Monday, May 1, 2017

Black Wolves Saga Weib und Schwarz - Review

Game: [Black Wolves Saga Bloody Nightmare and Last Hope.]
Genre: Otome Game Visual Novel.
Developer/Publisher: Otomate.
Platform: PC. PSP, PS Vita.
Release date: 2017-1-26

Vita port of BWS contains both games, they're relatively the same in terms of content.
This will be a general review and i'll try to cover both games
so don't expect synopsis or summaries since you should be able to read that elsewhere
I'll try to write more for others but eh I wasn't very motivated for some.
For the sake of all that is unholy I decided to start with BN because it was the first
to be released back then, may as well keep it consistent shall we? and well all I can say is that
I am glad I got this out of my backlog since I got it out of sheer curiosity.
TBH for BN all I remember is nazi cats and an angry wolf fighting each other
over a woman called Elvira they once liked but met an unfortunate end and the hatred
went on for a couple of years, how unlucky for Fiona to be the split image? \(⌒‿⌒)/
Sadly Fiona was engaged to Mejojo since she was little, he's way older than her too! what a pedo.
The main focus of BN is the cats... while LH focus on the wolves
 so it obvious the others sorta get the shaft in the game they're not the focus of.

Unlike the previous game I played this game was better in its overall presentation?
BN had a powerful opening, LH was slower and more otome-ish either way
this game is like a rollercoaster it starts off great then slows down and before you know
 shit went down because come on you knew it was gonna happen it just a matter of when.
Without spoiling that basically how the rest went down too... 😅
People weren't kidding when they said this game had an overall decent plot but uh
I had a hard time categorizing BN as an otome game untill I got to Julian, lol.

- Interesting world and story.
- Most characters are interesting but some...
- Art.
- Bgm.

- Long common route, skip fest on 2nd+ play.
- Read skip was 2slow...
- The otome game bit may leave to be desired, felt more like straight-forward vn at times
and romance wasn't the focus I guess the twistedness was.
- If you don't like abuse stay away from Bloody Nightmare.
- Auger.

The OP is great, but oh boy that bias...

Well the bgm was stellar, A++voice acting and distinct art style, the narrative
at BN was quite brutal and shocking, most characters all seemed to be pretty twisted
but I can't help but be interested in them, sasuga rejet.
There's not much hope of romance with some of them? but I could already tell
this was not the main focus of the game, the intriguing story and dark fantasy theme was.
Heroine is ok considering her upbringing little did she know her peaceful life would turn
 into hell after all of that, can't help but feel bad for her not being able to do much.
 That said I liked how Fiona was in Mejojo's bad end at LH she was able to end him
since he was schizo and she didn't want to pretend to be someone she is not.
whoops did I just spoil something.. oh I guess I did glad it wasn't full context.
Moving on the story seems to ride on past events and there were a lot of flashbacks
which made for a very long common route, BN took me like 3/4 days to get through
also don't get me started on the switching of POV at times it felt like a regular VN but it seemed
LH had more unique content for each chara except the twins borrowing from each other.

I guess Zara was my fav next to Julian but he felt out of place.

No annoying system to rage about this time unlike the last otomege I played
its just the same old VN stuff, BWS may seem long the first time and yes it is long
 but sadly the BWS games are mostly common route so on 2nd+ play it'll just fly by
with a few pit stops here and there, just pay attention during your first play...
the political intrigue and zodivia bits were pretty interesting and so was
Mejojo,Auger's, Rath's and Arles past but I thought it was paced badly at times.
I think the common was way too long, you know I can stand common routes like in KgK
with a decent route after it but BWS was literally 90% common 10% individual...
and it wasn't that romance oriented and at times I had a hard time questioning
why Fiona fell for certain characters coughMejojo&Augercough.
Most of the torture scenes in BN were on automode and couldn't help but laugh...
at how crazy they were, yeah its shocking but it didn't faze me much.

