saneaki ends up giving Kayo a present he bought earlier at night as well
the whole chapter was really peaceful and relaxing, not much else worth mentioning.
In the next chapter sometime after the happy end, Saneaki tells Kayo of his past.
The little boy wondered why his mom was always saying those words while praying
he remembered half of it which amazes his mom but is told to never say those words in public.
They don't exactly have an easy life either and barely manage to get by.
When some people show up, his mom hides the little boy in a shack and tells him to wait there...
However they take her away  because they found out she's a christian.
The little one goes to search for his mom and sees his mom amongst a group of people
and are being  executed for believing in a different god.
The boy goes back to the shack and then some guy shows up who ends up taking the boy with him
because it isn't save here, the man raises him, gives him a new name ''Saneaki''
 and teaches him the way of the sword as well sadly some kids end up bullying him
 for always being silent/creepy and even throw rocks at him but he dodges em all.
The kids end up blaming the ruckus on him and he gets punished for it. T~T
As if Saneaki hadn't suffered enough in life the bullying doesn't end there... they beat him up as well.
He doesn't do anything because of his mothers words that he must never hold it against anyone.
One day the boys end up breaking a vase and Saneaki gets the blame again.
When he's alone he ends up praying but a woman ends up hearing it and shit gets worse
 but manages Saneaki manages to get away from them.
Since he knows how to use a sword, he manages to convince some rough guys to take him
 in as a bodyguard as they be impressed by his skillz.
Some bandits attack while they on the road and Saneaki to his own surprise killed one of them
and another...
After he kills them all Habakitsuki comes out of his sword for the first time, having had her fill of blood.
Thanks to Habakitsuki, Saneaki decides to life by the way of the sword and take up all sorts of jobs...
 Some guy tells him to enter the sword competition because with San's skills he's sure to become
an ichibangatana, he does splendid but he won't take up the heavely sword as a price
since his own sword the Magoroku Kanemoto is more than enough.
San keeps on going through the sword competition and eventually accepts the status
and in turn having to do questionable  jobs for the bakufu, specifically Tadanaga .
Saneaki wonders where he started to think lightly of killing people as if its the simplest thing
but kills the thought and proceeds to do his job since there is no meaning in dwelling on it.
He ends up having to kill a man but a woman jumps infront of him and dies instead...
 The woman's last words are that Saneaki is a cold blooded murderer
 the man cries out at the loss of someone dear him and they were so close to happiness.
He asks Saneaki to kill him and so he does.... and start to realize the sins he commited and wonders
how to atone for it all, San starts to see the moon in red... of all the people he's killed.
Saneaki is so done right now and doesn't want to kill anymore but he meets Enishi
who offers him a job, to travel to sunpu as a bodyguard for a bridal procession.
He hesitates because Sunpu is a place where he commited one of his sins...
but accepts and makes it clear its going to be his last job unaware of the person he's going to meet.
Next chapter takes place during his wild end...after he shut himself in his shack cuz he had enough.
Kayo remembers San's words that she doesn't belong with such a
 dark person such as himself and looks back on a certain day...
Which brings us to the part of the ritual, the old hag hears that a youkai impersonating the
 marebito wants sacrifices yes multiple ones preferably young girls.
Kayo keps thinking about Saneaki... when she goes to the dojo it appears Omatsu has gone missing.
Kayo goes out and search everywhere but gets captured by the old hag in the mountains.
 Enishi comes visit Saneaki in the mountains and tells him that Kayo has been taken.
Saneaki is like who cares i'm done with everything and Enishi gets heated and punches him for taking
it lightly even Habakitsuki comes out to tell him to stop being a hikki and get out there for Kayo's sake.
Saneaki is just being emo in general but somehow the twos's words get to him and he sets out.
Meanwhile Kayo's been captured along with Omatsu and a bunch of other girls.
For some reason Kayo is the first the marebito wants, of course Saneaki shows up just in time.
 She tells him Omatsu is there as well and he goes to get her as well much to Omatsu's surprise.
Enishi shows up as backup to deal with the grunts and the two fight them off.
Habakitsuki confirms the marebito turns out to just be a stupid youkai, lmao.
They fight it but its wounds heal and he's not an ordinary youkai but still no match for Saneaki and Enishi.
When all is over he promises to stay by Kayo's side... more often and leaves the heavely sword with
her untill he needs it to dispatch youkai to protect edo, Tachi also tells Omatsu to rely on him more
and not take walks alone anymore, just felt like mentioning that last bit, lol.
JFC... as if Saneaki hasn't suffered enough in life, I'm just glad he found Kayo
in his peace and happy end he deserves it after everything he has been going through.
For the last chapter I got the idea they couldn't write anything more for his most happy end
so they expanded upon his wild ending which is all good.
Kei's book.
Kei's up next because at this point I have a serious craving for KENN's voice.
I need it, seriously seems like a good idea to do him halfway through.
First chapter takes place after his wild end(Oh god why) and Kayo visits his family
and Kei's ba-chan ends up asking if Kayo remembers a certain day.
She's knitting something for Kei but he joking comments the Naginata suits her better.
His mom says Kayo would make a great bride but Kei gets tsun about it. 😘
