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Eikoku Tantei Mysteria the Crown - Review

英国探偵ミステリア The Crown
Game: [Eikoku Tantei Mysteria the Crown]
English title: English Detective Mysteria.
Genre: Otome game Visual Novel.
Developer/Publisher: Karin entertainment.
Platform:  PSP, PS Vita.
Official Site:
Release date: 2016-02-11

So here we go, my 2nd Karin otomege, I have to say that I really like the setting and everything for this one.
 Apparently for the vita port's new content they replaced some seiyuus with newer ones.
Farewell Kimura Ryouhei.
 Honestly I have no clue why, but I do like that they give newer seiyuu's a chance.

I really liked Mysteria, but still no otomege is perfect also let me add that
this game is so unfinished its not even funny. 

Recommended play order:
Akechi > Kobayashi > Sara > Normal end > Watson > Holmes > Jack > Lupin > Truth.

 - Setting.
- The main cast is likeable.
- Interesting story even though its unfinished.
- humor.
- Character route is decent in length and does not overlap.
- Unique Seiyuu cast.
- Voiced heroine.
- Art and BGM.
- Holmes and Jack are moe as hell.

- Long common route.
- Kobayashi and Sara deserved a longer route or just a better ending.
- In most routes the romance and plot is not very well balanced.
- There might be some things you will go huh oh is that so at.
 - Pendleton.
- Not all of the choices are integrated into the mystery part of the plot which is a disappointment.
(For example like in Akechi's route and others, there aren't a lot of choices... I hope you get what I mean)
- Why was Lupin the only one who got a decent route, that is not fair.

Spoiler warning for the rest of the post. 

Man, was this game LONG... but it was really FUN! (For the most part atleast.)
Actually its not that long, it took me like 3 and a half days to get through the common route, which
means I basically got most of it behind me since there is a wonderful
skip to the next choice feature that doesn't skip unread text, which more otome games need, lol.

Since you can't do Lupin and Jack on your first play...(Sigh, but actually i'm grateful for this)
So in the end I had to settle for the other megane Akechi.
I had my eyes on Lupin from the start but man was I glad I got Akechi out of the way...

So my play order WAS going like this.
Akechi  > Lupin > Sara > Kobayashi > Jack > Watson  > Holmes  > Truth
However after consulting google for a recommended play order for this game I got this.
Akechi & Kobayashi > Sara >  Normal end > Watson > Holmes JR > Jack > Lupin JR > Truth.
Thanks for confirming to do Akechi first, oh Lupin baby motivate me please.

Since this game also suffered from a pretty long common route, some of the
character routes are more balanced with romance and plot than others, sigh just like Oyayubihime.
Stares at Lupin... no its not like I'm biased about his route or anything its just that Karin's writers are.
Unfortunately half of this otomege like Oyayubihime was once again more like a straight-forward VN.
  Karin why you do this?
The otome bits came in pretty late, except for Lupin's route as imho it was the most otome out of
all of them, lol Karin is so biased(more on that later) but thankfully it was way more consistent, no miracle flowerpower this time, which made everything much better, I do like that the common route is used to introduce everyone and is actually a decent setup for the routes, even tho it was kind of boring.
Sure the common route loses its charm later on future play but its the first time that counts right?
TBH some of the common route chapter/cases did feel like filler especiallycase/chapter 5 and 7.
I know case 7 was to introduce Ms. Hudson but at the end the whole thing felt so meaningless.
Also chapter 11(Akechi) was pretty pointless as well, lol.
This really makes me question the writing but eh, I think its still okay.
Emily really is a great heroine, she's pretty, got brains and also fully voiced which
 I think is awesome because it really makes the heroine stand out but she always getting into
trouble and be saved by someone, ah yes damsel in distress syndrome.
Like in some routes she was kind of stupid but eh so are most heroines in these type of games.
They have to create a situation were the guy has to save the heroine right?
So we can have action and a bittersweet reunion, lol.
Other than that Emily can be a badass, especially in Lupin's route.
I wish every otomege heroine was voiced but alas... thats not going to happen.

