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Moujuutachi to Ohime-sama ~in blossom~ - review

Game: [Beast and Princess FD]
Genre: Otome Game Visual Novel.
Developer/Publisher: Otomate.
Platform: PS Vita.
Release date: 2017-9-07

Ah yes... who would've thought otomate would release a FD for a work that was
a rather poor attempt to cater to a fanbase of Moujuutsukai,  I bought this FD because
 I still liked some of the characters and the setting.
Was it worth it? well not really... this FD was either planned or otomate
had money to burn to deliver this mediocre addition to a mediocre game.

After stories:
Set after the happiest endings and deals with problem that couldn't be told back then
and goes deeper into the character because lololol witch problems.
Each was about 2 and a half hours  so thats an okay length any longer and i'd say get out
sadly some followed the same pattern and by the last one I was pretty meh about it.

IF story:
Continues from the previous game's what if there was no fighting?
and goes further into stuff related to Julia's powers and some new guy named Czarny.

System? typical stuff, there are choice during after stories
but they might as well have not been there.
Mofumofu is also there as a bonus and you'll unlock cg from it.

In short this FD is only for those that really REALLY liked moujuutachi to ohime-sama
but honestly don't expect much... because there isn't much in terms of content.
Some after stories were nice but others were boring... the fanservice was subtle
but there wasn't much and the writing quality more of the same as the original.
Just gonna add that there's so many otomege that don't get a FD so enjoy it if you can/want.
Moujuutachi might not be as good as Moujuutsukai but really a lot of sequels
tend to leave to be desired when you think about it and/or critisize/compare.
 Moujuutachi is only really good for beginners of the otome genre
and those whom do not have high standards in terms of plot/romance developments
then again if you only get moujuutachi a lot of references to moujuutsukai will just fly over
your head and I am more inclined to recommend Moujuutsukai than this game and its FD.
SO I can't recommend this fandisc unless you liked the original and have time and money to spare
speaking of time... the length was okay each after story was two hours at most with IF being 5-6 hours.
Honestly enjoy the CG's... I couldn't be bothered to write much if at all.

I've said enough for now and typical character rambles and/or spoilers after the jump.

CV: Hino Satoshi.
 I started with the puppy dog because despite being typical I can't dislike him.
Well we all know Ludwik used to be a dog who was abused by his owner...
and Julia is the only one who cared for him, so he's naturally attached.
See? how can one even dislike him? I like him if only a little.
It starts with a ceremony with him getting knighted by princess Julia.
Ludwik's worked hard, Ryzhard is now the king of that neighboring country
and BL'ing it up with Ignacy while dealing with problems, other than that there's peace.
They used this magic mirror and managed to communicate with Gerda and Laura
which brought back memories of Moujuutsukai... xD.
Silvio was mentioned but not shown, he was up to no good, lol.
The guys misunderstands once they find out Laura's a witch but Gerda tells em otherwise
so they work on a way to make Ludwik human.... for real because right now its just a farce
and well uh bestiality this whole after story was him wangsting about wanting to be
fully human only to be told he's already fine thanks to that flower from barthold.
 He proposes to Julia and swears to make her happy but uh she's the queen now
and Ludwik's a knight so it would be troublesome. They held a competition and Ludwik
participated but uh bestiality problems and overexerted himself
so Julia took him out when he was hurt, at the end of the day
Ludwik won't be reckless anymore and live for her sake so he tries his best
without risking his life and wins the competition \o/, Henryk was a true wing
in making the wedding a reality, omg he's such a great cousin. /sobs.
I thought his after story was OK, atleast I could appreciate the moujuutsukai references!
Sadly I still think Ludwik doesn't stand out at all and for me he's essentially is a waste of space
and better off as a sub character along with Mias well whatever if you like him that fine...
 Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆

CV: Yonaga Tsubasa.
 Sorry I do not remember much from Mias route in the original except he was
a backstabbing canary who's still attached to you cuz you cared when no one did.
I do not care for Mias romantically at all but as a sub character he's okay.
They live together in pisces now but Mias still a bird, he can change to human
he still sings in a local tavern and everyone likes him.
Everyone be shocked when they find out Ryzhard is actually a human prince from aruche...
Jozef brings up the don't you want to be fully human question and so the base plot
is basically the same as before! I like you and want to be at your side
but I am a canary... pssst I heard you liked bestiality.
Mias starts bawwing when he hears the news that its possible...
he really wants to be with Julia forever he'd be willing to give up his animal form
to make her happy he'd doesn't want it to be anyone else.
 He'll sing a song for the country of pisces about the fight with the witch
and after they married they'll live happily ever after in their shack of love.
Mias got impatient at the wedding because everyone was eyeing Julia... lol.
Overall his after was more relaxed than the previous... its fine for what it is
and I am glad there wasn't much conflict, still he's just not my type and its impossible to like everything.
Mias gets two kiss cg's though... what a lucky bastard but its ok someone gotta catch up to Rimer.
Honestly Mias's after story was boring to me to the point I just put it on auto mode.
Do I forgive Mias for his past mistakes? sure but it ends there, romantically he ain't for me.
Mias was pretty extra in the side story... I was like dayum son control yourself!
Too bad the two hour long after story was boring as sin... 
Romance ★★☆☆☆
Plot ★☆☆☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★☆☆☆☆

CV: Hatano Wataru.

Pooh bear, I remember really liking his character... because he makes you feel safe like he's really
nice and adorable to boot, I remember his route being a bit cliche in the original but it was fun.
Like Mias, Julia lives together with Jozef in the countryside and doesn't have to deal with royalty stuff.
They end up helping some people... and see flower petals go up in the wind
because of a wedding nearby, Jozef gets all excited and finds it amazing.
and wants to get married to Julia in this very place so he proposes outright. xD
Then Jozef starts to realize it may be troublesome... because he's not human but a bear
so he apologizes for not thinking it through so we get the usual i'm not human but I want to be.
Also Ignacy made an appearance when Ryzhard came to visit and helps out with the curse
and they drop the tale from the kingdom of fazant aka where Moujuutsukai took place
and that there's a person named Laura who could help them out, Ryzhard will look into it.
One day when they're about Jozef suddenly transforms back into a bear and scares off
a little kid luckily Mias was there to help but Jozef gets doubtful if this place is really okay.
Julia jokes she'd become a bear for him and Jozef be like that'd be cute.
Ryzhard sends them a letter that its only going to work if Jozef really wants to be human
for Julia's sake all will be well so there you have it another power of love miracle. xD
Then there's Malek you know the boy they saved in the original game, he feels
a little left out I guess but Julia comforts him but its not enough to stop him from leaving
so everyone went to go look for him which dragged on the whole after story. -_-
Malek knows he'd just be in the way if they'd eventually get married and have kids...
he'd feel even more left out... atleast Ludwik talked some sense into Malek
so Malek realizes he has a place where he belongs, some time later they got married.
In the short story Julia gets pregnant and Jozef's really happy.
Overall the route handled the problem pretty well and Jozef's such a dork
but well the whole thing with Malek dragged it out a little but its nice to hear
him speak up about our not feeling like he belongs very family oriented after story.
Jozef's cute but also immature and animal-like, he tries his best to understand things...
the story was convincing  and more engaging than the previous
it also felt longer like 3 hours oh well whatever who cares about length anyway.
Honestly despite plot being chliche I could keep my attention to it all...
I don't know why but I guess this gets a pass from me.
 Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

CV: Suwabe Junichi.
 Poster boy, the prince from Aluche who was cursed into the form of a horse.
In mostly every after story he plays an important role in helping Julia out with her furry
problems if anything he's the real wingman here and it partly feels he doesn't want to give her up.
Honestly Ryszard feels like the most natural choice out of most characters
and I ain't got anything against him he's very charming but he's not doing it for me.
Anyway much like Ludwik's Julia is a princess again and
she's been working hard and Henryk offers all of his support.
 They both represent different kingdoms so I guess one could figure out how its gonna end.
Ryszards curse hasn't been broken so they end up using a mirror to communicate
with the last witch, Laura and go to pisces, Henryk being overly protective was cute.
Honestly I found the first half to be pretty boring and partly predictable
also Ryszard and Julia barely got to be together which made me sad
even though Ignacy got plenty of screen time, the moments they did get were nice atleast.
Like it makes sense for Ryszard to have responsibilities as a prince.
Then there was Ludwik noticing somethings up and they all go check go out 
which is related to Julia's powers of why she was locked up and all that yadayada there's a
dragon sleeping beneath the castle whatever happens Ryszard swears to protect her.
 Julia has some flashback and it turns out in the past there was no other way to save her
so they had to use some witch blood on her, Julia meets her mom and some dragon.
Mom be glad she can see her daughter again, her mom tells her to not be afraid
of herself and that she's happy and of course she is..
In the end I was like oh my god just fuck already (honestly I assume they did) and well Henryk
was pretty disappointed at their engagement but boi pls wait you'll get a happy end too.
Sadly I felt more attached to Henryk throughout than Ryszard himself
idk maybe our resident horse prince is just not for me, it felt like I only did this for completion
but I'll admit the story in the latter half was good I just didn't really enjoy it overall.
Also Ignacy's a real darling but I don't think he has enough chemistry for a route
like he's a charismatic flirt but that's it really the more otome I play the more I realized
that unobtainable side chara's are better off without routes because most of the time it goes
down the drain if they do get a route and honestly i'd rather like/love them the way they are
and have a little what if fantasy then actually see it happen.
 Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★★☆
Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆

CV: Kimura Ryouhei.
 Cousin, he cares for Julia a whole lot for some reason I've always just liked him maybe its his
personality or maybe its that there's actual chemistry. Oh well unfortunate accident
in the previous game gave him rabies and turned him into a beautiful swan.
Well Henryk and Julia are engaged now but there's still the problem of his curse.
I found Henryk to be amusing, its so obvious how much he likes Julia
but even tho he's horny AF but cute in how embarrassed he gets.
There's the mirror thing again but I am sure you're tired of reading about it
they speak with Gerda and Laura to find out more about the curse
at this point I have that whole scene on automode and just do sth else, lol.
There were some shenanigans when everyone found out about him being a swan, lol.
Henryk manages to explain it and they managed to understand the rainbow flower thingy.
The rest of the after story wasn't exciting.... because I knew how it was going to end
the only thing that made is passable was Henryk's sweet devotion.
and the hilarity of him being accepted in animal form.😅
I'd be lying if I said I didn't like it... but there's so little content to keep my attention
that most scenes automatically become a snoozefest.
In the end they got the medicine delivered and they get married...
 In the epilogue the two visit a lantern festival, its the first time Julia has seen one.
As much as I want to write more there really wasn't much.
In the side story his furry problems didn't end but yeah everyone accepts it, storywise
this after story is like Mias there's not enough to go on and the writers just gave up
they vow their love to each other once again but really? can't they write something better.
Henryk was great but honestly a character doesn't save a story on its own. >_>
 Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★☆☆☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

Czarodziej (Rimer).
CV: Takahiro Sakurai.
 Hentai ferret who's a precious cinnamon roll, he's done some hard living.
After Henryk's I dropped this game for like 2 days because it was overall just that boring.
Good thing Rimer didn't disappoint me and he's still great and Ludwik be like
why did you choose this pervert?! well he has more personality than you!
Atleast Rimer's a real sweetheart... and very much grateful for meeting Julia.
 They'v been hiding in Rimer's shack with the others except Ryszard
but then Henryk comes around and starts bawwing since he thought he'd never
 see her again after all the shit in the original game.
Veke is currently without heir to the throne and Rimer wants to make Julia happy
and he feels the way things are now he can't do  that.
 Henryk stays for a while and the others want him gone lol well that's mostly it.
Well before it reached the end I could already see how it'd end up...
Julia becomes queen and marries Rimer the rest of the dialogue doesn't matter anymore.
I love how Henryk got extra dramatic after he found out that Rimer kissed his sister...
atleast the comedy was on point but that's really it.
They make a plan to introduce Julia as the new queen and eventually get married.
 I do not know what to appreciate but I am trying... atleast most of it was fun
and everyone be like lol marriage? to this freak?! you've got bad taste, well they also
try to get the truth out(about the dragon) to the people but this was a bad idea.
Either way this after story had the most realism to it and I like that
but why should I go into that? we all know it worked out, thanks to Ryszard and everyone else.
Atleast Rimer was adorable... but I just couldn't keep my attention to most of it
hench why I took a break but I am at the point where i'm like
 did this game really need a FD? no it didn't... Rimer why you do this to me?
 Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