After Kayo leaves, Kei tells his ba-chan that he is all the more motivated
to return doujigiri to where it belongs, that being with the oni-clan. T~T
His ba-chan gets a bit of a fever the next day for staying up late and Kei's such a worry wart.
Meanwhile ba-chan worries that his son might end up all alone.
When Kei comes back one day he tells that Kayo found out that he's an oni which
actually helps us to when this was taking place, Kei tells ba-chan he was worried
she would hate him and treat him like an outcast but that wasn't the case of course.
 Ba-chan came to edo to protect Kei but it all ended up being in vain... T~T
She also really believed Kayo and Kei would end up happy but sadly that didn't come to pass in this ending.
So ba-chan eventually ends up going back home... leaving Kayo all alone.
Ah the memories... T~T
Next chapter takes place during the strange end and well they get along well like a married couple
he also one the gozenjiai and obtained doujigiri one of the heavely swords.
This also means Kei's a ichiban gatana now... so Iemitsu may call upon him if needed and he does.
Enishi comes with him making Kei like ??? why the ef was he in the castle, pls explain.
When they arrive Enishi challenges Kei to see his determination and if he can use doujigiri.
Kei's surprised at Enishi's strength too and that like him he's an ichibangatana
fated to protect this place from people trying to misuse it, Kei loses though.
Not long after that thea youkai comes out and they have to defeat it since that is their duty...
Kei's still a nub and doesn't know how to fight these youkai since they're different.
Next thing we know Kei wakes up looking at Kamui and Enishi explains
they have to rely on Kami oroshi to defeat the youkai there.
Kei's also pretty salty knowing that the gozenjiai is a cover up to test people
 if they're strong enough to handle this stinking job and says its unfair, enishi agrees on that last one.
Kei tries to explain it to Kayo that his fight isn't over yet and will continue to walk forward
 for her and the oni-clan, in the end he asks Kayo to believe in him
while fighting in that god forsaken place since he's an ichiban gatana now.
My summary wasn't entirely accurate but you get the gist, i'm pretty much going oh god why?!
Kei looks like a damsel in distress... I can't.
Next chapter takes place after  the happy end and they look back on a trip to a hotspring.
This chapter was extremely cute compared to some of the others, also
 Kei becoming psuedo sakupyon making sure to protect Kayo.
At an inn they just asfgfafsdhgdshkgsvcvbzxrewryhgadhjhgfxvnhfdfsg each other.
I can't even put it into words the scene was just so cute, there wasn't much to write about anyway.
When they finally get there Kei wants to get into the hotspring near dawn
 since no one can disturb them or see he's an oni, in the end Kei points out how happy he is
spending everyday with Kayo, also why does Kei keep getting onsen CG's lmao.
(Not that I am complaining... but  still this isn't fair compared to the others.)
Next chapter takes place after the let's elope end aka the peace one.
It brings Kei back to how his father doesn't accept he's an oni nor the relationship he has with Kayo.
Unlike the happy end Kayo's father never really gives Kei a chance.
Basically he's thinking about what went wrong and how they got to where they are
he also avoided Kayo on purpose not wanting to be a bother her dad, well you know how it went
 the whole thing is from Kei's POV until the point he found her in the mountains.
I've never been particularly fond of Kei's peace end... like how's that peace? part of me liked it a little.
 Next chapter, Kei and Kayo are in edo during winter.
Sadly oni and humans still get into scuffles every now and then.
Kei and Kayo try to stop them but it turns into a snowball fight and well one of them
 ended up hitting Kei who of course joined the fight, lmao this was genuinely funny.
At night they get cozy and *cough* warm each other up.
The next two chapters deal with Kei's childhood.
Starts when they were still living in their own country, when his father came home
 he rushes to him and his mother but ends up tripping, he was quite the clumsy kid.
One day they end up visiting a village not much happens till at night
till some humans set the village on fire and everything goes to hell.
His father puts up quite a fight but its not enough for their dirty tactics.
The village is burning and Kei sees his father and mother die right before his eyes.
Kei is the only one who survived and luckily a few oni soldiers found him.
He starts to hate humans but doesn't exactly want to learn the way of the sword at first
so he's really tsun towards his grandpa and grandma so he goes for a walk outside
but a human is nearby so he has to run on top of that it starts raining.
 That human from before bumps into him too...  the human tries to kill him
however he's saved by another human, Kei doesn't understand why the man hided the fact
 he's an oni for one of his friend who also appeared but the man will take him back to the main road.
In the end the man tells Kei should learn the way of the sword so he grow stronger a
nd can protect that which he cares about he also tells him about a gozenjiai.
All in all this encounter with a kind human has given Kei the motivation to become a samurai.
Kei trains with his grandpa, the fighting style Kei uses is known as ushitora.
His grandpa doesn't want him to leave Kibi no kuni the homeland of the oni's
Kei doesn't really get along that well with his grandpa
so Kei takes Raikiri&Kazakiri and goes out on his own...
This is where Kei first meets Kinshirou, at first he thought he found him out but he was mistaken.
Kei  joins up with the local police force of Edo, Kinshirou ends up getting hurt
protecting a woman but he won't go down that easily because swords aren't just means to hurt
they are also used to protect, Kei dwells around Edo for a while when some woman calls to him.
Its the same woman from before who thanks him even though he didn't do much.
