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Taishou x Alice heads and tails - review

 Genre: Otome Visual Novel. 
Developer/publisher: Otomate.
Platform: PSV.
Official Site:
Release date: 2017-12-07

FD of Taishou x alice... if I had to be really honest I didn't think TxA really needed a FD
why? I actually thought the epilogue chapter wrapped everything up nicely and everyone
got a small extension to their ending that aside it must've done well enough for them
to release this FD so why not just accept and try to enjoy whatever contents it has?
 Not much aside from the usual after stories, two new routes for Ryoushi and Ookami
but I heard beforehand they're not all that great since the bias for Alice is too great.
Then there's Gakuen Alice which might've been the last best thing this FD has to offer.😅
 There's not much else to say so let's just get on with it.

- Gakuen Alice's a fun omake with mini route (except ookami/ryoushi)
- Art.

- Not every after story got the same amount of effort, i've only found
Akazukin, Gretel, Mauhoutsukai and Alice to be actually fun / worth it.
- The new routes aren't really 'new' at all nice if you want another perspective though.

I decided to play the after story in the same order as the original:
Cinderella > Akazukin > Gretel > Kaguya > Shirayuki > Mahoutsukai > Alice.
I do recommend saving Mahoutsukai for later preferable after Shirayuki, as Mahoutsukai
adds something that makes Shirayuki's seem like even that had its place.

The first two after stories I did was mostly fun and light-hearted like what one is supposed
to come to expect of FD's... there are exceptions to the others but it wasn't too bad
its just for some it felt there was little effort put into the scenario.
If you are familiar with sangoku rensenki's FD... its a lot like that! you get a short story
with the couple which is around 1 hour at most with two CG's for each
the content varies depending on the character though. Much like the original TaiAli
the further you get into the episodes the drearier it gets, like the boys from ep1 are fun
but then you get to Kaguya and it just goes downhill, Gretel was still OK for some reason.
The new routes for Ryoushi and Ookami aren't exactly new route just their POV of the whole
thing with Alistair much of what we already know! since they force the canon
so much their endings aren't exactly what one would like to see.
Can't recommend their routes unless you want a different perspective of the story we already know.

Overall its still a decent FD but only get it if you desperately need more Taiali in your life
there's just some parts that make me say: but why? like why even give Ookami a route if
you're going to make it end up like that... his whole character turned out to be a laughing stock.😓
To be fair... after being done with this FD the only thing I really like about Taishou x Alice is the
story of 'Alice', comedy and meta. As an otome game I think it doesn't really work that well like
half of the cast is essentially the same person, different personality and in the end only one matters.
Tai Ali has a great story&chara's and I whole-heartedly recommend the games
but as an otome game; by the end it leaves to be desired no matter how well written it was.

Well whatever I'll try to write some thoughts down below as usual, don't read it
if you don't want spoils etc (not like there is much).

CV: Daisuke Hirakawa.
 Happy couple life, going on dates talking bout the birds and the bees, hand cream...
Yurika going... Cinderella is a guy that means... uh sneaking around his room? Oh and how this
shampoo is a bit too expensive... either way the date the two had was fun to watch their
daily interaction. You get the picture I guess there's plenty of shenanigans. 😂
Like Yurika almost drinking wine instead of water... 
I'm glad it turned out like this and not some draggy plot... just watch the couple have
a good time even if their situation leaves to be desired since they still struggle to get by
Cinderella's proposal to get married was cute (so was the others reaction and bully Cinderella a bit).
Enjoyment overall ★★★★★

