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Sangoku Rensenki ~Otome no Heihou!~ Omoide Gaeshi - Review

Spoiler warning just incase.

三国恋戦記 ~思いでがえし~ CS Edition -
Game: [Sangoku Rensenki ~Otome no Heihou!~ Omoide Gaeshi].
Genre: Otome game Visual Novel.
Developer/Publisher: Daisy2
Platform: PC,PSP, PS Vita.
Release date: 2016-02-04

This is the fandisc of Sangoku Rensenki, with after stories, minigames and such...
Wait minigames? I didn't find any in the Vita port though? maybe thats a PC exclusive?
I played vita port the original game last year, sadly I had to settle for the digital download via jp psn.
However for the FD I was able to secure a physical copy. :D
I greatly enjoyed the original Sangoku Rensenki, it was a fun otome game adaption of the 
sangoku period, which made me really excited after hearing the FD would also get a vita port.
Sangoku Rensenki is kind of like fushigi yuugi but it only borrows the book theme
everything else is basically unique, there are of reviews for the first
game available and none of them say its bad so if you're interested go pick it up.
I think the only flaw is too many characters but there should be atleast one that suits your taste
I really recommend to play the original sangoku rensenki, its really fun!
its quite light-hearted but does take itself serious in some moments.
If you end up liking that alot it you should really pick up the FD! 


- Fun after stories, though one of them was a bit depressing.
 - This FD makes me want even more, which is a good thing I suppose? T_T

- Its rather short, only get this if you want more and absolutely loved Sangoku Rensenki.
- The gag scenario while funny the first time is a waste of time on repeated playthrough's.

If you really liked the original Sangoku Rensenki the FD is definitely worth your time.
Especially if you also like Fushigi Yuugi as it borrows the book theme, between this game
and Jyuuza Engi I have to say I prefer Sangoku Rensenki much more, I'm all for
 heroines who can kick ass like Kanu but Hana still manages to be a A++ heroine 
despite being a little generic.
However if you've never played the original game don't even bother, but if Sanren
strikes your interest and you love the swept away to a distant land type of plot device
and chinese history by all means please do give the original Sangoku Rensenki a chance.

I decided my play order for the FD based on my overall enjoyment of the routes in the original game.
I started with Gentoku, since he was the first route I did in the first game 
other than I don't really find him special, so I save my favorites for later. :)
 Gentoku > Yokutoku > Bunjaku > Chuubou > Souan > Koukin > Shiryuu > Moutoku > Koumei > Uncho.
I'm playing this game on the side while trying to complete Getsuei no Kusari because
sometimes I really need a little light while playing a depressing game, but I ended up
finishing that otomege long before I was finished with this ORZ.

Spoiler warning beyond this point...!


Gentoku's After Story
Likeable guy, he's voiced by Miki Shin'ichiro. 
Well at one point in his route our heroine was chased by a dog and it seems our heroine
turned into a dog, it also dealt with a bunch of villagers making dogs fight.
 what is this I don't even, someone call PETA, I swear Koumei is behind this.
JFC, Daisy2 why?! Gentoku & co chase the cute little dog around...
while pissing off bandits left and right, okay this is pretty fun so far, lol.
It was a dream right...? well ofcourse it was it has to be...
Oh well its not like I bought this FD for its plot...
Later... all appears to be normal and Gentoku be sneaking out of offical meetings
to spend some time with the heroine. <3
They later sneak out of the castle into the town at night they talk end up talking about the dream.
 Oh well they become husbando and waifu for real, and it turns out it wasn't his first.
Oh lol... please daisy2.
Anyway that was the gist of Gentoku's after story, while short it was really fun.
There wasn't anything note worthy besides the dream, lol.
These are the type of things I expected in a FD, just a little something extra.