TL;DR Fans of dark fantasy & twisted characters do not want to miss out on this
even if the otome part of the game may leave to be desired, some routes or end
may just be too much and I had a hard time to categorize this as full otome but
I think its still worth it if one wants something different from the usual stuff.
Whatever floats yer boat I suppose... 
I'm actually glad I finished it so fast because I couldn't care about half of the dudes because some
were completely unlikeable and when they did become bearable hint Guillan it was too late for me to care.

BN play order:
Mejojo > Auger >Julian > Arles > Rath > Gulian > Nesso > Zara.

LH Playorder: (this is actually recommended)
Mejojo > Auger  > Nesso > Zara > Pear&Richie > Elza > Rath > Arles.

Anyway thoughts and spoilers vague or not below.

Bloody Nightmare
So one day while Fiona is living peacefully in her tower and is about to celebrate her 16th birthday
however after Auger heard a rumor he comes to fuck things up, Fiona gets branded a witch and after
much talk she's becomes a pawn in political yadayada and is forced to stay at Mejojo's castle.

CV: Sakurai Takahiro.
 I heard Mejojo and Auger were pieces of shit so I did them first makes sense even, honestly
Mejojo seems alright at first yeah seems so... but it obv he and Auger are pretty twisted because
of the shit they've been through in their lives due to that they just have a bunch of screws loose.
Mejojo liked some women called Elvira way back when but he hated Arles guts
because he got too close to her so he tried to kill him but Elvira jumped between them...
Whoops he can't help but hate the wolves in general to the point he want to kill em all!
Mejojo and Auger also seemed to know Fiona since she was little...and Mejojo been engaged to her
and has some obsession with her, Mejojo basically flipped when Arles came near
her he's pretty possessive of Fiona because she's the split image of Elvira.
Also it was hard to see what was the route from the individual part
untill I went for Auger and trust me there wasn't much.
Too bad there's not much of a route and I couldn't even see how Fiona would fall for him...
except for the fact he's charming in more ways than one, they didn't even spend that much time
together is it because she's sheltered? also the shit the cat bro's do to Julian! how could u forgive...
It was actually pretty stupid of Fiona to go back to reason with the cats even.
If I had to choose either of the bro's... it would definitely be Mejojo but eh I rather not
since any form of abuse from a guy is a big nono from me also Mejojo was basically forcing
a yes out of Fiona through force but at that point what other choice did she have? Auger? hahaha no.
Never thought I'd find a sakupyon chara that i'd still be like uhm how about no about.😅
Also lol I expected Nesso to actually be able to do something in that bad end...
only to watch Auger being a total piece of shit, I admit I got sad over onii-chan
and it even gave more and more reason to hate Auger, ugh was that ever so terrible
 to the point Mejojo's good end was you know good, the extra end/scene was a bad dream
yeah that seems about right, hard to believe Fiona would like to exist in such a reality.
After finishing his good end in BN I literally was sitting there thinking that was a whole lot of nothing
yeah he wants Fiona but I can literally find no reason why Fiona would actually fall for him
maybe the PTSD from being whipped so hard by Mejojo got to her. 
All Mejojo wants is Fiona for himself because she looks like the woman he liked
he more than wants her to stay in his uguu cage of love 5ever.
永遠に 私のものだ。
Romance ★★☆☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆ (Maybe it seemed better cuz I did it first)
Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆

 CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki.
Just seeing his face makes me want to punch him, esp after all the shit in the previous ends.
 I obviously did this end next because I hate his guts... and want to be done with it
also it was extra fun to skip through 90% of the game making pit stops here and there!
For Auger I think its pretty obv this dude is a liar liar pants on fire, he just does most of the shit cuz
his bro Mejojo tells him to do it, to make him happy but tsk tsk tsk did you really think that's it?
If you were to kill Mejojo the chicken would be without a head if left unattended
and well turns out Auger wouldn't mind that he'd love to see the look on Mejojo's face
while he takes Fiona from him... he wouldn't mind killing him but as turns out Auger
doesn't give a single fuck about anything not even Fiona.
Good to know, I hated your ass the minute you showed up.
TBH I knew he was bad news the moment I saw him... he's even the type  to roflcopter
 behind Mejojo's back at shit they cause, sure make it easy to not trust him right?
 Auger should be under Mejojo's tight leash 5ever AND honestly speaking he was
on my shit list the moment he grabbed and pulled Zara's bunny ears to stop Zara
from getting close to Mejojo who got pissed at Nesso, it pretty obvious Auger is a sadist
who loves to see others in pain and suffering, also Mejojo's bad end did more harm than good
guess what if ur on Auger route said bad end is a good end! with a few adjustments
that make it seem better but in fact its not to the point I prefer Mejojo.
The reason the plot in this route was slightly better is cuz he's suddenly so nice cuz Mejojo
is a big meanie and wouldn't mind killing his bro who is the only one in the way of his dear Fiona
ofc for Auger this is all keikaku doori and calls Fiona an idiot for believing in him after he pretended
to break down from killing his bro while defending himself, ugh what sicko I was right to never trust him.
Auger was even worse in his bad end... ugh this game keep giving me more reason to hate him
there is not a single positive thing about Auger in both games, trust me I am not even kidding.
Auger's extra end/scene was a terrible nightmare... and well the variation in the dance CG
seems to sum up everything quite well, Fiona u stupid little girl!
Unlike Mejojo's ending there is truly nothing worthwhile to Auger's end in bloody nightmare!
you think I am kidding right? baaaakaaaa.
馬鹿 馬鹿 馬鹿
Romance ☆☆☆☆☆(Romance? haha no)
Plot ★★☆☆☆ (One extra star for trolling)
Enjoyment overall ★☆☆☆☆ (Aye... lmao I hate his guts but it was amusing.)

CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa.
 First things first this route is exclusive to Bloody Nightmare and
shares a common part along with Zara and Nesso the plot here was basically
crossing the border ASAP so the nazi cats can't reach them.
While I almost fell asleep watching the chuchuknights nibble away at my feet
 this angel cat boy blessed me with his presence, Julian is supposed to be
 Fiona's servant while she's in Mejojo's birdcage.
Julian seemed to be one of the more normal characters... I wish those quiet scenes
with him early on would never end but then the plot won't move forward, sadly
he's not really an angel but close enough.  I can't help but pity Julian... he's just a pawn
 to Mejojo and Auger it obv out of the cats I like Julian the most and well after the trainwreck
that was Augers ending Julian's events and end was a pleasant surprise.
 I think this was one of the routes were I could actually believe Fiona falling for the guy
and after the suffering the cat princes put him true its understandable he's legit scared of them
they tortured Julian so much he has to obey them and rejoices when he does a good job etc.
The route was nice and peaceful till Auger decided to show up and ruin all that...
but I loved how Julian was like I am not your toy anymore and overcame
his insecurities his happy end was sorta sudden but good either way.
The other end was basically return to the cats and play along except u can't skip the stupid torture
but the outcome was especially rewarding if you dislike the cat princes, its great how Julian
had the last laugh for once and the whole ending felt more complete to me but for obv reasons I
prefer the other ending over the true end cuz the latter left a bad taste in my mouth because Julian is
one of those less obvious crazies and who knows Fiona may be next if she triggers him.  >_>
Either way it was much better than the cat bro's one may say its the true route of the cats in general.
Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★★☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

Arles. (read as Aruru but its styled as Arles)
CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki.
Furry who is hellbent on revenge against the cats and I think he's more a victim than anything else.
Anyway I really took a liking to his character, despite revenge stuff...maybe I just have
a soft spot for bishies like Arles no matter how insane they're in what they do.
Oh well plot was basically trying to help the wolves and their zodivia problem...
Nesso was like nonono bad idea but what can he do and so Fiona was forced to give her all to Arles.
 Not much happened but i'm pretty much wolves > cats unless your a masochist.
Again the wolves all share a common part so whoever u did first Rath or Arles
you'll probably have bias for since you'll just skip through half of it for the other ends. >_>
 Arles while stubborn can be understanding and wouldn't mind letting her go back
to Nesso and Zara if she wishes but Fiona already has her mind set, the last part
 of the route was hilarious, Augers delicious screams were music to my ears
since he got his just dessert so it all 👌👌👌 to me.
In the end he will love Fiona unconditionally... he learned from his mistakes
there's no reason she would ever leave him now anyway so he need not fear, right?
Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

