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Wand of Fortune R2 ~Jikuu ni Shizumu Mokushiroku~ review

The R still stands for RNG.
ワンド オブ フォーチュン 2 ~時空に沈む黙示録~
Game: Wand of Fortune R2.
Alternative titles: Wand of Emofest 2.
 Genre: Otome Visual Noel
Developer/Publisher: Otomate.
Platform: PSP, PS Vita.
Release date: 2017-3-09

Sequel to Wand of Fortune, continues from the true end, the guys are friendzone and Lulu
obtained all da elements and starts to see the world in pretty colors like she's high or something
anyway Lulu continues working hard with her newly obtained magic she loves so much but
Bilal has to move back to his country so Lulu gets sad, Edgar decides to take a memorial picture...
however something weird happens they get send to the past right sometime before the great latinum war.
-Yeah that right it no longer present time otome hogwarts and casually dating boys
 while studying magic since for better or for worse they tried to give WoF actual plot...
WoF was never about story but they didn't really try to make the overall interesting
the characters are what make it a whole lot better than its premise is.
That's not to say it wasn't interesting but the past is none of the characters concern
it only created a situation for them to mature (by angst n shit)-
When Lulu wakes up she meets some dude called Solomon, I know they spell it out as
Salo-mon but screw their romanization so give me a break please, I don't hear an ''a'' in there.😙
She find the others rather quickly and they realize they've been send into the past
sadly Lulu's wand breaks but gets a new trinket that will help them all return and Solo will fix her
wand but she has  to go through a lot of trouble first to get with her man of choice, cue tedious system!
The system is a little less annoying not once was I like uh I'm going to do something else...
I was more than motivated to start on the next dude's route and make a little progress.
 Anyway the whole prologue made me realize how much I love the boys of Wand of Fortune and
I loved seeing them adjust to their new situation.. some of it was absolutely hilarious to the point
the prologue took me forever to go through but all fun things must come to an end
and it was also hilarious seeing the guys react to Lulu's new clothes.

Sadly unlike WoF R containing its fandisc Mirai no Prologue, WoF R2 does not include its
respective fandisc I do not know why maybe both games were too much content or otomate just
want to milk the Wand of Fortune series for a little while longer whatever the case I was disappoint
but I think they did it because they want to put some time between it just as when they first released
and the only reason WoFR came with the FD was because WoFR2 retconned the romance anyway.
Also if you're gonna play this for the love of Julius do Solomon last, it won't even make sense if
you did him first or midway not sure if there was a lock on his route since no one mention that
and imo his route was the most interesting anyway.

- Character development.
- Art, should be obvious no?
- System is more straight-forward but sigh rng.

- Boring linear overall plot. To be fair, WoF never had an amazing overall story.
- Copy pasta, some common route key events are the same just with different character.
- BGM its meh and sorta grating to the point I had to lower it.
- If I have to sit through the whole dragon RNG for ~extra~ one more time...

Here's the opening, its not as charming as WoF R was but its still good.
Sadly it only plays during the prologue, we get a boring monologue when starting the game up
instead, sigh otomate  you had one job one! I do not need to hear  welcome to the world 
of 350 years ago everytime I start up the game, let me relax with a nice song FFS.

Its not like I want to help you baka.
Like the prequel for the port they made the system slightly less tedious but it still tedious
and you can now make many stones at a time instead of one by one.
You pick a partner and have to go around picking up garbage so Lulu can make element stones
from them and you need atleast 50 stone to get the best ending of each character and you need
 not worry of having to match elements, if you go for Lagi its ok to have lots of earth too
since it all add up ofc you need to make like 80 stones for the grand finale but that's really it.
For story reasons some characters are also paired up with each other like Bilal/Lagi, Noel/Julius,
Est/Solomon and well Alvaro is the only one who's solo since no one wants to deal with him.😂
Certain common events also happen if you pick a different partner like Bilal getting his spirit
or Solo removing the seal from Est so that his tattoo shows, these aren't even spoilers because it
happen around turn 7 which is really early on in the game, this also shows how linear it is.
You also collect all these items from chest after scavenging through the same area multiple times
you can combine them for new items which you need for key events, even on vita playing
this game without a guide is definitely not recommended dunno how different
it was from the PSP ver but I doubt there was much difference in some cases
 like Lily's feather you need it to gather in an area to avoid frogs and you need a mirror
to reflect the cockatrice's stare of death right back at it but that's it really.
I think the system is okay but too repettive, all I can recommend is save often
sadly you can't save on the MAP screen but you can before selecting an action for the day
and well due to certain aspects I am about to go into reloading is still a prime feature in WoF!
My sincere condolences if you played this on PSP.
  It didn't take me long to realize this game suffers from the same terrible RNG the first
game has, past turn 10 enemies keep showing up RANDOMLY and as turns out
you need to save after every turn or use backlog jump to prevent you from running
into one unneededly, its really random if one show up or not so here I sat reloading 10~ times
to avoid or get one to show up, the guide I used has you fight one dragon atleast once during route
which is more than enough, btw its not actually fight you just use one element stone and bam. ~_~
I also went off the turn order because I was like hmm lets fight enemy if one show up...
but turns out then you can't get treasure chest on the exact turn as in the guide
cuz you didn't ~search~ because some RNG monster show up to cockblock.
 Enemy encount is random and dragons are super rare...
Also you can only do 1 action every turn, so people saying fight every dragon u see and I am like
no, not if you want those treasure chest since you can't make stones AND search/take holiday.
When you take a holiday to get the feather from Lily do Mira's events alongside it as you get a
trophy for it, the guide I used never mentioned you can visit more than one chara at a time so please do if you want.You actually get to do Mira's event later down the line in Est/Solo routes but there's
no reason aside from Lily and Mira to actually meet the other characters on holiday.
PS: One needs to waste 5 days to visit Lily before she gives you the feather, Y is she so bitchy?
TFW the 4koma's drop from a bunch of random dragon more rage on that down below.
Anyway holy shit RNG was no doubt the most annoying thing, the gathering part itself wasn't
even a problem but hey otomate had to add RNG factor to it to still make it hell! the whole
RNG give me war flashback of WoF1 when chara refusing to hang out forcing one to use
backlog or quickload and try again wand of fortune? more like wand of misfortune. -_-
Even if the wof games gets an eng release I do not want to go through this twice
nor really recommend anyone to suffer it even though the chara's and stuff make up for it.
Same Noel same..  this is how I feel about the system after doing all the routes in the game.
To complete extra section you need to get item drop, every character has a specific area
where you could get an item drop from a rare dragon luckily the guide I used has you save
at the end when you have a few day left so just reload and search the area
 that is the same as their element as say Lagi's whom's drop is at Nebula road
but here it comes you need to fight a rare dragon who is RANDOM.
 OTOMATE Y YOU DO THIS?! so here I sat after finishing their routes revisiting a certain area
wondering wtf am I even doing because RNG wasn't going in my favor and for some character
 the dragon took its sweet time to show up while for other it just popped instantly.
After u did all that u unlock 4koma honestly Julius, Lagi and Bilal's were the only funny ones...
 Solo's was ok but Est's one was stupid and Noel's tried too hard to be funny. ~_~
Despite my rage above it should be obvious by now that if you haven't played WOF before these ps vita
ports are better than the originals because the system has been relaxed and also there are new CG's.
If you don't feel like suffering through part one you could start with this since it gives you a
digest, please note that you will still miss out on teases in the prequel even if individual route don't matter.
The digest won't cover everything, I agree that the system is too much work though but hearing
Edgar fill you in on the details is just not the same in fact it was boring, WoF is definitely one of
those otome games where you have to work hard to get your happy ends, you should take the
journey with Lulu from the very beginning to get the full experience not jump in half way.😗
Except if the original WoF already satisfied you but I guess you wouldn't be here
 if that was the case or would you? oh well whatever if you like gameplay in your VN's
you shouldn't pass up on the WoF series even if said gameplay is terribad.

