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Sangoku Rensenki Sakigake - Trial version Review

 三国恋戦記 魁
Game: [Sangoku Rensenki Sakigake]
Genre: Otome Game Visual Novel.
Developer/Publisher: Daisy2.
Platform: PC.
Release date: 2017-08-25

Long awaited new sangoku rensenki game with new heroine and cast
with some old ones making an appearance.
Since it is very likely to get a vita port I just decided to check out the trial now
also I know its bad to judge the full game on a demo but from what I saw I liked.
Also I will write the name as spoken and english equivalent.
You should know that if you aren't into chinese history you'd probably have
to give this a pass.

Tomoe is a highschool girl coming from old fashioned family and talented with the bow
 but has no experience with romance.
The way the story starts gives us a good look at Tomoe's normal life 
but she's really dense and her best friend Nana has to play shipper on the deck
because she can't stand how Tomoe and Kouta are right now.
As in they're friends but its awkward, so Nana figures Tomoe is in love with him
and says they'd should just go out already but Tomoe is like what should I do?
So when she goes to the library Tomoe isn't there and she finds a book
related to the sangoku period and well you guessed she gets swept away to a world
resembling ancient china in the early three kingdoms period, sadly this time
the protagonist does not choose those who saw victories she chose those who lost. 
Due to choices in the prologue it may differ where you end up
I like this because you get to the route you want right away.
Those who played the original may not sit well with some stuff...
and there's a little false advertisement of fighting heroine often she is forced
to do nothing this I felt in Yuan Shao route that is why I recommend the route of Lu Bu first
because you will see that despite being capable she's a girl and killing is not what she wants.
Its best not to compare too much with previous work but see with open mind.
System: typical VN stuff and daisy2's easy mode is there
so you can see which choice relates to what character and get on a route faster.
I think the demo itself is about 2 maybe 3 hours considering to try all route.

I found a recommended play order in a JP review so I will relay it for you its:
Lu Bu / Dong Zhuo > Yuan Shao > Sun Ce > Hua Tuo.
I think Lu Bu is a good start but according to them Dong Zhuo's not bad either.
Everything written down is what happen early on in the route
if you do not want spoiler just skip character section,  I only saw Yuan shao and Sun Ce
 to the end of demo but everything else is only a little, it probably ended shortly where I stopped.

Honsho(Yuan Shao) CV: Okitsu Kazuyuki.

 Tomoe ends up in a chamber in some castle... and over hears people plotting.
Yuan Shao noticed her presence before but kept quiet till those stinky men are gone.
Nice enough to put up with Tomoe's stupidity of not knowing who he is. well uh its okay
not all japanese are invested in chinese historical figures so she gets a pass
anyway Tomoe pretended to have amnesia and he allows her to stay.
Sadly Tomoe doesn't have a lot of freedom, she's shares  a room with a woman
but she has to be careful so she blends in with the locals.
Tomoe tries to get around at night but can't, often she finds herself going back to the room
I guess this made it a little boring but also tense because what if she got caught?
Eventually they meet up again and he checks if her memory came back...
this is where I saw a more relaxed side to him, he's pretty cute and he invite her for a tea ceremony.
I guess I must've fell for him in that moment... he was so close /sweats.
Other than that Moutoku made an appearance(he's so young!) but
it felt Tomoe became like a wallflower intertwined between politics.
Unless you played the demo and fell a little for him I do not recommend it first
because I feel its a little slow, perfect for mid way through I guess.

Housen(Lu Bu) CV: Konishi Katsuyuki.
 Well picking different choices in prologue will make Tomoe end up on a battlefield...
so each route is different, Tomoe is quite shocked at people dying in front of her.
 I figure this route is perfect to do first though because of reasons I wrote down.
Lu Bu's really sweet and caring and also seem to be more in line with previous game.
Uh so when she sees a kid but he readies a knife in fear, running is no good so she grabs a bow
that's on the ground nearby and Tomoe acts in the heat of the moment.
So when she's about to scream someone covers her mouth... till she's calmed down.
He doesn't get which faction she is from so she figures its Moutoku's, lol.
So Tomoe has to speak up and say she isn't with anyone but a highschool student, Lubu
doesn't understand, well this route is off to a better start than the one I tried before..
Tomoe isn't really feeling well to be in a place where people kill each other
so Lu bu is surprisingly nice to take her with him.
 Next time she wakes up she's safe and sound in a place god knows where
and Tomoe tries to tell where she's from but Lu bu's just like japan whats that!
but I owe you my life so you're not bad I guess! oh dear it means the kid wasn't
afraid of Tomoe but the guy behind her! she can't believe what she did though...
Lu Bu's so sweet when he sees she's feeling down I am like aww what a cutie-pie!
 They say don't pursue Lu Bu but uh what if he's actually a sweet-heart? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
If you couldn't see it already there's a lot of CG early on unlike other route I tried
so I aborted it after the scene above, I was convinced by then.

