Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Harukanaru toki no naka de 7 - review

Genre: Otome visual novel/RPG.
Developer/publisher: KOEI/ruby party.
Platform: Nintendo Switch.
Release date: 2020-06-18

Time for the latest installment in this series, it seems we're going back to the sengoku period.
What I love about this series is the swept to distant land trope and how of KOEI know their history
like I remember looking stuff up about Dan no ura and other stuff from haruka 3 and it was like
I learned about japanese history in a creative or romanticized way.
Haruka 7 isn't an exception to their usual ways but they were very creative with for example
Okuni and other things, though i'm not sure what they were smoking in general lmao.

I didn't have much expectations for it but one thing that stood out to me is that most
of the seiyuu cast is identical to 6 and to an extend 5.
A quick look at all vndb entries for the series basically shows this is apparently a thing
for 1,2,3 and 4 as well... not sure if KOEI is playing favorites but they make it work?
That aside...
It is accessible to newcomers as lore gets explained though if you know have played
other entries it might be a bit like oh I know some of that already since familiar with terms.
I actually hope KOEI gives this entry a try in the west.

- Interesting characters, no one was completely unlikeable except maybe antagonist.
- Unique character focused routes.
- Art/music.

- Length, rpg part might get tiresome.
- Plot while interesting, can be a bit inconsistent.
- Sometimes months would pass but its not reflected well in events.

For the system, the usual VN with map movement to catch a characters event flag
there's battles as well but this time instead of mini srpg from 6 we actually get
a more normal rpg-like battle again, the sd sprite look cute.
We can rotate our hachiyo in battle on the fly to take advantage of strength and weaknesses
and they can use skills with others or on their own which is nice.
Better not forget to heal them when needed though...
You lvl up normally this time though I recommend setting onryou strenght
to weak unless you really want challenge as fighting too much can be a little draining.
Also either find a good guide or save lots because it is so easy to break
a character bond from a wrong choice making it unable to proceed their events
and in turn get their ending for the rest of the playthrough, trial and error works
with this but at times I can't help but get anxious at times.
You can skip battles on 2nd play but only ones you had fought...
they still have us fight the trash along the way, thanks I guess.
Can also fight the four lords; seiryuu,suzaku,genbu and byakko to get a usefull skill but
unfortunately its more like a tradition to be able to enlist their aid this time regardless of story
then again I can't remember if it was ever needed in 3 or 6 but either way they're in.

After the first chapter and a bit of the second I was mostly positive and interested
in the characters and excited to do their routes. The only exception being Satsuki
he was annoying at first but over the course of the game he redeemed himself. I didn't find
the voice for Okuni fitting but it grew on me, you don't hear Shitanda a lot but
feminine bishies he does a okay job with.
That aside having to actually pick someone on my first play was hard! going forth between
Kuroda and Yamato, though it was nice playing without a guide the first play
but I was anxious without a guide to rely on, I kept up with 5 guys events
and while the story was already lengthy the individual made it even longer.
The story itself was interesting and not hard to follow (maybe for Yamato ๐Ÿ˜‚) though
its quite long, chara events itself aren't long and whether it romantic varies greatly this is
more about journey than the destination kinda thing and what is there is nice there
are some eh moments but that's it most of the guys are pretty safe as well.
Some routes are just not my taste like Yagyuu the 2nd half wasn't that great which I thought
was fine in routes like Kuroda, Yamato or even Musashi but for Yagyuu meh.
Its not like the story is bad perse but I can tell they tried too hard to give everyone
something unique the antagonist are also inconsistent sometimes one of them will disappear
off the face of the planet / shoved to the background and i'm like ok.
I think Haruka 6 was more consistent at doing the every end does it differently than here
and its really obvious this is by multiple writers as the quality of the plot varies a lot
like Yukimura's took a nosedive after the last boss and I basically liked every other ending instead.
Also I looked up one of the scenario writers and apparently he worked on some eroge... O_O
but this game was relatively tame though. 

I thought Nanao was pretty great, she acts independently a lot as well
and won't wait for her babe all the time, she speaks her mind so that was great
at times she did lose her brain but she's the do what she can type.
Side characters are also given portraits which after Dairoku I much appreciated
and the backgrounds/art in general looks nice, music fits the mood so can't complain.
Overall I did have a lot of fun, decent story and romance/otome part was alright
not every char might be my type but when I think about it no one was really dislikable
they all got their own ambitions and atleast the romance didn't feel that forced
for some it was obvious they needed a bit more time to figure things out.
Doing every route might be tiring especially if someone isn't your taste...
and whether the 2nd half aka the route is any good depends on that as well.
In the end I can say haruka 7 was decent, story was ok and the otome element was alright
it was pretty well rounded compared to the last two otome games I played its just since
there are so many route there might be a few meh ones and plot not well-rounded in all.
What's funny even though I found Yagyuu's route meh I didn't dislike his character and for
Satsuki I don't like him that much as romantic interest but his route was still great
though if we are talking about Yukimura all I can say that's a pity compared to everyone else.
So take that as you will, overall this game was worth a purchase for me and can recommend it
if you like history and want something to sink time into as its a pretty meaty game
the only bad part is inconsistencies with its plot, things in one route might not be a big deal
in others or come up at all, this is the best I can explain without spoiling too much.
For score it shifts between a 7 and 8/10 so 7.5 seems about right...

For playorder it doesn't seem to matter and since there are so many love interest
its probably better to go for someone who you are interested in first play.
Its probably easier to try to keep track of as many events though at certain times
their are cut off points in ch4 at oosaka and the other one is at ch5 of which rumor to follow.
Unfortunately you cannot go for Naoe and Kuroda at the same time or
Satsuki and Yukimura for that matter as its very cleverly split so having a save
in ch4 is recommended if you kept up with all events so far.

There are three story scenarios which i'll call: Neutral, White and Black.
Based on relevance of plot I am going to rank the routes from worst to best.

Neutral: Yagyuu / Yamato.
White: Okuni > Musashi > Satsuki.
Black: Yukimura > Kuroda / Naoe.

My playorder ended up being:
Which I think is actually recommendable, as Naoe might be more satisfying
in terms of romance after someone like Yukimura.
1stplay; Kuroda > Yamato > Yagyuu > Musashi > Satsuki.
2ndplay; Okuni > Yukimura > Naoe.

End of non spoiler section, there's more spoiler babble's after the jump
so you're warned on that note.

Basic plot
The heroine Amano Nanao is just a normal girl who sometimes can see ghost-like things
called onryou no one at school really believes her though.
One day she gets attacked by one of those, they called her a miko
luckily Yukimura was nearby and she helps him fight them off till her brother
Satsuki shows up and she seals the onryo when some voice tells her to.
He be like lolwut when he hears the name Yukimura but they can't just
leave this man in the woods so they invite them to their home.
Then Okuni comes knocking on the door... seems like he just came looking
for Yukimura who wandered off here in present time, I am like what is going on? lol.
We find out there are caverns that connect time periods this was also
shown in one of the routes in haruka 6(Tora I believe)
Apparently certain people can traverse between worlds other people keep popping up...
Then this Yagyuu tells her to come to their world before he disappears in the darkness.
Satsuki-niichan has been hiding the truth of Nanao's heritage but she's determined
to set out to that other world she's originally from and find out what's going on
Turns out she is the daughter of oda nobunaga and when his castle was burning
like in actual history Nanao as a child was sent to present time thanks to her brother
Nobutada because her power was surely needed in the future, they go out to the other world
to meet the star clan member Ayame and Tsubaki to help out our miko with her duty.
Some of the onryo they fight are actually deceased humans, there seems to be a little
more going on people getting cursed and an oni woman hell bent on revenge
as well as some gaijin with unknown intentions.
This game is quite long, and  will just post some note worthy things from their route instead
though it still feels like it turned into a novel hahaha.

