Friday, August 7, 2015

Harukanaru toki no naka de 6 - Review

Game: 遙かなる時空の中で6
English title: Beyond the stream of time 6.
Within the Expanse of Distant Time 6.
Developer/Publisher: Ruby Party/Koei Tecmo
Platform: PSP/PS Vita.
Genre: Otome Game, Visual Novel, RPG.
Release date: 12-03-2015.

I bought this game on a whim along with Clock Zero.
Both games have something to do with time too but aren't similair in the slightest.
I didn't review CZ, firstly because there is enough review and positivity about it
and secondly my feelings for it are summed up for it at the recommendation section.

- Heroine is likeable.
- Interesting story.
- All of the characters are likeable even if to me some were you know less interesting?
- Seiyuu cast, Art and Music.
- If your attention span is low, Haruka6 may be just right since its not a straigh-forward VN.

- System, its like an rpg with a bit of time managment, So if you're not up for that avoid.
- There are eight routes, this combined with the above can lead to a long otomege.
- When I really think about it the story is a bit weak but as a whole I think its still okay
and gotta add that it wasn't bad or anything.
- One of the obtainable guys is a 35 year old, ossan... yeah thats right almost 20 years older than the heroine.
Just saying but Murasame is my favorite ossan so far. :P

My play order was:
Darius > Arima > Kohak > Shuhei > Murasame > Tora > Ludo > Normal > Kudan > Finale.
Every route was worth doing... and no route will spoil another chara's so play order won't matter
but some aren't tied to the overall plot that well. 

I have never played a Harutoki game before and I was relieved you didn't need to play the previous entries.
I started this while taking a break from Clock zero, which turned out to be just what I needed
to completely finish CZ after I finished a route, cuz oh my god that had a heavy plot >_>
 Harutoki 6 is surprisingly light compared to it and its great to come back to after a while.
 I Absolutely love how this otome game balances gameplay and story so well!
and I really have a thing for this sort of setting maybe its because I like RPG, history
or more like alternate world/timeline and the fantasy of being swept away to the past of an alternate world?
The gameplay is satisfying too and those who don't have a long attention span may
enjoy koei games more, even I get tired of regular VN where its just text after text...
Anyway one fine day our heroine Azusa was about to visit her grandma at the hospital but
she gets warped to an alternate world similair to the Taishou era, there she is told
she is the priestess of the black dragon, however the demon-clan snatches her away from the imperials whom are the ones who summoned her to this world.
 Kyaah Darius-sama sugoi sugoi! erm fangirling aside I started with Darius
which probably means I spoiled myself badly on some things luckily there are
still routes with interesting revelations like Murasame or Kohak, this makes it fun to do everyone.

Still this otomege also makes me go  ¬_¬ sometimes but not in the bad way.
I don't think this or any harutoki game had that of an amazing plot-line but it still OK...
I have my complaints and that the battle system is too simple for its own good is one of them.
and wish we could actually use skills and items...and that it was more fleshed out like a real srpg.
The art is good though, some of the backgrounds do feel cheap but the scenery is still is nice to look at.

