Sunday, June 7, 2020

Dairoku Ayakashimori - review

Genre: Otome Visual Novel.
Developer/publisher: Otomate
Platform: Nintendo Switch.
Official Site:
Release date: 2020-05-28

So since my thirst for some sakurai takahiro was real and I haven't heard him in forever
I decided this will be my first switch otome game! \o/ albeit digitally.
Went into it almost blind, only knowing that protag Shino was some government offical
but when they found out she can see youkai she was transfered and ends up
working with Ayakashimori who deals with supernatural stuff in Sakuratani
to prevent folks from causing too much mischief, you basically pick one of the dudes
to keep an eye on and/or help them because who knows what might happen?
Shino also gets a pet ayakashi named Kouya to help her out.
The common route did a good job of introducing everything and wasn't too long to bore me
atleast with a little joke or two which after the last otome I played was much welcomed
and all the char's were great the only problem this is a really slice of life-ish game
but that doesn't make it bad or anything.

System is just standard VN stuff, map movement stalk-a-bishi and a press the correct button
in this order minigame like in Utsusemi no meguri but you only do this minigame
like once in the prologue so I am not sure why they even bothered in the first place?
you only get to do that if you go out of your way on the map, while ignoring character or
for the grand ending or scenario completion dunno why it was there tbh.

- Likeable characters.
- character design, same artist as bad apple wars and alice=alice.
- Seiyuu performance was great.

- Backgrounds are plain.
- Overall plot is a little disappointing.
- Lot's of no-face characters including antagonist.

I liked the setting and general atmosphere, the comedy was alright it didn't try too hard
neither did the story which was decent atleast but nothing too deep either
but it also wasn't that great in using the scenario to its full potential.
The art was great except for some of the background stuff which were simple and bland so meh.
Music was pretty good and fit the setting, the rock theme grew on me and before I knew it
I was rocking my head back and forth everytime it played. ๐Ÿ˜‚
The heroine's was also great, despite insecurities of her new position I absolutely
loved her positive attitude to chara's such as Hira. Though the overall story is kind of
simple, each route tried to go about it in their own way and some characters were more
helpful to Shino than others. The route length is not too long or too short
but overall this game is kinda short? sad it might be a one-off game :(
A lot of side characters had no sprite/face to remember them by so that
didn't make that much better I suppose they ran out of budget, i'd be find with it
if it was just townsfolk but apparently the villains got the treatment as well
which was really irritating and made it hard to remember them but I guess they were so
significant otomate couldn't give a damn so why should we?
Playorder shouldn't matter just go for whoever you are interested in doing, the three endings
for every character makes you understand them more which was another plus
though I am gonna recommend to save Shuu and Tokitsugu for later.
The main cast,heroine and seiyuu being superb made it easier for me
to overlook some of the flaws and since it was enjoyable I think this was an alright
otome just don't expect it to go and do new things or be deep because it won't, there weren't
any landmines or wtfbbq twists so it was nice to have a more normal otome game for once.

Overall it might be meh but still fun, hard to recommend unless you're a beginner in the genre
atleast the otome part didn't disappoint me unlike the last game I played
still I can't rate it high so it kinda ended up shifting between 6 and 7/10
kinda weird how I played two games back to back where one had a stellar story
but bad otome part and the other a bit of lacklustre plot but good otome part.๐Ÿ˜…

That ends spoiler free section.

My play order:
Hira > Akuro > Shuu > Shiratsuki > Tokitsugu.
Like I said above the order doesn't really matter as the true route ties everything up nicely
but uh I wouldn't exactly recommend my order.