Yokutoku's After Story
Honestly he's cute and likeable but he's just a giant teddy bear, lol. his Seiyuu is Soichiro Hoshi.
It starts after Yokutoku got a dango and want to share it with Hana, but apparently it came with a letter.
Fastforward past some shenanigans and later he gets hit with a fever T_T
Yokutoku suffers some more and keeps telling Hana it'll be fine and tells her
to leave guess it'll be bad if she catches one as well. D'awww.
In the end Yokutoku wants to become a reliable man, someone Hana can rely on.
Hana also experiences a dream about a young boy who  suffering.
The kid was being bullied by other kids, he also looks alot like Yokutoku in his younger days...
The kid who is probably Yokutoku was so weak back then and everyone look down on him.
so he trained to become stronger? Later after Hana wakes up Yokutoku tells Hana that
 he never had a real family so he doesn't know alot of things other people do.
Now that Hana knows all of this she understands him a lot more and
Yokutoku asks if Hana would make a family with him.
Hana agrees to his proposol they marry and they live happily ever after...
Later Hana has another dream she is in town with Yokutoku and they hear a kid crying, Yokutoku
manages to cheer him up, its apparently the same kid from the other dream whick looks
alot like Yokutoku, after that Hana wakes up because Yokutoku's calling her.
Anyway once Hana wakes up Yokutoku says he's still sleepy cuz its still early so...
He tells her how happy he is right now and that he will continue to love and make Hana happy.
His after story was really sweet it made me like and understand him alot more
than I ever did in the main game, I hope managed to summarize it right.
Honestly Yokutoku isn't really one of the chara's I wanna romance... can't see it.

Bunjaku's After Story
 I never really cared that much about him in the original game but at times he can be cute?
He's voiced by Takemoto Eiji.
One night when a waitress brings Bunjaku tea, Bunjaku collapses, Hana rushes to the others...
Moutoku is shocked when he hears it and calls for help cuz it might be poisoned.
 When they return to Bunjaku's room he appears to be fine but he doesn't recognize where he is.
Thats right he is suffering from memory loss now...
Turns out Moutoku is behind it all, Genjou isn't pleased with this.
I'm stll a bit ??? at Moutoku after all this? man how far do you go... sorta out of character too.
 And so Hana has to try and make Bunjaku remember... they start with dinner.
Not before long he starts complaining about the food's texture, etc.
 Well it looks like he's still the good old Bunjaku after all, lol.
 Anyway he goes to rest after dinner, but comes back and questions where Hana will sleep.
Hana is having difficulty explaining it so he questions who Hana exactly... and
so Bunjaku realizes Hana is nothing special to him.
This is getting kind of sad.
 Hana goes out and goes to his office instead, later at night Bunjaku comes in, he asks if she's awake.
Bunjaku asks if he can stay with her, because he felt like something was missing.
He's glad he could talk to her like this and they end up sleeping together, D'awww.
Suddenly Genjou comes into the room shouting... he's is shocked to see them like that
but he tells Bunjaku he hasn't seen a thing and leaves, lol.
Bunjaku sighs, Hana asks if he regained his memory, he apologizes for being a burdon for Hana.
He tells Hana its enough if she just stays at his side, later Bunjaku gets a check up from the doctor.
Bunjaku and Genjou are really pissed at Moutoku for pulling such a prank on him cuz it could've killed him.
Sometime later, Bunjaku tells hana that he wants her to become his wife.
She accepts his proposal but first they have finish ths mountain of paperwork, lol.
 Bunjaku's after story was alright, it wasn't terrible but I am not that fond of it either.
In my opinion it had a better plot than Koukin's.

Chuubou's After Story
He's the resident oresama, the type who's cute when he's angry.
 His Seiyuu is Showtaro Morikubo.
It starts with Hana and Chuubou's wedding, but the ceremony is so long... lol.
Later Hana is suffering from post-wedding blues.
I'm not even kidding about this, lol.
Hana goes to seek out advice from Shoko, the twins and his mom...  about how to deal with Chuubou.
Anyway later they make out later, not much else happened.
Anyway Chuubou was cute, I really don't have much to add to this.

Perhaps it was once of the weaker after stories plot wise so far? I dunno... but its cute.

Souan's After Story.
A real cutie-pie, he's voiced by Kishio Daisuke.
Hana and Souan continue living in the countryside, they don't have much but they live a fulfilled life.
During dinner Souan appears to be moping... turns out he's quite the picky eater, lol.
The next day... Hana isn't feeling well,Souan suspects she got a cold so he tells her to go to bed early.
Souan still notices somethign about Hana so once he notices what it might be he goes out
and he does not come back empty handed, lmao.
Turns out he went into the mountains to get food, for their future kids.
He tells Hana to becareful and that he'll protect her and help out more often.
Turns out Souan mistook that Hana was pregnant, lol.
Hana was just thinking way too hard about Souan being a picky eater and how she 
could try and make him happy while avoiding those food he dislikes.
Souan will stop being a picky eater and even eat the food he dislikes just for her.
More shenanigans happen, they look at the food Souan just brought in earlier
its actually way be too much... and in the end they make out.
Well, it was a rather cute after story, the plot wasn't that good but it was still fun.
There is really not much to add once again.