Suddenly the womans kid comes running which makes him remember his own mom
and asks the boy if he loves his mom and he does, Kei tells him to treasure her.
Kei asks Kinshirou to take him under his wing, Kinshirou actually doesn't want to
 but Kei is determined so he eventually gives in when he hears his reasons.
Also Kei's grandparents shows up in edo because they do care about him
since his ba-chan was sorta worried and he gts lectured by his granpa as per usual.
 Kei's ba-chan sees he has no intention of returning so she will stay in edo wit him.
On the job he ends up protecting his pal Kamuro who is still getting used to it.
Kei lost the gozenjiai this time but Kinshirou tells him there'll be another chance and the next spring
is when Kei was to be a bodyguard for the bridal procession, there he met Kayo
The last chapter takes place after the happy end, Kayo looks back at a certain day
when she was traveling together with Kei at an in Kei ends up discussing a legend.
Nex day Kei and Kayo end up helping some old geezer reunite with his son in the woods
and they repay them with food but Kei realizes too late its been drugged and they're both paralyzed.
They're separated and the grunts who came to check up on Kei end up finding out he's an oni.
The bandits captured other people a woman named tomoe who is being held in the same room as Kayo.
Following Kei's instructions Kayo manages to lip something sharp into Kei's room so he can free
himself and eventually reunite however Tomoe isn't so happy seeing an oni barge into the room.
Kayo tells Tomoe its okay and that he's a dear friend he would never do something.
The grunts notice Tomoe is missing so they grab her friend Keisuke and order
Kei to quietly go back into the other room but manages to turn the tide all while unarmed.
The grunts threaten to kill Tomoe so Keisuke begs em not to, so they tell him to kill the oni...
By some string of luck Kinshirou arrives on the scene, he probably heard news
of people disappearing and Kamuro hands him Raikiri and Kazakiri.
Kei formally announces that he is like royalty of Kibi no kuni which makes em grunts go what?!
Which gives Kei a nice moment to literally zap them but yeah all's well that ends well.
Kei ends up meeting Iemitsu in edo afterwards and in short have a good talk with each other.
Also they can finally make a small step towards peaceful relations.
In the present, Kei and Kayo are back home in Kibi and are bout to receive guests from ki no kuni.
Kei's book was really enjoyable, I especially liked the chapter with the snowball fight. 😂😂😂
 He's really precious and in some chapters were plenty of great moments, his past was sad though.
 Kei may actually be korean, which makes sense considering the location of kibi no kuni.
Outsiders in old japan are commonly referred to as ''oni'' be it from asian or western countries.
I know this game is fictional but I can't help it sometimes...
Tsuzuramaru's book.
1st chapter takes places after the wild end, Kayo and Tsuzu look back on a certain day
 where Tsuzu returned to edo from one of his journeys to become stronger.
 Tsuzu helps out Kayo at the restaurant at times and wish the peaceful days would last.
Still he can't let go of the way of the sword even though he likes working at the restaurant
because what if he goes out of control like at the gozenjiai?
Tsuzu promises Kayo to not leave again, he tells her he's unable to let go of his ways
and plans to enter the next gozenjiai to become an ichiban gatana, he trains really hard for it.
Tsuzu makes it to the finals and is greeted by Enishi who will be his opponent.
Enishi is stronk but he doesn't have the support of a loved one so naturally Tsuzu wins
and is rewarded with one of the heavenly swords onimaru.
2nd chapter is set after the strange end when Tsuzu went on a long journey
 relying on the marebito's power, seeking to fully master it.
He ends up saving some guy attacked by a youkai but when he saw
 the strange power he immediately skedaddled out of there.(tbh i'd do the same)
Sadly because of that some rumors spread and people are afraid of him.
He keeps fighting youkai, marebito temps him further...Tsuzu listens to him.
Did I mention Marebito's voice gives me the chills? its the same CV as Tsuzu but... different brrr.
 More and more people are starting to be afraid of Tsuzu, he himself firmly believes
that Kayo wouldn't and wants to see her all the more.
Tsuzu has a nightmare that he's back at edo and when Kayo sees him she screams like he's a monster.
When he wakes up at in the mountains he hears some woman scream and sees some
 bandits kill her, Tsuzu thinks its Kayo so he goes crazy and kills them.
Tsuzu mutters how he finally obtained the power... rushes to the woman and realizes he was
mistaken.So now he decides to go back to Kayo... when he's almost at edo some humans decide to attack him.
They think he's dead from but well Tsuzu won't die so easily and kills the humans.
In the present he returns to Kayo place... but he's not the same.
 I figured the fourth chapter was going to be after that one ending... so I did it right now.
 Takes place after the peace ending(lmao you call this peace?)
Kayo has died and is together with the marebito in tokoyo who has the appearance of tsuzu.
The two spend never endings days together... in the real world it has already been a year since Kayo died.
Kei often comes to visit Kayo's father, Suzukake won the gozenjiai and became the ichibangatana.
After the loss of a friend he became super determined and now has to close that gate cuz duty.
At Tokoyo the youkai are acting strange, Tsuzu ends up taking Kayo with him to see what's up.
 Suzukake sees Kayo and Tsuzu on the other side when he askes them to close it off...
Tsuzu explains he's the marebito now, Suzukake asks him to release Kayo but
he tells him to stop thinking he's gonna grant favors now so Suzukake tells him that everyone
 been praying for her and Kayo's will slowly comes back. (wut)
Tsuzu tells him its all because of him she ended up her cuz he wants to be with her.