 As for Holmes and Watson, I like them both as they're good kids but I just cannot get used to Holmes voice...
Is it just me? maybe...
Left Watson JR and to the right Holmes JR.
Ack.. Megane!Lupin is so cute!
Right... Pendleton you're on the suspicious persons list.
Jack... don't do this, stop.
He's like 90% cute and 10% creepy/mysterious.
No I told you to stop being so cute I can't take it anymore...!

Kobayashi and Akechi are so cool!
Akechi:No buts and Kobayashi stop calling me Ken-chan its Akechi.
Emily: Pleased to meet you... Kobayashi, Ken-chan!

 Character & Route + thoughs.
There are spoilers for the normal end and Sara's ending.
 Akechi Kenichirou, CV Miura Hiroaki.
Yes japan is amazing.
I like this guy I really do but the route wasn't that good in some areas.
He's a jerk, more like he's a fine uptight gentleman with a stick up his butt 90% of the time but
 on the bright side he can be cute oh and samurai-kun is also pretty awesome at times.
The problem with Akechi is that while he has a cute side it only shows up for 5+ seconds
 before it disappears and then he's back to being an uptight gentleman, lol.
His route was kind of boring in some parts, I almost fell asleep and I can totally see why some  people don't like it.
Emily was pretty stupid/useless in this route, I mean why would she go out ON HER OWN
to investigate that shady church? due to that she got captured for like half of the route, lol. 
So Akechi and Kobayashi have to save her... >_>
I don't hate Akechi but everytime Akechi tried to confess his feelings to Emily
someone had to interrupt him and its not once but twice, I really hate that if its multiple times.
It only delayed the inevitable and that is lame because it happened in such a short amount of time.
I'm just glad the cockblocking stopped when it did... cuz despite that, his ending was bittersweet.
Due to this I can totally see why people recommend to do Akechi's route first and they're not wrong.
Romance wise Akechi's route gets a C, he was cute but I just couldn't feel it for the most part 
and when it happened it was already too late. ( ´_ゝ`)

Romance ★★☆☆☆
Plot ★★☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆
 ♥ ♥
  Kobayashi Seiji CV Toyonaga Toshiyuki/Yamaya Yoshitaka.
Kobayashi is a cutie-pie, if only he got a better route/end...
He's a cutie-pie, but his route doesn't solve anything so it felt pointless nor was it that romantic.
If only his path wasn't tied to Akechi(duh he's his side kick) but Kobayashi is a really great guy.
I don't got much to say about it... it wasn't that different from Akechi's route since it branched
from Akechi's sad end path but other than that it really wasn't anything special plot wise.
I admit that Kobayashi was awesome but eh... what was the point?
Karin if you're gonna give him an ending atleast put some effort into it, don't give me the: 
Emily will you wait for me untill I become an adult and when the time comes I'd like to be your assistant!
Sigh... Kobayashi deserved better but for whatever its worth the little time you spend with him is still fun.
I am by no means satisfied with his short route and ending but I'll take what I can get.
Romance wise Kobayashi's end gets a D.

For what its worth it was a nice detour... but it ended so openly which makes me sad.
Romance ★☆☆☆☆
Plot ★☆☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★☆☆☆
♥ ♥
  Sara Marple CV Honda Mariko/Yoshioka Maya.
Yuri route? no it wasn't like that at all, it was nothing more than a friend end.
Which is fine by me, why can't girls just be friends?! atleast it was subtle
you can think more of it if you want but it really wasn't that much. 
 I like Sara as a character but it was too short to go into anything, It was like half an our long...
I dunno Sara in general was just kinda there, like Emily's loyal dog? lol idk... it was cute I guess?
Because it was so short, I could easily write down what happened.
After the group picknick, Sara stops Emily from getting lost in the fog like a good dog would do.
Nothing major happens at all, Sara just invites Emily over to her house for tea and sweets.
Oh and Pendleton is also there, what would we do without the best butler ever? lol.
They eventually graduate and Emily doesn't know what to do next, Sara tells her Emily
she can stick around her and that Sara will protect her, lol ok.
I don't hate or dislike Sara but she's last on my list, its just too short! might as well not give her a route then! 
To me this was just like another common route chapter, which actually makes it alot better.
  Romance wise Sara's route gets an F, lol okay maybe its unrateable.
Well cute girls doing cute things, nothing else really.
 Romance ☆☆☆☆☆
Plot ★☆☆☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★☆☆