Without spoilers WoF2 was decent and the emofest that you could call character development was
worth it despite the overall plot being meh, it was linear the war stuff they get caught up in
is only a plot device to get them to mature in some route it was good in other it was bad the
 character shine the most but it ok TBH the overall plot in the prequel wasn't any better
which was actually just hang with a guy and snatch an element magic to be able to stay at school.
The system has been relaxed a great deal and despite RNG it shouldn't be that annoying...
Anyway most of the plot just exists to go deeper into the characters, hmm how to put it?
Like the game makes clear the future and the past are connected in more ways than one!
I only really liked a few events here and there plus the ending for most character, most of
the route itself was decent except, Bilal or Noel. Julius was the most balanced/actual fun
to me and sadly during most of the routes boring/slow paced moments I kept
zoning out except Julius, Solo, Est and Alvaro.
I AM SO SAD the sequel doesn't come with the FD but perhaps it understandable it was too much
work and they want to put a little space between it but I need the happy epilogues. Q_Q
Common route could take up to 2~ hours maybe shorter depending on new events, 3/4 hour for
individual so overall that decent in length, also I wish they'd just fully voice Lulu none of this
only a line here and there like before going out adventuring or like with casting magic
its such a waste of Horie Yui's lovely voice and its just weird to suddenly hear her speak. -_-
 Anyway some parts were great other parts not so great... but overall it was decent.
Atleast otomate understands we like our memories so unlike another company doesn't
remove old cg just because they may or may not be derpy and otomate still added new ones.
I don't really care for the tragic end only Bilal's was appropiate, but usually I force skip those.
There's an imbalance of romance in some route due to some focusing more on character issues
but overall it was ok, routes like Bilal just made me drowsy and with Noel its like I like you
but they made poor Noel look so pathetic I was like what now? I almost can't bear this...
On the other hand Lagi, Est and Solo were totally fine especially the latter.
Julius had the most balanced route in the game and thats a little sad
I'd love to say it was Alvaro but he's just a troll so lol nope (Atleast Lulu owns the shit outta him)
which is probably why everyone loves Alvaro's route.
I finished this much sooner than expected since the system never tired me, ok it partly 
annoyed me but it was much better, so if you love the first game don't miss out on this.
I recommend it to fans of the original but if you already played these games before you are better off
buying the artbooks, the new cg's are great and all but not sure if worth two times the suffering.
You can brush that it aside if you are just that of a hardcore WoF fan and need to buy every port it gets though.
Now if you'll excuse me I'll go sit in a corner and play other otomege while
waiting for the eventual port of the WoF2FD, adios amigos.

More rambles after the jump if u care about that.

Like the prequel I won't bother with full summaries, and well other people have done so already
 so I will only write down what scenes I liked and vague details most of it is common route stuff.
Also not bothering with last names this time, its not like anyone cares.
For playorder I do not have much to recommend except to do Bilal&Lagi sooner rather than later
and Est > Solo at the end, their route is shared so may as well do the ancient one aka Solo last.

My playorder: Lagi > Bilal > Est > Alvaro > Noel > Julius > Solomon.

 Anyway spoilers for characters below... chara/route ranking and final thoughts at bottom.

CV: Kakihara Tetsuya.

