Monday, August 28, 2017

Re:vice[D] - review

Game: [Re:viceD]
Genre: Otome Game Visual Novel.
Developer/Publisher: Otomate.
Platform: PS Vita.
Release date: 2014-07-24

 Since the story setup ain't the typical otome I got interested since there's not much else
out these days so why not go back to some games I skipped out on?
This was like otomates first PS Vita otome game and impressions were good
but the values aren't so eventually I just grabbed a copy for 30$ on playasia
yep it goes for that cheap... they prolly just have too much stock and it needs to go to it etc.
Heck it even came with the preorder drama CD...
After the last game I played this was pleasant and much more enjoyable as a whole.

 I admit the art syle isn't why I bought it nor found it attractive at first but it grew on me.
 The music was great, definitely stood out and the OP was catchy.
I never skipped it and sometimes I'd leave it on the title screen so it loops.

- Interesting set up for an otome game.
- Each character's interesting and has a reason to be a candidate.
- Comedy.
- Slick Art style.
- Music, great its not something to tire of.

- No touch features, I know this is otomate's first vita game but it may've as well been on PSP then!
- Typical truth route problems are of no concern elsewhere, guess Anvan is under tight-leash.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
- Not every route may be to your liking, well duh but whatever other con will there be?

Aika's not amused at how laid back the other heavenly kings can be.
Our heroine Aika is  one of the four heavenly kings. She is tasked with finding
a successor in the human world, 3 of the other heavenly kings have already
assigned recommendations, Aika however adds the mysterious Yukine to that list.
Aika isn't a typical heroine she ain't one to take shit and this can lead to shenanigans,
It was funny to see her reactions and the guys to be blending in as a human highschool girl
but she's prett cool and won't sit still when her friends are in danger.
If anything she's anything but a typical otome game heroine
but remember no matter how cool she is, she's still a girl
some routes handle it better than others.
Aika isn't one of those otome game heroine's that would take the crap most do, she's more than capable.
Just by going through the prologue I was like? wow this is pretty fun/interesting
and it never beat around the bush while still having fun moments.
The system was standard so there's not much to add to that but I liked the way you select event.
 They're not long but sometimes it feels like a side story along general story but its nice
way to keep stuff character specific but uh by the last route everything flew by!
Gotta add that I found that it was a pain in the ass to read font in the selection screen, I literally
needed atleast a minute or two at times to decipher some of the scribbles, also
 no touch feature even though we're on PS VITA so use joystick or miss stuff....😅
 As unique the system was... without a guide I think you can get lost... because there's 
so many scenes and endings and without knowing you may derail into what you didn't want.
There are a lot of choices this combined with selection system made first play arguably 
the longest but each route was 4-6 hours at most which was decent in length.
Well I loved the interactions everyone had with each others, it feels some otome games miss out
on this comedic factor and only a few get it right to balance with serious & romance.
The common part of the game consists of Aika and her familiar Mike giving the candidates
situations to test themselves like will they face the problems and help each other or run away?

The side character Shinku, Suiu and Akatsuki were interesting as well and honestly
they do not need full routes, because story wise that would be jarring besides Suiu's an ass.
They do get endings though so there's something for them atleast!
All will become clear when you'll go through the routes, each character had his reasons
 for being chosen as a candidate, the weakest link may have been Hinatsu
because honestly he makes for a poor demon king, atleast his case was unique lol.
 My favorite character was definitely Iroha everyone else just followed.