Koukin's After Story -_- > ಠ_ಠ
I like this guy alot he's the resident Kitsuneme, he's voiced by Suwabe Junichi.
It starts with Hana reading a letter from Fuyuhime telling her everything is just fine over there
idk... this whole thing felt really weird she wants to see her friends so he gets jealous.
This after story also suffers from a couple of misunderstandings... like they've been growing apart.
Oh the drama.
 Hana starts to have trouble understanding anything Koukin says and goes to Chuubou for advice.
What a great plot device there...
So the twins end up being a mediator for the two of them, as expected they aren't capable for the job.
 So in the end Shoko has to do it, anyway shenanigans ensues.
Chuubou comes up with a brilliant plan that might fix Hana and Koukin's little issue.
One night on the ship under the starry sky, the two meet but they don't get very far.
Hana stares at the moon, Koukin wonders if there is another way
his feelings might reach her So he plays his intrument.
The next day, the ship arrives at its destination and suddenly Hana can understand Koukin again.
Once Koukin notices she does he embraces her, D'awww.
Just then Gentoku & co arrive and Koukin mutters how he's in the way of their time together.
He tells her to not make him to not make him jealous or he'll make her regret it, lol.
They end up making out right in front of Gentoku & co, lol.
Yes it ends right there, what a waste of my time, such jealousy sigh.
I didn't like this one that much, Koukin's after story really is at the bottom of my list 
which is such a shame because I do like him alot but ugh the jealousy this guy has.

Shiryuu's After Story
Another cutie, he's voice by Ishida Akira.
So well this one starts out rather amusing, Shiryuu apparently finds it high time
for them to sleep together at night, lol
Its apparently normal for lovers to do the deed at night, apparently he asked
some soldiers for advice on the birds and the bees err I mean love.

Funny enough this was my exact reaction.
His after story is literally about the birds and the bees I am not even kidding.
It was awkward but amusing nonetheless.
The soldiers continue to give Shiryuu their crappy advice, lol.
 And so one night Shiryuu and Hana share the bed... (Not in that way)
 Hana ends up falling asleep, but Shiryuu is still awake so he mutters
 to himself about what he should do, lol.
 Before he can do anything Hana grabs onto her while she sleeps.
The next day they both get embarrassed, Shiryuu leaves.
 Hana gets to Komei's office rather early and Komei wonders why...
Later that day Shiryuu enters, Komei has a job for him and makes Hana come along with him.
Oh my what a shipper...
Shiryuu says he can do it on his own though, Komei wonders if Hana got into an argument with him.
Hana goes out to him and Shiryuu gets all flustered about last night and goes back to work, lol.
The next day Hana ends up telling everything to Koumei, he's like oh is that so.
Komei sends Hana the same soldiers Shiryuu got the advice from.
They be shocked cuz they got found out and Hana gets the truth from them.
Fastforward to night time, Hana goes to Shiryuu room.
Shiryuu apologizes and they finally get a heart to heart.
 Oh and apparently those soldiers are spying on them...
Shiryuu tells Hana to stand back as he punishes the onlookers
 They go and congratulate him... oh well.
The next night, they get together again and make out under the moonlight.
 Well, that was rather amusing? I really liked this one, it was fun but other than that haha.

