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Kenka Bancho Otome ~Kanzen Muketsu no My Honey~- Review

 喧嘩番長乙女 ~完全無欠のマイハニー~
Game: [Kenka Bancho Otome] 
Genre: Otome Visual Novel. 
Developer: Red entertainment and published by Spike Chunsoft.
Platform: PS Vita.
Release date: 2017-07-27

The fandisk of Kenka Bancho Otome... well it must've done pretty well to warrant one!
Since the previous installment was a last minute digital purchase, this suffered the same fate.
I didn't really pay attention to prerelease info or the anime shorts.
 Said anime just turned out to be an advertisement with mash ups from the original game.
When I looked at the official site I honestly found it rather lacklustre...
From what I did gather this FD contains side stories(summer themed) and after stories...
which was honestly all a fan needed to know, Whether this was word it or not... saa let's find out.
  I expected them to be fun and/or sweet but alas most were not as it seemed.
Also they have the first anime ep in the game itself.... dunno if just a preview
for the bluray release but it seems like a waste of space.

- Still the same old boys we all know and love.
 - Comedy.
- A fun and to the point side story on da beech.

- Long loading, slow text skip which is bothersome in side scenario.
- Rintarou's after story is downright terrible.
- The writer still uses the same template for everything maybe its his/her thing.

The game is divided into two sections, first of is the after stories set after the love ends
in the original game, nothing else to it really. Secondly there's a summer camp scenario
which is sort of an AU friend scenario. Characters are grouped together such as
 Totomaru&Konparu, Kirarin&Yuuta or Hikaru&Sakaguchi etc.
Your choices in that scenario determines who you're grouped with at the end of that dunno
 the whole thing was maybe 4 hours at most, not including repeat play for other pair up.
The comedy is still golden and almost never a dull moment one could say its a pointless
scenario with nothing to gain but why would you have a problem with camaraderie? I don't.
I already started snickering less that 10 minutes in, compared to the last vn I played this is g r e a t
but I didn't have much fun doing everything in there for completion's sake
and you have to fight everyone once including minor chara for a trophy and it is here
I realized the loading time is sinfully slow... probably cuz Unity but it ain't rear pheles bad.

In short its an enjoyable FD to fans of the original but I thought the original wrapped most
stuff up nicely, I already said this but it must've done well enough for it to happen!
I guess if you hated the whole now that they know she's a girl and the guy trying to protect her
or stop her from fighting then it will be a partial miss cuz some of the after stories continue
 that line of thinking but they do try to make them come to terms on it that Hinako can hold her own.
The summer camp scenario is like an AU friend route for everyone... so there's that too
and you already know I liked it for what it was no need to go into it. 
All in all its not bad its just that some after stories are either a hit or a miss my favs were  Konparu
and Totomaru... the rest just followed with Rintarou dead last honestly even Houou was better.
The FD is decent but also a little short despite each story having some length
to it but still has that stupid template which in some was more noticeable than others.
When I look back only Totomaru and Konparu's after stories were really
enjoyable to me and the content they had is what I expect of fandisks.
I want to see the characters under relaxed circumstance not
drama about yakuza gangs or a brother yearning for attention. -_-
There's not much else left to say... without being more detailed is there?

Ramblings and possible spoiler and/or CG's after the jump.


~Summer camp~
They participate in aspecial training camp during summer and learn
a unique sport that mixes volleyball and kungfu at the behest of a schoolmate. 
 Tho I liked how said schoolmate had to explain this none existant sport... 
plus all the constant jabs how at first no one knows it.
Too bad Hikaru's gay antics towards Yuuta went on for far too long...
all while Sakaguchi trying to contain him, overall it was fun so it all good
and it gave some of the side characters more quality screen time as well.
Totomaru had the summer of his dreams that's for sure.
The problem is doing it multiple times for completion sake of pairing up/fighting everybody. 
To me this scenario was only fun the first time, a skip to the next choice would be so swell but alas.

