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Mahoutsukai to Goshujin-sama ~Wizard and the Master~ - New edition- Review

Game: [新装版 魔法使いとご主人様]
Shinsouban Mahou Tsukai to Goshujin-sama ~Wizard and the Master~
Genre: Otome Visual Novel.
Developer: Quinrose.
Platform: PS Vita.
(Old version: PC, PSP)

 This is a remake of quinrose first game which originally released in 2005 for PC.
 Just like Crimson empire, it was remade for PS Vita.
The heroine Alicia is a princess but she's the only one in the family who can't use magic.
 So she ends up going to a magic acadamy in hopes of finding a suitable servant.
Alicia is an awesome heroine though, as expected from Quinrose.
 she's also pretty hilarious at times.

- Heroine is fun and a bit of a sadist.
- Interesting setting and overall story.
- Most if not all the guys are likeable.
- Art, its a huge upgrade but there are some CG's that are eh...
- Meissen.

- Music, it's alright but some of it felt so bootleg-ish.
- Many ending variations, which might not be worth your time.
- Lot's of TL;DR, it can get long winded.
- PS Vita version might be hard to get by now since Quinrose went out of business.

I recommened to start with Sylphiel's route even if you don't care
about girl routes in otome games, honestly its mediocre at best but can hint at other matter.
You can do whoever you want after that except Howard since he is unlocked by doing Seras.
It might actually be good if you save Silas for later, his route spoils an important scene and
you might ruin the fun of it if you find out too soon so somewhere in the middle should be good.

TL;DR I give this otome game a score of 7.5/10
Its good! has an enjoyable story and cast but you might become tired trying to fully complete this
because of the many endings it has, if you do just skip through the Best/Good B/C variations
after seeing them elsewhere because while the difference is nice it just isn't worth it.
Only Best/Good A is worth it so is the Newend added for the port.
My  Recommended play order:
Sylphiel > Seras & Meissen > Lloyd > Silas > Miller & Hauranne> Ryuk & Nero > Howard.
You could save Ryuk & Nero for last but I think its better to end the game with Howard.

TBH the real reason I bought this otomege was because its set in the same world 
as Crimson Empire which interests me greatly, the other reason is ofcourse Meissen.
At first sight most of the guys in this otomege don't really interest me all that much
with exception of Ryuk, Seras & Howard., I still like most of them with the exception of Nero...
Nero's cute voice annoys me a bit and he's kinda creepy.

There are alot of endings Best/Good A B C do not differ that much from each other.
Basically its like this:
Best end: the guy of your choice becomes Alicia's slave err I mean servant.
 Good end the guy rejects Alicia, but he promises to be there for her someday.
If you saw Best and Good A, its not really worth it to do B&C, there is not much difference.
Honestly I only liked Seras's variation but I stopped caring after Lloyd's route.
There is also a new ending for each character, except Sylphiel and the side characters.
Which I think is a really nice addition.

While I had alot of fun during some routes... 
 I didn't enjoy this Quinrose otome game as much as Crimson Empire and well
I wasn't very enthusiastic about doing all routes because of copy pasta ending variations.
I also think there are way too many guys, I literally had to force myself to finish all routes.
Good thing is I did end up liking a character whom's route I did later on.

I think its still pretty good and worth playing if the story/world interests you and you like atleast
 three or more of the main guys at first sight, plus if you already played a game in this series then
 I absolutely recommend this as it also helps to build on the setting of all three continent games
 you don't need to play in order but things related to Meissen & Michael will make more sense.
Meissen and Hauranne weren't as entertaining as in CE and their endings aren't that good
as there is no real romance or a CG and then we have Sylphiel whom's route could've been better.
Oh and about Nero who absolutely needed a route of his own as his ending was just rushed?

Husbando ranking:
Ryuk > Seras >  Lloyd > Howard > Miller > Silas > Nero.
Anyway... Its safe to say that I pretty much prefer the new ends over best/good.
With the exception of Silas new end because WTF was that, it was cringe worthy lmao.
My overall score of this otome game is 7/10 instead of maybe 8/10 or more.
Doesn't help that I managed to finish one newer otome game before I was finished with this
as Mahoutsukai took me a little over a month to complete...
because I lacked the motivation and it was just really long as there are alot of routes.
Meh those B/C ending variation by the time I did Lloyd I was like mmkay no more of this pls.
I don't have time for that kind of shit quinrose ಠ_ಠ

Oh and the skip button...!!!
Don't get me started on that! Quinrose please for the love of Meissen just make it so that
we only have to press it once kthnx? I tried tape but it didn't work out very well...

