Thursday, December 1, 2016

Meiji Tokyo Renka Full Moon Review

Game: [Meiji Tokyo Renka Full Moon].
Genre: Otome game Visual Novel. 
Developer/Publisher: Hunex/Broccoli/5pb(mages).
Platform: PSP,PS Vita.
Official Site:
 Release date: 2016-8-25

I bought this otomege a while ago in my august order(Moujuutachi, Oumagatoki and Meikoi)
 but delayed playing it since I figured its pretty much a charage and it
would be better to play when I have nothing better to do.
My reasons for buying Meikoi is because I am a sucker for the setting of being swept away
to a different time period in which Meikoi is similar to harukanaru toki no naka de and sangoku rensenki.
 2nd reason would be the characters because I already heard that they're all 👌👌👌.
For the vita port they added a guy named Iwasake Tousuke who is original from the movie adaptations.

My playorder:
Fujita> Ougai > Shunsou > Otojirou > Kyouka > Yakumo > Tousuke > Charlie.
I don't really recommend starting with Fujita though, Ougai is a better place to start.
Just remember to do Fujita before Yakumo since Yakumo's route spoils the whole ghost girl sub plot the two share.
You have no choice but to do Charlie last since he's the true route of this game.

- Art, its great but it does vary.
- Dummy head mic.
- Decent length as in not to short or too long.
- Comedy.

- Heroine, average at best.
- Background art leaves much to be desired.
- Copy Pasta.

Overall Meikoi has a decent length to it first play will be the longest
I clocked out at 7-8 hours, pretty sure the prologue was atleast 1 to 2 hours.
Routes itself are about 5-6 hours becoming slightly shorter when going for the secondary route.
What I mean by that is characters are paired up together:
Fujita and Koizumi. Ougai and Shunsou. Otojirou and Kyouka.
 Charlie is pretty much the truth route and Tousuke is an addition to the vita port.
The characters are all likeable, they are not that accurate representations
of their historical counterparts BUT they all have quirks to make them so likeable.
Fujita being the most normal, Ougai and Yakumo being the weirdest.
The comedy was also pure gold, so many scenes that made me laugh!
A lot of otomege forget about it or make it forgettable.
The bad ends are sad but they're also realistic... now for the bad part:
Characters that share route, their bad end is the same except the goodbye scene
the after credit scene for that or any pair up is the same... ah unavoidable copy pasta.
There was no affection meter but the text skip was super fast making
 the other endings easy to get despite there being a lot of choices.

I do not think Meikoi is a bad otomege, even if it has its fair share of issues it is enjoyable
despite the protagonist not having much to her everything else adds to that.
The overall story isn't that interesting since its a charage which means first and foremost that its
focused on the characters though some of the subplots are darker than others but still not that dark.
Did I enjoy this otomege? hell yes! do I recommend it despite its many flaws? yes!
 I could even recommend it to those still learning japanese and have a decent grasp of the language.

If you have yet to play the psp version the vita version is a good start but if you already played it
but I do not think 6000 yen is worth it just for one more route unless you are a die hard meikoi fan.
Meikoi is not terrible in what it tries to do and passes the otomege part of the game with flying colors.
For those that like the genre of being swept away to a different time period and romance historical bishies
Meikoi shouldn't disappoint you but its probably better to play it on the side
 because when you think too hard about somethings you'll most likely shake your head.
The heroine Mei gets time warped to the Meiji-period because she participated
in derp o Charlie's  magic show at some festival at a park during a full moon...
 Charlie never really says who he is or why he brought her to this period though
other than to stick with someone and fall in love.
Sadly she lost most of her memories in the process(how convenient).
It is also revealed that Mei is a tamayori aka someone who can see dead people.
So now Mei has to bide her time and hang out with some historical bishies
 till the next full moon comes around which is when Charlie can send her back.

Fujita Gorou
CV: Fukuyama Jun.
 The mr serious business type, he's also a police officer,  hates Monokoke and supernatural shet
and yes he is infact Saito Hajime under a different name(God bless wikipedia). 
His seiyuu uses a deep voice for him which I wasn't very fond of.
Fujita was about to drag Mei off at the ball, straight to the police station for not belonging
but thanks to Koizumi that doesn't happen and she's allowed to stay at some fancy hotel.
I guess Fujita is cute in his own way but would it kill him to lighten up a little?!
 Though I can't help but like them boys who are angry most of the time, lol.
Fujita had still plenty of moments so its not like he's some boring ass mr sirius business guy
he just comes across as one of those... whoops.
This route in general was a drag compared to the rest, however I still think Fujita is likeable.

Koizumi and his interactions with Fujita were gold... I can understand why Fujita is annoyed 100%.
The flashback as to how they met was priceless but other than that I can't say
 Fujita grew on me all that much so doing Fujita first may have been for the better.
 In the beginning Fujita was constantly being rude and distant so the interactions
 with Koizumi were a blessing, he even tried to help Mei get closer to Fujita.
For the most part the romance was slow burn,  Fujita slowly warmed up to Mei but then he went and
be all mysoginistic about her lack of cooking skills and how she's a failure of a potential wife.
This is totally normal considering he's a traditional japanese guy so pls don't hate him for it.
Though when Mei almost burned her finger he was really caring so I forgive him for being an ass. 💕
There was also a scene where Mei runs into Ougai at night who is butt-naked, which
created quite misunderstanding like ffs put on some clothes lmao. 😏
I also loved the scene where Koizumi just went and put his moves on Mei infront of Fujita...
only for Fujita to to finally  ask him *politely* to buzz the hell off. 😠💢
Also just when you think Koizumi left he just secretly watches them for a bit only to buzz
 back in when he thought he saw them kiss when he only just saved her from some old man
so Koizumi goes and calls him a muttsuri policeman, lmao. 😂
There was also some ghost busting side plot which dealt with helping a Noppera
reunite with a ghostly girl in a red dress which imo was really nice to watch.
 As for endings I liked his stay end... Afterstory was so cuuuuuuute, its nice to see that side of him.
The return with him to the present time was eh how to put it?  it felt weird since
 wouldn't it create a paradox? though it is fiction... not reality anything's possible.
The bad end was sad...since it felt like Mei made a big mistake though
the interaction of Koizumi and Fujita in the epilogue made me crack up as per usual.
Overall I can't say that I fully enjoyed his route... it had some great moments some better than
others but come on it wasn't that bad, though I'm glad I got it out of the way.
 I like Fujita and he can be cute but I don't like him as much as the other guys, sorry!
Romance ★★☆☆☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆

Mori Ougai
CV: Namikawa Daisuke.
Also I got this weird impression on Ougai after the previous route in which
the heroine saw him butt-naked and actually made me giggle a bit
while being so confused at what a weirdo Ougai is. ಠ_ಠ
Originally Ougai is apparently an army doctor and a novelist who had a daugther
who started the BL/Fuyoshi movement and now it all makes sense really.
 At the ball in the beginning Ougai butts in when Fujita causes a scene and well
Mei ends up staying at his place because Ougai took an interested in her.
Other than that Ouga s quite the gentleman! when Mei leaves for a bit to talk to Charlie
Ougai was so worried when she came back, like he thought he'd never see her again, lol.  💕
Oh well Mei has to act as his fiancy for a while cuz lol he needs to get hitched soon(ahaha parents)
and Mei is the perfect victim to delay this from happening, both Shunsou and Mei dissagree
 with the decision but it still happens cuz Ougai's will is final. 😁
One fine morning, Ougai shows up butt-naked in the living room and abut cts like its normal.
(Well for him it may be... but wtf OUGAI YOU ARE A FREAKING EXHIBITIONIST AFTERALL) 😂😂😂
  Ougai and Mei spend time together and let's her see the various sights of Tokyo.
There were plenty of shenanigans and heartwarming moments following that
sometimes I can't help but pity Shunsou for putting up with Ougai, lol.
Mei also had to enter some contest... and has to take some private lessons from Ougai himself, lol.
Too bad she didn't get very far in the contest.... orz.
There was some Tamayori ghost busting drama about girl named Elise whom he met in germany and
Ougai had a crush on her. But as turns out the ghost girl is nothing but a figment of his imagination
of some novel he's writing and the girl escaped the boundaries of fiction. ಠ_ಠ
In the best end Mei stays and the two get married for real but Ougai's exhibitionism will never stop. 😂😂😂
Overall this route was a step up from Fujita's as a whole, the romance wasn't too slow or fast
but still Ougai is perhaps one of the weirdest guy in the whole game but atleast he's funny.
Namidai's voice acting was A++ and i do not have any complaints about the route in general.
As per usual i prefer his stay end but his bad end was so sad... a missed opportunity. T_T
Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆
Hishida Shunsou
 The resident shota cat lover who is also an art student and because of 'circumstances' is following Ougai around.
(Because Ougai obviously wants Shunsou to draw him naked huehuehue)
Since this route is shared to some extent with Ougai, Mei is still Ougai's fiancy... etc
this sorta bothers the both of them... anyway Shunsou can get really intense about something
like he worships this blackcat as a goddess cuz it got the perfect figure for his drawings.
So you know I thought Koizumi was weird but Shunsou takes the cake, lmao.
 Shunsou doesn't get triggered by Mei/takes notice of her till she puts on that dress
she is supposed to wear to the contest...
Also let me just say that his dummy head mic was most excellent too bad Ougai had to stop
 our dear art connoisseur before it got too far... lmao. 😂😂😂
Shunsou is actually pretty tsun about their relationship too... but not as much as another character.
Look at this CUTE angel, just look... at them hold hands... asdfsggdshgsetrwggd. 💕💕💕
Ougai tries to go on dates with Mei because he knows what's going on but Ougai can't bear
to see the two lovebirds not progress with their relationship and before long
Shunshou has enough of Ougai's meddling and tells Ougai to back off, looool. 😠💢
 Some of the plot in Shunsou's route dealt with his eyesight which for an artist is very important!
It was sad seeing him think he'd lose it but in the end Shunsou over reacted and it wasn't thad bad.
 There was also more tamayori ghost busting and dealt with a cat who escaped from a painting, lol.
The stay end was the best because the two of them escape from Ougai by going to america, hahaha
it was nice seeing you Ougai and imma let you finish but we got to go! 😂😂😂
I didn't write a lot about the route or Ougai's for that matter but it was great nonetheless
It was shorter since some stuff was linked with Ougai but I know for sure
 that Shun is be my favorite so far... this boy is a maji tenshi! 😇 💕💕💕
KENN's performance was SSS, esp the dummy head parts... I swear those will be the end of me.
Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆
Kawakami Otojirou
CV: Toriumi Kousuke.
 The resident trap, dresses as a lady and turns out he's an actor so there you have it
thats the reason he wears woman clothes, presumable to further his acting abilities.
Oh well at the ball  Kawakami who can barely contain himself while not crossdressing
ends up protecting Mei from being dragged off by Fujita who as per usual was being an ass.
It was a pretty hilarious scene and eventually Fujita gives up because shenanigans.
Mei roams the streets alone afterwards and runs into a beautiful l@dy who
turns out to be Kawakami from before...(man does he changes clothes fast.)
Oh well Mei ends up staying at his place since she has nowhere else to go as per usual.
Kawakami ends up being the mother Mei never knew she wanted, lol.
He actually hides the fact that he's a man and when Kyouka's about to spill the beans
Kawakami quickly covers his mouth making it even more obvious he's hiding something.
Kawakami knows Kyouka has Mysophobia so Kawakami often teases and touches him
 in an overly friendly way when Kyouka's flustered, causing quite the scene, lmao. 😂😂😂
Anyway Mei finally finds it out that he's a guy when she wakes up earlier than him...
He's not really a morning person and eventually apologizes for doing a poor job at hiding his gender
because come on there were plenty of moments it became obvious he was a guy like the one were
someone bumped into him and Kawakami losing his temper for a moment, yep he got those problems too.
Later Kawakami pretty much ends up forcing Mei to work at some Geisha bar because
one who does not work will not eat, too bad some ossan likes dat booty and harasses Mei.
Mei doesn't like it and is scared but what can she do, luckily Kyouka as a guest calls out to her
and in turn saves Mei from the dirty drunk ossans tapping her booty.
That was probably the worst part of the route but it could've been even worser.😫
Later we learn how that Kyouka and Kawakami met way back when which was pretty hilarious.
  It took a while but Kawakami finally takes Mei out into the city dressed as a man, he usually
just walks around with her as trap(lol) but Mei still triggers him in someway along the way.
Also hnnng dat dummy head mic but their time together continues.
Someday later Mei and trap!Kawakami take another walk, they visit a shrine
and he prayed for Mei that she will regain her memories soon, which was really sweet of him.💕
Mei still has to work at that bar and the drunkards still harass her but when Kawakami sees that
Kawakami smashes some pot and points out to the ossans this bar isn't the place for those kinds of services.
I guess this and some of the previous events is where I realized Kawakami is a good man
and really looks out for Mei.
Kawakami in this whole scene be like bitch pls, this isn't yoshiwara get your hands off the waitress.
Later Kawakami laughs it off and well Mei helps him out with a play, reciting lines together etc.
 In return he helps Mei to be a proper geisha by helping her and applying make up.
 As per usual there was some Tamayori ghost busting about a woman that escaped from the script
of the upcoming performance Kawakami performs in, Mei thinks she may possess Kawakami
but all the ghost wants is to reunite with someone, lol.
Also rip, Mei had to take part in a tea ceremony as a geisha with none other than Fujita
who was a guest and well nothing gets passed him as he feel they may have met before. 💦💦💦
Also Mei ran into Yakumo Koizumi who starts talking like a nerd about if she knows about
 yamato no orochi and how japan is such a subarashii country, all this in turn is
confusing Mei who ends up running away from the weirdo who stands before her. 😂😂😂
Oh and Tousuke also makes his first appearance in this route, Mei being the ditz she is
accidently enters the wrong room and sees him inside... oh well its better than not appearing anywhere else.
 Some ladies however start shipping Mei and Kyouka because they are also often together and close in age. lol.
This triggered Kawakami and he topples Mei at night and asks if she sees him as a man...
but Mei flips out and he just brushes his actions off as a joke, says he drank too much
and rolls into his bed lmao. 😂😂😂
They keep preparing for the performance and aside from a slight hiccup in which
two ghosts reunite but then Mei starts bawling because she thought she Kawakami
would be possessed and he is like ??? gurl pull yourself together.
 Kawakami pulls off an excellent performance and after a long night all's well that ends well. 💕💕💕
As per usual prefer the stay end in which they end up going to america.
I honestly wasn't that interested in Kawakami so I just sat through half of the route one eyed
while still understanding most scenes because Meikoi is a simple otomege.
Kawakami is a pretty amusing guy and he's quite handsome when not crossdressing
and the route in general wasn't all that bad plus I managed to enjoy it, also he's a great father figure
and for that reason I couldn't really see or take the romance seriously.
Dunno why I wrote down so many moments but Kawakami really grew on me and there were
a lot of great scenes that stood out for some reason I like him more than Ougai!
yeah how'd that happen? maybe its how he cared for Mei?
He puts her through some hardships and makes her work but he does care for her
and even prayed for her that her memories would come back.
Perhaps Kawakami was the most realistic route thus far?
I guess overall its above Fujita and all others, poor Fujita everyone manages to out rank him so far.
Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