CV: Maeno Tomoaki.
Ero Ookami...
 Its our favorite tsun police officer... even though he and Yurika are dating now he still
has his moment of shyneness around women but as usual it delivers with q u a l i t y content
that made me realize how much I liked him in the first place.
Now I don't want to be rude but certain other FD I recently played just couldn't deliver this
because it either came too late, lost their charm and has more plot than enjoyable scenario.
Totally not a jab at ninkoi... nope totaly not at all!
 So like they were out talking about herbs and then a sunshower happen
which let to one thing and another... Akazukin got triggered by Yurika being
all wet and wait your too close also how does a bath sound? Akazukin throwing
a hissy fit about it which leads to more hilarity in... the... bath room. 😂
It was fun hearing his thoughts as well... even if they are a bit lecherous?
Its extremely hard to describe these scenes since it will be more fun if you see it yourself in person
but you can guess this is all light-hearted fluff, its simple but fun, pffft ero ookami.
Side note, Maeno's performance was A++ it was so good.
Enjoyment overall ★★★★★
CV: Masuda Toshiki.
UNFORTUNATELY once I got to Kagunyan the afters took a bit of a nose dive in terms of enjoyable content.
 Yurika came down with a fever at the start or so it seemed.... and while Kagunyan is such
a caring and loving boyfriend... so sweet to the point i'm almost crying?!bits not all that...
I do think its nice that we got to see a more day to day view of their life together
but yeah... their whole relationship? its like they're the perfect couple but Yurika's just
hazukashii all the time around her BF being so close... Kagunyan is not giving her much space.
So uh back to what did happen eventually Ryoushi comes in takes Yurika with him
for a second but Kagunyan is gets so overprotective and doesn't want anyone near her, he gets
jealous if so but once he figures Ryoushi is her brother he's back to being nice.
IDK this makes me look at him from a different perspective, he's being extremely possessive
and the relationship went from loving and caring to being suffocating. SIGH.😞
Kagunyan keeps insisting she should take it easy so while these two love birds
are in their very own cage twitting about the rest of the world keeps turning.
That is the other characters such as Cinderella screaming because something broke.😅
Hmmm I remember liking his character and the themes in his route back then
are interesting but... half of it feels like they tell us stuff we already know.
I know that Kagunyan has trouble with relationships, he can still be chill but a little space please?
Being with someone constantly afraid of their special someone leaving them or being taken from
them by being so overprotective is so suffocating. If Yurika even as much leaves the room he freaks
out and he dislikes her being with other guys, doesn't want them looking at her or her at them.
Things got better when he fell asleep at her bed while she rested, Yurika heard him say 'don't leave'
which makes it even more clear that he cherishes her so much and he's afraid she'd
abandon him like the oh so many girls in the past, they talk and he eventually gives her space.
I enjoyed this after story about 50/50, the only thing that was even remotely funny was the pls strip
down scene which leads to him wiping the sweat off of her back. plus the scene at the end with
everyone and Kaguya making it clear that Yurika's hands off. Which made Alice snap at the who's
cute?! run away screaming and throw a tantrum. (lmao) I do understand Kaguya but these types.😩
Considering his past his behavior makes sense but i'm not sure what I like about Kaguya
except the general story behind this 'personality' of Alistair.
I think its better to sum up this route as: Yurika comes down with a fever, Kagunyan is a caring
sweetheart and eventually they had a good talk which makes things less awkward
between them and one night at the lake he proposes to Yurika to get married but it all
dragged out unneededly, they used such a common trope to get what we wanted.
Man... why did it have to go a bit downhill a little when I got to the episode 2 guys?
you know it bad when you realize uh we didn't need this? like I honestly was fine 
with how the original route ended this only made the situation between them harder to like
and we all know Yurika would never leave Kaguya! this was just one of those after stories.😒

CV: Eguchi Takuya.
 Everyones favorite sweets lover and self-proclaimed brother...
he seems his usual self but is actually struggeling being around Yurika
and goes on a diet yeah our sweets loving boi on a diet.... thanks Ryoushi.
Well uhm this leads to one thing or the other as they interact with others.
Ookami was a bit of a bully and Gretel would like nothing more than to shove him into the oven.
\Yurika let him do her hair it his inner thoughts just show how much he wants to snuggle
with her and kiss her... but he can't just do that without permission. Ah well atleast the
atmosphere was better than at Kagunyan's and it was fun to hear Gretel's thoughts
like he actually hates this whole diet thing, Ryoushi confirms it wasn't even that necessary
and tells Gretel he just misunderstood him earlier, lol all that fuss for nothing.😅
At the end he does her nails... while realizing he's not the same as in the past
and pretty much confesses to her in his own way, he seals it with a kiss on her hand. 😙
Even if Gretel is far from being my favorite I still found his after to be enjoyable.