Fiery tsundere dragon returns with two times the tsun he still turns into a baby dragon
 if he gets too close to girls because Lagi can't control his D, said transformation takes
 too much energy so he needs some food ASAP but this problem get solved pretty early.
Doesn't really take long for both Bilal and Lagi to rejoin Lulu still too slow because a gargoyle chased their asses.😂
Ratt the past incarnation of Edgar seems to light a fire under Lagi's ass
you should figure he's so annoyed by Ratt, Lagi more than wants to punch him.
Well considering his speech pattern its understandable de aru.
Anyway its not like Lagi is helping out Lulu because he wants to its just because
he's nice even tho he may not show it this fact is pretty obvious but you know how tsundere go.
The first half in general was pretty typical too and well there was the shit with Bilal too. -_-
 Yep half of his route was tied to Bilal's boring story but it atleast gave Lagi opportunity
to ask Zeus about dragons and stuff which led him to release the seal on Lagi
and well as turns out Lagi really is Natsu from Fairy Tail afterall... lmao I kid you not.
After almost 50 turns of bullcrap later Lagi gives Lulu a charm which wards bad dreams
and it a custom to give it to someone you care about back in his homeland, I d'awwwed at this.
Lagi has a hard time controlling his D and goes emo over it too cuz oh noes
if he hurts Lulu or other people because of his dragon problems, that aside
I liked his development a lot I didn't even mind the emoness but then boring war stuff happens.
I loved the scene after Lulu got hurt when they got caught up in the war stuff
and Lagi just stood there blaming and trying to distance himself but Lulu was like:
You didn't do anything wrong and they kissed, the whole scene was magical
only for the bubble to burst and Lagi to yell, baka put on some clothes FFS! 😂😂😂
That aside they couldn't be together right away since Lagi had to become a stronk dragon
and well he also had some father issues, who btw approved of their relationship anyway
 Lulu is a good girl who finishes her studies and Lagi a bad boy for training in the mountains???
but whatever their future is bright and overall Lagi had a great route despite being tied to Bilal's
I barely have any complaints because Lagi's route was hella fine. 👌👌👌
 Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★☆☆(Doragon problems...)
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

CV: Takahashi Hiroki.
TFW Bilal is the one who caused this suffering even tho it obv he's not gonna be gone 4ever.
  Bilal is the prince from some desert kingdom who's an exchange student at mills claire
and he still has that irritating gaijin accent making me cringe because we all know
he can speak normally just fine and is only doing it for appearances (or for lols).
Bilal had the most boring route and his common route events weren't that fun either here's an early
one, Lulu trips in typical otome game heroine fashion and Bilal carry her cuz oh noes if she injured
her foot permanently, anyway we learned during Lagi's route that Bilal had this ancestor named
Shamus who in the past due to greed pissed off some water dragon named Zeus who in turn was like
fuck you and cursed Shamus family line which leads the land to dry up wherever their family goes.
Bilal wants to atone for all da sins but Zeus is so stubborn that Lagi has to be like
I won't forgive you if my pal dies and well partially thanks to Morgana Zeus is like lolk don't want
to piss off a dragon so Zeus even blesses Bilal with a water spirit named Kuraine and gives
Bilal a few conditions so he can undo the curse, after Bilal gets the spirit he also drops that awful
accent but since it was so sudden even Lagi was like wtf man, meanwhile I am like
 aww yeah no more cringe! sadly the plot didn't stop me from cringing either way... -_-
 The best scene was literally in the common route where Kuraine Bilal's spirit splashes water over
Bilal to make him stop acting like a flirt for once, sadly there wasn't much fun to be had after this.
The 4koma thingy couldn't help but joke about it again even.
 Ya'll know this was the best scene don't try and hide it.
There was also some drama about Kuraine needing to take care of lesser spirits so after much
yadayada she dupes herself and remakes the pact with Bilal whom gives her a new name Liane.
Yeah that was real interesting right? did I bore you yet?
Anyway later Bilal was a huge ass and wanted to do everything himself, he keeps Lulu in the dark
and wants her to be a proper waifu that makes sandwiches in the kitchen while never asking anything.
Turns out this is because Zeus wants Bilal to give up what most precious to him...
which of course is Lulu, in the end he lets her help out but sadly by then it was a little too late.
I never liked Bilal that much to begin with and well Bilal was and still is a mistake!
 The whole route was basically international intrigue over ancestral sins, family and magic
which made for one boring route, other people weren't kidding they said it sucked
its not like the plot was down right bad its just that they pulled it off in the most boring
way possible, Bilal is a decent guy but the way he acted was annoying and very typical
he's just like a spoiled prince who's mind is set on doing everything by himself!
Bilal didn't give Lulu the chance to shine till like what right at the end... uuuugh i'm so pissed.
Atleast most of the CG were pretty but man dat plot was as deep as a dried up well. Pun intended.
Also you know it bad when you prefer the tragic end over the best one... overall meh we all knew
what a sexy beast Bilal can be but there was none of that in this route it only showed us his reasons
for studying magic which lead to the past of his family and how much of an ass he was
for trying to solve it all by himself which in turn made him pretty caring and sweet.
All I can say is, it might've been pretty good when you put it like that but its not my cup of tea.
Probably one of the few moments I did like, cuz it was magical and almost made me forget the boring plot.
 Romance ★★☆☆☆ (Sure it fine.)
Plot ★★☆☆☆ (Yeah ok, it was intriguing but what a snoozefest.)
Enjoyment overall ★☆☆☆☆ (TL;DR I don't care.)