Anyway spoilers beyond this point so you might as well back off if ya don't want any.
 I don't really write that much detail about the routes so don't expect much.

My play order was like this but isn't ideal:
Sylphiel > Seras & Meissen > Lloyd >  Howard >Miller & Hauranne > Ryuk & Nero > Silas
Yeah I just couldn't save Howard for last... I can't resist not doing him sooner.

Sylphiel Belmore
CV: Miyagawa Miho.
Sylphiel is the only girl with a route, I decided to do her route first for some reasonand that was probably the best decision I made... I thought I would get a full yuri route
but all I got was cute girls doing cute things, they never really get together yet the subtext...

Her route is much shorter than the others, only 8 chapters and the guys have twelve chapters.
Seems fair right for her route to end early right?
 Its also worth noting the heroine never had a real female friend so I do like that, in the end they
become good friends, too bad the route was pretty boring only ever hinting at other matters.
If I have to be really harse I'd say this was mostly filler, it had some cute moments
but real romance just wasn't there so if you want to do everyone do Sylphiel asap.
Just two girls being overly friendly...yeah right.
 I hope no one was watching...
 Just Cute girls doing cute things...? yeah seems about right.
 Best end
Sylphiel accepts Alicia's request to become her BFF servant, Seras is still there for Alicia 5ever.
Sylphiel doesn't have a CG for her best end. ಠ_ಠ
 Good end 
 Sylphiel rejects Alicia's request but they stay in touch with each other.
Sylphiel you're the best friend I ever had.
Like I said this whole route... its filler, and also the fact that Sylphiel's best end had no
new CG... while her good end does have one, just smh why did they even bother?
I'm sure the PC/PSP version had more CG's too, guess they didn't feel like redrawing them all.
Sylphiel's Student end was still decent but again it has no CG...
Honestly this could have been better other than that it could leave you guessing at things to come.
 I know it is a normal thing for japanese girls to be messing around and keep it subjective
because in an otome game most people come for the guys, most developers understand this
like if they like yuri/shoujo ai so much they'd read a yuri visual novel right?
Well I do agree but if you're gonna add a girl route go all the way both good ends
felt like friend endings to me... which is a shame.

 Bad end
Bad end, fail both Best and good end requirements:
Sylphiel or the guys rejected Alicia's invite to become a servant...
the bad end is basically the same in all of the other routes so its not like it matters
she lives out in the countryside and is no longer fit to be a successor. :(
Seras Dragoon & Meissen Hildegarde
 Aka the guy that tries way too hard to be your husbando...
IMHO Seras's route or any of the other guys are way more interesting than Sylphiel's.
and well Seras is still there for you even if you end up with another guy.
Guess he likes being NTR'd. lol
Seras is voiced by Ono Daisuke and Meissen by Hiro Shimono.

 How I met a dragon who can take human form.

 Seras isn't going to put up with any of your BS Miller and neither am I.
I like my heroine in CG's but this Imho this just looks really awkward..
Oh Onii-sama... >///<
This is really hard for me because I like both of them... 
Nero is that you...? don't do this to me I am weak to fur-kittens wait what.
Since we can't use magic, let's cheat and have Seras transform~~
  Now we know more about how Meissen ended up with Michael...
Btw Michael isn't voiced, lazy quinrose is lazy and so am I 
for not writing much about the routes. 
Thats a pretty lewd looking kiss... 
Some assassin tries to ruin everything....
and then something happens, anyway the assassin gets rekt in the end
but something has changed with Alicia.
This scene with Meissen later was actually pretty painful... nearly cried :(
Such a romantic scene this was...  
Hmm... that sure was something.
 Now.. I am suprised by Howard's scene at the end of Seras route...
He really wants my attention to do his route huh? and I will!
 I can't..... can I pet it?
Me and my dragon, now and forever.
Good End CG Variation B
 I really liked Seras route! much much better than Sylphiel's!
He's an extremely fun and interesting character, he really is.
The fun difference between Seras Good end A/B is crepe and ice cream.
 In Good end C they never went to town.
Ofcourse there is another difference is to how she finish her school life 
but sadly I've already seen those in Sylphiel's endings 
so that is pretty much copy pasted into the other character routes GG Quinrose. -__-
 Meissen end.
A disappointment really and no ending CG for him anyway it was sad since no romance.
I really wish Quinrose bothers to give him a proper ending FFS... same for Hauranne. 
New End 
Alicia pursues her artistic side! oh.... (Sarcasm because of the CG...)
Anyway once again this ending doesn't disappoint either I pretty much
like all of Seras's endings, I can't choose sorry!
Lloyd Darknest
I seriously can't get over this guys last name...
Anyway Lloyd... he's an interesting guy at the very least, while his route was enjoyable
it was also pretty boring... sigh. I didn't write much about him.
Oh and yeah Lloyd and Ryuk don´t get along very well.
He's voiced by Nakamura Yuuichi.
Lloyd... are you talking to animals?
Dude... stop being mr serious business and let's have fun.
They end up in a weird looking place... but they manage to get out.
This scene was quite memorable.
 Erm... yeah go use me as a pillow. /sarcasm
I forgot to mention but there are alot of cg variation that focus
on their hands... touching & at one point stroking each others hair.
 D'awww these scenes are incredible sweet.
 Ofcourse that assassin comes in to try and ruin everything once more...
I have my suspicions on who this assassin might be...
What's this? are you... proposing?
Best end
 Good end
I wish this moment would last forever but he's got to go...
New End 
Alicia goes back to the kitchen, err she excels in the culinary arts -not really.
 I like his new end more than his best/good ends.