He begs her not to go but Kayo says the only place left for her is here with Tsuzu!marebito.
Suzukake says its fine as long as they're happy and leave, Tsuzu says he's thankful for understanding.
Boob chomp, how lewd. ಠ_ಠ
 THe 3rd chapter takes place after the happy end,Yagyuu comes barging
into the restaurant which makes Tsuzu remember a certain day which was filled
with nothing but misunderstandings and general cute stuff.
 One night Tsuzu and Kayo get comfy only for her dad to see them... who just
says he's sorry for interrupting and leaves /facepalm/ Tsuzu tries to explain he did nothing, lmao.
They end up fighting and Tsuzu things Kayo is leaving, he desperately tells her not to go...
ah more misunderstandings tsuzu please why would she even leave? she was just worried.
They make up in the end... there really isn't anything worth writing about.
 The 5th chapter takes place after the happy end again they visit a farm and its been one year since they met!
As per usual they look back on a day in winter, the chapter was really peaceful
sadly when they're shoveling away some snow Tsuzu realizes he's feeling hotter than normal.
Kayo explains that he's got a fever, which for Tsuzu is like the first time forever.
In Kayo's care Tsuzu will surely recover.
 The next two chapters go into Tsuzu's past, his master shows up in edo and well they get nostalgic.
In mutsu no kuni, there once lived a happy family if three...
Tsuzu's father fought Mudou at the gozenjiai and took the heavenly sword Onimaru.
Mudou wants to fight him again because he sorta looks up to him and he goes with him to his hometown.
Tsuzu trains hard and mostly lives in peace... not much happened till some guys kill Tsuzu, the men
only really had some beef with his mom Ichi all while Hatsuma was away and his mother is devasted.
It takes Hatsuma too long to return from his trip and well you know most of the rest already.
Hatsuma is going to go to tokoyo before his boy passes on since he is on the brink of death
by giving offering his own life to the marebito to save Tsuzuramaru.
Mudou blames himself for not being able to protect him and stays by his side till he wakes up
but for some reason Tsuzu doesn't remember him nor his own name, Mudo raises ands trains him.
the 2nd past chapter was more or less from Hatsuma's POV but i'm sorry I do not have the
energy to go over it in detail we do find out the reason Hatsuma visited Karula in the mountains
 and when he came back his son got injured trying to protect his mom, Hatsuma
goes after the men who took Ichi into the mountains.
Turns out the men who were behind got the orders from some d00ds in edo.
When he goes to see Karula again those men strike again and this time Tsuzu gets hurt real bad
and well you know the rest and we get to see how Hatsuma offers himself to the marebito to save his son.
Enough bout that sad sheit, the final chapter takes place after the happy end.
Some guy asks Tsuzuramaru to be his bodyguard since he fears for his life.
Sometime later at night Kayo overhears some men cause a ruckus and goes to warn
that guy from before, luckily Kintarou shows up as well. /yokatta.
 After hearing the case of the young man about the bandits trying to get money out of him and they
got his ba-chan, Tsuzu also shows up half worried since Kayo did run off in the middle of the night.
In the end Tsuzuramaru decides to do it... together with Kayo they will save the mans family.
Tsuzu negotiates so they will hand over the woman first so they won't do anything nasty.
Kayo takes care of the woman so Tsuzu can take care of the men, the woman admires his swordplay.
They manage to get back to town and well all's well that ends well.
The ba-chan apparently knew tsuzu when he was a kid too... the man calls her oichi-san.
Tsuzu's 2nd chapter was so sad, I was literally going why why why 
because he's no longer Tsuzu we all know and love.
 His past chapter was nice but I felt there wasn't much more that they could tell.
I know that his most happy end may be too good to be true
 coming from rejet but I'd still take it over any other of Tsuzu's end.
I can't really complain, though the chapter set after the wild end was a nice addition
sadly as a whole Tsuzu's stories were some how less memorable than the others.
I have to say it again but Ono Yuuki's voice as marebito really gave me the chills. brrr
 Sakyou's book.
You should know by now that the first two chapters are set after the ken endings, wild/strange.
 The first goes back to when Kayo took care of an injured Sakyou and he has nightmares
so Kayo consults Omatsu and Suzukake who only tells him there is no cure since
Sakyou must be unable to let go of something which haunts him so, Suzukake
does give Kayo some medicine which may put him at ease and starts having dreams of Kayo
telling him its okay while holding his hand and when he wakes up she is there next to him.
It was cute... only for them to realize that in reality they're burning in a sea of flames. 😱
 Chapter 2 starts with going back to... erm you know that time when Sakyou went on a killing spree....
The cursed sword eventually tells him to retreat and Sakyou gets a moment to realize what the reality
of the situation is when the sword momentarily released him but the sword still holds hold over him.
Sakyou wants to see Kayo and at one point was so close but he can't...
Kayo follows a silhouette which turns out to be his sisters spirit who always
watches over Sakyou from hotarumaru, she tells her to leave this road since soon he'll come.
Kei and the others plan to stop Sakyou's killing spree and well you know the rest, Kayo tries
 to tell Sakyou to drop the sword and Sakyou manages to resist the curse long enough
 so he can get to Hotarumaru in the pond, Sakyou still dies but Kayo lives on.
 Next chapter takes place after the happy end, Kayo lives with Sakyou in edo. 
 Overall very relaxing, he gives her some Konpeito(candy) too.
Omatsu ends up helping Kayo out because she's trying to learn how to play an Kokyu for Sakyou.
