Thursday, May 11, 2017

Side Kicks! (otome game) - review

Cover is ok but could be better...
 Game: [Sidekicks.]
Genre: Otome Game Visual Novel.
Developer/Publisher: Toybox inc, Extend.
Platform: PS Vita.
Release date: 2017-3-30

While I originally had no intention to play this because it reminds me of SA7 and lol
 even the heroine has precog... and well its not an excuse to fangasm this time so why not?
That aside side kicks reception was very positive so I ended up buying it...
and well it wasn't bad but I wouldn't call it a masterpiece either its just good at what it tried to do.
Also lol there wasn't any other otome I wanted to buy till June so this fit in the gap quite perfectly.
I don't really like modern setting otome but I still think the selection of guys is good
but to me there was only one that appealed from begin to end, I guess my sixth sense is at work here.
Sorta sad... because I couldn't fully enjoy the first four routes but that doesn't mean it was bad.

 -Interesting story and characters.
- Setting.
-  Art&Music.

- Too many choices that amount to nothing.
- To get to the real truth you must do everything... but at what cost?
- They couldn't decide how to balance the mystery and otome parts.

The game takes place in sakrada in the USA, I have to admit this is refreshing
instead of taking place in japan like most do but they all speak in japanese!
Yeah OK it a JP game and well a lot of fiction have that problem so who care about that.
At first its also pretty hard to notice this is an otome... it has so many things
that make you say what am I playing again? also some parts are a bit too detailed
which make me wish the focused a little more on the otome part.
It also noticeable it had very high production values, the backgrounds move.
in certain screens when its evening there are pretty lights which is nice to watch
and the music was very fitting I never was inclined to mute unlike WoF.
While the audio quality was great certain characters were too loud so
I had to lower the voices of Chika, Rico, Kurumi and Tsubaki somewhat.
The art was pretty good too even there are some slight derps here and there but maybe it intended
but considering the artist mostly did bishoujo/hentai work its understandable still
he did a good job because everyone was charming, esp Nora!
System was comfy, ain't got issues and skip to the next choices saves lives but I found it
weird I couldn't use it in certain segments even tho there was nothing new
maybe it was because there was a movie segment coming up.
Unlike Oumagatoki ~kakuriyo no snoozefest~ Side kicks! actually managed to be
more interested but it still suffered from the same issues, characters I can't
care about and episodic side story problem with too many choices etc.
 Regarding romantic interest its an incompatibility problem with myself don't let it bother you
I still find them likeable but personally except one guy I am like nope.
Sadly the chapter one plot was a bit predictable to me... but still interesting, it took a bit of
 a dive in episode 2 but it was still good overall since it goes into the bonds of the team
and that being part of the gang isn't all sunshine and rainbows, they put their life on the line.
In the end it did turn out to be something like CSI oh well you know the stuff
they show how they work as a team and if someone ain't there it'll fall apart.
Everyone got properly introduced and it made me curious but at times it was really
hard to see any romance since they're just good partner with some romance at the end
its like they forgot to shove in the otome element in some route like Shishiba. -_-
 I feel extra sorry for him because he knew she may have liked him...