I can't resist him anymore and at the time I didn't want to anyone else first.
Which probably was a mistake...
And I really want to finish this otome game so here goes nothing...!
I think he is really charismatic and I might have developed a thing for guys in suites...
He's voiced by Inoue Kazuhiko.
I've come to save you princess... wait why are you locked in here?
this CG below... its my favorite because reasons.
Howard is well uhm how do I put it... incredibly Amazing?
A date with Howard~~ Kyaa.
He must be so tired after such a long day... also Nero's so cute here.
Who the hell dropped this shit here...?
Anyway it doesn't take long for Howard to arrive to save our princess and... 
After a bit he is like: This can't be right what am I doing... and tries to cockblock himself.
Princess... NO WE MUSN'T. /sarcasm
Anyway he just can't resist anymore, and some more smooching happens a bit later.
And near the end of the route Alicia takes the initiative.
Howardo-sama let me love you! 
Howard: P-p-p-princess?! what are you...?
This whole scene was a little hilarious...
Also there is this weird creaking sound and its extremely unsettling...
Best End
Howard's route was great! he is so very charming... I like him as much as Seras.
I'm glad I did his route when I did because I absolutetly loved it!
Good end
 This is so inappropiate princess yametekure!
Anyway they end up going to town to shop and later on... they get together for a little while.
New end
Alicia decides to pursue knowledge or whatever become a wise person. ಠ_ಠ
It still was interesting though.(Such sarcasm excuse my wow.)

Oh Howardo-sama you are amazing, I'll try my best from now on.

 Miller Ferdinandes & Hauranne Balzola
Honestly I don't care about him... he's the typical childhood friend and
ofcourse he has a crush on the heroine but Alicia don't noticed it all this time. ¬_¬
 Yeah we haven't seen this before have we? its one of the oldest tropes in the book.
Last time I cared for a character like this was Souta from Possession Magenta heh
maybe it was because he's also a gamer and a shut-in.
I'm pretty much forcing myself through this route... expect sarcastic comments.
Oh wait i've been doing that the whole time. ಠ_ಠ
While I didn't care for him, his route wasn't bad or anything.
Oh and incase you didn't know he hates or doesn't get along with Seras...
cuz yeah its totally his fault Alicia forgot about little poor Miller. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
He's voiced by Takasshi Kondo and Hauranne by Namikawa Daisuke.
Anyway something went wrong and a golem wreaks havoc in the classroom...
Miller has to clean up this shit and Alicia is useless right now.
Afterwards they start bickering and the teachers arrive... a little too late though.
Wait you got hurt? why didn't you tell me?
 Let me lick your wound he says... I guess they needed the lewd factor. ¬_¬
Ah this must be where he developed that crush for Alicia huh?
Miller you are absolutely adorable back when you were a kid.
I guess the years of Alicia not noticing him made him grumpy ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Don't think anything of it... Its not like im worried about you or anything!
Yes those are my hontou no kimochi~~
Okay... so way back then they made a promise with a kiss but Alicia forget about it.
Honestly I think the childhood friend you made a with promise in the past trope isn't very fair
to the other characters, I like Seras and Howard more but stuff like this make me feel bad.
Wouldn't say he's canon... anyway you're free to choose who you want
 its a choice based otome game after all, its not like this game has a true otp or harem ending either.