 Moutoku's After Story
Our resident loverboy, he's voiced by Morikawa Toshiyuki.
 Hana wants to see Moutoku but he's busy so Genjou sends her away
yeah he's always busy and never have enough time together.
 Hana stays at some backwater village for a while, Moutoku's also there.
Seems like he gave up work to be with Hana... T_T
Moutoku collapsed one day, he says he's alright and was just tired, idk this whole after was really sweet.
There also was a flashback to some events in the original game.
He tells Hana that the little time he has left he wants to spend with her.
Back to that village Hana tells Moutoku she has regrets... but Moutoku tells her he's glad he met her.
 They go into the kitchen and try to make some delicious food.
 The next day Hana talks to some male villager, before she goes to visit Moutoku they
later go to speak with that same villager while Moutoku watches from the side lines.
Later that night Moutoku and Hana have another chat, Moutoku wonders what if he
met her under different conditions, after Hana goes to sleep she wakes up in a weird place..
yep dream time! she bumps into Moutoku and some guy but he doesn't recognize Hana.
Since he doesn't have time to chitchat he leaves... Hana follows them.
It appears she could have a use in their plan, to take the place of a bride
while they start a fire attack(for confusion) so the real bride can get away...
They figure out Hana is the fake bride but Moutoku rescues her and they meet up with the real bride.
And so from today Hana and Moutoku work together, just then Hana wakes up from the dream.
Moutoku wonders if it was a bad dream, but it wasn't that bad.
Hana tells him more about the dream and Moutoku tells her that wasn't Moutoku at all.
Moutoku asks Hana to tell him more about that Moutoku... he gets a little nostalgic.
He says that the past and present Moutoku belongs to her.
He's still glad he met her because Hana is the only one who is able to stop his foolish self.
But that is all in the past, the ones here are Hana and Moutoku.
 He'll try and make all of Hana's wishes come true.

He gets all sappy so I'll leave it at that >_>
Anyway they go out and snooze in the grassy fields like cows. :P
Ah peace, Hana wakes up first, so... but it doesn't take long before she wakes him.
They return before long and the villagers are awfully gossipy, she hurries to Moutoku
who tells her she is rather early today, chitchat aside it ends with them writing a letter to Genjou.
Moutoku wonders if Genjou got lonely... and thats the end up Moutoku's after story.
Well I don't know what to say about this, I liked it and I skipped out some details...
He gives up his work and stay at some village, Hana talks with some of the villagers from time to time
She has a strange dream like in Gentoku's after story and well its peaceful no drama.
Honestly this after story was kinda sad? Moutoku's overworked it wasn't bad or anything though.

Koumei's After Story
The dorky tactician, he's voiced by Sugita Tomokazu.
Hana is working hard, Koumei comes into the room and they leave together, along
the way they bump into a young girl, Komei tells her to look infront of her more often.
Oh well the father and the girl leave while bickering, lol.
Later at night Hana has a dream or sth about when she met shota Koumei.
Hana helps a father reunite with a kid called Kei who was with shota Koumei all this time.
Suddenly they get on the topic of marriage and after the girl and leaves, shota Koumei
tells Hana he won't marry Kei but wants to marry Hana...
Later at night Hana explains to him why he can't marry her, so shota Koumei
asks if its alright to marry her if he becomes an adult... but Hana has already
fallen asleep and so the boy prepares himself to ask her that question again later.
Hana wakes up and she's back in the regular sangoku time period.
Hana meets up with the dad and the little girl again(who obviously want to see Koumei)
Hana explains why she can't so she cries.... the dad  tries to calms her down though.
Koumei tells her to be a good girl and study, Koumei gets nostalgic all of a sudden.
He tells Hana that he always looked forward to meeting her in the future.
They go back to work, later that night Koumei calls out Hana because the moon is pretty
and so they can obviously have a talk about things, lol.
He ends up carrying Hana back to her room like a gentleman, he tells her to listen carefully to him.
Koumei finally tells Hana he loves her and they make out under the moonlight.
 The next day they're working as hard as ever again, Hana ends up falling asleep in the office.
Koumei wakes her up, because its night time already he tells here to be more careful.
He comes to her room the next morning and gives her some tea, he also asks if she's feeling alright.
Hana isn't feeling that peachy, Koumei tells her its her own fault since she slept in the office.
The tea is so bitter, yuck. Anyway Koumei gets back to work... while he watches over her.
She can't really fall asleep with him there so Koumei jokingly tells her to take sleeping medicine.
Hana manages to sleep till late in the afternoon, Koumei asks if she wants to eat something
light so naturally he goes to get some for her. (he's working so hard today...!)
The next day Hana feels better but Koumei is hella tired, so Hana thanks him with a kiss.