She doesn't want to tell him even if he wonders what's up but Sakyou eventually finds out
so he helps her out from then on, Kayo gets pretty embarrassed though.
Kayo's father ends up telling about their mother too I could go into detail but let's not.
Next chapter takes place after the peace end, i'm sure
 you are tired of reading this part but they look back on a certain day.
Kayo and Sakyou have married and are living in his hometown
one day Tsuzuramaru and Taichi end up visiting them.
 They end up holding a mini tournament to provide some entertainment out in the boonies.
Taichi and Tsuzu end up fighting each other but you already know the result... after that
Tsuzu ends up facing off against Sakyou, who naturally wins since his waifu believes in him.
 Later at night Sakyou ends up being a little jealous because Kayo couldn't help
but be a little fascinated by Tsuzu's fighting style and won't shut up about him in general.
Next chapter is set in winter again after the happy end, Yanohiko is sad that the snowman
 they made melted which makes the two nostalgic.
Kayo and Sakyou end up making a snowman... while some kids are having a snowball fight lmao.
Sakyou who is also their teacher tells the kids to stop fighting and the kids are amazed by what he
made as well so Sakyou ends up making all the kids make snowmans and everyone is happy.
Later Sakyou hugs Kayo to warm her up since its freezing, d'awww how considerate.
Next two chapters go into Sakyou's past, he used to be quite different
 and less unrefined than what he is like in the present.
He's living peacefully with his father, sister if only those times would never end...
 Sadly they do once his father, sister and others get slaughtered by an oni-clan lead by Zantetsu.
Sakyou swears revenge and you pretty much know the rest of his past.
When he's a little older he goes out and tries to find this Zantetsu, he doesn't quite behave
like the Sakyou we know yet and is still quite bratty, he eventually runs into a man who may have a lead.
Sakyou gives him money since he desperately wants the info but the man fooled him
and gets away with it and the money, Sakyou's tummy rumbles afterwards and is left with nothing.
Out at night he ends u hearing some people talk about Zantetsu and when he hears
them make a fool of the humans Sakyou snaps and things get bloody.
Sakyou starts to become more refined but that day still haunts him so and its so sad
that he spends half of his life going around chasing Zantetsu for revenge against his family. :(
 He almost finds him but he is still one step away from them...
Last chapter takes place after his most happy end, they ended up visiting
some village out in the boonies and Sakyou figures out an oni-clan lives there.
Its hard for him to stay calm so he tells his past to Kayo at night.
Some kids end up finding out that a little girl named Itsuki is an oni and believe it or not Sakyou
stands up for her when they throw rocks at her, the kids eventually apologize for hitting him.
He asks the kids why they threw the rocks and well the standard reply of but..! its an oni follows.
Even Yanohiko says that they're people too but the kids reply with the same old reason.
Sakyou tells them all to calm down and explains that oni are people too in a very adult-like manner.
He says there is nothing to be alarmed about since there are a large number of oni who live
in villages much like this one, they're really not all that different from us.
Afterwards the little girl thanks Sakyou and he feels sorry for her.
They explain the situation to Itsuki's parents who are immediately apologizing
for deceiving them for hiding the fact that they live along side the humans in secret.
They return to edo and Sakyou wonders what will become of them and can't help but worry.
He looks back on his own past and also how he's been a terrible owner of the hotarumaru
a sword in which its previous owners live on in... he continues to teach the kids in that village
but they're still somewhat the same as ever, Sakyou decides to protect Itsuki because
she's his student and tells that she nor her parents has done nothing wrong
At night Itsuki and her parents plan to leave since its dangerous, Sakyou
shows up and will protect them as a bodyguard so they can leave the village safely.
I sorta expected not much would come out of the ken chapters here esp in the first
was more or less remember the good times before it all quite literally went to hell. 
The second? don't even get me started on that but it was nice 
to find out that his sister always watches over him. 
I didn't have the energy to write much about his past sorry, but his last chapter... his last chapter!
Oh my goodness, Sakyou has become such a good person and it makes me
 happy to see him overcome the demons of his past and accept oni's all while 
teaching other people not to fear them since they're people too and I kind of wanted to see
more with Kayo and Sakyou's child... but it seems Rejet didn't want to write more about it.
I sorta prefer his peace end but his happy end is not bad at all.
 I won't write much about book 10 its to prevent this long post getting any longer.
Book 10 contains original side stories where in each chapter characters are paired up,
 like for example Kei and Tsuzu. Enishi and Saneaki or Sakyou and Suzukake... + other combi's.
Some chapters are self contained, others take place after endings
like the fifth chapter gave me flashbacks of Kei's strange end, lmao.
Personally book 10 was much like the first 3 books, meaning more side stories, there were a few
gorgeous CG's but I only really enjoyed chapters 1-3, 5, 7. 10 , 11 and the last two 14 and 15.
For some of the other stories I couldn't be bothered to care much and frequently yawned. :(
I'm sorry but I was especially annoying by the one were Enishi and Sakyou each bought 
a kimono for Kayo and then fight about who had the best pick, that really made me roll my eyes
 not to mention they were annoying, atleast Kayo agreed with me and told them to shut it. ಠ_ಠ