The short version...
A somewhat decent otome game forever overlooked and it sold like crap
due to being the first new(that's not a port) otome on PS Vita
but didn't have much new features so it may as well have been on PSP.
While I only really liked two routes atleast every route was unique...
sadly certain character like Yukine just gets screwed over whom I only can pity.
It all depends on personal taste as I cannot like everything.
I suppose the only thing this game has going for it is unusual themes for an otome game
and crisp art due to vita but once again it may've been better if it was PSP.
 This is a relatively short game and the endings end when they should to the point
it can be good for those that do not play much otome and only pick one out
once in a blue moon after considering what the value is which sadly isn't that much
 since this is only one game, I still love the character interactions over most else which made everything come together but I wish Kuroda had more common events because his route flew by.😭
This may be a one hit wonder, you'll probably won't find anything else quite like it
nor does it specifically need more so even if one ends up liking it be prepared
that you'll won't find any goods related to it because its just not popular enough.
I guess some games like this and others are just outshadowed but that doesn't mean they're
not worth it, honestly Re:vice[D] is better as a whole than three otome games
 I played last year so that gotta say something.
hint: Period Cube, Moujuutachi and Suuran Digit.
Maybe its due to the way it was told and the comedy plus it not really losing sight of theme
while trying to keep it unique every route. I loved the characters, the story was there
and everything else was great, romance may need some work but what more do you want?
Otomate makes so much games and gems like this or that easily get overlooked
I am actually glad they didn't have much this year, means I can pick up stuff I passed on.
Re:vice[D] may cater to people who like otome game heroines
 who're more confident than average and don't mind its unique setting.

Hinatsu > Iroha > Ryoga > Yukine > Kuroda
This was recommended by others so may as well... use it
I do not know if Kuroda really needs all routes but honestly his makes the most sense
after Yukine and everyone else is self-contained compared to the last two.

Uh so you know character ramblings after the jump major or minor spoilers be there so be warned.

Possible spoilers somewhere
down below!!!
can't say I didn't warn you now
did I?

CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka.
 Shut-in... because of weakness but has wealthy parents so Shinku nominates him.
He's really shy and quite adorable but even I questioned why he's a candidate...
His keyword is desire so yeah he wants to become the demon lord for something
but in the end it felt like Hinatsu was the heroine who needed ''saving''
its original but half the time it didn't feel like I was playing an otome game anymore.
Matsuoka did a good job voicing such a meek child...
Most parts I liked was all common stuff how Aika fell asleep when he was reading a romance novel.
Oh and the part where Akatsuki acted weird... pretty sure he got too much in to character
of some manga, only for them imagining Aika getting into shoujo manga, degozaru.
She wasn't amused when she walked in on that but gave it a try anyway.
After certain plot happenings he became a total shut in again but everyone try and talk to him
 and he did meekly acknowledge and rely on others more, yay.
Dunno about romance but I couldn't really see it. Hinatsu has his issues and you wanna help him
as a friend/lil bro but romance wise i'm like nope. One could probably tell Hinatsu
 became a little attached to Aika wanting to be more etc, honestly speaking
there's nothing that made me interested in him at all I guess he's cute but it ends there.
Then him going can I really become  a demon king? and Aika being like well I don't know
 but after hearing his desires she starts to act on her own cue mood whiplash also
 yeah Hinatsu can be sweet but his confession felt like he was just reciting from a book
yeah yeah considering his upbringing it makes sense but it felt unnatural. >_>
Anyway most of the others didn't accepted this weakling as possible new Maou
and Suiu threw a hissy fit but Hinatsu and Aika showed him who's boss, fight da power!
Hinatsu's reasons for desiring to be maou to be very human, Suiu might have been a dick
but I agree Hinatsu made for a poor Maou candidate.
It didn't ended up like I thought but it was decent I guess because at the end of the day
Hinatsu tried his best even though he's weak, to me it was a slug.
That's not to say the romance or what not wasn't there I personally wasn't interested in him
and the plot was pretty self-contained to Hinatsu's issue which is good but at the end of the day
I only did his route so I could move on to others so everything felt below average to me
and nothing really wowed me except how Aika was like the leading man.
Hinatsu also had a lot of bad endings... but not as much as another.
In one you basically end up with Shinku so I was like OK, there wasn't much to it.
Shinku is a great support character but thats it, the thought of that was nice
but to me its another bad ending.
 Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆
Sorry personally I never was invested in Hinatsu but the route is fine for what it tried.

