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Best and Worst Otome Games of 2016

Welcome to another yearly issue of best and worse otome games I played during the year.
Yes even if they aren't technically released in 2016, these are the ones I played this year.
I will be using three categories, Terrible, Neutral and Best.
Once again this is all in my personal opinion.

1, Angelique Retour.
2, Norn9 Var Commons and Ozmafia. *English*
3, Zettai Meikyuu Himitsu no Oyayubi-hime.
4, Yunohana Spring.
5, Getsuei no Kusari Sakuran Paranoia.
6, Sangoku Rensenki ~Otome no heihou~ Omoide Gaeshi.
7, Eikoku Tantei Mysteria the Crown.
8, Moshi, Kono Sekai Kami-sama ga iru to suru naraba.
9, Wand of Fortune R.
10, Scared Rider Xechs Rev.
11, Kenka Bancho Otome.
12, Period Cube ~Torikago no Amdeus~.
13, Taishou x Alice -All in One-.
14, SA7 Silent Ability Seven.
15, Moujuutachi to Ohime-sama.
16, Collar x Malice.
17, Oumagatoki ~Kakuriyo no Enishi~.
18, Yuukyuu no Tierblade -Lost Chronicle-.
19, Geten no Hana.
20, Suuran Digit.
21, Meiji Tokyo Renka Full Moon.
22, Code: Realize FD.
Trial / Demo
These won't be put into any categories.
 Koezaru wa Akai Hana.
Torikago no Marriage ~Hatsukoi no Tsubasa~.
Orfleurs ~Koufuku no Hanataba~.

💩Terrible Otome Games '16.💩
Not sure if want...
 Zettai Meikyuu Himitsu no Oyayubi-hime.
Yeah this was something alright, I only liked Lune and Kuro/Tsubame no Kishi routes as imo those
were the most otome routes in the whole game, too many routes overlap with each other.
Lune, Svia and Esheru routes are the only original route that do not overlap into others...
The overall story you say? an absolute tangled mess.
Also I dislike how Karin-ent gave the flower prince such a halfed assed route. >_>
Like I felt nothing and was over before I know it, funny since Flower Prince
is supposed the actual love interest? also the treatment to him in the true end... T~T
Overall Oyayubi-hime is a mediocre otome game, may be perfect for those just starting out though.
Also if you like Yuri, Svia and Esheru shouldn't disappoint you but overall it was a disappointment.

I liked some parts of it but it has so many things that gross me out it just becomes a terrible
experience to me, sorry but its sadly one of the worst otome games I played this year.
The story is not that bad its just too many things which freak me out like
kidnapping/attempted rape etc like this is seriously going to need an acquired taste.
 Also who thought it was a good idea to give every guy a traumatic past related to abuse?!
Most of which were told during letters that are side stories as ''background''.
 FFS Rejet this isn't funny! hell no it isn't!
Maybe if you're into twisted yandere onii-chans this otomege may be saved for you
 but still Masato is definitely one of the worst I have ever encountered, good grief.
My fav route and chara was Shuri, I liked Neji too but the revelation in his route was just.... sigh.
The only reason this is under worst is because it really wasn't all that fun to sit through in general
but was it bad? no it wasn't the story still was solid its just that one revelation
ruined a lot of things, rejet sure went all out and I am surprised this isn't an R-18 PC game.

Period Cube ~Torikago no Amadeus~.
I can only praise this game for its characters but everything else is mediocre also plot holes everywhere!
Its rather short and the romance is rushed, oh and did if you die in the game you die IRL?
Geez where have we heard that before? does SAO ring any bells?
 If you can stand games centered on onii-chan (canon or not) this one like Moshikami may be better
to you but if you can't please avoid, 6000 yen for Pcube wasn't worth the volume and mess of a story I got.
 TBH I still think Moshikami was the better game overall, Pcube is very shallow in comparison.
Atleast the english release will be much cheaper like 30$? so if you still want to give it a go
don't hesitate to support aksys games even if their translation may leave a lot to be desired.

