Friday, April 12, 2019

Kenka Banchou Otome 2nd Rumble - Review

 Genre: Otome Visual Novel. 
Developer/publisher: Spike chunsoft/RED
Platform: PSV.
Release date: 2019-03-14

So after the original and its fd was a little bit of a success, Spike/RED decided to make another!
To be completely honest I never expected a sequel after the FD because even if some afters
had problems *hint Kirarin* it did wrap itself up in a nice way.
So as release nears all I could do was question it existence and hope for the best
as in that it retains what we all know and love about kenka bancho otome.
They're nice enough to recap some little events from the original thanks its been two years or so!

This also being my first otome of 2019 even tho I had tried to start panic palette
or continue ashen hawk but unfortunately no motivation~
I kept putting it off so here's to getting back in the otome spirit but this game...
this game made me kinda conflicted considering how rushed it is.

Characters still have charm.
Art/Music still great as ever.
Kirarin's route is much better and I am not even biased (ok maybe I am).

It's basically season 2... idk if this is a good or bad thing btw.
Blatant bias for friend routes, otome route feel rushed/lacking.

Unfortunately they also decided to change the battle system its no longer like rythm game
but some sort of minigame where your buddies can support you. NEW and EXCITING but
HONESTLY IF IT AINT BROKE DON'T FIX! but imo it ain't that bad of a change.
That aside its easy to play but very mashy, atleast with easy mode if you can't be bothered
to play the minigame and just want a VN you can skip the battles and instant win.
Thanks spike chunsoft.
Either way, it was pretty fun in the beginning but ended up skipping after the 6th battle
and so nothing of value was lost I think my only real complaines is how
the kenka banchou otome games have such awful loading times, it runs on unity but boy!
I could go grab a drink and a snack while this baby starts up... >_>

So it basically continues after the first game where there is no romance and shenanigans continues
as in the next semester some guy named Sagara Tenma transfer into shisiku but he's no angel
and just as bad as the rest, I pity the meek principal who cannot even finish the welcome ceremony.
Nozomi's also here but whatever i'm still pissed at Kirarin for neglecting his otouto last game!
All the guys are just extra bro kinda like everyone loves you but not quite.
Otome sequels tend to be hit or miss for me because of this... like it gets annoying to have
a round two after certain events and most character love the protag from start but most are not
like that and here they're just bro's, ahem going through the common route
was a lot of fun, plenty of laughs here and there but on second play its not much of that
and its just get event flags and read skip till the route starts which is done in no time.
If I had to recommend any play order it would be:
 Kirarin > Mirako > Konparu / Totomaru > Houou > Tenma.
The first route was the most enjoyable to me and if a Kirarin fan
you may as well enjoy the game to the fullest this way, i'm not the biggest Kirarin
or Mirako fan but even I can approve of what I got and it was nice
unfortunately neither Konparu nor Totomaru could give me something that was better
than the original routes. Ow well its only fair they had a good one to begin with
don't get me started with Houou his was alright but a massive dejavu because
of the sameish reveals even the friend route with Tenma was more original...
speaking of I might have enjoyed the friend routes more than love especially Toto&Konpa's. >_>
Never wanted a sequel but at the very least it turned out to be a nice one (for the most part).
And that this ends my spoiler free impressions
Kenka Banchou otome 2nd rumble is a title that is sorely lacking in the otome department
but at the same time still manages to deliver what we all know and love.
It is by no means that terrible but overall it doesn't succeed its predecessor
or does anything that holds up to it which is just sad when it has less value overall
and thus I can only say it is an average sequel, it gives and takes... feels short overall
it even feels as if its an apology for Kirarin's awful after story in the FD
because in this game his route fixes everything that went wrong
but you know what? no matter how nice this game was I do not even want a FD from this
because I cannot trust the writers anymore, halfed assed routes for some? check, blatant bias
for friend routes? check. Same flow of events despite new semester? check.
IDK but this sounds bad to me and somehow was still I have mixed feels.
Maybe I am nagging too much but my score is very fair for a sequel who has less value than
the original, so basically SKIP THIS and go play the first game if you haven't
all of the routes there have so much more value than this rushed mess of a sequel.
In the end the comedy and characters are what held this game together for me
AND I LOVE IT FOR THAT but its really sad to see how rushed it is
and a some routes especially the love route are anything but memorable.
''For what it is worth an enjoyable sequel, unfortunately it does little to surpass
its predecessor and in comparison is overall a very rushed experience.''

