Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Otome Games with Great Heroines

Well its time for one of these because without a decent heroine there would be no
 good story for us to enjoy, yeah seriously go think about it.
Otome games aren't all about pretty boys... its the heroine that connects the dots.
There are of course plenty more otome game heroines that I listed but then this list
 would be endless so I tried to put heroines whom's games are unlocalized in the spotlight
but that doesn't mean I won't mention a few of them also the order doesn't mean much.

1, Lulu - Wand of Fortune.
 Her cheerfulness is infectious! she stays mostly positive despite the situation.
Lulu is just so cute in general and yet oh so badass like for example in Alvaro's route!
 Overall I think she's stands out the most compared to the average heroine sadly
in the sequel her cheerfulness is toned down considerably which I think was a shame.

~2 - tie~
2, Cardia Beckford - Code: Realize.
 She starts out as a timid girl but she really grows over the course of the game
and thanks to Lupin the gang she learns a few badass moves too, however
she's still very insecure and again without the boys she wouldn't have made it.
2, Eve - Yuukyuu no Tierblade.

Can be compared to Cardia so I will tie since they both live in solitude for a long time, granted
Eve has her AI but still... anyway over the course of the game she grows and had to endure too much.
She really shined in some routes such as Yajur or Roh, Eve will hold her ground she shows she's not
about to hand herself over to some yandere fruitcake with a few loose kiwi's.

3, Kasuga Nozomi - Harukanaru toki no naka de 3.
 She's just your average highschool girl who isn't afraid to pick up a sword and fight to protect
the things for the things she cares about, she won't sit on her butt when someone locks her up either.
Nozomi just happened to obtain a little bit of power  along the way she no doubt would
wipe the floor with most other Harukanaru heroines, one thing is for sure she's no mary sue.
Nozomi is certainly not afraid to make a certain battle crazed man
want her so much he turns into her personal manslave😂😂😂yep she's quite courageous.
Because of all this it may be hard to relate... she's not exactly a typical girl but I guess
this makes her all the more interesting i'd rather have a proactive heroine than a doormat.
Gotta say I do not like her that much but she kicks ass, I mean who else fought
a battle crazed man to the death to make him want her?
I also find it funny how no one mentions her despite Harutoki 3 being a otomege from 2004
is it because the original harutoki takes the spotlight due to having a 24 ep anime
and long running manga? I wish more people gave Harutoki 3 a chance.

~4 - tie~
4, Hotaru - Geten no Hana.
 Hotaru is a shinobi and she strives to be a great one much like Enju below
so I cannot help but tie them together, however Hotaru still has a lot of insecurities
which causes her to hesitate a lot since she is still a girl but this also makes it interesting.
She has to pretend to be a princess and also a Shinobi who lives in the shadows
its only naturally her heart wavers at times, its not easy trying to hide your true self
while doing your mission and maybe finding love.

4, Enju - Hyakka Hyakurou.

At first she's a selfless ninja full of naive dreams but due to story it shattered and gets pulled into a
conspiracy and she grew in some routes more than others but doesn't hold her own life highly
but with support of the guys she'll learn just that and in turn help them TL;DR she's great.

5, Nakayama Hinako - Kenka Bancho Otome.
A girl who under circumstances has to pretend to be a guy and act like a yankee which in turn
means she has to fight other guys because her brother Hikaru is a wuss, sadly most romance
 routes treat her like a fragile flower when she's not which brought down potential.
Which is why she is a little lower than others but the friendship route made up for that so eh who cares.
6, Tiana - Moujuutsukai to Ouji-sama.
 Overall she was a great heroine with a dream, not one to back down and a caring person in general
seriously what more do you want in a heroine? I can't write much
since its been so long but Tiana is definitely out there.

7, Fuyuura Megumi - Getsuei no Kusari.
 Megumi is quite independent runs a restaurant and tries hard to get around... she cares a lot for her bro.
I think she's very strong even though often she is at the point of breaking down she's twisted
 in her own way but keeps her head high nonetheless, I can't help but put her out there for these facts alone.

8, Sendo Futaba - Trigger Kiss.
I thought she was pretty cool and isn't afraid to speak her mind which often leads to hilarity.
Don't got much to say about her except that she was awesome and deserved more
romantic time with the guys which is sadly what Trigger Kiss lacked.

~9- tie~
8, Kayo - Ken ga Kimi.
 She may be a bit of a mary sue/goody two shoes but she can hold her ground and defend herself
 if necessary and considering the time period this is great, while she is one of my favs
I have to rank her higher than others because of obvious reasons.

9, Kuga Mikoto - Norn9.
 While she is a strong-willed tsundere heroine she hides her weak self behind stubborn barriers of pride.
I think she's interesting... but norn9 isn't exactly one of my favorite otomege's.

10, Yukimura Chizuru - Hakuouki.
 I think she is pretty cool considering the setting, she goes out on her own to find her father
knowing the risk, she's lucky to run into the shinsengumi even if she's often saved and for
what its worth I think she's out there especially in the english speaking otome fandom
but even though she is willing to fight she is always being saved, thus causing trouble
for everyone around her which some people could find irritating.
If anything its her courage to find out the truth that people may like more.

11, Violette - Reine Des Fleurs.
As a heroine she's up there for being selfish, I may not have liked her game but she's something else.
I just wish the game wasn't a pain to play, a mystical mumbo jumbo story wise and more fleshed out in certain areas.

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