CV: Kobayashi Yuusuke.
 A lazy Tengu hikikomori and snorlax incarnate... avoiding Shino when she's there
on business with him which ends up pissing off Takao(CV:Ishikawa Kaito).
Thus I wondered why Takao wasn't romancable and we got this hikikomori instead
which was enough reason for me to say let's go for the problematic one first.
You think I am joking that Hira is lazy but he is very uncooperative and rude
basically Shino is a nuisance whenever she tries to speak with him, lol.
Anyway Shino doesn't give up and beats Hira at his games of avoiding her
but this just makes him even more pissy lmao. Hira warmed up a little
after she literally dragged him out of his futon but eh next time he just as easily
falls asleep in a fucking snowfield you read that right I kid you not
too bad Shino will have none of it and steals his blankets. ͡( ͡° ͜ส– ͡°)
 I swear to god Shinos persistance is amazing... i'm not even interest in Hira that much
but the interactions he has with Shino are pure gold not sure what she sees in him tho.
Shino even ends up poking Hira's ears which wasn't exactly comfortable
so Hira ends up touching her ears out of curiosity of her reaction. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
 The second time Shino almost faint Hira tells Takao to carry her to the big tree to rest up
its because she isn't used to the place, then he mumbles how much of a pain in the ass this is
and when he thinks he's in the clear plans to ditch but Takao notices so he force him to stay
and well Hira sorta mellows out at that point much to Takao's surprise but even
when Shino chooses to rely on him during a little crisis he's sill like whyyy meeeee
but for some reason he has become more interested in humans again, atleast he was
there to protect Shino when Hajun and co were giving trying out a new toy gun.๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…
Later he ends up giving her a bell and she need only ring it when she in trouble and he'll
come running, the drama had a classic misunderstanding which is not one of my fav tropes.
Well I admit he's hot...
 Well... the bonding was there but I still couldn't really see the romance then again
I was eyeing Takao the whole time so maybe its that. I did really enjoy seeing Shino take
the initiative, Hira might be a bit of an lazy ass but it was obvious he dislike humans and got
pretty pissed when Shino stood between him and some humans who were causing trouble
they made up but eh in the end she just helped a tengu who had given up.
They arrested some person belonging to some other group who caused trouble
but I can't remember if he was important or not.
In the ending Hira nabs the potion from Tamamo's he was eyeing earlier in the route
and shows off his manicure skillz on Shino's hands, nice. 
The other ends weren't really worth mentioning in the normal end she continues
to visit tengu town and bully Hira, in the sad end Shino only ended pissing him off unable 
to go back to the way things were. Sometimes I wonder if I blacked out or something
but nothing much worth remembering happened in the route. 
Not gonna lie for the most part it was pretty boring... its not like
he wasn't likeable and the romance was convincing enough in the end.
Maybe this just means Hira wasn't my type yeah maybe its that.
The interactions in the beginning pretty much saved it, maybe I just enjoyed watching
Shino bully Hira's lazy ass but overall it was pretty meh and wondered why Hira even
had a route in the first place there was a bad guy but had no sprite which didn't make it
more memorable and honestly Hira continues his hikikomori ways in other routes so I can't say
I'll miss mr snorlax but Takao on the other hand? i'd wanna tap those tengu chicken wings anytime.
¯\_(ใƒ„)_/ ¯
Romance  ★★☆☆☆
Plot  ★★☆☆☆
Overall  ★★☆☆☆