CV: Kaji Yuuki. 
 Cutiepie who has done some hard livin and deserves better after all the shit the cats put him through
also if you hadn't realized Rath is the reason Last Hope exists so don't expect much
out of Rath's route in Bloody Nightmare there's not much here as the end is branched from Arles.
I don't even have much to say other than that this boy deserves happiness...
and that I was still disappointed at Rath events in BN because there really wasn't much other than
Auger being a baka neko testing my patience, overall it was weak despite the semi-happy end, meh.
Had I'd done Rath first it may have been better but I think Arles was the main focus of the wolves anyway.
Romance ★★☆☆☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆

CV:Taniyama Kishou.
Out of the love interests among the wolf side I didn't see much of anything in Gullian
untill I got to the part where he tells Rath to run in front of the gates and thought
hey he might not be so bad! because seriously he seemed like a psycho.
You can only do his route if you do Arles and Rath... and exclusive to bloody nightmare.
 Guillan can be sort of cute and we got a quick look at that side with some banter
he had with Rath when I went for Arles but like Rath's end there was not much here...
despite being a hidden route it all happens in too short a time and the relationship
is even more unbelievable than Arles or Rath the skipping doesn't help either.
 All he goes on about is I'll freaking kill you... but he can't cuz Arles tell him not to
so he decides to be nice and marks her as his and becomes super sweet, lol. -_-
What does Fiona even see in him other than him being a little cute... idk they just got randy
and before you know it was the end that was a quicky, pun intended.
I liked how he became the leader in his other end though but other than that... meh
i'm sorry I can't really see much in him but I want to believe there is hope in his ends.
Romance ★★☆☆☆ (Uh yeah whatever)
Plot ★★☆☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆

CV: Miki Shin'ichirou.
  I just knew he's going to be the typical rejet onii-sama... so I fastened my seatbelts
little did I know that for the most part he's actually a caring brother who loves his sister too much.
and well you should figure he's very overprotective to the point one may wish they'd have a bro like him.
I do not dislike onii-chans but they tend to make them too creepy and then I'm like haha no
but I think Nesso was mostly admirable in his desire to protect his imouto in fact I was waiting
for him to come in and kill Mejojo or Auger for what they did but alas anyway
 Nesso is a good brother and I actually feel save with him, his seiyuu did great too.
Also the feel when at BN only Nesso got decent kiss CG's while the others are almost lips touching
and well his ending was a make out fest making me say FFS Nesso control your D.
There wasn't much though... I barely remember anything... lol i'm sorry.
Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆
CV: Ishida Akira.
 He's a kawaii bunny and Fiona's servant and probably a saving grace? he's the tamest out of all
and well its glad to have a normal guy for once also i'm a bit of an Ishida fangirl sadly the plot
followed that of Julian/Nesso so all I was left with was a few event here and there and the end
but at this point what do you expect... there was some interesting fact though.
Anyway I like Zara A LOT he's so sweet and caring, atleast I ended this game on a good note.
Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆
Last Hope
Also if you didn't get the memo from the opening it pretty obvious this game is about Rath
and Arles so basically everyone else has endings for the sake of having one.
It starts with Rath sneaking around a certain tower vowing revenge against the nazi cats
and giving a TL;DR about the current state of affairs, later Fiona was allowed to go outside for the
first time ever for her 16th birthday party and while playing hide and seek with the dogs,-
Elza, Nesso and Zara she runs into Rath who crawled from the bushes  and kidnaps Fiona
 using her as a meat shield to make his way out, it basically all rolled from there.