~IF story~
CV: Ono Yuuki.
Yeah they thought it was a bright idea to continue from the what if there
was no fighting AU if story... honestly I wasn't even looking forward to it
but this means everyone was there so I'd hope it would be fun atleast.
This new dude Czarny (obviously a dragon) also got and end along side a grand one.
Well uh Rimer's head over heals and everyone hits on Julia in front of Henryk who's like stahp.
It also gave me some quality Ignacy content yes but i'm partly like chotto...
then Ludwik comes in to save me and my poor heart.
  Mrok messes around with Mias... Jozef helps Malek with cooking.
The rest of the story goes about the dragons and such power sealed within Julia.
I honestly didn't pay much attention but they find some secret room in the tower
Julia used to stay at and set out to find out the secrets of her mother.
Either way this whole thing was whimsical... and I paid more attention to Ignacy
because come on he's the most attractive and unobtainable guy. /swoon
I am fine with it... some characters are better off like this.
 Julia starts dreaming of this Czarny dude... who's a dragon and want to know who he is.
They plan to move her to a place her powers won't cause trouble aka arluche kingdom
and then we get the second half of Ryszard's after story, real original otomate!
everyone be like DO YOU KNOW THIS DRAGON BOY?! well it gets complicated.
IDK if I was supposed to fall for Czarny... like he is charming but he literally comes from nowhere
and I don't really care at this point, nice how everyone came together  but that's it.
Nothing amazing happened cept for Czarny going on about the past
and him coming on to Julia... which was like no thanks also there's this thing about him
dying but here comes Rimer with medicine from Adele all's well that ends well?
Not really they'll seal Czarny and everyone else will protect Julia... for as long as needed.
This whole thing was so pointless, they're always connected life goes on and they'll
eventually meet again honestly find someone else to detail this I can't be bothered.
 Romance wise its jarring with everyone constantly hitting on Julia and Czarny only appear
in the second half... plot was okay but still boring because not much happens.
There's also a grand ending... so Rimer wants to see a dragon so bad
it all went down hill from there as in our genius ferret finds a way. >_>
Would be better if it was shorter... the length of this was like a normal route.
Romance ★★☆☆☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆

 Fav character:
Rimer / Henryk > Ignacy > Jozef > Ryszard > Ludwik > Mias.
Not doing an after story enjoyment thing... feels like it will be about the same as the above.

Final thoughts
Why did I bother with this FD?
 Well despite the FD being rather short it sure took me awhile to complete... ah what is motivation?
Let's be honest I love the whole fantasy setting of the moujuutsukai/moujuutachi series
but was there really a need to split the story of moujuutachi? If at all it would be better
told in one go and put all the marriage ends in the epilogues without the added drama. >_>
Why does this FD get marriage ends for everyone but not Code:Realize?! ... sigh.
The length of the after stories varied some were shorter but others longer
I think Jozef/Ryszard are the longest. There's copy paste like the base plot
was partly the same every time because some aren't human but want to be.
There's very little difference at the core even if events are different due to individual situation.
The overall plot really wasn't exciting either except maybe Ryszard's latter half/IF story.
Look I don't go into FD's expecting good stories but I expect atleast
some competence in writing not a predictable cut and paste fluffy snoozefest
only a handful of scenes are actually entertaining but i've seen much better comedy-wise.
The IF story was mostly just fodder, there's a few fun moments and it goes further into
Julia's past but that's it really can't say its worth it unless you liked the original so much.
This FD added to the original, if you actually liked the original I could recommend this FD
but just one or two characters? probably don't bother then.
I bought this for Henryk and Rimer but I do not think it was fully worth it...
Characters/art and seiyuu do not save a story no matter how good it may look/sound
if you have a few nice ideas but can't execute them well, either get help or don't bother.
I'm glad to be done with this, otomate please let the moujuu-series rest in peace now
or next time maybe get the original staff to work on it?

If you like fantasy/fairy tale like otome games with furries I can recommend the Moujuu-series
but if you don't then please pass on it, its really not for everyone. 
I'd sooner recommend Moujuutsukai to ouji-sama flower and snow over Moujuutachi though. 
I may be harsh but there are better otome games worth your time and money
and moujuutachi to ohime-same really isn't worth much unless your favorite seiyuus 
are here and you don't really care for much else but bishies and got money to burn.
Honestly while this may sound rude... seiyuus,art and pretty boys won't save an otome game for me
there's many ways an otome game could be good to me but moujuutachi was just
a waste of time even wand of fortune was more exciting than this despite rng woes
and that doesn't have much of a plot either... pretty basic so go figure.

Characters ★★★☆☆ (If anything the only saving grace.)
Art  ★★★★☆
Scenario/plot. ★★☆☆☆ (Nothing amazing... nice references tho.)
System  ★★★★☆ (I'm used to mofumofu now and its just simple stuff.)
Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆ (Not really worth it except my fav but even then...)

Next? Ninkoi FD...
I don't even know why they bothered for Ninkoi, I hope its fun atleast but its been two years
since I played the original so I hope the whole graduation thing is worth it.

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  1. Can't understand what Otomate thinking, making fandisk for such a terrible game. Haiz...You're so brave for playing this game. Sorry for asking this but could you uload the cg please? I can't play game but still want to collect cg. I may sound rude but still want to try asking. Sorry. Thanks for the review ^^