Oh well have a few CG's of some of the chapters I did like.
Book 11 are stories centered around side characters it goes further into their perspectie.
Like Iemitsu himself, Tatsukage on Enishi or Omatsu and Taichi I won't be that detailed.
In the first chapter Iemitsu comes to the restaurant in disguise and talks about certain stuff over soba.
In the past when Iemitsu was still a newbie, they visit some village and at night fight youkai
and find the gate to tokoyo, he has an encounter with marebito  related to the heavenly swords.
He spouts about some form of sacrifice, Iemitsu is like hahaha lol nope
and fights him while tapping into the kami oroshi power, ofcourse it takes him a great
deal of strength sothis is where he thought up the whole gozenjiai to choose someone
fit for the job to wage war on the god of tokoyo, the marebito.
The 2nd chapter has Tatsukage spying on Enishi and Kayo and Enishi drags him out of the bushes😂
he later tells Kayo he just came to check on him like a good bro, Tatsukage ends up talking
 about the past and how he thought he was making the right choice and you know the rest.
Third chapter set during Saneaki's peace end... Habakitsuki ends up scaring the customers
because she finds its boring that Saneaki will never use his sword to kill again.
Which brings Habakitsuki back to a certain day when Saneaki was still a hikki
and sleeps in, Habakitsuki ends up ruining his beauty sleep because its a beautiful day, lol.
Habakitsuki causes some trouble when they out in town, the next day after Saneaki finishes praying
he falls asleep and Habakitsuki ends up laying his coat on him. 😂
Moral of the story is despite Habakitsuki being a little demon at times she does care for Saneaki.
Fourth chapter has Omatsu coming to talk to Kayo about Taichi... since they had a disagreement.
Tachi and Omatsu are frequently together he even carried her
when she sprained her ankle when training.
One day Omatsu complained that Tsuzuramaru is much kinder to Kayo than Taichi to Omatsu...
 Meanwhile I am like he's already super kind to you? or do you mean he doesn't see that you like him?
In the present Taichi was searching for Omatsu all this time and Tsuzu even helped him...
Anyway they make up and Taichi ends up walking Omatsu home while holding hands.
5th chapter is after Sakyou's happy end, one day Tsuzumi comes to Sakyou
and tells him of how in the past a bunch of youkai harrassing a village and more.
Tsuzumi can't handle them all so some mysterious samurai shows up
who resembles Tokugawa Tadanaga just in time.
After all this Tsuzumi is more than motivated to become the ichibangatana
there was also a bit on how he met Nanae for the first time.
Sadly Tadanaga ends up commiting suicide but Tsuzumi still gives it his all at the gozenjiai in Sunpu.
He obtains Juzumaru and ends up working for Asakura...
In the present since Sakyou is a teacher he would love it if next time
 Tsuzumi would come with Choushichirou.
Sixth chapter has Kei wanting to have a talk with Zantetsu's clan.
It basically goes into Shiguragi and Zantetsu's past... how humans treated them badly
for being different and killed their brethren plus burned their village to the ground.
Zantetsu and Shiguragi were the only survivors, unlike Kei who still had his granparents and vassals
the two boys were all alone and eventually sought revenge against the humans for what they did.
The humans they targeted were Sakyou's family because they want the sword Doujigiri but they
didn't have Doujigiri so they got nothing out of it other payback for what the humans did to them.
This is ofcourse were Sakyou wanted his revenge and wants Zantetsu to pay for what he did.
The sevenht chapter focuses on Tsuzu training hard for the gozenjiai, Suzukake
ends up taking Kayo and Tsuzu to Karula's mountain, Karula ends up telling of the past.
Karula used to be human, sadly he was killed when he wanted to stop someone from misusing
one of the heavenly swords but for some reason didn't die and was reborn as a tengu or sth like that.
He uses his appearance and asks the human to hand over the sword doujigiri
the human who's afraid naturally complies, Karula goes on and takes care of the youkai as well.
Karula ends up telling Tsuzu about how Hatsuma was an ichiban gatana and more stuff
of why Tsuzu has half of the power of the marebito.
 The eight chapter is centered on Madara and Hachimokua, they encounter Saneaki
in the mountains, the two go back on their adventures in edo in which
they bumped into some cranky dude who tried to took Madara with him
Madara cuts him with her foxy claws and they ran away.
After they tell all of this to Saneaki in the present, he volunteers to be their bodyguard, ok.jpg
Ninth chapter takes place after Suzukake's peace end..
Choushichirou wants to grow stronger like Suzukake and uses Hachimoku as a punching bag. 😂
Madara tells him not to bully someone who's weaker than him later some rebelious youkai
bully Choushichirou for before... and trap him, ah lesson learned eh? they want him to apologize.
Suzukake comes to the rescue since the youkai went too fair...oh well I barely paid attention
yet I understood most of it, Choushichirou will become a strong big boy in the end.
 The tenth chapter centers on Kamui, Kayo bumps into him and well they have a nice long chat.
 Kamui turns out to be really sorry as to what happened that day... with Suzukake and all.
Overall it goes into Kamui's past and how depressed Kamui was
when  at one point he no longer could hear the voices of the kodama's.
He used to be as bratty in the past but would treat peoples injuries if needed if no one else did.
Some old fella recognizes his talent and takes him in as an apprentice in edo, Kamui is grateful.
Kamui gets sort of jealous when he hears of Suzukake's feats... Kamui just wanted his teacher to accept him.
Later Kamui is traveling to another village and he hears a woman scream...
He helps her save her son who was about to fall down a cliff and takes care of his injuries too.
The woman thanks Kamui and she is back on her way, Kamui thinks
 it was a good decision to help out the boy even if it was dangerous.
Kamui also says that he no longer needs to be the best and suddenly to his own surprise
he hears a voice, he's so glad he can hear the voices he was so used talking to.
In the end Kamui goes back to edo to see the two of them.
Chapter 11 focuses on Hanzo's troubles, she bumps into Sakyou in edo.
Sakyou helps her out and well let's just say Hanzo is a pretty lady and should dress up more.
Hanzo goes to Kayo's place whom doesn't recognize her but some d00ds start hitting on her. 😂
Luckily our neighborhood frienly police officer Kei and Tsuzu show up who tell the men to behave.
They don't recognize her and when Hanzo goes to Suzukake he doesn't either but Saneaki
who came in a bit later gets the feeling they met before, he's not wrong but kills the thought lol.
When she goes to the castle not even the guards recognize Hanzo even if she tells them
but Yagyuu shows up and well he appears to believes her but still raises an eye brow
and takes her in for questioning, Enishi comes up and well everything is cleared up in an instant.
Some were like who the hell is this woman? but maaan she's pretty gotta go that extra mile. 😉
Chapter 12 focuses on Yagyuu and how it was hard looking after Enishi and so
Yagyuu goes all over Edo frantically looking for him, Enishi should be ashamed
while also having to deal with Goro that one dog that is rather affectionate of Enishi.
Yagyuu actually doesn't really mind he's actually grateful that Kayo became close to Enishi.
The last chapter, takes place after Kei's strange end, Kei comes to the restaurant at night
and well Kei's tsun knows no bounds, two more people come in for a meal.
Kei tells them its closing time but the people turn out to be
Kintarou and Kamuro, Kei suddenly welcomes them with open arms. 😂
When Kinshirou asks for seconds, Kei just says Kayo I'll do it you go rest.
Eventually they get nostalgic on how Kamuro met Kei and Kinshirou(Team Triple K) all first met.
Kamuro a boy from the boonies of mutsu no kuni got all excited
 when he first arrived in edo and strolled through the wrong neighborhood.
Kamuro was made out for a brat by some rough guys and he pissed them off with the wrong replu
but our friendly neighborhood police officer Kei shows up and tells the man to calm down
but they've passed their boiling point and Kamuro is amazed how
 Kei just avoids the mans punches at him and knocks him out.
Kamuro gets inspired by Kei and what his job is and wants to stick around him
he even promises to be useful and not get in the way, Kei's like baka, no way its not that simple.
For some reason Kei liked being called Aniki deep down and now we have Kamuro following him.😂
Kinshirou hears Kamuro's determination and well is ok with him joining up with Kei.
Kei's like ugh why me? but tells Kamuro to listen to him and he's like of course.
In the present some dude busts in looking for the neighborhood police force since a fight broke out.
 There's a lover spat and the woman throws pots at guy for fooling with a young woman.
Kinshirou solves the situation rather quickly and Kamuro says Kei still has a ways to go b4
he can catch up to this old man, which just makes Kei go liek I don't wanna hear that from you, bleh.
Kinshirou only adds fuel to Kei's fire but eh its fine, Kei just slaps Kamuro's ass to unwind.
 Okay I am gonna be honest the last book had a lot of great stories but some of them
 like chapter eight and nine are kinda wasteful and I quickly forget about it in general.
Oh well I am just going to rank book 11's chapters in three sections and be done with it. 