Did he just kiss her while Alicia is asleep? ಠ_ಠ
I think he's acting too familiar with her even if they are childhood friends. 
Anyway Alicia wakes up later when its dark and they start bickering once again. 

We finally get some moments with Hauranne... tbh I feel sorry for him.
Well after Meissen end I just don't have any hope left, also they only gave Hauranne 3 cg's. 
His endings? well they don't have any cg's just like Meissen.
Quinrose just gave them endings because why not? the none romantic type of endings.
They are likeable characters so why won't you let me love them Quinrose?
 Oh that scene again...
Time to pick Miller's side instead of Seras, my is heart aching already.
 No I won't~~

I am sure he didn't enjoy this at all... but I did.
Later after that scene is over they talk but Miller is all like pls leave
but Alicia is like nope.. they bicker and later fall down. ~.~ 
 Pointless drama aside... later Alicia finally decides to just take that step.
But then he is like Why you kiss me? <damn it please don't you want her?
also the I am not mad at all  
\ ಠ_ಠ /\ ಠ_ಠ /\ ಠ_ಠ /\ ಠ_ಠ /\ ಠ_ಠ /
Oh look who is back to try and ruin everything.
also incase I didn't say it before the bgm for this scene is so inappropriate.

Near the end of the route after the pointless dramatique ends
we finally get some real smooching.
Best end
 Ah well Miller is cute.. a little atleast still I can't say I enjoyed his route that much.
Miller's route IMHO was decent at best.
Oh stop it you two~~! 
Yeah he's had those feelings all this time... such suffering. 
Oh and yeah it'll never end.
Look who's on top now? ahahahaha... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Good end
Wow nice contrast to the Best end lol
 Sure I'll wait... *goes to hump a dragon*.
The good end... its okay but his best end was better and you know why ahahaha.
New end
Alicia found her muse... Imho I like this ending more no sarcasm included.
Ryuk Brown & Nero
 Ryuk Brown is our magic swordsman/knight, I have no clue why I didn't do his route any sooner...
I'm glad I saved him for later because he's actually a really nice guy.
Heh maybe I just know subconciously who I like...
Ryuk doesn't really get along with Lloyd, but we already knew that.
He's insecure about his abilities... well that just makes him even cuter I guess.
Ryuk is voiced by Sugita Tomokazu and Nero by Suzuki Chihiro.
Please teach me magic sir knight!
Not to worry he wet himself with magic because he lost his concentration lmao.
Not much later we have an out of control plant on our hands...
This is indeed a pain in the ass...
We almost had some tentacle plant action but since this is an otome game.
Oh and did I mention he has fangirls?
Sir knight, teach me the way of the sword!
Don't worry that tentacle plant is still alive and kicking as of chapter 4...
 But it'll calm down soon I hope. lol
Oh look its that scene from Seras's route.
Its still awful but I like it more with the special effects
Why is Ryuk so awesome? 
Ryuk you okay there?
Oh okay there had to be atleast one more awkward cg right?
This is why I love quinrose heroines they don't sit and wait around
or are goody two shoes, hehehe.
 Oh look who's back to try and assassinate Alicia?
  Looks like Ryuk's finally realized his feelings for Alicia.
Yes please be my knight and protect me from harm~~
Best End
 Ryuk becomes Alicia's servant without a second thought.
How about we eat each other next? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Good End 
He's still insecure about his abilities... and thinks he's not good enough.
But he promises to be their for her one day after he becomes stronger. 
 I think most good ends are pretty sad... 
because most of the time the guy always ends up leaving Alicia's side
 for god knows how long but still promises to come back to her someday.
New end
Alicia ends up having green fingers! 
Look at all those wonderful flowers and plants.
Ah well I missed you too~~
 Wow... *whistles* it was nice knowing you Seras.
 Well well well Ryuk's route was very enjoyable... didn't think anyone
would manage to top both Seras and Howard route. lol

 Nero's corner
Well he's a side character like Meissen & Hauranne, so I don't have any hopes left...
His ending is after Ryuk's bad end... so yeah its just an ending he doesn't have a route at all.
Holy Meissen!!! adult Nero is pretty sexy.
Well atleast Nero's ending had CG's unlike Meissen and Hauranne. >_>

Oh hi there
Why do I have a feeling this was a bad idea...
 Erm... I don't know about this.
Well about Nero end... it all went by so fast? and tbh he was really creepy like yandere creepy.
atleast it turned out to be better than Meissen & Hauranne but idk...
 I don't understand his character all that much really.
 This was a nice scene but what Nero needed was a proper route.
 After his ending I had to go out of my way for his school festival scene...
by restarting from the prologue and after the scene kick myself back to the menu manually.
Geez thanks Quinrose... couldn't you just give him a proper route instead?
Death end
Because there was not enough LOVE with the character of your choice
Alicia ends up being killed by an assassin because the guy isn't there to protect you.
 Afterwards Nero finds here and well... he's kinda sad.