Izumi Kyoka
CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko.
 Kyouka is a tsundere wannabe play writer and suffers from Mysophobia.
He dislikes dogs as seen in a scene during Shunsou's route but loves bunnies.
Apparently he can also see the dead like Mei can...
If you didn't already know Kyouka's route is tied to Kawakami so I could already
get a good taste of his tsun in Kawakami's route and well Kyouka's hella 👌👌👌
There was a flashback about a drunk Kawakami harassing Kyouka and thats how they met. 😂😂😂
So not only is Kyouka contantly being harassed by Kawakami which he hates due to
 his mysophobia he's also awkward in public cuz of dogs and people passing by closely.
 Kyouka is pretty rude to Mei at first but you know how tsunderes go. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Mei runs into Kyouka who is crying in a corner and when its starts raining 
they end up sharing an umbrella(Kyouka protests at first)when its not letting up. 💕💕💕
Like the previous route Mei runs into Koizumi who goes on about yamato no orochi
 but Mei walks the other way and just ignores him and goes to look for Kyouka. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
At night when Kyouka walks around with Mei he gets triggered by shop who carries bunny stuff
 and just won't shutup about how bunnies are the best and wants to buy and ofc Mei
 notices she tries to hide it but just can't contain his excitement and goes full tsundere
towards Mei as if it would be a problem that a man buys something cute. 😂😂😂
 Anyway he ends up buying them all and gives one to Mei also hnnng dat dummy head mic 💕💕💕
Kyouka still gets super tsun like its not like I bought it for you don't get the wrong idea! lmao.
 Mei walks ahead and when Kyouka catches up his bunny friend has a will of its own! 
It has taken a liking towards Mei... so apparently this bunny friend is possessed 
by some spirit for a long time and Kyouka cherishes it or whatever.
Some day later Kyouka thinks Mei is a mononoke and when Kawakami sees them
Kyouka gets all flustered when he gets teased by him. 😂😂😂
The three of them go to some outing and have nabe and Kyouka a gets trolled by Kawakami 
as he can finally see right through him and notices he likes Mei so Kawakami
starts hitting on Mei by feeding her his meat, Kyouka snaps of course lmao.😂😂 😂
Later Mei follows Kyouka to a lake and watches him sing, she sees yamato no orochi 
a water dragon spirit and when it disappears Kyouka jokingly says
Mei is going to be the sacrificial maiden, lol.
 Mei just ends up dragging him off to a tea house but it ended up being an a love hotel, LMFAO.
No nothing happened I swear!
They go out but its raining and Kyouka finds out she intends to return to her time period...
Of course he doesn't like it because he has a crush on her and the next day he gets drunk
and passes out at the restaurant where Mei works, so Kawakami tells Mei to take care of him.
Some days later Mei gets sick and when's she's asleep Kyouka ends up visiting, Kawakami leaves
Mei in his care and Kyouka gets super tsunDERE and wipes off the sweat for her. 💕💕💕
When she gets better Kyouka wants the female spirit Shirayuki to go back into the book it came from.
Awww yeah its tamayori ghost busting time!
However Yakumo Koizumi finds her yet again and asks her once more
about the yamato no orochi legend so Mei(and me) be like not again, man he's persistant...
 Fujita finds him and when Koizumi's done ''explaining'' what it is he's been doing 
Fujita notices Mei and she sees her chance to run away. 😂😂😂
She goes to the lake and finds Kyouka its night time by now and she tells him about what
Koizumi told her and well she ends up helping Kyouka with his water dragon problem
so he can finish writing the play he's been working on for so long and that its his fault Shirayuki
spawned from him and the only way fix it is to have him absorb her again or sth like that.
The bunny spirit helps Mei and Kyouka out since it wasn't an easy feat
but for some reason his bunny disappeared after all's said and done. 😭😭😭
 Fujita who was patrolling the area finds them and the two end up running away to avoid conflict...
They end up hiding in same the love hotel(lol) they were at before and Kyouka ends up
 confessing his feelings to Mei and he doesn't want her to go back and leave him alone.
  They end up staying the night 💕 but I swear once again nothing else happened. >_<
Mei obviously decide to stay and at the festival a drunk Kawakami whines that his precious daugther
he wanted to be a geisha is leaving his side. (Lmao Kawakami GET OUT you had your route.)
They run away to the lake, Kyouka tells her he wants to start a family after this Mei returns his
feelings and his bunny suddenly comes back but Kyouka lost his tamayori powers
so he can no longer see it but he's fine with it if Mei is the one who can see it in his stead. 💕💕💕
They get married but Mei still has to work at the Geisha bar, since it was understaffed
since Kawakami left for a while and went to Fukuouka, when he came back
 he brought back some souvenirs, shenanigans happen but Kyouka and Mei ditch him. 😂😂😂
I really ended up liking Kyouka, Shunsou's still my little bias but this route
was really enjoyable and I liked the overall story as well.
One bad part about this route would be the constant screaming he does early on cuz of his phobias
because of that the early dummy head mic parts are terrible but still there were plenty of good parts.
 Also for some reason I am glad I did Kawakami's route before Kyouka because
 his trolling and teasing towards Kyouka knows no bounds and I feel like
 I may have liked him less if I did him after Kyouka's route.
Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