CV: Suzuki Tatsuhisa.
What a gentleman~
 An oni that has to deal with the bullshit that be Shuten and Ibaragi
who bring no good to the town, oh and did I mention those two are weebs? Oh and Hajun
is a oda nobunaga wannabe but those three all just wanna smoke a joint and live a chill life.
Unlike Hira these guys are definitely trouble in more ways than one... also just from
spending time with Akuro in the common route shows Akuro is a really nice and gentle person
but apparently he has some past demons and isn't able to forgive humans and want to destroy them.
Akuro knows all that is in the distant past but he still has nightmares sometimes.
The route be like board games, trying to catch suspicious folks while giving candy to kids...
then there's the fox clan trying to sell the weebs a tablet. Shuten can't hold his liquor
and ends up being the only one being super drunk at one point lmao.๐Ÿ˜‚
When they be out in the human world she runs into Hajun he be pointing out
how troubled Akuro is by the past though his kindness hides it well and Akuro's actually
a big softie looking at cute plushies. Some unknown people be desperately looking
for something, which are all those suspicious people running around.
Either way they end up exchanging emails when she can't see him, cute.๐Ÿ’ž
Ugh... he's so sweet i'm having cavities! aaaaa~
Uh how do I use this thing again?
 A bit later some folks were causing a ruckus and Akuro worries what'll happen if
she saw him like that again shit happens and he gets kinda angry and goes super saiyan
so Tokitsugu has to come along unfortunatelyAkuro is super strong and he can't be sealed normally.
He's being called a monster by a squirming h00man who Akuro is ready to kill, so Tokitsugu
and Shino have to open his eyes. Then this Sakuma dude from some other group shows up
for this aki thing which they think is Akuro. Luckily Etsuyo shows up who tells him
to back the fuck off, Ayakashimori? more like Ayakashikomori.
After things calm down he explains everything of his nasty ''demon'' past to Shino.
Akuro thought he changed but some of it still remained even after decades
and he's basically afraid that he will kill Shino. This Sakuma comes back
with a vengeance but with the help from some tsukumogami they'll kick his ass.
Akuro gets all sappy infront of the others though which was amusing
and some highquality smooching in the epilogue. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
 In the sad end Bakakuro ends up stabbing Tokitsugu (he'll live tho) but being stopped by Etsuyo
and Sakuma spills the beans and Etsuyo gets him to go to pack his bags
then Akuro gets all emo but Shino be like its daijoubu unfortunately there's
an onmyoji send to sakuratani to seal Akuro so Akuro pleads Shino to seal him before
 they do it, because he loves the time spend with her, he smiled till the end.๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
In the normal end Akuro ends up being handed over to Sakuma and want to seal him
leaving ayakashimori members speechless but they have a plan and disobey Sakuma
who ends up being roasted by Etsuya and Tokitaka, somehow it still ended well.
So thoughts? It was easier for me to like Akuro, and the bond/romance didn't feel unnatural,
everything was pretty laidback and Akuro was a natural sweetheart, overall I really liked it.
I also liked Shuten,Ibaragi and Hajun though I wish they did more with them
because at times they are just kinda there though while the plot wasn't that bad
I am still disappointed at noface characters but honestly this route was a lot better
than mr snorlax tengu. I actually got legit sad in the sad ending...
so atleast there is one route so far I enjoyed and I didn't even expected that
I would like Akuro as much as I did so that was a nice surprise.
Romance  ★★★★★
Plot  ★★★☆☆
Overall  ★★★★☆