CV: Kimura Ryohei.
Don't cause a scene put up with it, it'll be a bother.
 He's good at everything but his personality sucks... has no friends due to acting like
a delinquent so he seems like the perfect candidate right?
Akatsuki's the one who nominated him... Iroha's like whatever, lol.
Iroha's pretty much a quality tsundere  his keyword is differ like he is ''different'' from others.
Unlike Hinatsu I actually enjoyed this route as a whole, tbh its canon for me.
Despite his pissy attitude he's not that bad he just doesn't wanna bother with most stuff
but he can do it if he wants, perfectly even because of that everything bores him.
The development between the two also felt more otome than previous.
Because his behavior is classic and Aika was amazing, this is DEFINITELY my fav route
believe me its just a treasure trove filled with memorable moments.
At first Iroha is pretty rough around Aika her classmate has to speak up but he's like lol whatever.
Pssst its not like Aika can't handle him or anything but still dem moments were so hnng.
Unlike last route where Aika was stuck helping a NEET she had to pretend
to be a high school student, I liked that mini event where Mike went out on his own
only to get harrassed by crows and stalked by Yukine.😂 (that wasn't even part of his events)
A lot of scenes with Iroha rweae comedic and his tsun become more obvious
and soon he's less of ass-hat but a sweet cutie-pie who totally into(dere) for Aika.
After Aika goes to him and be honest on who she really is and those clothes weren't just cosplay
Aika goes that extra step and forces him to look at the sexy thats infront of him. 😂😂😂
 Iroha is like stahp... y-you can go back now I get it you're the real deal.
This is the content I crave.
I loved Akatsuki making fun of Iroha but honestly no bully!
Tsundere's don't want to be called out that they're tsundere but it was amusing.
Apparently Iroha likes dogs but hides it from everyone, he gets cranky
when Yukine and Aika caught him off-guard, lmao.
Ones Iroha realizes that if he'd become Maou he'd be with Aika and Akatsuki forever he's
 suddenly like... hehe because we all know deep down this boy cares for his friends
he just can't show it but uh this lead to another tsuntsun moment and I was.😂😂😂
 I guess the moment Aika had to decide if Iroha's a worthy candidate she realized
she may be love with him? her classmate was supportive but Iroha over hears, lol.
It gets better cuz they have a disagreement Iroha finds the whole war thing with the Mazoku
and Kizoku stupid and insults the demon lord for being dumb for all fighting without good reason.
Aika's insulted at one point and if he was on the wrong side she'd kill him they both go their own
ways. Akatsuki thinks since she's so late she must've been on a lovey dovey date so Aika
grabbed a mandarin-orange and threw it at him making Shinku mad for wasting food.😂
 Akatsuki found out and they end up talking it over, Iroha apologizes for being a dick
before and they made up, Aika also says she'd never actually could kill him.
Ah... I love this route so much they're perfect for each other and Iroha would make
a damn fine demon lord even if he's like wait I haven't agreed to anything
only for Aika to literally have to get on her knees making him embarrased
and eventually agrees to put up with the trial to see if he's fit.
Iroha is just such a sweet-heart despite his tsundereness, everything felt right the plot
didn't really start rolling till the ceremony shit went wrong as one would probably expect...
but the rest of the route was overall much better than previous route in more ways than one.
Maybe it was the writing in general, maybe it was cause I was able to care, there was a spark
and the moment where he said Aika become his eyes for a while.... 💕
Plot happenings gaves Iroha more chance to be honest...  but Aika saved it all. I ended up liking him
early on and you probably noticed I couldn't stop writing down  many inconsequential
 but great scenes, his key word Differ and tag line of show me its worth to live in this
worthless world I didn't get that at first but by the end I did, thanks to Aika it'll not be worthless.
Also the one scene where she tried to get him to kiss her via a pocky... while
Iroha's blinded folded and Aika has to be his eyes for a while. Oh his reactions
IT GIVES ME LIFE god these two are MEANT TO BE.
Iroha be like: don't ahn me... wait why do I have a bad feeling about this situation?
I honestly thought the plot developments were good... kept things interesting
even if he's not quite the perfect candidate, I liked Iroha and I thought the route/plot was okay
gave more insight into stuff and thus served its purpose, the end was ok AIKA DA BEST.
Akatsuki also had an end but uh it felt like a bad one... there's no chemistry
to them except maybe as a father-figure like his first extra voice suggests
so unless you like sugar daddies you'd most likely be like no thanks.
 Romance ★★★★★
Plot ★★★★☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★★★
 イロハ は 好きだああああああ
CV: Maeno Tomoaki.
If you can't drink let me give you some service then because customers here are special.
 Ryouga's keyword is depend(on me) the context made more sense further in the route.
Nice guy... but has no luck with women so he works at a host club to try and improve himself.
Ryouga wanted to invite Aika into the club because she looked mature but then
he saw her outfit so he was like wait no I shouldn't bring in high-school kids.😂
Suiu the megane and one of the four heavenly kings works there as well and nominates
Ryouga because he noticed something off about him, Ryouga's not really interested in ranking up
he's just there to improve his social skills but ends up, becoming the joke of the entire club, lol.
Sometimes Ryouga does this weird smile which sorta creeps me out a little.
Apparently Ryouga also loves animals so in one event Ryouga got a little too excited
and then the cat had enough of it and scratched him like crazy before fleeing, the end.😅
Honestly Ryouga was mostly a d o r a b l e early on and just a dork but considering his age I
wonder why he's having such a hard time? well I wrote up on that below but it may be wrong.
 Let's just mention some more inconsequential more fun events first.
There was this event where Ryouga followed Suiu's example, if a girl bumps into him
he's like watch where you're going so when the girl apologized he's like get out
of my sight while acting superiorly and she timidly did. Then Ryouga tried to copy
but failed the last part... he lacked the charisma to say that so the girl
was like if you gonna be like that then get lost. 😅
Oh well... then there was a moment when someone bothered Aika on the streets before club
MAOH so he pretended to be her boyfriend... RYOUGA'S SO SMOOTH. 😳