I honestly love detective stories but compared to say collar x malice it was a disappointment.
Sidekicks is like Eikoku Tantei Mysteria and has the same problem as
over half of the routes do not bring you closer to the actual truth, mind you this is fine
but I think CxM did a better job at crafting it together since everything made sense in the end there.
Either way unlike Ayaka(SA7), the heroine of Side Kicks! Inori was actually more mature
she's 20 and fit right in the precog dreams weren't immature like we won't  have Inori derp
and have fangasm dream about the guys but sadly she didn't really stand out that much and
well I guess she was great for being able to do stuff when it comes to it but in the end
those precog dreams are just you know dreams there's nothing else to it, she was born with it.
Unlike the boys Inori has no interesting past she's literally just a typical girl from the streets
and due to the team figuring out her ability is useful she gets to join but
what about her parents? friends?! previous job? the game doesn't go into it
so apparently it doesn't matter so why should I care? the writers sure didn't.
Due to the above Inori is perfect self-insert material... and no its not a spoiler
since not even the game goes into it, Inori's just lucky I guess.
Next the million choices of that amount to nothing... like is it really going to matter
of picking the same dish as Chika or Hibari are having to get on his route?!
Also why is bloodtype supposed to matter?! who even cares!
I gotta admit I did enjoy the banter about them trying to choose a name for the dog...
but I didn't exactly like that the name of the dog is determined by who's route your on
since some guy is terrible at making names, looking at you Rico come on kitty? oh god no.
Also Nora get out, I may love you lots but he came off as an ass in that scene but 
to be fair all of the names for the dog were terrible, IIRC Shishiba's was Jinja(shrine)
okay maybe I was too hard on Nora but like... seriously naming the dog after yourself GET OUT.
Anyway before I forget what was even the point of Shisui's character? 
like his entire purpose is just to narrate and be cool in general.
''Come with me if you want the truth'' oh lol... you go and say that but storywise your entire
character didn't matter! do they intend to follow up on this game? but what about ____ then?
Oh well whatever they do I don't really care in the end SK! was a decent game in my opinion.
I guess I could say nice try toybox/extend but... some route it could've been better and this game
 still has routes for the sake of having them aka Chika/Hibari/Shishiba but it wasn't bad or anything
if fan of detective drama this is going to appeal a lot more to you.
For me this was one of those otome games where I only really like one guy and felt
 incompatible with most others, I can recommend it if you like detective stuff such as 
Eikoku Tantei Mysteria or Collar x Malice.
No more and no less, if I was really harsh it would've been less but then again it wasn't bad.
Again its recommended for those who like crime solving or else this
game will just bore you away but don't expect too much.

 There was one fatal bug in chapter 2 when they show you the paper with Tatewaki's plans
the game will crash so I hope you saved frequently or else you'll have to force skip your way back.
Other than that there were no bugs but its funny how they never patched it
 but I heard they're working on it now so no worries but man its been almost 2 months.
Priorities what are they? Extend sure doesn't know them!

Typical ramblings after the jump, spoilers beware.

That aside I played in the order of:
 Chika > Hibari > Shishiba > Rico > Nora > Tatewaki.
Unlike Oumagatoki, Sidekicks has an enforced playing order but this also
makes the first four routes sorta pointless unless you end up liking them.
The order of the first four routes do not matter that much but you may as well do Chika and Hibari
first since they have the most disconnected routes from the main plot.
Ep 5 unlocks after you did those four so you really don't have much choice
on last two routes since Nora unlocks Tatewaki's another story.

With a lot of the routes I am really negative... because I do not like the guys all that much
romantically, they never made me go I want to be more than simple partners.
I'm going to be sharpening my blunt knife and be painfully honest.

CV: Ishikawa Kaito.
 The prickly tsundere, I'll admit he's hot but Chika's the grumpy type who acts
like he stepped out of bed on the wrong side and thus acts all rude
and he also tends to be snappy oh well you get the picture.
The way Nora put it Chika is an idiot jerk with a heart of gold
he can be kind but around others he's just so snappy and I normally
like these types but for some reason Chika just doesn't do it for me
also Chika is rather dumb but the type thats adorable but here I am shaking my head.
Ofcourse they had a common route chapter where he got into an accident and was suddenly
 the opposite of how he usually acts, by being so nice its freaking everyone including me out.
 I could figure it wasn't b4 long till it was reversed but man was Chika just weird... to the point
it creeped me out and I just wanted him to go back to the snappy tsun that we all know
and love but it did lead to some great moments so why should I complain!
Anyway Chika is actually a big softie and real nice but normally he won't show it.
Sadly the route focused only on Chika and his past, interesting yes but  I slogged through
I couldn't even feel the romance since he was all like leave me alone*bark* i'll
take care of it on my own*bark* and in the end they're nothing but good partners to me
cuz Inori is the one who save what was left of Chika's route for me.
When it comes down to it he was emoing over the fact he killed someone, a fall out
with his buddy Maki and afraid of losing his family aka everyone in the team moreover why
does Inori have to become his counselor?! don't they have better people for the job?!
Oh wait Chika just barks them away. The plot here? just Chika problem before we know it
Inori and him were making out the reveals didn't particularly faze me because it didn't bring me
one step closer to the truth maybe its because I didn't like Chika that much anyway by the end they're
partners 4life but the real truth? nuh uh its not covered here, making the whole thing nice filler.
The scene where Inori stayed in Chika's apartment for the night was really cliche
since they both got wet from the rain, we got to see shirtless Chika. (wew fanservice)
Inori also had to shower and the next day back at the base
the other guys complained of her smelling the same as Chika, lol.
Chika is like this cute dog you wanna pet but when you try he becomes aggressive
its not after a long time of trying that he let's you actually pet him.
I'm sorry if I just shat all over this route but this is really one of those routes I couldn't care for
had I skipped it I doubt I would've missed a thing... sigh has extend learned at all?
I think Ishikai did a wonderful job voicing him but again the yelling... 😢
Yeah ok he's cute when he's dere but... there wasn't enough of it to make me appreciate it
and when he went back to being snappy in the next route I nearly lost it...
Romance ★★☆☆☆ (Sure...)
Plot ★★☆☆☆(OK... I guess.)
Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆
(Ya... I didn't exactly enjoy Ishikai's YELLING but Chika was cute
when he let Inori passed the walls he put up.)