The good
Chapter 1, Iemitsu telling Kayo about the past, felt random but the insight was good.
- Chapter 4, The little focus on Omatsu and Taichi's relationship and that it'll surely work out for them.
-  Chapter 5, Tsuzumi's past and motivation.
Chapter 6, Shiguragi and Zantetsu's past and why they attacked Sakyou's family.
- Chapter 10, Kamui getting past jealousy and realizing what's really important.
Chapter 11, This was enjoyable, also the effort in changing Hanzo's sprite gets points from me.

 The so-so
- Chapter 2, Tatsukage's perspective on what they did for Nobuhara, nice but thats it.
 Chapter 3, Habakitsuki being annoying yet actually shows she cares for Saneaki, dunno but it ok.
 Chapter 7, Karula's past and him explaining part of the truth to Tsuzu.
 Chapter 12, Yagyuu trying to look after Enishi-sama while Enishi just does whatever. www.
Chapter 13, More Kei is good and the insight on Kamuro's origin was good but otherwise meh.

The bad
- Chapter Eight, Madara and Hachimoku's adventures in edo, idek what was the point.
- Chapter 9, Choushichirou realizing bullying the weak is no good, yeah I know he's a kid but still.
 When you finish all books you unlock the last one, which brings us back to the bridal procession.
Everyone introduces themselves and gives you the option to get nostalgic with your favorite samurai.