So one day Ryouga took Iroha's place for one day at school... its tough being Iroha.😂
In another it become clear Suiu's WORST HOST he's smooth and knows how to play people
but he just loves deceiving them for their money well its realistic but still what a scum! 😠💢💢💢
Ryouga agrees thats just rude, but he's not exactly stellar either.
Personally I never liked the idea of host clubs tbh...
I also liked the scene where Ryouga went back home with Aika...
its also the first time he's been into a girls room, this boy is so pure.😊
I loved how sweet and gentle yet surprisingly aware Ryouga is... but he has little confidence
because every girl just gets uncomfortable and so he thinks he's no good that is untill he met
Aika who's ''different'' and later tells him why don't you become a maou? cuz he had a chance.
The other heavenly kings agree it could work, that there's some sort of ''darkness'' within him
and I agree sometimes he gives you a weird look and i'm like 😰.
Aika imagining him as the maou was hilarious though he fits the picture
but as soon as the words war came into the picture he's like ''やめてくださいよ!
I am against violence... let's all get along...?'' 😂😂😂
Aika kept imagining scenarios but... it never seems to fit expectations.
 So when it becomes a possibility he may not a good fit he's like will you leave me for another?
Well yeah that would be obvious she's here to complete a mission but Aika finds ways to reassure
him and he just can't contain his happiness he starts to cry everyone always leaves him...
So when Aika spends more time with him he likes her and doesn't want her to
abandon him, he'll will do anything to fit the picture. Aika feels bad and at one point
has to double confirm that he's going to be the one and only maou to calm him down.
At this point I am like dayum... why would anyone be scared of him? well you're
better off stop reading here if you want no  spoils because honestly else I can't write about it.
Wall o text incoming...
 Ryouga doesn't really know why people don't like him or stay around him but
some scene with Suiu I figured its just DPD, I may be wrong though...
People don't like him because they find his behavior unpleasant, he may be childish/clingy
around others,everyone leaves him because he's just is weirding people out.
Atleast he's trying to learn as a host because he want to learn to better himself
and well atleast his social skills aren't nonexistant and its good he tries.
''I am no expert and not even sure why I bring that up when the game didn't.''
This poor boy can't handle anymore rejection from someone he started to care for...
whom didn't reject him out-right, these characters are so difficult.
Then there was a mood whiplash because Aika's like the first girl to not decline him
and well I mentioned it above he's attached and Aika always go on about maou this and that.
Ryouga's willing to fit the picture of maou to prevent worst case scenario, someone he likes
leaving him again so now that he made up his mind, Aika's like if you're so determined
 then show me what u got and they go through with the ceremony, Suiu was a massive dick
during it and whispered shit like its okay to want, you want her right? then unleash the demon within.
Ryouga was pretty much sweet-heart willing to become maou just to have a reason
to not get separated from Aika's sake not caring about consequence, Suiu be mwuhaha
when the ceremony succeeded because he knew Ryouga was the perfect candidate
and everyone else are losers for picking wrong one. However Ryouga became a cranky
demon lord to impress Aika, he shows of his power to the other demons. Aika just couldn't
exactly believe the change in Ryouga so she had to get herself together because he's now her
master. Which he did all for her sake and honestly while the second half of the route
was scary... I admit Ryouga reached the fine definition of a demon king.
So after Aika got through to Ryouga, Suiu who loves himself an angry maou saw the change
and Suiu threw another hissy fit but Ryouga showed him who's boss! ahaha take that!
Well atleast it felt like the plot reached what it was intended for... in comparison everyone else
basically failed in becoming actual demon kings, so sasuga Ryouga!
Ryouga isn't what you think he is, his route surprise me if anything  
and Aika was so GOOD in the best end now for those other ends...