Chuei(Dong Zhuo) CV: Toriumi Kousuke.

Uh... I never ever knew or had desire to romance this character
considering what he did historically I am like chotto matte!
 Also his design reminds me of Sousou from Jyuzaengi...
Well we all know Dong Zhuo is pretty much a tyrant... all I could tell it will be dark
and well he's attractive but that doesn't change who he's based on.
Tomoe arrives at night in a field, she realizes this isn't a dream and has been
pulled into the book then she hears someone cry out please run!
then she finds a royalty looking boy and a baby so Tomoe manages
to calm the little one down. Then when she asks for their family she finds out they're
not there because they were killed, then Dong Zuo shows up and well he's about to
kill her then emperor boy tells him how she saved them.
Well Zhuo gets interested in her... and gives her some creepy smile while
she pretends to have amnesia again and is going to be very careful around him
So eventually Zhuo dubs her Chousen(Diao chan).
Tomoe did it to not tick him off but... at this point I was like
I see the yandere from over here i'm out for now.

Hakufu(Sun Ce) CV:  Suzuki Tatsuhisa.
Well if Dong Zhuo is darkness then Sun Ce is the light.
This route like Lubu's starts in the middle of a battlefield
which is to be expected of our little conqueror, he takes her along
because she's interesting or whatever.
When they ask her where she is from... she is silent but tells
them truth but like Lubu's, Sun Ce doesn't know any nippon.
Well in the end she can work for him so now Tomoe does all sort of inconsequential things
but one day she's allowed to join him and he gives her a bow, well look at that
 we getting somewhere! but just as they move out that night the demo ends. >_>
I think Sun Ce's part in the demo was the shortest and Yuan Shao the longest...

Kada(Hua Tuo) CV: Hanae Natsuki.
 He's a famous doctor... the one who perform the brain surgery on Cao Cao.
Pretty much the Koumei of this game and you can not do his route without doing all others.

Final Thoughts
The demo was convincing for what happens but some of those amazonJP reviews
which aren't that positive tell me it won't be typical otome and well I believe them.
The routes seem to be self-contained to that character/faction
but I do not think this is a light-hearted otome game...
also when I think sangoku rensenki, I think about falling for historical bishies
and using the book to change their fate, daisy2 had other things in mind
some reviews seem to suggest the latter half is ala rose route from
zettai kaikyuu gakuen and suddenly I lost all incentive to buy the game.
Well they omitted otome no heihou subtitle so one should figure it'd be ''different''.

My experience with chinese history is barebones and most knowledge came from dynasty
warriors franchise, funny how pieces of media get me more invested than plain old books!
I still look differently at half these characters you can give them a pretty face
but that doesn't change the fact some be scum such as Dong Zhuo he's a freaking tyrant!
but character like Yuan Shao... he was interesting! also Hua Tuo he's not evil and his
medical knowledge is still highly regarded to this day, so i'd love to still try the game.

This whole game is basically going to be like this: you're going to/or may fall for
characters that aren't exactly good guys and it may not go the way you want?
but you expect Tomoe to come around and do something with the book...
 My memories of the original are vague but Hana was always proactive,
honest and a bit like a nerd it was mostly a light-hearted about love and war.
Tomoe... she's a bit dense and the situation she finds herself in is worse than Hana...
so Tomoe has to be careful one wrong move and she'd die so pretend to have amnesia
may be a good thing but atleast in other route she tried to tell em where she's from.
At the very least I am glad they try a different take with new heroine/cast
 and I always preferred Uncho&koumei back then cuz former was most realistic
but I do not think this game has an Uncho...

Some part of me hopes for happy outcomes but when there's a romanceable
character modeled after Dong Zhuo I am like nope, Daisy2 advertised this as
 sweet yet bitter and considering the cast... well don't hope for perfect
happy ends, this won't be the type of game, even though I hope it is.
 I can accept less than perfect outcomes if the mood is right, who knows
how it will turn out? i'll wait for a port because I have enough on my plate
even if no port i'd probably buy it next year.
Hopefully this will help people decide to try it anyway or steer away, at the very least
you can try the demo on the official site but there's not that much but to look forward for more.
 This is not like the original, its an alternative version that is historically set before it on the
losing side of things, I feel this is all I can say and thus will end my impression here.
Next post will be reserved for moujuutachi FD... not sure why it even
got a FD in the first place but more Rimer and Henryk? yes please.

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