CV: Osaka Ryouta.
 Shuu is a tsundere snake youkai part of the mitsuchi group which mostly keep to themselves
he had the least presence out of all the char's in the common and other route so it was hard
to see what he was like prior to doing the route. Shuu caused some trouble here and there
so Shino decided to watch him like a hawk and finds him being a snorlax but decides to watch him
sleep then this snek Orochi (CV:Hino Satoshi) slithers up behind her who decides
to wake him up causing Shuu some distress in the process. Not much else happens, Shuu
continues to be all tsun and we are not getting anywhere its even worse than with Hira.
Shino has to go to the leaders of all the groups to find out about them sneks.๐Ÿ˜…
Then Orochi slithers up behind her from whatever rock he was under... he tells her Shuu
is a free-spirited youth who goes according to his own flow and does what he wants.
Shuu continues to being an uncooperative jerk and wants her to leave him out of complicated matters
and his tsun is through the roof and really really wants Shino to leave him be
even when he hurts his finger he's all like don't touch me so much kthnxbye i'm leaving.
Seeing how persistant she is he eventually lightens up but still has a stick up his butt...
Orochi apparently is plotting something and Ayakashimori all agree that sneks=suspicious
which is basically the whole reason they aren't around in other route.
Well apparently as long as we give them food that sneks be most cooperative
at one point Shuu nearly chokes on it.๐Ÿ˜“ I was wondering why everything went so smoothly
but this is all according to keikaku they be trying to use Shino for something
luckily she catched some of it so she confides to Shiratsuki and Shuu.
So Shuu tells Shino a bit of his aspirations but Shuu be knee deep into the keikaku...
so he is basically not really helping other than saying how important he is to him
and he wasn't lying about that atleast. Later  Shuu ends up helping some human kid who got lost
and tring to get the kid home Shino finds this cool which makes him all flustered, lol.
After that Tokitsugu be like idk what these sneks be plotting but let's be careful moving forward
and u are being used! Orochi ends up capturing Shino, Tokitsugu can't do shit and when he
gets back at ayakashimori HQ he's all like houston we have a problem and gathers help.
Shino gets all sad and Shuu is like my dude let her go home but Orochi is a dipshit thinking
she is gonna sell them out, their whole plot is about how they want to put sakuratani
under their thumb to show the rest who's boss. Shuu ends up being all sweet to her
when she tells him the truth and we finally get to hear how Shuu thinks he is seiryu
but he and Orochi were supposed to be one; yamato no orochi.
Shuu actually has no real power on his own and is pretty much like a human or sth like that.
After all this they end up calling off their st00pid plot, Shuu says it all thanks because of her.
Some mook gets wind of them being found out and throws a hissy fit. That moment when
you try to do some weird uprising plot but you can't even control mooks.๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“
Shuu and Orochi try to pull something but Etsuya and Tokitsugu shows up to have a chat
but Orochi ain't feeling so hot and his existance is fading then that boy shows up again so Shuu
begs them for forgivesness to never plot something again but they have no intention of sealing them.
Shuu gets all sappy with Shino later and finally calls her by her name while being all embarassed
he then confesses how at first he thought she was a nuisance and saw her in a new light
and slowly developed feelings for her. Nevermind that Shiratsuki witnessed the whole thing
and comes crawling from the bushes like a sna- I mean fox along with Akuro
and Shiratsuki ends up bullying Shuu about it.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
The epilogue was cute, they visit Tamamo's shop on a date and he urges her
to pick something she wants, Tamamo notes how cute they are.
In the normal end Shino gets kidnapped by mooks who thought she sold them out
and Tokitsugu shows up just in time to have a chat with Shuu and Orochi
things end up working out, Shuu admits Shino is important to him... as a friend, I lol'd
a bit too hard how this end just friendzoned them even tho it obv Shuu likes her.
Tragic end has them try to use the kid as hostage it goes wrong Orochi asks Shuu
if he wants power and he tells him only one way to fuse they somehow manage to
but as Shuu kicks some ass he notices how Orochi has disappeared, Shuu can't handle
having lost his friend and other half, he loses the will to live and wonders if Shino one day
will disappear like Orochi did which considering she's human is only inevitable.๐Ÿ˜ญ
Shuu is one of the crankiest tsuns i've seen in a long time, the plot was original but
other than that meh I still liked it after he confessed too bad by then it was the end.
Worst part Shu/orochi don't even have any presence outside of their route and makes it
seem like this route was added in last moment but it actually makes sense in the grand end.
Though it really saddens me that unless you go for Shuu he literally lives under a rock
because Shuu's pretty cute i'm not really sure where to place the route plot wise...
like it was ok but also kinda dumb? i'm kinda meh about it though
its about as engaging as Akuro so all I can say that it was decent.
Last thing I have to point out design wise Shuu looks way too much like Alma from BAW...
Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot  ★★★☆☆
Overall  ★★★☆☆