Ryouga's my only treasure bad end hurt so much why does it exist WHY WOULD YOU HURT HIM
like that after he found someone that may be the one for him? even if he finds inner strength
 to become a demon lord yet you reject? IT STINGS. Not to mention it makes no sense for him
 to go on a killing spree and kill the heavenly kings its OOC but maybe in a sense of
desperation he caught them off-guard but then really? all of them?! really? REALLY?!
I laughed from the moment I read the narration to the bloody stains and Ryouga's being all like sup!
wait what's going on? even though he was the only one there pretending to be called by Suiu.😨
You know at that moment he was like it'll be ok now and said I'll be the one to protect you... 
Hinatsu started to remember but Aika didn't believe him anymore...
Ryouga had his way... He wants to go far away where no one can find them.😖
Suiu's end well I didn't really care, he's a giant asshole so why would he suddenly
be that nice after all those hissy fits so his mini end was a waste to me besides
after that other bad end I half expected Ryouga to come in and ruin it.
Sadly since she left Ryouga alone when he asked everything fell apart. Suiu just noticed she
 may want to continue life in human world, imo he's just taking advantage of her because he's literally
her master now and he's still a dick nothing will change that nor makes this ending okay
just because he's the only one there for her and give her a place.
If anything Tachibana Shinnosuke deserves some praise for his voice acting alone.
Me: How about I'll use my ice magic to impale you with an icicle spear, by the gods I can't stand Suiu.
Only Ryouga's happiest end truly made sense to me because we all know Aika can do it if she
tries. Suiu's end just may be better if you can stand him meanwhile I wanted to throw my vita out. >_>
I didn't like the whole route as much as Iroha but its good in its own way
because the romance was just bittersweet, he did it all for her. 😭😭😭
I liked Ryouga's dorky side more and glad Aika got through him but his character is a bit
difficult and I loved to see him so desperate. 💕
Honestly I am sorry if I am wrong about him maybe having DPD, I tried to explain.  _(:3」∠)_
Either way I'd be lying if I said I didn't like the route, the best end cg is just spicy
 totally shows they've reached mutual affection for each other.
 Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★★☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko.
  He's this friendly yet mysterious guy... who shoves a plushie in Aika's face
because he noticed she found it cute leaving poor Aika (and me) clueless.
I thought this was already weird how he shows up out of nowhere but, lol ''plot''.
His keyword is dearly beloved and the clingy but friendly enough type, he's pretty sharp
like he knows what Aika wants as if he was her.
Yukine just can't help but tease her... and make her go ??? at his actions
making the first half of the route including common pretty weird.
The route also felt longer... maybe it was the pacing or maybe it was me not really liking it.
I guess the reason it was recommended late in the play order is because of his secret
and it reveals some core aspects not covered in others which further explained in Kuroda's.
Even Mike doesn't get who get is... but Yukine's not a bad guy and there was a hilarious
scene where tea was spilled over Yukine and Aika got a little invested in cleaning it up.
  Classic moments aside I really wish I could like Yukine more than just pitying him.
The whole route is a trainwreck that rides on convenience before it crashed.
Idk what to think of Yukine at first he's very good at showing his affection
he's really sweet and Aika is like what? when he he embraced her after
she ran away, he just wanted to talk more so don't run i'd be lonely.
*Record scratch* *freeze frame* Yup that's me wondering how I got in this situation.
Yukine wouldn't mind becoming maou if she so desired, also Yukine's also Aika's recommendation
and not chosen by another heavenly king so she consulted Mike who like knew her heart
was set on him... as events went on the word ''dearly'' made more and more sense but honestly
throughout I was not amused! just weirded out by him, invested in him I was not.
I did not like this character that much as I'd thought I would
Atleast his intentions were pure and if you thought the opening scene