Baker Street ending(Normal end)
Atleast this ending was longer than Sara's, still short like the average common route chapter. 
So since this was also short, I can do another short summary.
After the picknick Holmes offers to help her clean up as he also compliments
 her on her talent as a detective, it gets foggy and Emily gets separated from everyone like in every route.
Skip ahead to where Shady(sensei) goes on about a music festival, sadly
Holmes and Watson must participate this year, lol.
 Apparently Holmes is good with the Violin and Watson with the Piano...
 Well there we have it we know why they're chosen this year, lol.
Later that night when Emily receives a suspicious package... which went tictoc...
Like the chapters title suggested, it turned out to be a bomb.
 Luckily Pendleton saves the day before anything bad happens, thats the best butler for you. :P
Emily can't forget it however and is a bit freaked out about it, she tries to hide it from the others at school but...
That's Holmes for you, can't hide anything from him, lmao.
 Emily doesn't want to trouble anyone and even wants to take a leave from school for awhile.
Holmes and Watson convince her to continue to go to school while the two
try their best to be her bodyguards,when Pendleton can't, lol.
Everyone else be like yo, wtf  gurl what happened? since when did you end up in a 3p? lol.
 Everything goes well but since the music festival is coming up soon, they can't
watch her all the time because they need to practice so they ask Jack to take over
for them, while they practice in the room next doors.
 As it turns out Holmes isn't good with the violin at all, Watson is all good though...
Holmes definitely needs more practice, lol. 
This noise, its really violent...
 You thought all is well that ends well right? well no... the next day a weird
ticking noise comes from the classroom and well you guessed it, its another bomb.
Holmes swiftly throws it out of the window b4 anything bad happens.
 Everyone freaks out and so Emily tries to explain the situation, her friends
however promise to help her out to get to the bottom of this!
 Turns out some dude named Moran is behind it, Holmes knows him from one of his fathers cases.
 Emily is worried as hell that this'll happen again but nothing happens for a while.
So on the day of the festival Emily notices Moran among the people watching the stage...
 Luckily Holmes comes to her rescue right away, what a knight in shining armor he is lol.
 Papa Holmes also confronts Moran, to not do anything stupid but low and behold!
 During Holmes and Watson's performance, some kid from Emily's class approaches Emily
 saying he knows where the bomb is, Emily follows him however Watson and Holmes notice
 something is up and ditch the performance so Pendleton has to step in, lol.
To everyones suprise the kid is the bomberman...
 Ofcourse like every bomb story, they can't disarm it till the last minute so all is well that ends well.
 Holmes Jr lashes out at the kid for putting everyone in danger for being part of Moran's plan, the kid couldn't take it anymore so he killed himself? they later pay their respect to him.
 I assume Moran gets arrested cuz after this no more bomb accidents happen.
In the end Emily gets a private performance from Holmes and Watson.
  Well I have to say that I actually liked the plot for the normal end, while it was short
 in my honest opinion the plot here was actually better than Akechi's route.
Anyway I'm glad I got these two short routes out of the way.
Romance wise the normal ending gets a E, what romance? more like whoops! friendzoned.
Yeah I guess this was like a harem end with Holmes and Watson... 
 Romance ☆☆☆☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆

William H Watson JR, CV Kimura Ryouhei/Shirai Yuusuke.
 I like him, he's such a dork and a cutie-pie but then I found out he got childhood friend syndrome, I had
hoped Karin would avoid this trope for once but alas there is no escape, lol.
Childhood friend syndrome aside, his route was really great its one of the few routes 
were I felt the romance was actually coming along nicely.
His route starts out quite light hearted but then gets really dark, I was like woah.
Anyway I really liked this route imo the plot was decent, I got almost nothing to complain about.
Watson wasn't uncool at all yet he was angsting about it at one part, lol.
I also find it funny how Watson never realized who Jack the ripper was, I mean dude
he looked just like Jack Millers from skool, plz Watson y u such a baka?
Other than that I still like him, yeah I do? you got a problem with that? :P
Also I really think Watson is the OTP, because dat childhood promise and the way it ended.