Kira Rintarou
CV: Hosoya Masaya.
Basically half the route can be summed up as this.
 Because he was extra bitchy in the fd I did his aloof ass first
it was much better than I expected but uh the otome parts came in pretty late.😦
Some events are common route but since this is first route I do I detail em here.
Ok so we know his aloof ass actually cares about Nozomi he just sucks at expressing it...!
Nozomi has a fight against the new boi Tenma and ends up getting suplexed, he fought well
but alas Nozomi was no match, Tenma gets cocky and sorta challenges Hinako.
Ok so during golden week Hinako meets up with Kirarin and stalk Nozomi only
to find out he's barely making ends meet doing odd jobs with folk you don't want to mess with.
Kirarin confronts his lil bro thanks to Hinako's input... and offers him a place to stay
even Nozomi is taken aback but takes Kirarin's offer! yay the bro's got even so quickly~
We have another fighting festival thing like the first game, Tenma wants to face Hinako so badly
and he seems pretty obsessed with getting just that but acceps him(her) when she punch him hard
enough. Nozomi gets bullied by snake eyes bout his feminine name naturally he's all like SHUT UP.
Since Tenma lost he force to cross dress as a girl in frilly dress... oh where have I seen this?
ah yes it just like Konparu and Hinako in the first game! ahaha how nostalgic after this
Tenma stops being a bitch and start being more friendly.😂
Ah so well, Hikaru gets jealous that Hinako's gonna spend more time with Mirako
and want to switch since he's a freaking fanboy. Also guess what? Kirarin helps out too...
they run into Tenma and Nozomi in town and well things roll from there.
 Tenma-kuns a nice guy the scene to this revelation had me in tears btw and they all plan
to make the most of it during summer since its the last year at Shisuku.
During the summer heat most of the yankees butt heads and get heated, theres the pool but that
ain't helping... Hinako(Hikaru) and pals has to go around and beat some sense into them. >_>
 There's a branch for threesome friend end and regular love-ish end around here and I got lost
because suddenly Mirako got all touchy with Hinako trying to teach her darts.😊
GREAT THEY COUPLED THE CHARACTERS! not that i'm complaining
either way they go do a summer camp type of thing again, which was nice but it felt
like dejavu and less exciting, I loved Hikaru wanting to hump Mirako under the starry sky.
So uh summers over and Hinako arrives at the school only to see it undergo a change???
not even Konparu and Totomaru get what's happening. Apparently its being shut down?
they end up cheering each other up and make the most of it. ANYWAY  Mirako and Kirarin
team up to look for suspicious item with a metal detector around the school
They end up finding something word to brag about... even Kirarin got excited ABOUT
 They end up going to the library to research that and it really ends up being important...
they all just gush about the fact it was sleeping beneath their school grounds all along!
Kirarin ends up taking care of the cooking class since everyone else in the class is hopeless at it...
he was quite into coming up with a recipe this actually made me like him more to see him open up.
Hikaru got bitchy Mirako's live was at Shishiku to the point I was like bitch pls >_>
The festival ended up being quite amusing... but the rest was sort of underwhelming tbh
like Mirako's such a wing man and it was nice watching the both of them look after Hinako
but I was lost at who I was chasing to the point like seriously? I felt like I was chasing
two characters and it all flew by so quick! it got better after Hinako visited an elderly man
which led to Rintarou realizing what is going on. Around here it start to feel more otome~
I still just preferred the original route handled things as a whole. Here it just felt delayed
BUT Kirarin is so nice and understanding I still felt like crying... as he tried to be there
for Hinako and get her confidence back to finish the semester at Shishiku.
Kirarin isn't some heartless indifferent bitch but it may appear so if you aren't close
and he isn't always open with his feelings either but he always puts effort
for the people who he cares about, I like Kirarin and respect him for that.
The whole i'll protect you thing was sweet untill Kirarin got hurt himself...
atleast we know Hinako can take care of herself and even Nozomi has his bro's back.
I'll just not get over the unnecessary drama in the FD and want to pretend it does not exist
since it almost ruin his character for me so I am very grateful still.
Kirarin... he's so assertive, I know perfect guys don't exist but he has many good qualities
one should look for, also bad but eh we all do have some of those. Atleast it did a good job
of giving a good insight on Rintarou's future as pâtissier and with Hinako of course.
Friend route was a bit meh in comparison basically bro's b4 ho's kinda thing again
it followed up on that plot where they found that relic on the school ground
Mirako worked his magic to get some folks to leave shisiku alone, he pulled some strings
to show they aren't bad bois it was live casted on TV, while lowkey threatening them
IDK it was pretty damn hilarious but that all it was.
Overall... its an improvement over the bitchfest from the FD and was actually enjoyable
as the situation with Nozomi was literally solved quite early on but otome wise
it was a little lacking early on tbh, maybe its because of Kirarin's aloof personality.
I am glad I AM SO GLAD Kirarin managed to redeem himself... IT WASN'T EVEN HIS FAULT
like the writer probably had to rewrite the FD story because of Hosoyan's throat problem.
But yeah, that was a bitchfest and am so happy Kirarin's route in the 2nd game fixed all that and was
enjoyable. Seeing the brothers get along for once was great as well. I AM A HAPPY PANDA
even if the route itself didn't have much value compared to the first game since that was
how I came to get to know everything, IT WAS STILL NICE.😊
Romance wise its alright, I couldn't see it till the route actually started but considering
all the things its fine and shared common route with Mirako its all good.
Plot wise it was perfect, no unnecesary drama at all while still getting to the point!
I cannot stress enough how Kirarin got a route and happy end he truly deserved.
Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★★☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆
 ''Feels like a wholesome apology for the disaster in the FD''

