Friday, August 4, 2017

Poll results

1th, Shiro to Kuro no Alice turns out to be most popular, understandable.
Well it's an alright game but I liked black bide more than anything. XD

2nd, Variable Barricade, I am also really interested in it but
due to otomate not giving updates I am just like please don't forget/cancel!
I hope its a case of we want to make sure its a quality product before releasing more info
or we announced it too soon, maybe otomate party 2017 has some more info on it along
with Sanada of the crimson flame, though its nice to see otomate slow down on releases
2016 was so crowded and filled with rather short and/or lacklustre game. (Pcube/Mojuutachi/Suuran etc)

3th, WoFR2/Haruka3 tied.
Surprise to see interest in Haruka 3, its an enjoyable otome rpg but prolly cursed 
to be JP only forever cuz vertical text box and ancient japan.
For WoFR2... who doesn't want the boys to mature or just see em again.

4th, Nil admirari no tenbin kuroyuri en'youtan and KBO FD.
Hmm seems people want more trashy romance. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Also who doesn't want more Kenka Bancho Otome? if only it would get localized already
I feel the longer they wait people will lose interest, maybe its partially because of the system
of choosing words to shout at the opponent is not easy to localize. /thinkemoji/

5th, Taishou x Alice heads and tails. 
Well I sorta didn't expect them to release a FD either and was quite satisfied with
the original so I can't say I am excited either but i'll get it if it eventually comes to PS Vita.

6th Utsusemi no Meguri and Choucho jiken.
I can't see many people know about matatabi... they don't have much presence
and their first otome game turned out to be a trainwreck so people interested in 
an old timey oni x human otome game with dark undertones is slim.
Ah chouchou jiken... I guess due to lack of info people just sorta forget about it 
also seems to be rather shameless in synopsis, hopefully due to info starting to roll out
now along with the first manga volume people will get more interested.

Dunno about next poll but i'll make another eventually.

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