Totomaru & Konparu.
 ...When you get stuck with these two dorks during the test of courage
Totomaru turns out to be the biggest wush and they'll bicker bout silly stuff.
Totomaru declares his undying brotherly love... for them making Konparu be like hazukashii
then it gets spooky and they all run for the hills cue Sakaguchi ends up following the screams.
The whole thing was a 3p showing how great the trio's bond was.

Kirarin & Yuuta.
 So when you get stuck with these, Kirarin(Yuuta gave him this nickname) ends up
being mr:serious business and stops Yuuta from getting closer to Hinako(Hikaru), the two
just go at each other but not in a bad way only for Totomaru and Konparu
to run through them like headless chickens, they can only wonder but from what?
The rest was pretty boring... they had a mock battle on da beech and look at the stars later.
Maybe its the copy pasta or I just didn't care for this pair up.

Houou & Sakaguchi.
 Dunno for some reason Houhou was twice as chuuni in this side story, his passion
for the martial arts is so fiery as a phoenix, pun intended.
 Well unlike the last pair up this was actually more fun maybe its because of Sakaguchi.
Hinako just got tired and snoozed till the others came and be loud AF making Sakaguchi mad.
Nothing else to it really... what does it even matter who she pairs up with. :/

 Nakayima Hikaru & Sakaguchi Haruo.
CV: Tsubasa Yonaga & CV: Kondo Takashi.
 Hikaru is still annoying and his fanboyant love towards Yuuta is still 300%
I understand the need Sakaguchi has to erase Yuuta's very existance.😅
Yeah well for some reason Hinako ends up not going along with the test of courage
and Sakaguchi flips his shit when he can't find Hikaru only for him to be closeby watching
a dvd featuring Yuuta... and they just stay inside untill Sakaguchi baws like a manchild
so they go out for a walk trying not to run into the others, Sakaguchi continues to baw
realizing he's gonna take good care of these cuties, this felt like a family end lol.


~After stories~ 
Obviously the main dish of this fandisc set post love end, the FD just have more everyday problems 
for them both despite that it was still fun except that Rintarou and Houou's could be handled better. 
It wasn't that long nor that short... atleast everyone got the same amount of cg's.
I am just going to be honest here, I never liked every dude the same way 
so I will not view everything with rose-colored glasses.

Mirako Yuuta.
CV: Tetsuya Kakihara.
Yeah what if they actually saw us... that would be bad right?
Gonna be honest here, I never really liked him and while the idea of idol yankee is nice
I just... wasn't convinced by his route in the original game, it was pretty generic idol drama
to the point I'd say its out of place in general but I think his personality is what really shines.
Its ok if you like him I just don't and thus I did him first as if to get him out of my hair and well
his after story was more of the same stuff as the original game so... welp.
So Yuuta is uh he's pretty over protective and tells yankee low life to GTFO
and leave his ''boyfriend'' alone, yeah those low life don't know he is a she still, cue gay jokes.
For some reason Hinako is hazukashii... about the way Yuuta acts, too be honest this
as a whole felt like an extension of the original game and school life goes on
also watch out for scandal! possible idol drama... you know why I avoid games centered on
idols right? because it has the most predictable tropes of scandals and idols must be pure and
give their all to the fans, so relationship is forbidden! I swear almost everywhere I see that it is the same.
Since this is post love end the whole i'll protect you crap went on but they did have
some cute moments I just got a little bored at times since due to plot  the 2 couldn't be together
since he's an idol so then we have Hinako spent with the others which he acted out on purpose. Z_z
  The only thing that saves Yuuta for me is his jelly personality... making her want him.
 PSst... how could I let a girl fight, I should be the one to protect her but if it you that's taking care of me it fine.
Parts I liked: Sakaguchi being a dork in public trying to choose clothes and making Hinako
embarassed. Yuuta and Hinako going out and Yuuta hiding her behind him.
Also where the dudes put Hinako in the maid costume to throw the other team off & so they all went
Hikaru can't possible be this cute only for Yuuta to come in and be like dun touch MINE hssss.
He doesn't want others to see her as a girl... that's sweet but also rather possessive.
The plot resolution caught me by surprise but other than that I think its meh overall.
Well these two can live in their little world trying to keep their relation a secret...
and cover for each other but personally? I want no part in this trashy idol drama any longer.
I don't think this was bad or anything its just he's never been my fave so I can't really care. 😥
 Romance ★★★☆☆ (Yuuta's a jelly aidoru yankee.)
Plot ★★★☆☆ (Romancing an aidoru is suffering.)
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆ (I never liked Yuuta so it felt like a drag but its enjoyable.)