Ranking of the characters past(In terms of how traumatic):
Saneaki > Sakyou & Kei > Enishi > Tsuzu > Suzukake.
Saneaki really had it rough and having your parents killed infront of you... oh poor Kei
but unlike Sakyou, Kei atleast had his grandparents around.
Compared to that Enishi's a bit in the middle and Suzukake's was pretty tame compared to the rest.

Best winter chapter:
Kei > Sakyou > Enishi > Suzukake > Tsuzuramaru > Saneaki .
They were all good and while Kei's the funniest, Tsuzu having his first fever was cute but
other than that I sorta one-eyed the rest of the chapter, Saneaki was the least memorable to me.

Fave character:
Again not much point in this since I like everyone but let me say that
I developed a slight bias for Kei and Sakyou after finishing this game.
As for Kamui, I used to dislike him but his side story in this FD made me understand and like him a bit more.

Final Thoughts
みんな 大好き
 First of all let me say that this was an extremely long Fandisk... longer than any other I've played.
Not gonna lie at one point I was just tired of it because there is so much that I am
overwhelmed by it, so I naturally slowed down my pace of going through this game.
Still this FD is a great addition to the KgK franchise, firstly because it helps
to flesh out the characters by going into the characters past and which helps us
 to better understand their motivations and in the case of Enishi it helped me a lot
and they also go further into endings via side stories (even the bad end).
Most of the continuations of the bad ends are just heartwrenching that I naturally
prefer the happier ones even if some character like Enishi's have the most
development in their bad one but still don't you want them to be happy? I sure do.
Bottom line is that I got more from this FD than I ever asked for...

Not many FD go this far usually its just an after story and one funny gag scenario but in this FD
for better or for worse there's more than one side story, AU, prequels to fill in the gap etc.
 I mean what else was rejet supposed to do? KgK for V already gave us after stories for every ending.
More enjoyable AU side stories before a certain point in the story is not a bad idea, they
even went as far as expand upon certain endings which is more than what most companies do with FD's.
Some of the plot in some of the side stories was nothing to write home about they atleast
 gave us plenty of fun and memorable scenes like for example Saneaki and the kitties.
  Not everything may have been as interesting but opinions are gonna differ on that.

 There were so many CG's there was like one for every chapter and the sprites were beautiful and
i'd love to say that Rejet used their budget well however the content of the cg's is questionable.
There are some missed opportunities + weirdly angled CG's but imo the overall quality
wasn't that bad if anything this FD made me realize just how much I love Yomi's art!

System wise the only real flaw was that we could not go to the chapter menu from the main menu
but this is easily fixed by making a save in the POV change in the first chapter at book 1.
since as soon as a chapter ends you are booted into the chapter select screen.
Hahaha now every time I want to start a new SS I will look at Saneaki pointing a sword at Tsuzu's butt. 😂
Speaking of the POV change, its nice but I can't help but think its added
 to add a bit more volume to the earlier stories not that that is bad or anything.
Honestly though I wasn't even in the mood to sit through all of them....esp in book 2.
The only other annoying thing was the speed for auto mode, even on the fastest settings
it is so slow during monologues... like come on rejet why you do this?

This FD was a lot better than other FD I played in 2016 based on the content alone
and I can say that its definitely worth the price in comparison to others.
Sangoku Rensenki omoide gaeshi or C:R FD was so short compared to this...
Rejet gave us more than what Otomate usually puts into their FD's.
Oh and just saying Rejet did not falsely advertise this game because we got exactly what was promised.
 ''More stories that goes deeper into the world and characters of Ken ga Kimi.''
Unlike otomate showing off wedding outfit when only one guy got a wedding end in the C:R FD.
Can't help but mention that... because it is true. 😏
As for C:R FD, its worth noting that in comparison both aren't just fluffy FD's
and that some stories still have weight to them, sadly KgG FD doesn't have any kiss cg's
there's kissing in some stories but not seen visually sigh atleast C:R delivered on that, oh well
in KgK everyone already had a kiss cg in the original as variation so dunno why i'm complaining.

I'd say its worth a purchase if you absolutely loved the original KgK as the FD has everything a fan
of ken ga kimi can ask for, really who doesn't want to know about the guys past in detail?
or fill in the gaps about certain matters the original couldn't go into?
I enjoyed this FD a lot even if not all side stories were interesting, yes i'm honest on that one.
If they'd make more KgK like drama cds's i'd probably just throw my money at rejet
but more games? nah... I feel like they told everything there was to tell after finishing this game.

Since KgK is so popular I hope Rejet realizes how much we want similair otome games like this
and not just dark and edgy stuff, Dance with Devils isn't a bad series infact I enjoyed the anime
but more stuff like Beyond the Future, Dot Kareshi or even Yamanote Boys would be great.
I doubt the original Ken ga Kimi will ever get an english release, I want it to happen so much
but it seems like a pain to translate because of it being a wafuu otomege...
Still if Hyakka Hyakurou is able to get a localization then surely KgK isn't impossible.

Well 2017 is off to a good start for me, gonna work on Haruka 6 Grentou Rondo next.


  1. Thanks for the review.

    Its a shame some of the side stories are kind of wasteful...
    I guess it can't be helped at this point and like you said its
    better than nothing but tis good the game goes into important matters
    that could not be told.

  2. Hello. Any chance you would be willing to translate these songs?

    Ken ga Kimi Momoyo Tsuzuri Duet Song Muhyo no Sho Kuroba Saneaki, Sagihara Sakyo 月映え
    Ken ga Kimi Momoyo Tsuzuri Duet Song Yunagi no Sho Kei, Enishi 夏疾風
    Ken ga Kimi Momoyo Tsuzuri Duet Song Yunagi no Sho Kei, Enishi 夏疾風~縁~
    Ken ga Kimi Momoyo Tsuzuri Duet Song Yunagi no Sho Kei, Enishi 夏疾風~螢~

    Thanks for your time. Take care.