Koizumi Yakumo.
CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke.
 Yakumo is a gaijin nerd who came from greece and loves historical stuff, he's a huge weeb.
He came here to teach english and research mononoke, he also wants to see dat Yamato no Orochi
and often runs up to people asking them about it... which we have experienced first hand.😅
 So you see Yakumo finds nippon to be very facinating... and like Mei he also loves meat.
Let's be real Yakumo Koizumi is that one weird guy that can't take the hint he is being annoying.😂
I didn't do his route right after Fujita because one, too much of this guy is going to ruin me
and two I liked him and want to savor it for later and for some reason my play order hyped it up
due to him wanting Mei's attention during Kawakami and Kyouka's route.
Ths route is linked to Fujita's and Mei ends up staying at an expensive hotel thanks to Yakumo.
When introducing Mei to the place Yakumo kisses her hand like a true gentleman
but Fujita's stare is throwing daggers at him and is judging his behavior. 😂😂😂
So way back when Fujita spots a suspicious person and while Yakumo swears
 he is harmless Fujita is ready to arrest him on the spot no matter what he says lmao.
Oh and Yakumo apparently loves meat, well look at that Mei found her kindred spirit!
 They have the most exquisite breakfast before Fujita comes in... and wants to drag Mei off.
Yakumo even warns Mei to be careful around him, when she's back Yakumo gets all excite
 that a supernatural incident happened here at this hotel and a bit later Mei enters his room
and sees him with his hair down(wow he's hot) since he just bathed. 😍😍😍
  The next day they go out on a walk, he ends up proposing to Mei and tells her if she doesn't
 get her memories back withiin 1 year she should just go ahead and marry him. (ahah how smooth of him)
Though if Mei does get her memories back Yakumo will give up.
Mei be like dude I just met you slow down but Yakumo says
being around Mei is fun and tells her to take his proposal serious.
 They end up on a cemetery for their first date.... because its a healing spot for him.ಠ_ಠ💦
The problem is he was all excited and Mei was like what have I gotten myself into. 😂😂😂
 Not worry though as he takes her to a spot with a better view and they walk hand in hand. 💕💕💕
Yakumo likes her smile, he asks her again take their promise seriously and doesn't want to lose her
over something silly, they arrive at a spot that overlooks the city and its his favorite spot.
The next day they go on another walk and end up tresspassing into Fujita's place.. or to be specific his garden.
Mei realizes this is a crime in and out of itself but when she tries to leave Yakumo stops her. 😂😂😂
Yakumo firmly believes he is doing nothing wrong and simple is waiting for a friend.
If this keeps up the vivid image of Fujita chasing Yakumo with murderous intent will never leave my mind.
 At the end of the dayYakumo says its been fun and when he leaves
but now its time for the usual tamayori ghost busting sub story to unfold!
Okay some ghost girl Kathy shows up in Mei's room who lost her memories.
Mei reports the situation to Koizumi and he is like A - M - A - Z - I - N - G
but they can't find out who she is, Mei and Kathy start communicating through writing.
Don't ask me how a ghost can hold a pencil... because its beyond my understand, lol.
So the reason he came here is to announce Mei is his fiance and Fujita laughs it off
because the two of them have only known each other for less than a week.
Yakumo wants Mei to come with him to a dance party and it took a bit to convince her though.
So because they've hit a dead end in investigating Kathy's case the two come up with
 the brilliant idea to use the party for more info and Yakumo suddenly starts kissing Mei
and asks her to become his bride already, on the topic of the ball he will pick out a dress too. 😘
Too bad Mei just thinks these kisses are some kind of greeting since he's not japanese & well she's not
wrong but at this point of spending so much time with someone HOW CAN YOU BE SO DENSE?!
Mei feels a bit out of place and ends up bumping into my angel Shunsou who's also at the party. 😱💦
 Of course Ougai is also nearby but before they can ask her to be their dance partner
Yakumo shows up and tells them Mei is the prettiest fairy around and that she is his fiance.
So basically he's kindly telling them to back off as he takes Mei's hand and leads her to the dance floor.
 Yakumo gets randy with Mei and kisses her all over... (also hnnng dat dummy head mic)
He tells her she is the most beautiful lady on the floor.. in japan no the maybe the whole world.
Mei's still confuzzled about them kisses and needs to get the hint that this man is into her.
Some days later Yakumo ends up watching her sleep peacefully cuz she got sick and say
s how cute her sleeping face is.
He kisses Mei like she is sleeping beauty in the hope she wakes up. 💕💕💕
They still have to solve the whole Kathy thing and one night Mei ends up trying to see Yakumo
who was already asleep and having quite the nightmare and he ends up telling Mei about it.
Yakumo lost something precious once in the past and it still hurts him today
 He tells her about how he was a tamayori when he was younger.
Yakumo used to see things other people couldn't and most kids found him weird
 but there was a girl who was kinder to him than anyone else.
Sadly they got out of touch and he doesn't know if she's passed away or not.
He also says that meeting Mei has been somewhat of a miracle to him and it would pain him
 to see her leave his side, later Mei ends up talking to Kathy about it who says
she shouldn't go back because she might regret it one day. 
The next day some foreign ladies come to see Yakumo and gets jealous that
a japanese little girl like herself isn't right for him.
Fujita sees her spacing out and speaks up and if she isn't doing anything worthwhile see should go
back to her room but just as she goes Fujita stops her and rudely tells her to follow him.
Thankfully Yakumo stops him from taking his precious lady and Fujita tells him
Mei has been watching Yakumo talk to foreign chicks all this time.
Yakumo explains that those ladies are just his students, since he is a teacher.
Now he thinks Mei hates him and Mei plays along for a bit causing quite the scene. 😂😂😂
 He calls out to Fujita but since he has been called away to more urgent matters and cries out how
people can be so cold! he wonders what to do till Mei stops the act and Yakumo hugs her in relief.
Fujita comes back to see the two act in such a stupid and improper way...
Fujita is prepared to take Yakumo in for disrupting public order & he actually does it 😂😂😂😂😂😂
 Some people find out Mei's a tamayori, they harass her but Fujita tells em to back the fuck off.
The lights go out at the hotel and the Noppera chases Mei till she runs straight into Yakumo's arms
and he tells Mei its alright and he reassures her she's save now. 💕💕💕
They end up finding out Kathy was just the ghost girl in the red dress from Fujita's route
 and when they manage to reunite her with the Noppera they both disappear like before.
 After all that Yakumo ends up telling Mei the things he used to see when he was little
 were ghosts so that means he was a tamayori but he can't see them anymore because
when when he was 16 Yakumo got into an accident when he went playing with other kids
which injured his left eye causing him to lose his vision there.
This also explains the reason for his heterochromia since he got a replacement.
Yakumo tells Mei that even if she doesn't have tamayori powers he would still love her anyway.
 Now that Yakumo is in a good mood he closes the curtains and they screw around all night. 😳💕
Yakumo researches Kathy's case further, Kathy was an oujou-sama from overseas
and the Noppera was known as Allen who was a servant for her family and they
were both in love but Kathy's parents didn't approve so they both commited suicide together.
Their parents sold the belongings of their daughter and one ended up in the hotel.
 Anyway enough of the dark and depressing stuff!
Yakumo and Mei marry in the ending, Yakumo will also forever ask random people
 about dat yamato no orochi and in the process get on Fujita's nerves for disrupting public order.
 Fujita tells Yakumo to take the girl and go back to his own country
but yeah we all know how much our Yakumo loves nippon. 😏
At his home he can not hold back and makes love to Mei 4 ever in his  garden.💕💕💕
 The bad end was extra sad to me because how could you leave this man all alone?!
He may be an eccentric weirdo but please Mei you are his miracle! 😭😭😭
 The back to the future end was the same as the stay end just in modern times, they
move in together when Mei is a bit older and he gets randy when they're alone, lol.
This route was so good I laughed so much at the stupidity that is Koizumi Yakumo!
Okay he isn't stupid, he's just hilarious but also has this really cute side to him?
First of all, Tachibana Shinnosuke... like damn he pulled of such an amazing performance
for Yakumo, at first I didn't realized it was him but I gradually heard him here and there.
Too bad since he's voicing a gaijin he has the habit of saying words in an exaggerating manner. ಠ_ಠ
 Also dat dummy head mic... my ears and heart can't take it.😳
Anyway if you can't already see I like Koizumiiiii Yakuuumooo... atleast to some extent
he's an eccentric gentleman and a sweetheart but can be oh so annoying and while I like him there is only so much I can take with this guy which is part of the reason I did him later.
 Dunno why his summary is longer but Yakumo's route was really fun and there were
so many scenes I wanted to write down so... welp that explains it.
There may have been a bit too much comedy and I admit that it was hard
 to take him serious but atleast it made me laugh my butt off and the plot?
it was decent for once I liked how it got a little darker and its prolly for the best
to do Koizumi after Fujita else you'll spoil the whole ghost girl plot line.
Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★★☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★★