CV: Irino Miyu.
 Est Maji Tenshi, E.M.T for short, hoards the power of the dark element
he's also a kuudere so he tends to be silent and be like don't bother or get too close to me
Est is just like that one kid in class who wants to be left alone but secretly wants friends.
Not to worry he's still nice enough to support Bilal and Lagi in the prologue.
We already know Est was some sort of guinea pig from the original game and this game goes
further into that.
Of course Est starts out all cold and distant, he doesn't even want to be Lulu's partner when she
chooses him however Solo is like hmm you make it seem you like her with all the no means yes
attitude which in turn made Est all embarassed and decided to roll with Lulu, Solo sticks around too.
Later Est found Lulu alone at night because she was lonely and she tried to find Ami her best friend.
Est lights a candle and keeps her company for a little bit before they go to sleep, it was pretty cute.
Some time after that Solomon thought it was a bright idea to undo the seal Est put on himself
and unleash the power of darkness because Solo thought it would be good for his growth.
Est don't like it one bit and now he doesn't even want Lulu to look at him now cuz he's a bootleg
mage whom's tattoo's are laid bare for all to see, geez thanks Solo! (also this partly happen in every route.)
I loved the scene where Lulu saw he was uncertain so she held his hand and told him its gonna be daijoubu~.
 Ratt and some kids want Est to teach them all the cool stuff but Est be like gimme a break please!
Later they find Ratt passed out in the woods after he had too much weed, lmao ok it not that
but hear me out turns out Ratt was from some shady cult called origin but he had enough and left.
There was also this loli who lost her parents and wants to learn magic too but I forgot her part
in all this, nothing important though as they teach her that magic can't resurrect the dead.
 Of course the origin stuff is tied into Est and well the rest is better found out on your own personally
I liked Est route a lot, the way he warmed up to Lulu felt natural and his confession was sweet
the best end really shows how much he's grown up and that he won't let Lulu act like he's still a kid
in the end it also partly seems like Est always had a soft spot for Lulu but I leave that up to you
to confirm but it sad how at times it seems like Est has a major stick up his butt and
well adult Est just feels wrong to me so I don't think I like him that much anymore.😅
I hope the FD will give me more time to adjust because at the epilogue I sorta was like woah dude...
nice growth spurt since when did you start eating veggies also did you take any vitamin supplements? 😂😂😂
PS, smol Est is best Est.
  Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★★☆ (Good stuff.)
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆ (Smol Est is better.)

CV: Suzumuru Kenichi.
  I still don't know what's so hot about Alvaro so that why I did him after Est but my guess is
people like him because he's a troll who loves fucking with people and Lulu is like the only
girl in town who can handle his antics and its also not the typical otome game romance
one always gets which apparently makes it better, but still I am partly like why?
Incidently Alvaro is the second person Lulu meets in the past and well its sorta weird to see him
be so caring about her well being while I still have nightmares of all his bad ends in WoFR.
I'm like not sure if he's genuinely concerned or if this was another one of his trololol moments but as
turns out he was genuinely worried about Lulu-chan at the prologue so it all good however just so you know
I STILL DO NOT TRUST HIM and so I walked into his route unknowingly at what lies ahead.
 Also one can't say I didn't say to be wary of Alvaro's antics cuz it was obvious something was up...
Sadly they reveal the obv stuff I knew from WoF like him being a you know what too late into it all.
 One night Lulu goes to look for Alvaro in her PJ's only for Est to rage at her for doing so
and tells her to go back like an old fart would, then Alvaro comes back and is more than
willing to escort her back but Est has a stick up his butt and tells him where his room is which is here.
Lulu being he awesome heroine that she is decides to tell Est she wants Alvaro to come along.
 When they get to her room, Lulu ends up telling Alvaro he should be more responsible as a
roommate and not leave Est alone, he gives in but it isn't long before Alvaro goes trololol do you
know what time it is? you let a wolf into your home and that wolf likes delicious young girls.
Lulu's strong and tells him off which leads him to go aww no fun and leaves. 😂😂😂
Alvaro continues to belittle others and Lulu is watching him like a hawk making sure
he doesn't go too far and well Alvaro tells her there are things she doesn't know about him(no shit)
and things he doesn't know about her anyway they keep meeting at night huehuehue.
It obv he's into Lulu now that she got all da elements and finds this whole time traveling thing fascinating.
Can't tell if trolling right...? right? RIGHT?!
He babbles about how he will make Lulu the happiest person and together we'd be the best couple in
the world so let's fall in love he says meanwhile I am like chotto matte it doesn't work like that bruh!
Lulu's also like you're lying but Alvaro is like no I am not so let's date?(who are you kidding here).
 Lulu's like I've never been in love so why not? not knowing she may walk into a honey trap.
Alvaro wants to know moar about Lulu... well everything incoming innuendo so I started
rolling me eyes because he's just playing mind games on a girl who knows nothing of love.
so he just kisses her to show us he's serious, meanwhile I am like I STILL DO NOT TRUST YOU.
Lulu is obviously troubled by all this because come on its so sudden? what happened to taking it slow dude?
 Anyway Lulu is still a kick ass heroine who will speak her mind but here comes Alvaro
who was invited to her room so now he goes on about how if he goes it would be a long night
after hearing that Lulu is like lol nope i'm not prepared for that stuff see ya later alligator.
Alvaro be so disappoint but it can't be helped if a girl says no its no and so he leaves.
After that Alvaro runs into Bilal who is like somethings おかしい but Alvaro's lying ass says
he's just out for a breath of fresh air, Bilal says he has the same reason ofc Bilal doesn't trust him
and they talk about the whole situation of being used in the war and how they may just be tools for
Solomon and Morgana, cuz it can't be coincidence Lulu was the first to be found by Solo, they both
agree on that but before Alvaro skedaddles off Bilal asks why he's messing with Lulu and to my own
surprise Alvaro replies that he's honestly in love with her and makes it clear Lulu is his and if Bilal
would get in his way he'd kill him. 😱😱😱 Bilal's like ok.jpg do what you want there's nothing
I can do yeah thats right Bilal because it ain't your route! anyway a few nights later...
Alvaro promised he tells Lulu more about himself of how he was an orphan etc, also now that they're
dating he wants Lulu to stop treating everyoneas an equal since he wants to be Lulu's special one.
Its sorta weird to see Alvaro be all mushy when we all know that something is up...
Alvaro still shows of his skillz by going after suspicious dudes around the castle but Lulu stops him
cuz people die when they're killed anyway he apologize for scaring her but he used the excuse
that its to protect her so go figure, some time later the past incarnations of the annoying trio
notice Alvaro's been up to no good and is still a big fat liar liar pants on fire so they force
Lulu to take responsibility of her lover who is like eff this I have a lot of things to do too.😂😂😂
 This route wasn't safe from melodrama about war and stuff but atleast they got into
some sort of romantic relationship so early in the common route even if  Lulu's like
chotto matte I'm not ready for most stuff yet because I don't know much about love. 😅
They ran into a shota who is Ivan's past incarnation and Beatrice the queen is Vania's
past incarnation anyway the shota's is a successor to the throne but his past is awfully similair
to Alvaro so Lulu has a soft spot for him and well drama I can almost not be bothered to mention ensues.