Silas Von
I have no idea what to expect of this route...
He's apparently a teacher/lecturer...? but he appears to be hiding something.
Like Lloyd he's interesting and his route was enjoyable and the first half of his route
went by rather slowly but then there was an unexpected twist in chapter 10 ಠ_ಠ
Well I do not recommend Silas for last, somewhere in the middle
of your play order will do just fine, because too early will spoil a certain thing.
Silas is voiced by Yusa Kouji.
Well let's just say this guy is really weird...
but he's also really nice and understanding, too bad I snoozed through the
first half of his route like a baby.
Erm...  ^_^;
Let's take a break shall we?
 Sigh I almost fell asleep at this point... z.z;
Oh looks like he's a good cook? perfect.
Alicia ends up waltzing right into a flower trap. lol
But not to worry before long Silas saves her.

Nice view~~
 Princess your feet are, dirty allow me to clean them for you.
Silas looked rather creepy here.. but it could've been worse... remember Rambures?
But still I'd prefer Rambures over Silas any day any time.
This makes me glad I saved Silas for last but then again its not ideal...
I should've saved Ryuk for last... to end the game on a better note.
I can't believe this myself honestly... I'm actually quite shocked.
I didn't expect this at all...I like thought or should I say hoped it was Nero.
Quinrose WHY you do this? ಠ_ಠ
Now that the mask came off he kind of reminds me of Curtis Nile...
and since this is Silas route he can't really go and kill her now can he?
Well after this point he kind of just becomes plain creepy... ¬_¬
He kept that side of himself hidden all this time so it really isn't so bad, I guess.
 Later he's glad he didn't kill her so all is well.
I honestly think Silas isn't so bad... I atleast ended up liking him a bit more.

Best End 
Sylas accepts Alicia's request to become her servant... even if he tried to kill her back then.
They end up visiting a school Silas is or was teaching at
 later they talk about stuffs in bed and thats the gist of it.
Good end
 Silas rejects the offer, they stay in touch like in all good ends.
They end up visiting a flower field god knows where.
Oh look a copy pasta cg variation!
They go back later and oh no...he ends up being creepy again.
Do I really smell that good?!
Absolutely not going to happen! atleast not right now.
Well okay you aren't that bad... and he tells her he really loves her in the end.
But pls I prefer the normal Silas.

New end 
Alicia ends up with a boring desk job? lol /sarcasm because CG.
I don't like Silas's new end the first half was good and but the second half was pointless drama.
Enjoy my shitty and rushed summary
She was invited to his home in some backwater village and his collection is something to behold!
 After she goes back home Seras runs into an injured Silas?!
 wondering what happened they go back to his hometown and they over hear some gossip
but not finding much clues she goes back home and suddenly Silas appears in her room?
She starts crying because duh she was worried sick about him.
You idiot! why'd you make her worry like that?
Meh its safe to say for once i prefer the Best/good ends over the new ending, what a mess...
I think Silas might end up being a guy that requires an acquired taste... I like him
but I also don't... ugh I need to make up my mind! >_<
Why do I always end up love/hating most Koji Yusa characters? I don't get it...
maybe its because of the type of chara's he voices.
I can't believe I managed to fully complete this... it was just so tiring to do everyone.
I burned through the last three routes but thankfully I still managed to enjoy myself.
But its time for a break from quinrose games and as much as I wanted to try
Heart no Kuni no Alice one day, I'm getting tired of Quinrose games right now.
I think I'll just read the manga of Alice and that'll be it. Most of their games have a lot of TL'DR
 and too many guys and its easy to become bored and want to do something else.
Well I'm done with Quinrose for now its been nice knowing you and it seems like
QR went bankrupt well okay then, no Crimson royale or Arabian lost vita port then...
which its such a shame really, because those are the only games I would've bought.
Otomate apparently bought them but they don't have any plans to continue or reprint their games.

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