SA7 Silent Ability Seven.
Another otome game from petit-reve! I still believe most of their games are for a younger audience...
Honesty if you don't care for mediocrity and are a fan of Terashima Takuma
then by all means go for it because IMO Rei, Arthur and Rihito's route shouldn't disappoint.
The story is cliche and doesn't take itself seriously.. imo it doesn't even handle the spy theme well
and when it did, they pulled it off in the most mediocre way, the only plus was the voiced heroine.
There are also too many routes and only a few contribute well to the overall plot...
At the end of the day the heroine ends up with guy X but some loose ends make me wonder is it really over?
Meh... I already had no expectations for this one but was still let down
I go as far as recommending Soukai Buccaneers over SA7, not only was the art better
the guys are actually more desireable and likeable, even if the plot was also average at best.

 Moujuutachi to Ohime-sama.
 If there was one otome game this year that was the definition of wasted potential its this one.
  Personally I don't think this was that bad but it still didn't live up to the moujuutsukai to ouji-sama at all.
 Otomate, son I am disappoint!
If you want a short and sweet otome game with you favorite seiyuu and want to pet animal boys
but don't care for the quality of the plot this should still satisfy you even Julia the heroine of this
 is just so average compared to Tiana,  in my opinion overall it was not really memorable
and honestly its definitely yet another otomate title not worth blowing 6000 yen on.
As a fan of Moujuutsukai I am really disapointed, we all know the quality of most
of otomate's games leave much  to be desired that's for sure but eh that doesn't mean
they don't make good games! they've always been hit or miss so it cannot be helped!

Oumagatoki ~Kakuriyo no Enishi~.
While I liked this otome game it was really long and some routes were boring/filler-ish
and also reminded me of some of quinrose games and how not every route was worth it.
The only worthwhile route was Tokiwa's since it was essentially about him all along
and well Hayate was the only other route I actually liked all the way through because
he's just a cute cinnamon roll and super likeable in general, orz is my bias showing again?
 Sadly Oumagatoki couldn't even make me care for like half of its cast and thats bad.
While the other guys are all cool and seemingly interesting, their development didn't live up to it.
Souta,Yoimiya, Tsukishiro's routes were snoozefests, Souta in general doesn't stand out at all and at
the end of the day Yoimiya is nothing but a teacher figure to me... Tsukishiro? just a horny fox. -_-
In the end I can say that I enjoyed some of it for what its worth but if you don't have
the patience for ye olde style otome games anymore you better ignore this one.
😕Neutral opinion of otome games '16:😕
I... am not so sure about these but they're not bad.
Angelique Retour.
Remake of one of the classic which was one of the earliest otome games, I like it but am not sure
about it, the system while easy becomes tedious due to RNG, the overall plot doesn't make me
want to pursue all of the boys either, I only ever did one route and that was Zephel
 he's hella cute but the motivation to do the others after one play is almost not there at all
and at the moment I am trying to do Brian but its going pretty slow.
Sigh I just am unable to give it a better place because the story is so simplistic, sorry. 

Norn9 Var Commons.*English*
Translation issues aside, I liked it but the story was pretty average and was almost not there at all.
Also due to lose ends and plot holes only explained in Norn9 Last Era I just sorta
 gave up on this series. Sure there's 3 voiced heroines and in my opinion most if not all
 the guys were likeable but when you start to explain plotholes in a Fandisk
I'm just not sure about it anymore, I like norn9 but not sure if I want to import Last Era
and invest more in this series because of the likeable cast.
Gotta say that if the other two norn's were to get localized i'd -probably- still support this series...

I remember that I was mostly having a good time and Kirie is definitely the best boy
but it really wasn't that great of an otome overall, first of all I don't like NTR
the concept may be great but I just feel so bad for the other guy.
Secondly the brothel route... I am like can you not? it was disgusting the only
good part was that we could make fun of that ass hat Dorian Gray.
In all honestly Manboy should just have gotten a route instead...
The story only gets explained in the true end unlocked after doing everything else
  The routes themselves? they don't have much of a plot other than
 getting together with one of the guys, it was very character focussed
which in some cases like Robin Hood was still interesting
but after finishing the grand end I sorta feel like something is missing, the japanese vita port
apparently has extra content like new routes and after stories but IDK if its worth it.
Other than that the art was amazing but the jingle thing you get when switching screens was annoying AF.
Its available in english and please do support mangagamer if you want to try it for yourself.