CV: Yusa Kouji.
 The more level headed member of the team, a physic and a flirt, Hibari
is that coworker who's always friendly and easy to get along with and to me
 he also keeps  things from getting out of hand that aside Hibari hits on everything
that classifies as a female and while he seems genuinely nice he may have other motive.
I didn't know what to think of him, he's nice but also a little cruel because of his white lies.
Hibari is actually really ronerly even tho he's an invaluable member of the team
and that he gets along with everyone, to me it seems he's desperate for something like
a stable relationship and in the route Inori gets a best friend Shion
and Hibari is all alone now being bored AF and as turns out Hibari knew Shion too.
He's not her father but a sort of guardian to help her cope with some shit that happened
a while back but eh figure out the rest for yourself pls because unlike the last route while still
predictable I actually enjoyed the plot here even though it has again nothing to
do with the truth which is a damn shame but uh that kabedon and kiss was a little bit too
 fast and I went uh slow down fella, Hibari really is one of those staple Yusa Koji characters
and near the end of the route Hibari was coming on to Inori so hard
 I'm just like wait wait WAIT(just like Inori), Inori was being too pure and stuff which is fine
because Hibari was really good at making me feel uncomfortable too bad Inori liked it.
Anyway it not like i'm complaining overall it was handled miles better than Chika
cuz atleast they went on actual dates but I wasn't sure if he was playing her
 also how many times did they kiss?! geez... he got like 5 what a player.
In the end it turned into a trashy detective drama... but ATLEAST it was sorta fulfilling and in the
good end I really wanted them to get a room so they could just fuck already, gawdammit then came the bad end and I was just... hahaha no cuz he almost turned into a kimoi rapist yusa kouji chara. -_-
(Before saying fuck this Inori can't get serious, I'm out of here fellas
no I am not lying because that's how it literally went.)
Hibari's bad end... atleast the best end was you know good.
Like I said the plot was really disconnected too... because again it just focus on Hibari's issue
with Shion, he knew her from a previous case and sort of became attached/father figure
which is all well and good but I wish they keep it consistent, its starting to feel like filler
but other than that I can say I enjoyed it and in my opinion that bad ending doesn't exist.
 Romance ★★★☆☆(Not so fast, boi.)
Plot ★★★★☆ (I enjoyed piecing stuff together but i'll admit simple stuff.)
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆ (I guess I liked it...)
CV: Shirai Yuusuke.
 The megane nerd... keeps to himself and seems normal otherwise and well he takes his everything
seriously and being put in the position of leader at one point made him scared since he almost
made a mistake, I guess he's really one of those insecure types oh and he loves super heroes.
I usually like these type but I felt Shishiba was lacking sure he cute but eh... the spark it ain't there.
Anyway Shishiba is a cute but u know how at Hibari's they shoved the romance in my face
whether I liked it or not, Shishiba's felt hilariously awkward and imo the plot here was terrible
while Hibari's route in general was interesting to me there was not much I enjoyed
at Shishiba's in fact I was annoyed because of reasons I am about to get to.
 The good part? this route seemed to delve into the actual plot(if only a little) but here we go 
there was this real kimoi dude Amane trying to hit on Inori making it even more jarring because
Inori couldn't say gtfo either way Shishiba wanted to be like a super hero which was pretty cute
and all but everything else? nope to make matters worse Amane was just ANNOYING.
 Shishiba realizes Inori may love him but Inori is like eh... really first time I hear about it.
Inori continues to be ignorant and hangs out with Ayame while ignoring cute lil Shishiba
untill she suddenly decides to push Shishiba down saying he's not alone... either way
then Ayame comes in and decides he's going to play a game and a real disgusting one at that.
This whole route was jarring I should be glad to enjoy what little romance there was because
the route couldn't decide what they wanted to do and suddenly at the end Shishiba got randy
with Inori at the beach after the frustation that was Amane and the route in general.
 I'd had hoped the route would be cute detective stuff but they're just stalling for time
 while they dropped a little hint for us and in the end they just called it a day.
Shishiba is cute and a great character but he deserved a more well rounded route...
just when it got good I could tell it was already the end.
The culprit of the route was stupid too and gets away scot-free he was just playing around
but then Shishiba went SUPER HERO PUNCH(well deserved) which
should've happened sooner and some of it just felt like they're just stalling it
the only good thing was how cute Shishiba was... but I didn't really enjoy his route
as likeable as he was this was yet another let down for me.
 Romance ★★★☆☆ (its cute but my eyes were elsewhere)
Plot ★★☆☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆ (meh... nice filler if not for Shishiba it would be less points.)