CV: Sakurai Takahiro.
Lecherous Fox! he's pretty uh forward towards Shino? wanting some contract  that makes him
her shikigami that aside he seemed nice though! as he's one of the few who actually fully
cooperates with Shino but Tokitsugu be like eyy he's lowkey sexually harassing you Shino.
Also Sakurai nailed the old fashioned voice which is something I rarely ever heard of him.
I really, really like him most of his early events are gold and even roasted Tokitsugu
so it was hard delaying his route a bit because everytime there is a crisis Shiratsuki is like
why don't you choose me. T_T Not to worry for your time has come now! Shino ends up
finding Shiratsuki lazing around half asleep annd he grabs onto her thinks she's Kokko
but uhm this body is nicer? Shino roasts him for it but quickly forgives and he offers
to let her rest for a bit, aww. there was a scene were Kokko uppercuts Shira.๐Ÿ˜‚
 Later Shira ends up having a fever Shino visits and he ends up babbling how it reminds him
of the past most of the route was just Shiratsuki messing around, it not before long Shino enters a
contract with him which is sorta like a new chance to prove himself of a failure that occured
in the past he helps her out with work and stops some rabid tanuki's Hira even crawls out
from under his rock to say hi and tells them to becareful meanwhile Shuu
still has the lowest appearance rate (none?) but considering his plot I don't blame him.
Despite all the messing around Shiratsuki just really wants Shino to trust and rely on him
Shiratsuki is a true sakupyon chara wanting to protect those at his side, his fun personality basically
saved the route. Shiratsuki is so sweet and they are also really adorable as a pair. aaaaa~ ๐Ÿ’ž
 Too bad at the end some stupid noface dude shows up and going all like Shiratsuki is using you
and trying to get Shino to stop trusting him wanting her to cancel the contract. -_- Some girl
Shira knew got the wrong idea about Shino but Shira shows up to protect her.๐Ÿ˜“
Atleast Shiratsuki owns up to this bullshit, apologizes and wants to make a stronger contract
so he can protect her even better than before and they host the contract ceremony under the big
cherry tree in sakuratani for all to see but the whole thing felt like a poor-man's wedding. ๐Ÿ˜‚
 Shiratsuki is a horny fox in the epilogue and life kinda goes on in sakuratani
only difference is Shino now has a lecherous fox as her bodyguard.
 In the Tragic end, Shino has a misunderstanding of sorts about the contract
and Etsuya has to try and get Shira to talk it over one more time but its kinda too late
feelings have been hurt especially Shira's he can't tell her himself, Etsuya tries
really hard to get Shira to make up to Shino, it makes Shira remember some poem
and painful memories so he breaks it all off, it was fun but its no good now.๐Ÿ˜ญ
Everything returns to normal, she meets him but its like nothing even happend ugh this sucks.
Normal end be some kid believing the bad rumors and thinking she's a bad and using
Shiratsuki but the rumor was false and apologizes. Kinka and Yakumo end up forming
a contract for a week at the event Shira and Shino are buddies, well that was unexpected.
I really liked Shiratsuki and the route was fun but not much happened, the romance
was believable but the overall plot was kinda meh aside from his character, they tried really hard
to make a problem occur in the route when there weren't any but such plot suits Shiratsuki
so i'm like whatever the route was pretty much like a love comedy and it was okay.
Though that tragic end did hurt me like a shit ton of bricks.
Romance ★★★★☆
Plot  ★★☆☆☆
Overall  ★★★☆☆