Watson is the best, too bad Pendleton's timing sucked in this scene(Thank the heavens this is not the ending) it ruined a perfectly good scene, lol.
 Sorry, just had to mention that... anyway Watson is da best so far despite being a dork, I really
 liked this route and I don't usually like childhood friend routes but this was really good imo.
 Maybe its cuz I was shipping them so hard, lmao.
Yep I was basically shipping them so hard, I didn't even care about the plot, no I don't even remember it.
Romance wise Watson's route gets a B+
Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
(Sh)Erlock Holmes JR, CV Suzuki Chihiro.
Fite me
His voice is something else, I just can't get used to it but other than that he's kind of like Akechi.
 Yep most of the time he's just so uptight, mr know it all with his amazing deduction skillz.
Holmes route was also slightly longer than the other routes so far... sasuga main character.
I thought Akechi was cute at times but Holmes? oh boy he's just MOE.♥
Sadly he suffers from the same problem Akechi has, the cuteness isn't shown nearly enough.
I still think Holmes is cuter though... but once you know Holmes is such a cutie nothing else matters NOTHING.
It should be illegal for holmes to be this cute...
 Lupin JR was pretty awesome in this route he's a top tier phantom thief, he got skillz yo!
There is nothing he can't steal, well except Emily's heart in this route atleast, lol.
But at the same time he was a huge jerk to Holmes, the rivalry is real, lmao.
Emily was also pretty great in this route, she ain't got the time to sit around in a cage this time.
I really loved this whole chapter with Lupin in Holmes route, it was the best.
The rest of the route was alright, I think I may be slightly biased for Holmes now though.
He's trying his hardest not to involve Emily further into the case he's pursuing cuz lol
they'd be dangerous people and they got Watson so in the end Hudson tells Emily about all the shit
that happened then Emily and the rest end up saving Holmes's ass and Watson's lol.
Shit happens and well all's well that ends well I guess? its not the best resolution though.
Ya know I thought Watson's route was decent but this takes the cake, while it had a slow start it was really fun.
Okay at some points near the end of the route the writing derped but I was like who cares?
IDK what the heck Karin was on when they wrote Akechi's route and honestly I don't wanna know, lol.
So far the routes after Akechi's are much better, I dunno if its just me though...
The ending was so cute though, Sara was the best, but that cat, lol.
The only bad part about Holmes's route is that the mystery and link to the evil organization spellbound
flies out of the ***king window along with Moran, in the end we didn't find out much.
So in the end everything is alright, like I felt that the meaning behind it was somthing like this:
 Holmes its ok, you don't need to be as good as your father don't push yourself, you are who you are!
Oh well Holmes ends up with Emily and nothing else matters right?
*Rolls eyes*
Romance wise Holmes's route gets a B+.
Romance ★★★★☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆
♥ ♥ ♥

Jack Millers, CV Fujiwara Yuuki/Nakazawa Masatomo.
Cute, mysterious and a bit creepy but thankfully he's made of 99% moe.♥
 Jack... despite his appearance he is so freaking moe... just LOOK at him.
His route was pretty dark compared to the others though, its is also the only one with bad ends.
Despite being darker it didn't stop Jack from being an adorable moeblob.
While the plot was really good in this route however that same plot was cockblocking Jack from seeing Emily, oh Karin please will you stop that? there were no annoying cockblocks otherwise though.
Also there was this NPC guard named ビーフィーター.
 Beef eater? lol please idk how else to romanize it.
Karin did you run out of names for your NPC's?  this is a strange one, lmao.
(Actually after googling, no its not just a random name but an alias for Yeomen Warders)
Jack is one of the best guys though, he's a good kiddo, everyone except Emily is just stupid for over half of the route.
I don't have much to say about it Jack's route had its ups and downs, but in the end it was pretty good.
But after this route I really want to know who Pendleton is... the guy is just so mysterious!
Romance wise Jack's route gets a B.
 Romance ★★★☆☆
Plot ★★★☆☆
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆ ♥ ♥ ♥