Alvaro motivation for his trollfest shows how immature he is, there was war stuff later on and the trio
died who left a magical egg behind, Alvaro showed his true colors of liking the thrill of killing
and well Lulu is still a kickass heroine that knocked some sense into stupid little Alvaro.👍
Yeah some of his reasons were idiotic but thank god the first half of the route made me
 remind its an otome game after all and without it, it would've been a bust.👌👌👌
Maybe Alvaro's route was better because he was alone and not paired up with someone
so he could give Lulu the time of her life which btw is still freaking weird but you know
 how he goes, in the end Lulu will always be keeping an eye on him to make sure he behaves
thanks to some all seeing spell Julius developed which give Lulu the upperhand
and well she's become quite mischievous s ince she learned from the best, lmao.

Overall I think Alvaro's route was okay?(lol) I was able to focus on it more than others since
I just had to know if he was lying or not but as I got to the actual route I almost lost interest because
he had such a odd reason anyway I can say I enjoyed most of it because it wasn't boring at all 
too bad the events before the route also made Alvaro look like a horny punk, lol.
I loved how Alvaro was like we here in the past so let's date? meanwhile I am like oh lord
what's he up to now? turns out he just want to make Lulu love him and send her back
while he stays and meets a perfect tragic end very funny huh, thank god Lulu was like hahahah no.
Lulu's too pure and innocent... and Alvaro isn't so bad that he doesn't know when to stop.
In the end it was more or less the same, everything you knew about me is a lie(no shit bruh) 
he just does all the trolling to keep things interesting cuz he's bored AF.(again no shit bruh)
Dunno why I wrote down half of Alvaro's common route maybe cuz it was hilarious... sorry for the
wall o text but I still have a love/hate relationship with Alvaro this game didn't change that 
but he's miles better than Bilal actually no scratch that they're both terrible.
 Romance ★★★★☆ (lmao... maybe.)
Plot ★★☆☆☆ (Alvaro y u so stupid?)
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆ (???)

CV: Suzuki Chihiro.
  Gullible little Noel is back along with his pube, also I can never get used to his seiyuu.
this is not in a bad way its just he uses this unique tone and in some cases it fits but IDK.
Oh yeah in case you forgot Noel also has some rivalry with Julius., Noel literally overreacts at
everything cue screaming like a drama queen...while it hilarious it also sad. 😂
When they find Noel in the past he is throwing a fit and acts like he's dying and no longer can go on
turns out he got bitten by some bug which causes him to angst like its the end of the world.
Meanwhile here comes Solo andto tell him its gonna be daijoubu which causes him to go wait
my bad my genius brain made a mistake in analyzing the situation, lol. 😂
Noel's reaction for Lulu's new attire was hilarious, he's clearly the biggest closet pervert and thinks
the design is too sexy but then Julius shows up and calls him out too, Noel just has bad taste?
Nah he just doesn't want to admit Lulu's too sexy for her own good.
Also in Noel's early events its so obvious he has a crush on Lulu just by the way he acts.
Even Noel himself understands he isn't being particularly cool and is causing more trouble than
helping, Lulu of course doesn't mind and Noel keeps her company when she misses Ami because its
times like that you look at the stars because its not that much different in the past or future
it was a pretty cute scene and it made him look so reliable trying to be there for her.
 Noel route is shared with Julius and they often have disagreement and act like
u know my opinion is za besto, no mine is better than urs uuuurgh y won't you understand?
Yeah Julius and Noel argue over stupid stuff too long Lulu has to tell em to cut it out.😅
Sadly Julius and Noel figure out that the period they're in is just b4 the great latinum war
i'm sorry to break it to them but I already knew this fact /shrug.
Later Noel even visits Lulu's room who then gets all flustered seeing her
in her PJ's, Lulu wonders if he's daijoubu? Noel is like pls
don't forget you are a woman and I am a man, Lulu is ok with that lol.
 Also seeing Noel trying to wake up Julius was hilarious, Julius overslept but sleeps
right through all of Noel attempts to wake him up and well its pretty much confirmed
Julius can sleep without a bed and any and all ruckus. 😂😂😂
Noel complaints about this to Lulu and comments he's not a mother for crying out loud, lmao.
Also there was a scene where a woman tried to get too touchy with Noel and Lulu was
like Hiiiiiiiiiiis back off Noel is mine! then the woman went hmm you like him don't you?
Resulting in an adorable Lulu and in turn Noel, I really loved that scene~.
Another funny scene, Noel was raging at the annoying trio for mixing up his and Julius's food, aye
lmao anyway later they had this conversation of staying together and Noel was just asfsfdgfsgsd so cute.
Dis boi iz MINE~
 Also what was the point of making Elberts past incarnations Erwyn so likeable? I knew from Lagi's
route that he wasn't to be trusted but I end up liking Erwyn more than his present time self
even tho I was like uh Noel please save me at one point and well god bless Noel.
Erwyn was cool, sadly 350 years later his reincarnation Elbert became a dorky ball-less sensei, maybe it was for the better.
Sadly the actual route wasn't that fun, Noel no likes war and killing but he gets caught up in shit
mistakes were made & well Noel was made to look even more pathetic and emos more than Lagi.
 I would've hoped Noel wouldn't be as pathetic as in the prologue but alas... T~T
I'm grateful the first half/common route part was fun b4 it went to hell and back.
Its sort of sad Noel is made out to be the laughing stock of the gang but I still love him lots OK?
Noel still gets his mojo back after shit happen and made up with Julius, despite the route having it
ups in downs it was so-so and Noel deserved much better but the writers didn't do it justice at all
besides it was a pain to see Noel be so sad and pathetic, the plot didn't help, i'm ok with a husbando
being less than perfect but the way it went was a pain to watch, in the past magic really saved him
 and i'm glad by the end he was the same old, i'm looking forward to the FD.
 Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