Mirako Yuuta.
CV: Tetsuya Kakihara.
Don't get me wrong, Mirako is a great guy... i've just got a personal thing with romancing idols.
 Idol yankee and i'm about done with these types so I did him next to get him out of my hair
considering he paired with Kirarin one does not have much of choice!
but I have to admit Mirako-senpai was a great wing man.
 I went in here with positive vibes hoping for the best much like with Kirarin.
Thanks to the previous route, I almost thought I was on this at one point but nah just
the usual we coupled the characters and they share event, I saved time skipping
 through the common route again thanks to a timely save recommended in the guide.
Mirako is such a tease and has an endearing side to him as he knows how to treat women
no wonder how he sort of start to realize it on its own. There's also general idol crap again
and his old partners back again too but I expected this. UNFORTUNATELY since I did
Kirarin first this ended up being rather short... and most ended up happening in the same fashion
as in the previous route SIGH the template problem strikes again! which is sad because
while I like how Mirako was so understanding when he found out the lie of the twinswitch
it was also pretty much the same as the last route. :/
I think this is more or less a problem because Kirarin and Mirako are coupled together
so there's no avoiding an overlap a it switches to their route, still annoying to sit through
the same-ish dialogue, I really had a dejavu but something was off since it wasn't Kirarin.
Plot of the route is Hinako starring in a drama with Mirako of course Hikaru is annoyed at this...
idk the scenario was alright it was a good way to get Hinako confident in her acting skills again
to be top banchou because the last route handled it a bit dramatic. All cuz she's his precious girl.
Not sure if I got that right tbh but it is very fitting of him and they made a good drama too
through good and bad time they supported each other even if in the drama it an act
there's something that came out of it. MIRAKO IS JUST... SO ENDEARING
Overall Mirako had an OK route just way too short! kirarin benefit from being first
so it was longer due to skipping the common part they share, i'd say plot was alright
but due to length it felt kinda meh to me but the romance I can definitely see
unfortunately it all flew by and I felt like I missed something.
I AM NOT EVEN A MIRAKO FAN AND I LIKED THIS? what is this miracle?
 Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆
''Not bad but in fact rather enjoyable and i'm not even a fan or Mirako''