CV: Shouta Aoi.
Yurika's expression pretty much sums up how I felt about this one without having to say a thing...
THIS was literally the most boring after story, it starts with the two of them seeking shelter from the
rain in a nearby shack before they get in it gets a bit embarassing but after that they get locked in.
Ah well better than standing in the rain right?! instead of we getting some fluff we get
Shirayuki trying to be all prince-like and a protect a mildly freaked out Yurika from
whatever may be lurking around. Other than that they find out this place is the residence of
Alistair and how this place is actually not real. More talk of past/present they also find a piano
but I dunno the whole thing was so boring it goes on till they're rescued by Ryoushi and mother. >_>
Wow well couldn't they write anything better? did they even try?! like okay some parts are nice
but nothing of note happened at all and at most it is telling us stuff we already know, it feels
like for half of the after stories the writer really gets in the zone but for some they lost their mojo
because this added nothing to their future just a brief recap of their current situation.
Also you know its bad that somehow I think Kaguya's after was better 
than whatever this sorry excuse of an after story was...

CV: Hatano Wataru.
 Where to even begin? basically the two of them played chess, surprisingly he lost and they went on a
date in one of the many mirror worlds which is apparently just another game between them.
They meet other Arisu's whom are with one of the many personalities of Alistair
in one case it was Akazukin the other Cinderella. Basically the entire world
is their playground... to not cause confusion our Yurika takes the form
of a cat and she gets to watch Mahoutsukai make a fool of himself in front of
Gretel and Shirayuki who were out buying a present for Cinderella
they go visit Kagunyan too who is a bit cranky and then find themselves
in Alistair's house which is where Shirayuki resides, Our Yurika ends up freaking
the Yurika of that world out which was probably the best thing to happen.
Yep Yurika get's to see the fruits of her labour... wow what a date this is! well its not bad
considering how the way his route ended in the original this is fitting it clearly shows
that everything is connected, Mahoutsukai is not quite like the others but yet here
Yurika is she even saved his heart, if Mahoutsukai is a king then Yurika is his queen
no longer the pawn she used to be, as in having to go and save Alistair's personalities.
I loved how near the end Wizard boy played a trick on Alice... summoning a bunch of
Yurika's and Wizard boy was like go find YOUR Arisu. So even though Wizard boy's
situarion is complicated and also sad... can't even tell if he's truly happy.
I just wish they could write something more like Akazukin or Cinderella for the recent after stories
but instead we get another after story that yet again covers stuff we already know
which just shows how little the writers had to work with. Well atleast he got a kiss CG now.
/shrug may they rule the country of mirrors for many years to come.
Mahoutsukai after also showed how connected everything that came before his own after is...
oh well it was okay-ish way to end his story.

CV: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu.
 Best for last? probably... too bad it sort of turns Alice into a lolicon because
Yurika is trying to figure out whom he truly loves her past self(child) or her current self
so Wizard boy gives her a little bit of help... all because it seemed Alice was in a slump.😅
Alice finds loli-Yurika very cute, endearing and just can't help squeezing her... AH.
Either way Alice knows something is off... yet can't help but want to take her back from where
she came (and take advantage of being called world's coolest oniichan, he likes it a bit too much).
 Alice and loli-Yurika go around the country of mirrors meeting everyone much like
Wizard boy's after except the mood is much better here there's just one thing
loli-Yurika isn't allowed to talk much because of her promise with big bro Alice.😂
The whole thing was hilarious... because everyone including Alice sort of gets who the little girl is.
Like with Cinderella or Akazukin the whole thing is best experienced in person...
there's just so much fun that's lost trying to write it down.
Wizard boy playing that trick on Alice near the end because he actually hates his guts
just shows how connected these little after stories are, its just some aren't as great as others. 
Matsuoka's performance was excellent- actually that's an understatement, from all his character 
Alice is probably one of his best role since truly shows his range and acting talent as a seiyuu.

