Sunday, September 3, 2017

Otomate party 2017 roundup

Otomate party 2018 has come and gone so these are the important announcements.

Variable Barricade revived, coming to ps vita and ps4 near you in 2018.
Yay, its not dead! really looking forward to this!

Kurenai no Homura Sanada Ninpou chou, also coming to psv and ps4 in 2018.
IDK kinda getting burned out on old timey games...

 Shiro to Kuro no Alice Shinsaku(new work), PS Vita.
 Ah it must have done well enough for a FD... or maybe it was planned
since some part felt scattered and endings a little convenient.
Collar x malice unlimited... no platforms. 
I do not have high hope, probably means permanent out of jail card
for a certain character, ugh I get sick thinking about this.

Piofiore no Banshou for ps vita.
Post ww1 set in italy there be mafia idk but not excited yet.
Shiritsu Verbara Gakuen ~Versailles no Bara Re*imagination~.
Not familiar with that anime so can't say I am interested in this work
platform wasn't announced but I bet its vita.

Tengai ni mau iki na hana, PS Vita.
Its set in taishou/showa era? not really interested right now...
shares same artist as hanayaki nari / verite.

Cendrillion PhalikA, PS Vita.
 The art looks nice and the heroine's cute but idk cinderella theme and all it feels like a trap
could be surprisingly dark so uh more info please?
Charade Maniacs, PS Vita.
Personally this doesn't attract me at all so definite pass unless rave reviews.

 Triangle Project, PC seperate volume release.
Oh otomate dabbling in PC territory and try to rip us off in the process
releasing the whole series separately. lol no thanks.

Other news...
Diabolik lovers haunted dark bridal and more:blood bundled together and port to PS4.
Library cross mobage gets anime... much like sengoku nightblood. (me is meh about this)
Another Dance trips PV... well who is actually interested in this? looks so cheap lmao.
 Nil admirari anime PV was shown... well atleast they take their time in making it
hopefully at the very least its a 12 ep 24 minute series and not a mini series.

Well it seems otomate is determined to move to PS4 but still has plenty
of PS Vita otome games in the pipe line so its not over yet.
Looking forward to Variable barricade and I will keep an eye out for
Cendrillion PhalikA and Piofiore no Banshou. I will probably get shirotokuro FD
as well but untill new info is revealed most of these titles are in the back of my mind.

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