Nazi cats come in pairs, Mejojo and Augher.
CV: Sakurai Takahiro and Yoshino Hiroyuki.
Mejojo still wants Fiona to be his one and onry waifu and Auger is still a dipshit
kissing up to his brother while laughing at all the misery they cause.
They're butthurt when they find out Nesso&co let a wolf escape... and raise hell because of it
they have Nesso punished for his crime, anyway Mejojo's just wants Fiona to be in his birdcage
and in the route/end of the cats Mejojo has his way, I also found Fiona to be somewhat naive...
Mejojo's good end is miles better than Auger's trolololol good end, sadly Mejojo's bad end
was painful to watch since Mejojo was schizophrenic after she saved Mejojo instead of Auger
while having all of Augers flags checked, Mejojo is crazy thinking she's Elvira
and Fiona can't handle it so she kills him since he's too far gone. T~T
 As for Auger fuck him, he tried to troll me once but it failed cuz I hated his ass from the start
so I certainly won't let it happen twice because I will never ever care for this shitlord.
As per usual I prefer Mejojo end because Auger really wants him to be saved
and when you save Auger at Mejojo's end, Auger goes loco and Fiona kills herself. <_<
In the extra scenario he gets bored and decides to join his dead brother in the after life
 cuz there is no one that'll play with him since Fiona's corpse is not enough, a fitting true end is it not?
 In Auger good end he tries to act stupid only to say i'm tired of that in the end much like at BN
where he called Fiona a fool, I think he just killed her whatever there is no hope with this guy.
As long as my bro is pleased I am too. (Fiona give up AUGER DOES NOT CARE about you.)
Well overall it was relatively tame and... uh boring compared to their scenario in bloody nightmare.
Sigh... at LH you can just save either one of the twins after they get their just dessert. >_>
Sadly the twin route was tame compared to what they did in the others esp bad ends
sadly Augay didn't care for Fiona saving him unlike Mejojo so it was a waste of my time. 
Romance ★☆☆☆☆
Plot ★☆☆☆☆ (A watered down version of BN)
Enjoyment overall ★☆☆☆☆

CV: Miki Shin'ichiro.
  While I liked or more like accepted Nesso in Bloody Nightmare it seems
they had to make him twice as pathetic/creepy in Last Hope. ~_~
Maybe he already was but they just upped it x9000 in here.
First the cats make him lick their boots to make him redeem himself for angering them
and then later he says he wouldn't mind doing it for Fiona too, erm ok.
In the family route Fiona gets infected by Rath's rabies and her fav bishie will be at her side.
Anyway Nesso really wants to protect his sister and don't be surprised he wants to bang her too.
Don't worry Nesso also gets a proper kiss cg to reconfirm his true feels
meanwhile almost everyone else will be hanging there with their lips almost touching.
Well Auger was an ass as per usual but I think Nesso's route was OK overall
he's just extremely devoted to his imouto its admirable, I mean he would die for her?
There was some last minute drama in the end but overall plot had more meat than at Bloody Nightmare
also the cats were extra terrible in Nesso's bad end to the point I want to watch them burn AGAIN.
I guess if you're not an onii-sama person this'll just be meh and/or creepy to you.
 Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★★☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

CV Ishida Akira.
 Zara is the butler bunny man and your friendly neighborhood doctor who tells Fiona
 she should take better care now that she could have rabies and not worry him so much.
Zara is still the most normal guy in the game so if you want to be safe, worry not!
 IDK but his events made me so sad? HE'S TRYING SO HARD to cure her and well he needs
her too, I like Zara so much... Fiona gave him a place in the world when he had none.😭😭😭
 Overall like Nesso, Zara's path here was more interesting than Bloody Nightmare, it was pretty
tame compare to other route and maybe a bit boring but honestly speaking while I liked
his good end it was too good to be true but man that bad end was so sad... good end it is!
  Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

Pearl and Richie.
CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko and Shimono Hiro.
These two are Fiona's watchdogs quite literally even and Nesso doesn't even mind
them sleeping in the same bed as Fiona because uh they're too innocent.
Well if only he knew that the girly one(Richi) is actually the most lustful one.😨💦
Also on another note I do not think its a great idea to let Nobuhiko-san do cutesy voice. 😞
Like I can stand Shimono do these type of roles... but Nobuhiko is just like a nail on a chalkboard.
I wasn't sure what the point of this was but uh why not... sadly this path suffer from
cradle copy pasta syndrome like it mostly the same thing just change of chara.
When I was going for their good ends I thought it would be bad end...
Well then I guess it has a few points for having me fooled but I can't see it romantically, i'm sorry.
Pearl's end felt like a why not both end instead of Richie's being more independent?
They're great supporting characters but that all they are to me, sorry.
 Romance ★☆☆☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆

CV: Kishio Daisuke.