Iwasaki Tousuke
CV: Hosoya Yoshimasa.
 This guy first appeared in the movie adaptations which I didn't watch and he
only makes a split second appearance at Kawakami's route.
Sadly that made me learn absolutely nothing about him but he is apparently based on this guy.
So at the party at the rokumeikan ends up running away from Fujita into the town on her own
untill she bumps into some random guy who tells her to get out of the way
Tousuke comes to take a look and that asks if she's not hurt anywhere. 💕💕💕
When he asks where she lives Mei of course can't answer because amnesia, some shenanigans
 happen but since Tousuke is a busy and important guy he has to go.
Mei runs into trap!kawakami at Kagurazaka the place after wandering around
and he isn't sure what to do but takes her in because he's a good mothe-errr I mean guy
The next day Kawakami proposes she works at the bar like in his own route and later Mei finally
ends up telling Kawakami of her situation and how she really needs to see Tousuke again
which is possible very soon since he will be at the rokumeikan.
Fujita is guarding the entrance so Kawakami will pull out some acting skills for her. 😂😂😂
Mei gets in but some of his ''acquaintances'' recognize her as the lost lamb and tell her to shoo.
Tousuke finally shows up just in time and tells them they should stop their crudeness
 and tells them she deserves better and they end up dancing. 💕💕💕
Time flies and before Mei has to part again, trap!Kawakami finally finds her again after looking
looking all over for her and the next day Kyouka goes along with Mei to meet Tousuke at his study no less. 
Tousuke is an important guy who's a genius and researches electricity, he's also rich.
He even wanted to give her chocolate he got from america, Kyouka comments how expensive it is.
 Which makes sense considering the era they are in and at that time it was quite rare in japan.
Before they end up going back to Kawakami's place, Kyouka finds out
she's a tamayori when she sees something, he's pretty tsun on the way back.
Oh and Mei walks off on her own to the park were she met Charlie and at night like in every route.
Well after going back this Ougai shows up at the bar.. the next day Mei has to take part in Ougai's class.
When she goes out with Ougai some dog starts going out of control here someone named
Tousuke stops it and catches her when she loses her balance, kyaaaaah. 💓
 After this fateful meeting he takes Mei along with him and just because he wanted to and this
is where Tousuke finds out out Mei has amnesia after asking some questions about the past.
Of course he ask if she has contacted the authorities like any sane person would
but he still doesn't know that Mei is from the future and all.
 Tousuke gives her some chocolate again because he has plenty of it and he drops her off at
Kawakami's place who acts like worried mother when he sees Mei again but Tousuke recognizes
that he is the MALE actor Kawakami Otojirou and greets him casually, dropping the truth like a bomb. 😂😂😂
Tousuke and Mei go outside for a bit and among otherthings tells Mei that he knows 
she is a tamayori from back when she visited him with Kyouka.
 However some brats come in to steal him away from Mei and she goes back into Kawakami's place.
The next day in town, Mei walks around town and when a shop keeper mentions meat
she's naturally attracted and also runs into Yakumo, surely this is a destined encounter!
Also Yakumo's gaijin speech pattern is even more annoying in this route to me than anywhere else. 
After Yakumo leaves Mei buys some chocolate and ends up
giving it to Tousuke to repay him when she meets him at Kagurazaka.
 While Tousuke accepts it he starts questioning Mei's intentions the reasons
Mei is able to see Tousuke now is because he bought her time as a geisha.
However she's free to do what she wants since he's not a bad person and in the end
he just said he lied about some of the stuff he just said to mess with her.
 A drunk Kawakami ends up seeing something is up when she returns home...
 Mei was pretty freaked out by the whole encounter with Tousuke but Kawakami reassures her
this isn't yoshiwara so he wouldn't even be allowed to do anything nasty even if he tried.
The next day during some meeting about his research Tousuke wants Mei to come along
with him because he has a brother that collapsed and that Mei is a relative but this was a lie so he
could spent time with Mei so he can actually explain his family situation and more to her.
He is a genius who wants to help japan grow, he's has come this far thanks to the support of his
family and his brains, Mei also finally ends up telling she's from far into the future.
Tousuke asks Mei if japan is flourishing with light and well it is but different from what he knows
 after this day Mei spends more time with Tousuke and the two go on their first date! 💕💕💕
 He's interested in her even more now and for starters Tousuke takes Mei out
 to a restaurant that serves the most excuisite meat, also by a string of luck
 Ougai and Shunsou are at the same restaurant lmao.
When they leave there they over hear some rumor about a mononoke appearing at a certain hotel
and Tousuke asks if she wants to go because of Mei being a tamayori and all but she declines.
 The end up near the riverside and he gives her more chocolate, the cg was really cute also dat dhm.💕💕💕
Tousuke tells Mei he wants to see her future with his own eyes and that the city lights there
 must look beautiful, when it gets alte he brings her back to Kawakami like a true gentleman.
When he leaves Mei end up spacing out and having a daydream untill Fujita brings her back to reality.
Fujita being suspicious as always, Kyouka passes by and runs his mouth about Tousuke and well
 Fujita wonders if it thats Iwasaki Tousuke and demands answers out of her, Mei says he's just a friend.
Next day Kawakami is playing shipper on the deck but she still need to work b4
she can visit him again some time later  by pretending to be his sister