~Let's talk Harutoki~
The Harutoki series has been known as a hit or a miss but i think this entry is a solid one!
Basically from what I gather from other reviews don't bother with Harutoki 4 while it has
 great points it seems to fall apart at the second half, I could even get behind the heroine
but I doubt I will ever get to it the game seems to work on a hellish flag system so hahaha no.
As for other entries haru2 is a step up in terms of stuff from haru1 but the characters
and seiyuus from haru1 are copy pasted under a different name... with different personalities. 😓
I think back then Koei was experimenting so its better to only play haru1 or haru2 not both. 
Unless you absolutely love this series to try out every game...
Harutoki 3 was were its at and apparently 3 is a so called masterpiece, sadly I can't
fully agree with that but it seems like an enjoyable otome RPG atleast...
Harutoki 5 may be good if love fushigi yuugi I plan to check it out down the line.
Even when after a few route I couldn't be bothered and went back to something else, unless you are really enjoying yourself you may end up finishing it without doing other games etc.
Story is decent but not the best ever, also if you look up some IRL taishou period event
you might end up facepalming because these guys do know their stuff, and know how to
make it into something yes even if its an alternative world some things are strangely similair!
Even if there's not much of an individual route I like how all the endings in this game are different
from each other and TL;DR it just a bunch of character events during the main plot then beat the last
boss and thats it, atleast there's actual VARIETY in turn of events and add to the story
to make it worthwhile doing all routes some may be less interesting but its still good.
Like depending on the guy events leading up to the finale the events do change if only a little.
 I might not like all of the endings in this game but its not bad to do it like this, feels like an rpg
with multiple ends for characters and you have to get flag events to get said endings. So yeah this is 👍
 Sadly the endings of each character are just endings... I think I only really liked Darius, Kudan
and Ludo's yet in others they leave so much to our imagination and that fine
but for example Arima or Shuhei's post credit scenes while cute just felt a lil empty to me.
The other reason this game stands out from the other entries?
Azusa the heroine is the black dragon priestess as opposed to being
 the white dragon priestess in like every other entry.
Officially you do not get your hachiyou's till the end of the game but by that point
you should realize who they are and the game makes that hilariously obvious
anyway who says the black dragon priestess can't save the world? this one sure can.

One other thing though I wish Koei would stop being inconsistent with Kiss CG's, there's kissing but
they always seem to leave it up party to our imagination or its the lips almost touching thing. -_-
I get that they try and aim this at pure twelve year old girls but when
we look at Ludo and Murasame's routes I am like KOEI PLS
you can do it just fine, its an otome just give everyone the same treatment...
I mean come on there have been cero B games with normal kiss CG's like clock zero.
Its sort of tiring having to use imagination because in some there was kissing in the text..

If you need a guide I recommend Momokan.
Choro's guide for this was or is still incomplete, Momokan has charts for individual route.
So I have to recommend Momokan to you instead of Choro because this game suffers
from a long common route wait was there even an individual route?
I tried to follow Choro's guide on my first play w/ Darius and on my 2nd play
I did not get any new events till like later in the 3rd chapter thus making it a skipfest
since it tried to group characters which is nice but I felt its better to separate in this one?
Seriously do not do recommend unless you want/need to finish this quickly...

 Terms of overall enjoyment of route/ending:
Darius > Kudan > Murasame > Kohak > Ludohane > Tora >, Arima & Shuhei(tie)
Imho Darius, Murasame and Kudan have definitely the most interesting route/paths...
and are well balanced interms of romance/plot stuffbut that doesn't mean the others aren't worth doing, its just that the ones at the end barely gave me a good and memorable impression. :P

 My favorites at the time of finishing this game would be:
Darius > Murasame > Kudan  > Kohak / Ludohane > Azusa > Chiyo > Tora > Shuhei > Arima.
Wait what was the point it almost the same as above.
None of the characters are bad its just that some just aren't my type or that the route
 just didn't wow me enough, in this game Shuhei and Arima are my least fav with Tora following
even tho the latter is a hot stud.

Anyway spoilers only after the jump.