Some Lion dude who's mostly on good terms with Nesso, doesn't have
much presence in bloody nightmare and his route is exclusive to last hope.
Its the same as the other family route up till certain point and well his events/end
in general was something else the cat/zodivia problem was solved quickly
 which meant more time for them being together but it was really out of place and honestly
they were just stalling for time to get some romance between them anyway
I like Elza, he's SO CUTE also he loves to tease Fiona but is scared of pissing off Nesso and the
obvious oh no i'm just a lowly knight I can't possible be allowed to be with a rich oujou-sama!
Sadly Nesso was permanently ruined in this route after he went  why am I not good enough?!
y u like another man? not to mention Nesso was a huge cockblock
throughout also don't get me started on the badend! which ruined a lot of things
to the point where I just went eh because Elza is such a cute and good boy
who definitely deserves better but I can't complain about romance since the way it
developed was really cute to watch and well at first I always thought Elza had a hard on for Nesso
since well you know he's so friendly around him turns out that a wrong first impression!
Elza always looks at Fiona like pls notice me more but i'm scurred of Nesso noticing
i'm into YOU and doing something about it, Elza simply put doesn't see himself worthy of Fiona.
Elza:Psssst hey Fiona I like- Nesso: Yo Elza... Elza: Never mind.
Other than that I liked the route and Elza a lot... the good ending was too convenient though
but still better than that bad end where Nesso takes Fiona and locks her up in the uguu shack of love
somewhere in the mountains, also you know what funny? Nesso was actually bearable in every
other route/end except this one! but otomate/rejet had to up his kimoi factor in Elza's route. -_-
See Nesso has been ruined here... unless you already was meh about his siscon stuff in general.
 Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

CV: Kaji Yuki.
Kuudere wolf boy who had a traumatic past and wants to fry Mejojo and Auger's asses
cuz they killed his parents while Rath was watching, he had a hard life afterwards too poor boy!
Rath doesn't trust anyone and he even has a hard time trusting Fiona and later her friends
who are even willing to let him go as long as he doesn't hurt Fiona but yeah Rath has trust issues
because he is the victim of everyones bullshit in this game and he just wanna live the peaceful
life but lol he just gets wrapped up in all da shit and had to kill when he don't wanna.
Anyway don't worry Rath you will get yourself a happy end now.
I am not very happy about turning them making the wolves bloodthirsty now like really is this
a new thing cuz i dun remember any of that at BN, yeah they have their reasons but I can't
help but question some of these new story developments but whatever his route/end in BN
wasn't much and well he got himself a story in LH alright, he's obv the main attraction.
Half of the common part was listening to the wolves part of the story and Guillan was
 a bully so Rath had to come in to be Fiona's knight in shining armor, also lol Arles
had to teach Guillan to not barge into Fiona's room and learn how to knock
too bad Arles is just using Fiona as bait to get to the cats and it is working.
Don't worry though Rath will protect her anyway this route was very story heavy, sadly Nesso
 met a pitiful end before the cats and Rath screamed his lungs out raging while trying to kill em.
Uh what followed was the most hilarious and stupidist shit I have ever witnessed
Mejojo got his face burned by a surprise attack from the wolves and then Auger lost what little
sanity he had after Rath stabbed Mejojo and so he wanted to experience being burned in the face.
Its hilarious how he danced in the flames while Fiona and Rath make out. <WTF>
Well atleast the cats got what they deserved... but man was it so stupid I couldn't even
take the ending seriously and needed a full day to recover from the sheer madness.
In the good end they made it out in one piece and decide to live happily ever after, unlike the others
Rath gets a full package happy ending cuz he suffered so much.
(The bad end has Fiona suddenly succumbing to her illness then AUGER shows up
 like a fucking cockroach who didn't die like he was supposed to and goes stabbity stab on Rath
and when he done he kills Fiona too, while laughing like the idiot he is.)

Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★★☆ (Despite the derp at the end it was good)
Enjoyment overall ★★★★★ (Aye, lmao that was good shit)

CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki.
 The big bad wolf... route unlocks after Rath so you have no choice but to do him last
and the story is shared with Rath so there won't be much new to write also you need
to do both Rath good and bad ends before you can do this route for story reasons.
He's actually really sweet and considerate he made Guillan take responsibility for scaring
Fiona, well we all know Guillan is a good boy since he apologizes by giving her a cookie d'awww.
Well despite Arles using Fiona as bait I like him even if what he's doing is wrong he believes
its right but the way he does is miles better than the nazi cats cuz u know atleast he's sane.
Anyway unlike Mejojo who just wants her for himself, Arles actually cares about Fiona
even if he also still sees part of Elvira in her whom he really had a soft spot for her.
Turns out back then Mejojo couldn't handle NTR of giving Elvira up to Arles and well
you know the rest he tried to kill Arles but Elvira jumped in between Arles could
never forgive Mejojo for what he did and planned to do and so he vowed revenge.
Arles really really loved Elvira...but things didn't go right.
The end was good but not as hilarious as Rath, Fiona refused to go back to her fiance Mejojo
and Arles tells Mejojo to leave his waifu alone making Mejojo flip his shit wanting to kill everyone
who defy him, Arles gets ready to settle things with Mejojo and the henchmen set the forest on fire
Arles tells the others to run while he has his showdown but Fiona is like fuck this and tells them
to get along and that all will be fine, suddenly the two see Elvira in her but Arles still kills Mejojo.
When the fire is put out by the rain they find Mejojo and Augers dead bodies and Arles unconcious...
In the end Arles goes on about how he was mistaken and that he will try to live for Fiona not
because she looks like Elvira but because he loves her for who she is, someone who cares for him.
In the bad end Arles turned into a diabolik furry who locked Fiona up only to eat her up one day...
Now we're finally one... Awooo.
Yeah the bad end was hilariously bad... but I prefer the general true end over all else
because even if no romance Fiona helps out the wolves to create a new home for themselves.
 Awooo I love Arles so much but he partially feels like a father figure than
a romantic interest, I like his character but romantically? no I have to go with Rath
not saying Arles don't deserve happiness but the Arles true end felt more complete to me
because Fiona sticks with the wolves(3p) and build a future with them.
Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★★☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

 As for that grooming thing... Mejojo was the easiest to please(go figure) and apparently
Nesso likes it when you touch his Pee-pee and work your way up. ಠ_ಠ💦
Arles and Julian are easy too but I found Zara pretty difficult to please but very rewarding
what am I even saying no wonder they censor this type of stuff in other games.
Also lets not talk about Auger ugh... or Elza for that matter, anyway it was pretty stupid
to try feeling them up, I prefer if done like moujuutsukai when they are in cute animal form.

There's no point in doing a enjoyment of route or more like ending thing since these games
are 90% common route so I just gave you my fav character order instead
because BWS is really super linear since they focused on story too much and its really hard
 to get into the romance with all the skipping you do after your first play...
also not everyone got fair treatment. -_-

Fav Character:
Zara > Ratt > Arles > Elza > Julian > Gullian >Pearl&Richie > brickwall > Nesso  > deepest pits of hell > Mejojo and Auger.
Zara is the angel and Rath is best boy who deserves all the happiness, same with Arles
and well Elza is cute but everyone else just followed after it, Mejojo and Auger definitely
 last while Pearl,Richie and Nesso guarding the gates of hell.