Minowa Totomaru.
 Totomaru is the definition of a teen rebel, rebelling against his parents
for the way they treat him and just doesn't want to go along and follow in their footsteps.
Totomaru is also a true bro, he's nice to his friends, I remember him being real sweet in the end
of the previous game but the rest is pretty much a blur, gomen ne.
 Well I do know I never disliked him in the original, he's one of those good friends but also
don't wanna mess with so I am glad this turned out to be good unlike the previous disaster
that was Yuuta, this was more enjoyable to me by far like the two had a more normal
relationship and Toto's such a dork, Konparu has to remind him Hinako's coming
and all the yankee's turn into fanboys at the sight of a highschool girl. Sakaguchi hates Totomaru and
Hikaru can't stand the lovey dovey atmosphere and wants nothing but to reverse the situation.
TBH Hikaru should opt for gender change if he wants to be a kawaii highschool girl that much.
OK don't hurt me for that... lmao Hikaru's trap antics are fine I just had to write that just once.
This after story was like a romantic love comedy... and early on certain folks are just irritated
and not giving our couple their moments but they'll still get them and Toto's the sweetest
the drama/plot was peeps think Toto's become a big softie now that he has a girlfriend so they plot
something, the way this was handled was good compared to certain other after stories in this FD
like this is the stuff I come to expect and I get they can't make everything the same... but still
it was also nice to see Hinako live her life as a normal girl for once like talk with girls her age etc.
Totomaru just wants Hinako to rely on him more... even tho she could handle it.
Oh my gosh Totomaru is just so incredible sweet and caring guy...  💕
I wish I could write more but this sums it up... I didn't pay that much attention to plot not
that there was much just real typical stuff but it ok because its enjoyable as a whole.
My yankee boyfriend can't possible be this sweet!
 Romance ★★★★☆ (Totomaru's is such a sweet boi.)
Plot ★★★★☆ (a bit comedic early on but decent overall.)
Enjoyment overall ★★★★★ (This was such a treat in more ways than one.)