Kuroda Nagamasa. Byakko of Heaven.
CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke.
 When I heard his voice sample I was immediately reminded of Jusis Albarea, doesn't help
that one of his cg has him sit on his high horse.๐Ÿ˜… Kuroda is a smug bastard, a good looking
one at that. He might be able to slaughter you with words as he's kind of a bully at times
which was especially bad in chapter 2, though he's not as bad as Alvaro Garay or so I like to believe.
Despite that Kuroda's pretty calm(but strict) and can be a voice reason in the group he seems
to be testing Nanao at times i'd like to think he's looking out for her as at the end of ch2
he did compliment on geting through with her own effort though I can never tell
what is on his mind. Other than that this guy isn't interested in love and has given up on it
now he just thinks its a foolish thing. This fact bcomes obvious if you were to show
him the shojo manga, though he did liked the stuffed animal.๐Ÿ˜…
During an onryo attack in ch4 Kuroda shields Nanao giving time for her to seal them.
Sooo despite his trolling he is quality husbando material.
I'm pretty sure he noticed she isn't used to battle and doesn't want her to get hurt
so he doesn't mean bad and he essentially has her back.
 I say that but Kuroda is rather cruel to his soldiers though he's kind to his horse, he even talks to it.
Kuroda eventually lets her join when he rides out... which was rather romantic
another time they go on a little trip but then it starts raining though
he lend her his cape and they got to see a nice rainbow so it wasn't all bad
and lately he enjoys the time spend with her. Later Nanao remembers
that they both have their duties when she looks at two yin yang charms
she wants to give one to him. So when she talks to him at night
the topic of love comes up but Kuroda had kinda given up on that
as people really don't marry for that, only political etc.
If only he hadn't been in his current position and she hadn't been from an other world
maybe it could have worked but he walked off since the mood got heavy
all before she could give the charm. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
 Well this is turning out to be problematic? or not......
After saving the world and purifying the last of the taint the path back home got destroyed
as well Nanao kind of gets sad to that Satsuki and Yamato are stuck here as well but
they both are kind of whatever, Satsuki is sure his parents will understand and Yamato
be like I didn't have much left there anyway. This plays out well for Kuroda as well...
What now though? they have a utage, at night she spies on the byakko pair before some
go their own way the next morning... ugh I'm getting sad. Sometime later Tsubaki
sends them a letter of an onryou lurking around and wants them to come to Osaka.
I thought it was funny how they're all like we done it guys but there are still loose ends
like Tara or Morrow who just shows up in all the wrong places at the right time.
Definitely not suspicious, uhuh but not uncommon in rpg's well played KOEI.
Morrow's so suspicious they decide to look into him and stop him.
After a storm they run into a ship from netherlands and some english guy asks for help
Satsuki had to be a translator for a bit some other gaijin tells them they're ''pirates''
and they're being fooled. This whole segment had me roflmao'ing with all the poor japangrish.๐Ÿ˜‚
When they investigate they find another passage way to the present and they relax a bit
as Nanao looks on the internet for information on those ''pirates''.
Kuroda also enjoys some cofee. He's so hot in the CG.........๐Ÿ˜ณ
 They run into the priest dude Yuuki who was with Morrow not even Yamato could forget him
Yuki goes and do priest things then Nanao starts to have injuries
they all believe this isn't a coincidence, they take yuuki's offer to rest at his place.
Yuuki goes to see Morrow and gets stabbed(not lethal), the others follow after
they heard Morrow was around then onryo appear and Morrow flees, coincidence? no.
Yuuki tells them Kapitein Morrow has gone insane before he loses conciousness.
 No he's not dead, they go continue their search for Morrow and stop by an onsen along the way
to rest which oh my god the CG made me heated 2000% sexiness...๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ
He knows he's worth it...
 For some reason Kuroda gets really angry about the whole deal with Kapitein Morrow
Nanao tell's him to calm down and he does but I kinda understand since the whole
deal is getting on my nerves as well, they found him before long.
Turns out that guy who said the other guys were 'pirates' are some religious twats
seeing japan as enemy of god, they be brainwashing commonfolk to help them
saying that Morrow is the savior and they try to destroy or take over
japan, he will build paradise in its place. They have the power to control onryo
and they use this as divine punishment to anyone that gets in their way.
Nanao and everyone fight them off while the others get away
the peasants see Nanao seal the onryo and Kuroda explains they were being used.
Kuroda and Nanao enjoy some more time together as they get more info on Morrow
good thing she brought instant cofee! Nanao also gets another chance to give the charm.
They go to confront Morrow and this leviathan  they sealed but Morrow still gets away
while looking forward to the next meeting.๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ’ข Kuroda compliments Nanao after its over
she ends up coming with him before he sets off to war, she wishes him goodluck
and he embraces her telling her to put up with it for now, he really doesn't want
to be apart from her anymore than she does or for her to get hurt.
 Nanao chills with Yamato and Satsuki in town for a bit but she is bothered by what Morrow
said and in the end they all just can't leave it like that so they go to the war camp, talk to
Hidenobu about their concerns and Satsuki is about to tell her about Shikigami but then
Kuroda comes in all grumpy and grabs Nanao and asks the others; may I have our princess?
NGL I wanted him to do something like this when they went back after they purified the last of the taint.
 He just scolds her for a bit and then tells his soldiers they're moving to sekigahara
Kuroda tells her to stay at the castle but Nanao can't help but want to go support her babe
she talks with the guards but aaaa Kuroda why you do this.๐Ÿ˜ฃ
Nanao sneaks out and Kuroda gets mad because this is a warzone... now that she's here
he gives in and tells her the plan. Hirashima shows up who came to warn them.
Morrow goes full bonkers amidst sekigahara the others show up to back them up...
after that battle she finally seals kapitein morrow and Kuroda says he take her at his side
Satsuki interprets it as getting married, some arrangements are made with Ieyashu
and Kuroda gives a full confession and he can't hold it in how much he loves her now.
 In the epilogue he trolls her again with some sad story of what will she do if
he has to leave her for awhile but just says i'm joking I am never doing that again
as they have coffee together beneath a tree in full bloom.
He goes on how much they complete each other like the charms.
 Well... I can say I liked it overall except maybe the plot with Morrow
though I know at the time japan had a giant fear of gaijins invading glorious nippon
which with time they got over it but this sort of plot makes me go eh.
Atleast the romance was satisfying, that fanservice tho.... uh that asidr I mean a guy
who has given up on love actually manages to love again. I'm sorry but I am weak.๐Ÿ’ž 
The cg are a good mix of charming solo shots and the couple.
I like Kuroda as a character a lot and enjoy his personality he has his own ambitions even though
he has this back to the kitchen attitude but I can forgive him because he does cares for her
well being and she's a woman, the last thing you want is the one you cherish to die in front of you.
Though Nanao's persistance to go to her babe's side also helped they got chemistry!
so yea I enjoyed the route despite some plot annoyances, it was good.
Romance  ★★★★☆
Plot  ★★★☆☆ Eh... well it gets a pass.
Overall  ★★★★☆