Semi Tokitsugu.
CV: Toyonaga Toshiyuki.
You didn't see anything or did you?
 Time for the last route, so usually Shino be stalking some Ayakashi
but here she got the eyes for her coworker and wants to know about him.
Resident kitsuneme(fox eyes) he also kinda reminds me of Ranpo from Bungo Stray Dogs, lol.
I found his personality to be enjoyable and during all the routes was supportive to the protag
Etsuyo is his OP boss who always shows up at the right times, Tokitaki is Tokitsugu's bro.
and this route shows Tokitsugu trolling Yakumo about his crush on Kinka.
Semi helps her practice and she twist her foot so he carries her back at the cost of his back.
Shino got drunk at one point because they used a sake too fine... so she had
to apologize to Etsuyo and the rest for spouting nonsense. ๐Ÿ˜“
Since she's such a good worker Semi gave her some sweet as well, oh my. Semi also tends
to mask his presence or walk right into conversations which may or may not be about him
making folks be like wait you were here or huuuh you're back?! which became a running gag.๐Ÿ˜‚
 The route was a bit odd, they went and let Semi-bro visiting and talk to a bunch of ayakashi
like Akuro & Shira other than that it was clear the romance blossomed a little
and he really is a hardworker, also reads her like a book. Shino one day finds a memo
when she snooped around saying something about the state of sakuratani but he just tells her
there's nothing to worry about the next time Tokitsugu be about to tell his bro
about some embarassing secret Akuro has but he ditches the moment Shino comes
in, the excuse: An Ayakashi's history is long, just goes on and on seemingly without end.
Yakumo comes stumbling in telling about some nasty rumor Tokitsugi is involved in. ๐Ÿ˜“
Semi's bro start to blame himself that he started this mess which isn't true but ok Tokitsugu just
has been looking to save sakuratani from destroying itself on his own. After all the doom
and gloom talk Semi gave her a charm but then Sakuratani ends on the path of destroying itself,
people going crazy etc. Hira/Takao help out Yakumo even goes to see orochi and he cooperates.
 Tokitsugu apologizes for taking it all on his own and they work to resolve this
which pops the question if Shino likes him romantically or not which is yes then
he promises once this is over they'll go on a date. Some officials want someone
to take responsibility for this mess and Etsuyo steps up for it but they still want
Tokitsugu's ass so Shino steps up and tells em bureaucrats to shut up. Its not looking good
till some no-face mook named Magami finally says it was me, I spread the rumors.
Hajun ends up throwing a party after things settle down and everyones came to celebrate
EXCEPT the snakes. I'm like Shuu pls show your face atleast? pretty pls.
On another note Tamamo ends up revealing to Shino that he is half-ayakashi
and that there will always besome sort of trouble between human and ayakashi
but with good people watching over them it should be fine or whatever.
Semi-bro delivers the news how he has joined Dairoku like he always wanted.
After Tokitsugu finally asks her out on a date but his bro tells him he's still on the job.
In the epilogue Shira and Semi-bro end up pitching in ideas for a date
but they just end up icha-icha'ing instead.๐Ÿ˜‚
 In the friend end, Etsuya comes running when there's trouble aka the rumor
of the unstable state of Sakuratani and him trying to save it on his own
after Tokitsugu explains himself then these guys are all like sorry I blew it
out of proportion and everything resolves itself then and there, lmao.....
Tokitsugu will rely on Shino more from now on and that's that.
The tragic end has Tokitsugu take full responsible and quit as he basically
dug his own grave by acting on his own. Not like this is goodbye forever but he entrusts
Ayakashimori to Shino and the others. Man that was depressing makes me
want to set the guys who spread the rumors on fire for not speaking up.
Hoo boy, I thought the route was okay, all that political shit didn't really help
but other than that it was enjoyable and the plot was somewhat decent.
Tokitsugu loved to tease Shino though romance wise it was passable.
I really dislike the way there always is some shitty rumor but eh they had to have some
problem in the route i'm just irritated if said problems come from some mook.
Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot  ★★☆☆☆
Overall  ★★★☆☆

 In the grand end basically is the true route and ties up various the plot points together
so it starts making sense. Shino be doing a good job of sealing evil spirits she gatheres
Shira, Akuro and Hira for the upcoming event.
The oni gang ends up having a snowball fight Hajun ends up crushing them
like hahah you have no chance make your time, lmao.
 Tokitsugu and his bro ends up shopping in the human world semi-bro gets to
talk about something he was wondering about and really wants to help his bro
everyone works together to make the event a fun time. After 48 years Shuu shows up like hmpf!
Yakumo fanboys about Kinka and feeds Shuu some of his food before Shuu grumpily leaves.
That's all we got... I almost forgot Shuu existed at this point.
Tokitsugu is a hardworker and tries to deduce who is behind the incidents and it points
to Kousaka who works at yakashimori but he isn't completely sure yet. 
Shino finds some weird talisman and shows it to Tokitsugu who is like why did you not
show me this sooner?! and they try to find the culprit who might be targeting Shino
while she ends up working inside Tokitsugi brings her a lot of gifts.
One day she gets told there's a spirit going out of control and hurries to seal it but its tough
so Tokitsugu backs her up. Turns out she is being targeted because of her bloodline
everyone (except shuu) tries to figure out who the hell it is before something nasty happens.
 Tamamo ends up telling her how she knew of her origin and that she shouldn't
be uncertain of her powers and just do what makes her happy. At this point
Tokitsugu is also completely sure now that this Kousaka person is behind the incidents
they go pay him a visit and he tries to play dumb but all evidence points
he is using shiki to do his dirty work but he can't use it here so they arrest him
even tho Kousaka be like ya got me but its not over yet there is still another enemy the snakes.
Bruh whatcha gunna do now huh?
 Then Yakuma let's us know that some folks are causing a mess in sakuratani, it be
them sneks everyone else helps knock some sense into them but everything is a mess
so to protect Sakuratani Shino goes to some shrine and use a little charm she got.
She prays, Kouya regains his true form and peace returns to sakuratani.
They return to the others Shuu ends up taking responsibility for some of the mess
Shino forgives and all is well that ends well. 
Actually this be Tokitsugu's normal end CG but I felt it was appropiate here.
 That was anticlimactic...  but I think it was fine tying up all the loose plot threads from 
the routes so it makes sense, Shuu doesn't appear much but still its like he didn't exist in routes
like Akuro,Shira or Hira even if he had that lame plot going on. Plot aside Shuu is likeable
its just that I think they handled his character terribly and he seemed like such a brat at times
and being used by that Kousaka guy, good thing he isn't that dumb or deaf.