and she finds him sleeping or so it appeared. 😂😂😂
So when Yousuke drives her home a mononoke woman appears in front of the car.
Mei falls silent but Tousuke realizes what's going on and he tells her more about himself
and why he hates mononoke and other beings like it.
His mother was spirited away when he was young and he tried to search for her
and he won't forgive the mononoke who took her away from him.
Thats when he decided to find a way to banish the darkness at night and create artificial light.
 Tousuke says its not just a pipe dream and takes her back to Kawakami who's salty cuz its late.
After this Ougai, Shunsou and Yakumo get together along at Kagurazaka and Koizumi is annoying AF.
Shunsou asks Mei who serves them drinks about  how the date with tousuke from before was
which in turn makes Yakumo jelly and calls Tousuke a playboy.
 Meanwhile I am like Yakumo the only playboy is you! since he asked a girl he just met to be his fiance. ಠ_ಠ
Shunsou who can't hold his liquor gets drunk and false asleep on them. 😂😂😂
Tousuke meets Mei after she's done and asks her to remember that in 10 days
 he will make his research debut for her and the all of japan to see.
Tousuke kabedons her and tells her he's interested in her and wants to know even more about her.
The next day Tousuke's man slave from before apologizes to Mei for being an ass, Kawakami
notices how she looks like a complete trainwreck after what happened last night but cheers her up
and Mei still has those weird dreams about a young girl and a ghost at the river side.
Later that day Tousuke still comes to visit her and they walk around at night
and just when he was about to say something important to Mei it starts raining........
So Tousuke ends up bring her back because Kawakami's gonna be mad if she gets sick but Mei is like he will be okay so Tousuke takes her to a tea house for now and they end up resting there all night. 💕💕💕
Hosoyan's dummy head mic was too much... (no nothing happened I swear)
 Next morning, Mei wakes up next to him... he brings her back to Kawakami 
who has drank way too much and luckily still asleep, lmao.
Kawakami hasn't realized but later that day Kyouka tells him he saw them... naturally our 
mother trap gets mad and ready to jump up in arms Mei tells em nothing happend but 😂😂😂
 Mei ends up ditching Kyouka and looks for Tousuke but some punk grabs her 
and takes her to the riverside where his ''friends'' are.
Mei is reminded of something Fujita said, friends of people with money
are often kidnapped by thugs or criminals to bribe them.
Luckily Tousuke shows up and he gets mad at those punks hurting someone he cares for.
Tousuke pleads them they can have all the money they want but let the girl go... 
because he doesn't want to lose another person he cares about. T~T
 Some Mononoke shows up and attacks the punks so Tousuke gets the chance to save Mei.
Tousuke doesn;t understand why a mononoke would save them and it suddenly
starts talking to him that she finally found him and the mononoke turns out to be his mother.
 He doesn't quite understand and the mononoke tells her that when Tousuke's mother was young
she made a promise to a water spirit living in the river next to their house to always be friends.
The reason his mother went away is to become part of the water spirit was she could always protect
watch over and protect him, the mononoke didn't spirit his mom away on purpose.
Tousuke gets sad for misunderstanding and wonders why he went so far hating mononoke for nothing...
Mei goes to visit Tousuke the next day at his study to see if he's alright and in short
Tousuke is thankful for meeting her because if not for her he may have never found out the truth
He tells her he loves Mei from the heart and not cuz she's from the future.
Mei be like what about your marriage? one of his manservants ran his mouth about
Tousuke going to marry someone but he tells her not to worry about that since there
is only one girl in his live he wants more than anything right now. 😄
Tousuke wouldn't even be mad if she does choose to go back to the future...
The day of the full moon is where Mei decides to go back or stay, its also the day that Tousuke's
research is shown off at the rokumeikan, ofcourse she stays since she can't let this babe alone now.
Tousuke is grateful for Mei staying by his side in creating an even brighter future. 💕💕💕
 In the bad end, Mei leaves him alone in the meiji period and he continues to work on his own
to ensure the future looks bright even though they're apart. 😭😭😭
In the bad end epilogue his mad scientist genes are hard at work and mentions a time machine...
but Kawakami ends up dragging him to his bar and everyone else is there too
giving him a huge headache but Kawakami won't let him leave even if he tried. 😂😂😂
 In the return end, Tousuke and Mei end up together in the present time... 
They probably messed up the timeline like in every one of these ends but who cares?
This route was okay I guess but it tried to cram a little bit of everyone meeting Mei in the first half.
It didn't get good till halfway but Tousuke is an alright character, he is kind despite his status.
Also let me say how Otojirou Kawakami was such a great Mother/Father figure for Mei in this route!
The route flowed natural like all the others and the romance was good, they
slowly start to know each other better but the bad part about the first half is that
Tousuke was constantly saving her from various situations which made it a bit cliche. 😓
At first Tousuke is too ideal but his story actually made me care about him
because at first I thought he was just a rich guy and would buy anything he wants
but he ended up being a good guy afterall and the plot was interesting too.
At the end of the day part of the story wasn't new but that doesn't mean it was bad.
This route was really interesting because I knew jack shit about him
 but compared to the others it was less fun? but imo his story made up for it.
Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