Uncho's After Story
Mr serious business, he's voiced by Takahiro Sakurai.
Uncho be like: Hana see me after class, Pfffffft... he ends up giving Hana some chocolates.
Normal average school days continue... joking aside its a nice change of pace.
Hana's friends joke around that she must be in love, well ofcourse she is, duh.
At home Hana receives a call from her boyfriend Uncho, but she gotta go to the
bath so their call is cut short, they meet the next day and they go to his house.
 Uncho is hella nervous though... 
His oldman isn't exactly pleased he brought a girl home... but he leaves.
 Anyway he invites her to his room, they have a long talk till way into the afternoon.
Suddenly his old man gets mad cuz its so late, when Hana leaves he stops her and asks her a question.
He asks her if she is the reason he suddenly transferred schools because it caused trouble for his family.
Just then Uncho comes back and asks what he wants from her, he answers that he just asked her sth.
On the way to the station they run into a kid and help it back to his parents.
Uncho praises Hana for being so good with kids.
Uncho gets nostalgic about how he was lost and stuck in limbo in the book during the original game
 He asks if he can stay with Hana a while longer even though its getting late.
They end up going back into the book, since its a free day they end up making 
some steamed buns but one of them turns into a strange colour, le derp.
Uncho eats it and collapses and well... her turns into a shota.
Shota!Uncho leaves after that and Hana has to search all over for him...
Luckily she finds him, he tells her his name is not Uncho.
Hana tries to explain but he just doesn't get it in the end he follows Hana and they 
try making more steamed buns in the kitchen, Yokutoku comes in and shota Uncho calls him Chouhi.
 This means he does understand the situation! yokatta.
 Yokutoku ends up eating the steamed buns, shota Uncho also wants to meet Gentoku.
After chatting with Gentoku he wants to meet Shiryuu, Uncho askes if he really is that heroic.
 Anyway shota Uncho ends up going all around the castle meeting everyone and lastly Koumei.
Suddenly Uncho returns to normal, thank the heavens it was temporary.
Uncho doesn't really understand what happened, he apologizes for being a bother to Hana.
I Guess Uncho still has some ANGST that bothered him from the past.
Hana recalls the picture she saw of him at a younger age in his room, Uncho asks if
she's alright, Hana tells him it must have been because of the Uncho's past in the real world.
Anyway they go rest and they wake up in the real world again and Uncho calls her later during the day.
Uncho tells her he wants to come over, if thats alright and he does later that night.
They have a long talk, Hana remarks that Uncho's old man reminded her of Koukin.
After reminiscing about the past, they make out, in a room where no one can bother them.
Uncho leaves after this because he doesn't want to bother his parents that much.
 The next day they meet up again in town and Uncho promises that he'll keeps his word
that he can always rely on Hana and Hana on him, he also says that Hana is cute so it'll be just fine.
Well that's the end, I really really liked Uncho's after story he's my favorite next to Koumei's.

After stories enjoyment by kingdom:
Shu: Uncho & Koumei(tied) >Shiryuu>Yokutoku>Gentoku
Wei: Bunjaku/Moutoku
Wu: Souan/Chuubou>Koukin 

Overall I think Chuubou and Koukin definitely had the weakest plot though
but I like Chuubou more because Koukin's was ugh jealousy and thus a waste of time.
I got the feeling they had no idea what they wanted to do there and just went with something, in
most of the other stories there was a decent plot going on, honestly some felt shorter than the others.
There's no point for husbando ranking since I like everyone, though I am biased by Uncho and Koumei.

After you read all the after stories 三都賦 unlocks, its just another scenario.
Shenanigans ensues on who gets to have Hana....
I don't have much to say about it though... it was pretty funny though bless Chuubou, bless him.
Eh its probably just something extra, with nothing else to it...
I mean they didn't go to war for real, they just played GO and had a sword fighting match, the
winner gets the heroine though, but Koumei finds a way to complete the harem Keikaku.
Koukin, Bunjaku and Koumei fighting over Hana was hilarious though.
It was interesting nonetheless, though I wonder if there was a deeper meaning to this, but nah....
Not even the game took it seriously, lol.
Yeah yeah oh you just hush...
Just a friendly sparring match right?
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Boys please don't fight over me, Kyaaah.
 I gotta admit I started skipping the memory game after a bit
cuz it just went on and one and I was ready to flip a table once again, lol.