CV: Sakurai Takahiro.
 Nerdy magician is still a nerd and totally into Lulu now that she has all da elements
sadly he still gets caught up in his little world when going about magic oh and in case you forgot
Julius also has a little sister! also his catch phrase is I don't really know. 😂
Julius is probably the only one who had a normal reaction towards Lulu's new clothes instead
of being a closet pervert like Noel he wonders if she won't catch a cold like a true senpai.
Also asfsdgfsgd I missed Sakupyon's voice for Julius he's so sweet he really can do any role.💕
After Bilal and Noel's route I was like how worse can it get? but Julius makes it clear
Lulu is very precious to him and well it sorta got only better and better after that.
Julius just... just hugs her when Lulu was lonery that one night when she usually looks for Ami's
presence, I kid he just want to make sure she doesn't catch a cold in those skimpy
clothes of hers and his mantle is big enough to cover the both of them huehuehue.
It isn't before long he realizes this is becoming troublesome and gets embarrassed
but the nerd doesn't know why, lol.
Unlike Noel's route Lulu decides to deal with a sleepy head Julius herself and well Lulu ends up
being motorboarded... he even wakes up but goes back to sleep since he thinks nothing is wrong with
his new pillow except for this one sweet smell, holy shit how dense can you get?! 💦💦💦
Lily,Sari and Ari walk in on them and end up being like wtf and leave then Est and the others
come in oon them and be like WOW uh excuse me and run off too instead of listening to Lulu
and help her out of this mess they all misunderstand this for some lewd act and leave.😅
Then Alvaro shows up too and leaves them only to come back to say... hey julius I know u awake.
Yeah I know its like wtf, Julius was like oops sorry then Lulu is like damn it why you do this to me?!
 Lulu's titties were perhaps a really comfortable pillow so he couldn't help himself. 😂😂😂
Turn out that wasn't even far from the truth... anyway Lulu has some fine titties. 👌👌👌
Anyway the plot in this route was shared with Noel but much much better which make me glad
I did Julius after Noel's emofest, no offense but I don't even want to call it differently.
 Instead of ignoring Erwyn she perform a miracle for him with her all element power and well later
Julius senpai tells her its gonna be daijoubu, they also found a seed they plant it later after some more drama.
Anyway I am at a loss for words at Julius confession  the cg everything was just perfect...
he just tell Lulu to stay with him because she's precious and without her it just not the same asdsfdsgsfg.
The route itself was better even tho partly shared with Noel going emo over his mistakes
and Solo want to take magic away from humans but since lil Julius loves magic so much
he can't let it happen, Julius thinks he was useless in the war but Lulu reminds him little deeds matter.
IDK but they console each other and they basically just ... make out like crazy and just do the deed.
 In the end Solo & Morgana was like lolK, most of the actual plot wasn't worth mentioning except 
that some of it went into the origins of the school and cornelius who is like some past ver of Julius 
same voice even,who was very buddy buddy with Morgana all that was actual interesting 
also I like how they just basically went from its gonna be daijoubu to let's make out in mere
seconds but they save the actual deed for in the future lmao, embarrassed Julius is so cute.
I admit I am grateful I saved this route for later because I just enjoy it more than others
also I usually don't care for poster boys but the combination of personality and seiyuu makes
Julius up the ranks compared to most WoF boys, yeah sure I like Lagi and Noel too but Julius's so 👌.
Yep Julius route was much much much more bearable than Noels... but that also sad to see such bias
the proposal was perfect FD where?! give it to meeeeee his tragic end wasn't so bad 
but felt more like friendzone end... I no want to see Julius so sad so welp best end it is.
Honestly I think the plot may have been a little boring... but its decent.

TL;DR Julius was just a horny dog with a fluff of angst, all in all it was worth it.

 Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★★★

CV: Shinnosuke Tachibana.
A mysterious kind man and the first person Lulu meets when she wakes up after the incident with
 the loupe, atleast Solo-mon is aware his name is too long and shortenes it to Solo right away.
 Also dat Shinnosuke Tachibana he does an amazing job voicing Solo~.
Solo also has this goblin sidekick called Peru-sona(persona) whom he dubs Peru who's quite strict.
Also Peru sounds like the dude from the shop in the first WoF game.
Anyway Solo helps Lulu get back up on her feet to get everyone back to the present.
Solo is that one weirdo who finds simple things like Lulu's tears pretty because they are a fragment
of her feelings he also find the whole gang interesting because they are from the future anyway
 Solo is an ancient one with all the elements under his wing who can't die, he's lived so long
he things everything is decided by fate to the point he doesn't even try anymore and the people
around latinum have a soft spot for him too giving him food when he just lies there waiting for doom.
but isn't it suspicious Solo was the first person Lulu meets in the past? hmm I think so atleast.
That one night Lulu is lonely Solo comes in like he's stoned and he wanted to see her face
but leaves once he realized it was bed time, aye lmao.
Lulu's like screw that I'm going to follow him but Peru cockblocks her and she goes back.
When Solo releases the seal on Est, Lulu decides to confront Solo that he's being too insensitive
and later after lights out Lulu finds Solo lying on the cold floor of the grand hall.
Solo clearly had too much weed(lmao i'm sorry), when Lulu calls out to him he begins
talking about memories that remain, repeating... what tf he did wrong, Lulu wonders why
and it because no one ever told him he did something wrong so he's confused as hell
Lulu ends up apologizing for the scolding she did before and the two make up.
Despite all that Solo is a chill dude who wonders where Lulu is getting all that energy from
since Solo finds all this scavenge hunting extremely tiring but still helps out because its fun
to do something different, one day the two take a break and in case you still haven't
realized even ancients forget things, after living for god knows how long
he doesn't even know what he likes or dislikes but he definitely likes Lulu and Peru.
Solo also goes on about how fate decides how long as he's needed and if he isn't he'll die
and he wouldn't mind that but then townspeople give the starving man food so that must mean
this world needs me still but he has no desires yet, lmao can u see were this is going.
Later Solo babbles more about life and death, about how this tree has been around since Solo
was little but its also nearing its end and how Peru his goblin minion is also the last of his kind
and if he dies his kind will go extinct and that must be his fate, Lulu wonders if humans
will also end up like that and really all this talk is too much for Lulu-chan so she just hugs him
to see the difference and he just has a normal heartbeat I'd prolly do the same
this stuff is so damn depressing but Solo just goes roflmao at Lulu for acting like that.
 Later he noticed how much of a genki girl Lulu is and how she makes the people
around her happy including Solo, this makes Lulu embarrassed, he's also surprised how
she's not afraid of magic despite it being powerful, well dummy that cuz Lulu loves magic a lot
Solo wonders how she'd react if magic would go away... then she'd just search for other happiness?
Lulu's not the type to give up easily you dummy even without magic.
Overall Solo seems so knowledgeable but he frequently derps because of that, the route was also tied
to Est but never went into the origin stuff, it more or less focused on Solo's part.
Lulu realizes she doesn't understand this derp at all(same).
Solo's route was definitely interesting because he's different and people weren't kidding this route
was best saved for last, Solo's a precious cinnamon roll too good and too pure for this world.
Solo lived way too long for his own good and sorta closed his heart off but was able to open up again
after seeing how Lulu's feelings reached Mira who in turn help Lulu understand Solo a little
and how Lulu just can't leave this boi behind because she fell for this hetare ancient this route
 also had interesting tidbits on Morgana and the sages, Solo's everything is decided by fate thing
was so sad so I was waiting for the moment Lulu would act and tell him ur fate is to be with me
cuz I love you, smooch i'm glad that scene happened the way it did.
  Which left him flabbergasted only to say it impossible but Lulu motivated him to do his best
at all times even if they're bad, the scenes before the epilogue were pretty sad too.
This route was slow/boring at first since he shares so much with Est but got better after 50+ turns of
scavenge hunting I just wish he had more memorable events in the common route instead of him
just being a derp, atleast we got to skip over most of the war stuff from Est side but it sad 
Solo got real sweet in the end but then it was already over he waited for so long too.😭😭😭
FD please, I want to spend more time with this dork without drama also what
do you mean Solo being like my job here is done in every route that so unfair. T~T 
Also you know that LULU IS BEST HEROINE when she's the one motivating the guy
Lulu's so 👌👌👌 fine, it also obv Solo is the OTP of this game.
 Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★★☆
Enjoyment overall ★★★★★

 After you do all routes you can do the harem end as a formal conclusion to this entry.
-Sadly the monsters found it funny to keep intruding on my search for ores and thus I had to use
backlog/reload x 9000 times to get the ores I needed esp in the beginning b4 I made stones to even repel them. 
Also good luck getting ores... getting big harvest is random get too less...  hello bad end.
I wasn't the only one that was having trouble, someone else got 78 stones 
but with a little luck it rose to 80+ quickly  TL;DR screw RNG, it really is
 luck based, fun way to the end the game amiright? (ಠ益ಠ) -
We get to see scenes of how the people back in the present are doing Edgar's having a panic attack
and Vania and Ivan want to know wut the hell happened, Edgar blames himsellf but they tell him to
calm down, even Ami needs to tell him that something else was at work when he wakes up.
30 turns of bullcrap scavenging hunting later, Ami studies hard and asks Varona what tf is going on
but she tells her they'll surely come back, Ami uses some telepathy spell to contact Lulu in the past
and they're both glad to speak to another, well when Lulu makes 80 stones she has a eureka moment
and along with Solo starts to see all of the dudes problems in their own routes but solo is like
ur job here is done and go back to the future, the war is not a problem ya'll should face.
Due to all the suffering  that is gathering all the stones Lulu's magic was over 9000
so they were able to send everyone back and like every route Solo gives Lulu her wand back
 that he fixed for her, on the way back she remembers her grandma's words, back home everyone
is glad they're back except maybe Alvaro but u know how he is, Solo's safe & sound too.
Ami gave Lulu some peptalk much like Lulu supported her at WoF1 there's really no romance
or anything since Lulu's friends are all important and she loves all of them no matter what.
They also explained the whole deal with the loupe but I feel that is better found out on your own.
Like every route there's a 3 year skip Lulu graduates and she's the best mage there ever was except
that she doesn't ended up with anyone but that ok Lulu loves everyone so for this end its forgiven.
 This really was Lulu's ending, showing that through good and bad times she will always
have people to support her awesome all element powers even if some are faraway.
Well atleast it solves everything and doesn't make it so that there's something unfinished.
  Romance ☆☆☆☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆(Decent conclusion)
Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆(RNG aside it was fine)

Fav Route:
Solo > Julius > Est > Lagi  > Alvaro > Noel > Bilal.
Bilal had the most boring route, I barely remember anything except ancestral sins
and a pissed off water dragon, Lagi's part of it was a whole lot better despite him going emo.
Solo&Est route was actually interesting, Alvaro's was fun at first but... uh I just knew sth was up
 all along since his behavior is just odd and the reasoning was behind said actions were a little stupid.
Noel's was ok, he's hilarious and cute early on which is why I have developed a soft spot for Noel😗
but Noel being more emo than Lagi ever was and due to that his route was a drag and not fun
which is fine development wise but can't help to just rank it lower.
Really tho for Noel and Bilal I barely even remember much about it all except that it worked out. ~_~
Overall Julius was just 👌👌👌 definitely one of the better routes along with Solo
who I think is the whole reason for this sequel? Solo you lucky boy.
I think everyone got a decent amount of development in WoF2, its not all fun
but atleast some routes handle it better in the beginning.