Sasaki Yamato. Suzaku of Earth.
CV: Okumura Nobuhiko.
I had my eyes on him way before the game came out. Then why
did I do Kuroda first then? priorities change that's all.
Yamato's the moody childhood friend and its not wrong cuz he's hella cranky and you need
to keep it simple or else he can't follow, the whole situation is too complicated for him.
People either find him cool or scary, he usually ends up being a loner and his relationship
with his dad ain't so hot either, he could see onryo as well but no one not even his dad believes him!
Atleast he got along with Nanao back then....
In one of his event they almost end up finding a fox onryo who's unusually passive he grows
fond of it  so Yamato is like no wait! this guy is innocent but they end up sealing it anyway.
Yamato gets annoyed since the fox loved playing with humans... the others see
a problem with his behavior and Tsubaki points out Yamato might start to resent them
as there is darkness lingering in his heart or something like that.
Sometime before they meet with up Nanao's lost childhood friend Hidenobu
he has a brawl with Musashi who is no match for Yamato who is all like
you got no chance make your time and wipes the floor with him.
 Yamato got little praise for it and she spend some quality time with Musashi instead...
he later trains with Yagyuu but as Yamato is rather obsessed with sword training
so Yagyuu doesn't want to help him since there is no point since all he wants
is to become stronger and be acknowledged I figure this is all because they wouldn't
listen to him back with the fox, Yamato is pretty much all brawn but no brain
we seriously need to sit down with him soon PLS help this bby.
 Instead of eating a potato, Nanao talks to Yukimura who's like as long as he's happy
which makes Yamato annoyed cuz he can't focus with them yapping and walks off.
They talk a little about the darkness in Yamato's heart again and how this is not good
but  the adult in the room Naoe is like all we can do is wait for now.
Holy sheit ya'll so helpful really thank you but perhaps they're right
to let it rest for now and confront him about it another day.
Later Yamato starts being a dick again towards cinnamon roll Musashi and even
Nanao can't let that slide so she takes action god bless her, he mopes around and babbles about
his past and not even being accepted by Yagyuu then Nanao pinches his cheek because
he's such a sour plum and its such a waste and such, Yamato lighten's up THANK GOD.
Some guy from who was loyal to the takada clan with hatred for nobunaga tries to
kill Nanao so Yamato has a fight with him, the guy lost and Yamato notes how he has never won
so he tells him to not be so reckless in the future, Yamato will beat him up as many times as need be
till he backs off. Yamato also continues sparring with Musashi except its much more friendly
and he actually has fun doing it. Our boy has grown up I can't believe it. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
 During ch5 they end up following the lead of the where abouts of a beautiful woman
they follow the trail and find a fragment in it is shown oni being killed.
The oni in the cave tell there them to gtfo, Tara shows up explaining this is
a hideaway for the remaining oni in japan that survived.
She goes on a rant and summons the tengu to fight them... then she uses some
relic passed down in the oni-clan and gets like do you really have it in you?
Yagyuu finishes her off but they get kicked out, later we have Yamato talk to Okuni
almost as if he is showing interest in song and dance, a perfect chance
for Nanao to finally give him those headphones and Okuni is intrigued as well
ruining Okuni's hair in the process but its not like he cares about that lmao.
After they purify the taint, Yamato cheers her up the same way she did by pinching her cheek...
they go off and pretends to be listening to music while Nanao let's out her insecurities.
Nanao is sad to be stuck here with no way back but she forgets Yamato and Satsuki are here as well
during the utage she checks on the suzaku pair who are feisty as ever and in each others hair...
however I think i'm gonna watch two mature men like Kuroda and Naoe drink sake instead. ๐Ÿ˜“
 Problems are far from over and onryo still cause trouble... they travel around
and when they move through a cavern there's this strange light that reacted to Nanao
but it went into Yamato's sword which starts to randomly purify onryo near the town in the present.
Yamato goes back home the place he thought he'd never return to and finds his dad waiting...
with the son from his new wife, dad explains Yamato is his other son. Yamato doesn't
understand but it is what it is, Yamato figures this isn't his home anymore and leaves.
When they get back to the sengoku period Yamato remembers all the nasty while training
and how his dad treats him like a good for nothing son. WTF what a shitty father.
Yamato gets angry and he becomes tainted like an onryo, Nanao tries to get him
to return to normal and look at her eyes but its like he's possessed, it works
and the others grab the katana, Nanao remembers Tsubaki's words of how Yamato's heart
is filled with hatred, Tara finds out about this and Morrow who wants to make a deal with her.
When they get back to Tsubaki it seems Ayame as been kidnapped by Tara
they reunite with the rest of the hachiyo as well so they go pay the oni witch a visit
but Yamato has been benched because of the cursed sword, Morrow comes in
and they get a horde of onryo after them, atleast Yamato grabbed Ayame.
Tara corners them again, this is fine... they get out and find some weird shrine
with a sword in a rock Tara said the real trap is yet to come... so uh what is this?
Apparently the sword is a perfect match for Yamato like straight out of manga....
 the katana is called sadame which means a bunch of things like fate or karma.
Sealing onryo has been taking more strength than usual... the hachiyo are drained
all the time, the only one who's ok is Yamato... yeah that sword is fishy.
Tara shows up plays around with Yamato a bit before explaining how that
new sword is draining the energy of the owners friends.
Yamato starts blaming himself even tho its not his fault... and he apologizes
before going off on his own, he tries to get rid of it but it is cursed to be with his owner.
Yamato doesn't want to kill Nanao and the others so... he goes off on his own.
Tara tells him there is a way to get rid of it, the answer lies in his own heart...
so she whispers shit in his ear how much he is like the oni's hating everything
wanting power to set things right... Yamato runs away and hears Nanao somewhere.
He wants to come back but like the idiot he is can't bring himself to.
Nanao and the rest continue the search while Yamato is actually shadowing them....
he eventually gets caught by Nanao no less after they defeat the onryo nearby
Yamato tries to yeeeet out again but Nanao grabs him by his scarf. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
 Nanao is so worried about his well being not just physical... emotionally
so she follows him and he's like whatever. When it starts to rain he does a u-turn
and makes sure Nanao doesn't over do it.  damn tsundere's i tell you!
Yamato really hated life before and when they traveled here it was nice but
if it with Nanao he wouldn't mind going back home and will beat this curse.
Yamato still goes off but he's really determined to change himself like he promised Nanao
who visits him from time to time, Nanao confronts Tara who showed up but she
forgot she was alone and almost gets dragged with her before Yamato shows up
drops his sword and tries to rely on his own strength but he has a hard time against Tara
but he promises to save her when he finally reaches and touches Nanao's hand
the sword starts to speak being all like its been a long time i've felt such warmth
and the katana basically accepts him and because his heart has changed he can use it.
Morrow yeets in and throws some onryo at them while they get away. ๐Ÿ˜“
After Nanao can't contain herself and embraces Yamato... who is so happy
after being alone so long he wants to stay like that for a while.
The two go back home and Yamato has a talk with his dad, he leaves the keys
to the appartment behind and when his dad ask if he found a place Yamato replies
like a chuuni not in this world no and says he won't come back here ever again.
His dad is like an other world the fuck you on about like some kid?
Yamato says he ain't lying about seeing ghosts and that this is goodbye.
Nanao notices Yamato has a hard time doing thisand he says it one more time
he's going to a place where he can belong. His dad can't believe it and tells him to do whatever
and is like you hate me anyway but Yamato is glad he could tell his dad its all for this girl.
Yamato realizes that he would fit right in as Sasaki Kojiro anyway.๐Ÿ˜…
After they go back he is totally relieved and ready to start anew, they return to the others
and Yamato apologizes for everything yet also is grateful for her patience with him.
They set off to stop Tara and Yagyuu is more than glad to help, we hear from Tara
that Morrow packed his bags and went home before giving Tara a little extra help.
Yamato challenges Tara under the name of Sasaki Kojiro and says his life
is now fully dedicated to the sword and tells her to prepare herself...
 after he wins Tara asks what she wants from him, that is to never try anything weird again
Tara is like ok and also admits she was getting fond of picking on him.
Then Morrow shows up but Tara tells him she is done with him and threw away a ring
but then Morrow is all like i'm your ally I want you and your lonely soul, stop this revenge
and leave this land together with me and it all's well that ends well. *shoujo sparkles*
After its all over Yamato confesses his feelings to Nanao and he's glad she chose him
cause she's his number one. Yamato still goes on travels and bullies Musashi...
Nanao misses him but he always returns home because she's there.
There was a bad end Nanao chooses to go back to the present with Satsuki
and Yamato's about to say something but he just says she's his friend.๐Ÿ˜ฆ
Hmm... this was alright? it was a little heavy at times and made me sad when it came
to matters of the heart and Yamato is an idiot a cute one at that but I didn't dislike it.
As a character I like Yamato and his coming to terms with his feelings
it was also neat to watch him grow as a character.
Romantically they're cute together and the end was nice, but that bit with Morrow
and Tara at the end was so random I was like what but its ok they deserve happiness too.
Gonna be real this route evoked some real feelings within me that actually made me cry...
Though gotta add that this route kinda is like an isekai fanboy's wet dream.๐Ÿ˜…
Romance  ★★★★☆
Plot  ★★★★☆
Overall  ★★★★☆