to suddenly have someone shove a plushie in your face embrace was weird watch this:
One fine morning he is watching you wake up acting like that is normal
 for a married couple meanwhile I am like dude when did we get married? ಠ_ಠ
Don't wanna be rude but Yukine is reaching  levels that are akin to a total creeper / stalker.
Moreover why are YOU in my room?
Turns out he's partly just teasing her but don't you think its weird for him to be in your room
 before one even start a relationship with him? I couldn't believe Mike or the other kings
let him inside Soon after that awkward wake up scene he told her he loved her
 and want to be with her always. Aika presses on and it becomes clear he has amnesia
 and doesn't know who he is or where he came from just that he wants to find his place
which is with Aika see what I mean by convenience?
Even if they got closer over time this whole thing was weird untill he told her
about being an amnesiac. Yeah Yukine's really sweet there's nothing to fear... probably.
For over half the route was Aika being stuck on trying to figure out her feelings, I feel
its the worst here and in others I could stand it. Also despite Yukine being poster boy
his fate is less than the desired one, its just one of those routes...True that this was a very
romance centered route but Aika just wasn't the same as in other routes.
I never saw the point of Aika having to pretend to be a highschool student in this route though
like in Iroha there was a point, he was there but Yukine's pretty much a vagabond
maybe its to let Aika live her life more normally but I found odd then Iroha showed up
complaining about Yukine the freeloader, which made everything better. (bias)
The face of I wish I was on your route all over again.
If anything it was a slow burn, Mike has to remind her of selection
and Kuroda asking if the time she has now is ''fun'' the whole maou selection
thing never happened due to Yukine being ''different'' thus being incapable of becoming one.
Aika was hella tsundere which was amusing Yukine wants to stay with her even if he has
nothing! there's the point of Aika's happiness so I guess it was okay but the moment
they kissed is when everything went to hell, these two are meant to be one.
 The story had other plans and the latter half of the route was a repeat of them
 dating over and over, add fuel to the fire that Aika was taking too long
to realize what's off making me roll my eyes, the plot wasn't that bad but sigh.
Its just Yukine trying to make her happy, protecting her from the ice cold reality.
There's a lot of sincere sweetness to Yukine but it just can't be.
I could never be that invested in him maybe that a good thing, if anything I just feel bad
for him, like he can never have a canonical happy end which is so unfair but such is life.
Yukine is a great character but deserves more... this whole route is a bad end even if
there's a sort of happy outcome. They cannot exist together or else hell will freeze over.
Maybe if you're an Nobuhiko Okamoto fan and like star-crossed lovers you'll like it
but for me there are better routes in the game, the stupid part is they give
no explanation to the epilogue and expect you to read q side story or continue
to Kuroda's route like no ones business. The bad ends here are pretty much
accepting shit as is or die the best end was literally have faith and then one day...
All I can say is as a poster boy he deserves better than to ride on convenience, still
never explains how he got his memory back but I guess at that point no one probably
cares and are just happy with what they got to not think about holes. ( ´_ゝ`)
Aika being a demon means 20 years means nothing but honestly it would be hard...
.Atleast there's another option like if you choose Iroha or other as preferred maou while having
Yukine's flags up you get a harem end where Aika's gets chosen by Mike as the maou, its hilarious
how she made the other kings her manservant bitches, honestly this is pretty much
the best thing that came out of this route because Aika's awesome and she deserves it.
Now Aika can order them around as much as she wants which includes Suiu, mwuhahaha.
Manservant harem end, 😊.
Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆
So much for being the poster boy... you gotta save the day, there's a future left to choose
and not stay in dream land, I just expected something better than a train destined to crash
and burn.


