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Ayakashi gohan Oomori - review

あやかしごはん ~おおもりっ!~
Game: [Ayakashi gohan Oomori]
Genre: Otome Visual Novel.
Developer/Publisher: Asgard/Honeybee
Platform: PC, PS Vita.
Release date: 2015-10-08

Ayakashi Gohan... what can I say?  its the one game that renewed my hope for this genre..
Yep I really enjoyed this game!
My play order was > Uta > Manatsu > Suou > Yomi > Ibuki > Asagi.
I probably strayed  from the official play order but i tried to keep Human & Ayakashi routes varied.

I loved this game, in the end I liked all of the guys. 
 This game got a special place in my heart.

- Likeable cast.
- Tearjerker.
 - The overall story is interesting.
 - Voiced heroine.
- Heroine has two different personality based on choice in the prologue
 - Art and BGM.

Long common route.
- Not many CG and they're not in the place you want them.
 - Extra short scene in the best ending after completing Asagi's locked route.
(This was annoying, the only best end  where I say it was worth it to go back for was Manatsu's and
in the case of Ibuki a whole new ending, the other best ends? lol honeybee please stop.)
- Guren. (Yeah this guy pissed me off to no end.)
- PS Vita version has bugs, but some can be overlooked like touch support.
(I mean stop complaining you can just use the buttons?)

First of all the heroine is fully voiced :D none of that only voiced at certain line etc...
The prologue or the child arc was very sweet, young Rin is the most adorable heroine ever.
Without spoilers overall the story was very interesting, there isn't a single main character I disliked which doesn't happen alot since there is always that one guy that annoys me for some reason, the
 sub characters are alright as well, I only dislike Guren the guy annoyed me to no end that I almost
started to dislike Yomi's route because it was just that annoying, lol. The common route is pretty long so going for other characters makes the game look pretty short, but there are actually two common routes... because
of the choices you make during the child arc/prologue Rin has two personalites
Withdrawn which is the Human route and Outgoing which is Ayakashi route.
Uta,Suou & Ibuki are on the human route, Manatsu,Yomi and Asagi are at ayakashi route so once
you do one of them at each human/ayakashi route the rest actually flies by...
I did notice a few new scenes with asagi here and there.
Its apparently better to do the human route before the ayakashi routes
and do not switch half way unless you do not mind the personality switch.

Most best ends feel like something was missing the first time I did them, tbh only Suou's felt
satisfying even tho I didn't like his voice all that much because 80% of the time I kept hearing Shirou from fate/stay night instead(lol), I really think its better to save them till after you did Asagi's route.  
Afaik only the good ends are necessary anyway.
This makes sense because Ibuki's best end is locked till after asagi route,  I really wish
they also did this for Manatsu T_T because his best end actually had a really bad cliff hanger, and
his bad end only added fuel to the fire, luckily Manatsu's good end was satisfying.
After you unlock and do Asagi's route there will be an additional scene
 during the best ends and a new bonus scenario, which are really good.
Speaking of Asagi's route and ending omg noooo why must it end like that? Asagi...T_T
 I can't believe that was his best end... but really it was and it was still good so good it hurts.
Ishida Akira why do you keep doing this to me...?

Route I enjoyed the most? However this doesn't mean I dislike the ones at the end.
Asagi > Manatsu > Ibuki > Suou > Uta > Yomi.
TBH the whole thing with Guren same was really annoying for me
 so thats why Yomi's route is last on my list but that doesn't mean it was bad, I do like him.

Fav character? I liked everyone in a way there is no point...

Overall I really liked Ayakashi Gohan, I kind of want the fandisc which is for PC and comes out soon but i'll wait for a bit since moneybee ports almost all of their games. (lol)
My one and only complaint was that they should've keep all the best end locked till after Asagi's route because even if it makes sense in the story still its weird to go back just for an new scene.
Which wasn't even 10 minutes long, honeybee just stop, lol.
And in the case of Ibuki a whole new ending... I can see why they locked it but still.
While its indeed a bad port of a pc game like Ken ga Kimi whom's port I also played which also
 had some issues it really shouldn't stop you from giving PS Vita version a go.
It doesn't have any major bugs, just sometimes during automode it would hang and let the sound effect play making you have to press confirm, or psvita dimming its screen.
Also the touch system not being fully responsive or the chara still image being too small....
IDK but I had no issues with both of these.... well I didn't touch the screen to select choices :P
TBH most of these are from JP reviews, they sound more like complaints to me though.
This is annoying yes but that should stop you from enjoying this port. 
The story is great, the cast is likeable and the music is decent, I can definitely recommend this
if you value a good story in an otome visual novel.

Characters ★★★★☆
Art  ★★★★☆(Great.)
Scenario/plot. ★★★★☆(Might make you cry.)
Music★★★☆☆ (Its OK.)
System  ★★★☆☆ (No complaints but takes some getting used to...)
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆(Its great but far from perfect.)

After reading reviews of the fandisc I actually don't want it anymore...😅
I don't like what they did to Manatsu and apparently they create more side characters
which might be nice in some way, but I heard that Ibuki's route in the fandisc isn't about him at all
its like he got swallow by the side character story.  I'm honestly not sure what honeybee was thinking
but its not like the FD is confirmed to be coming to vita so, untill then I won't care.

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