Onigashima Houou.
CV: Maeno Tomoaki.
Don't be fooled the after wasn't all that but I wish it was.
Considering they're already hitched at the end of the previous game and the whole situation was
settled I really wonder what they could add to that, well let's just say there's something alright.
Honestly I do like Houou he's cool really and I got nothing against him BELIEVE ME!
 but all this was pretty generic like Houou and Hinako can't see each other much so one starts to worry.
So where to begin? the people working in the onigashima household are basically like
our mistress can't possible be this cute, I want half of it! Hikaru is a raging bitch
now that he has to be himself and go to live up to his responsibilites at shishiku
he wants nothing more to strip Hinako of her clothes and be the trap he so wants to be. 😂
Houou on the other hand is a hard working boi... so they end up spending more time together
during golden week cuz they really couldn't do much of that and Hinako become a little sad.
They go to da beech, Houou's a sweet and loving husband cherishing his waifu... honestly tho they
married way too soon? 😅 Like Hinako's still in highschool... and its a little unrealistic.
Later Sakaguchi ends up showing.. his collection of photos to their dad to show the things he
missed out on and well he's quite amazed, Hikaru's like Sakaguchi you pervert!
Dad's so amazed it brings him to tears and he ends up showing a picture of their mom.
Its nice they go into this... because it shows how broken their family situation was before.
After vacation's over  we just spend even more time with Hikaru than Houou cuz he's busy doing
god knows what Hinako gets lonely so one day they see him in town which is where it went down hill.
I figured the marriage thing was too good to be true so low and behold they followed up on it!
Srsly it just didn't sit well with me, I genuinely felt betrayed cuz the atmosphere
the two had early on was nice, atleast Hikaru turned out to be a true bro to Hinako but here I am
having to deal with filler drama of Houou getting hit on by some lady of another gang. ( ´_ゝ`)
Houou always tries to do stuff on his own leaving Hinako all alone... all to protect her.
 Hikaru tries to cheer her up so the two go out but some stupid yankee's try and hit on them cuz
they be kawaii, only to be met by Sakaguchi's rage! atleast the comedy is on point!😂
They end up hearing the truth from Sakaguchi because Hikaru's convincing... Hinako's like 😭😭😭
Later Houou shows up again when she got together with the old gang when Kirarin
gets a little heated and here I was like DUDE wait where you been! I missed you.😭
Atleast all of Shishiku got to know the truth about who kicked their asses back then and their
reactions were funny when they find out he was a she whom's also Houou's waifu!
That's all I liked in the second half, it was just painful and generic in terms of writing.
In all honestly Houhou is a cool guy but my enjoyment for this is all over the place.
I know he apologized and that Houou's the type who wants to do everything by himself and that
he thinks he's doing the right thing by protecting his family from potentially dangerous 
yakuza but ugh Hinako's not so weak and smol as he thinks she is, as much as I like Houou
for all his good and bad points but I wish he'd rely or trust Hinako more. -_-
Enjoyment wise it gets pass since the first half was good and for finishing things
up nicely but half of it felt so generic I just why?! overall just meh... atleast Hinako
showed Houou she can kick ass in the end and but at that point I was like... whatever
thanks for almost wasting my sunday afternoon, I get it can't all be fun stuff...
but this isn't really what I expected or wanted out of this. 😥
Houou's really sweet I realize that but you know do we really need this stuff
about Hinako being protected all the time? bleh.
Also sasuga Houou got the worst kiss cg who thought I wanted to see the back of his head?!
Yeah sorry i've not been around, I got messed up in some dangerous business. -_-
.Romance ★★★☆☆ (The first half was cute atleast.)
Plot ★★☆☆☆ (When you got plot for about 2 hours but you need to stretch it to 4.)
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆(I just... why?! who do you think you are? the terminator?! ಠ_ಠ)