I didn't write much about the common route A events, cuz its been forever till
 I wrote the impression on this game and me take no notes back then.
 Darius, age 24 and Seiryu of earth.
CV: Suzumura Kenichi.
 I started with Darius, he is so very charming yet mysterious...! Suzuken's voice is perfect
and the early events with him in chapter 1 were so precious, I really missed them.
At the end of the first chapter I was a little shocked & the 2nd and 3rd chapters are suffering
because of how the story plays out and you're with the imperials instead of the demon-clan
(for a good reason btw) in the 3rd chapter if you try to get Darius events...
 most of the time you just miss him or he's just not there. ಥ_ಥ
 I believe Darius was avoiding Azusa on purpose at times in chapter 3.
A date with Darius...
 In the 2nd chapter.. because she feels betrayed by Darius's actions she doesn't want
anything anymore.. not even the delicious dessert Ludo-kun prepared.
 So well Darius tries to get her to eat it... honestly I didn't like this scene very much.
At the end of chapter 2, Darius sends her to the imperials because thats were she originally
was supposed be so she can complete her real mission, It was sad to see them part.
  My first play was really painful, because I really liked Darius and I ended up crying a little...
because I was so attached to him and it hurt being away from him T_T
I began to understand more as the game went on so its all good, Darius is a revolutionist
he just wants to change things for oni's and humans to get a long but it ain't easy.
 Do you love me? why do you chase after me?
 For some reason I cannot explain, I feel so at ease with Darius.
They end up making a promise that he won't use the power of the mask but things
happen beyond his control and he uses it, they end up fighting him and Azusa shoots it off...
By some miracle the shot didn't kill him...well let's just say you get trolled again into thinking
 he died or something, but our sleeping beauty just needed a kiss from out lovely heroine. www
 Anyway they end up marrying and Azusa fills a lonelyness in his heart. (´・ω・`)
I enjoyed his route and ending alot, I do not reget doing him first.
TBH doing him first felt like my heart was being ripped in two... I don't think one could get
that or similair feeling if you save him for later so I recommend his route to be done first
unless he's not your type or something but I don't think it will matter much who you do.
Also Darius is probably one of the few 2d guys that made me doki. 
Suzuken's acting was superb and I believe it made everything better than it actually was.
 Romance ★★★★★
Plot ★★★★★
Enjoyment overall ★★★★★
Bias what is it...?

Arima, age 23 and Seiryu of heaven. 
CV: Terashima Takuma.
My first impression of Arima was not much at all? pretty boring and typical guy.
Yeah I saw him as just a knight ready to protect you from harm, sadly in the beginning
of his events he treats Azusa like a sister or so it seemed atleast and doesn't get good
till it goes into his past he was cursed or sth by some snake god sorry bad memory kicking in.
Also while Arima has a cute side its not shown much, there was potential for his tsun but eh...
anyway he may not show it most of the time but he is nice and cares for Azusa
there were plenty of scenes that showed that its just that Arima is too much of a typical guy.
I'm pretty sure most people like him but there are many more chara that are more to my taste
and leave better impression, i'm sorry if I make his events look bad. :(
 His chapter 3 events almost pull some endless 8 shit but ends after the 3rd day...
 thank god for that! Arima was cursed by some snake thing in the past.
During the ending events Arima was pretty awesome when he tried to save Azusa
 who was captured by the last boss and having a hallucinations, in it she is being mislead
 by a fake Arima... who is actually the last boss I pretty much Smh at that part
 cuz come on really?! thats totally not Arima. ಠ_ಠ (that part wasn't very good imo)
After that the epic rescue happens and it pretty much saved the entire route for me.
The post credit scene wasn't anything special, tbh its decent they left a lot of things open to our
imagination which is bad, I can't even find something positive to say about it other than they end up together... and it was sweet.
Overall Arima's route may have been pretty balanced but... part of me is just like eh about it.
 In the end I like Arima but he's boring, my first impression about him hasn't changed much
there were some nice/sweet moments but compared to others this guy is last on my list.
I know he's like one of the main guys but I prefer Darius more whom's route left a bigger impression on me than what I got here, also come on that ''plot'' right before the end was pretty annoying to sit through.
 Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