Scared Rider Xechs Rev.
 Long common route, not much of an individual route, despite being cool and unique with its setting
I cannot say this is a good otomege, its very repetitive also did I mention plot holes?
It was a fun ride in general and I liked all of the guys except one...
Sadly the otome part of the game leaves a lot to be desired but was it fun? hell yes. 

Sangoku Rensenki ~Otome no heihou~ Omoide Gaeshi.
Fandisc of Sangoku Rensenki, its a nice treat for fans of the original but other than that not much else.
I don't really have much to say about it not that there was much to say, the after stories were nice
but the gag scenario was tedious to complete with all characters, the magic only works once is really
the best way to put it in this case, the little scenes along the way with each guy were still fun though.

 Eikoku Tantei Mysteria the Crown.
Honestly I loved Mysteria but due to the new cliffhanger at the grand after scenario in the vita port...
I just cannot praise this otome game that much its not even funny how unfinished it is, sigh.
Also the blatant bias for Lupan was too much, as much as I liked him they went overboard, lol.
Some of the new after stories were cringe worthy to me but I can't wait for the inevitable sequel...
whenever that may be, honestly i'm already losing interest and hype
the longer I am waiting for the official announcement of a possible sequel
because while I enjoyed it, it partly felt so incomplete and not satisfying at all
the longer they wait with announcing it the more I am just not interested anymore.

Yunohana Spring + FD.
Hmmm I liked it but its only good as a palate changer with otome games that have a heavy story
and you just wanna relax for once without having to orry about bad ends which YS doesn't have.
The FD wasn't that special which still had the same problems the original game had.
I don't even have the energy to make a review of it, since its something one is surely able to enjoy in someway.

Suuran Digit.
For the most part I liked this game but it doesn't use its setting to its full potential.
Its also rather short and most of the route ended in a manner with is that really it?
I may be too lenient toward this otomege because I liked so many things about it
one being that actual girls are around that aren't annoying which imo is great.
The side stories that take place after routes were fun so even if
this otomege would never get a FD I was still satisfied with what I got.
If you are looking for a well rounded otomege this isn't it, first it being too short
and secondly leaving much to be desired! its only good if you want something short
and don't have the attention span for something like collar x malice.
I don't know where to place it, it wasn't bad per se but not exactly good either...

Code: Realize Shukufuku no Mirai.
Long awaited fandisc that shouldn't disappoint you as it solves some plot threads
 most routes didn't solve, while also going into the characters past.
Sadly not everyone had the greatest of after stories, still salty about the treatment of Saint-G.
I enjoyed everything the fd had to offer but I can only recommended this for fans of the original. 
🏆Best Otome Games '16.🏆
Otomege that are satisfying to finish as a whole no matter the content.
Getsuei no Kusari Sakuran Paranoia.
GnK may not be for everyone since its depressive nature, but it certainly was well written
it deals with a town facing an economical crisis and another plus most of the guys are mature etc.
I enjoyed it for what it is and tried to do, however if you expect this to be lighthearted with tons
of sugar content then you will be disappointed because GnK is not lighthearted in the slightest.
If you want a mature otome game and do not mind depressive content or twisted romance then this one is for you.

Wand of Fortune R.
Audio quality, RNG and cumbersome system aside, the boys make the journey worth it!
Though its sad none of the individual route/endings actually matter other than hint at what's to
come since WoF R2 continues from the true end... that aside i'm still excited for the sequel!

 Kenka Bancho Otome.
I was pretty meh about KBO but that all changed once I played it, its suprisingly fun.
The comedy was pure gold though I wish that after most guys find out the truth about Hinako
they shouldn't treat her as a fragile flower because she totally is not and the only route
that handled it well was Houo's because Hikaru finally got his just dessert for being a wimp.
Sadly I have to say that all routes follow a template that could make things predictable so while it is
far from perfect its still really enjoyable and definitely one otome you shouldn't miss out on.

  Taisho x Alice -All in One.
Despite being episodic, its well written and each episode makes you want to pursue the truth even more.
 The characters and comedy were great and this imo is a fine adaptation of Alice in wonderland.
Taishou x Alice is definitely a gem you shouldn't miss out on and the vita port
 is the best way to play this game since it contains all episodes.
Its also getting localized by e2gaming... after all that's happened I am willing to give them
the benefit of the doubt so its a wait and see for me to what kind of quality comes out of it.