Kira Rintarou.
CV: Hosoya yoshimasa.
Oh what could've been...
 First off I apologize if this section is ranty... I found it difficult to stay positive
and TL;DR I did not like this after story so you can stop reading here kthnx.
 Rintarou was your forgotten problematic childhood friend who totally has a crush on Hinako
since he met her in the past but he has zero presence and often just melts into the background.
He's the type to do everything by himself, in his own way because there's no one else.
I never liked Rintarou that much and preferred his friend route even and often found Nozomi
more interesting, Nozomi has more presence here which should be good for me right? w r o n g!
Honestly Kirarin's after is literally the worst out of all, I thought Houou's derped but this is... SIGH.
  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
So Hinako still goes to Shishiku... no one knows she's a girl not even Nozomi, Sakaguchi a
cts like an overprotective dad which when she wants to meet up with Kirarin and Nozomi...
and walk to school, Nozomi still a tsun the usual.
Honestly I don't remember if this is the after the love or friend route whoops bad memory kicking in.
Nozomi just wants his brother to notice him more so he aims for the top... which made the
after story really jarring like you're here for Rintarou right? but it was more about family.
Kirarin plans a nice outting to the beach... just the two of them and they have fun so at that point
it wasn't that bad YET but then Kirarin's goes on about like hey Hinako let's get married
 and have a life of our own! while totally missing the point about how he's ignoring Nozomi.
Kirarin doesn't know how to older brother and just wants to run away with Hinako but don't worry
Hinako isn't so childish and the two had a falling out... this all was early on mind you so the rest was
just a drag. I know he just wants to protect and make her happy, dunno this whole after story is
depressing as all hell it focused more about Kirarin and Nozomi's family situation than anything else
also Kirarin not wanting Hinako to be around other guys and being unable
to protect her because like she's stronger than me plus he basically give her the cold shoulder.
I just... would be the same and want to punch him for being an inconsiderate jerk.
Due to Kirarin disappearing into the sunset cuz he was like if you think you know better so be it!😠
and him not being around because of family stuff I forgot whom the story was about... since
Nozomi got all the spotlight and to be fair the way Nozomi is being treated by Rintarou is just 😞.
 I know that Kirarin prolly cares bout his bro but he just sucks at expressing it meanwhile
Nozomi gets bullied by low-life yankee's due to him wanting to get to the top, his foul mouth doesn't
help with this but he can handle them, Kirarin prolly thinks the same and just doesn't bother.
See? Kirarin is actually a nice guy but sucks at expressing stuff, I do not understand why
his loner self still surfaces like aren't we passed that, lol. 
I get the impression Kirarin's world is in black and white and Hinako is the one giving it colour
this in a sense is true since he said she saved him back when he was a kid. Then this happened:
''Nozomi: yo bro you're back! I managed to... Rintarou:*steps towards Hinako*...''
I know some brothers tend to be clingey but Nozomi just wants any sort of acknowledgement
and here Rintarou is being a giant cunt. (I am being polite here...) >_>
In the end this after story was meh and I still feel more attracted to Nozomi
because I just feel bad for him, he doesn't have a father anymore Rintarou is all he has left!
but their relationship is non-existant, sigh the whole plot of Rintarou ignoring him
is why we can't have nice things! I should've fallen even more in love with Kirarin but alas.
Hikaru notices sth is up and ends up telling Kirarin to literally get his shit together. \o/
Hinako and Kirarin end up fighting each other to get even and in the end Kirarin
finally apologizes for being dense and everything, sigh half of the time Kirarin
 was not there even tho its his after story... thanks for making my sunday evening
so depressing, sigh oh what could've been...  oh what could have been!!!
FFS they should've give Nozomi a route of his own... no need to use him as plot device
to make a rift between our couple even bigger, its just sad how this ended up.
I just wanted more cutesy scenes with Rintarou not drama of his bro wanting to be noticed
and Hinako thinking Kirarin is a jerk, once again I thought we were past this?!
SIGH... I don't even know anymore if I should be happy or sad or that this was supposed to be mature.
I like Nozomi... I wanted to like Kirarin more but this just ruined it even more.
This after story in a nutshell...
Anyway you know what? I am not even that mad bro... I never cared for Kirarin
but those who do? they'd probably be disappointed! I know I would cuz this wasn't enjoyable
and when compared to other after stories? this sucked donkey balls. 
It could've been so much more but it just wasn't., I feel like I spent more time writing 
my dislikes than what I liked here, sorry I didn't enjoy this at all, the bittersweet moment 
at the end was meaningless because lack of focus because Kirarin's bitchfest.
Romance ★☆☆☆☆ (LOL more like lack thereof.)
Plot ★☆☆☆☆ (Its not bad but... poor Nozomi atleast got to his goal.)
Enjoyment overall ★☆☆☆☆ (Meh, atleast they made up in the end.)

Konparu Takayuki.
Shouta Aoi.
My best boi, he works hard for his otouto's to the point he got involved
in some shady underground fighting ring... all to help his family.
Honestly considering the last two after stories... I just feared this would be more of that
but I was mistaken Konparu was super moe and Totomaru a true bro.
Other than that the two were even most of the time and train together, he even
apologized for getting serious(what a darling😘) and well it just had a relaxing feel.
Their interactions were so cute I just can't... the dialogue, everything was so extremely
hilarious much like Totomaru's route it was once again like rom-com.
Sakaguchi was as hilarious and gross as ever... which makes me wonder what
went wrong with the last two but whatever not gonna go into that here.
I found it cute how Hinako tried to learn how to cook for the picnic with Konparu's family~
cue Sakaguchi's fierce yet comedic disapproval but he's still a dad to help.
You know... Konparu is such a CHEESY guy in amazing levels
that he dreams that he's confessing to Hinako like in a love drama😂😂😂
but... he starts to get uncomfortable and just gets insecure, so they distance themselves a little
and then everyone wondering why they're so ''...'' with each other, was just so lol.
Konparu's issue was really whimsical and didn't involve any stupid plot, both Hinako
 and Konparu went into a... slump cuz they're so head over heels for each other.😂
This was enjoyable from begin to end... despite plot being cheesy
they could fight with everything they got and overcome their trouble through it.
The whole reason for Konparu becoming like that is such a cute reason I just... asdfgjkjnmkio
They end it with a cute date... to reconfirm their feelings and you know what? I am truly satisfied
here and I am so glad I saved this for last and ended the game on a good note.
 Romance ★★★★☆ (Asdfsgsfvdcx.)
Plot ★★★☆☆ (C H E E S E.)
Enjoyment overall ★★★★★ (I just... what more could I ask for?)