Konparu Takeyuki.
CV: Aoi Shouta.
 Cutiepie who does everything for his family and trains hard. <3
Unfortunately he's a bit of a mysoginist... but as we got to know him Konparu isn't so bad!
and on another unfortunate note I cannot find much that stood out in the Totomaru/Konparu
common parts, it was still enjoyable but nothing to write home about they're both
bro's and get a bit competitive at an arcade and just have fun, nothing out of the ordinary! (yet)
oh they saved a cute high school girl Kotoko from a yakuza and after snakey eyes started
hitting on her. Man he wastes no time I see... sigh~ during the festival something broke
and it caused a ruckus with the adults and even Mirako's live was cancelled.
Man what a nasty mood swing... and then they go search for the culprit
but all that is put on hold, the trip to hokkaido was more interesting here
they went indoor snowboarding but then you get personal and uh Konparu
is all about training again to the point he over does it... 😭
At that point the truth comes out and he actually thought about Hinako being a girl
and the rest of the route was really sweet  but IDK this totally lacked any impact i'm sorry
to shit talk about the route of my favorite character but this was very below average to me.
Konparu's still a cutie pie though... wanting to be strong enough for the both of them
is very admirable but i'm just glad he ended up relying on Hinako.
All's fair I guess since Konparu route in the original was like true kenka bancho in an
underground ring but the lack of effort here is saddening not that it ain't good just lacklustre.
 Totomaru was a real bro in the route though made me look forward to the other side...
which btw I cannot see as neither good or bad thing. xD
That aside the romance and ending itself was super cute so... I'll take what I can get! 😊
Its just very unfortunate they did nothing with Konparu's character but muh training,protein
and his family but somehow once the truth came out and sees how much she cares its love?
idk weak route and completely wastes his character to the point the original was gold.
 Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★☆☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆
''Below average route... but still better than nothing.''

Totomaru Minawu.
 Aka your real big bro, he's chill and a good friend Hikaru could learn from him!
but uh you probably don't want to get on his bad side.
We know from the original game he's pretty much a teen rebel but that, nonetheless
I haven't forgotten his struggles. Even less here because shared with Konparu, the guide
I used didn't balance their events correctly and thus have to start from scratch or maybe
it really not possible? either way no big deal! Much like with Konparu I still remember
his route from the first game and pretty much adjusted my expectations after last route
since I had a feeling it prolly won't live up to it...
So in Toto's route he takes a blow for Hinako when they were setting things up for the festival
which was really sweet of him how he did it without a second thought! T_T
Not much different, the festival still was canned but instead of Hinako hanging with Konparu
she's hitting it off with Totomaru this time, new and exciting... well a little!
During trip, the way Totomaru acted toward Hinako in a cute way
it was just so endearing! wait I felt the same way about how Mirako treated her HMM
and Totomaru was so kind and un-yankee like! he even helped a girl when they were feeling unwell.
Totomaru's such a good guy! 😊 and so bro-tastic when he learned of her secret and even Konparu
was chill about it but what do you expect? at this point they're all good friends!
Ugh... i'm sad this is all I can write about the route since not much of interest happened...
but still very pleasant to not have a heavy plot or anything which just shows it not needed.
except for the part where his dad wanted Totomaru to transfer to a better school
but Toto doesn't want any of it and does what he wants Hinako tries to make him reconsider
but Toto's like it fine no worries! then Konparu knocks some sense into him
and fucking tells Toto to confess then Konparu does it for him as if to show example
Konparu's joking of course but WHY AM I SO CONFLICTED ABOUT THIS LMAO.
Toto eventually confesses, he and konparu have a brawl, girls are serious business!
afterwards Toto was pretty cute having a girlfriend... and tries to act the part.😊
The rest was sort of unnecesary imo... just one final obstacle for our couple to overcome
which was some stupid yakuza show up to turn shishiku into rubble with bulldozers but
everyone backs them up and literally create a rally telling the bad guys to go home.
In the end Houou has to save the day lmao... idk what this last minute attempt 
at drama was but imo it was a waste of time to me, I wouldn've been fine
with it ending before that but I guess they wanted something to happen, lol.
Overall I enjoyed it a little more than Konparu so I guess that makes it ok?
idk Konparu just was boring to me so this was a little better in terms of writing.
Toto's route in the original didn't have much impact either 'cept for the teen rebel thing but this
overall felt really chill and there was no real threat untill end and drama was passable so it whatever.
IDK if it just me but the pacing was awful, cuz you have almost nothing happening
but at the end its like oh right we got the romance what about that plot? /shrug.
As for that friend route,  not much going on it just the bro's coming together on
christmas eve and snakey crying about how this sacred day should be spent with a lover
hmm wait what happen to him and Kotoko? anyway at a later date an injured Snakey
comes to the bro's for help saying Kotoko had been taken prolly by the same
people who were after her in the Toto/Konpa common route... hmm INTERESTING.
Toto and Konpa follow the hunches and they bust in to some lowlives place like a boss and fight
there way out and make there way to Kotoko-chan and she's in trouble alright in trouble
with some real dangerous yakuza lads but it funny she thinks she can just out smart them
and stop some scheme of theres on her own, I admit its cool but... aye lmao she can't even defend
herself but admire her courage. Don't worry Snakey boi & co came and get them all out of a bad
position! YAY. Sakaguchi was overjoyed at getting a valentine choco... perhaps a bit much lol
everything else return  to normal but then Kotoko visits Shishiku to give choco's
of course snakey's over joyed but she meant everyone I think lol.
but whatever they will be able to handle anything if they stay together.
Wow? that was something and completely outshines the love route.....
I love this CG, they make a great team.
Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆ (1 star for love, 3 for friend route)
 Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆
''Ok-ish route but that last minute crisis in love ed nearly killed it.''