Fav after story:
Akazukin > Alice > Cinderella > Gretel > Mahoutsukai > Kaguya > Shirayuki.

~The melancholy of Ryoushi and Ookami~
Aka the two new routes in this fandisk, well they're not really new routes
in terms of content covered more or less their outside POV of the situation with Alistair.

CV: Hashizume Tomohisa.
 Ryoushi is Yurika's brother and a doctor... not related by blood of course.
This is one of those cases I am not even sure why they bothered making a route for him
not like its much of a route since its basically Ryoushi's POV of the story
 all the way back to when he first met Yurika, which means we get to see and know
more about him as well. As you could guess this made for one boring route*cough*
because it mostly took place in the past, nothing against Ryoushi though! he's a wonderful
support character/onii-chan type but as a route or romance interest I feel it doesn't work at all.
The only thing I liked was seeing more of  his and Yurika's past it shows just how supportive
Ryoushi is. If anything this is just an supplemental ''another side'' of the story we already know.
I'd rate it about the same as Shirayuki's after as it has some enjoyable moments
but most of it is just reviewing info we already know from a different perspective
which serves as a complete, detailed outsider version of the story how Alistair ended in a coma all
the way to time of the incident with the Gretel personality and after it. Romance wise... its obvious
Yurika cherises her brother there's plenty of moments that showed her brocon for him.
I already had minimum expectation yet its also obvious how much she likes Alistair.
Taishou x Alice is a story of saving a scarred boy whom Yurika's meant to go and ''save''.
This was no route... this is an outside view point of the original game with a bit of fanservice
after all the TL;DR, its not bad but yeah please don't advertise it as a route
when it obvious the canon will never change either way. -_-

Ookami Yuki.
CV: Hanae Natsuki.
 I like Ookami but I am just so disappointed by the way this route was handled...
all the caps is basically my rage and frustration trying to deal with it.
 Ookami is Alistair's childhood friend, unfortunately due to the trauma when
Alistair's life went to shit he forgot. IN ALL HONESTY Ookami is a likeable and fun character
however route wise it mostly the same deal as Ryoushi! you can probably figure
the outcome will be less than desired if the former was anything to go by.
Ookami-kun is pretty frail but at times his personality is the opposite so it hard to tell
and well he likes giiiirls and constantly ask the new transfer student which turned out
to be Yurika to go out with him only to fail because she has someone special in her heart.
Ookami is just a typical guy trying too hard to get a girl... to do things with all while his head's in
the gutter, the way it was presented was comical but I think he's also really immature
and while I want to like him some parts make me say eh no thanks.😅
Its just like with Ryoushi but just focuses more on Ookami POV of things the rest of
the story/turn of events is the same, much like Ryoushi it doesn't change much except
Ookami is pretty much the protagonist now who unfortunately is in a lose-lose situation.
Even if we wanted Ookami x Yurika to happen plot wouldn't fully allow it
so if you expected an actual route this will be extremely disappointing.
ALISTAIR MUH ONE AND ONLY SORRY OOKAMI but u can be thirdwheel.😉
Just the thought of liking someone and wanting more... even though they say no yet you still
having fantasies where it happens such as dates or even marriage  only to be brought
back to the grim reality and be like nah that's never gonna happen right... that's basically the route.
YEP THAT WHAT WAS MOSTLY HAPPENING HERE, while Alistair has his issues.
What was even the point except for letting us see Ookami's side of the story? if we are supposed
to fall for the character whom's route you're on don't make the heroine do the opposite
basically all it was is a love triangle with Alistair and Ookami gets the short end of the stick!
Again it wasn't even otome anymore since most if not all was from Ookami's POV.
Ookami's in love with Yurika yet she is too obsessed with Alistair(likewise) and if  two of the
ending is anything to go by Ookami is fine with being second/thirdwheel for some reason.
You know it bad when I was more invested in Alistair and Ookami's frienship.
If only IF ONLY we could get some sort of an actual happy end for Ookami but I guess we have
to make do with a 3p end and his eternal suffering, Ookami can be immature
but he is also very mature in understanding Yurika's decisions (we have to be as well).
TBH with these two routes it was no longer an otome game but a standard VN from the
perspective of a guy; those being Ryoushi and Ookami though I still prefer
Ookami's version because of it turning into a comedy.
In one end Ookami confessed to Yurika knowing full well he had no chance yet he still smiled,
 understood why when she rejects, Ookami deserves so much more... but just get friendzoned and
like I said it either that or a 3p with Alistair sucks to be Ookami huh? in which he teams up
with Alice to like prevent Yurika from marrying anyone else...... ah well
if he doesn't mind being a 3rd wheel so we shouldn't either atleast he accepts it all.
Overall its better than Ryoushi to me mostly due to comedy and it being fairly entertaining
but man its been a while since i've seen a character gets screwed over so hard.  -.-
It sure is a unique situation but... can this go back to being an otome game?
...Yeah well if he's ok with being a third wheel then sure, lol.