CV: Shouta Aoi.
 The cheeky shota, loves his camera and taking pictures, Rico really treasures his family photo
since his parents are always watching from there, he also has a brother awww that's cute.
So you know Rico is the genki mood maker but other than that in most route he's just there.
Usually I like Shoutan but I just can't stand his voice this time around because of
the high pitch voice he's almost making my ears bleed, i'm sorry but I wasn't
particularly interested in his character oh well he's 19 but looks and sound like a 5 year old
and guess what he hates it if people mistake him for being a kid and from pre-release info
 he's one of those lewd youngsters and once you get on their route they go all out. -_-
Shoutans voice is almost a waste... I do not want him to sound like a 5 year old SCREECHING
ok maybe I am exaggerating but you get my drift, I loved Shoutan's role for Kensuke(Caligula)
Konparu(Kenka Bancho Otome) and Shirayuki(Taishou x Alice).
About the route? it starts with him erasing a memo to save Inori some trouble
meanwhile everyone including me is like why the fuck did you do that for you retard.
Its extra funny how Rico says he's not a kid when people call him out for one with
childish behavior like that... god this route started off on the wrong foot alright.😂😂😂
This poor kid still doesn't understands a lot but he's trying atleast.
In the end Rico is the sort of character you want to support and care for but not
 romantically, atleast I couldn't see it that way but the game still insisted into making
 Rico a randy dandy shota near the end, so I had to accept even if I personally am like lol nope.
I don't really remember much of the plot early in the route on since it was pretty slow but
was it bad no, Nora made a short appearance  but he just doing his thing and
Inori tried to cook with Rico helping out(what is this😂) later on things got more serious and there
was this shota Tsukasa who took justice into his own hands trying to avenge his father by going
after some random dude on the streets, Rico and the sidekicks stopped him but it was pretty meh.
Atleast they went for the actual culprit behind the incident that caused Tsukasa's fathers injuries
even tho the team was not allowed to do so because the family wanted to stop the investigation
and well Inori got stalked back home after an investigation trip with Rico. Really though
 Inori was so damn stupid opening the door late at night for someone calling themselves Tsukasa's
friend, god I swear the moment the dude said friend and she reached for the door knob
I just knew shit was gonna brick but hey atleast the overall plot this time was good
 except that it started out so slow cuz it focused on the bonding in the beginning
and Rico doesn't act his age which made it twice as annoying to sit through.
Rico is really really sweet and I want him to be happy but he's just not for me...
I can only really see Rico as a little brother but I admit Rico was pretty badass for someone his size.
Romance ★★★☆☆(I don't really care but it was there.)
Plot ★★★☆☆ (It picked up later but Inori y u so stupid.)
Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆ (Meh...Rico as an otouto 4ever pls.