CV: Maeno Tomoaki.
 After his terminator attitude in the FD I was pretty much done lol...
No offense and we know he's a real sweetheart but I just wasn't a fan of him
keeping Hinako in the dark cuz that was literally the same thing the twins did
but uh Yakuza BS is no fun so i understand to keep loved ones out of it.
That aside he's your big bro and always has your back atleast that is what the last route showed us
he's also they type to just come and go he has bigger fish to fry and act like big shot
or atleast that was the goddamn impression I got from the FD.
Oh well the Houou/Tenma common route start off cute with Hinako hearing a noise
at night and sneaking out them noticing and finding a bunch of bunnies >:3c
but they're trapped and Tenma can't stand it awww.
A usual the rest of the common route is pretty fun as well, they're both cool guys
and lot's of fun was had they give some yakuza folk a beating for tryin to ruin the mood
at a shrine festival then we have the case of a lost puppy Kotaro running around them taking it
in and Houou building a dog house for it, I am at a loss for words at what even is this.
Well atleast we have a new member to join us lmao... and because I wasn't
paying attention I ended up going for the friend route first and before we knew it
EVERYONE ends up participating in a brawl tournament dont worry it wasn't
as illegal as Konparu in the original but I sure was having flashbacks.
In the middle of Tenma's battle with Mirako, Mirako casually answers his cellphone
like chotto-a-minute and withdraws. OH MY GOD YOU BITCH PLS GET BACK HERE
so to much disbelief Tenma instantly wins the round. after that Tenma start to bottle things up again
and even telling Hinako to get lost, like a good bro Houou tells her to give him some time.
Tenma thinks he can take care of a bunch of yakuza himself... Hinako and Houou
got his back though there's no way Hinako could pretend nothings wrong
Hinako confronts him and make him turn back to his usual dorky self but Tenma still need time.
 Tenma finds out abot ''twins'' during a visit at Houou's but can't figure out who's who haha
that'd be interesting but uh the rest of the plot was pretty painful to watch with Tenma and
the situation of Yakuza going after Hinako(Hikaru) because of her family BS
but atleast Houou's there and even Nozomi came to help our damsels in distress.
but uh the rest all involved the fucking yakuza for realz and not underlings so shit got
so serious I almost lost my shit and actually was like damn the others had it good
but this it like a rollercoaster going good then bad and good again, its so bad even
crossdressing Hikaru get stalked by yakuza. >_> Yeah Now I get why Houou
went terminator mode and not tell Hinako about anything back in the FD.
I wish they took a more head on approach but instead we're just kind of forced
to take a backseat and wait just go about the days let Houou deal with shit
poor Hikaru had to go during christmas yea it was that bad. >_>
Then there's a bomb in the school... but they gotta find Kotaru the little dog first
who's like a dumb otome game heroine running around without thinking...
till this route had to get like this... they end up relying on Kotaru to find the bomb
and the fucking yakuza were just waiting for them to do so too so they just end
up throwing the fucking bomb over the fence and so Shishiku was saved.
SIGH... yeah the other routes had it nice didn't they?! OH BOI YES THEY DID.
Yakuza shit gets dealt with school life returns to normal with everyone going at it again...
Okay I am done, glad I did this first, had some nice moments but was a bit over the top
at the end, pacing still all over the place but enjoyed the more calmer moments
with that I am moving on to the love routes to finally end this because the friend end
literally only makes me want MORE shenanigans and I am not sure I can handle it.
 The date during the school festival was cute... and actually made it feel like it was otome again
but doing this while skipping through half the plot makes me feel rushed.
Either way Houou got super pissed when he found out the truth, and well I figured as much
from that encounter during golden week he'd not take this shit show lightly.
TBH Houou's the only one with the most realistic reaction next to Kirarin in the original
and to finally see Hikaru to take responsible instead of getting away with it off-screen BLISS.
I actually feel bad for Hinako, she can handle it but i'd proly be like Hikaru grow a pair
at the very least Houou asked Hinako what she wants now and is just so understanding
when she wants to continue the act since it would be weird to stop mid semester.
Well uh there was an interesting scene afterwards where Houou's like let's sleep together
and Hinako's reaction was kinda lowkey excited but of course he was joking. 😂
Houou decides to settle it with the Yakuza as well when they decided to show up
with Hinako and Tenma at his side... even Hikaru apologized to see her continue!
Too bad Houou got injured protecting Hikaru from one of the minions... which made me a little sad
after all that Houou's confession was really sweet as was how Houou getting
to officially marry Hinako but all of this felt like a massive dejavu. >_>;
Overall I don't dislike it except for the friend route being a bit much here?
I am glad I did it first tbh because the resolution in the love route was better for once at least
and if I had to be honest after everything I can only see him as Hinako's real big bro
even though he's really desirable, part of me just is like no?the only bad part is
we find out some of the same things we already got in the original...
this makes it accesible for newcomer but also redundant for long time fan
AND THIS this is why I have such a fickle relationship with sequels
but only if they stick with telling the same type of story which is the case here
and its sad even if there is a new detail in there we didn't know they couldn't tell
the first time but eh this is season 2 I guess it will differ from person to person
if they will be able to be put up with the same sort of story that just happens at a later date.
Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆
''An alright route, except for some of the exact same reveals as in the original
but atleast the friend route was something entirely different''.