Yagyuu Munenori. Genbu of Earth.
CV: Yasumoto Hiroki.
 Mysterious... is working for Tokugawa Ieyashu.
Oddly enough Yagyuu's events are tied with scenes of the main plot compared to
other characters and found its easy to break his chain of events.
 His past is difficult to explain but he goes a way back with the oni Tara. Since he is
a hachiyou now he can't really walk off but still manages to slip away like a real ninja.
Yagyuu is surprisingly sweet and caring despite being like a gloomy shadow with zero presence
and he mostly keeps to himself making others go like oh wait he was there. ๐Ÿ˜‚
One time Nanao got hurt so he checked up on her and treated her wound...
Later Tara tried to lay a trap for the Nanao, in which she walked right into a lake
and fell unconcious she dreamed she was back in present time but somethings off
so she blew the wooden flute Yagyuu told her to use if she was in trouble.
 Yagyuu calls out Tara to stop hiding in the bushes whom tries to make a deal with him
which he naturally refused instead he won't hesitate to kill her (get used to this).
They all drive her off and a night later Nanao plays with her flute
Yagyuu wonders what that noise is so and he gives her fruit then she suggest
to eat it together but he's all like no this is for you I don't need it.๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
 Also Nanao isn't mad at all about the whole thing with Tara and trying to leave
so he just chills with her and talks about how as a kid he let Tara get away
thus he blames himself for letting her live when it only causes her pain
since everyone she knew died so she tries to get revenge.
Nanao has a dream of seeing young yagyuu give Tara straw shoes to help her run...
at the time he did believe it was the right thing but he is resolved to fight her anyway.
After her curse is broken, Nanao waltzes into the hotspring area and gets
 called out by a half naked Yagyuu before she hurt herself. His body is full of scars...
he already asks if it bothers her he bathes in her kindness till some soldier shows up
and tells them of a lead, this leads to them finding the oni hide-away.
When fighting Tara... Yagyuu's hair turns white and eyes blue, his true form an oni
and he finishes it off though he refuses to kill her and get kicked out.
 After Yagyuu starts to go emo and says there's nothing he can do...
but Nanao just grabs his hand and looks at him gently.
Me everytime he one-shots a boss in this game.
 After purify the taint, Nanao is lost and approaches Yagyuu casually who is all like
why don't you use the flute? there was no danger but even so he'd prefer it...
He tells her all poetically that while this world is harsh there is still beautiful things.
At the utage Nanao checks up on the genbu pair who put on a little show, yagyuu
does some sword dance while Okuni plays the flute. The next day they part ways.
The rest was basically one of those routes where if he actually killed Tara then and there
it would be over and a straight skip to the epilogue, tbh I liked it more till the actual route.
 At the start of the route Nanao has a dream of impending doom...
Tara shows up under the over of night waiting for Yagyuu who tries to
get her to stop her from continueing tormenting innocents since the people behind that attack
are long dead anyway but Tara still hates them she wants the world to burn.
Uh well apparently Yagyuu gets set up and jailed thanks to Tara no doubt....
since there was some misunderstanding eventually  Nanao can't stand it anymore
and goes to him alone to tend to him, he's like i'm happy you came but why?
 Not gonna bore you but they flee thanks to musashi backing them up. After talking
to some old friend of Yagyuu they end up visiting the old oni village but noones there
and he thinks about those days he swears to kill her next time and i'm like we know
the hachiyo all gather together to try and stop whatever Tara's plotting
when they fight some horde of onryo's Yagyuu uses his oni power again
since they were grossly but it tires him out too much, they rest a bit
but Nanao says he should really have more faith in everyone.
 So Yagyuu has to set out for war and Nanao stays in Oosaka, Hidenobu suggest
her to come to a meeting not a fun one but just so she can see him, aww.
More dreams of impending doom as war looms on the horizon...
so they rush to kobayakawa hideaki only to see him his own troops for his own brother.
Nanao uses her powers to cure him and he tells them Tara cursed him
and unleashed a bunch of onryo and Toyotomi Hidetsugu on the battlefield.
Nanao seals him but Tara is no where to be seen... she chats with Yagyuu
for a bit and then rush to the mountains to confront a desperate Tara
who wants nothing more than to destroy everything, Yagyuu instant kills her
during the fight because apparently one of his skills has a chance of doing that.๐Ÿ˜“
Yagyuu finishes her off with integrity, she joins her lost ones up above but the relic
she held still works and onryo go rampant so Nanao decides to do something about it.
This is what those dreams were about btw.
Nanao remembers some words from Ayame and Tsubaki that this is a last resort, she bids
Yagyuu farewell and literally summons the hakuryu at the cost of herself, Yagyuu despairs.
 A full year passes as peace returned, he manages his job and wonders where Nanao is or if she's happy but he remembers her words that she will return. When this doesn't happen he has
a eureka moment that the only way to save his loved one is to slice the ryuujin in two
with his sword Otengu masaie, at this point their love is all but obvious...
and confess while they're still wet i'm not sorry just can't describe it otherwise.๐Ÿ˜‚
Yagyuu laments of what if he did or didn't but i'm like i'm so sorry but why? and I tuned out...
In the epilogue she falls asleep on his lap while he monologues ad infinitum how he will always
be at the side of the one he loves and tbh i would want to sleep as well right now.
Though Yagyuu was pretty mature asking for a kiss (fade to black btw) or did I dream that?
Tbh same....
Gonna be honest here, I like Yagyuu but I just can't stand the wangst and monologues
he knows what must be done but it felt like he was on repeat at times
this combined with the tone of voice is making me want to sleep.๐Ÿ˜’
I feel this route requires patience and a mature mindset.
Like going on about wanting to end Tara's suffering, his/her past and lineage
in the end it felt it was too dragged out, I think his events pre-route were fine though
the build up in his events before the route was good but the route itself was meh
 maybe that was the problem most of the reveals already had come to pass, also wondered if
the writer hated him but it wasn't that bad or so i'd like to believe.
Also the plot at the end was a massive dejavu from Yuzuru's Izayoi ending in Haruka 3...
but compared to another route in this game this was actually good. 
overall it was okay I guess the romance gets an easy pass just not a fan of the rest
which is such a shame because Yagyuu was pretty great at times when push comes to shove.
Romance  ★★★☆☆
Plot  ★★☆☆☆
Overall  ★★☆☆☆
Miyamoto Musashi. Suzaku of Heaven.
CV: Abe Atsushi.
 Musashi can't possible be this adorable?! cinnamon roll too good and too pure for this world
who is a little competitive in wanting to better his swordsplay.
Musashi always gets his ass kicked by Yamato which made him quite upset as he was
no match at all if you do his event alongside yamato, Nanao will support him in
the aftermath as he hastedly eats a rice ball, he really loves to cook food as well.
Despite being smol he's a real gentleman and even encourages her
after they got attacked by an onryo since there was a bit of a hiccup.
They're too wholesome together I swear...
Musashi angst a little about not being good enough then he hears someone
scream and runs to their aid only to see someone got their already
Musashi is so amazed at this person he begs to be his disciple.
Even Kuroda is worried about little Musashi overdoing it but he leaves him in the miko's hands
one night Nanao tries to follow Musashi but Yamato won't let her go alone.
his new instructor tells musashi that while his swordplay is good he lacks heart.
 Musashi falls asleep and Yamato has to carry him on his back.๐Ÿ˜…
 Musashi still has energy so Nanao challenges Musashi to a fight to get him to rest
if she wins and he loses so as promised he goes and get some much needed rest
Yamato drags Nanao back to her room Musashi starts to loath how he can't beat anyone.
Yagyuu tells him he lost because Nanao had a strong determination but Musashi
has little of it and Yagyuu asks him why he even wields a sword.
When Nanao gets cursed and has to go to the lake to purify herself
Musashi notices her uncertaintity facing the onlookers and offers to walk hand in hand
while reassuring her, Nanao likes his smile and uh who doesn't?
Musashi realizes he lacks heart then he remembers the past and how he always
tries and tries to be like his father, becoming the best swordsman...
They end up following a rumor and find Hirashima in some burned down mountain
for some sor of ritual hmm not suspicious at all. After they purify the taint
Musashi goes on his own journey to become the best swordsman there ever was.
 Nanao, Satsuki and her bro travel then find Musashi meditating naked under a waterfall...
they don't recognize him since he grew a little and he starts shouting princess~ it a me.๐Ÿ˜…
They go out and deal with remaining onryo/taaaint only to find Hiroshima at the wrong place
yet again... just what is up with him? they go clear up some dojo as well and Musashi trains more
with his teacher who actually praises him since he has grown a lot.
Musashi realizes he might actually be in love with Nanao, BUT WHAT IS LOVE.
In town there's this strange mist and people are getting ill, musashi gets flamed by
his oldman, he is used to it though then at night they get attacked by onryo
who set their place on fire, a shadow can be seen getting away
Musashi carries the princess out of there but damn.
 Nagamasa comes to assess the situation, what timing! Kapitein and Tara are
fucking around in Oosaka or something but what's happening here is trouble alright.
There was a cute moment where Musashi asks Nanao if he can hold her hand...
They find a time fragment and watch Ashikaga Yoshiteru's last moments
and seal an onryo sometime later Musashi visits his teacher again THEN
Nanao is remember something they saw in the fragment and realizes Musashi's teacher
is Ashikaga Yoshiteru when Nanao tells him them the teacher remembers and then
Hirashima walks in on them who turns out to be a retainer of sorts who serves in
Yoshiteru's name and reveals his glory days are over and also tells him that
Oda did the deed and that his daughter stands before him which leads to Yoshiteru
going berserk as onryo, Musashi tries to stop his teacher.
Hirashima be like its nothing personal but haha Nanao tries to help but he's too strong
and Musashi fights as hard as he can to protect her, for some reason
Yoshiteru returns to normal and tells him formally he is his enemy he must slay.
They leave as it begins to rain and Musashi rests to recover from his wounds
and while they inform the others, Musashi steels himself for his upcoming fight.
They go to sekigahara but Satsuki stays behind to put up a barrier... and Yukimura
backs him up while showing a rather hotheaded side to him. Everyone else
also supports Musashi in their own way so he can go settle things with Yoshiteru.
After a fierce battle, Musashi succeeds and also truly become his disciple
Musashi also confesses his love for Nanao as if asking for approval
but Yoshiteru just smiles and asks to be sealed with integrity.
 Musashi knows his path, then Hirashima shows up causing trouble...
and tries to summon an super onryo called gedoushin which is literally a giant foot
which Yagyuu managed to insta-kill before he could do anything. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Hirashima still tries something but Musashi tells him to suck it up, admit he's lost
and tells him to live with the weight of his sins but thanks him for letting him meet his teacher.
After everything, Musashi decides to bid farewell and continue journeying
he doesn't want her to be unhappy but he knows they're of different worlds.
Musashi formally tells her he really loves her before running off, leaving her speachless.
Satsuki asks her what she wants to do go home with him or stay. Naturally she stays here
and decides to chase after Musashi since she can't just leave him at this point.
 They basically just decide to stick it out together cuz they're that wholesome together.
I really liked Musashi's route? even more than I thought I would.
The personal growth he has in the event pre-route and route itself is really good
and I liked the little bit of mystery regarding his teacher. which compared to
the last routes angst fest was a much needed refreshment, still Musashi has a little
bit of angst as well but it was more bearable as the rest of the plot was pretty well balanced
Or maybe Tara just annoys me.... hmmm either way this was a great route
of someone growing up and finding out what he wants to live for.
Romance  ★★★★☆
Plot  ★★★★★
Overall  ★★★★☆