CV: Sugita Tomokazu.
Information broker... but where does he get it? he's not officially part of the team anymore
 and as it turns out Nora is the victim of the plot of this game, all I can say is pls love him.
Either way the moment he showed up I knew it was meant to be?
Coincidently he was also the first guy Inori meets, anyway Nora is sorta of a troll...
doing his thing, making fun of everyone and casually blabbing a little about their secrets.
Problem he's like Hibari sometimes you can't tell if he's lying or speaking the truth.
He also made its clear he's after the rain killer case but sadly Nora makes himself a little suspecious
and he also doesn't appear in anyone elses route except Rico, probably because he's doing his thing.
You know in every route Nora's probably going solo yolo trying to catch the rain killer
knowing very well he's risking his life and I am like my baby pls be safe. 🙏🙏🙏
This whole route starts with Inori ignoring the other guys for her one true love.
He likes the rain... and well I sorta suspected him as the rain killer atleast once in the game.
No hard feelings Nora but you were real suspicious...  throughout the route
 there were lots of moments where I went asfgdgshfg cuz Sugitan delivered.
Nora is the only character in the game I was actually interested in from the start and his route
was pretty great since it revolved around the main plot and not some filler.
 I actually felt I was making progress here, Nora really wants to catch the rain killer
and he sorta needs Inori but he doesn't want to use her in a bad way
meanwhile the sidekicks are like Inori wtf are u doing. 😂😂😂
Nora really cares for Inori and I honestly loved the whole route because like I said just now
I felt that I was getting closer to the truth and all,  romance wise it was okay, I could
slowly feel they became closer but it definitely wasn't a priority.
 TBH Nora's perfect he brings you home and leaves like a proper gentleman
but still calls you just to say something while you look down at him from the window.
If that ain't perfect I don't know what is... Chika was rivalry weird like he doesn't trust Nora leading
Inori to safety in an alley and put a gun to his head since Chika thought Nora's using Inori but I'll
agree that Nora is totally suspicious but come on its not him?! atleast it was resolved peacefully.
Anyway Nora is probably the only character I really cared for... and being such
a key character he most definitely deserves affection and a lot of love.
Nora is good, Nora is light, Nora is love and overall Nora's route was great it had the right
amound of suspense of what was gonna happen, was he lying or speaking the truth?
Only those who finish the route will know... there were some parts that could be better though.
Extend thanks for giving Sugita such a likeablean well written role...
I don't hear him often but he did an amazing job voicing Nora.
Romance ★★★★☆ (Some parts could be better)
Plot ★★★★★ (A++ it only took them 4 routes...)
Enjoyment overall ★★★★★ (What is bias... maybe this is it.)

CV: Tsuda Kenjirou.
So you like these sort of movies huh...?
 He's pretty much the big boss of the team and pretty laid back...
Despite his antics he's a strong leader and the team would fall apart without him there also
Hnnng Tsudaken... unlike at charming empire I actually liked his voice acting here and at
hyakka hyakurou it was also so good, I guess it all depends on voice direction.
It should be hilariously obvious by all the tidbits you get in every route
that something is up with Tatewaki and that he knows more than he let's on
and if by now you still don't have a clue what it may be then you need to relearn japanese
because Nora told you in his epilogue about Tatewaki and Yashiro and its sorta sad it just
ends there and you get to find out the truth in the another story that is Tatewaki's route.
That's right this route is an another story, another take to get to the bottom of things.
Romantically I do not care for him nor did the route convince me much  because out of all
the romance here was the most rushed and only did his route for completion sake, this guy
is in his 30s so godbless Inori is 20 or else I would have flipped since this is a modern setting.
Either way Tatewaki is likeable but ya'll know by now my one and only sidekick is Nora.
Errr with minimum spoilers I just want to see this as an alternative route that never happened
and at the end of Nora route they caught the true culprit behind the scenes.
Other than that I ain't even got much else to say as I do not care for Tatewaki romantically
and I sat through the whole thing with a ( ´_ゝ`) face laughing at some developments
and then the story went to utter shit and back, yeah they all been used and the actual villain
gets away with it except here in this route, its like it was good untill this another story came in
like a truck and ruined it because the truth had to be told and trust me it ain't pretty.
Also the bitch used Rico like no one elses business, god damn it.
 Romance ★★☆☆☆ (It wasn't the focus but they had some cute moments...)
Plot ★★★★☆ (Fuck the plot but I'll admit it wasn't bad.)
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆ (There were interesting developments and it ok I guess.)

Have a Rico chu to make you feel better.
The extra scenarios are just the guys being extra thirsty but since everything is a dream
 I was like uhm thanks for that missing sweetness and well it should be obvious
 I enjoyed Rico and Nora's the most, I appreciated Shishiba's as well but that's it
also what is even the point of Shisui? he doesn't have a purpose in this game other than narrate.

Route rank:
Nora > Hibari / Rico > Tatewaki > Shishiba > Chika.
Bad end aside I enjoyed Hibari's route and overall Nora felt the most right.
Tatewaki is in 3rd place because some parts were just too much of a bomb
the rest are nice on their own but don't have much relevance.