Sagara Tenma.
CV:Ishikawa Kaito.
Atleast Nozomi-kun made a friend... i'm glad.
 The new guy, he doesn't look that appealing to me BUT Tenma's personality
drastically improved over the course of the game, Kaito's voice acting is also nice.
Tenma-kun starts out like this angry ishikai chara but ends up being a moe cutie pie~
Seriously after that fight with Hinako something changed... lmao.
Well what do you know he actually has a sense of justice/morality and is a good friend
but when he gets heated up he's all feisty/stubborn IDK how else to describe him lol.
Tenma is a good boi though, he just hates lies very pettable just don't piss him off or else, he was
very confused when he found out the truth and Houou got angry at Hikaru and it did upset him
how it was all a lie but Houou talked some sense into him. Then he goes and talk
to his dog about it which was utterly adorable but then he gets angry again
like was it a lie... who do I even like Hikaru or this Hinako, he respected her so much.
Either way I like Tenma he's a man of action and won't sit around, Houou was a good wingman
in crashing some yakuza's place cuz they stole a picture or whatever and pissed him off.
but I cannot find much to write about yet again and i'm getting tired of writing down
what happen which wasn't much but imo Tenma had a good route better than ''his partner'' atleast.
After rethinking things he wants to date Hinako... but he also challenges her one more time
as if to see if the strength was real and not a lie like it was before, he'll challenge her
another time later and if you win you get a no love end basically you have to lose...
which makes sense but it also makes it looks like this chick's too strong goodbye
because if you lose he's all like oh I finally beat you also sorry for hitting you???
and so he vows to protect her and Shishiku... oh ok *straight face* what's wrong
with being strong independant woman? mayb i'm playing the wrong game WAIT WHAT
I am playing kenka banchou otome right? sigh~ sometimes you have to lose to gain something lol.
Nevermind that as Houou was watching all this time and crept from the shadows and was like:
This made the whole love ending priceless as Tenma just full on confesses he's taking care
of Hinako now in more ways than one... but man Houou as a brother is scary.
Overall Tenma is an adorable character and definitely not as bland as I though he'd be
the story was ok its obvious the effort went here and not to Houou. >_>
The love end was nice, they'd make a cute couple, it also sorta made me sad 
BUT I give the writer credit for straying from the norm since
like I already said one cannot get everything by winning and some of the greatest wins
are gained through losses and I figure that what they went for here.
Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★★☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

Enjoyment of FRIEND routes:
Konparu/Totomaru > Kirarin /Mirako > Tenma/Houou.
I'm sorry but Tenma/Houou was a bit much...

