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I Doll U Review

 Amiami limited edition

Game: I Doll U
Developer: Otomate.
Platform: PS Vita.
Genre: Otome Game, Visual Novel, Music, idols.
Official Site:
Release date: 16-07-2015.
  This post contains slight spoilers

I need you...
 I Doll U is an otome game about a girl named Aika whom's brother
was assigned to a couple of idols but he ditched them and he sended a letter
to Aika to please take his place and now Aika has to pretend to be a boy...
 and lead five miserable fruitcakes to stardom.
The heroine while cute she looks like an elementary school girl.
So if you don't like a loli-heroine best stay away from this one.
There's also a lack of choices and I felt that at certain times the interaction with the guys was forced.
Or to put it differently this game was trying too hard.

- It seems interesting but.. its pretty much a moege and not much else.
- Characters are fun, especially Seiya, though Tsubasa and Itsuki might need an acquired taste.
- Art and Music.

- Weak story, not many choices and interaction feels forced at times..
- Minigame is pretty bad.
- Loli heroine, this can make or break this game for you,
- In the end some things just don't make any sense.

TL;DR I give this Otomege a 6.5 out of 10.
One thing that this game kindly reminded me of was that:
 Well I know for certain that I won't be bothering with Idol themed otome games again
atleast for a little while, sigh what were my expectations anyway? lol.
It was decent at best because it was rather fun but you shouldn't expect much out of the story.
TBH if you absolutely love the otome idol genre this might be worth a pick but
if you expect a decent story you best look elsewhere, I would even recommend you utapri repeat over this.

Itsuki is a Do-M pervert, if he isn't going to stop...
im calling the police! hentai! roricon! kimochi warui desu!
Anyway his route was very entertaining but he ended up annoying me to no end.
I can't believe I had to select yes three times... that might have been the best warning ever.
selecting no will just end the game which probably was a good idea. 
R.I.P Aika in his bad end she becomes his doll or sth like that... >_>
I'll just go with this happy end, because i'm not into kinky shit, lol.

Ruka is afraid of girls but has no problem getting along with Aika.
He firmly believes Aika is a guy and when its revealed he's okay with it because
he got used to him err her all this time? lol...
Turns out his angst for girls is because of something that happened in da past.
Some more angst happens when his because his dad shows up >_>
 I had some serious Wagnaria flashbacks because of that, atleast he doesn't try to punch them lol.

Seiya is a tsundere and also a nerd.
I did his route first because I just couldn't resist...  he ended up being my favorite.
Also I don't usually like tsundere's... but Seiya made me see the light
maybe it was his chara/personality in general that made me like him alot.

Leo is a cute shota nyanya~~.
IMHO His route was boring & it wasn't very interesting, still he's pretty sweet in the end.
Also his song made me vomit Kitty cats.

Tsubasa is a Do-S and you're erm... his slave. His bad end reminded me of Amnesia's Toma.
His route was interesting but messed up and I am glad the collar chain thing disappeared when it did
and didn't reappear till the bad end.  >_>
 This looks so wrong it hurts my soul.

Geez no wonder Aika's bro ditched these guys lmao
So will Aika will lead these misfits to stardom or fail miserable?

Music Minigame
First time ended badly but I tried...
 Ah thats much better, I'm still  no that good at these...
Anyway its fairly easy and you'll get the hang of it after a while but here it comes...
You cannot retry during the minigame.
If you miss a few note in the beginning you have to either continue or wait till the song is over.
 I am like come on really? if I start missing too many notes just give me a game over?
Why do I have to sit through the whole thing? lol
Perfectionists will suffer... unless you are a natural at these type of games.
There is an retry and exit option but for some reason I cannot press them and the only thing
 I can think of why its like that is, those two option are for when playing minigame on its own?
Either way its fun but not being able to retry is annoying.
Ended up putting it on easy after the second song... just want to enjoy the game and I
don't wanna sit at this minigame for 30+ minutes trying to S rank it.
Only A is necessary for the best ends which is fairly easy to get.
One more thing that annoys me is whenever you get 25 combo there is a character popup...
this distracts and well pretty much makes me miss the next note most of the time. 