Amano Satsuki. Seiryuu of Earth.
CV: Suzumura Kenichi.
 Nanao's adopted brother, onmyoji and descendant of the star clan.
When he found Nanao as a kid he had to seal her memories cuz she was really suffering.
In the beginning he was really annoying... oppressive even.
Satsuki really cares about his adoptive sister and hided the truth of her
possibly being the priestess and in turn her heritage while she grew up a normal life.
I can tell he doesn't mean bad and he did apologize for hiding the truth so i'm like okay!
 They have a nice picknick but when he gushes about Nanao being cute when little and
have to protect he almost chokes on a dango, good thing Nanao brought water
that aside the scene was cute and really shows the bond they have even if not bloodrelated.
Too bad Satsuki got roasted by Kuroda for being a naive little bitch in the countryside
and should think a bit more about himself if he wants to protect others so much.
Kuroda's right tho... yeah this guy is really looking out for everyone.
Apparently Satsuki has a genius twin brother who disappeared ssome time ago.
 After all that happened Satsuki believes hima to be still alive
but also starts to say that his twin brother would be a better choice
as hachiyou but Nanao tell's him to shut it and that he's fine, I love her attitude. xD
After Nanao had to seal Nobutada, Satsuki gets weak seeing her try hard to keep it in and let's
her cry in his arms and tells her after all that she is not alone and still has him as family.
While I have problems with him I think he is a good brother.
Satsuki noticed some townsfolk but had a bad feeling, Nanao tags along with him and
then some onryo try to attack. Satsuki was glad he followed the hunch before they were hurt.
Hilarity ensues when they drink from the same bottle oh no not the dreaded indirect kissu.
After they purify the taaaaint, Satsuki tries to cheer her up but also accepts that she might not
want to go back to the present, at the utage he and yukimura have a rather casual conversation.
At the start of the route Nanao has a dream that she's flying and sees someone strange
 Satsuki also starts having dreams which is so bad he be tripping balls during the day.
they go meet up with the byakko boys and onryo pop up at Hirashima's place
and there is a place where only the miko and Satsuki can enter.
They see some sort of fish which turns into a mini hakuryu, he turned into a human
when reacting to Nanao, he hands her a bit of water before jumping back into
the pond, Satsuki suspect it might be his future appearance but why is it so small?
 When they go deal with an onryo, Satsuki stops her from sealing it and tells
her not to use her powers cuz he'll do it. Everyone else is like wtf bro. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
 Its all because of Satsuki worrying something will happen to the little hakuryu...
He goes on how they shouldn't rely on the power of gods and that he'll do it cuz he's an onmyoji.
Ah... Onii-chan is back to his old ways like in the beginning. SIGH~
Nanao has a dream and the dragon tells her that has nothing to do with it and not an issue.
The next morning Satsuki gets mad but also apologizes for being an ass
when Nanao yeets him. Later he tells her to come with him for a bit to the present
hoping to find another way out of this predicament. At night he asks if he can watch
her fall asleep then he asks if he can pat her head Nanao gets worried since he's acting weird.
Satsuki really just wants her to live like a normal girl without burdened by fate
but drops it and tells her not to worry and go bed. The next day she tries to go back
to the other world but apparently she can't ONII-CHAN WHAT DID YOU DO?!
Nanao eventually gets back there after finding a scale and he's like but how? he tries
to hide his displeasement and tries to give her a charm but i'm like CAN I TRUST YOU.
The battle of sekigahara approaches and it will most likely all be over soon Satsuki says something like you might even hate me and I won't sweet talk it before telling her to rest up and stay put.
When onryo show up he says that he'll go but you stay here.. FUCK OFF ONII-CHAN
because it'll be alright she'll do it for the sake of her beloved brother and then Nanao
sacrifices herself to the dragon and purifies all the onryo in one fell swoop.
 Satsuki was just trying prevent this but couldn't... Nanao meets with chibiryu
but he tells her that right now she should rest. Satsuki tries to find a way to bring her back
but Ayame tells him to rest, he won't let it end like this. I am like maybe he should ask Yagyuu!
But he does it himself through some onmyoji spell and the charm he gave her
was his way of keeping her safe and tells her to come back down to earth.
 Satsuki apologizes to Nanao and will now stop acting on his own and decide what's best.
Satsuki really just want her to be happy so he makes her a promise ring
to not rely too much on the power of the dragon and fight side by side with him.
Ishida Mitsunari comes to help them out of a pinch... Satsuki realizes that its not really
Mitsunari but his missing brother instead Mitsuru Amano his twin brother.
 Awkward reunions aside, they work together to find out who is behind the mess
which is none other than Hirashima. Before Mitsunari leaves Satsuki tries
to get him to go back to the brother he knew, the two nerds who researched sengoku etc
but Mitsuru's has completely gotten into his little roleplay here so he's like fuck off nii-san.
Satsuki tries to go out at night but Nanao yeeets him back because she figures
he's going after his brother. Satsuki tells her this is his problem and that he's family
so Nanao actually makes it clear that she's part of this family as well and tells him
she'll be joining him now AWW YEAH Satsuki can't go against it and they follow Mitsunari
to save him from his fate. Nanao tells him they can use the white dragon scale to stop time
Satsuki is against it as per usual but gives in because he's weak around her.
Now he has to convince his bro to get up on the dragon's back and so they can-
-fly through time to the present. NANI?! oh well all's well that ends well OR NOT.
Mitsuna- eh mitsuru reveals he's too into his roleplay and want to protect that little dragon
so Satsuki asks Nanao for help in achieving that, they reunite with the other hachiyo
Yamato gets pissed how those two just up and disappeared, LOL.
They all go and pay Hirashima a visit who was more than happy he's gone(back) now
but everyone is like shut up we are not letting you hurt that baby dragon
but not before he can make it hostile, babby had a real nasty aoe but Yagyuu is ever as useful
in ending both fights quickly Hirashima himself had no chance, Kuroda tells Musashi
to seize the infidel and the babby is alright. Its finally over and they wonder what
Nanao will do next, Satsuki suggest to transfer the babby to a lake
so he can grow up to be healthy so now he offers her a choice.
Nanao asks to be released of her duties as miko and grant onii-sama's wish
for her to live like a normal girl, everyone sees those two off not as siblings but lovers...
Yamato stays behind because reasons enough.  When those two get back Mitsuru decides
to go back to that other world anyway because he's addicted to his roleplay as Mitsunari.
Satsuki is like oh whatever, plus his brother said he'd be back.
Nanao and Satsuki go on a date in the epilogue and it seems like the adventure
was all a dream to him but in the end he got his adopted sister for a girlfriend.
Hmm I think this was an okay route except for the fact that I don't like Satsuki...๐Ÿ˜…
I figure he is one of those you'll either love or hate him type of guys.
he is like this overprotective big bro which is nice and in every route but his own he's bearable.
Satsuki has this way of just deciding what's best and instead of being honest to ask what
she wants which ruined most of the route for me there's even a landmine bad end
where she is unable to go back to the sengoku era. Also trying to help his bro on his own....
 Sure he redeems himself time again and even apologizes but at that point it was too late
for me and just like him more as a supportive character, all that aside the plot in the route
was interesting so even if romance ain't my thing it was alright still, if anything Nanao saved
this route from being a complete disaster yes that's right Nanao kicked ass.
Also its not that I can't see the romance but yeah this character's maybe not for me?
Romance  ★★★☆☆
Plot  ★★★★★
Overall  ★★★☆☆