K- o- u- m - e - i !!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
Then there's  三国漫遊記 a sort of gag scenario, its really fun and cute and also mildly interesting. 
Which is why I recommend to do it with your favorite character the first time.
I should've just picked Uncho or Koumei first... not Gentoku.
This is apparently just to refresh your memory, since you have to do it with all characters
to even fully complete it, the general plot stays the same no matter who you pick.
Hana and Gentoku are on a market, Hana sees a strange book even tho Gentoku says
that its dangerous they both get pulled into it, and well...

The book apparently changed things? Hana and Gentoku go around trying to
fix these various distortions and find a way out of this mess, Gentoku will ask Hana if
she remembers things(that happen in the original game) you have to select the right answer.
Just put the game on EASY mode as it will automatically be on the right choice.
 If you give the right answers you will increase affection.
Well can you guess what this plot is about yet? no? well that's okay because we never really find out
not that there needed to be an explanation for all of... that.

The characters are in chibi form, I don't know much else to say about it though.
 The chibi's are really cute though...!
And so their strange journey continues...
Uh... Uncho?
Dem potatoes, sasuga Uncho-sama.
Hehehe... please do continue!
Anyway once you've seen all scenes here once you can basically skip through
everything with other character except the prologue,rest event and epilogue
because these are the only worth while events this scenario has to offer.
The magic only works once daisy2, so yeah this scenario quickly became a drag after the first time.
It ends the same way, the emperor thanks them and grants them a wish so like in Moutoku's ending
in this scenario they get to ride elephants after that they return to were they came from.
It really shouldn't take that long to complete this just save at certain points for example
when they ask which character to search for this way you can get all the scenes quickly.
Its amusing how the credits only unlock when you do it with the last character that is left.
Shiryuu... NO...!
Most of these events are funny, I know its rude to skip them unless you want to hear every chara's opinion.
Honestly I don't have time for that besides the fun only lasts so long...
If you don't have any other game to play it might still be a great way to spend the time.
But in the end it all depends on how much repeat content you can handle, but in my opinion
 this was the weakest part of the game, it was still funny though.
What is this Shokugeki no Soma? heh Chuubou should have a cook off with Uncho.
Poor Bunjaku... ROCK is too much for him.
 So while doing 三国漫遊記 with every character you'll unlock short episodes for ひとひらの思いで
They're nice, except the secret ones... I won't spoil it but I am just like why?
Was that really necessary? its really depressing like a bad end... I guess not all can be fun.

Anyway I think my bias for Uncho and Koumei has increased after playing this FD...
I used to like everyone in some way but now my bias has gotten worse, thanks Daisy2.

Let's cut to the chase, this is a decent FD and I expected nothing less from its contents.
Its just something fun and extra to pass the time, the stories might be short but thats usual the case with Fandiscs, besides the only thing I can complain about is  三国漫遊記 being too much
of a bother with all characters, just because of the repeat content.
Other than that if you like the original Sangoku Rensenki I whole heartedly recommend this Fandisc.
Sadly it actually doesn't have alot of content when I really think about it, but
FD are like that so it shouldn't bother you if you just want more Sangoku Rensenki.

If you really liked the original Sangoku Rensenki this FD is definitely worth your time
and I think the length is just right.. any longer and I would've gotten bored.

I don't want to say it but I am slightly excited for Sangoku Rensenki Sakikage.
For anyone who doesn't know about it, its a recently announced sequel
with new heroine and a new set of characters but nothing else was announced.
Don't know when more info will come out for that but I hope its soon, I really like this series alot.
Even though I don't necessarily need more Sangoku Rensenki I do look forward to
something with a new heroine who btw looks really cute.



  1. Great review! Yatta spread the sangoku rensenki love <3 I was somehow able to play the first game, but gosh the language just goes over my head. I really want to play the fandisk, but I'm afraid the language difficulty will pretty much hinder me again. It's too bad the game isn't popular, I really wish there were really detailed summaries or translations for this fandisk. I guess it's back to the books and some more hardcore japanese studying lol XD

  2. Seems like the fandisk is more otome than the original game xD I really loved Koumei in the original game (he being a fatherly/guide figure in his route and a koi-facilitator in other people's routes totally spoils Hana) and wanted to play the fandisk. Seeing your review I feel content and relieved. (And Koumei seems to be the koi-facilitator in the fandisk??? Nice...!)