Kohak, age 17 and Suzaku of heaven.
CV: Abe Atsushi
Kohak, he's really adorable turns out he used to live in the hana-machi and used to be really frail.
But stuff happens and he loses his memory and gains some weird powers in the process.
 Most of his events deal with regaining his memory and in short Kohak was part
of an experiment held by the government in the ryounkaku but he escaped.
Ah jealousy...
 In the end Kohak ends up protecting  Azusa from an attack by the last boss and he gets hurt...
the black dragon uses his powers and Kohak ends up in present time with Azusa because of her wish.
TBH It was a nice ending, there had to be one to end up with her in present time right? (´・ω・`)
 I liked Kohak's events, he's such an adorable character but the ending was a little convenient.
Kohak's a cute, his past was interesting enough for me to care about it as a whole
but I do not wish to spoil that for you so please play for yourself.
 Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★★☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

Shuhei, age 26 and Suzaku of earth.
CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko.
Shuhei is apparently a fan of shakespear/hamlet?(lol) anyway his ending path dealt with his father...
As expected because what else, so yeah family drama... just what we needed. www
The route had plenty of sweet scenes but not much to add on that without going into full spoilers.
My favorite scene during Shuhei route
Anyway after the last battle we get trolled at the end Azusa gets send back home ( ಠ益ಠ) 
but her grandma tells her to pursue what is really important and she 
ends up jumping back in time right back into Shuhei's arms!
Like Arima I did't like his ending that much sadly,  his route was decent, not a huge fan of
 family drama and again it ended too conveniently and left a lot of matters to our imagination.
I do not like Shuhei that much, he's the typical flirty guy throwing sweet words
at out heroine the same night after Darius sended her back to the star-clan. -_-
He's not that bad in fact Shuhei's a genuinely nice guy but not one of my favorites, sorry.
Overall his route was balanced though... and I did enjoy it some of it.
 Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★★☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆


Satoya Murasame and Genbu of earth. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
 CV: Yasumoto Hiroki.
 He is quite charming and a badass, he's 35 years old which makes him quite the ossan.
For some reason my heart just skips a beat over him... its not like age matters >///<
Oh and he values a good cup of coffee, his situation is quite like Sangoku Rensenki's Uncho
except that he's older, if you don't know who that is then you won't realize what I'm talking about.
Ah... I like him more and more even tho he is almost twice Azusa's age?
Oh god help me...the route was well balanced in terms of romance and interesting developments.
My heart can't take this anymore... aaaaah!
And at the festival this kid bumps into them... kids these days >_>
There was an interesting revelation in his route... but I won't spoil it. ^-^;
I was relieved Murasame is present the whole time during the ending events, unlike
 in the other routes where he only appears near the end, like wassup guys missed me? www.
Still Azusa gets separated from the guys...-_-;
Listen up folks! help me search for the black dragon priestess! 
because the FUTURE of this city depends on it!!
This scene was so badass... because of the current state of events everyone is crying out for the 
imperials to save them and he just stands up like that and says a whole lot of meaningful stuff.
With the help of everyone he ends up finding her, he then tells her she's a precious girl
 almost as if she's his daughter, honestly I don't mind if it was like that. :P
Well they beat the last boss and all's well that ends well.
  Gawd I love Murasame, his route was great, definitely one of my fav ossans. ♥
Too be honest I am usually indifferent about older guys in otomege... it depends
on the situation and it was a really balanced route which helps.
He's one of the few guys who gets a kiss CG too... which compared to others is kinda sad.
 Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★★☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