Fav character:
Nora  >Shishiba > Hibari > Rico > Tatewaki > Chika > Shisui.
The only character that captured my heart from the beginning was Nora
the others felt nothing more than coworkers or sidekicks you could end up with
also Nora was the guy who was the most relevant story wise next to Tatewaki and then there's
Rico but you know how I mostly think of him as an otouto, Hibari is just OK to me and
Shishiba's cute and I like him a lot but everything else just falls into place after that.
Its not like Chika's bad he's just not doing it for me like the usual tsun's nor is Tatewaki special to me.

Final Thoughts
Why... T~T
 I still don't get why this game is apparently so good... it was decent at best
but hey atleast Extend learned the concept of locking routes! but eh they're not there yet.
This game had a strong start but then it tumbled down, it was like watching
a detective series such as CSI with a bunch of so-so filler eps, this includes routes themselves.
I think they covered all sorts of common themes like traumas, copy-cat etc.
I am not saying it was that bad because it was interesting but I just couldn't care about half of it
even if the characters were interesting, it suffered from Eikoku Tantei Mysteria syndrome
as over half of the routes were utterly meaningless unless you liked the characters at most
you'd get a small hint in the early routes but thats it really btw I think Mysteria did it better.
I do love the banter they have with each other but it is sad only a handful of chapters
captured the mystery part well and the overall plot was decent but please... the otome parts
did feel forced in some parts and that's sorta bad.
I just wanted everyone try and go about the truth in their own way... I did not want
Chika's route to be about only him and his past that had nothing to do with the real plot
you know its good in its own way but I atleast expected more to add up.
Same thing for Hibari its just giving them routes for the sake of having one and if you aren't
 interested in them you're better off skipping their routes cuz you will miss almost nothing
because I found the plot in most routes except a few to be quite meh-ish at most. 
Also in like two route there is only one new sub chara, how predictable
and TBH I was not really surprised except at Rico, Nora and Tatewaki routes.
I already feared there would be only one or two important route... and its normal but other games
did it better or maybe its just an incompatibility with half of the guys on my part
so its only natural I didn't really care about half of the routes in this game?
I did enjoyed most of it but it feels like after they completed 4 of the routes they were like what about
the truth? yeah about that... let's tease a little in Shishiba & Rico's and just lock the two remaining
routes because2important which is fine, no one wants to accidently do Nora or Tatewaki first and get spoiled.
I basically got something like eikoku tantei mysteria v.2 except in an americanized setting
but detective wise its worse since the heroine this time is not important at all Inori was just there
and unlike Emily from Mysteria Inori had no interesting background at all I mean what did she do
before joining sidekicks? work? college? the writers didn't care so why should we!
Other than that I am really biased for Nora much like Lupin at Mysteria.
The characters were great in there own way but most dudes are nothing more than sidekicks to me.(lol).
While the individual episodes were meh, I guess it did a good job of keeping me guessing
who really did it cuz man that another story went places I would've never dreamed.

Should this game should get localized? maybe... it ''might'' do well in english
but Sidekicks is not as dark as say collar x malice but its out there, considering
what they did to one character in another story yeah it is a little dark.
I'm tired... I'd say its not as good as I'd thought but its not bad either, still I think this is
my last extend game, Heiligenstadt doesn't interest me and the art is derp(on purpose?)
Sidekicks was better than Oumagatoki but I still think half of the routes were nice filler
some such as Hibari still had a nice sub plot so heck it wasn't that bad but it just sad you're
 just left hanging like really okay time to move on to the next, i'm sorry for putting it like that.
All in all this is fine because no one likes too much copy pasta and well
 Amazon reviews warned me that you'd need to play all routes and so i did 
but I don't get why it has such high scores! I really couldn't care about some
 characters whom's route I was on... and I had the same problem at Extend's other game
so yeah I think I am done here even if Sidekicks had a better core story. 
Well I guess I'll recommend Sidekicks to lovers of crime solving as it should be a fun ride.

Characters ★★★★☆ (They're an interesting bunch...)
Art ★★★★★ (Its consistent, no complaints.)
Scenario/plot ★★★★☆ (Some routes are filler but it ain't that bad so one less point.)
Music ★★★★★
System  ★★★★☆(Comfy.)
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

I am done rambling, I'll get Gakuen club next and maybe bide my time with a psp otomege till june.

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