Jean Lupin JR, CV Matsukaze Masaya .
Kyaaah Megane!Lupin is SO CUTE! Be careful son, she might find out who you really are.
Megane!Lupin is really cute but once night time hits and he loses those glasses
 he turns into a dashing gentleman and he can steal EVERYTHING. ♥
This is the most balanced route in the whole game... and no I am not biased yet.
Okay maybe I am since I do like him but let's get to the point.
I don't know how to put it but... is Karin biased towards Lupin or something?
Like I am not even on his route yet he manages to steal a kiss with CG, imagine picking
that choice when going for other characters, welp Emily's precious first kissu gone, lmao.
I mean in all of the other route it develops so slow and it focus more on plot, but here?
nope its balanced out quite nicely, sasuga phantom thief.
I also lost count of how many times Lupin kissed Emily, rofl... this is so unfair
compared to the other guys, why oh why couldn't you balance it out for the other routes as well Karin?
Also Karin i'm still not over all the cockblocking that happen in the other routes but this
guy gets special treatment, gosh I can see why most people (including me) love Lupin.
 Le digest:
(Just the things that stood out.)
 After Emily invites all her friends over for tea, Lupin plans to steal some painting from her house, lol.
Pendleton got owned by Lupin, sasuga... and Emily was also so freaking awesome.
Why couldn't she always be like that.
Don't move a muscle, Lupin. Too bad our phantom thief isn't going to get caught so easily, lol.
This route in general was just so good, also Karin are you sure this is cero c?
 Emily trips and ends up falling offa cliff, Lupin catches her and twist his ankle in da process.
they both wet cuz they fall into da water, Lupin fights some wolves off and well this happened, lol.
Ofcourse she was embarrased cuz she's naked in a man's arm who's trying to dry her up.
(Gawd that sounded wrong...)

Anyway Lupin had an awesome showdown with moriarty, but ofcourse Emily had
to go and stop his little act of revenge cuz of his mom, they flee and Lupin leaves for a while but
one day he comes to her and steals her away wwww.
The ending was hilarious, it came out of nowhere but I kind of expected something like that.
In the end... he gives her a really wet kiss.
Don't hold back, >//////<
This really was the most otome route in the whole game...
Its also sad how Lupin is the only one who confronts Moriarty the other guys
don't even come close which is kind of sad and makes me question the writing even more.
 Also you won't believe how many freaking CG's his final chapter/epilogue had, geez.
Karin is so biased so biased towards Lupin, all the cockblocks in the other routes make sense now.
Okay maybe they don't but now while I really like Lupin I still have one serious question of...
Why why why why why why why why?!
Why couldn't Karin put more effort into everyone elses route?
Lmao, I don't think I've ever played a game that had one amazing route and the rest was kind of like are shit
compared to that... sigh I really wish Karin made everyones route as awesome as Lupin's was, I really do.
 Romance wise this route gets an S(A++).
 Romance ★★★★★
Plot ★★★★★
 Enjoyment overall ★★★★★ ~

Truth end
 It continues from the normal ending? I thought that was obvious, not?
Like this is the extension and she doesn't end up with anyone, after doing all the route
you should've gotten the hints by now, too bad Professor Moriarty got away for now I didn't like that.
Still I can believe that Moriarty is just that criminal who's better off
not getting caught by a bunch of kids cuz it might cause more issues. >_>
They'd have to roll spellbound up entirely which might be too much for this game...
I mean he's da leader of a syndicate, but in the end Emily keeps chasing after Spellbound & Moriarty.
 Anyway the suspense was good though and I really liked how everyone came together for the finale.
The end itself was pretty funny, dat harem, Karin did fail to explain some things properly though.
Man talk about open ended, lol.
So about the other Moriarty, Edward....
 I like you already.... aaaaaaaah y u no have route? I want to set you on the right path!

WHY couldn't you show up more?
 Too bad Edward didn't have much presence in the truth end, why he's an amusing guy. >_>
Or did I miss something? Karin please don't introduce a character in the finale and 
do absolutely nothing with him other than make him funny and to tease for what is to come.
 This must've sucked in the PSP version cuz that don't get the extra chapter for each route 
including the truth one which for some might make things worse.