Final Thoughts
Ya'll think this is funny but its true.
 As great as BWS was I think its not really that good of an otome, as it sacrifices most of
the otome part for an intriguing plot and characters sometimes I even question why x character
like (lol) Auger was romanceable because it seems like a waste in the end and to me only
a handful of guys(Zara,Julian, Rath or even Nesso) are a better choice to me than him.
I like Arles very much too and by the end of the 2nd game I was pretty much wolves > cats 4lyf.
BWS is more of a straight-forward VN than an otome game the constant switching POV
while that was good in its own way didn't help at all and I just have to point out
 as an otome BWS fails they just did not balance the plot and romance aspect well enough
I guess the twistedness of the characters was great from standard otome stuff.
so people who want more romance and more complete endings will be disappointed
here since the skipping you do after round 1 does not help at all with this.
I also can see why people ditch the other game if they've played one of them unless
they played LH and really really wanted to romance Julian or played BN but want Elza. 😅
BTW Elza who? he had almost no presence in BN but man he turned out to be a cute.
There really not much of a difference between both versions its just a different take of the same story.
Okay LH may have been more otome but it still had same issues from BN that made it a skip fest
on 2nd+ play so it wasn't much better and well I was done in no time really
I only delayed posting my review so I have posted something in may.
These games aren't for everyone unless you like darker themes good plot, romance second and
do not mind landmines everywhere, some happy ends aren't happy so if u want that then yeah go for it.
Just saying it again but I do not mind stories where not everyone is happy in fact this is good
and I can get behind some endings but I wish they put a little more effort in things
 that are not story because to me it seems like at times they forgot it was an otome
and shoved in some scenes here and there in between the plot. (its not really like that but ok)
The only reason I like Last Hope more than Bloody Nightmare is because LH feels
more adventurous but it also painstakingly obvious that wolf boy is the OTP
but I still do not like they turned him into a rabid furry, trusting no one not even himself. -_-
Yeah yeah story reasons... but its so sad in BN Rath's route was a waste its like they wanted
you to buy LH for him and well his route/end certainly did not disappoint me!
Copy pasta was better than say possession magenta because atleast there were meaningful changes
but uh... the plot at certain chara's ends was still shared so some stuff can't be helped.
It really needs an acquired taste to be enjoyed fully that for sure. I think
I already gave enough reason why you should or not get this...
Also congrats rejet for making Nesso the staple onii-chan actually likeable? even if still a creeper
untill Erza's route at Last Hope atleast... anyway its nice to have a game
where guys aren't too nice if you know what I mean not everyone is so its realistic
 but still what was the point of Auger's route in general man... it is so pointless
cuz he won't love you, ever. I don't know how anyone could stand people that twisted.
This isn't exactly an otome i'd like to remember but atleast it was interesting
also i'm going to miss the OST so much... it was so good. T~T 

Characters ★★★★☆ (Interesting how crazy some can be...)
Art ★★★★☆ (Beautiful but this artist has a thing for lips almost touching...)
Scenario/plot ★★★★☆ (Perhaps the best thing that came out of this...)
Music ★★★★★
System  ★★☆☆☆(Becomes skip-a-thon 2nd+ play but otherwise comfy...)
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

Id love to talk more about the characters and overall plot are intriguing and how good
the music/art is but sometimes short is good, BWS is decent if you want a darker stuff so you
probably won't be disappointed by lack of romance because the story was consistent and good.
If you're looking for a lot of romance and stuff lol nope look elsewhere.
 You go through it once? you're done in no time... yeah it  i'm not even kidding
the copy pasta does more harm than good even if the story's alright but everything else, lol.
If you're someone that values a good story with romance BWS isn't the place to look
but if you want twisted stuff, intruiging plot and chara's sure go for it
Honestly most of the bad ends were better than the good ends.
I can understand why this is popular and yeah part of it is good... but it wasn't for me...
after this I'm hesitant to buy games with extreme long common routes and little individuality
the otomege I'd mostlikely still bother with will be the psychedelica series.

Now that I am free of backlog there's some time till june...
I'll try looking for something that is more otome because man am I in dire need of it after this.

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