Masatora, age 29 and Byakko of earth. ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ.
CV: Takemoto Eiji.
You know I thought I wouldn't like this guy at all... but the route made me change my mind.
He's the everything is a pain in the butt, and he usually slacks off...
But when he's serious he really is serious, oh and he's really strong.
 One fine dat Azusa sees Tora with another woman in town, she's like you're
being watched but Tora's all like hurrdurr who cares. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
and later in another event Tora spots Azusa in the shower/bath....
Well I guess now you know what type of guy he is. ahaha.
 Who let the Tiger in here...?!
Anyway I ended up liking this guy more than initially thought, which is good.
TBH he can be pretty kimochi warui at times... especially in one scene in chapter 3.
Slacking off as always huh?
Basically he wants to be someone people can rely on like a hero, but its too much trouble.
Well stuff happened in the past and he ended up the way he is now...
some of his events are literally called, a hero's calling in which he ends up saving an old woman from under the rubble... and later on a fine day Azusa ends up jumping into the river
 to save someone in dire need, she ends up almost drowning...
Not to worry Tora comes out from under his rock to save the day again.
 She returns to the imperials and Kudan is ofcourse worried sick..
he scolds her and tells her to rest and then
 Whaaaaaaaa Tora what are you doing here?! XD
Ahahaha Tora is interesting indeed.
He's pretty much lusting after Azusa now., okay fine i'll be your woman Tora. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
So when the last boss shows up Tora finally decides to be a badass.
Ofcourse he won't beat him on his own... there'd be no last boss if that happens.
But I still got a little sad, he tried so hard T_T
After he gets some rest and more events we go out they take the last boss down.
afterwards it goes omnomnom on our heroine and well... Tora goes in after her.
They end up in a rather strange place, she wanders for awhile... while listening to the voice of
the black dragon and later calls out to Tora because she hit a dead end.
Once he finds the dead end he smashes the rock and the two reunite.
 They somehow end up in the present... because there apparently was no way back.
Yeah that is convenient huh? it seems a lot of endings in this game ride on convenience.
Hot damn Tora is hella husbando material and a true hero to boot.
He's a great guy... and while he's not really my type I still like him, Tora is not really
 my favorite though partially due to his lewd personality which is just too much for me.
Despite all that his route was alright, I have some minor complaints about plot but eh it was good overall.
 Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆


Rudkhaneh, age 15 and Byakko of heaven.
CV: Shinnosuke Tachibana.
His name is a pain to say so I dub him Ludo, because thats how they say his name anyway.
Well... let's just say he's the WAIFU of the demon clan, literally.
 He even helps her repair her clothes... that got damaged earlier that day, he's so sweet.
 Kyaah *internal screaming*
See I told you he's waifu material... or wait is that actually him?
He's actually really embarrassed about it but its his sister or was it? bad memory sorry. lol
They end up meeting several times in chapter 3 they end up on a date?
yes I guess you can call it that... then a demon shows up >_> they beat it ofcourse.
He ends up giving Azusa a charm, to protect her or sth like that.
Sometime later he ends up protecting Azusa from approaching darkness. <3
and in another event he uses his magic to shelter Azusa from the rain~~
 His festival event? he didn't really have one he just leaves with darius... and no CG. ;_;
Later they end up meeting at Ryōunkaku, however a girl gets sick and a demon appears
Rudo defeats it... and soldier-kun is all like sugoi whats your name? he tells them to take the girl
to the hospital since she's sick and Ludo warps out... they later meet up and he isn't doing so well.
The girls old man sees his skillz and asks why he isn't an imperial soldier... or whatever.
but Ludo-kun is like old man what are you saying?!
 They meet again at the ball(no CG), Darius teases Ludo a bit.. but they leave like always.
 Later he visits the little girl and the old man again....
IIRC turns out the old guy had a son.. whom's grave was near the Ryōunkaku.
Ludo just reminds him of his own son...or whatever sorry for inaccuracy.
After we defeated the byakko he finally confesses his feelings to Azusa which were sweet, but
 yeah after that its already time for the last few events. >_> Well they get separated again...
everyone thinks Azusa is dead but Ludo doesn't think so... because Azusa
still has the charm he gave her way back.
 In the end everyone else helps to clear out the rubble and the two reunite.
In the end after they deal with the last boss they both become a teachers, can't say I saw it coming.
lol and he kisses Azusa infront of all da kids...! ahahaha.
 Overall... his route was okay it was interesting but sadly I almost fell asleep in the latter half.
Compared to some of the others it was less interesting I guess but wasn't terrible.
 Anyway Ludo-kun...  is pretty adorable, I like him but compared to some of the other routes he ranks pretty low.
 Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

I thought the normal ending was alright its sad about what happened to Chiyo.
Which happens in all of the routes T_T
 She is such a sweet girl! but it ended rather abruptly with a nice twist
Chiyo is Azusa's grandma she went to visit in the hospital in the beginning
but other than that this ending felt like such a waste because the whole plot
is about Azusa falling in love with someone/anyone in the past and there's
no romance here and the only thing we find out is Chiyo's identity.
Though I can't help but like the normal ed theme more than the one for the character ends.