Collar x Malice.
A mystery otome game, that is not light hearted in the slightest also I am sure
even those not familair with otome games could enjoy it because the heroine
for the most part is competent albeit a bit slow.
I really enjoyed it despite it having some minor flaws like the real culprit being easy to guess
and a few pacing issues but other than that its great detective stuff.
This is getting localized next year so please support aksys games by buying it if it interests you.

Yuukyuu no Tierblade ~Lost Chronicle-.
A sci-fi romantic adventure featuring awesome mech battles.
 I may not have watched that many Mecha anime but I really managed to enjoy it.
This game had it all, romance, story and a great heroine.
Its probably one of my favorite new otome game I have read this year and I've read a lot 
so thats gotta say something! Collar x Malice came close but Tierblade is just icing on the cake.
I honestly wish this would get localized.

Geten no Hana (with Yume Akari.)
Sigh... Geten no Hana has everything a good otome should have, a good plot, charming characters
and a decent dose of romantic interaction, what more would you want?
Like most of koei's games the scenes aren't long and this makes it great for people
who can't hold their attention in long visual novels also the system isn't anoying either.
The vita port comes with the sequel as well so its a worthwhile investment if you haven't played either.
- As of february '17 I have completed both games and still whole heartedly recommend it.

Meiji Tokyo Renka Full Moon.
Its not the best otome game ever but you'll most likely have a good time and laugh your butt off.
The best points are the characters, comedy and the dummy head mic but everything else
 like the overall story in the routes is average and the heroine is shallow.
Nothing really stood out to me except the guys in general and the voice acting.
  Meikoi truly is a romance oriented otome game and was supposed to be a mobile game
so the lack of a good overall plot makes sense and between this or the recent oumagatoki
Meikoi is obviously the better choice also dat dummy head mic... 👌👌👌

Special section (ninja edited in)

Most disliked
Dorian Gray - ~Ozmafia~
Yuuji - ~Scared Rider Xechs~
Yajur - ~Yuukyuu no Tierblade~

Astram - ~Period Cube~
Wizard - ~Moujuu-tachi~
 Wataru - ~Getsuei no Kusari~.
Alice - Taishou x Alice.

Surprise favorite
Sangoku Rensenki - Uncho/Koumei(FD increased the bias).
 Lupin JR - ~Eikoku Tantei Mysteria~.
Takayuki Konparu - ~Kenka Banchi Otome~
Hayate -Oumagatoki Kakuriyo no Enishi-
  Atharva - ~Yuukyuu no Tierblade~
Oda Nobuyuki - ~Geten no Hana~.

Well... thats it for my year end post!
Ken ga Kimi FD, Harukanaru toki no naka de 6 GR and Getsuei no kusari FD need to wait.
No way I could finish all those b4 the end of the year.

2017 to buy list:
 Hana Oboro ~Sengoku-den Ranki~. (Maybe...)
Hyakka Hyakurou Sengoku Ninponchou.
Harukanaru toki no naka de 3 ultimate.
Wand of Fortune R2.
Shiro to Kuro no Alice. *Maybe* Only interested in Luna side...
Ninkoi FD. *Maybe...*
Variable Barricade. *Interested but need more info first*

Still need to play:
Geten no Hana Yume Akari.

English localizations:
I probably won't get ones i've already played... but i'd support BAW and Nightshade atleast.
Period Cube.💬
Bad Apple Wars.💫
Collar x Malice.
Code: Realize FD.
Hakuouki shinkai -kyoto winds-.(psvita remake with even more guys) ಠ_ಠ💬
Taishou x Alice.
Nighshade (Hyakka Hyakurou Sengoku Ninpou-chou).

Also if I was really bored and out of otomege or other games to play I'm considering both
Psychedelica games but only if I am really out of games and do not want to do anything else, lol.
I keep saying i'm going to buy those two games but part of me hopes for a localization...
Also speaking of localization would it kill Koei to get on with the flow?
I wouldn't even mind if its only a steam port at this point, anything for the world
 to experience the classic Angelique(Retour) or suffer at the hand of Darius at harutoki6.
 Still considering what we are already getting I can't complain, I just wish
Koei would see that there is a market now and there's no need to hold back.

Here's to another otome filled year! and considering all the upcoming localizations it sure will!

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