Enjoyment of Love routes:
Kirarin > Tenma > Mirako > Totomaru > Houou/Konparu.

Fav character:
Kirarin > Konparu / Totomaru > Houou > Tenma / Sakaguchi > Mirako > Hikaru.
Aye... I saw Kirarin in a new light but Hikaru? sorry he's still bottom barrel after two games.

Final thoughts

this game still has its charm we all know and love but this more or less feels like season 2
say as season 1 concluded, Hinako got to the top while friendzoning everyone
and retaining her secret, thus this game also retcons anything else that happened.
This is both good and bad, I think the writer handled it well but part of me was rather happy
with how some routes in the original concluded and overall had more value
so to have it taken away with some character route that lacked impact is eh.
At the very least it was enjoyable to see everyone again and their interaction!
but at a glance it doesn't take much to see the quality of the scenarios being weaker.
The new guy Tenma is pretty meh at first but his VA's good, its not all looks so I get that!
but his personality improves over the course of the game and he became much more likable.
Characters can make or break a game, I still think KBO2 holds up very well in that part
so if you love em all, it should be enjoyable atleast most of the first playthrough
and the length is okay the 1st time UNFORTUNATELY it still follows the same template
as the original common route did, except its the 2nd year for them like we got the fight
festival, a pool incident and beach camp... of course it all different this time but not even
the routes themselves are save from the same kind of story telling it just a different guy
and the biggest offender is Houou he had the same kind of route he had in the first game
and its sad to see some things play out the same way might even be painful.
One can't help notice how similar it plays out! I love the cast but even so some part got redundant
to the point after my first play everything just seemed to fly by especially if skip the battles
because I couldn't be arsed to move a chibi Hinako around and button mash.
I think some people that want more otome may be very disappointed here then again considering
the plot KBO has always managed to balance it without it being too forcedso even people
like me could be satisfied, so i'm still glad it somehow works
but IMO the friend routes had the better stories for some reason... which is sad.
Also I'd love to have written more for certain routes but NOT MUCH HAPPENED
for characters like Totomaru or Konparu they had literally no impact but still was really nice as is.
I may not have liked everyone as even before but this game... THIS GAME
sure did a good job of changing the impression I had of certain characters (except Hikaru)
but saddened how the friend routes had the better storylines... I mean that is a good thing
but sad to see the lack of effort for romance route makes it clear this was rushed
because all the friend route follow up from plot points in the common route...
but you barely hear about any of that in romance route which on its own had a weak plot.

I do recommend Kenka Banchou Otome 2nd rumble if you liked the previous two games!
its nice to be around the guys again in way of a second season but it still suffers
from the same problems I encountered in the other games which is a shame
but even so that doesn't change the fact it was still enjoyable.
I'm just a bit upset about the length but... all things must end even this
because they showed they cannot do much new with the scenario or any
of the characters they will still be the same ones we love.

Characters ★★★★☆
Art  ★★★★★
Scenario/plot. ★★☆☆☆
System  ★★★★★ (smooth thank god for battle skip)
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

Okay time to move on to variable barricade I honestly have no expectations
it has pretty art, seems like fun but none of the guys seem desirable.

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  1. First and foresmost,
    I'm happy that you still doing reviews, talking about games and things like that. You were one of the first person that I started to accompanny in crazy Otome Girl days.

    Secondly (?), Thank you for everything. Most of my fav bloggers have dissapeared with the time, and you're honestly a person who I cherish, although until now I haven't appeared and make a comment yet XD

    Lastly, I just wanted to say about how you are funny XDDD OMG, I was having so much fun reading this, Well, I hope you are well. Stay hydrated, and please, forgive me for my bad english XD <3