Kudan, age 19 and Genbu of heaven.
CV: Shitanda Michael.
Kudan is an onmyouji and part of the Hoshi no Ichizoku/Star clan who led a sheltered life, Chiyo
 the White dragon priestess is also his childhood friend, he cares about her a great deal
He also has a precognitive dreams from time to time, and he's all about his duty/mission.
Honestly I hope his route isn't gonna be like, Oh Miko-sama no we musn't!
 It sorta was like that but it wasn't irritating or anything because little Kudan is too pure.
Star clan this Chiyo that, think about yourself for a second. ( ಠ益ಠ)
At the festival Kudan and Chiyo are still at odds from earlier and well
 Azusa bumps into someone... the dude gets agitated but Kudan-sama appears to settle things.
Later he apologizes to Chiyo because he was lying/not being honest with her...
After that they get along again ^^;
One day Kudan gets a vision/dream in which Murasame does something suspicious...
He also knows something might happen to Chiyo
Since i've already been through this before I already know about demonstration and Chiyo.
Anyway after all that happened Azusa can't help but feel sad so Kudan comforts her. (´・ω・`)
 We visit Chiyo a few more times and... it turns out Chiyo has a visitor.
 but a monster appears and he's all like i'll protect you Chiyo!
We beat it before anything happens to the poor guy, after that Chiyo is really happy to see him.
But i'm like where is this guy in any of the other routes? where did he come from?  ಠ_ಠ
Anyway we decide to leave these two love birds alone for now...
and yes today we are very happy.
 This feeling what could it be? could it be LOVE?! 
anyway just as Kudan realized a certain feeling, mr megane comes back and interrupts us...
Look mister, we left you and Chiyo alone, ya don't need to tell us she is soundly asleep. ( ಠ益ಠ)
Anyway he bids his farewell and leaves (for good?) nah he'll be back.
Later Azusa puts on her dress for the upcoming ball like in every route but
 Kudan comes in and is all like >///< U IZ BEAUTIFUL.
Wait... this feeling... no its not the same... Azusa that dress looks good on you. ^^';
Or sth like that... anyway the scene was hilarious and Kudan was really adorable.
He leaves for a second and comes back in...
Anyway at the ball, Shuhei escorts Azusa (Kudan is salty because of  this)
More common scenes and meeting darius & co after they leave he sees her and
he's kinda mad that she is all by herself, she tries to explain and he's relieved nothing happen.
Anyway after the monster show up and we defeat it, Kudan starts to piece together
 that something is off with Shuhei's father, he begins to suspect him and for good reason.
 anyway, he invites Kudan to a place where they can talk, after he returns Kudan
seems different almost like he's been brainwashed... or lost some of his memories. >_>;
We beat the lesser gods, once again before september 1st and Kudan is still a bit awkward because
 of the mind control... whatever it really was it sucks! gimme back the fun Kudan ( ಠ益ಠ)
Yeah yeah... it is our duty, to protect priestesses Azusa and Chiyo. -_-;
Anyway Azusa sets off for the tower, meets up with the demon-clan, the others arrive,
Shuhei's dad tries to order Kudan around because ahaha you're under my control ಠ_ಠ
 It fails because the power of frienship and love, stuff happens chiyo uses the last of her power
 but Azusa almost gets dragged in with her and so she gets separated from everyone.
meanwhile Shuhei's dad becomes the host for an evil god which is the last boss, after more dialogue
everyone gets chosen as the eight guardians, Kudan explains why and they end up summoning
the lesser gods to create a barrier around the ruined Ryōunkaku to keep MnK at bay.
Azusa gets warped back in her world and she hears her grandma's voice who asks her what is it
she wishes for, Azusa wants to go back, her grandma smiles and gives her a letter
for Kudan, anyway she sends her back and after a brief scene with the black dragon
 they reunite with everyone and they go defeat MnK.
Everything returns to normal but Azusa collapses and the black dragon speaks.
She wishes to stay by Kudan's side and they end up going on a journey to Azusa's world.
Yeah I took the liberty and dumped some endgame for spoilers here
oh and pls forgive my bad romanj spelling of MnK its evil and bad news kthnx.
Oh and yeah... I cringed here.
 Why?! ಠ_ಠ;
 Oh well i'm glad he's back to normal... after all that happen, sigh.
Oh Kudan... please it'll be just fine.
Kudan's route was great and it had alot of fun moments and due to his upbringing Kudan is
 truly a cinnamon roll too pure and too good for this world, but then the mind control stuff
came in and drastically changed the tone of the route and pissing me off. ( ಠ益ಠ)
I still enjoyed it because I rather have all this happen to keep me interested
that nothing interesting happening at all, so in the end it all good.
Anyway Kudan's route is perfect to save for last, since its a well balanced route
 err almost last almost since grand finale needs all eight routes + normal to unlock.
 Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