CV: Suwabe Junichi.
 There's a certain air of mystery around him... even more than say Yukine.
 He's indeed you know who in the beginning, I am sorry suwabe but you couldn't hide it from me
would be better if they used a voice changer but alas its a hard kept secret.
Kuroda's the hetare tenant of the place Aika and the other heavenly kings stays at
sadly he can't cook and lives off cup noodles or other junk food, lol.
Most of this route flew by because he barely has any common events
sadly its unconfirmed if you need to do all routes to get to Kuroda but honestly
this guy basically has the real plot of the game so why would you do it first
and then sit through a bunch of self-contained routes? that don't go too far into that plot.
That wouldn't make sense now would it? he also seems like  someone thats like 
the last thing on your mind so to do Kuroda last makes sense.
I suppose his events start with Aika asking about his family only to hear he's a bad dad, lol.
Well Kuroda ends up being Ryouga's master... even tho he's like don't because
our dependancy-looking dork looks up to him because of a little advice.😅
Anyway after an hour of skipping I finally got to some substance and I entered his route
which starts when they can't decide a candidate Aika turns her attention on the tenant
who bears resemblance to someone she knows very well.
I guess there's something charming about him... considering how it went last route
it was nice to see them both get closer slowly and well it seems he likes to sleep in
there's also some shady dipshit Kohak who has business with Kuroda.
Aika still has to pretend to go to school and had another hilarious encounter with Iroha
when she stayed till sunset reading a cook book then Iroha went on about how she doesn't
need to cook for Akatsuki because he stole his bread, when Aika rushes out
he calls the other guys? and they all come visit to find out who she's cooking for
aww my bae Iroha proves to be the best! they all be shocked its a guy, Iroha
had to knock out Ryouga who got all worked up about this person being his master, lol.
They all end up going to club MAOU... well good times aside the route seemed
to bring everyone together for true end effect and then Mike notices something
but can't put his finger on it yet, this is basically the last time everyone is together.😭
Well apparently Kuroda saved Aika in the past after the great ice disaster that
struck revicia... she admired him ever since hench why she's so devoted
to her dark lord and does anything without question including find new one.
I guess this whole route was realizing her crush on him... and Kuroda's really sweet too
but it relied heavily on past events so some (including me) may not like it.
Sadly Yukine got the short end of the stick... again because Kohak whom's real name is Anvan
is a dipshit demon knight who knew what he is and isn't really up to anything good, so
he stabbed him with an experimental knife to use his power for himself.
Atleast Kuroda showes up to stop him trying to ruin Aika's life this is also the point
Mike and Aika fully realize who Kuroda is, aka their very own maou Grafan.
Well I guess its okay to say it here in my own words that is...
Aika and Yukine are part of the same coin who brought about an ice age in revicia
ages ago but they were seperated to stop it and split it to both mazoku and kizoku faction.
Part of it now resides in Aika, the reason for Yukine being an amnesiac vagabond
is because no one sealed it within a member of kizoku faction so it just wanders untill it took
human shape. Now do you understand why they can't be together? they'll bring about doom.
Sadly the way Yukine's route went made it confusing and it only
makes sense when you finish Kuroda's and read Yukine's side story.
Anvan is so obsessed and crazed he just makes everything worse when he kidnaps Aika
and tells her to become his woman and tries to get her to obey through the seal on her
which is made to let her obey the dark lord but Anvan abuses this fact.
I don't have the time and energy to go into it in detail but of course
Kuroda(Grafan) comes along when he has enough of Anvan's shit.
Yukine got fucked over again but was actually the one who saved the day
and give Anvan a taste of his own medicine, well they may meet again someday.
Well if you pity Anvan there's a bad end where you can accept but uh I'm like no... thanks
because he orders the other heavenly kings to kill Grafan. >_>
I find it funny how Anvan never appears outside this route, its like he doesn't matter
or maybe Kuroda(Grafan) dealt with him behind the scenes once a new lord was chosen.
Overall I thought the route was okay but its clear its just a way to round up
the general story so everything makes sense, I didn't like the romance that much.
Romance wise its a little weak, because Aika already has a crush on him since
god knows when, atleast despite Anvan's yapping Kuroda isn't going to rely
on a seal to get Aika so it was cute to see him figure it out and treat her like a girl
but it was mostly Aika realizing she always liked him so Kuroda was like okay
I cared for you too even though I put you through that in the past(the seal).
Best end is him realizing he shouldn't run away and protect the people he cares for
its better if you have a soft spot for people like this sadly I already know my best boy(s)
maybe there just wasn't enough time in this route and in the end it served its purpose
it may've been better if Kuroda was more involved in common route but he wasn't.
 For some reason I forgot to do an bad ending which was in Ryouga route so 
I was like dude I'm sorry but my lord is in another castle err route.
Romance ★★☆☆☆
Plot ★★★★☆
Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆

there's spoilers somewhere
above here so don't scroll up.
Fave route:
Iroha > Ryouga > Kuroda > Hinatsu > Yukine.
Every route was good/unique in its own way, the question is
which one you like the most was more worth it to you so this is all my own preference.
Kuroda's route is good story wise so it deserves to be in the middle but
I still don't like how Yukine was treated I want to like him but he just gets screwed over
and I just didn't really liked his route, it felt it could be better.😥

Fav character:
Iroha > Ryouga > Hinatsu > Yukine > Kuroda > Akatsuki > Shinku > Suiu.
Almost the same as the above but now you know where I place the side characters.

Final Thoughts
Basically, its Iroha and Ryouga for me.
Where to begin? I feel that it was over before I knew it I may not like every route
but that's normal, though one could argue from Yukine and on it went down hill.
The setting is not normal for an otome game but it most definitely managed to be one!
It had a story and there was romance, Aika was cool and capable from the start
but I felt the common route as a whole was a little on the longside but enjoyable.
 I liked the selection stuff atleast it manage to keep stuff character specific,  some repeat stuff
couldn't be avoided because some characters just get paired up together
but after one play most of the game will just fly by you... eh that's normal.
Atleast each route was unique, its never the same as it depends wholy on character.
Each selection/chapter was relatively short so it never felt long, I liked the pacing
and the characters, every route was decent in its own way.
The ideas of the story in most routes was original so one can't say they were bored, also
the routes ended in the right moment, more is not necessary.
I can recommend this game because IROHA, Ryouga and Aika being more than capable, it might
be great if you are tired of those game with average otome heroines but really
its impossible for me to like every route in an otome game and the more I play the more
I realize this fact I enjoy what I can, sometimes its the writing other times the character
just wasn't for me, in the end one must choose their own path.
Music stood out and the artstyle was unique there's not much more to say
and I don't got much complains Revice[D] is a great otome game overlooked.
The length was just right, good things will always come to an end.
For 30$ I can say I was more than satisfied... should you get this its very recommended
to play in order of Hinatsu > Iroha > Ryouga > Yukine > Kuroda.
Sadly I do not think it holds much value on its own and it being underrated makes sense but
atleast overall it was fun. All I can say is if you haven't played and it catches your eye go for it!
It may not be the typical otome game(romance included) its still something that
should be proud of what it is and tries to do, that in itself makes it a whole lot better
than other otome games i've played recently.
Yay... another final thoughts section that's short... what can it mean?! \ o /

Characters ★★★★★ = A Likeable cast.
Art  ★★★★★
Scenario/plot ★★★☆☆ = Decent but couldn't give Yukine something more well rounded?
System  ★★★☆☆ = I definitely recommend you find a guide due to many scene/endings.
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

 Period Cube? Suuran digit? no i'd definitely recommend Re:vice[D] instead, as its
 much more well-rounded and even if one game you'd probably be satisfied/find your favorite.

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