Okuni. Genbu of Heaven.
CV: Shitanda Michael.
 It a trap?! so beautiful he can pass for a woman, wasn't exactly happy
when he was chosen as a hachiyou also I thought if Kuroda is the strict dad
then Okuni is sort of the mom of the group.๐Ÿ˜‚ Basically Okuni is like
an like an idol, frequently does these performances like in actual history.
One night Nanao walks in on a man... crying, Nanao wonders what's up
the man says he had a bad dream nothing to concern herself with.
Idk about you but this give me a bad feeling.
 When Ayame go excited to go into the onsen, Okuni was strangely distant and goes to rest.
Nanao doesn't think much of it but it obvious she doesn't know/realize the gender.๐Ÿ˜…
This is weird because I thought it was obvious that it was the same person....
Later she runs into that man again, she asks for his name and its Kou and he is
on a journey much like herself, now he's just taking a walk. They enjoy the starry night sky.
Nanao took some make up with her when she went back to the present and shows it to him
then he offers to help her put it on and make her all pretty. Later she runs into Kou
at night again holding an injured bird, he says it can't be saved but Nanao yeets him
and says there's still a chance. Nanao runs into Okuni later who has some medicine
but where is Kou? gone with the wind. Thankfully the bird will recover.
Next time they meet Kou wonders if the little bird is okay... who is doing fine
Nanao tells him of Okuni and then Kou gets like maybe you're being fooled (no shit dude)
Kou gets annoyed? when he hears just what a gentle person Okuni is
but he's grateful for Nanao's quick acting on helping the bird.
Later she sees Naoe and Kou together... then Yamato asks if Kou is Okuni
and then everyone notices how much they look alike except for Kou being more masculine.
Apparently both Nao and Yukimura knew his secret... thaks guys!
 Satsuki keeps it simple for all of them and says that this man is  Okuni and Okuni is a man
not a woman, Okuni is sorry for deceiving them but it bothered him how he was lying to his friends
as they got the wrong idea about him being a her for performances and that his name is
Nakayama Jyuukorou (lol wut?) its just been so long since he casually went about
and got used to the act so there's thats one cat out of the bag! for now atleast. Apparently
Nanao doesn't like how the akechi fam ended up so she's worried about, they discuss honnoji
and Mitsuhide's son but they decide to let the dead rest but Okuni still seems upset abotu something.
One morning Nanao finds Okuni crying again and saying he's sorry about something.
He says its just a dream and doesn't remember why and tells her to get ready.๐Ÿ˜•
After they purify the taint, Okuni consoles her since she's sad she might be stuck in this world
Okuni is more than happy to do so because she's been so supportive to him, aww.
Nanao also remembers she still has Hidenobu who supports her so its not so bad.
They move to Oosaka, the onryo problem's far from solved and Okuni does some performance
for Garesha just then he receives a letter of some well let's just say a fan who is moved by him.
Oh well Nanao still finds him crying at night blaming himself over something in a dream...
she can do nothing but wipe the tears of his face, then suddenly Nanao gets a vision.
She witnesses a battle, Akechi Mitsuyoshi not being able to fight and Hidemitsu is
trying to tell him not to run and tells him to live on for everyones sake.
But why is Okuni so upset over this? when he wakes up he wonders why he saw her there
in his dreams. It seems she saw the truth now and there really is nothing to hide anymore
so then he runs off, Nanao can't let him and he finally tells her that he, Okuni is Akechi Mitsuyoshi
a person she should hate because of the betrayal Mitsuhide did at Honnoji
which caused her father Oda Nobunaga's died and in turn end his conquest of japan.
He's been fooling her because he did not want to hurt her with his true identity.
Nanao forgives him because he didn't do anything wrong and there's nothing to hate, Okuni
still feels bad since he is so weak because so many people died just so he could live.
I guess he put on the act of Okuni to atone in his own way and didn't want to trouble
Nanao the very daughter of oda nobunaga himself.
 Some maid comes to ask to help someone out who is a sister of Mitsuyoshi
who is being ratted out by Mitsunari or something, Gareshia tries to commit seppuku.
Okuni needs some time to think but... Nanao finds him crying so she comforts him as before.
Next day Okuni decides he has to face his demons just like Okuni stands on a stage
since he wants to save this sister. Nanao takes away Gareshia and Okuni plans
to stage a suicide since he looks alike. Nanao gets worried so she goes back some onryo
tries to make a move because the miko is in the way of things but Okuni yeets in.
 Gareshia regains some hope for the future and decides to live on like her brother.
After Okuni (as Kou) confesses that he wants to live his life with Nanao
 and asks if he can embrace her which she is like okay go ahead.
Apparently the onryo presence has mostly disappeared but since there were some
near Mitsunari's place they decide to investigate sekigahara still.
Yamato tags along but goes off on his own... idk but they wrote out everyone else so easily.
They end up finding Hirashima near a handmade voodoo shrine spouting doom
which knowing him can't be good. Apparently he knew who Okuni was with 1 look
he goes on and on how Okuni should understand his goals. Okuni tells him to politely fuck off
and that the Akechi clan ain't like that. Hirashima summons Mitsuhide's onryo spirit
and also sends Okuni on a trip to personal hell which makes him have an identity crisis.
Nanao can't stand this eventually Okuni gets his shit together and kick Hirashima's butt and
seal Mitsuhide. They talk some sense into Hirashima whom gets back on the right track
and goes to fuck off somewhere after a slap on the wrist. I'm ??? at this but ok I guess!
Okuni mentions he really feels stronger alonside Nanao and she confesses she likes him
he then glomps her from behind and tells her he'll really cherish her and how happy he is now.

In the epilogue he gets sappy that despite everything she still chose him and
even is more confident going around as Kou but in the end he is himself, Mitsujoshi.
They will walk hand in hand and continue traveling, protecting the person
who saved him from despair and made his world a brighter place.
UHM well I thought the plot was good and there were some nice reveals well into the route
but i think KOEI took a lot of liberties here, idk that much about sengoku period or Okuni
but it was done in a nice way still, I always thought why Okuni? but then you do the route and welp.
The overall plot resolution this time was lame and it was sad how everyone else
just disappears most of the time there would be a wingman or everyone come together 
for the final boss but here even Yamato just drops out for no good reason
but all things considered Okuni's problem is sorta personal so i'm like ok.
That aside I think it was alright just compared to some of the other routes
that i've done I can't hold it highly but individually it was good.
What I can say is that I overall liked it more than Yagyuu! so that's a good thing
but while I can see the bonding/romance and think it was solid it also felt average
or maybe that was because of the ending in general hmm....
Romance  ★★★☆☆
Plot  ★★★☆☆
Overall  ★★★☆☆