CV: Morikawa Toshiyuki.
 Derp o Magician who sends our dear heroine to the Meiji era
and pretty much wants her to fall in love with several historical figures there.
Since this is the true route it doesn't unlock till you do everyone else and that includes Tousuke.
Mei is with Charlie up untill at the Rokumeikan but he suddenly disappears!
Fujita's about to arrest Mei but Ougai comes to her rescue so now she sees her chance to scram.
While Mei walks around at night some dog harasses her till Charlie comes to her rescue
 Mei just throws shit at him for abandoning her at the rokumeikan. 😂😂😂
Sadly Charlie is a doM so he enjoys pain and suffering...
Mei absolutely hates him right now since it is all his fault but he loves it.
 Charlie says he can't stick around and will be cheering for Mei to find happiness here in this period...
 Just the moment he vanishes Ougai appears and like his own route he takes her in but not much happen.
For some reason Charlie is nowhere to be seen at day time and Mei doesn't
run into him till she goes to the park at night and sees him do magic tricks.
Mei wants to go home but he can't do that... because one, he wants her to find happiness here
in the meiji period and two he can only do so on a full moon! which won't be for a while
he also reconfirms the amnesia is temporary and she'll remember it eventually.
One of Charlie's ''animal friends'' Mimi ends up going berserk on him and he ofcourse loves the pain. 😂😂😂
When Charlie hears she's staying at Ougai's, he's all like you'll be fine!
Charlie will always be a this park at night and won't suddenly disappear all together.
The next day Mei is out for a walk and she runs into Yakumo, he kisses her hand like a true gentleman.
He accompanies her for now and even offers her a room at a hotel but she declines.
Not before long that Fujita shows but the two miss him while looking for shit in the bushes.
The next day she waits at the part till sunset since she wants to see Charlie and he shows up as promised.
Charlie forces Mei to join in on his magic show... but she isn't very into it and gives him the ice cold stare afterwards.
 Charlie wonders why Mei wants to go back so much when she doesn't even remember anyone.
Mei spaces out and Charlie suggests they go one a date right now to cheer her up.
They end up at the highest tower in the city and climb it just for the hell of it and he ends up
saying something important but the wind blocked it out so Mei couldn't hear it properly.
On the way back Mei bumps into Kyouka and Charlie points out
she found another friend and disappears on her once again.
Kyouka gets jelly when he hears Mei stays at Ougai's place too and suddenly
Kawakami appears who has been looking for Kyouka who acts tsun towards him.
Kawakami offers to have stay at his place and when he's about to take her
Kyouka gets tsun and stops him, he tells Mei to just go back to Ougai instead.
Kyouka ends up walking Mei back to Ougai's place and on the way he finds out she's a tamayori like himself.
 When Mei gets back, Ougai is walking around naked as per usual & not much else happens. 😂😂😂
Mei keeps stalking-err visiting Charlie at the park and one day he appears at Ougai's place....
 he's disappointed Shunsou and Ougai aren't around since he wanted to pull of a great show.😅
 Charlie ends up messing with a graphophone and ends up boring Mei to tears and she falls asleep on him.
 One night, Mei ends up seeing a girl cying about being called a liar for being able to see ''things''
Charlie suddenly shows up and cheers the little girl up.
Some boy shows up after that, apologizes to the girl for before and they leave.
 For some reason the little girl looked a lot like Mei... too bad the boy and girl weren't voiced.
Mei gets sad after this and Charlie ends up giving her a hug and tells her he's always been watching over her.
 She goes back to Ougai's place after this and the next day spends time with Yakumo at the hotel.
Yakumo gets salty when Mei shows interest in Fujita because he is a ''bad'' person, lmao.
At night Mei goes to the park to see Charlie perform and he ends up following Mei towards the
train station and go on board one of them for the hell of it and they hide when someone shows up, lol.
The next day Mei continues he adventure in meiji-tokyo and runs into trap!kawakami
she goes the the park at night again this time Fujita shows up and tells him
 he's going to arrest Charlie for disrupting public order with his magic shows.
Charlie plays a trick on Fujita as to proof his abilities and he escapes with Mei. 😂😂😂
Charlie tells Mei he loves her but wants her to find someone else to be happy with
 both me and Mei are like wtf man... but its because he can't be with her like normal people.
He just tells her to find happiness and smile, he disappears again affter that. T~T
The next day everyone is busy, Shunsou is looking for his cat and Kyouka is cowering
in a corner afraid of potential dogs... and so Mei spends the whole day with Kyouka.
At night Mei goes off on her own to see charlie once more.
She spots him with a bunch of mononoke and tells her his show is already over
and he disappears right before Kyouka appears from the bushes going all tsun towards Mei
for leaving him and shortly after that Fujita as well complaing how noisy they are.
Mei goes back home and starts to wonder what Charlie really is to her.
The next night they meet Mei wants to stay with him till morning but thats not possible
and he slowly disappears right before her eyes making it obvious Charlie's a mononoke
but he tells Mei that he will see her again when its night so there is no need to worry.
 When she get's back to Ougai's place they were pretty worried that she didn't came back.
Mei gets sick like in every route and Charlie comes to her room to comfort her. 😘
The next day Mei runs into Kyouka again but Yakumo interrupts them while
Kyouka explained some important shit regarding spirits and having masters.
In short Mei is Charlie's master and he's her spirit servant  and thats why more than anything 
he wants her to be happy with someone else, cuz he doesn't believe he can do it himself.
Everyone ends up gathering at the Rokumeikan for Charlie's special magic show
Fujita shows up who's angry as per usual at him before the show gets gud.
When Charlie doesn't stop the act he gets violent and chases him across the room. 😂😂😂
Mei follows him out and falls but he catched her and that its Charlie's duty as a slave to do so.
Charlie will do anything for Mei, anything she wishes he will make true, because he loves her.
Charlie sorta wishes Mei would forget about him, the present time 
and that she would just find happiness in the meiji period.
Mei replies that now more than ever is glad to be a tamayori, because it enables her to see him.
Charlie FINALLY admits its been hard to constantly reject Mei's feelings and kisses her.
  Mei starts to realize she may have known Charlie in the past and her cell phone charm has a whole new meaning to it.
The stay end was sorta sad, since she can only see him at night its not the best choice.
Mei gets mad and throws her shoe at him when he re-enact the route in this show. 😂😂😂
Ah fun times but nothing ever gets resolved in the stay end and there
 was a bad end too but too be honest its not even worth mentioning at all.
Return with was basically the best end for charlie's route.
Mei  remembers everything and that she was a tamayori back in the present as well,
but was made fun of for being able to see spirits and changed schools, she 
wanted to ignore the spirits but couldn't and the reason why Charlie the spirit 
in the fox cell phone charm brought her to the meiji period because  Tamayori's 
were naturally accepted he really thought it was the right thing to do.
Mei is about to go back but Kyouka shows up and tells Charlie he can do better an as 
Charlie sends her off back to the present and bids farewell and tells her not to cry but smile instead.
Something cracks which was the fox strap... Mei remembers everyone she met as she is sent back to the future.
Charlie doesn't appear in the present till a whole month later and the first thing
 Mei does to great him is slap him because she thought he was gone for good.
She continues her school life and spends time with Charlie at night.
Funny how Charlie's after story is the only one that ends with to be continued...
Charlie's a great guy and he wants Mei to be happy but it was sort of boring to watch
Mei spend more time with the other guys at first, most of the dialogue
 with them wasn't even interesting and honestly it only dragged on the route
and I only included those parts in the digest to show that.
I know he has his situation, Mei finding someone else is thats what Charlie wants.
Also lmao Tousuke didn't even appear in this route... well he's a busy guy. >_>
So at the same time this route was both good and partly terribad at the same time
because the romance was really weird, he cares and loves Mei and wants her to be happy
even if it means she'll probably forget about him once she does find someone.
There's also his situation which makes it even weirder... I mean no matter
which ending Mei can only see him at night, so even if she chooses him its still a little sad.
I would feel guilty for not choosing Charlie but at the same time if thats what he wanted
then there's not much you can do about it, Charlie's such a kind guy and he deserves more.
Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★★☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