Fav route: (plot wise)
Akuro > Shuu > Tokitsugu > Shiratsuki / Hira.
I didn't really like Hira's route overall the plot in Shuu's route was ok and
was almost as decent as Akuro. They tried really hard to make a problem in some route
or atleast it felt that way I guess they couldn't make a villain so most of  the time
there was always a random joe who would cause problems and I couldn't figure out
whether or not a chara without a sprite was gonna be important cuz they had zero presence.๐Ÿ˜“
I don't think anyone should blame themselves if they end up being like who the hell is
this Magami, Sakuma or Kousaka? its always some guy who threw a hissy fit lol.
Even after doing the grand end I had trouble connecting some dots but atleast made sense
to be honest for a true end it was lame since it didn't even have a proper epilogue.

Fav character:
Shiratsuki > Akuro > Tokitsugu > Takao > Hira / Shuu.
 Akuro I liked a lot and he's such a sweetheart it gave me cavities but I think overall
Shiratsuki is my favorite, what is seiyuu bias? Tokitsugu was a great character as well
the rest just kinda follow him with Shuu last because outside of his route he has no presence
and he only redeems himself in his own route. Just so you know I don't dislike him
or Hira that much or anything this is just preference.
I also really liked Yakuma and Kinka and they'd make an adorable couple.

Final Thoughts
Hmm well despite some things I think it was a nice otome game, everyone was likeable
especially the heroine and it doesn't really try to be something its not and its not too long or too short
its kinda like the original ninkoi game that you can't help but want something more when you're done.
The overall scenario might be a little disappointing tho and some of the background art
 was plain atleast the rest of the art was good and the voice work was superb i'm just glad
the grand end exists to make sense of the actual plot, there was mystery element to it
but not much. So when that was said and done I was like oh well that was nice.
Most of the time it would be too nonbiri and then some problem occur near the end
some characters problems like Shuu and Akuro were rougher than say Shiratsuki and Hira.
This is another one of those try to solve without violence, some tragic end
could be a little heartwrenching but that is it, it really tries to keep it nice at all times
which is what I think really brings down its potential, it never really gets serious
so in that regard its not a piofiore no banshou or anything which actually is a good thing.
 Despite not really caring about a few characters before I did their route I came out liking them
doing all three ends really helps and there's only one or two route that I thought were disappointing
but if I had to be really honest the plot was quite meh and just went it gets good its the end. :/
Music was fine, the ED was nice and that one rock theme was amazing. So i'd say
if one of your fav seiyuu is here and voices one of the main cast it might be worth it for a spin
because the characters really made this otome shine not the plot which is fine but
unfortunately not something i'm going to remember thanks to otomate not even giving
its bad guys sprites this time, they really did pull a fast one with this game didn't they?
That aside I think this game might still be good  for those who don't play a lot of otome
not so much for veteran its also great if you want an otome but don't want landmines etc.
Though at the end of the day all I can say is that it was fine but its nothing amazing. ๐Ÿ˜
I wouldn't mind a fandisk that focused on fun little side stories and maybe a little more
after story but yea I think the char's were great but the plot was all over the place.
I'll miss the characters atleast.
Characters ★★★★★
Art  ★★★★☆
Scenario/plot. ★★☆☆☆
Music ★★★☆☆
System  ★★★★☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

Next game will probably be Haruka 7, i'll take another look at what otomate's cooking up
but atm the only game from them i'm interested in is the piofiore sequel/fd.

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