Sanada Yukimura. Seiryuu of Heaven.
CV: Terashima Takuma.
 Terashima's curse of voicing cool blue hairs continues... he's surprisingly soft and likes flowers
though at times he can get suprisingly hotblooded, if the situation needs it.
I don't have much to say about him but this iteration of Yukimura really is... very sweet
but eh as seen in Musashi's route he has a side to him that makes me a little afraid.
Yukimura tells her about the legend of Kasuga hime which is basically
about love, duty and self-sacrifice it'll make more sense later.
Yukimura ends up supporting her emotionally after sealing Nobutada, while Satsuki
sighed heavily in the distance as Yukimura tells her to just let her tears go
and no need to tough it out as the miko. After getting rid of the curse-
-Yukimura invites her to an onsen which is apparently renowned among the Takada's.
We meet Sanada Nobuyuki here who starts talking about embarrassing secrets of his brother. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Nanao tries to give him some flower seeds but he refuses at first because war can
break out anytime making the effort go to waste, it would be nice for everyone though.
Later Yukimura visited a grave, Nanao followed cuz she was worried.... but nothing else happens.
After they purify the taint, Yuki-tan gives her some pep talk and she'll surely be able to return.
Nanao has a dream after they all part ways that darkness engulves japan...
they find a passage back to the present, Satsuki shares a scary story
about diabolic demons/onryo needing some sort of sacrifice. Musashi invites her
to come over to Oosaka because theirs trouble brewing and she's worried so agrees.
Yukimura is in Oosaka cause he works for Mitsunari... when onryo attack this gaijin tells em all
to back off and let them deal with it and witness the power of god, arrivederci!
As seen in Kuroda route they're up to no good and might be trying something against Mitsunari
the same night Yuki-tan and Naoe end up enjoying some sake with Mitsunari... Naoe is so drunk
he starts making shit up on the spot& can't follow.  what type of game am I playing again?! @_@
 Apparently townsfolk are being imprisoned and drugged... made to believe the gaijin's lies.
Kuroda's ass is on fire and literally broke someone's arm for information.๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ
They all figure Morrow isn't who he says he is and proceed with caution...
Mitsunari let's him slip away because he really can't do anything, there's some evil circle
on the floor that Nanao sealed, now Mitsunari wants the miko's help.
Yukimura vows to protect Nanao, whom later has a dream of a black dragon.
Yukimura and Nanao go back to the countryside, she gets to try out a pretty kimono
then Nobuyuki comes waltzing in and can't help but comment her beauty & choice of dress.
Nanao asks if Nobuyuki can take a picture with her smartphone, I'm surprised
he could follow instructions on HOW to use it.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
They look so cute together!
 Apparently Masayuki and Nobuyuki decided to choose Tokugawa over Mitsunari....
this upsets Yukimura greatly. Nobuyuki tries to change his mind but Yukimura still hasn't forgiven
the Tokugawa clan. When Yukimura talks to Satsuki whom expresses his concern
over using the ryuujin's power, Yukimura is envious over him looking out for his sister so much.
 Satsuki instantly realizes this is related to his family issue right now and Satsuki
tries to tell him not to resent them or make rash decisions.Yuki goes off on his own
so Okuni accompanies her when she went after him. Turns out he went to visit a grave again
and apparently he hasn't forgiven the Tokugawa. A skirmish breaks out and
Yukimura has to fight his own brother Nobuyuki, during their bitchfight
his bro protects him from an onryo because he wouldn't want him to die like that
Nanao and seals them, the others scatter in hopes of finding Morrow
and leave a slightly unwell miko in Yukimura's hands when she comes to Satsuki notes
how the outcome of the battle in actual history nonetheless they support Yukimura.
So after calm in a storm, Yukimura admits a losing battle and then onryo appear out of
nowhere in the town, Nanao doesn't hesitate and uses her powers knowing
full well somethings been making her weaker and she faints again.
Yukimura stayed at her side till she woke up... ugh he's so sweet.
They decide to finally plant those flowers now at the gravesite...
 Nanao has a vision of the dragon being tainted and sees none other than Morrow
who kills his favorite subordinate and turns him into a onryo.
Nanao tells Yukimura of this but he can't let her go in this state and tells her to take
better care of herself and not use her powers so carelessly since at this rate
her life is in danger so he wants her to promise to not use it no matter what.
Yukimura apologizes for lying and that the tale of kasuga is actually true...
Then he tells her of what will happen if she continues aka becoming one with the dragon
as she is also a vessel for the dragon, which as heard from Ayame is a last resort.
So he urges her to not uses her powers as she will lose her human form.
 If she choose to remain human, it is a bad end... imo this was the most normal choice too.
 but if she chooses to let it be up to her own judgment and do what she can then...
Yukimura will protect her as before. In a time fragment Satsuki reveals from his
research that Morrow is actually the black dragon or did something to it and about Nanao's fate.
Yukimura also tells Satsuki to stop being so oppressive and let Nanao decide for herself
what's best and that Yuki supports her which leads to the two having a cat fight.
Anyway they end up visiting the present for a bit and Yukimura remembers
that time they took that picture and his brother... using such a strange device.
eventually he tells her he loves her. Then he asks her what she wants and its to be by his side.
Yamato asks Satsuki if he's not still hiding something and that he was suspicious looking
at the photo album. He's like I was just being Nostalgic. Nanao then tells the rest
of the hachiyou the truth of what will happen if she overuses her power.
They end up traveling to shinbashira which is a big ass crystal and find Morrow there
he summons Leviathan who stands no chance thanks to Yagyuu
and they arrest the infidel Morrow, the black dragon awakens and Nanao has
to bid farewell, everyone else gets warped out except Nanao wit Yukimura last.
A white dragon can be seen in the sky and then it starts to rain just like in the legend.
Yukimura fights at Sekigahara and goes against Tokugawa... Yagyuu tries to stop him.
Yukimura fights most bravely but it doesn't look good, he hopes some of his friends are safe.
Tokugawa is victorious then it starts to rain as he lies there and thinks his princess
has come back for him to take him away. Nobuyuki visits the grave and the flowers
Nanao and Yuki planted have now bloomed. Nobuyuki laments how he didn't
want his brother to die a meaningless death but... sigh. 
At this point I thought this was like a bad end... because it is just too sad. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
I also feel so bad for Satsuki because this is what he was trying to prevent even
Nobuyuki didn't want this to happen to his bro.
Even the other guys have a better outcome... let me cry now oh god.
In the epilogue, Yukimura finds himself in a endless flower field (like the farplane in FFX/X-2)
then the time fragment born of their feelings shows up and Nanao comes falling in from the sky
and they make out in this heaven-like place. I'm like I guess they're together but NOT LIKE THIS?!
Ah yes I too want to be reunited in heaven with my boyfriend... 
i'm so conflicted about this its not even funny.
 While I liked the route as it made me feel things and the story/romance was okay...
up untill the last 10-20 minutes that is which is such a shame because
Yukimura was likeable and the route was fairly enjoyable up untill that point that is.
I suppose the ending could be bittersweet but uhm when I look at the others aha.
Too bad they barely explained anything that was happening at the end
I even thought it was a bad end... well it technically is but also isn't?
I mean most of the endings have been light-hearted happy ends and then this happens
and I know Yukimura has his own motivations this just isn't what I know this series for
which leads to me being very conflicted as to what just happened especially when we
have characters like Nobuyuki and Satsuki trying to prevent things.
That aside I liked the plot till after they defeated the last boss, it was just so...
counter-productive? you also get the classic why not just do that like in another route?
Its a massive nosedive in terms of enjoyment, this might be the single worst ending in the whole game.
Now I remember Minamoto no Yoshitsune from Harutoki 3 and boy he had it good man.
I suppose one could like it with the as long as they're happy mindset... 
even if they're literally in heaven lmao but sorry especially after them taking liberties
with Okuni i'm sure they could have thought up something else so I can't help but be miffed.
Its like the writer had a espresso depresso and took a piss then forgot what type of game this is
maybe if you like tragic stuff this could be up someone's alley but uh its such a moodkiller
compared to everything else i'm really like what the fuck KOEI.
Romance  ★★★☆☆
Plot  ★★☆☆☆
Overall  ★★☆☆☆
This sums up the last 10-20 minutes of the route perfectly.