Gakuen Alice.
 This is basically just an omake scenario of the original but in a school setting so
expect shenaniganes! each guy got an individual end except Ryoushi & Ookami.
Not really gonna bother giving each chara a section, just mentioning what its about.
This was probably the most enjoyable part of this FD, with exception of a few after stories
its essentially a common scenario with a mini route its in an alternate setting etc.
When I look back this was the sort of content I wanted and i'm glad I saved it for last.
Too bad its rather short and once you do it once the rest will fly by... its really just a bonus
as for the routes themselves since i've said its in an alternate setting the chara's
are still the same once we all know and love its just told differently.
Personally? Akazukin and Alice was the only worthwhile mini route but that just me...

Final Thoughts
 I don't even know why this FD took me like a whole month? but it did.
maybe because I didn't really have a backlog except himehibi2 and Haruka1.
 While partly an enjoyable FD... its more like a supplemental disc than a fandisc.
It didn't try too hard, kept the charm the characters had and did something fun with it
like Gakuen Alice which might've been the best part even then some boring moment exist.
Sadly not every after story was fun, the ones I enjoyed were: Akazukin, Cinderella, Gretel and Alice.
Kaguya or Shirayuki? nope it was basically reviewing stuff we already know with little point to it
then Mahoutsukai brought a little bit more closure to their situation since at original
some parts were still really? thats how you end it are you sure about that? so that after was nice.

Basically TaiAli FD is not a FD at all just an addon, some of it is great and other bits aren't.
One can wish they tried harder for some of the afters because I just get sad for characters like
Shirayuki since with his it was clear the least effort was put into it, heck even Kaguya passes
but it really shows there really isn't much content to work with it not that there should be its just
in one half of there was effort and the other half is just the writer gave up and just went
with anything that come to mind! (looking at you Shirayuki)
As for the new routes... its basically the reason why the subtitle is heads and tails
as its another side of the same coin, just told from another perspective
the outcomes may not be what one wants but its not bad or anything.
I wish they didn't advertise Ryoushi/Ookami as new routes because like I mention in Ookami's
section their routes aren't even otome anymore since its mostly from the guys perspective
so it might just be a regular VN but oh well, atleast we got to see another side of it.

Do I recommend this FD? probably not... unless you really want more Taiali in some form
like most of the after are ok but Ryoushi route was pretty boring and Ookami's route was
a comedic trainwreck. The only thing it might have going for it is Gakuen Alice...
its honestly pretty hard to recommend a whole FD just for that but eh
if you want the afters that badly go for it I guess?

Characters ★★★★★
Art  ★★★★★
Scenario/plot. ★★☆☆☆
System  ★★★★☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

What's next? either dive into the original harukanaru recent vita port or finally
start on the finale of the wand of fortune series kimi ni sasageru epilogue.
Or just take a break; play ffxiv, shining resonance refrain and utawarerumono remaster.

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