Kiss Minigame 
Aaaaaaaah OMG this is the cutest thing ever, this should have also been at Ninkoi!
Seiya baby please let me love you~~
But storywise it doesn't make much sense, which is kinda sad....also its kind of embarassing
best not to think about it too hard and enjoy it for what it is.
Sadly the routes in this game are short just like Ninkoi... but still manages to be fun!
It's fun as long as you're playing it... I can't look back on this positively.
Still I wish Ninkoi had that minigame or something like that would fit more i think.
Imho if I Doll U did not have any minigames, I think it would be even more forgettable.
Still the characters are what makes these type of otome games shine while there is
an obvious plot, its rather simple but I thoughtthe characters are where its at.
But still oh my gawd, they are a bunch of BAKA'S!
Honestly in the end the story was rather mediocre and the hidden end didn't help with this
I thought this would either be like UtaPri or something like Marginal #4.
In the end I got something I didn't expect... nor what I wanted.

Most of the endings, writing issues aside are satisfying and felt complete to me, don't see
a need for fandisc honestly I don't even want a fandisc because it will have different artist. T_T
I really love Fujiwara Cocoa's art style...which
  Sadly the heroine looking like an elementary school girl rubbed me the wrong way at first
 but I got over it I guess, still certain characters like Tsubasa or Itsuki still manage
 to activate my protect Aika mode from these Pedo's  err I mean fruitcakes!

As for the songs they are okay its just that I do not like Tsubasa & Itsuki's version of I Doll U.
 The two seiyuu's tried their best but I think the OP version is much better.
 As for Ruca,Seiya and Leo's version its alright, maybe i'm just biased because KENN.
Seiya's song was kinda cool.
Tsubasa's song... Maeno Tomoaki isn't the best singer but it was decent at best.
Honestly Maeno is getting better and better everytime I hear him sing.

Leo's song once again makes me want to vomit kitties.
Itsuki's song... Its okay really... but its nothing amazing.
Ruca's song was great, based KENN right there. /bias

My play order was:
Seiya > Tsubasa > Leo > Itsuki > Ruka > Secret End.

Anyway in the end Seiya is my Fav, I like Ruka and Tsubasa was an interesting guy but
I didn't really like him... the plot in his route didn't really help >__>;  Itsuki while funny he was just annoying for me or maybe I am just not Sadistic enough to tend to his Do-M needs.
I may be a bit of a sadist but when I really think about it I don't want to hurt people
even if they're annoying or asking for it I may say yeah I wanna punch them in the moment
but it does make me feel bad, if I go and do that T~T. 
and then there is Leo/Reo... while he's cute I snoozed through almost his entire route Nya
i'm just not into shota's at all lmao so that was a huge miss for me.
The secret end exists to tie up a loose end, I won't go into the twist but it was terrible.
I Doll U was interesting to say the least but I don't want too many of these Moege.
(Moege is a term in which a VN focuses on cute characters and moe but not much else)
What a waste of time... the guys are so moe it hurts but the plot was kinda lame.
May Fujiwara Cocoa rest in peace as she has passed away earlier this year.
 I loved her work Inu x Boku SS I watched the anime and recently started the manga..
and while I initially wanted to pass on this game but after finding out she passed on I just couldn't!
Yeah I kinda forced myself to buy one of the last work the artist worked on...
Glad I ended up getting this otomege because I did enjoy it if even a little, still have some regrets
that I bought this game... I really should limit myself to one of these otomege every year.
yeah this seems like a good plan.
Besides these type of otome game are too short for my taste, besides when I finish
these type of games I can't help but want more... but there is nothing orz.
Still I Doll U was that bad lets say it was somewhere between mediocre and good.
Well atleast I had fun! can't say it lasted... but I still loved Seiya + Ruka and that'll never change.

Characters ★★★★☆ (The best part...?)
Art  ★★★★★
Scenario/plot. ★★★☆☆(Meh...)
Music★★★★☆ (Good.)
System  ★★☆☆☆ (Comfy but the music mingame is ass...)
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆(Mediocre but what was I supposed to expect?)

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