Naoe Kanetsugu. Byakko of Earth.
CV: Takemoto Eiji.
Hmm... a sweetheart but serious when it comes to work
he is also completely amazed by the present-time technology
which made him absolutely adorable to watch! even ice cream is fascinating to him
and before you know it he's off making smoothies, speaking of smooth... he's good with words.
After saving Mitsunari in ch4 he's very thankful, he's apparently very kind to the people
and always thinking ahead for their sake. Ayame and Tsubaki gift Nanao a kimono so they could visit
this family though upon seeing her Naoe is like you really do want me to want you, don't you? ๐Ÿ˜…
 They sort of mock her but Nanao shows them how a refined woman she is though this Hidehara
isn't pleased at this or seems to like Naoe. Oh well Nanao remembers him talk about
food shortage and decides to bring back potatoes to the sengoku period
with this he is incredible grateful as this could save lives.
Maybe I shouldn't have made that potato joke during Yamato's events... ๐Ÿ˜…
 After they purify the taint, Naoe let's her cry in his arms and she regains some hope
because he is there so even if she can't go back she has reason to not give up.
Naoe invites her to come live with him in yonezawa, everyone is like but why?
Not that this will stop them these two newly weds wait they're not married?!
Either way the plot wasn't very interesting in this route, this was romance oriented.
Kapitein be up to no good as per usual and onryo start showing up...
thanks to Naoe opening Mitsuhide's eyes he's willing to work with him.
Naoe is very considerate towards Nanao... though I could sense a bit of worry
when they found another passage to the present... did he get attached?
Yagyuu comes crawling from the bushes because he wanted to confirm something
the nonbiri days end as they find some magic circles and onryo pop up.
 Nanao has to temporary part ways with Naoe so she can deliver a message to hidenobu
and since the tunnels connect to different places they call Satsuki and Yamato
to wait at the other end, so Naoe can take care of his business.
Some time passes...
Nanao meets Naoe in a strange place the river of stars, he says its cuz his feelings
took flight because he loves her so much he wanted to see her again.
He gets all poetic but the bottom line is that he's missed her and they'll meet soon
which was no lie, Nanao embraced him as soon as she could.
Sometime later they get so intimate i'm just like just do it already aaaaaaa~
Me running into Kanetsugu's arms after the previous disaster.
 They connect to the river of stars and use the power of water in one
of Naoe's plan then Onryo show up, Naoe figures Morrow is behind it they end up going
to Mitsunari's side at sekigahara... since they're sure Morrow is to try something with onryo.
My late husbando Kuroba ended up fighting my sweetheart Naoe. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ๐Ÿ’ฆ
Kuroda: Who are you calling late husband?
He attacc
Its hard for Nanao to see everyone fighting like this... Morrow shows up
with his annoying magic circles and tries something to kobayakawa
Naoe helps Mitsunari escape and treat his wounds, Naoe gets super worked up over it
they help Mitsunari write a letter and he starts saying how he misses his land faraway
But most importantly he protecc
his mom, dad and brother, Naoe says he can meet them if he lives, Mitsunari tells them
that they should head to sawayama, finally there a half-dying he reminisces about the good old days
and that its been enough, Naoe's heart is split in two right now, Mitsunari tells him to settle
things for ueshigi and they head back to Yonezawa. Nanao stays there with Ayame
while Naoe goes off to settle things, he eventually comes back like a tired husband does.
 Nanao figures out via a time fragment what happened... it was a fierce battle
vs mogami yoshiaki but Naoe really wanted to get out of it alive, Mitsunari passes away.
In the end Naoe couldn't do anything for anyone... which frustrated him
so now they hunt down Morrow, who Naoe can't forgive for making a mess of things.
They miko and hachiyou gather and go the Sawayama which is invested with onryo and death...
not even Satsuki can forgive Morrow at this point and everyone wants him to fuck off.
Morrow tries to sweet talk his way out after his precious leviathan falls but no ones
is going to betray Tokugawa today much less cause Morrow says it'd be good.
Either way all's well that ends well and Naoe promises to
take good care of his wife~ as they return to Yonezawa together.
In the epilogue Naoe takes Nanao along to the countryside to view the fields
she helped Naoe realize, that will benefit many people in the years to come.
Well that was lovely compared to the previous disaster, I'm glad I trusted
my gut when deciding on my last three routes, this was a relaxing/healing route
focusing mostly on romance and personal goal, plot what plot?! they were acting
like newly weds after just a little bit of separation, it was obv Kanetsugu wanted her
as well and its not like Nanao disliked it nope she fanned the flames.
Tho i'm not sure what all that river of stars was about other than a sort of spiritual connection?
Like Kuroda I thought this was a good route just not for the plot which wasn't terrible
just nothing too amazing either, atleast I can see them have a future.
Romance  ★★★★★
Plot  ★★★☆☆
Overall  ★★★★☆

Normal ending
 After they purify the taint, Nanao decides to stay in the world she came from and spends time
with her lost childhood friend Oda Hidenobu who teaches her things she forgot.
There's no onryo and everyone enjoys the quiet days.
This feels like a consolation prize if you didn't make it onto a route.

Grand ending
 For this end you have to do all other routes first and climb the mt fuji in ch5
without continueing any chara event in before doing so. While also defeat enough enemy
of the area, no need to play from scratch can reload save from ch4.
Despite everyones differences, they see something beautiful in Nanao's determination
and this time she's not getting cursed because everyone has her back
allowing them to settle things without backtracking and all.
Nanao manages to seal the taint without problems because she has her dear
hachiyou at her side, she is also able to summon the dragon here and is able to go home
with Satsuki and Yamato who wonders what is going on back there.
Nanao is sure that everyone is happy now... atleast she is.
I'm not sure why exactly everything was able to go smoothly, was it because
she was uncertain that she couldn't seal it properly before but yeah if she really
sealed everything now then the antagonist can't fuck around either which
solves a lot of problems still history will go as planned, no? ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

Tbh endings like normal and grand are perfect for anime adaptations because
it can end in a not bias towards a particular character and get people interested in the game.
Other than that I don't particularly feel hot or cold towards this, its alright to wrap things up
but it doesn't really go explain much either, perfect for a potential sequel I guess.

Fav route plotwise:
Satsuki > Musashi & Yamato > Kuroda & Naoe > Okuni > Yagyuu >>>> Yukimura.
The seiryuu's have some odd weird plot, suzaku boi's have best personal growth
and the rest have decent individual reveals/ romance to carry it
which is especially true for the byakko boys! green haired guys ftw.
I didn't like Yagyuu's route that much but atleast his ending was miles better than Yukimura
whom's ruined the entire thing for me because hello you can take liberties with Okuni
but can't even give Yukimura a proper ending? ayy lmao.

Fav character:
Kuroda > Yamato > Naoe > Yagyuu / Musashi > Okuni > Yukimura > Satsuki.
Kuroda best boi!!! Yamato 2nd and Naoe 3rd, the rest sort of follow after that.
For Okuni and Satsuki I think as supportive char they're great but imo
romance wise i'm going to have to pass on the latter i'm not sure of Yukimura
but he was great I just didn't like how his ending was a dumpster fire.

Final Thoughts
Byakko boys are best boys.
 While I thought it was a decent otome game and had fun with it, unfortunately it is
hilariously inconsistent as well it reminds me of those games where you get moments
like they could just do that like in route x but instead you get an inconsistent mess
in which some things don't even matter. I know it is normal to have less relevant routes
but here it was like why did they make such a big deal out of that in route x and y?
 So while Satsuki was well rounded but Yukimura was counter-productive
making me prefer Yagyuu which route I was meh about untill then
mostly everyone else route/end I enjoyed so I can't complain that much.
 The heroine was pro-active I didn't dislike her though there's some moments
that made me shake my head thankfully those were few.
Romance was fine but varied per character for one they weren't thinking about it at all
another don't know it and come to learn over time, yet for one was clearly interested in a wife.
Atleast every guy I was interested in had a decent route/end and some I was surprised
I even ended up liking them at all, if this game ever gets a sequel/fd I hope Yukimura
gets a better ending for it but seeing how many scenario writers were involved
one can only hope it ends up like geten's sequel. TBH i'm kinda grateful every route
did it their own way which is what saved it from being an awful experience mind you
it ended up being far from it. Other than that I think its a well rounded game depending on
who you go for... some might not be your taste but eh I can't say it was bad at all, its fine.
This is one of the few games where I said yeah it doesn't mean shit if some guy had
the more well-rounded plot or interesting revelations if I don't like them in the first place!
Satsuki went from uhm to he's okay to like no to maybe to nope and back again.๐Ÿ˜“
or Yuki's being okay then in the last 10-20 minutes it crashed and burned.
I am still so conflicted especially about Yukimura, lmao but c'est la vie.
In the end there's a lot to see, different sides to explore knowing actual history
things might not be the most happiest but in most of the route it tries
just about those seiryuu guys that's gonna be a nope from me this time
not that I dislike them, they're just not my cup of tea here. Which is funny
because I was pro Darius in 6 and seiryu didn't disappoint much in 3 either, yet
byakko in 3 weren't my type and 6 was ok at best. Ah tables have turned!
If you like rpgs, history and otome i'd still recommend because there might
be something for everyone but if not up for gameplay/history stuff then maybe pass?
Also no one got a kiss cg, I guess they saw me complain and were like fine no one gets one!
*table flip*
Characters ★★★★☆
Art  ★★★★★
Scenario/plot. ★★★☆☆
Music ★★★★☆
System  ★★★★☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆ (3,5)

Other than that, I might end up getting gunka o haita neko before the piofiore fd comes out
since there's not much else that interest me really and not going to force it.

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