Le harem
There are also new after stories for the vita port, but... I don't feel like going into those in this post.
I'll probably make a separate post.

 Final Thoughts
Eikoku Tantei Mysteria

 Roflmao, I really did expect something like that and it being an otome ofcourse but what did I get?
Young Sherlock in ye old england, school shenanigans with some slight hints of Kuroshitsuji
because everyone was awesome but out of all route Lupin having the best plot
so thats where my sherlupin comes from.
 (Also Pendleton is one hell of a butler)

Enjoyment of route ranking:
Lupin >Holmes>Watson & Jack*Tie* >Normal/Truth ending>Akechi & Kobayashi>Sara.
Character ranking:
Lupin > Jack >Holmes > Watson > Kobayashi > Akechi > Sara.
Yep Lupin, Jack and Holmes are pretty much my favorites.

The ending I liked the most are Lupin and Watson's they had imo the happiest one.
As for fav character it's Jack, Lupin and Holmes.

Where to start, I really liked Mysteria, but still no otomege is perfect.
Most of the mystery part was lacking at times, but still okay they tried okay?
Like holy shit there was always  someone or something cockblocking the couple atleast once in  every main route, lmao. 
At Akechi's route it was Kobayashi AND Pendleton, In Watson's it was once again Pendleton...
In Holmes route it was a ***king cat and Jack? how about the plot itself? if you know what I mean.
The only exception was Lupin (and in a way Jack), like wow it had none of that shit, lol.

I really do recommend this otomege if you like mystery that is, they do come up with some
pretty boring sub plots in both in the common route and some of the *chara route.
*Hint, Akechi and well Sara's was just way too short so short nothing happened at all.*
Some routes are just once again better written as others, sigh.
Well just look at my route ranking if you're in doubt, lol.
I'm still glad all of the routes are original this time, instead of like oyayubi-hime where half of them overlap, lol
I really liked all of the route with Akechi being last on the list because imo it was the weakest
but still it was decent, he's cute but eh I have mixed feelings about him, his after story was ok.
Other than that the rest of the routes are good, Akechi's just bottom tier for me atleast.
 Still I think its sad that Lupin's route is the only route that balanced the romance and plot so well...
Karin so biased...
Lupin and Emily have some great chemistry going on too, I really liked that.
Watson I can hear you crying but you gotta deal with it. 
 Oh and before I forget the villains are pieces of shit, especially Moron whoops I meant Moran.
Well they're villains after all, out of all of them I only liked Edward Moriarty.
(For what little screen time he had... sigh Karin why?)
Anyway I still don't know who Pendleton is... did I miss something? maybe.
Some parts may've been balls but a lot of other aspects saved it all I can say is
 if you like detective stories and otome games this might be worth a pick
even if maybe there are more well rounded games.
 Man...  I don't know what to say anymore. XD
In the end I liked all the guys in this otomege even though imo not all of the routes are that good.
 Despite some of its issues this is a great otomege, don't miss out on it because its definitely a gem!
It wasn't half bad but please Karin be fair to the other guys, not just Lupin. T_T 
Despite not liking some of the after story, (which I made a dedicted post for)I especially
disliked the grand after cuz dat cliff hanger but I still look
forward to the inevitable sequel, like seriously I want a decent conclusion.
Characters ★★★★☆
Art  ★★★★☆(Its good.)
Scenario/plot. ★★★☆☆(OK but unfinished.)
Music★★★★☆ (Good, fits the setting.)
System  ★★★☆☆ (Comfy...)
Enjoyment overall ★★★★☆(Fun... sequel where?)~

Also the PSP version was supposedly picked up for localization but before xseed could 
announce anything(they teased it) the deal with the dev(Karin) broke down...
I have my thoughts on why it broke down, perhaps the japanese publisher for the psp game(Marvelous), went behind Karin's(developer) back with xseed. Maybe thats why marvelous no longer publish it, lol. 
Marvelous even removed their website of Eikoku...
 Okay enough about that, its an interesting tale though... but I guess we'll never know the truth.
I still hope it'll get localized one day, I really do.

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