Route ranking:
 Kawakami / Tousuke > Yakumo > Kyouka > Charlie > Shunsou > Ougai  > Fujita.
Every route ended up being better than the previous one!
 Fujita... sorry but every route ended up being beter than his. m(_ _)m
Kawakami and Tousuke had the most realistic route because Mei had to work
and in others doesn't have to do as much but face #Tamayoriproblems.
In terms of romance + story, Charlie,Tousuke and Kyouka would take the top spots.

 Fave character:
Charlie > Shunsou >  Kyouka > Kawakami > Yakumo > Ougai > Tousuke > Fujita.
The order doesn't mean a thing, it was hard to even try and making this.
Charlie is best boy because reasons! but Shunsou is my bias because he is a maji tenshi~ 😇💕
Kyouka is my favorite little awkward tsundere and well Tousuke...  ¯\_(シ)_/¯
I cannot tell you enough of how Kawakami is such a good mother/father figure/nee-san!
 he truly looked out for Mei in his own, Kyouka's and Tousuke's route.
Honestly I am not sure were to even place Ougai... other than at weirdo lane next to Yakumo. 😂😂😂
If you think I hate Fujita just cuz he's last you're wrong, I loved every character in some way
and that includes him because he can be really moe but sadly he just doesn't show it enough
and just get outshined by some of the others.

Final Thoughts
Overall I liked Meikoi but its not without flaws some things could've been better
 like the heroine's personality and the overall story but then again
this was originally supposed to be a mobile game so I guess it can't be helped
and honestly even without well written plot Meikoi is fine the way it is.
The art was fine but some of the background art was rather low quality... 
I also didn't feel attached to Mei due her personality which was really average.
Yeah she loves meat and collected antique but other than that she had no memorable traits
due to convenient amnesia her personality was better in Charlie's route than elsewhere....
 Its probably intented to self-insert into Mei...
The actual plot and reasons of how and why she's being sent to the Meiji period  was never touched
upon till Charlie's route either, its like lol got myself a husbando who cares about the rest
yet she wants to go back, back to what? she didn't have any friends in fact she feel isolated
due to her ability, her parents aren't mentioned either.
Charlie had he most important route story wise and the reason for it being locked  till you do
everyone worked out really well and everyone had an entertaining route so getting there was fun.
All the guys were still interesting even if the overall plot in their respective routes wasn't as good.
That aside the interactions the guys had were gold and fun to watch but for some reason
 I couldn't help but see slght hints of BL... Looks at Koizumi/Fujita and Kawakami/Kyouka.
I do not mind this because atleast it was funny and tbh imo its not even BL
it just shows how good friends they really are the rest is subjective.

Doing every route in this game may make things predictable and the overall story
wasn't very exciting but was it boring as sin? hell no it was fun.
Routes are always shared with one other character except Tousuke and Charlie.
In every route Mei will run into one of the other guys but it was just a short scene and Mei
would always get sick atleast once? every route or so which I didn't bother to mention everytime.
We all know the heroine has one month to decide if she wants to stay or not.
In which she may fall in love with one of the seven historical bishies including Charlie.
This game while short took me longer to complete due to not being all that interesting so I saved the
latter half of the routes for times I just want to relax since the overall plot's not serious at all.

 My biggest gripe was that you cannot replay CG scenes, this was originally not possible
 in the psp game but come on I atleast expected them to fix that in the port... -_-
The other gripe I have with this game are the return with endings, I mean won't it affect history?
They'd probably mess up big time and honestly I prefer the stay ends whom are probably canon
since you can tell from the fact most after stories take place after the stay end.
Still the return with ends aren't that bad they just raise more questions rather than answers
yeah yeah its FANTASY just don't think about it too hard and you'll be fine.
That aside Meikoi is a nice otomege just don't expect much out of it... in terms of plot
Meikoi shines with its characters, comedy, dummy head mic and its setting but everything else? average.
But you know what? I love this otomege cuz it was all around fun, story isn't everything you know.
Meikoi has a great cast and they pull the comedy off well and the romance was good in most.
Some of the story and subplots may not be exciting but everything else makes up for it
I am so grateful atleast one of my games in my august order was worth it.
This otomege may be mediocre but the characters save it from being an overall forgettable experience.

I'd probably get the Meikoi FD twilight kiss if it will get a vita port since I am curious
about that to be continued at the end of Charlie's after story but honestly
I've already seen most of what Meikoi has to offer and some of the after stories
bored me to tears except for Fujita,Shunsou and Charlie.
Maybe the reason the FD wasn't included is because they probably didn't have time
to add a scenario for Tousuke in the FD and he would be left out.
Yeah that seems like a reasonable explanation so here's to hoping a vita port of the FD comes
someday, if not then welp but I'd probably move on.

Characters ★★★★★
Art  ★★★★★(No complaints)
Scenario/plot. ★★☆☆☆
Music★★★☆☆ (Its okay... I guess)
System  ★★★☆☆ (Comfy... minus point for no replay CG scenes.)
Enjoyment overall ★★★★★

Anyway if someone told me this series wasn't succesful I'd probably laugh.
Two psp games, two movie adaptations, Meikoi full moon a vita port of the first psp game...
Theathrical adaptations, an upcoming tv anime and a new game! + a shit ton of merchandise.
Okay okay enough rambling... I liked this otomege but I am not so sure about future installments...
since I doubt it'd be as fun as the original was since I am mostly content with what I did get.

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