Fav Character:
Julius > Solo > Lagi > Est / Noel > Alvaro > Bilal.

Final thoughts
After two weeks I am done! that's less than the prequel... so that another good thing?!
 I do not know where to start, there are so many bad&good things about this sequel it manages to be ok.
The system was more relaxed than the original WoF2 but it wasn't that great either, I swear
I just spend more time complaining bout this than anything else but it ok we all know it sucks.
Most of the overall plot was pretty meh not like the original wof was much better so I had hard time
to stay focused, I do not think its a secret when chara talk about war and shit that I just get bored?
The problem was the way they presented it because in some cases I don't mind but atleast
some of the other stuff was good also lol @ grandfinale's the war don't concern u
everything solved within the snap of a finger but I shouldn't complain about that... right? lol.
Not all of it was bad, the plot was ok for one about time travel it actually pretty consistent
but even then there might be a hole here or there.
Its sad that in most route I only like a few scenes here and there plus the endings... only Solo's
route managed to make me a little emotional but somehow I still enjoyed most of this game
Julius, Solo and maybe Est left the biggest impressions on me that for sure.
The BGM was a relic from the past that didn't help at all and grating at times I am sorta grateful
otomate/idea factory learned from this in their newer games, there really was only one
 awesome track in the whole game but it felt like it was straight out of an rpg game.
The system was pretty wasteful its just the same thing over and over its like farming items
in rpg except its just boring, there were some events in the common route but still lots of copypasta
like having to use the items you make like that damned mirror to repel a cockatrice or use a
magic flute, I also do not need watch them clear up the fog in every route just with another chara.
Of course more copy pasta events at the end of turn 50+ where you have to do more key events
 to fight kraken,griffons and sylphs but its the same with every character
to the point I force skip said scenes if I am too tired for it. _(:3」∠)_
Atleast the chibi's were cute but man sitting through 50 turns of bullcrap x7 no thank you.
I sincerly hope to never come across a system that only drags out the vn part, really
WoF1/2 isn't even that long but the system make it twice as long as its supposed to be, there 
were some fun common route events along the way but not every chara had great ones.
Super glad otomate learned with yuukyuu no tierblade because that system was to the point.
Y does Alvaro look like he just found a new toy to ruin? this is terrifying.
To be fair WoF2 system was straightforward,the stone collecting wasn't annoying
outside of grand finale I never had trouble getting enough for the best end and since
you can make more than one stone at once now, I don't think the system here was ever
 annoying except RNG doragon just doing the same thing may bore you.
I think overall the prequel was more fun scenario wise(except the system) than the emofest that is this sequel but that chara development is just too good to pass up on even if some route are eh
atleast this game gives more closure to their routes than its prequel which only hints at more.
Yep! best part of the sequel is obviously the character development, we all know
how the original WoF hint at certain facts well this is where they came in!
I can't say it was handled that well for some because in the case of Bilal who annoyed me
not to mention boring and Noel was just made plain pathetic which is sad because I actually like him.
I suppose its good to find your real favs because a year back I had a hard time picking
a favorite because everyone was so likeable but still why all the emoness?
-Yeah none of the guys in WoF are perfect this game teach us that fact more than anything
but I don't think the execution was all that great  even if it is to make them mentally grow up 
still its bad that I couldn't care about half of the routes plot? the bgm made my concentration worse.-
In the end I can only recommend WoF2 to WoF fans that want more out of the characters
but if you were satisfied with the original then give this a pass? if you want more wof go for it...😅
Lulu was a great heroine once again but she shines less brighter due to circumstances
and often needs a little support in the beginning because best friend Ami where, her friends are so important to her but its sad the true end made something she already knew even more clear to her.
Well I still like Lulu but she was less genki here, also I think she's too pure and maybe childish.
I did like how the characters grow up, grown up Lagi or Est are hot but it looks off to me i'm looking
forward to spending more time with them at the FD? epilogue was too short to get used to them
and I think Julius, Solo and Noel was the only one that looked natural to me.
Also after completing this I sure want that FD because gosh this game really needs one. ლ(ಠωಠ ლ)
TL;DR overall plot here and there may not have been compelling but some of the character
development and past was interesting enough and made it all the more worthwhile, a must for WoF fans.

Characters ★★★★☆ (Most of the chara development was great)
Art  ★★★★★ (Need I say more?)
Scenario/plot ★★★☆☆(Its ok but some of it left to be desired)
Music ★☆☆☆☆ (Meh...)
System  ★★☆☆☆(Its OK but yeah the RNG encounter rate...)
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆ (Its WoF... do it for the boys and Lulu)

On another note...
I don't know if WoF series will ever get localized as is but with otomate porting popular entry to ps4
one can hope the WoFR remakes are coming too this all in all makes it easier to localize.😄
 Also its a complete mystery if Wof2FD will get ported... otomate closed the WoF staff blog
but I hope it just means they do not have anything worthwhile to say right now
it would be such a low blow to leave us hanging like this, i've already ordered a cheap psp copy
cuz I can't wait only to possible be let down, so I'll cover that FD some months to a year later. 😄
(Even if they port do they wof2fd I wouldn't be mad... I wouldn't mind a limited edition)

Anyway there's still plenty of time till the next otome i've set my eyes on comes out
maybe I'll do BWS next or go through psp backlog, maybe get that Exile Election game, chao.


  1. Thanks for the review... I think its more than obvious WoF fans don't want
    to miss out on this if they already played the prequel, I doubt I could get
    into this series personally... the system of the prequel seems too much of a hassle and that digest won't cover the full experience so I think i'll give
    this series a pass unless it will get localized.

  2. Thank you for the review!
    I don't know that R2 didn't contain the FD....
    it's shocking since I preorder limited edition because I think
    it would be like WOFR (has FD).
    Now I hope I get a normal edition instead.
    Anyway, good job on finishing this game!
    I know how frustating RNG is, but since I love the characters,
    maybe I can get some patience there.