  After story based on enjoyment.
Konparu😂 > Totomaru😆 > Yuuta😖 > Houou😥>  Rintarou😠.
I think every after story had parts I liked... but it felt like the general story only dragged it out
 longer than needed be, I think Rintarou suffered the most compared to others
Houou is at the well ok you pass but still stop trying to be the terminator. ಠ_ಠ
^Am I exaggerating? maybe...
I am not saying everything should be the same but Rintarou deserved better I know his seiyuu
had a throat problem but I can't believe they would have to go as far as rewrite to make it easier for him which is actually a good thing mind you! I just expected something better than that.
Well it obvious my favs are Konparu and Totomaru... the rest just followed.

Final thoughts
 It's an okay FD but its more or less the same as the original which in some way is fine
like the humor is retained and they're all the same old boys we all know and love...💕 
Well the after stories were longer than I expected them to be...  I guess 3-4~ hours? which
is not short like in other games such as sangoku rensenkiFD its 1 hour at best, lol.
Most people probably expected more fluff when it comes to a FD right? but the writers were like
its not Kenka Bancho if well you know 😂 some routes just suffered I guess.
Its nice that in the after stories all the other characters are still involved, atleast 
they don't disappear off the face of the planet like in other games.
Sadly they still have that predictable template thing:
fun stuff to start it > cutesy > problem > solution > end.
I didn't like all after stories maybe it was the character because in some I just couldn't enjoy it
such as Rintarou... yet I liked Totomaru and Konparu's hmm where did they go wrong?
Houou was like fine in kenka bancho sort of things but can he trust Hinako more?!!!!
Honestly this FD compares to code:realize shukufuku no mirai a lot...
which means its not going to be all happy even tho the official site may've advertised it should
but for a FD... I am sure you want more happy contents right? sadly this doesn't
and we get uneven stuff such Totomaru and Konparu being a love comedy yet others
still manage to have drama of this and that, so to me this fd wasn't all that enjoyable it felt like
the writer found his/her jam for some yet for others just sorta winged it. >_>
Why do we need the plot of now that the jig is up Hinako has to be protected
making most after stories pretty stupid... she kicks ass but they need to make her a damnsel.
Atleast the summer camp scenario was alright but it was only really fun the first time.
Lastly I will probably never understand why people want to romance Sakaguchi... (lol)
he's fine the way he is and is like a father if anything, he's at his best next to Hikaru.
Honestly speaking they shouldn't ruin what makes him such a fun sub chara..
Okay enough... I think I have written more then needed you'd probably enjoy it... I think.
What's next? probably Utsusemi no Meguri...

Characters ★★★★☆ (Still same old bunch...)
Art  ★★★★★(No complaints, perhaps one of the more consistent.)
Scenario/plot. ★★★☆☆(Still more of the same but some could've been better.)
Music★★★★★ (It still the same stuff and fits the theme of the game.)
System  ★★★★☆(No problems... not long enough for the loading to be a problem.)
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆(It was fun... but I am sad its over.)
Will the original KBO ever be localized? maybe but at this rate by the time it happens
most people may have moved on, maybe the system of picking words before fighting
is making it harder! who knows... there's demand and you ignore it, saa.

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  1. Thanks for the review, sad to hear Rintarou's after story was a bust T~T
    considering japanese impressions you're right on all fronts though.