Grand finale 
On 9-1 during the final events, Azusa supports Chiyo so she does not use up all her powers
like in all other routes, poor Chiyo has suffered enough its time to save her. T_T
After some more dialogue we defeat MnK and all is well that ends well, with Chiyo this time :D
The white and black dragon show up and tell us they are grateful
MnK has been defeated for good, this time without the loss of the white dragon priestess.
The people are a bit suprised that both miko's and the oni-clan helped to protect the world.
They ask the two priestesses now that their duty has come to an end... what is it they
really wish for among other things, and that Azusa is free to go back to the present if she wants.
Anyway this is basically the harem end... and a grand end to a great game. (´・ω・`)
Oh and please don't forget this guy, Chiyo deserves a husbando as well.
 Cheers for Grand finale/ Harem end! ♥
It was a nice way to finish this g ame, too bad I missed a memoire and my dictionary is incomplete.
I had to redo somethings but I got the platinum, I wonder if there will be a fandisc
because I love this otome game so much I want one! and I don't say such things often enough.
It was a good game, all of the characters were likeable in some way, still shocked Tora grew on me
 Arima is okay too... I mean he's a typical normal guy but just doesn't stand out to me at all, sorry.
Despite all that I give it a 9/10 since every route was worth doing in some way
its not bad for an otome game with a bit of gameplay.

Characters ★★★★☆
Art  ★★★★★(No complaints.)
Scenario/plot. ★★★★☆(Its okay but some endings are open ended.)
Music★★★☆☆ (OK... pleasing enough.)
System  ★★★★☆ (Nothing difficult.)
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆(It's alright but far from perfect.)


  1. I also really liked this game, all of the characters are so likeable there really wasn't a single bad apple in this game. but the lack of Kiss CG really stings only 2/3 character had one including the pedobear haha.
    Sadly i've given up hope for english release of any company that is not otomate(Takuyo,Rejet and Karin)Unless
    something changes this year, I mean we're getting ozmafia from poni-pachet after all so its not like all hope has been lost...

  2. Thnx for the comment, glad you also liked this game, I also have to agree on the fact that otomege that
    are not from otomate get localized, especially the ones on PS Vita... Its like a dream of mine that
    Ken Ga Kimi or Shinigami to Shoujo get localized but sadly I don't think it will ever happen. :(
    I hope Aksys isn't only looking at otomate though...